01x01 - Dog & Chainsaw

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.
Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x01 - Dog & Chainsaw

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Better head to work.

It's about , a month for cutting down trees, right?

Then there's the kidney I sold. That was . million.

My right eye was ,.

Sold one of my nuts...

How much was that, again? I think... not even ,.

And I still owe...

About ,, yen.

I heard you, Pochita.

Let's k*ll this thing already.

A d*ad devil's usually good for about ,...

Devil hunting pays the best, easy.

Gotta be the Tomato Devil.

He'll revive from the seeds, so you'll wanna burn those.

Nice work, Denji.

This carcass will bring in a fair price on the black market.

I'll pay you ,.

Hey, thanks!

After what you owe and the interest, that leaves ,.

So after the finder's fee, admin fee,

management costs, and so on...

Leaves me with ,.

After the water bill, and some other stuff I owe...

Funny how that works.

I've got , yen left.

No food at home, and this is gonna have to last us a month, so...

Pochita, looks like dinner's gonna be a slice of bread.

Why hire a brat like that to hunt devils?

He's paying off what he owes us.

Well, technically, it was his deadbeat old man's debt.

And a kid with a pet devil can get the job done?

The thing about real devil hunters is...

They don't pass devil carcasses onto the yakuza.

Besides, the best thing about Denji is he does what he's told.

Hey, dog!

I'll give you yen to eat this cigarette.

For real?

Don't mind if I do.

We'll be in touch when there's another devil.

Try and run, and you're pig slop.

That'll keep us for another three days.

The other day I heard...

That normally, people put jam on their bread, before eating it.

Normal's just a dream for us, though.

Doubt I'll pay off this debt before I die.

Probably gonna die without ever having a girlfriend, too.

Not like I could invite a girl to this dump.

No money to go on dates, either.

If I could have one dream come true...

I wanna score with a girl before I die.

Bastard hung himself without paying this month's installment first.

Boy, you've got until tomorrow to put , together.

You can beg for it, whore yourself out... I don't care. Get it done.

Otherwise, we chop you up and sell the bits.

A ch-chainsaw...?

A devil.

If you're gonna k*ll me, just do it. I'm d*ad either way.

It's hurt?

You're gonna die, too?

Bite me!

I heard that drinking blood heals a devil.

If you don't wanna die, bite me!

My blood's not free, though. This is a deal!

I'll help you...

So, you help me.

Because I don't wanna die, after all.

Why don't you hire me as a devil hunter?

Too hungry to sleep.

When I can't sleep, I start thinking about money,

and then it's even harder to sleep.

I know what dream I wanna have when I sleep.

Gonna put jam on my bread, and share it with you.

Then I'm gonna flirt with a girl...

I'll play video games with her, and then we'll fall asleep hugging each other.

Sounds sweet, right?

Y'know, I heard my mom d*ed from some heart disease that made her cough up blood.

Got a devil for you, Denji. Time for work.

Wish they'd at least let me dream...

There's a devil in here, huh?

I don't see anything.

You think it's hiding?

Or maybe it left already?

Denji, my boy... we're pretty grateful to you, y'know?


You're as loyal as a dog,

and you work for cheap like one, too.

Only problem with dogs is I can't stand the stench.

Even yakuza think about getting bigger and making more money, kid.

So we did like you, and made a deal with a devil.

We wanted demonic power...

And I want devil hunters...


Y'know, little devil hunter, these guys are dumb as hell.

Total suckers!

I offer them a bit of demonic power, and they offer to become my slaves...

Even though the power turns them into zombies.

See, because I'm the Zombie Devil.

And I hate devil hunters, because you go around k*lling us devils.

So I'm gonna k*ll you.

Boys, tear him apart and toss him in the trash.


How do I get out of here?

Get off!

It's not like I'm asking to be rich.

All I want is a normal life!

And I can't even have that?!



Pochita, time for work.

Pochita, there's a good chance I'm gonna die fighting a devil.

My only regret would be leaving you on your own.

You could end up starving to death...

Or some other devil hunter might k*ll you.

I've heard some devils can take over d*ad bodies.

If that's something you can do... then I want you to have my body.

The yakuza won't be on your case if you wait until I've been buried, right?

And then you could move out of here... and then...


I want you to live a normal life, and die a normal death.

You've gotta make my dream come true.


Did you take my body, like I said?

I always loved hearing you talk about your dreams, Denji.

Here's the deal. I'll give you my heart...

And in exchange, I want you to show me your dream.


I'm not hurt?


What is this?

You're alive after being sliced up?

Why? Gross!

I seriously hate devil hunters.

Guys, go ahead and eat him.

These guys had plenty already, so why'd they want even more?

Am I the same?

I wasn't satisfied with the happiness I had with Pochita.

I kept dreaming about a better life.

I guess we all dream about stuff like that, huh?

I can't blame you, then.

And I won't, but...

If you get in our way?

You'll die!

He's bound to stay d*ad after being eaten.

What are you?!

Did that devil runt take your body?!

That means you're one of us!


It hurts!

Stay away!


Stay back! Back! Get away!

Stay away! Don't do it!

Don't come near me!


I guess you guys went full devil, huh?

Well, you hired me to be a devil hunter.

So, I better k*ll all the devils, right?!

Oh, yeah!

Once you're all d*ad...

I won't owe a damn thing!

Someone got here before us.

There's still one alive.

You've got a strange smell.

Not like a human or a devil.

I take it you did this?

H-Hug me...

He's human.

Any chance he's possessed?


I can tell who's possessed with a look at their face.

I came here to k*ll the Zombie Devil.

I'm a devil hunter with Public Safety.

You have two options:

I can k*ll you like a devil,

or I can keep you as a human.

If I keep you, I'll make sure you're fed.

When you say that...

Like, what's for breakfast?

Bread with butter and jam, salad, coffee...

And then maybe something for dessert, I think?

That sounds awesome.
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