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01x05 - Episode 5

Posted: 01/04/23 12:38
by bunniefuu


-Whatever happens, Ali, remember ...
-I know.

- Looks like we're moving.
- MAN: Alison!

I can't do anything to stop it.

But we can still shout, right?

Everyone, shout for help.


JOE: Help! Help us!

ALISON: Help us, please!
JOE: Help!

- Help!
- Help

CROWD: Help!

Is it one of those rave things?

What do they want to get in here for?

MAN: We're locked up for the weekend.

Go away. There's nothing here.

Please, just run.
They're making us do this.

Get back. Get back. Call the police.

Get off the fence.
Get off the fence. Get away.

- Stop me. Somebody stop me.
- Get off the fence! No...

WOMAN: Help!

GREAVES: Bigger on the inside,
did you see?

KENNET: I did indeed, Greaves.

Don't f*re unless you have to.

Alison! Alison!


Doctor, I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

DOCTOR: I know, Joe. I know.

Alison, what have they done to you?

We'll sh**t if we have to.

It's not us doing this. Please!

Hold your f*re!

Hold your f*re!

Doctor! Doctor!

This is the conduit.

They're using it
to control these people.

It's living off Alison's body.

(GRUNTING) This I will not allow.

KENNET: Doctor?

I can't find a pulse.

DOCTOR: And with so many to choose from.

That's two-one to me in the game of,
"I thought you were d*ad, Doctor!"

Didn't sh**t anyone then?

Jolly good! Well done!

About time we had some luck.

About time we made our own.

Why are the Shalka
still controlling these people?

What's so special about
some dull, old warehouse?

Sir, it's just come over the RT.

It's not just this place.

KENNET: 26 communities
have been mobilised worldwide.

There may be others
we're not even aware of.

They're arranging themselves
precisely around the planet.

Do you have a map of them all,
a global projection?

Give us a second.

If you get a satellite photo
of that part of Siberia,

you'll find control people there too.

Something coming in, sir.

China, live from an American satellite.

KENNET: They're just standing still.

We have to stop the populations
reaching their destinations.

We have to try and coordinate
the armed forces in these places.

The Chinese have started sh**ting.

Doctor, eventually
this will be the story everywhere.

The Shalka will protect them.

But they can afford
to lose a lot of slaves.

I doubt the loss
of Alison's whole community

will make any difference to their plan.

Which is?

You've both still got sore throats,
haven't you?

And so have I, in case you'd forgotten.

So did a lot of people.
Loads of patients with it for weeks now.

They're using humans
to transmit the scream.

They've been sub-sonically
training you up

while you've been under the influence.

But what for?

You're vocal cords
have evolved in this atmosphere.

Theirs haven't.

The Shalka's preferred atmosphere,

kinda thing you get deep inside a planet
rather than on the surface.

That's what our captured Shalka
got Greaves to make.

A chemical reaction caused by severe
agitation at the molecular level.

The scream forms the nitrogen and oxygen
in the atmosphere

into the more complex compounds
the Shalka like.

Why can't the Shalka do that themselves?

This is the fast-track invasion plan.
Get you to do it for them.

They've been waiting these three weeks

until they could activate
all their slaves at once.

Each one led by someone like Alison
with a Shalka in their head.

- This new atmosphere...
- You won't be able to breathe it.

And I doubt it will absorb
solar radiation either.

The weather's about to become
our biggest enemy.

The Shalka will move freely
on the surface in the chaos,

finishing off the survivors.

- How long have we got?
- The atmosphere's a sensitive system.

Given this many release sites...

Once the slaves start screaming,

perhaps an hour.

Regret to say it, Doctor,
but we have to b*mb these people.

Or at least eliminate the leaders
with the Shalka in their heads.

Could all the governments of the world
be persuaded to do that within the hour?

Doubtful. No time. What else can we do?

Oh, I can think of so many things,

But, for the moment,
you'll have to trust me.

- And her.
- What?

h*m* sapiens has minutes to live.

I have to engage the Shalka
and I can't do it without you.

- So, no pressure.
- Just show me what I have to do.

- Doctor, I don't think...
- No time, Major.

Alison, please.

Go on, Joe. Ask me to stay with you.

In the circumstances,
are you really gonna do that?

Are you?

- No.
- We can talk when I get back.

Go. Go on. Save the world.

One hour. Alison, come on.

I'll go and see to the troops, sir.

You, come with me.

- Good luck, Doctor. And Godspeed.

Ah, you remind me of all the others.


What's that supposed to mean?

Who are you anyway?

-I am the Master.

- And you will...
- Evening.

Come to like me, when you get
to know me, my dear Miss Cheney.

Peace to you all. I've just been
in an extreme state of meditation

in readiness for what I must do.

Hard to clear your mind of all
its baggage in five minutes, but, there.


What do you think?

- Um...
- Just a touch flat.

I learnt to do that under Dame Nellie.

Oh, don't worry. One would never guess.

What are you two going on about?

-1 thought this was serious.
- Serious?

Alison, this is me being deadly serious.

- Isn't the Master coming with us?
- No. He can't leave the Tardis.

You know, without so many Shalka about,
you can really see the architecture.

You see that spiral on the roof?

Oh, yeah. Very Gaudi.

Now, there was a man
who knew a thing or two about string.

Lucky I was there when he ran out.

You're a very informed barmaid.

I gave up a degree in history
to live with Joe.

Doctor, see the technology you command.

And yet you distract,
you de-emphasise, you talk.

My, you sound happy!

My, you sound happy!

In a few moments, we will add this world
to the Shalka Confederacy.

Ah, yes.
Your empire of a billion worlds.

I have a horrible idea
that now I know where that is.

I think not, Doctor.

I used the Tardis scanner
to search for recent meteor debris.

Plus, traces of radiation
that suggest a miniature wormhole.

You seek out worlds
that are in ecological trouble,

and then you pounce on them
with one of these things.

We take the weakest of the herd.

Soltox, Duprest, Valtanus.

d*ad worlds, lost civilisations...

History says they destroy themselves.

They did most of the damage,
then we finished them off.

Billions of Shalka live there now.


Not getting into ridiculous wars,
like lesser creatures.

We inhabit 80%
of the worlds of the universe.

Those you regard as d*ad.

So you're it.

The great limiting factor of the cosmos.

The death principle.

If cultures wander down
an ecological cul-de-sac,

you grab them by the throat
and throttle them.

And when the Earth's original atmosphere
has been stripped away

and raw radiation
has cleansed the surface,

millions of our kind
will arrive through the warp gate

and live off pure volcanic energy.


Yes, I know it's chaos out there!
It's chaos out here.

What the... (GRUNTS)

Just get me through
to someone in the Cabinet Office.

I don't care. Anyone!

- This is why I was sent here.

In all my travels
as a Time Lord, I never saw it.

You're not predators.
You're death incarnate.


- Hello?

- Blast!
- Sir...

Get away from the window, sir.

The sun! It's hard radiation!

Oh, the...the ozone layer's
been stripped away.

We need to organise the men.
Get some kind of protection.

I think it's a bit late for that, sir.

- This is the end of the world.

Call us death if you wish, Time Lord,

but we bring extinction
to the entire human race.