01x03 - Fragmentada

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lady Voyeur". Aired: January 2023.
Mini-series follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker.
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01x03 - Fragmentada

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[siren wailing]

[heart monitor beeping steadily]

[tense music playing]

[woman] Miranda, you got involved in something very serious.

Someone had to stop you.

[theme music playing]



[tense music playing]

[gasps] Diana?


Please wake up!


What happened to you?

Why am I at Heitor's house?


[sobs] My God. Forgive me.

Forgive me.

[music intensifies]



[man] Delivery for Heitor Prado.

Can you sign for it?

[doorman] Did you come by earlier?

I sign here?

[man] Yeah, I came by, but there was nobody around.

I didn't see anybody at all.

- [doorman] Okay. Thank you.

- Thanks!

[car alarm wailing]

[alarm beeps, stops]

[tense music continues]

[Miranda panting]

[gate whirring]


[intense music builds]

[music stops]

[suspenseful music playing]

[app beeps]

[Miranda] The 11th of October, 7:30 in the morning and I don't remember what happened.

The memories are all fragmented, and fuzzy.

The whole night, the party

[Heitor] Is this the

[Miranda] I remember arriving

But after that, nothing but darkness.

The bruises on my body don't help me understand either.

Diana, Heitor were they both there?

Was Diana really there?

[music intensifies]

How did I end up at their house?

In that pool?

[music fades]

[Miranda] I'm afraid. I'm really afraid afraid of myself.

[music stops]

Fernando, I really need to talk to you.

Can you come over?

It's urgent. Please get here as soon as you can.

[lock beeping, clicks]

- [Glória] Good morning, sir.

- Good morning.

I can't find Diana.

Oh, You can't?

Well, she left yesterday and hasn't returned.

I thought maybe she could've been with you, but I guess not

You called her?

I already tried, she won't pick up.

- Of course.

- Oh, no. Do you think she's okay?

It's okay, Glória.

She's probably at

Vitória's place or something.

[soft suspenseful music playing]

[Heitor] Tell me what it is.

[woman] A name.

The name you've been looking for.



[Heitor] Morning.


It's too early for cell phones, honey.

- Mm-hmm.

- Please put it down.

Give me a second.

- [Heitor] Luísa?

- Hmm?

Listen to me.


How was your English test?

It was a math test, Dad.

Never mind that. How'd it go?

[cell phone vibrating]

Oh, sorry, I really need to take this.

Hold on a sec.

Heitor, Diana's not

with Vitoria, I called her.

This is too strange.

She would never go anywhere

without telling someone where she went.

[Luísa yelling] Dad!

[tense music playing]

[Glória gasps]

[music intensifies]

[tense music fades]

[doorbell rings]

Hi, Miranda.

You okay? What's wrong?

I, uh

I got a strange message from Cléo.

She told me to go to some party

and her associates

would meet up with me there.

Why didn't you tell me? I would've gone.

Well she asked me not to tell.

She said it was a secret.

But when I got there, it it got strange.

How so?

It was a sex party.

I saw Heitor there.

And he wasn't alone.

But I can't remember anything.

I think I was drugged

'cause when I finally came to,

I was bound.

Those people are dangerous.

I don't want you

risking your life for me, okay?

It's not about you.

I'm very worried about Cléo.

It has to be Heitor, actually.

The secret parties serve

as a cover-up for his illegal sex scheme.

He's luring women and trafficking them.

That's what he does.

You sure you're okay?

Miranda, there's nothing else

that you can remember?

[camera shutter clicking]

[clicking continues]

[footsteps approaching]

[Rafa] I'm so sorry, man.

- Don't let anyone in. Wait over there.

- Okay.

- [Inês] So?

- [man] She d*ed about four hours ago.

There are no injuries

or signs of struggle.

[Inês] Okay.

[man] Could just be drowning.

[Inês] Okay. Let me know

when the report is done.

[man] Okay.

I'm Inês Cardoso.

I'm the chief of the homicide division.

I'm in charge of the case.

Was it you who found her?

[elevator dings]

No, it was my daughter.

Oh! [gasps]

My baby!


- [sobs] My baby!

- [Rafa] It's okay. It's okay.

- My daughter!

- [Rafa] Ma'am, please.

- You m*rder my Diana!

- [Rafa] Ma'am, stop, you don't mean that.

[Vitória] You k*lled her!

I know it was you!

[dramatic music playing]

[Heitor] Her brother

and mother live here too.

Plus a family friend

and my security guard.

They can all get into the pool.

[Inês] All right.

I'll need all the footage

from your cameras.

There aren't any cameras inside the house.

There's just one out front,

and in the garage.

How come?

Well, because I don't enjoy being watched

and feeling observed.

I like my privacy.

[cell phone ringing]

Hi, Joca.

Inês, the doorman said that the power

went out in the whole garage at 7:00 a.m.

The gate was open.

I'll look into it.

Can you find any available

security footage of this street?

[Joca] Yeah, I'll check it out.


I'm looking forward to seeing those tapes.

If your neighbors don't have

the same privacy issues you do,

they'll show us a lot.

[tense music playing]

[music fades]

- [Miranda inhales sharply] That hurts.

- Shh, calm down.

We need to take care of this.

[Miranda chuckles]

- So now you're a nurse?

- I am.

But only if you're the patient.

I promise.

Rest up, okay?

[Miranda] Fernando,

there's something you should know.

[cell phone vibrating]

[Fernando] Yes, Vitória?

[sad pop song playing]


What do you mean?

What is it all about? ♪

Give me more time ♪

I can wait ♪

[lock beeping, clicks]

[Heitor sniffles]

I'm so sorry.

[Heitor sobs]


Does Fernando know you're back?

[Glória] The gardener's uniform

is missing. I can't find it upstairs.

[Fernando] Diana? Is she here?

- Let me see her, please.

- Hey, stop.

- I need to see her!

- [Heitor] Not right now.

Let me see her now!

- I just want to see her. I need

- [Zoe] Hold on, Fernando.

- Calm down.

- [Fernando] What happened?

- What did you do, huh?

- [Zoe] I'm here now. Calm down.

[Fernando] Get off me.

- [Zoe] I'm with you.

- I said get off, Zoe!

Don't let him find out

about what you two did.

He's already k*lled once,

so he can k*ll you too.


[Miranda] I still can't remember much.

The night is full of holes,

but I think it ended in disaster.

At least my bruises

are proof that I'm not crazy.

I know it had to be real.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Miranda] And if it was real, then there

has to be proof of it at that mansion.

Proof of Diana being there,

and of Heitor's involvement.

Its name is "Mansion B".

Owned by Ricardo and Letícia Braun.

That's when I found out that

they're the parents of Zoe Braun.

And Zoe Braun? She's

Fernando's wife.

And me? Well, it seems I'm an idiot.

He's married.

[suspenseful music fades]

[Inês] First, I need to build

a timeline of Diana's last hours.

Were you with your sister

at all last night?

For a moment, yes, I think at 11:00 p.m.

I thought she looked very upset.

[Inês] And do you know why?

She said her marriage was over.

[intriguing electronic music playing]

I didn't know how to help her.

I was with Rafael. We went to a party.

[Inês] A party?

What kind? Social, work, cocktail?

[Rafa] Well, see

I don't know how to say this.

It was like something out of a p*rn.

[Inês] What happened at this party?

[Rafa] Well, I didn't see much.

I was waiting in the car for a long time.

Then I saw Diana arrive.

She looked pissed.

So then I got out and went in after her.

I didn't know what she was doing there.

But we started fighting

[Inês] How was your relationship?

If it was open, were these parties

a normal thing for your two?

[Heitor] No. It was

the first one I've ever gone to.

[Inês] Her too?

Not sure.


So anything else?

Did you see anyone else leaving?

I did. I actually saw Fernando,

he left at three o'clock in the morning.

But he wasn't gone long.

He came back after about 20 minutes.

For cigarettes.

[electronic music continues]

Only he left?

I think Vitória also went for a drive.

[Vitória] I wanted some air.

It calms me down.

But I came back home,

I had some whiskey

and slept.

I also saw Zoe,

my stepson's wife.

I don't remember seeing Vitória at all.

Did she say that?

Oh! I think I went out,

yeah, while Helena was swimming.

[Helena] Heitor's my ex,

but yes, obviously he chose her.

Did you get along with Diana?

I mean, of course I did.

We've been friends since

my brother passed away some years ago.

He was very much in love with her.

He drowned in a swimming pool.

A pool?

And you like swimming at night.

[electronic music continues]

Yeah, that is true.

It's a hobby of mine,

I didn't think to bring it up here.

It wasn't a big fight, nothing

important was said between us.

Did you argue a lot?

Detective, are you married?

I'm "Chief."

Okay, Chief

That a no?

Because if you were then you would know

how deeply unfair that is to ask.

But anyway, uh, that argument

ended my night pretty effectively.

So I left.

- You left?

- I went to Rafael's.

[Rafa] That's right, yeah.

A friend came over

and we chilled out.

[Inês] Can you give me your friend's info?

Of course.

Then you went back to your place?

Yes. Diana was gone.

I spoke to Glória.

I thought that maybe her mom knew.

[Vitória] The last time I saw her?


She used to come and talk to me

about anything that worried her.

It's not su1c1de. I know it.

Diana would never do this at all.

My daughter would never

make the decision to take her life.

She was m*rder.

If someone k*lled Diana, it wasn't me.

Did you love her, your wife?

[music stops]



You were the last person to see her alive.

You will be arrested

until we check your alibi.

I'm so sorry, Luisa.

It must be awful.

[sniffling] Mm-hmm.


You know I love you, right?

[soft piano music plays]


I really do.

I care a lot about you.


Miranda, your grandmother's

condition is getting worse.

She's also started to

talk about a different granddaughter.

She never mentioned her before.

Would that be your sister?

[Miranda] Yes.

But she's d*ad. Her name was Gabriela.

And I don't like

to talk about her if I can help it.

[doctor] Be very patient

with your grandma today.

She's very confused.

My love! Mm.

- Mmm.

- Hello.

- I'm happy to see you.

- Mmm.

She was here


Who was here?


Mmm. Mm.

I still regret everything I did.

Everything! Mm.

[Gabriela] Ready? Now let's play.

[Miranda] Play how?

I don't want to play this.

[Gabriela] Wanna know something?

Grandma won't come.

You're going to be sitting here

until you die.

She looks just like your mom.


[Miranda] How can I deal with the present

when I can't accept the past?

I know there are things I just can't fix.

[melancholy music playing]


But I won't let what happened that night

be another one of them.

I know I need to go back to that house.

[music fades]

- [faint music]

- [indistinct chatter]

[pop song playing]

[song stops]

[tires squeal]

[Miranda groans]

[Inês] Let me help you.


[Inês] Uh, you okay?

Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine.



Do you live close by?

Your bike will fit in my car

and I can take you.

No. No worries.

I'm fine.

[grunts softly]

What's that?

That's everything, Joca.

There was nothing in that mansion

that confirmed there was a sex party.

Just this.

It was like a haunted mansion.

[Joca] Strange.

[Inês] What?

It's, um, the autopsy.

It says she drowned in

the early morning, around 3:00 a.m.

"Asphyxia by immersion".

It could've been accidental.

Or self-inflicted.

There were missing clothes reported.

The garage door wasn't working.

And no power.

This is a m*rder, Joca.

It is.

Rafael's friend backed your alibi.

The stories line up.

So I'm allowed to go now?

You sure can.

Lucky break.

Isn't it inaccurate to say a man is lucky

when his wife has passed away?

Wouldn't you say?

Don't know.

But this doesn't mean

that you are completely off the hook.

Thank you.

[Glória] Please, son. Please.

I need you with me right now, okay?

Diana Diana is gone.




Why are you here?

Do you have any pain medicine?

Ha! Vitória, you can drop this act.

[lock beeps, clicks]

I know that you didn't

give a damn about your daughter.

[chuckles dismissively]

It was Heitor.

She was in his way,

so he k*lled her, he did it.

- [Glória] No, no. No.

- [Fernando] It's true.

Fernando, no.

I can't believe he would

do something like that.

[Fernando] It's true.

I don't know why she stayed with him.

She just fell in love

with the wrong person.

[door opening]

[Luísa] Uncle?

[Fernando] Hey, sweetie.



[tense music playing]

- [Fernando] assh*le!

- [Heitor grunts]

- What the

- [Rafa] Fernando, Fernando!

Let him go! Damn it, are you crazy?

- Let him go, dude!

- [Fernando] You're a m*rder!

[Rafa] Walk away. Enough.

- [Fernando] He k*lled Diana!

- [Rafa] You're family, damn it!

- You did it again.

- That's enough.

- Go home. Now.

- You're going to pay.

Do you hear me, Heitor?

- You'll pay!

- [Rafa] Go. f*ck.

Heitor you okay, man?

- That was crazy. Damn.

- [music stops]


I wonder about something.

Diana knew you were there.

How did she know?

Whoever told her must've also been

the one to leave you that note, Heitor.

I don't understand.

I've never talked about the note.

Or that I found out that Luísa

is actually Bernardo's.


You're right.

[Heitor exhales]


when I was asleep with

that girl in the living room,

please tell me you didn't leave

the apartment at all that night, right?

[suspenseful music playing]

Do you really think

I k*lled Diana, Rafael?


I need you to know that I'm on your side.


[doorbell ringing]

[Miranda] Heitor?

So you want to know

what happened that night, huh?

All night

you were

looking for me.

And then I found you.

We made out.

[sensual music playing]

Everyone saw us.

They wanted us.

[Miranda] Oh.

Do you remember my touch?

- [Miranda gasps]

- [Heitor] Did you like it?

I made you come so hard,

and took you home,

and we f*cked more.

[music swells]

[music continues]

[both panting]

[Miranda grunts]


We made the plan together.

You wanted to k*ll Diana.

[music continues]

[music stops]


[doorbell rings]

[clears throat]

May I?

I already saw it on the news.

I'm sorry about about your wife.

That's why I came to talk to you, Miranda.

There's something I need from you.

Investigate Diana.

I don't trust the police.

I need to know the real Diana.

[intense music builds, fades]


Where's Miranda? I know

someone here has to be connected to this.

Joca. We need

to question everyone right now.

Please. The patient

needs constantly observed.

You have to find her as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, her condition

is very complicated.

There are serious risks for the baby.

[Inês] She's pregnant?

[intense musical sting]

[hard rock music playing]

[music continues]

[music continues]
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