02x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Young Royals". Aired: 1 July 2021 –; present.
Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, but following his heart proves move challenging than anticipated.
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02x06 - Episode 6

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Are you going there now?

[Simon] Mom's picking me up at ten.

[Wilhelm] Can't you stay a while then?
I mean, we have the day off.

I have something to take care of first.

I have to start making things right.

[Wilhelm sighs]

I'll call you
when I get home from the police.

[door opens, closes]


[ringing tone]

[breathes anxiously]

[ringing tone]

[Jan-Olof] Yes?

Hi, Jan-Olof.

- [Jan-Olof] August.
- Yes.

S-so something...

minor happened, sort of.

[Jan-Olof] Is it urgent?
We're about to take off from Brussels.

[inhales] No, it's-it's just
that I have a bit of a situation...

- [Jan-Olof] Au-Aug-August. August.
- Uh...

[Jan-Olof] We are counting on you
not to give us any problems whatsoever.

You represent the entire Royal Court now.

[inhales deeply]

Nah, it... Stupid phone call.

I, uh... [hesitates]

I'll solve it myself.
It's a minor problem. [chuckles]

I'm so sorry I called.


- [knocking on door]
- Yes? Yeah?

Good morning. It's quarter past seven,
and it's degrees outside.

Thanks, Alexander.


[inhales] Hey!

[Alexander] Hmm?

["The Crown Is Mine" playing]

♪ I got my eyes on the prize ♪

- Come in for a bit.
- [Alexander] Hmm.

♪ First place every time
The crown is mine ♪


♪ You can try but you won't b*at me ♪

♪ Call me crazy, call me freaky ♪

♪ Everybody's tryna be me ♪

[music fades out]


Your Majesty...

Your... [clears throat]

Your Majesty...

Dear Mother...

[groaning sigh]

It's an honor to stand before you today...

and speak to you.

Not only as the Crown Prince of Sweden...

but rather...

but also as... also as your...
[sighs, clicks tongue]

Uh... [under breath] Oh, f*ck.

[cell phone chimes, vibrates]





[phone clatters]

- [indistinct chattering]
- [hammering]



You haven't picked up your phone in days.

I've had a lot going on, and...

Can we please just talk?

[Marcus sighs] Okay.

Go ahead.

I really like you... a lot.

- You're good and...
- "And nice and totally perfect."

But that's not enough, is it?

- Not compared to a prince at least.
- This isn't about Wille.

[Marcus] It isn't? [scoffs]

So nothing happened between you two?

So that's why you left me at the ball.
I came there for your sake.

For what?
To make him jealous or something?

- [Simon] No, that's not the reason.
- [scoffs]

I've been trying to tell you that
I'm not ready for a serious relationship,

and you haven't been listening to me.

[Marcus] Okay, so it's my fault
that you treat me like shit?


But it just happened to come to this.

[Marcus sighs]

- [Marcus scoffs] Just...
- I'm sorry.

So it just happened too?

Everything just happens,
and it's never your fault.

Do you know what your problem is?

It's that you go around seeing yourself
as some kind of f*cking victim

among all the brats.

You say you don't want any drama,
but apparently that's what turns you on.



[Simon inhales deeply]

[exhales softly]

[Wilhelm sighs]


What do you want?

[August sighs]


I understand that
what I did to you is unforgivable.

And I have, um...

I have accepted that you will hate me
for the rest of your life.

But Erik wouldn't have let Simon
go to the police.

And now it's my responsibility too
to protect the royal family.

[chuckles softly]

[scoffs] You don't think
it's a bit late for that?

If Simon reports me, then...

we have decided
that Alexander will take the blame.

[Wilhelm] What?!

What? What do you mean?
We have proof that it was you.

You have proof that the video
was recorded on my phone, yes.

But I was pretty drunk.

So drunk that I left my phone
at the palace.

Alexander, nice guy that he is,

he brought the phone with him
up to Forest Ridge on his way home.

He tried to get in,
knocked on all the windows,

until he eventually came to your window.

There, he saw you making out with someone.

He started recording,
just for fun, you know,

until he realized
who you were sleeping with.

[Wilhelm] Why are you doing this?

You hate August.

Yes, but I know that it was you
who actually framed me for the dr*gs.

And then, you go around pretending
to be my friend.

You can't f*ck with me.

- I'm not stupid.
- [scoffs]

So what? You're gonna go to prison
for something that he's done?

[August] I've spoken to my lawyer.

If this leads to him being convicted,
which is highly unlikely...

I mean, we don't actually know
who posted the video.

There are neither witnesses
nor proof, right?

And Alexander is a minor,
which means a milder sentence,

plus the entire Court's gratitude
when they understand what you've done.

[scoffs] Look, this plan
that the two of you cooked up,

that you think is so f*cking smart,
it'll never work.

It won't stop Simon
from going to the police.

- The f*ck you think?
- Shame.

Well, if you can't convince him,

then we might as well make sure that
everything is brought out in the open.

[pills rattle]

"Micke Eriksson." [sighs]

Pretty easy to guess where this came from.

I'd hate to have to report Simon
to the police.

[pills rattle]

[container clatters]

Wille, be smart here.
Don't you think this has gone too far?

I mean, things settled down
as soon as you denied the rumors.

- Nobody cares about the video...
- Wrong! I care!

I'm just trying to make you understand
what is best for you,

for everybody,
the thing that does the least damage.

So now, you'll go talk to Simon...

before it's too late.


[tense ambient music plays]

[music fades out]

[man] Yeah, some show jumping horse
for my son.

- Yeah. [grunts]
- [metal gate clatters]

I mean, this is just taking
way too long. Come on.

You done cuddling?

- [Felice] Yeah.
- [man] Yeah? There. Come on.



Oh, you're here. Good.

Take the reins.

[clicks tongue] Come on. Get in.

- [hooves clopping]
- [clattering]

[Rousseau snorts]

- Should we...
- No, I wanna stay until they've left.

- [man grunts]
- Absolutely.

[man] There you go.

[Rousseau nickers]


- [engine starts]
- [car door closes]

[Rousseau neighs]

[paddock horse whinnying]

[Felice] I played sex games with my dolls
till I was, like, and a half.

Last year, I had a kleptomaniac phase.

And you know that mascara you got
from me for Christmas? Yeah, I stole it.

And I haven't slept with three guys.
I've slept with five.

And in my seventh year,
I said I had an uncle who d*ed from cancer

in order to skip PE class.

What-What are you doing?

I'm so sorry
that I didn't tell you about Rousseau.

I just wanted to be
completely honest with you.

No more secrets.

[horse whinnies in distance]

Did you really say that you had an uncle
who d*ed from cancer?

Yeah, I did actually.

That's so terrible.

[breathes deeply]

I'm sorry.

[sighs] You have nothing to apologize for.

Yes. I have to tell you something.

- [Felice] Hmm?
- I'm in love with August.


I wanted to tell you for such a long time,

I promise,

but I've been so afraid
that you'd hate me.

I'm sorry. I know that he's your ex
and that you shouldn't...

That it's wrong.

[scoffs] No, no. But you don't understand.
You can't be in love with him.

I don't give a shit about him being my ex.
But he's the worst person in the world.

[scoffs] He's not to be trusted.

[ringing tone]


[Wilhelm] Hey, wait!

[pants] Simon.


- He's got us pinned.
- Who?

- August.
- What?

He's convinced Alexander
to take the blame for everything.


But we have proof.

We have proof that it was filmed
with August's phone.

Now Alexander will say he had it.


If you go to the police, then...
they'll bring up the whole drug thing.

- But...
- Your dad's name is on the bottles.

Why is he bringing this up today?

Somebody must have warned him.
Have you told anyone?

[Wilhelm] No, I mean... I mean,
Felice knows all about the video,

but I didn't tell her
that you were going to the police, and...

she'd never talk to August.

- [cell phone chiming]
- Oh, f*ck. It's Wille.

Hold on. Hi.

- [Wilhelm] Have you talked with August?
- What?

[Wilhelm] Simon was going to the police,
but somehow August found out.

He's convinced Alexander
to take the blame.


- What's goin' on?
- [Wilhelm] Who the f*ck told him?


- Have you seen August?
- I think he went sh**ting or something.

[cell phone chimes]

- [door closes]
- [Simon sighs]




[Simon] August!

I-I'm sh**ting here,
so keep your distance.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Who tipped you off?

- [sighs]
- [Wilhelm] Huh?

What-What are you talking about? Huh?

So you just happened to know
I was going to the police today?

[August] The police? [scoffs]

You think you can get away
with anything, don't you?

I'm ready to do what it takes
to protect the royal family.

Maybe that's something
you should consider.

Hey... [chuckles] What... What...?

What the... What the hell is this?

The royals are f*cking masters
at covering up accidents. Right, August?

And I'm still the Crown Prince, not you.

Who told you?


- What are you doing?
- [Wilhelm] He's just about to confess.

Who was it?

Get down on your knees.

- On your knees.
- [August] Put the g*n down.

[tense pulsating music plays]


- [August] f*ck.
- [Felice] Wille, what the hell?!

[Wilhelm] Tell me who tipped you off.

Tell me who the f*ck it was.

- Calm down for f*ck's sake.
- [Wilhelm] Who was it?

- [August] Do you...
- Who was it?!

Who was it?!

Who was it?!

Tell me who the f*ck it was!

It was me!

- It was me.
- [Felice gasps]

[Sara] I told him.

I thought that if I gave him a chance,
he would choose to confess himself.

He was about to confess last winter.

What? Last winter?!

What the f*ck? Why?

'Cause I was in love with him.

- You knew all he's done to me, and still...
- [Sara] I know.

I thought the damage was already done
'cause the video had gone viral.

He told me he felt horrible
and wanted to confess,

and I believed him.

I'm sorry, Simon.

I'm sorry.

[Wilhelm] You didn't think it enough
to destroy my family, did you?

You had to destroy one more, is that it?
You couldn't get enough!

Is that how it was?!

[August, nervously]
Wille... you don't wanna do this.

- You... I know you don't want this either.
- Simon...

You don't even want to be prince.

[breathless] Drop the g*n. [pants]

Wille, what the hell? [sobs]

[exhales sharply]

You're so f*cking despicable,
you know that?


[August breathing anxiously]

[Sara, sobs] You...
You were gonna take care of it.

[sobs] You were supposed
to confess, August.

[August breathing heavily]

I have a responsibility now.

I have to protect the royal family.
Don't you get that? Even if Wille can't...

The thing only you protected was yourself.

I trusted you, and you let me down,
just like you did everyone else.

[voice breaks] How could I be so stupid?

You... You also know what it's like
to fight for what you want, you know?

- We-We're the same, you and me.
- [Sara sobs]

- [August] That's what I love about you.
- No.

[August] Yes, Sara. I...

I'm sorry. I... I...

I couldn't do anything else.


[August breathes heavily]


- [August sighs]
- [Sara] No.

- Sara... Sara...
- [Sara] No.

[footsteps departing]

[melancholy music playing]

[inhales deeply, sighs]

["Overcome" by Skott playing]

Simon, wait.


- Simon...
- Please. I can't take it anymore.

[softly] Simon. Simon.

[Simon] Please. I...

[voice breaking] I just wanna go home.

Get off. Get off of me, Wille.

[breathes heavily]

[music continues]

♪ Some lights are a different kind ♪

♪ Never burning out ♪

[music continues]


[car approaching]

♪ Darkness and dust ♪

- ♪ Quiet... ♪
- [car door opens, closes]

- [sliding door opens]
- ♪ ...shadows are dancing now ♪

♪ Asking for my hand ♪

♪ I'm hanging on ♪

- ♪ Fine ♪
- [sobs]

♪ I'm trying to make sense of it all ♪

♪ Trying to understand ♪

- [Queen sighs]
- ♪ Do you ever wonder what it's like ♪

- [sniffles]
- [Queen] There.

[sniffles] Hi, Dad.

Man, I can't believe Sara did this.

I mean, he must have
brainwashed her completely.

[Ayub sniffs]

[shakily] I don't know. It just feels like
I don't even know who she is anymore.

[Rosh] Can't you just report him anyway?

- You haven't done anything wrong.
- [Simon scoffs]

Do you remember the thing with the pills?

That's gonna come out,
and Mom's gonna be devastated.

I just can't win this. Don't you get that?

[sighs] What's going on, Simon?
I was waiting for you outside the school.

Sorry, but I'm not going
through with it, Mom.


But... [sighs]

[in Spanish] I don't get it.
What about the police?

[in English] I was wrong.

It wasn't August.

[in Spanish] But, Simon...
[in English] ...you know who it was.

If everybody's just gonna protect
themselves and their families,

then I'm gonna do the same.

[inhales, sighs]

- [Queen] An old factory, right? Wasn't it?
- [Duke] Mm, the fortress.

[Queen] Where we, uh... [chuckles]

- No. It was called the palace.
- [Duke] Mm!

[Queen chuckles]
That's where we had our parties.

[both chuckling]

[Duke] Your mother wasn't
as innocent as she'd like...

- [Queen] Stop it.
- [Duke]...to appear.

- Stop. Don't give him any ideas.
- [Duke chuckles]

- How are you, honey?
- [inhales softly] I'm not hungry.

- [cutlery clinks]
- [Duke] Ah...

Are you nervous
because of your speech, perhaps?

[softly] No.

Your teacher informed us
that you didn't participate

in your oral book presentation.

I didn't feel well. I threw up.

[Queen] Oh, no.

What are you saying? What, were you ill?


[Duke] But, uh...

if you want a test audience,
you can do the speech for us.

- Right?
- No.

- [Queen] Yes.
- [Duke chuckles]

No, thanks.
I don't think that's a good idea.

You know, the video of me and Simon
wasn't even the biggest problem.

It was what all the lies
and secrets have done to us.

Wha... Uh... What-What do you mean?

I mean that you've always said
that we should protect ourselves

by keeping it in the family,
but it doesn't work that way.

It only leads to new and bigger problems.

- [Queen] Where's all this coming from?
- It...

You were the one
who told me to see a therapist.

Yes, I did.

Because it is important to learn
to talk about your emotions.

But you can talk to us
about absolutely anything.

But that's not enough!

Don't you see that?

I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow.

Yeah, it'll do you good
to get some rest for tomorrow,

and get some new energy.

- [indistinct whispering]
- [objects clattering]

- What are you doing?
- Switching rooms.

You made me feel like the worst friend
in the world because of Rousseau,

but you kept all this a secret all along.

It's f*cking sick.

Hope it was worth it.

With August. Come on.
It's such a player move.

- I don't get it.
- Okay, step aside, please.

What are you doing here, Felice, huh?

Why are you all gathered here?

What on earth is happening?



[Fredrika] Okay, look,
Sara and Felice's ex had, like, a thing,

and Sara, like, pretended...

Seems silly to fight like this
because of some boy.

Yeah, but it's not just about some boy.

Right. It's about loyalty.

Why are you two even here?
This is none of your business.

Okay, we're here for Felice!

Maybe you've misunderstood how this works,
but we don't keep secrets here.

Really? Don't you?

Stella and Fredrika,
could you two please leave the room?

- Is that okay with you?
- [softly] Yeah.

[through gritted teeth]
I'd like that very much.

[Fredrika] Wait until Madison
hears about this.

- [door closes]
- [housemistress] There. Now we can talk.

But, like, I can change rooms.
It doesn't matter.

[housemistress] But, Sara,
listen to what you're saying.

I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding.

- The only thing you have to do is talk...
- But it's not a misunderstanding.

I mean, Sara's proven
she's not a real friend.

She's not loyal.

I don't know what happened.
I've never been in love before.

It's like I went totally insane.

I've always been able
to tell right from wrong,

but with him, it's like everything
that's wrong felt totally right.

[scoffs] You're so f*cking full of shit.



[sighs] "With every step..."
"With our every..."

"With our every step... we strive..."

- [mumbles] With our ev...
- [pages shuffle]

"With our every step...

we strive..."

[pages clatter]

[pills rattle]

[water running]

"With our every step...

we will strive to make you..."

[softly] "...proud."

- [bang]
- f*ck.

[inhales, sighs]

[ringing tone]

[Sara, on voicemail]
Hi, you have reached Sara.

I can't take your call,
but leave a message.

[cell phone beeps, locks]

- [clatters]
- [groans loudly]

[door opens]

[door closes]

[melancholy ambient music playing]

[Ayub] What do you mean?

I don't know what to do
about me and Wille.

[Ayub] He wants to keep it a secret...

and you don't.

It only needs to be a secret
until he turns .

[Ayub sighs]
That's a mighty long time, man.

But, bro, the only one who can decide
what you wanna do is you.

Getting sleepy?

Mm-hmm. Should we turn off the lights?

[Ayub] On three?

- Mm-hmm.
- [Ayub] One.


Three. [chuckles]

Good night, Simon.

[Simon] Good night.

[suspenseful ambient music playing]

"...to, in the future, be able to take on
the responsibilities that has been..."

[sighs] "...imposed."

[music continues]

[girls chattering indistinctly]

- [knocking]
- [door opens]



[suspenseful ambient music intensifies]

- [Duke] You're fine. [clears throat]
- [door opens]

- [Queen] August.
- [August] Good morning.

Your Majesty, Duke Ludvig,

Crown Prince Wilhelm.

[Jan-Olof] Yes, then we're all here.

As you know,
we'll start with a photo session.

I was thinking that we should try out
a formation for the sh**t.

And maybe the queen could stand over here,

and the duke next to her on this side,

the crown prince on the other side...

and the principal on...

Uh, uh, if August wouldn't mind
taking a step back

so the principal can stand there.

- [camera shutters clicking]
- [breathes deeply]

[camera shutters clicking]

- [man ] Delighted.
- [Queen chuckles] A pleasure.

- [indistinct chattering]
- Von Streben. Nice to see you again.

- Check out August.
- [Vincent] He's doing well.

- Shit, he's living the life.
- [in high voice] Call me.

[Vincent chuckles]

- Ah. Märta.
- [Märta] Mm, my God. You've grown up.

- Look at you.
- [chuckles] Who the hell is she?

- Thank you.
- My name is Charlie. Nice to meet you.

[Queen] Thank you, Charlie.

- Have you picked them yourselves?
- [kids] Yeah.

- [girl] We have.
- Great. How lovely.

Thank you.

[Jan-Olof] Your Royal Highness,
it's time to go to the ceremony.

This way. Thank you.

- After you. Thank you. Thanks.
- [Queen chuckles]

[Märta] Mm. Right.

- August, did you rehearse the speech?
- What?

- I know it by heart.
- Good!

[indistinct chattering]


- [man ] Guys, come on.
- [August, singsong] Sara?

Uh, where are you going?

Wait. Wait a second.

Hey, uh, I've, uh...

bought Rousseau.

- [scoffs] What?
- Yeah, I sold one of Dad's paintings.

[inhales] I gave them an offer
they couldn't refuse. [exhales]

He's yours now.
That's what you wanted, right?

Wasn't that your dream?

You really don't get it, huh?

Sara... [sighs]

- [suspenseful ambient music plays]
- [indistinct chattering]

[shutter clicks]

[indistinct chattering]

[ambient music continues]

[music fades out]

So I'm ready to go, okay?


- Jan-Olof?
- [Jan-Olof] Mm-hmm?

Could I have a moment?

[Jan-Olof inhales deeply]

[inhales, exhales shakily]

I really hate August.

[Wilhelm exhales]

[Simon breathes deeply]

But it's not worth
destroying our families and...

destroy it all because of that.


And I also don't want him
to destroy what we have.

[Wilhelm exhales]

I don't want that either.

[breathes deeply]

I want to be with you.


And if we have to keep it a secret, then...

then so be it.

If there's no other way...

- [chuckles softly]
- [Simon] But no more secrets between us.

[Wilhelm breathes deeply]

[dreamy ambient music plays softly]

[Simon sighs]

[whispers] I love you.

[Wilhelm's breath trembling softly]

[both breathing softly]

Crown Prince, we have to go.

[indistinct chatter]

[Simon breathes deeply]

[choir, in Swedish]
♪ Years gone by and ancient days ♪

♪ Hillerska, our home remains ♪

♪ Forever a place of peace ♪

♪ Where the friendships never cease ♪

♪ Those we greet with open heart ♪

♪ And our friends... ♪

[in English] The principal
will say a few words,

and then it's your turn.

[in Swedish] ♪ ...spirit reaches us all ♪

- [in English] I don't know if I can do it.
- [in Swedish] ♪ When we meet inside... ♪

[Jan-Olof, in English]
Are you sure, my prince?

I... I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

[in Swedish] ♪ Our Swedish colors fly
Everywhere against... ♪

[in English] We can't risk
that the Crown Prince...

in front of everybody.


[in Swedish] ♪ Comforts us
Where we may roam ♪

- ♪ Till we finally come home ♪
- [in English] Get ready. Your turn next.

[in Swedish]
♪ Those we greet with open heart ♪

♪ Are our friends though we're apart ♪

♪ Hillerska's spirit reaches us all ♪

- ♪ When we meet inside its halls ♪
- [keypad clacking]


[ringing tone]

[man, in English] Bjärsta Police
Department. How may I help you?

- Hi. I'd like to report a crime please.
- [policeman] I see.

Before we move on, I have to tell you

that we have a minor change
in the program.

Crown Prince Wilhelm,
who, to our great delight,

was supposed to give the welcome speech,

will today be replaced by... uh...

I mean, uh, let's cordially welcome
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Wilhelm

up to the podium.

[crowd applauding]

- [Wilhelm sighs]
- [applause subsiding]

[breathing anxiously]

[clears throat]

[man coughs]

[suspenseful ambient music playing]

[breathes deeply]

[music fades out]

Your Majesty...

dear Mother...

and dear Hillis.

It is an honor to stand here today,

not only as your Crown Prince...

but also as your classmate.

Hillerska isn't just the place
where we are taught to be good citizens,

to, in the future,
be able to shoulder the responsibilities

that has been imposed on us.

It is also a home.

Hillerska became a home for me,

just like it was for my dear mother...

and for my brother before me.

The school motto is,
"Feel your responsibility for the legacy."

"Be proud of your history."

"Pass on the traditions
to the next generation."

[cards shuffling softly]

[cards shuffle]


[suspenseful ambient music playing]

[cards shuffle]

It is a problem...

to just keep traditions without stopping

to think about which ones are good
and which are bad.

Then nothing happens.

If you must follow traditions,
how are we supposed to evolve?

We can't even sing a new version
of our school song

without causing mass panic.

And we keep secrets from each other.

We lie.

We pretend to protect each other,

'cause we're afraid of
what could happen if we didn't.

We're afraid of the consequences.

I am too. I'm scared as well.

[ambient music continues]

[camera shutters clicking]

But that ends now.

[breathes deeply]

It was me in that video
that leaked last term.

[clears throat] The one with me and Simon.

- [gasps]
- [woman] What?

- [indistinct murmuring]
- [camera shutters clicking]

[Jan-Olof] Hey! Hey!

[camera shutters clicking]

It was a, um...

a moment I didn't want to share,
with anyone else, so I lied about it.

- But it was me.
- [camera shutters clicking]

[indistinct whispering]

[suspenseful ambient music continues]

[breathes uneasily]

[music fades to silence]

["The Most Beautiful Boy"
by The Irrepressibles plays]

♪ And you loved me ♪

♪ I could feel it ♪

♪ 'Cause I loved you ♪

♪ Can't eclipse it ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ I love ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ Still love you ♪

♪ And you loved me ♪

♪ I could feel it ♪

♪ 'Cause I loved you ♪

♪ Can't eclipse it ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ I love ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ Still love you ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ Goes on ♪

- ♪ It goes on ♪
- ♪ It goes on ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ And you loved me ♪
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