01x12 - My Very Best Friend

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". Aired: January 7, 2011 - April 21, 2011.
Follows a girl who is offered a wish in exchange for a commitment to battling witches, a group of magical beings whose souls have been tainted by darkness.
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01x12 - My Very Best Friend

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Homura-chan, sorry.

I want to become a Magical Girl.

Madoka How can this I finally understood.

I finally found a wish that I want fulfilled.

That's why I want to use this life.

Stop! If you do that If you do that, I What have I?! Sorry, I'm really sorry.

All this time, I've always been protected by Homura-chan.

It's because of that, I'm still here today.

I'm really sorry.

This is the answer that I've been looking for.

So, please believe in me.

I definitely will not waste all of Homura-chan's effort.

Madoka You've gathered the cause-and-effects of countless worlds.

If you manifest all of those, you can probably fulfill any wish you want.

Really? So, Kaname Madoka.

In exchange for your soul, what do you wish for? I I wish that every Magic was erased before they were even born! Every Magic from the entire universe.

All of the Magic from the past and the future.

With these hands That wish if you realize this wish, then it's greater in magnitude than tampering with time! It's a violation of the principle of cause-and-effect itself! Do you really want to become a god? God or whatever is fine.

Everyone who has fought Magic up until now, and all the Magical Girls who believed in hope I don't want them to suffer.

I want them to keep their smiles even to the end! And those rules that hinder me from doing so Watch me break them.

Watch me change them.

That is my wish.

My wish.

Okay, fulfill it! Incubator! Episode 12 My Greatest Friend Kaname-san, do you understand how scary that wish is? Somewhat.

What you are beginning is an endless battle throughout time, in both the past and the future.

As such, you definitely will not be the same.

It isn't as simple as "death".

Though the future is eternal, the concept of exterminating Magic will be corrected in this universe.

That's fine.

That's my plan.

If someone else tells me that having hope is a mistake, I will reject that statement every time.

No matter how many times I would have to.

That's good, isn't it? Go try it, regardless.

You found a reason to fight.

You decided not to run and hide.

Then it can't be helped, right? The only other option is to charge forward with all your strength! Yeah, thank you, Kyoko-chan.

So, I have to return something that you had left with me.


You're not actually fulfilling your wish.

You are becoming hope itself.

Becoming the hope of all of us.

Your wishes will definitely not be allowed to end in despair.

You won't have to curse anyone.

You won't have to hurt anyone.

I will bear all the cause-and-effects.

So, please! Believe in yourself! To the very end! That's enough.

That's enough already.

You don't have to hate anyone anymore.

You don't have to curse anyone anymore.

Before you become that way, I will protect you! This place is Based on the new causal laws that Madoka brought, the universe is reworked again.

I see.

You're a Magical Girl that can travel through time as well.

So, let's go see the very end.

The result of the existence of Kaname Madoka.

That is the Soul Gem that her wish had created.

No way The price to realize this oversized wish.

Do you know how heavy the burden that Madoka has to shoulder is? Realizing a wish that is akin to creating a universe.

That also means enough despair to end a universe.

It's expected.

It's all right.

My wish was the destruction of all Magic.

If it is really fulfilled, Then I do not need to despair! Madoka, this way, your life loses its beginning and end.

The evidence and memories of your life on Earth will cease to exist.

Your existence will become a higher plane and become a mere concept.

No one will be able to sense you.

You won't be able to interact with anyone.

You are no longer a member of this universe.

What is that supposed to mean? Is this the conclusion that Madoka had hoped for?! That's what she got in return in the end?! What joke is this?! This outcome It's too much! It's worse than death; it's too much! Wrong, Homura-chan.

I can now see all of time, both the past and future.

I can see all of past universes, regardless if they existed or not, and all of the new universes that may or may not come into existence.

Every one of them.


So, I know all of it.

In all the timelines.

The effort that you put forth for me.

All of it.

There were so many times you cried, with your body injured all over.

Even like that, you continued to fight for me.

I didn't realize it all this time, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's because I am the way I am now that I can truly understand you.

To think how great of a friend I really had.

So, I'm really happy.

Homura-chan, thank you! You are my greatest friend! But this way, you will lose a home to return to, and will be forced to leave everyone you loved! And you'll be all alone in this place forever! I'm not alone.


Everyone is with me, always.

The me from now on will be omnipresent.

Even if you can't see or hear me, I'll always be right beside you, Homura-chan.

Madoka, is that what you really desire? I won't remember you! I won't be able to even feel Madoka anymore! It's still too early to give up.

You were able come to this place, too.

So, even if you go back to the original world, you will probably still remember me.

It's all right.

Everything will be fine.

Believe in me.

Madoka Because Magical Girls can realize dreams and hopes! Even if there's just a small chance, miracles may come true.

Right? Madoka! Don't leave! Sorry, I have to go welcome everyone now.

And though I can't say when, we'll meet again.

But until then, we'll have to separate.

Madoka! Number 25, Kamijou Kyousuke.

The piece performed: Ave Maria.

How do I say it Sorry for making you worry.

No, I should apologize.

To save you, I could only erase everything that happened.

And so, this future will disappear, too.

But this probably isn't how you wished for it to be, right? Because you worked so hard to fulfill your wish, I thought that it was really important.

It definitely couldn't be something meaningless.

So That's enough.

Right, I only wanted to listen to him perform again.

I hoped that more people could hear that violin.

If that's all I can remember, then it's enough.

There's nothing left to regret anymore.

Although I'm a little envious, I can't help it if it's Hitomi-san.

She's a nice girl that's clearly good toward Kyousuke.

She can definitely make him happy, right? So, let's go.

Sayaka? Sayaka? What happened to Sayaka?! She left, led by her circular logic.

Miki-san, that strike just now used up all of your power.

Fool! What meaning is there if she disappears, even for the man she loves?! Idiot.

We finally became friends after so many difficulties.

That is the fate of a Magical Girl.

You should have understood it when you received your power.

The result of pursuing hope.

Before bringing curses to this world, we can only disappear like that.

Madoka Akemi-san? Madoka? Who's that? Madoka! Madoka! Yep, that's right.

She looks the same.

Hey, you can't do that, Tatsuya.

You can't pull on a girl's hair.

Madoka! Madoka! Sorry, are you all right? No, it was me.

Pardon me.

Madoka, right? Yeah! I'm coming! Come here! Ah, so you're saying she's the invisible friend that he sees when he plays alone.

This happens quite often among children.

Yes, I remember it too.

Madoka, do you know that person, too? Is it a character from some anime or something? I don't know I might have heard it somewhere, but I'm not sure Ah, that's it.

I must have met her with Tatsuya somewhere.

Sometimes, I really feel that this sounds familiar in my memories Madoka.

I see.

That ribbon is really cute! It fits my tastes a lot! I'm pretty surprised myself.

Then I'll give it to you.

It's not fit for an auntie like me~ But, if I had a daughter, maybe I'd let her tie it.

Ah, so that's it.

What you said can definitely be a valid hypothesis.

It's not a hypothesis.

It's the truth.

Even if it's true, there's no proof.

If it's like you said, and the laws of the universe have been rewritten, we have no possible way of verifying it.

Even if you're the only who holds those memories, you still can't distinguish reality from the fantasy that exists only in your mind.

Well, it's true.

Why did all of the Soul Gems that couldn't be purified disappear? We still haven't understood that phenomenon.

Regarding that, the concept of the Magic that appears in your story greatly interests me.

Collecting the energy from human emotion is definitely a charming idea.

If such an elegant solution really exists, the tactics of us Incubators would probably be completely different.

Really? You're just like that.

In the world of Magic you talked about, there weren't any Magical Demons like those we fight now, right? Isn't this way of collecting curses exceptionally simpler? It's not so simple.

Our relationship with you was also very treacherous.

I really can't understand the moral views of humans.

Even in a world that will not give birth to Magic, it doesn't mean that the curses of the world will disappear.

Warping this world has merely changed its form.

Now it is aiming at humans from a dark abyss.

Tonight is truly a night filled with a thick atmosphere of fear.

The Magical Demons are also appearing one after another.

No matter how many we destroy, they keep coming.

Complaining won't help.

So, let's go.

Though this world is filled with repeated sorrow and hatred, and isn't worth saving, it's still a place that she wanted to protect.

I remember it.

I will never forget it.

That is why I will continue to fight.

Be brave.
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