01x08 - Lose Yourself

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Ginny & Georgia". Aired: February 24, 2021 - present.
Teenage Ginny and her family yearn to put down roots in a picturesque New England town after years on the run.
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01x08 - Lose Yourself

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Paul Randolph would have you believe

that he's an upstanding member
of Wellsbury,

but Paul Randolph is having relations
with a woman in his office.

Cynthia Fuller
is a pillar of the community.

She knows what the town needs.

A vote for Cynthia
is a vote for a mayor who cares.

I'm Cynthia Fuller,
and I approve this message.

Well, that happened.

That's the worst photo of me!

We have the fundraiser dinner coming up,
so let's just focus on that for now, OK?

We're letting her get away with this?
That was a personal att*ck.

It's politics.
Look, the vote comes up in two weeks.

It's essential
that we stay on message here, OK?

- When they go low, we go high!
- When they go low, we go lower!

Dig underneath 'em,
start a f*re, smoke 'em out!

We do not.
We keep our heads up, we focus forward,

and we figure out a way
to turn this around.



I can't believe Cynthia.

My mom's been busting her ass.

The way she is about this job,
I've never seen her care like this before.

I'm so proud of her,
and then this B pulls this C?

Bitch, crap, I'm with you.

Whoa! Hold up. Drama!

I don't know
what to think anymore, Marcus.

I just feel like I don't matter to you.

Do you even like me?

You know I like you.

No, I don't.

I told you.
I just… I just… I can't do this.

What? This conversation?

Or hooking up with me
with zero commitment?

- Which one can't you do?
- All of it!

I'm sorry.


It's dangerous
to let your guard down.

I see what happens with my mom and dad
when they get together.

It's never good.

It always ends in pain.

Dude, I am so stressed.

I have hives in really annoying places.
It's not fun.

And the thought of volunteering with EDCO,

on top of homework
and school and rehearsal

makes me wanna chop myself up
into hamburger meat.

I feel you.

Between soccer, 3SB,
and tutoring, I'm burnt out.

Shit, you guys are so scheduled.

Not really, just normal.

Just stuff you have to do for college,
which is pointless anyway

since a psychology degree will be useless
when the planet implodes in 30 years.

Stuff you do for college?

Volunteering in Peru and winning
a mock business proposal competition…

She's talking about me.
I did those things.

What extracurriculars have you done?

Jesus. Um…

Flute, French, piano,
field hockey, basketball, soccer, tap,

ballet, hip-hop, jazz, pottery…

karate, and theater.

Settle down! Seats, please.

I have an announcement.

We are going to be submitting

to the National Junior
Pulitzer Essay Contest.

The theme is,
"Where do you feel you most belong?"

I will choose one of you
to proceed to the regional competition.

It's perfect for college applications.
Yeah, Maxine?

What if the only place
you ever felt you belong

is in a dark room watching The Office?

- Do you still have to write the essay?
- Yes.

Oh my God. He's here.

You're panicking.

Deep breaths.

I've never done karate.

It's OK.

OK. Uh…

Hey, you speak fluent Korean.

You play piano.

- You're fine.
- OK. I need to win this essay contest.

- What does your dad want?
- I don't know. To look at foliage.

To carpe diem, and smell a rose!
He doesn't get it. Neither does my mom.

They didn't go to college
or sign me up for karate.

My God, you need to let go
of this karate thing.

- No.
- Seen Norah anywhere?

I feel like she's been, like, really MIA.

Not as MIA as Max,
who has utterly disappeared.

Max is over-scheduled,
so she's having a nervous breakdown.

Ah-ha! There you go. That's exactly it.

That's what happens
when you become a couple.

You completely disappear…
from your friends.

Aww! Well,
if you're lonely, I'll date you, Abs.

- You're welcome to give me head.
- Screw you, Press.

Abs, are you OK?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm goo… Cool, cool, cool.
Fun, fun, fun. Just, um…

I'm just having a bad day.

Some days are diamonds,
and some days are only stones.

- Thanks for that, Confucius.
- I hate all of you.

Ginny's my only friend left
in my time of need.

OK. Do you wanna talk about it?

Oh my God. He's here.

OK. Concern for my time of need
has been, uh, short-lived.



Oh my God!

I… I can't believe you're here!

Wow! Look at you all grown up!

Who's your friend?

This is Hunter, my boyfriend.


Boyfriend? Um…

Uh, hi, er, Mr. Miller.

Uh, call me Zion. Nice to meet you.

Zion, yeah.

Do you want a ride home? Brought the bike.

Oh, I missed the bike.

Yes, let's do that.
Um, thank you.

I'll just… I'll see you tomorrow.

- Sure, yeah.
- OK, great.

So, boyfriend?

- You're not a kid anymore, huh, kid?
- Mmm.

Nice runnin' engine!

Marcus, this is my dad.

Nice to meet you.


So that's how you knew how to ride.

OK. Uh…

- Zion!
- Hey, little man!


Come here.


Thanks for the fence.

Hey, peach.

Nice dress!

Very casual. Very weather appropriate.

These are Nepalese bone dice.


Sherpa Ang Tharkay's memoir.

One of the most famous
Mount Everest guides.

Riveting read.

Some of the words are underlined.

Is it a code?


So, Dad, I'm in AP English,
and we're doing this essay contest thing,

uh, about where we feel we most belong,
and I'm gonna write mine on Wellsbury.

You like it here then?

And I stabbed someone in the hand!


Can we do a blanket fort tonight?


Mom's dating someone.


He a good guy?


He is.

Yeah, buddy. We can do a blanket fort.
Go grab your blankets.

I'll help you!


So, what's the deal with Ginny
and that boy across the street?

Who, Marcus?

I picked up a vibe.
I think there's something going on there.

- What?
- You have no clue.

She's got her first boyfriend.
They're adorable.

Yeah, Hunter.

I met him too.

If something was happening
with Ginny and Marcus, I'd know.

I know everything
that happens in this house.

I'm like the Eye of Sauron. I see all.

So, how's Raquelle?

We broke up, actually.

- That's too bad.
- Yeah.

What can you do?

Blanket fort!

You… OK, let's do it.

- Can't sleep?
- Mm-mm.

So, Dad's back.

Oh, is he?

I hadn't noticed.

Just don't do anything stupid, Mom.

- What do you mean?
- What do you mean?


Go into the light.


You like it.

- Just want you to be careful.
- I'm always careful.

Plus, with this campaign,
the whole town's watching you.

You saw the commercial.

Plus, there's Paul.

We like Paul.

We do like Paul.

We really like Paul.

I've never seen you this happy.

This job, this town…

This is the closest to normal
you've ever been.

Maybe we try and keep it that way?

What is that supposed to mean?

Mom, you and I both know
that you're in bed with me

so that you don't go to Dad.

We don't know that.

Can he just be my dad this time
instead of your ex?

You have nothing to worry about
with your dad and me, peach.

I promise, OK?

♪ Love may make ♪

♪ Wasn't it you who said ♪

♪ Don't you please… ♪

I have to say
you newlyweds look very happy.

Without him,
Ginny and I wouldn't have a stable home.

He saved us.

Well, this is all in order.

I can see myself out.

Wait, that's it? We're done?

Since your arrest, you've really
turned things around for your daughter.

I'll make that clear
in your final progress report.

Thank you! That's such a relief.

I told you I'd take care of you,
Mrs. Anthony Greene.

- Where are you going?
- Out.

Well, I'd prefer you stay here with me.

I haven't left this hotel in three days.

I'm going insane.

I could always call back the DSS worker.

OK, good.

So, we were on
the last Lord of the Rings movie,

and a lot of things happen in this one,
so we gotta watch it twice.

OK, gonna put it back…

"My whole life changed
when I moved to this progressive utopia,

where creativity and compassion thrive…

Wellsbury is where I most belong."

Well, it's…

definitely well written.

What? What's wrong with it?

Is it true?

Is Wellsbury where you feel
you most belong?

It's an essay, and winning this contest
could help me get into the right college.

Oh, there's a right college!

Well, yeah!

I mean, no offense. I know
you took a bunch of different courses

at different places, but that's not
how things are done here.

No offense taken.

- How would you make it better?
- Let me think on it.

Paul Randolph
doesn't have children,

so how can we trust his decisions
regarding family and education?

Just because he's dating a woman
with two children

from two different fathers?

- Ooh, gotcha!
- What?

- I'm Cynthia Fuller, and I...
- OK.

That was totally uncalled for.

How is this affecting us?

Well, since the launch
of Cynthia's smear campaign,

both the Historical Society
and the Unitarian Church

have dropped out
of the fundraising dinner.

- You can't be serious?
- No, I'm telling a hilarious joke.


Hey. You all right?

Zion's in town, Ginny's dad.


Mr. Penguin.

He's staying at the house.


On the couch.

Do I have anything to worry about here?


OK. I trust you.


And I can't wait to meet him.

Come again?

Well, I mean,
he's Ginny's dad. He's in your life.

We're getting serious. I should meet him.
Is there a problem with that?


No, no problem. Mm-mm.

Sounds fun.

We'll plan something.


Dinner tonight works for me.

Dinner? Tonight?

Yeah. Why not?

Why not? OK.

Oh, and, Georgia, um… can you
please shut the door on the way out?

Mm-mm. Yeah.


Your love warms this cold cell.

- "Only these bars can keep us apart."
- But what about when I get out of here?


"Will the outside world understand…"

"Will the outside world understand"!

- Right, shit.
- Yup.

This rationale exemplifies…

Too stiff.

OK, I gotta go to class.

You got this.

Howdy, strangers.

You guys still up for MANGout time
at the Blue Farm later tonight?

I can't, sorry.

Yeah, I'm so not off-book,
and I'm behind in, like, every subject.

Oh, OK. What about you, Norah?

Oh yeah, that's right.
Norah's not actually here.

What have we become, MANG?

- ¿Qué pasa, kielbasa?
- Mm. Nada, nada, limonada.

Oh, Jesus, take me.
I can't do this. Please, God.

♪ Keep running till… ♪

- Love you, mean it!
- Hate you, kidding!

♪ We'll keep running
Till the summer is done ♪

♪ We're gonna run, run
Faster than they could destroy it… ♪

Well, this all looks great.

It does look great. Zion's a great cook.

So is Paul!

Paul made breakfast.

It was really great.

- So, Zion, you are a photographer?
- Among other things.

I hate to define myself by what I happen
to be doing on just one day.

Sometimes it's OK to wear just one hat.

Some people prefer it
if your job's important enough.

So, Paul, what's it like
being mayor of this, uh…

progressive utopia?

I love it. I just, uh,

hope I get to keep doing it
after this election.

- What are you photographing at the moment?
- I'm working on my book, actually.

- Your book?
- Yeah, I got a book deal.

Zion, that's amazing!

It happened a while ago.
Ginny didn't tell you?

What? You never ask about Dad.

That is incredible. Congrats.

Uh, what's it about?

The Raute people of Nepal.

They're the only nomadic group left,
never spend anywhere over a month.

Fascinating culture.
I lived with them for five months.

I know the area.
It's Far West Nepal, right?

You've been there?

Yeah, I did a Himalayan trek.

- No way! Which trek did you do?
- Annapurna.


You did Snowman? Holy sh… That's badass!

That's 25 days
on the Himalayan spine. That's...

- Cool!
- Yeah! Wow!

- Wanna see Zion's blanket fort?
- What's happening?

I absolutely wanna see a blanket fort!
Let's go. Come on! Whoo!


Wow. Wow!

- I think it's our best one yet.
- This is so cool, man.

They're going to the blanket fort.


You sure you don't wanna stay?

No, you got a full house.


We're good, right? Nothing's changed?



- Good night.
- Good night.

I like him.

Where you going?

To find where she most belongs.

That's cryptic and annoying.

Hey, kid.

How you holding up?

So he's all moved out then?

- We both love you very much.
- Cool. That's really good therapist-ing.

Look, things won't change that much.

Well, that's some bullshit.


♪ Desire ♪

♪ Like f*re, I… ♪

This is the hardest thing
anyone's ever had to do.

Well, as long as
you're not dramatic about it.

Hold me!

♪ …that feeling ♪

- ♪ When she… ♪
- Ugh! I can't with her right now.

Oh God.
There's been some terrible mistake!

We don't want you here.

- Hi, Sophie.
- Hey, Marcus.

- We have the living room.
- It's a common area.

Marcus, leave!

He's not leaving.

Is everything OK, Marcus?

It's just, uh, this girl.

Um… Can't stop thinking about her.

Are you kidding me with this?

I don't think
she wants anything to do with me.

Just tell Padma that you screwed up,
and you're a dumbass, and you're sorry.

Just be honest.

Yeah, Padma.

I was a total moron with Sophie.

Ginny told me to be honest,
and now we're great.

Ginny told you that?

Aww, babe!


So, what do you think?


I don't know.


Oh! OK, I see. So, you're cool now.

No, I'm not.

Cool people don't say they're cool.


Taking notes.

Must be cool.

So, what else is going on?


- Mom's a psychopath.
- Hey!

Did you know she has a sister?

- Ah… you met Maddie?
- Did you know her parents are still alive?

So, apparently, I have grandparents
that I never knew about.

That's not fair,
to keep a kid from their grandparents.


…I get it. I know.

But I met your grandparents, and…

…to Georgia, they are d*ad.

She did what she did
so she could be the best mom she could be.

Your mom loves you more than anything,

and so do I.

- OK, fine. But she is crazy.
- Come on.

You're seriously gonna tell me
she's not crazy?

All right, I'm not gonna say that.
Yeah, your mom's mad cray.

But she's the kind of crazy
you want fighting on your side.

If home is where the heart is,

then as a traveler,

my home is nomadic.

Diasporic static,
shock me with these memories.

I feel it all.

Really hate it when he's right.

I take home with me.
I could never be alone.

As an immigrant,
I'm always home, I'm always home.

I hope for the world
to feel what I'm feeling.

Their love is a one in a million.

I know my heart is not a house,
but I call it home.

I know my heart is not a house,
but I call it home.

I call it home.

I call it home.

I call you…



You like?

So, why did it work?

'Cause he has a cool life?

Because he spoke from the heart.

If anyone else can speak your truth,
it's not your truth.


The essay.

I'm glad you like Wellsbury
and that you have friends,

but you're growing up now,
so you gotta tell your own story, right?

What's up, baby girl?

How long are you staying this time?

Whoa. Do I have an expiration date
on my back or...


I need you.

You balance out Mom.

I want you around.

I don't want you and Mom
to fall back into the same patterns.

What are you talking about?

You can't resist each other,
and then something happens,

and you always have to leave.

I want you around longer this time.


I'm Zion,

this one's dad.

My little girl and I,

we go camping and roast marshmallows.

She gets sticky fingers.

"Dad, I want you to clean them."

So I do.

My little girl and I,
we hike the Grand Canyon.

She gets tired.

"Dad, I want you to carry me."

So I do.

My little girl and I, we have this game
called Magic Carpet Ride,

and I zoom her up and around and down.

And, "Dad, do Magic Carpet Ride again!"

So I do.
"Dad, do Magic Carpet Ride again!"

So I do.
"Dad, do Magic Carpet Ride again!"

So I do, I do, I do!

My little girl isn't so little anymore.

She wants to do it herself.

"Dad, you don't know
what you're talking about."

"Dad, you don't get it."

"Dad, be cool."

My little girl is growing up.

What does she need her dad for?


I want you to stay around."

So I do.

And that guy who did his entire piece
in iambic pentameter?

That was wild!


You guys have a good time?

Dad took me to this slam poetry in Boston.
Every performance was bananas!

Dad gets up on the stage and, at first,
I thought I was gonna detonate,

but you should've heard him.

He did this entire piece on fatherhood.

- Hmm.
- Langston Hughes in a leather jacket.

It was really inspiring.

Sounds it.

You know, I had an inspiring night too.

Maybe I'll do
a slam poetry piece about it!

Let's see.


Doing laundry.

Unscented Tide for…

sensitive skin.

Suddenly, a face in the window!


Disillusionment. Worry. Anger.

Red hot anger. Rage.


So many questions.

Why is this strange visitor
climbing through the window

of my 16-year-old daughter
in the middle of the night?

How long has this been going on for?

Are they having sex?

Are they being safe?

Doesn't she have a boyfriend?
What the hell is going on?





Not half bad.

What, and I cannot express this enough,

the hell is Marcus Baker
doing climbing through your window?

We're just friends! It's not a big deal.


- You don't...
- ...…understand.

Nothing is happening.
Why are you making a big deal about this?

Does Maxine know?

Is Hunter aware about Marcus
and this little Spider-Man routine?

Oh, hi, kettle. Meet pot.
I think you two might really h*t it off.

What is that supposed to mean?

There's something going on
between you and Dad. I saw it.

Austin saw it. I bet Paul saw it.

Marcus and I are just friends.

He gets me, and I get him. That's it!
And from now on, I'm doing my own laundry!

That supposed to be a thr*at?

Be my guest!

- Do your laundry! Go nuts.
- You're the worst mom in the world.

- Hey!
- Aw!

Do not talk to your mother like that.
She deserves your respect.

Yeah, respect me, you little shit!

I hate you!

I hate you more!

Don't have kids. I don't recommend it.

I think you handled that well.

All right,
I think you handled that not horribly.



No! Seriously, now?

When I'm a broken shell
of the vibrant person I once was?

I was right.

I hate you more than her.

"I know everything
that happens in this house!

I see all. I know all.
I'm Sauron. I'm the evil eye. I'm God!"

I hope she's not having sex with that boy.

She's becoming a woman now.
We can't stop that.

She's gonna have sex and make mistakes.
We gotta encourage her.

We can't shame her for it.

Oh, I'm sorry. Tell me more
about why the daughter we had as teenagers

should be encouraged to make mistakes.

- Thank God I put her on the pill.
- You always do this.

You need to control everyone.

Not everyone.

I don't really care
what Ryan Reynolds does.

I miss this.

I gotta go to bed.


- Good night.
- Good night.

- Bye, Mom.
- Have a good day!

And that's the place that most defines me…

my home with my family and my guitar.

Next up, uh, Ginny Miller.

Growing up, I thought that…

Growing up, I thought people were born
with their heads cocked

because that's how
they've always looked at me.


check one,

check other.

People don't know. They don't furrow
between the layers like I do.

They don't switch and twitch
and actively make the decisions of which…

which part of me belongs today?

Which aspect of my personality
will offend the least and blend the most,

and work and succeed and bury the lead
like a switchboard of traits

that decide my fate,
and I'm always an impostor?

Always lost, always asking for directions,

and people point my way
like the scarecrow.

Like tornadoes bl*wing me
whichever way the wind bl*ws.

Well, Dorothy doesn't want to play today.

She's prepping for the SAT.

Just the Scantron.

The box is empty,
and glaring and daring me to choose one.

Well, I'm an expert at boxes.

My whole life can fit inside it,
and I've got it down to a science.

I can pack my entire identity in an hour
'cause where there's roots,

there's power, but I'm all topsoil.

My blood runs like water and oil
refusing to stick.

My dad's old books, read in secret nooks.

That camera that locks
all my memories in a flash,

saved for when my recollection
doesn't last.

That lighter that sparked that f*re.

All fit in a box ready to be carried
from door to door.

But that's not the kind of box
people ever ask for.

So many lines in the sand,
so many can'ts and cans.

I see both worlds so clearly,

and I skip and jump and dance
and fall between, never seen.

I belong in the spaces between.

Check all that may apply.

Oh my God!



And the winner is…

Hunter Chen.

You were robbed.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- No hard feelings, right?
- Yeah, we're all good.


You coming?

You go ahead.

Before you say anything…

Hunter's essay was paced well.

It had a beginning, middle, and end,
and it fit within the parameters

of what goes on to win
at the regional level.

Mine had a beginning, middle, and end.

Ginny, yours was very good,
don't get me wrong.

It was just…

too unconventional.

♪ Frankly, I've got… ♪

♪ I've g… ♪

I can't get the hang of this.

Let me see.

Oh, it's just…

♪ Frankly, I've got nothing else to lose ♪



What if I just freeze on stage,
and I make a complete fool of myself?

- I feel like I'm having an anxiety att*ck.
- No. Mm.

You are gonna be amazing.


♪ If you stir me right ♪

♪ Flavors come, come take over ♪

♪ I can never say I treat you right ♪

♪ I'm your hand of spice ♪

♪ Take me up, shake, shake me up
Until the mix is right ♪

♪ I won't be nice ♪

♪ Nice, nice, nice, oh, baby ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Never steer you wrong ♪

♪ I'm your favorite, I'm your favorite ♪

♪ I'm your favorite song ♪

♪ Take me, take me ♪

♪ Where I don't belong ♪

♪ Sweet, salty, spicy, sweet ♪

♪ Sweet, salty, sip me till I'm gone ♪

♪ If I heard you cry ♪

♪ Rise and come, come take over ♪

♪ I can never say I treat you nice ♪

♪ Can't treat you nice ♪

♪ Can't treat you nice ♪

♪ Look me in my eyes, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Tell you I am wise, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Love me, love me, love me, my advice ♪

♪ If you know what's right ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Never steer you wrong ♪

♪ I'm your favorite, I'm your favorite ♪

- ♪ I'm your favorite song ♪
- ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Take me, take me ♪

♪ Where I don't belong ♪

♪ Sweet, salty, spicy ♪

Are you sure we can be up here?

I'm… I'm just nervous.

Your mom sort of scares me.

She thinks she knows everything,
but she has no idea.

She doesn't know about me, about my life.



But, like…

Isn't your dad here too?

Maybe we should just go downstairs.

What does "too unconventional" even mean?

I should have won.
Gitten's so clearly being r*cist.


You don't think I deserved to win?

Your piece was impactful.

I loved it.

Trust me, I get it,
but the assignment was to write an essay,

and you didn't do that.

It was unconventional.

You're siding with Gitten right now?
Are you serious?

I'm just saying
if you're so concerned about him

and what he thinks about you,

why are you always causing drama
in his class?

I have to speak up because I'm a person.
I have a voice.


You're an artist. You should get this.

Yeah, exactly.

I… I didn't do a song.

It's all about survival.
I keep my head down.

- I… I do the thing that's asked.
- And you're proud of that?

Why can't I just be who I am?

- Because you're half Taiwanese.
- Exactly.

I'm not full white,
so Gitten can't be full r*cist.

Not in the same way I'm not full white.

Asians get to be stereotyped
as talented geniuses and prodigies, OK?

Black women are… are stupid, lazy, angry.

Brodie doesn't fist-bump you.

Do you know what it means to be Taiwanese?

I have to serve in the m*llitary
when I turn 19 because I'm a guy.

Or I can relinquish my citizenship
because I'm lucky I'm also American.

But then I'm a draft dodger
and just another soft American p*ssy.

When I went to Taiwan, I thought,


Finally, my people."

But it was just
this hard reality check that,

"No, you don't belong here either."

You have no idea what it's like for me.

I'm sorry. Does that not fit
with me being the cool guitar guy?

I worked really hard on my essay,
and I followed the rules.

You really think
that if I followed the rules,

I could've possibly won?

You don't get it!
You are closer to white than I'll ever be!

Together, we make a whole white person!

Your favorite food is cheeseburgers,
and I know more Mandarin than you do.

You're barely even Asian!

Sorry I'm not Chinese enough for you,

but I've never seen you
pound back jerk chicken.

Last time I checked,
Brodie twerks better than you.

And I liked your poem, but your bars
could use a little more work, homie.

So, really, how Black are you then?

Excuse me?


Literally, what?

Because if we're gonna play that game,
let's do it.

Oppression Olympics. Let's go.

You met my family.

I'm out of here.

♪ And I can see my face
In your reflection ♪

♪ That is a metaphor
For more than I can imply ♪

♪ Baby, it heals my soul ♪

♪ To feel that connection
You want me like... ♪

Dad, stop.

What's the matter, gummy bear?



Hunter won the contest,
and I'm behind on everything here,

and it's impossible to catch up,

and Mom should have signed me up
for more stuff.

- So, it's your mother's fault?
- Yes.

What's really going on?

You're Black.

- I'm Black?
- And Mom's white, and I'm...

Virginia Miller.


Look, I'm never gonna know
what it's like to navigate your world,

and your mom won't either,

but you're never gonna be really happy
until you accept the fact that you're you.

- That's why your poem was real art.
- It was?

Wow, I see a lot of my work in here.

Except for that one.

That's dope!

Who did it?

Hey, stranger. Where you been?

Uh, do you guys know why we're here?

I think I might.

- Hi.
- Hey.


My parents are getting a divorce.

- What?
- God, Abby.

- No.
- I'm so sorry.

Yeah. My dad, uh,
just moved out yesterday.


I'm sorry, Abby.

I know firsthand how much that sucks.

Are you OK?

No, I'm, uh… I'm not OK.

You guys completely abandoned me.

I have had the worst week of my life,

and I needed you.

I needed you,

and you were too busy.

You guys are bad friends.

And this, MANG?

MANG is d*ad.


Hey, I'm sorry,

but I've had a lot of family stuff
to deal with too.

It's not just always about you.

Yeah, and I had sex.

Screw you, Ginny.

You can be a real bitch, Abby.

I will not be doing that.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

N… Norah, isn't that your mom?

Bev, tell us what your daughter said.

Mayor's assistant, or girlfriend,
can't keep track…

…keeps g*n in her house.

Norah was terrified.

Did Georgia alert me, Norah's mother,
that there were g*n in her house? No.

It's unsafe!

I… I begged her not to do that interview.

I shouldn't have told her
about your mom's g*n.

Should've known she'd freak out like this.

OK, this is why
I've been avoiding you guys.

I don't blame you
for being mad at me, OK? I'm so sorry.

I'll slap myself if you want?

I'm… Sorry, w… Hold on.


You had sex?



What do you got for me?

Amber Lynn.


I found something.

Oh, you'd never guess.

Want any ice?

Ice? Yeah, please.

Oh, babe, National Treasure is on!


Hey, I just finished the talking points.

Yeah. Um…

We need to talk.


- I don't think you should come tonight.
- Why?

A g*n, Georgia, in a house with children.
What were you thinking?

- You know how pro-g*n control I am.
- I'm a single woman living alone.

True, but you also reflect me now.

You work in my office.
You are a part of my campaign.

- Is that all that I am?
- No.

You are way more than that,
which makes this worse.

This isn't personal, and I'm sorry,
but if you show up to the fundraiser,

people are not going to donate,
and I cannot afford that.

So, as your boss,
I am telling you, stay home.

What about as my boyfriend?

As your boyfriend, I am asking you
to stop keeping things from me.

So we're not in the South anymore.

It's not funny.

I'm sorry. You're right.

I don't belong here.

I don't know who I was kidding!
I'm not a Wellsbury Mom.

Hey, don't let them do that to you.

I've seen you jump a dirt bike
over an alligator.

You can do anything.

So Abby slapped me
across the face tonight.

Like, that actually happ...


Can I come in?

I'm asleep.

Ginny, we need to talk.

Come on. Talk to me.

Oh please.

Go finish plowing Mom. I can wait.

- Ginny?
- Jesus Christ!

How long
have you been standing there?

What are you doing?

W… Why… Why are you here, Marcus?

- I, uh…
- My… My mom was right.


this is not real.

It's not healthy.

This bullshit friendship between us
with all this sexual tension and secrets…

- Yeah, it sucks.
- Ginny…

No! I'm serious.

Prove me wrong. What do you want to say?

I think I love you.

No, you don't.

What were you doing just now?

I can't believe I was so into you.

Always lurking outside my window
like a loser.

I'm not gonna let you mess me up
like you did Padma, OK?

You know what your problem is, Marcus?

Your problem is
that you're incapable of anything real.

You're a joke!

Now, get out.

Are you slow?

I said, get out.
What part of that don't you understand?

Don't come back!


it can be overpowering.

Growing up,
I felt invalidated, voiceless, lost.

I don't matter.

I never did.

Of course I hurt myself.

When you don't have a voice,
you have to scream somehow.
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