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01x02 - Episode 2

Posted: 01/04/23 12:35
by bunniefuu


Ah! You must be the aliens.
I've heard so much about you.

It's been a long time
since anyone screamed at me

and then I think they were only waiting
for Elvis to come on.

But my poetry went down tremendously.


- You k*lled them.
- I do not k*ll.

- They're obviously bioplasmic creatures.
- Obviously?

Masses of goo.

The bodies are just crusts. The scabs.

They'll knit themselves back together.

Their eyes don't look much use,
so they probably live underground.

Navigate by sound and the hoods
focus a sonic w*apon to stun their prey.

Right now, that's you.


What are we doing here?

Fertiliser bags,
empty them into the container. Quickly!

And, uh, uh...

Newspaper. Alison, over there.

You're insane.
What do you think you can do?

Resist them, surprise them.

Oh, and possibly perform
a few show tunes, so hush.

Don't just stand there.

- Oh...

I want to move, Doctor,
but it's like this...

This terrible fear, the vibrations...

You fought back before,
you can do it again.

Or are you just the same
as all the other sheep?

Shut up! You show me.

It's not that I'm a coward.
You show me an army and I'll join it.

But this is just us. How can this work?

Oh, you do go on, don't you?

If I can find a little something
to add to this,

then Johnny alien is going to get
a good seeing too, from just us.

- Why aren't you scared of the sound?

I believe,
I may have let that slip before.

- You're not human.
- Decent of you to say.

- What are you?
- Mildly annoyed.

- There.

Out! Now!

ALISON: How big is this thing
going to be? Only it's right next to...

ALISON: ...our house.

DOCTOR: Got you! Got you!

- What have you done?
- Everything.

The sonic pulse from that
will stun those creatures underground,

for hours, if I read their looks right.

The ones in the shop
will take days to reform.

There's no thumping
from downstairs now, so...

- Listen.

That's the sound of you being free.

I told you this would be over tonight,
Alison, and I kept my word.


This is goodbye.


Sorry about the house.

DOCTOR: Rumpty.

Haven't I done enough here?

They're going to be fine.

Secretary General? It's me.
Yes, a spot of bother in Lancashire.

I was wondering if you could send in
a whole team of speleologists, yes.

No, immediately.


My dear sir, and/or madam,
say something.

Do I take it you wish to board
the Tardis by force?

Stand aside, lower creature.

I pride myself that
I'm the dearest companion

to the owner of this craft,
so I'm very much afraid I shall not.

As to the nature
of our respective intelligences,

might I suggest that,
as the common saying goes,

"Empty vessels make the most noise."

I think not. (SHRIEKING)

As you just found out for yourself.

I can continue to reflect
all your screams,

but, dear me, how tiresome.

WOMAN: (OVER PA) Convoy leaving
for the north of England and Scotland

departing in five minutes,
surnames Adams to Matthews only.

I repeat, Adams to Matthews only.

Nelson to Zuma continue queuing
in the clock tower.

You will not be permitted
on this transport.

Continue queuing in the clock tower.

you must be the famous Doctor.

Major Thomas Kennet,
1st Royal Green Jackets,

commander of this operation.

I specifically asked for
a team of speleologists,

so I can retrieve my Tardis,
then I'm away from here.

The evacuation phase
should be complete by 2000,

after that I need your help.

I put everything I know
about these creatures on record

and listed a dozen academics
and linguists

who'll help you communicate with them.

We can talk to them
when they are no longer a thr*at.

You do that. I won't be there.

I've read your file. Exciting stuff.

Help us and we'll get your Tardis back.

How ridiculous!
I seem to attract the m*llitary.

They're either arresting me,

making strong sweet tea,
or k*lling my friends.

Go and find someone else
to play your filthy games with.

Doctor, we estimate
the civilian death toll at 637.

Now our job is to put ourselves
in the way of that.

While you get to be superior
and eccentric.

Were the control people
doing anything in particular?

Sitting at home.
They were allowed to go to their jobs

but most were so scared
they didn't leave their houses.

And nobody entered the town?

THOMAS: Well, it seems not
to have occurred to them.

Delivery lorries would dump their loads
on the edge of town

and then report back as normal.

Such amazing control.

THOMAS: Only one person
reports seeing a creature

before you brought them out of hiding.

Alison Cheney. Yes I've met her.

The big question is, why here?

Why just this town?

Because it's on top of a plug
of ancient volcanic rock.

I think these creatures evolved
on their home planet

to take advantage of rock like that
to manipulate it with their sonic cries.

The volcanic rock meets
metamorphic rock at the hills here.

These caves offer access
to very near that point.

My team of speleologists...

My men and I
will be going down there with you

and then I'll get to see
what a Tardis looks like.

- Won't I?
- Hurrah.

So, you finally getting out
of small town, eh?

- Back to the big city.
- We are.

Except I don't want to go.

That's my town back there.

But maybe this is a chance
for both of us to start again.

Tell me that's the truck shaking.

- JOE: Get back, you freak!

ALISON: Leave us alone!