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01x02 - The Yoke's On You

Posted: 12/29/22 07:13
by bunniefuu
Chaos Emerald.

There you are.

Chaos Control!


So, I know what you're thinking.

"Sonic has a twin brother?"

Well, no.

This guy right here is Shadow,

and he's kinda my biggest rival.

He's also a real buzz-k*ll.

And by the way, he roller-skates!

They're air shoes.

- Shadow?!
- What did you do?

What did I do?
Eggman's the bad guy, remember?

You literally shook the world.

That's 'cause I'm good.

And powerful, apparently. Jealous?

Maybe my winning disrupted your brooding?

Or is it skulking? That's a word, right?

You need to stop, Sonic,
and listen for once!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

I could do this all day!


Clearly you're angry, which is normal.

But I'm supposed to be on a bit

of a mission here, Shadow!

What mission?

None of your business.

I know, we're fighting again.

Don't worry, guys, I'll calm him down.

Dude, whatever the beef,

we're not gonna settle it this way.

Oh, no! My friends!

Look, Shadow, I'm late...

Learn to focus.

I can't remember a thing
after that punch.

Attention, denizens.

Be a good egg.

Obey the Council.

Everyone must move in an orderly fashion.

Keep a single-file line when moving

to your next destination.

Any information you have
about the blue hedgehog,

come forward.

concrete, evil robots...

- It's like everything I...
- Love.

...all in one place!

Think egg thoughts.

Dream only egg thoughts. Egg is perfect.

Are you sure we were best friends?

The blue streak has a friend?

Didn't look friendly.

But whoever he is, he's involved now.

Hey, boss! You gotta get back to HQ now.

There's something you gotta see.

Rebel Rouge, Renegade Knucks,
right over here.

Snap out of it! We go way back!

Don't you wanna go home?

Blue skies? Sunny beaches? Palm trees?

Did he just say...?

Huh? Whoa!


Get away!
Stop destroying our forest!

It's gone.

All of it.

We'll get it back.

How? It's... it's hopeless.

The blue guy is obviously an enemy
of the Council too.

He's strong, fast, and he knows

we can make a better world.

That's hope.

Let's get 'em out.

Those in favor of stress-testing

this blue rabbit, say yes!

Oh, yes, please!

Let's see how powerful he is.

Interrogation protocol engaged.

Denizen 1-9-9-8, you were seen
with the blue hedgehog.

Explain yourself.

There's a small chance we can get in

through the ventilation system.

- How small?
- You don't wanna know.

First, we have to get through
the fortress firewall.

If we set off its sensors,

the guards will be on us
like Mr. Doctor's bad toupee.

They probably have the hedgehog
up there... in their lab.

All right, stealth it is.

What? I stealth!

Stealth is not your thing.

But it's adorable you're willing to try.


If it makes you feel better,
before we can stealth properly,

we need a diversion.

Oh, I knew it! He's got
the same energy that powers the city.

Sonic, it's broken!

- It's all broken.
- Shadow?

Uh-oh, I think I'm starting
to hallucinate!

How's that for a diversion?

The power just went out.

This has literally never happened.

Is this what luck feels like?

Feels more like a trap to me.

I don't know.

First, the blue hedgehog shows up,

and now New Yoke City loses its power.

Ah, maybe you're right,

but it feels like a trap!

Denizens, order!
Return to formation!

If it happened once,
it could happen again!

We gotta join the resistance!

My toupee! My toupee!

Ah, so help me... I tell ya what, I...

Ugh! I almost had the high score!

Paradox prism.

Sonic, wait!


So, what do I get
for passing the test?

Did this blue rat

figure out a way
to steal our power supply?

Correction, Your Eminence.

He did not draw on the city's power, but...

He brought his own.

What?! What do you mean,
he brought his own?

How does a hedgehog walk in here

with the same power supply as our battery?


Our crystal plus his energy charge

would give us enough power

to finally stamp out the resistance

and put an end
to those pesky rebels forever!

Uh, really? Don't you think
that's a little excessive?

You heard the baby.

Energy extractor.

Anyone else having bad dentist flashbacks?

Cut out the prismatic energy

he's got inside that prickly hide of his!

Wait! Can a hedgehog say his last words?

Fine! But be brief!

Well... uh...

Hey, hedgehog! Get on with it!


I just wanna say that this life of mine
has been a wild ride.

Who would've imagined the places I'd go

or the chili dogs I'd eat
when I got there.

Uh, I'm here.
I'm... I'm listening.

But at the end of the day,

it's not about the ups or the downs
or the zigs or the zags.

It's about the friends we made
along the way.

Sonic, wait!

Huh? Uh...

Enough with the winking already!

I'm almost done, I'm almost done.

Where was I? Uh... uh... um...

Oh, boy.

Ah, friends! Right!
All right, let's see, um...

Froggy and Big.

Ah, always there
when I needed a pick-me-up.

Rouge! Oh, Rouge
with her... with her heart of gold

hidden beneath her wings.

And, uh, and Knuckles with his...


I would also like to thank Amy.

Thanking? Does he think
he's winning an award?

Babbles is right. It's almost dinnertime.

Finish him!

Oh, already? But I'm not done.

Hey, Sir Winks-A-Lot,
there is a plan, right?


Nope, sorry. Just dust in my eye.

Looks like this is game over.

See ya, buddy.

I'm alive! I'm alive!

Get her!

So, we done stealthing?

One hundred percent.

What's going on? I can't see.

Wait, wait...


Filthy rebels. Destroy them!

Egg-forcers, secure all targets.


Okay, hedgehog, you're up.

A bit woozy
from all the lab testing.

Rouge? Knuckles?

How do you know our names?


Oh, come on, Amy.

Why you gotta hate on 'em like that?

Man, why is the room still spinning?


Ugh, feels like their luck ran out.

Or maybe not.

Access denied.


No. Catch up, Echidna.
I'm one of the good guys.

Ha, ha, loser!

Blue hedgehog, terminate.