01x01 - Shattered

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Sonic Prime". Aired: December 15, 2022 – present.
The fate of a strange new multiverse rests in the gloved hands of the speedy, blue Sonic the Hedgehog.
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01x01 - Shattered

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Whoa! Uhh... uhh...

Sorry, Big! Sorry, Froggy!

Can't chat...
gotta go help our friends!

- No problem, Sonic!
- Ribbit!

Home is
where your friends are,

as they say,

and that's Green Hill,

where the best beaches,
palm trees, and chili dogs

are just the tip
of the iceberg.

We've saved this place
a million times

from this doofus.

And then there's Shadow.

It's complicated.
More on him later.

The fact is, we never lose.

'Cause when you've got
a crew like mine,

there's nothing
that can stop you!

Hey, guys! I made it!

You're late!



Just in time to watch me
claim the Paradox Prism

and transform your
disgustingly green world

into something more... me.


Yep, I "yawned" you, Eggman.

Crush them all!



- Sonic!
- Yo, Tails!

Knuckles! You okay, buddy?

Nothing flusters me, Sonic...

except when you're late.


Thanks, Rouge!

Don't mention it.


Where have you been?

Got a little sidetracked.

Get that rock
out of the ground!

Want something done,
do it yourself.

Sonic, we don't know
what the Prism

is capable of.
Be careful.

If Eggman wants it,
it can't be good.

Got it!

Step away from the rock, Eggman.

Not this time, you fool.

Sonic, wait!

Sonic, no!

One day I'll destroy
that hedgehog,

and the world will be
a brighter place for it,

lit by neon.

As long as I'm around,
you'll always have a wingman!

The forest is the most
beautiful place on earth.

I don't need the details,
just tell me who to smash.

You may not like
the way I do things,

but I get things done!

Hey, I may be the one
who can bring everyone together,

but there's only one hedgehog
they'll follow into battle.

Heh heh!
I don't need an army

when I've got a friend like you,

I will rule the world,

and no rodents
are going to stop me.

We'd follow you
anywhere, Sonic.

Nothing could
break our friendship, Sonic.

That's a sonic boom
of a headache.

Wh-where am I? Huh?



Aah! Close one.



Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Why can't I remember
how I got here?

Think, Sonic, think!

Whoa, what is up with my shoes?

Huh. I haven't seen
anything like this

since I ate
truck stop chili dogs.

Tails? Amy?

Heck, I'll even take Knuckles
at this point.

Uh, pardon me,
what do you call this place?

Are you ignoring me?
You're ignoring me.

Why are you ignoring me?

Why is everyone ignoring me?

Can anybody give me
a straight answer around here?

And you're busy
staring at nothing. Okay.


"Welcome to New Yoke City.

You're welcome."

Never heard of it.
Has to be far from home.

Where are the mountains,
the beaches, the palm trees?

Big! Froggy!

Whoa! Uh...!

Am I glad to see
familiar faces!

I thought I was losing my rings,
you know what I mean?

What is going on here?
Are you wearing pants?

Unidentified citizen.

Alert! Alert!

Big! Don't go!

You are in violation
of city ordinance 27 B/6.

Sorry, I don't speak robot.

By the authority
of the Chaos Council,

stand down or be disassembled.

Chaos Council. Sounds important.

Give me directions,
and I'll take it from there.

Wha...? Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Whoa! What's up with my shoes?

Ugh! I'm not used
to all these walls.

And where are my rings?

Robots without Flickies?
Now, that's new.


Wha...! Whaah!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

This is not working.
I gotta get off the ground!

Whoa! Aah!


Smog, concrete, evil robots.

It's like everything
I hate all in one place!

Where am I?

Oh, no!

Please be wrong.
Please be wrong!

The Loop-de-Loop...

Hedgehog's Pass...

and that should be Tails' lab!

Aw, Tails, what happened?

Come on, Egghead,
show me what you got!

That's the spirit, rodent...
the spirit of a loser!

Takes one to know one. Ha!

Why do I feel like Eggman's
keeping us off the main stage?

Eggman's got us
fighting the badniks

so he can have
Sonic all to himself.

Let's go crash his show!

One scrambled egg, coming up.

Hmm. I don't like this.

Dr. Eggman's too smart
not to realize

how terribly positioned he is.

It's almost like he's...

He's not in there.

Quaking in your tiny shoes

at the might
of my Eggcrusher?

It's understandable.
I'm rather astounding.

In your dreams!

You bring it,
I break it, Eggman.

That's the game, and I'm still
the undefeated numero uno.

Then put your quills
where your mouth is,

unless you're scared!

It's a trap, Sonic!
It's a trap!

I don't see a trap,
though I guess by definition

I wouldn't see a trap
if there was one.

Something funny, egghead?

You are!
Watching you try to think

with that two-cent brain
of yours is hilarious!

Sonic! You gotta listen!
It's a trap!

You're as stupid
as your mutant,

two-tailed fox friend
is ugly.

Oh, you're really
asking for it.

Yes... I am!

You can mess with me, Eggman,

but no one messes
with my best friend.

Sonic! No!


Whoa! Didn't know
I had that in me.

That's what you get for messing
with my friends, Egghead!

Huh? Wh-where's Eggman?

He must have ejected.

Well, looks like we win again.

Tails! He's not even in here.
Lame, right?

Too chicken
to face us in person. Whatevs!

Couldn't have done it
without ya, buddy!


Whoa, Tails looks upset.

And Tails never gets upset.

It worked!

Without the power of that
blue buffoon,

we would have
had to dig for months.

Thank you for the earthquake,

and thank me for my plan,
which went off spectacularly.

And it worked, too!

Of course it worked!
I just said that!

Ugh, let's go.
Papa wants his Prism.

Yo! How's my genius friend?

Hey, Sonic.

I brought you some comics.

Thanks, Sonic,
you can put them over there.

How about a little
break from the big brain stuff?

I can't.
Something's not right.

I gotta figure out
what Eggman is up to.

Sorry, Tails.
I didn't mean to upset you.

In fact, I've never
seen you so upset.

I just kinda
got into the moment and...

Sonic, it's cool. Really.

But thanks. I appreciate it.

Don't you think it was weird

that Eggman
wasn't in the Eggcrusher?

Uh, not really.
I mean, he is a total chicken.

But I did find a hunk of junk
in the cockpit

where his big butt shoulda been.

Hunk of junk, huh?

Wonder if that was
all part of the trap?

Tell me you didn't toss it
in the barge of badnik parts.


Junk speedy delivery!
You smash it, we dash it!

Whoa, lemme see that!

It wasn't a trap,
it was a trick.

You've never created
a blast that destructive.

I think that this device was
some sort of speed amplifier.

Long story short, he used
your speed against you!

- The fox is on to something.
- Huh?


How did you get in here?

He played you for a fool, Blue.

Pfft! Please!

What would he need a massive
expl*si*n in that area for?

Well... I have a hunch.

You see,
I've been searching for years

for a super rare and shiny gem
called the Paradox Prism.

Paradox Prism?

Legend speaks of untold power,

and it's buried deep
within the Green Hill bedrock.

My guess is that he used
your power against you

to try to find it.


But what I really want to know
is, how did you get in here?

You left the door open.

Gather your crew and meet me
at the top of the loop-de-loop.

Let's find out
what Eggman is up to.

At last.
The Paradox Prism!

So close. It was
only a rumor for so long,

and now inches from my grasp.

Countless times I have tried
to modernize this hunk of earth

only to be defied
by that simpleton Sonic.

Now, it's finally
going to happen.

And it's all the sweeter

because the blue baboon
handed me this prize...

without realizing it.

So, thank you, Sonic.

For now, I stand
at the summit of...

Of the mountain.

...of a new age!
The age of...

Pretty lights?

...the age of the Eggman Empire!

Ooh! Fancy.

And now...


Why didn't you idiots tell me
how big that first step was?

Sorry, Boss.

Where is it?

I know you're here somewhere.

I think Rouge is right.

Eggman picked
that spot for a reason.

Why else would he
hide a power amplifier

in his own egg crusher?

So we start
at the scene of the crime.

Exactly. Let's go investigate
and see if anything

might lead us to
this Paradox Prism

you guys
are talking about.

Paradox Prism. Right.

That's what Eggman was after.


No, no, no.
I didn't leave Green Hill.

This is Green Hill.

He did it.

I don't know how he did it,
but he did it.

Eggman won.

That would mean... badniks.

I gotta find Tails!


I gotta find Tails.

Who are you?

More ungrateful rebels.

No. Something new.
Not in the databanks.

Its energy profile is...

The Unidentified
Running Organism

has outrun the Eggforcers

and is heading
towards Babble's area.

Finding Tails
would be a lot easier

if everything was covered
in grass and palm trees,

like it should be.


Eggman, finally!
I don't know what you did,

and I don't know how you did it,
but I'm gonna kick your Ro-butt!

What is that, a baby rattle?
Not exactly scary...

Whoa! Come on, shoes!

Ha ha!


Whoa! Unh!

Okay, Eggy,

you tell me what you did
and how to fix it!

Whoa! You really are a baby.

What in the name
of Green Hill's going on?

Ugh! Sorry, kid,
I don't bust up babies.

Go home, change your diaper,
think about your choices,

and tell Eggman
I'll deal with him later.

Right now,
I got a fox friend to find!

He's fast, powerful,
and hates the egg.

We gotta follow this guy.

I don't know, Rebel.
What if we follow him

right into the hands
of the Chaos Council?

Feels like a trap.

When have I ever
steered us wrong?

Rhetorical question.

trainsport from Circle Station

arriving in the scareport...

Oh, man, I could really use
a familiar face

right about now.

Tails? Buddy?

Tails! Tails!

Wait, what?


Huh! I knew
you were here somewhere.

Please be the same.


Tails, you crafty fox.

Finally something
around here makes sense.


Nothing about this
is like Tails' workshop.

Yes! There's my
two-tailed genius friend.


Tails! It's me, your best, uh...

What did you just call me?

Uh... Tails?

The name's...


Wahh! Ahh!

What do you want?

Who sent you?

Whoa! Heck!

How many tails do you have?




Tails, stop!

We're buds! Amigos!

Best friends!

I have no friends!

"No friends"?
You have the best friends.

Target located.
We're at the Scareport.

Loud and clear.
On our way.

You've been working out?
Who's your trainer?


I was trained by
the misery of life

and this foul
and heartless city.

Snap out of it!
We go way back.

All my best memories of
Green Hill have you in 'em,

and you're not punching me.

Don't you want to go home?

Blue skies,
sunny beaches, palm trees?

I don't know what kind of
mind games you're playing,

but it won't work!


You saved me?

I've been trying to
tell you that we are friends.

Fabricated stories
won't keep me from

b*ating you back, intruder!

Stop. Just stop.

We're friends.
Best friends.

This has to ring a bell.

From the very moment
we first met,

you were a happy,
brainy little fox

doing happy,
brainy little fox things.

Some blockhead bullies

were picking on you
for having an extra tail.

I ran by, and they lost
interest in being jerks.

How do you know about that?

That's not how it happened...

and you weren't there.

I was a kid,
minding my business

but not minding
my surroundings.

Some creeps came along

and picked on me
for having one extra tail.

I took a b*ating.

It was the same for years,

until I used
my cunning fox brain

to give me
a real way to fight back.

I take care of myself
and need no one.


No one has friends here.

Why do you think
I live down here?

To avoid everyone...

you included.

Doesn't make sense.

You are Tails,

but you're not.

Here, but gone?

So... so what else did we do?

Well, first of all,
you have the coolest plane.

I do?

It's called the Tornado.

And we fought
and busted Eggman

like, so many times,
I've lost track.

You mean the Chaos Council?

No, I mean Eggman.

So, Mr. Doctor Eggman, then?

Sure. Sounds good.

Look, we've had our share
of ups and downs,

but when we stick together,
we never lose.

And when all's said and done,
there's no better reward

than sharing a chili dog
with your best pal.

And that's just
the tip of the iceberg.

We've got a lifetime
of adventures

and memories together.

Um, I... I think your
shoes are smoldering.

Of course they are.

What else can go wrong
in this crazy place?

The only thing I despise

more than people
in my space is whiners.

Wait! I thought we just
had a bonding moment.

Stay still.

There's low-level energy

throughout your entire body.

But possibly
a regulator could...

Follow me!

I, uh, like them,
by the way.

Those ratty old sneakers?

No. I mean, I always thought
your extra tail was cool,

but the metal ones?

Man, you're amazing.

Uh, sure.
One last touch.

Attach these.

They might be able
to regulate the excess energy

coming off your gear
so they don't explode.


This energy
is still a mystery.

Whoa! What are these?

No, energy overflow
and the look.

I mean, come on.

Ah, curious. They're still
your gloves and shoes,

only now they seem to
have attuned with the energy

in your body
instead of resisting it.

I wonder why that is.

Oh-ho, these are k*ller!

No more slipping and sliding,
no smoke.

Thanks, Tails. I mean, Nine.
Time for a test drive.

No, wait, you dope!
It's not safe.

Hey, if the mad scientist-
slash-loner thing

doesn't work out, you should
get into fashion accessories.


Shh! We need to
maintain a low profile.

The Council has eyes everywhere.

When you get your memory back,

you'll remember that
low profile isn't my thing.

- Want to run up the walls?
- What? No.

Not the baby.

I told you
to keep a low profile.

No, you didn't.

- Yes, I did.
- You didn't.

- Yes, I did.
- No, you didn't.

Are you sure
we were best friends?

- Blue Streak has a friend?
- Didn't look friendly.

But whoever he is,
he's involved now.

Who's there?


Ow! A little warning.
Man, that's bright.

Hello? Tissue?

You're wasting your breath.

Nine, is that you?

Are you the small blurry thing
or the medium blurry thing?

Or the big blurry...


Amy! All right.
Now we're getting somewhere.

- Got a key?
- Negative.

My identification
is Rusty Rose.

You're a robot!

No. Mechanically enhanced.

Survival required adaptation,
as you will soon learn.

- Oh, Amy.
- Rusty Rose. Cease talking.

You will need all the breath
you can muster

if you are to survive.

More silhouettes?
Who does your lighting?

The Chaos Council.

Dr. Done-It.

I'm awake.
I'm awake.

Go on. You were saying.

Dr. Deep.

The philosophical ramifications

of this discovery
rock my very core.

Dr. Don't.


And you have already met

the baby, Dr. Babble.

That is the angriest baby
I've ever met.

And finally,
Mr. Doctor Eggman.

Oh, so that's who
you were talking about!

By the dumbfounded
look in your eyes,

I gather you've come to grips

with the gravity
of your situation.

"The Council"? Looks like
an Eggman family reunion.

When did you call in
reinforcements, Eggy?

We are not a family, rodent.

We are The Council.
One makes five.

Five makes one.

So many Eggmans,
so many questions.

Does anyone have an aspirin?

How could you not know?!

We're famous.

We are what we are.

Always have been,
always will be.

So this creature
made all that fuss?

Doesn't look like much to me.

Hey, I respect creaky old stuff,
but poke me again,

and I'll cr*ck your
antique shell, Egg-gramps.

I told you.

It seems to know who we are,

yet we have no information
on it in our databanks.

"It"? Really?

Like it popped into
existence from nowhere.

What? I've been here
the whole time, dude.

Perhaps answers lie
in the energy signature

the creature exhibits.

May I suggest
a series of grueling

diagnostic tests?

Not helping, Amy.

You know I don't do well
on tests.

Those in favor of stress-testing
this blue rabbit, say yes.

Oh, yes, please.

Hey, hey!

Rusty, put him
through the paces.

Let's see how powerful he is.

Do not fight them.
It will only end badly for him.


Okay, let's start the test.
The sooner we do this,

the sooner Nine and I
can get out of here.

Lasers. I hate lasers.


Seriously? A hamster ball?

What is wrong
with you people?

The tests are
still inconclusive.

His maximum limits
remain unknown.

Make the blue badger run.

Come on, Amy!

Some compassion
for your boy Sonic!

You can't suddenly
be this heartless.

Birdie would disagree.

That's so messed up.


You want to
test me, Eggheads?

Question: How do you
tick off a hedgehog?

Mess with his friends.

I totally call dibs
on his quills.

I knew it. He's got the same
energy that powers the city.

The energy field is
supercharging our systems.

Turns out the blue possum
has some juice after all.

Sonic, it's broken!
It's all broken!

Shadow?! Uh-oh, I think
I'm starting to hallucinate.

Let's stick
together and we'll...

Perfect! I'm gonna ring up.
Meet you there.


I guess he didn't hear
the "stick together" part.

- Does he ever?
- No.

But he also hasn't let us down
when it really counts.

You know Sonic.
He'll catch up at some point.

Are you guys seeing this?

Look at the fault line.
It goes right up the mountain.


Anyone noticing that?

That cloud
hasn't moved an inch.

Something's unnatural.

Already on it.

Whoa. Do you
think Sonic's in there?

With all those
badniks still standing?

Our pal's not
exactly the stealthy type.

We got here before him?

Find a spot to land.

Let's find out what's going on.

We can
wrap this up before dinner.

Mmm. Chili dogs.

But first, just in case Eggman
gets in a lucky sh*t, Rings!

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