01x07 - It Takes One to No Place

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Sonic Prime". Aired: December 15, 2022 – present.*
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The fate of a strange new multiverse rests in the gloved hands of the speedy, blue Sonic the Hedgehog.
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01x07 - It Takes One to No Place

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Oh, no! Eggman!

Hate to h*t and run,
but I gotta split, Shadow.

Sonic, no!

Chaos control!


Yes, we did it!

Rebel, Knucks, you good?

We're good. Not sure what happened
to your friend, though.

I don't like this.
The Shard could be anywhere.

I better find him
before he portals out of here again.

Back in a flash.




What in the...

Where did that thing come from?

I better check it out.

Huh? What's going on?

Keep going!

Do not stop!



Whoa! Not again!

Wait, is that water?
Please, don't be water.

Please, don't be water.
Please, don't be water.

That's water.

Just when things couldn't get any worse!

Wait! Is that land?

Almost there!

So close.

Okay. Stay calm.

One minute, I was looking for Nine,

then I saw that gnarly ship
and then, somehow...

Wait, where am I?

How did I get...

Ah! Wonder what these guys do.

Ahoy there, stranger!

What brings ye to the No Place?



That's... that's super! Just great!

Of course, you're pirates!

I bet he's one of the old crew.

What should we do?

I say, we pirate!

But the captain's not here.

I don't think he'd approve
of us, you know, "pirating".

What kind of pirates don't pirate?

Well, you know, how the saying goes Rose,

"d*ad men tell no tales."

Argh, argh!

I don't mean to harm ye.

I'm just a wayward hedgehog
looking for a way home.



- Hiya!
- No, no, no, no, no!


Hiya! Hiya!


Boy, it sure feels good
to a pirate, don't it?


Leave him to the brisket!


Well, wouldn't you know it.

I'm caught between the devil
and the deep blue sea.

You know, he's too fast
to be part of the old crew.

Listen, I am not a part of any
crew you're looking for.

In fact, I've lost my crew.

It's a bit of a sore spot actually.

I'll give you a sore spot, all right?

All right, all right. Enough's enough!

Gather the coconuts.

The captain would want us
to get back to the ship

without taking too long.

Leave this scalawag for the buzzards.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Wait, you're leaving?

Uh, you can't leave me here.

There's literally water everywhere.

Uh, where're you going?
Somewhere with a lot of land, hopefully.

Back to our ship.
And we don't take scalawags.

You know, with all that speed,
this land lover could be useful.

Swabbing the deck,
raising the mizzen mast,

rowing the boat.

I hate rowing the boat.

I'll row! I'm a great rower!

I'll bet you 20 coconuts
I'm the best rower you've ever seen!

Fine! I, too, hate the rowing.

But, there is one condition
when we get back to the ship.

It's Captain's orders or else!

Or else? The plank?

I can assure you that this hedgehog
has no interest in planks.

Captain's orders. Got it!

I love captains.

Whoa! Is that your ship?

'Tis indeed.

Now, move along!

You need to hurry to get a good seat.

Everybody got seat belts on?

Seat belts?

Well, that was quick.

Urgh. Looks like someone had
a few too many coconuts last night.

You guys should really consider
cleaning that poop deck.

Where's this captain you speak of?


Who'd be the scalawag
you brought on board?

Sonic, meet Dread.

The Dread.

The Dread is... Knuckles?

I'm Knuckles, the guardian of this island.

Consider this your first
and final warning.

Does that count as a warning?

Allow me to offer my delicate

and restrain response.

Spin Dash!

You blocked that?

Okay. Time out! Let's start over.

Hi, I'm Sonic, and...

Don't waste your breath, thief.

Eggman warned me about you.

I know all I need to know.

Yeah, does makes sense.

But you're pirate, Knuckles.

I am not taking any chances.






I will trade you
that sword of yours

for this nice, shiny apple.

So you can stuff it in my mouth?

No, thanks.

You do know hedgehog quills
are a choking hazard, don't you?

Don't you worry.

The f*re isn't to cook you.

It's to welcome you!

Definitely not the Knuckles I know.

Besides, have you seen yer legs?

I've seen more meat on a starfish.

Wait. This really is a party?

Sure is!

But we don't cross
new adventurers that often.

You're officially
my favorite Knuckles ever.

Is this a chili dog?

More like a sea dog.

A sea dog?

What's it made of?

Don't ask.


Oh, you have no idea
how much I needed that!

ye've come to the right place.

We're all about "no ideas" here.

So, "Dread the Dread",

first I wasn't sure,

but it turns out you're not
the scourgiest in the slightest.

Well, that depends on who you ask.

Black Rose, am I the toughest
pirate on the seas?

Aye, Captain!

If you're such a friendly pirate,

how'd you get a name like "The Dread"?

Oh, he wasn't always so friendly!

He used to be the...

That's a story for another time, Batten.

A better question would be

"How did you end up alone
on that island with no boat?"

Well, hang on to your hat
because I have got a doozy.

No, no, no, no, no.

And then I ended up here.

Sounds like you need a vacation!

Sounds really tempting,
but I really gotta get...

No buts!

Especially not during a limbo contest!

But, seeing as we're not
going anywhere.

Hold on to your eye patches, mateys!

'Cause I'm about to show you
how low this hedgehog can go!

That was a late night.


I'm awake!

Ah, there it is, Green Hill.
Just like all the other places.


That stuff's the worst, am I right?

So, what's the plan, Captain D?
Where are we headed?

We aren't.

Say again?

Look around you.

We need to take it easy and enjoy the day.

Just like we do every day.

This calls for a song!

♪ Oh, this be a tale of salt and sea ♪

Another party?

Didn't we kind of do that last night?


Have a sea dog.

Let your cares sail off into the sunset.

It's first thing in the morning.

Close enough. Now, where was I? Oh, yes.

♪ Oh, this be a tale of salt and sea ♪

No! No, sorry.

I love kicking back
as much as the next hedgehog,

but I have places to be and people to see.

I need to get outta here,

and to do that I need to find a Shard.

What be a "Shard?"

It's like a rock that glows
and might be magic?


That sounds like the stone
from the Incident!

Aye! "The Devil's Lighthouse."

That we don't speak of ever!

Wait! You know about the Shard?

You need to tell me where it is!

Forget it!
That treasure brings nothing but pain.

I can't forget it.

My friends need me,

and I need it to get back to them.

Leave it be.


Captain! We're under att*ck!

It would be yer old crew again.

Argh! Take yer positions!

They want to fight? We'll give them one!

Right, Dread?

Uh, Dread?



Is he hiding?

Sorry, but this hedgehog
is not about to roll over

for a few lousy pirates.

But we be pirates!

I meant those pirates,
not you pirates!

Take them for everything they've got!

Boy, I do love messing with this bunch!

Nothing beats sticking it
to our old captain!

And these tasty sea dogs.

I'd like to watch old Dread
quake in his boots,

and then take them for every
last sea dog in that galley.

Almost makes me
feel sad for them, almost.

Put the sea dog down!

Back to your boat or else!

Is he really gonna fight them?

Bold talk for a lad with no sword.

Gosh, gosh! You're right.

Oh, whatever will I do?

We'll find out! Boys, let's get 'em!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Argh! Argh-argh-argh!

My turn.

Oh! No, no, no, no, no!

Can't swim! Can't swim!

Whoa! Okay. That's cool!

My kicks are like hovercrafts!


Oh, so cool!


You're done for!

Enough! We surrender! We surrender!

Argh! Givin' up already?

Takes the fun right out of it, don't it?


I've waited a long time
to deal out some pirate justice!

And by "pirate justice,"

we mean a stern warning
to get back on your ship

and leave us alone.


Ugh. Fine.

- Retreat!
- Run!

- Run away!
- Run!

Pleasure doing business with ya'.

Thanks for the sea dogs.


Show them, scalawags!


Okay, Dread, where's the Shard?

Enough stalling!

Tell Captain Sonic what he wants to know.

"Captain"? I'm not the captain.

Aye, you are now, Captain.

You have given us a taste
for the pirate life,

and we want more, Captain.

Forget it. And stop calling me captain.

Aye, Captain.

And just tell me
about "The incident."

I begged you to leave it alone,

but you're just too stubborn, aren't ye?

I've been called worse.

Fine. Black Rose, tell the tale.


Oh. Sorry.

Just remember, you're the one
who asked for this.

It was years ago.

Knuckles The Dread
was the most feared pirate

that sailed the seas.

Fame, treasure, power, he had it all.

But there was one prize
that eluded his grasp...

The Devil's Lighthouse!

Let me tell the story, Sails!


Now, where was I?

Oh, right.

The Devil's Lighthouse.

Captain'd spent years looking,

and he'd finally gotten his mitts
on the map that would lead him to it.

What's a pirate need
with a lighthouse?

The Devil's Lighthouse
isn't a lighthouse at all.

It's a gem, priceless beyond imagining,

who's heart glows with a light
enough to pierce the densest of fogs!

The Shard! Where is it? Do you have it?

Right, listen to the story.


With the map, I knew the location.

All I needed to do was get to it.

Keep that sail full o' wind!

Steady as she goes!

Captain, change course!

We'll wreck on those rocks for sure!

Turn around, Captain! We're beggin' ya!

Get offa me, ya yellow-bellied dog!

The crew thought I'd lost me marbles.

Captain, you lost your marbles!

And they were right.

My only thought was getting
my hands on that stone,

no matter what.

I'm too far, Captain.

Over here! Pick me up! That's an order!

Leave him be.

There's not enough room!

You showed us
that you don't care, Captain.

You're the captain now, Jack.


The Devil's Lighthouse took me reputation

and me courage.

I swore I'd never go near
that cursed stone again.

But you're Knuckles The Dread!

You survived a shipwreck,
you've got a gold tooth!

You are a pirate, Dread, a pirate!

Help me find that map,

and I'll help you get your pirate on.

That map's
at the bottom of the sea,

sunk with me old ship.

I've lost my way, boyo.

You want the map?

Find it yourself.


But that means... I'm trapped here.

If it's not too much of a bother, Sonic,

would you mind me taking a gander

at them fancy boots of yours?

Yeah, sure. They're pretty awesome.

Of course!

We don't need the map.

We can find the Shard with my kicks!

They're boots.

Huh, no glow this way.

Nothing here.


This way!

I think.

Aye, aye, Captain!

So yer stealing me crew,
me ship, and me job?

What? Me? Steal?

- No!
- Fine.

Lemme explain... Did you just say "fine"?

Did ye not just listen
to me tale of terror and despair?

I'm sorry, but I need that Shard.

Then their fates are in your hands.

Captain! There's something in the water
off the port side!

Could be a whale.

It's not an orca, is it?

Port's the other side.

I knew that.

That's no whale.

Rusty Rose?

How are you here?

You underestimate the council.

Time for you to go down with your ship.


Oh, coconuts.
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