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01x02 - Tax b*mb

Posted: 01/13/23 19:30
by bunniefuu
Any players?

I just need a good hand.

Damn it.

All right!

- We can do this all night.
- Ugh, f*ck.

Stay on .

Stay on Blackjack. Congratulations.

Wow, just look at the time.

Darn, I could totally win some more.

I'll see you next time.

You're leaving already?


-See you later.

How much is it?

It's . million won, sir.

. million won?

-You earned a lot.
-Thank you.

-I hope I'll see you around.
-Sure. I'll see you next time.


I'm at a funeral right now.

I'm on my way now.

Yeah, okay.

Sir, can you ring me up?

-Did you have fun?
-Sure did.

Sir, I have a delivery for you.

Okay. Put it right there.

This place is booming!

Are you guys open on weekends too?

Of course. We don't do any holidays.
We're open /.

The dealers here
must have come from real casinos.

And the food is great.
I think this place will be a real h*t.

Thank you.

Make sure to tell
all your friends about us.

-Oh, of course.
-Here you go.

Thank you.

-Sure. Have a great day.

-That'll be , won.

- Yeah.
- Thank you for coming.


-What the f*ck? Who the hell are you?
-All right, stay still, stay still!

- Put down whatever you're holding!
- Ugh, I lost.

Hey, you!

You there!

We're from the National Tax Service.

Everybody, stay where you are!

-God damn it.
-Stop right there.

Where's the owner?

Ma'am, put that down.
I can't have you touching that money.

Put it down.

See you later.

-Shh, shh, shh.

-Hey, where are you going?
-Hey, you've got to go. Come on.

Where are you going?

-And what's this?

- Yeah.
- Huh?

Wow, just look at how much food
you're delivering.

Wait, you're...

Oh, sh*t!

Where's Mr. Ahn Chiyoung?


Ahn Chiyoung. Your boss.


TAX b*mb

-Hold on.



The NTS enforcement team barged in.

They took everything.

What? When?

A while ago.

Okay. I'll call you later.

Hey, Chiyoung.


Let's call it a day.


How much money do you have
in your car trunk?


This is all the cash that I have.

And where did you put the rest?

They're in the bank...

g*dd*mn f*ck.

It's not like they've ever done
anything for me!

I hate this. This is so annoying! Ah!

You idiot, didn't I tell you
to keep that money out of there?


I told you that you'll lose it all
if you keep it in the bank.

What do I do?

That's billion won right there.
billion won!

My god...

Hey, be quiet.

Damn it.


Don't go to the bank.

You'll get caught right away
if you go to the bank, okay?

This is driving me nuts.

Hey, where are you going?

Where are you going, Moosik?

-Give me your phone.
-My phone?

From now on, I'm the only person
that you can call with this phone.

-Don't call anybody else, okay?

Go up to Seoul.

I'm going up there too,
once I'm done cleaning this up.

Can I just go with you?

Then what, you idiot?

Are you insane?

If we're together, they'll track us.

Damn it.

Go up to Seoul
and hide in a motel somewhere, okay?

I'll contact you.


You little...

You son of a g*n. Oh, also,

you can't call your wife.


So five people were involved
in starting the illegal casino bar?

Here. Check these names and see
if they're the people who were involved.

Hold on a minute.

Are you going to keep recording?

I mean, I have my rights, don't I?

Turn it off.


These are the transaction statements.

Money taken out under the label
of security deposits.

Interior repair costs.

And we don't even know how
some of this money was used.


I'm just the figurehead, I swear.

I didn't even make that much money.

Your share was percent.

I really didn't make a lot,

if you subtract the operating expenses
along with everything else.

Come on, you've got the wrong person.

Man, you guys are frustrating.

Prove it, then.

Prove that you didn't make a lot of money.

How the hell am I supposed to prove that?

How the hell am I supposed to prove
that I didn't make any money?

What do you want me to do?
Go back in time and show you?

If you want.

For God's sake.

Why are you doing this to me?
Go find the real owner and ask him.

Well, let us meet the real owner, then.

I won't be shy with my questions.

If we don't catch Ahn Chiyoung,
then you'll get all the blame.

You can do that if you want,

or take the easier route.

Man, seriously.

-Why did you park in a place like this?
-Hey, be quiet.

Was there anybody following you?

-Huh? Is this it?


Oh, honey.

I couldn't withdraw any money at the bank.

Those bastards.
They've blocked everything.


What do we do?
Are they going to take all our money?

Hey, where's the contract
for the strip mall

-that you bought under your dad's name?
-Give it here.

-Is it in there?

-What's going on?

Just go home for now.

I'll call you
when I've taken care of everything,

so don't tell anybody
that you saw me, okay?

What are you going to do?

What do you... Just go home!

-I'll call you. Hurry, go home.
-What do you mean, go home?

I need to go to a wedding. Let's go.

Go where? Get out!

I really need to get going.

Don't tell anybody that you saw...

I'm in a hurry right now! Get out!

Ugh, fine, fine, fine, fine.


Seven billion? That's pushing it.

I bought it for billion.
What do you mean, billion?

Well, that strip mall has a lot
of vacancies, and it's pretty big.

That's a pretty reasonable price
if you're looking to sell it so quickly.


If you're not happy with it,
then give me some more time.

This is driving me up the wall.

Okay, fine.

If you're fine with . billion,
I'll make sure that it's sold.

You have my word.

You can sell it right away? Immediately?
How long do you think it'll take?

No more than a week.

No, I can't do a week.

Three days. Let's do three days,
and I want the balance paid in full.

It has to be within three days.

Oh, come on. That's...

What are you whining about?
I bought it for billion.

You're the one who reduced it
by billion.

How am I supposed to sell this in three...

How? J-Just do it. Do it.

-Do it.
-Mr. An.

I'm from the Daejeon tax office.

Who is this?

He was in charge of everything related
to the funds for Greater Electronics.

He's the real owner
of the casino bar, too.

I'm not sure.

Well, if you want to take responsibility
for everything, have it your way.

The hearing may take place in a courtroom,

but I'm the one
who makes the tax decisions.

Depending on how cooperative you are,

the taxes that you have to pay
could fluctuate by several billions...

Oh, just pick up!


Hello? Where are you?

I got caught.

I think you'll have to run. Sorry.


Yeah, hello there.

I'm Kang Minjung of Investigation Bureau
at the Daejeon Regional Tax Office.

You're Mr. An's
business partner, right?

-Uh, I have some questions for you.

Where are you right now?


You really need to pay your taxes.

If you don't pay your taxes,
you can't do anything in South Korea--

Damn it, he hung up on me.




Who is it?



- Hey, Jonghyun. It's me.
- Yeah.

Do you happen to know anybody
at the Daejeon Regional Tax Office?

- No, not really, why?
- Hey.

Can you look into it, then?

Chiyoung is being held
at Investigation Bureau .

Bureau ?


Dude, that's the central investigation
department of the NTS.

The central one.

Those assholes are really,
really thorough and persistent.


Just help Chiyoung
before he loses all his money.

Okay, fine.

By the way, where are you?

I won't be in Korea for a while.

What are you talking about?
Where are you going?

I probably shouldn't tell you
over the phone.

I'll call you when I've settled down.

Here you go.

♪ It's nine o'clock on a Saturday ♪

♪ The regular crowd shuffles in ♪

♪ There's an old man sitting next to me ♪

♪ Makin' love to his tonic and gin ♪

That's awesome.


♪ It's nine o'clock on a Saturday ♪

♪ He says, "Son
can you play me a memory?" ♪

♪ I'm not really sure how it goes ♪

You f*ck.

♪ And it's sweet
and I knew it complete ♪

When you see an upperclassman,
you say hello.

Hey, on your feet.

On your feet, you bastards!

Head on the floor, now.

Do it, you punks!

Okay, right away.


Got a death wish?

Why are you doing this?

"Why are you doing this"?

I'm going to rip your mouth apart,
you bastard.

Leave it, leave it, leave it.

Hey, Cha Moosik.

I heard you're the toughest
among the second-years.

Is that true?


Are you usually this rude

to upperclassmen?

You sure don't act like an upperclassman.

You're just ganging up on me.

You little punk!


You bastard!

Let go!


You assh*le!

You freaking dirtbags!

Come at me!

Ma'am, it's good to see you.


So, how's business?

It sure looks like it's doing better
than when I was running this place.

The store's doing well, all thanks to you.

One moment.

Thank you.

You're the owner of this place now.

Try your best to run things smoothly.

Of course, I will.

I'm going now.

-Take care.

Thank you so much.

Thank you!

You got beaten up?
How can you call yourself a man?

Forget it, Uncle.

Is this the place?

-Follow me.

Where's Cha Moosik's mother?

Let's eat somewhere.

That's me.

Hey, come over here.

- Damn it, come on...
- Come here!

I'm this kid's uncle,

and your brat did this to his face.

What will you do about this?

What? My Moosik did that?

He messed up this handsome face!

So what the hell
are you going to do about it?

What is this?

-Hey, are you Cha Moosik?
-Wait, hold on a second.


Did you really do that to him?

Can I have one more
bottle of soju, please?

Tell me!

Over here!


Let's go.

Let's go to the police station!


Why'd you do it?

Why are you going around picking fights?

Are you trying to be like your father?

Darn you!

People like you should be sent to prison!

-Jesus Christ.
-What are you doing? You have to come too!

I'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing to me?

Apologize to your friend!

Go and apologize!

I'm sorry.

You can h*t me until you feel better.

Bullcrap. That's not going to cut it!

What are you doing?

Don't do this, please!

Let go of me!

-I'm fine.

-What are you looking at?

What are you doing?

No, don't do this.

Please don't do this, please!

- No, no! Please stop!
- sh*t.

Let go of me!

Stop it, Uncle!

I said I can take care of this myself!

You shut the hell up!

What are you glaring at, you bastard?
I'll cut your eyes out!

The hell?

Who the hell are you
to be b*ating up my kid?

Huh? Do you belong to a g*ng?

What? Did I piss you off?

You want to fight?

Let's fight, you scumbag.

Get up.


Come on. s*ab me.

s*ab me, you little punk.

Come on, s*ab me.

You can't do it?


Crazy bastard…

Here. s*ab me.

Oh, my god.

Oh, no.


Get lost, assh*le!

What an idiotic loser.

Hey. Forgot to say hello again?


I've been all over the place,

so I forgot today was the day.


You're too embarrassed
to come to the prison now?

Not at all.


You must have gotten rich…

I swear I'll be more polite from now on.


I'm sorry too.

Maybe we can be friends.


-Here, smoke one.

sh*t, man.

My face is so swollen.




I never thought I'd see you...

...Daejeon country boys here.

You've grown up.


I heard you're doing
pretty well nowadays, Moosik.

I knew he'd become successful one day.

Even in high school, he was a big spender.

That's true.

Hey, Moosik.

Remember when we made a mess
at your mom's store?

Of course.

My God. You know, back then,

my uncle was so embarrassing.


It's so great to see you here.

Yeah, it is.


how's your father?

I haven't talked to him in a while.

So, what are you going to do now?

I haven't planned anything out yet.

Dongeok, have you found a place for him?

I said he could stay with me,
but he said he'd be uncomfortable.

I'll just look for a villa.

Well, all right.
That's better than a hotel.

Just get some rest first.

Play some golf and some games.

By the way, what do you do here?

He runs a casino.

I'm just a sales agent.
A marketer who finds customers.

Oh, speaking of,

want to go to Sungil's casino
and play a bit?

Can we go, Sungil?

Sure, let's go.

-Let's go.

Cha Moosik. Born in .
From Yeongju, Gyeongbuk.

Used to be an adjunct instructor
at Chungam University,

then started an English academy
in Tanbang-dong, Daejeon.

There are no records after that.

So there are five casino bars?


Two in Daejeon, one in Jochiwon,
one each in Ansan, and Suwon.

But, uh,

they only did cash transactions.
They didn't leave a trace.

They didn't use any credit cards, either.

How much are the cash transactions worth?

If you combine them all...

...about to billion won.

Hey, let's just quit our jobs
and open a casino bar too.


What are we even doing this for?


What about Mr. Cha's family?

He has a wife and a son,
who are currently living in Daejeon.

He also has an apartment
under his wife's name.

Yeah? Are they still there?

This is the best hotel in Manila.

It has the biggest casino, too.

These are all table games.

The machines are on the sides.

They have the same thing
on the other side too.

So everything combined,
it's about , square feet.

Yes. Come on.


Give it to me baby!

Give it to me baby, yeah!

He's back again
after losing all his money last time.

Hey, Moosik.

So are you going to spend
some money here today?

The real thing is somewhere else.

You want to go?


-Come with me.
-Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

The VIP casino. The junket.

The one you just saw
is for the common folk.

What's a junket?

It's like they're renting the place,
in a way.

An individual or a company pays the casino

a deposit to run this place.

Here in Manila, there are junkets run
by Koreans, the Chinese, and the Japanese.

Hello, sir.


Wow, this is...

This is the guy that I told you about.
My friend from Korea.

I see. Welcome, I'm Min Seokjun.

I'm Cha Moosik.

This guy right here
is the top guy in Manila.

Number one.

Gosh. I think Sungil is up there too.

He's doing pretty well nowadays.

Oh, come on.

I've still got a long way to go.

Mr. Min, are you the person
who runs this place?

Oh, no.

I'm just a sales agent
who brings over customers.

The owner of the junket is somebody else.

But the owner doesn't really
show his face around here,

so Seokjun is basically the owner.

Take a look.

Do you play any games?

Oh, yeah. I know a little bit of baccarat.

Well, that's good.
I'll take good care of you from now on.

It looks like it's pretty packed
even though it's a weekday.

This place is one of the best
in Manila, after all.

Would you like to play a game?


Thank you.

Who is it?

This is Mr. Cha Moosik's house, right?

That's right.

Are you his wife?

Yeah, why?

My name is Kang Minjung.
I'm from the Daejeon Regional Tax Office.

Well, I have a few questions
about your husband.

The tax office?


Do you mind if I step inside?

My husband's not home right now, though.

What taxes did he not pay, exactly?

Your husband

was running a gambling den.
You know that, right?

-A gambling den?

There are a lot of additional taxes
we need to collect.

If he doesn't pay them, he'll get charged,
and his passport will be canceled.


...he won't be able to return to Korea.

We haven't decided to prosecute him yet,
so please let us talk to him.

If he pays his taxes, there are no issues.

Do you happen to know Ahn Chiyoung,
the owner of Greater Electronics?


Do you know about the casino bars?


What is that?

Why did Mr. Cha go to the Philippines?

Does he know somebody there?

Yes. He has a friend
who runs a travel agency there.


Player wins, natural nine.

Thank you, nice.

Thank you.

Banker, player, banker.

This way, please.

As you can see, the unit I'm showing you
is on this floor.

-Its view, and it's really nice and airy.
-All right.


Let's go inside.

This is a one-bedroom unit.

You have your living room.

You have a small kitchen
with its own equipment.

Knives, forks.


Here's the bedroom.

Bed for two.

Cabinet space.

Oh, and it also has a balcony
that you can use.


- What do you think?
- I like it.

- Thank you! Okay.
- Thank you. Thank you.


It won't be as comfortable as a hotel.

No, I prefer places like this.

Hotels don't suit me.

I live nearby, so let me know
if you ever need anything.

My wife said she'll pack some food
and side dishes for you.

Just put your laundry
in a corner too, okay?

Dude, I can just do my own laundry.


You can wash your underwear and stuff.

But I can get you

clean bedsheets and stuff
once every month.

Thanks, you son of a g*n.

Don't say I never did anything for you.

-Okay, you jerk.
-I'm so tired.

Maybe I'll just live here instead.

Oh, this is nice.


How's life these days?

It's just so-so.

My business is t*nk,
which stresses me out,

but my wife always whines about money.

And my damn son is pestering me
about wanting to study abroad.

-You said your son plays soccer?

I think he's got some talent...

...but I don't know.

Where does he want to go?

Europe, of course. The soccer capital.

South America, you idiot.
Don't you know Ronaldinho?

Of course, it's Europe.
Don't you know Cha Bum?

You freaking idiot, come on.

You're crazy.

-Cha Bum? Ronaldinho is better.
-Forget it.

That's for you.

-What is it?
-Just open it, man.

Use that money to send your son abroad.


Idiot. You think I'd lie to you?

This is...

Oh, my god.

This is… It's all for me?

Yeah, you idiot.

I'm saving your face
so that I can save mine too.



Thank you so much.

sh*t, you're a true friend!
Come here, idiot.

-What's with you?
-You won't regret this.

Have you lost your mind?

-Thank you, Moosik!
-Back off, dumbass!

It's already hot enough.


Banker is a seven, banker wins.

At first, I was winning
as much as billion won.

But as time went on,
I started losing more than I was winning.

The money that I had brought with me
was running out too.

How are things looking?


You know, when things aren't going well,
sometimes you need to let go of it.

Mr. Min.

Let me borrow some more money.

Greedy pig.

Will you raise your bet?

You've already borrowed million pesos.

I'll pay you back within a month.

How much can I borrow?

I shouldn't let you do this,

but you've spent quite a lot
of money here so far.

So I'll let you have one million pesos.

Thank you.

Hey, Jungpal.

Yes, sir.

Give him one million pesos.

And don't add on interest in advance.

Yes, sir.

Wow, Seokjun.

It looks like you're super busy.

I need to talk to you for a second.

Seokjun, I have something awesome for you.

What is it?

You know Mindong Construction, right?

They've built a bunch of apartment
buildings in Jeolla-do.


No, Mindong! Mindong! Anyway,

they're a big company. And, uh...

I know the owner's only son pretty well.

I told him to come visit me
in the Philippines sometime,

and he said he would.


Jesus, you're slow.

His family is rich! Really rich!

Anyway, I'll take care of it all.

You just need to provide lots of dough.

Speaking of that,
give me a present, will you?

Hey, don't be like that.

I'm not doing very well nowadays, either.

What do you mean?
You're the ATM of Manila.

I really don't have any money.
It's all in different places right now.


You really mean that?

You borrowed one million pesos
from me last time, and didn't pay me back.

I'm going to pay you back.
Did I ever say that I wouldn't?

- Come on.
- Mr. Min!

There you are. I'm so sorry.

Come on, you've got to go
take care of this.

There are a lot of people waiting for you.

-For goodness' sake.
-Hey, look.

What do you think you're doing?

Oh, I'm sorry.
We were in the middle of a meeting,

and Mr. Min disappeared suddenly.

-Everybody's looking for him.


So I get that you came to get him.

But who are you?


Well, I'm a…

Could I borrow a light first,
if you've got one?


Why, thank you.

Mr. Min and I are...


I'll tell you next time.


Is that guy crazy or what?

You should really avoid
people like that if you can.

Thank you.

No problem. I'll get going now.

Hey, Moosik.

Do you want to be
business partners with me?



I think we'd work really well together.

You and I are both good
at the exact same thing.

Partners need to have different talents.

Says who? It's great if we're good
at the same thing, isn't it?

If we start working together,
there are bound to be problems.

Jesus, come on.


Hey, Sungil. You're early.

Hey, hey. Say hello.

He's my friend from Korea.

Hello. I'm Lee Sanggu.

He's Korean too.
He's the hardest working guy that I know.

Oh, hardly.

Hey, did you bring me the thing?

Give me my bag, Billy.

It's two million pesos, sir.

Hey, Moosik.

I know that you're good,
but don't borrow any more than that.

If you do, you'll get yourself in trouble.



Call me anytime. I'm available /.

Are you a gangster or something?

He just has a lot of gangster friends.


Be polite to him, okay?

Back in Korea,
he was a really important man.

Sir, I look forward to working with you.

-I'll get going now, Sungil.
-All right, bye.

I'll see you next time.

I'll call you.


I bet you're thinking he's just a lackey.

Like you can borrow from him
and never pay him back.

Let me tell you just one thing.

You're in the Philippines.

Don't underestimate him.

You can keep the change.


When I was in Korea, I thought
that I had gotten the hang of things.

But I was losing money left and right.

Eighteen billion won.

I worked so hard to save it up.

But I freaking lost it all
in less than three months.


Goodness, welcome back.

You look so cool now.

You look all fancy.

You make the clothes look even nicer
because you have a good figure.

Yeah, right.

I'm guessing your travel agency did well?

Travel agency, my ass.
I did find some sucker, though.

A sucker?

I'm planning on taking all his money.

There's this really nice guy

who used to do everything
that I told him to do.

A nice freaking guy.

Do you have it?


You see, this stuff is from Myanmar.

Europeans go crazy for it.

I've repaid all my debt now.


Thank you.

Jeez, you're such a snake.

Have you eaten yet?

Yeah, I have.

-Let's go have some tea, then.



You never pick up, do you?
Is this Cha Moosik?

Yeah. Who are you?

I'm Kang Minjung
from the Daejeon Regional Tax Office.

We've actually talked on the phone before.
It was before you left the country.

I'm calling you because
you have some unpaid taxes.

It's related to the arcade
and the casino bar you used to run.

When can you come back to Korea?

Why should I go back?

You have a lot of additional taxes to pay.

But you won't pay them
even if we charge you.


I'm a bit busy over here.

If this isn't taken care of,
you'll be prosecuted.

Then you won't be able
to come back to Korea.

Even if you're busy,

you need to come here
and reach an agreement with us.

Are you going to rescind my passport
if I don't go over there or something?

Yes, and it won't stop at that.

You'll be wanted by Interpol.

Your wife seemed like a nice person.

You have a son too.

Do you plan on ever seeing them again?

God damn it.

Hi, honey. It's me.

Did somebody from the NTS
come to talk to you?


Who is she?

A woman?


Is something wrong?


Why don't you just move to the Philippines
with Byungkyu?

What are you talking about
all of a sudden?

Oh, come on.

Don't you want our family to be together?

Just leave everything in Korea
and come over here.

I'll have somebody take care
of the apartment.



Nothing's going on, right?

Of course. Everything's going just fine.

Yeah. Don't worry.

Okay, I'm hanging up.

Even at that moment...

I was thinking about selling the apartment
so that I could gamble more.

The defendant, Ahn Chiyoung,

shall be sentenced to five years in prison
and a fine of million won,

Any accounts, movables, and real estate

belonging to the defendant and
his immediate family shall be confiscated.

If the fine and surcharge are not paid,

every thousand won
of the combined fine and surcharge

shall be converted into one day
of detainment in a labor camp.


Oh, no. What do I do?


Thank you
for letting us visit you.

You're angry, aren't you?
I mean, you shouldered all the blame.

Just let us get Cha Moosik's taxes.

Then I'll reduce the surcharge for you.

You're not being loyal
by shouldering all the blame.

He'll be on the run his entire life.
Don't you feel sorry for him?

Wait, what do you mean by that?

Why should I feel sorry for him?

-I thought he was a dear friend.
-I don't like how you're talking to me.

Oh, come on.

So, just be honest with us, will you?

How was everything run anyway?

Well, what kind of information
do you want from me?

I want to know how
the two of you split the profits

between yourselves, okay?
And the roles that you played.

I also want to know
how much money Cha Moosik made.

Why are you doing all this?

Do you receive any benefits
for collecting more taxes?

Of course not.

I wish there were, though.


Why don't we have something
like that in Korea?

If there were,
I would work so much harder.

That's what I'm saying.

Why don't you just relax a bit?

Don't be like that.
Let's just wrap this up, okay?

Man, you guys are persistent.

You guys would put loan sharks to shame.

You're even worse than loan sharks.

My God, why are there so many?

that looks delicious. Get it to the table.

All right, I hope you have a blast.

All right!

I got it!

That's it, that's it! Nice!

That's what I'm talking about!

Hey, miss!

I need some beer.

How many?

Hey! It's great to finally
meet you in person.


-This is nice.

Hey, hold on.
I have something to talk to you about.

-Wait, I want to play one game.
-But it's too loud in here.

-Let's step outside for a minute.
-See you soon.

We'll come back inside after we talk.

Hey, Moosik!

You're going to hurt your hand.
We're not admitting you here, okay?

-You're going to break your hand!
-Please, Moosik!

Moosik. Open the door!


Didn't I tell you not to let them in?

-Didn't I?
-I won't let them in, Moosik.

But isn't it a good thing
to have more customers?

Hey, dumbass.

Do you think this place
is some neighborhood convenience store?


What if they come in here
and pick a fight with other customers?

We'd be screwed.

This place is for smart people

like directors of academies, heads
of hospitals, and college professors.

We make money off of nerds like them.

If people like them start coming in here,

people will start
associating them with us.

Remember that.

Okay. I will.


It's all business.



This is insane.

We're giving back %
of the money they lost,

and yet we're making ten times more
than the arcade.

There are a lot of insane things
out there in the world.


-This is the only thing that we can do.
-Yeah, I agree.

-So let's open a few more.
-A few more?

Just think about it.

All right.

So, we had the dealers stay
in the rooftop apartment

and made them work -hour shifts a day.
And we made billion won

in six months.

But when word got around
that we were raking in a ton of money,

gangsters started showing up.

Good work. Come inside.

Good work.

Take a seat over here.

Tell me. What is it?

What did you want to talk about?


What are you pouting about?

Come on, tell me.

Hey, you know,

I've always thought of you guys
as part of the family.

And that hasn't changed, all right?

But Chiyoung's always
the only one with good ideas,

and I'm Chiyoung's business partner.

Then I don't really have a reason
to keep working with you.

Am I right or what?

It's about Sangchul, not Chiyoung.

He's our friend too.

But it feels like
you're favoring him over us.

What about Sangchul?

Are you talking about the car
that I bought him?

Sangchul is running a casino,

but we don't have anything like that.

Man, you guys are really cute.

Okay, fine.

You got the money?


I'll let you guys have something too.
Do you have the money for that?

How much?

You can just give me the amount
I spent to set this place up.

So just this much.

Five hundred million?

Five billion?


It cost me million won
to set up one casino.

I spent exactly million won
on facility fees and entitlement fees,

so just give me million won.

Moosik! Are you serious?

Just get me the money,
and I'll give you guys the same share too.

Thank you, Moosik.

Thank you.

Also, you guys can be joint managers.

Yes, sir.

But remember this.

If you want to be joint managers,

don't let any gangsters
into this place, okay?

-Of course not.

Look, this place is

for the kinds of guys who wear ties
and act all fancy, okay?

This is the kind of place where
those people hang out and play cards.

If those gangsters with tattoos
start coming here, you're screwed.



What will you be?


That's right.

But I don't think you guys can manage it.

You'll just let anybody
in here to make money

and let those gangsters in here too.
And this place will become a total mess.

That won't happen. We'll work really hard.

-We'll do our best.
-We'll do our best.

We'll do our best.

Now you're all excited.

This is great, isn't it?

He took only the amount
he'd initially spent and gave it away.

So that's how Moosik earned some trust
from the gangsters.

"Moosik is not somebody
who cheats his friends."

That was his image.

Is Cha Moosik a gangster?


Then why did those gangsters
seek him out?

Because he knows people nationwide.

So he's a gangster.

You clearly don't get how someone
becomes influential nationwide.


You don't become like him because
you're the best fighter in the country.

Okay? To become like him,

you need to pay the most
congratulatory money for marriages.

Congratulatory money?

Gangsters will call you

even when their cousin thrice removed
is getting married.

"Sir, my nephew is getting married.
Can you come to the wedding?"

Then you send the money and some flowers,

even if you can't make it to the wedding.

If you do that for everybody,
you'll become acquainted

with people all over the country.

And that is what Moosik did.


exactly how much money did he make?

He made about six, seven billion won
from the machines.

He made around that much
from the casinos too.

So, around to billion won.

Then where did he keep all that money?

If he didn't put it in a bank,
and it was all in cash,

it must've been a staggering amount.


I ended up losing the apartment
in Daejeon too. My last property.

f*ck, I should just die.

What's the point of living?

Your father's
in critical condition.

The hospital's already given up on him.

Your mother and I have been
taking turns staying with him.

I think you should come see him, too.


Why should I go see that man?

You should at least be here
for his funeral.

You're his only child.

Okay. Let's talk about this later.

Hey, Jonghyun.

Hey, it's me.

They're not prosecuting you right now.

Really? Then, can I go back to Korea now?

Of course you can.


what if I go to Korea
and get screwed over?

That probably won't happen. Hey!

Your only issue has to do with your taxes,
so just call the NTS.

I mean, what are they going to do
if you promise them that you'll pay?

Hey, by the way,

I heard that you got totally screwed over.

I heard you lost all your money
at a casino.

Hey, man. What are you talking about?

Who told you that bullcrap? Who was it?

Hey, no big deal if it's not true.
No need to get mad.

Just tell me when you're coming.
I'll meet you at the airport.

Who is it?

Sorry to disturb you at such a late hour.

What is it?

I was in the area,
so I just wanted to say hello.

These are my friends.

Come say hello.

Can we come inside and talk for a bit?

Whoa, whoa.

What do you think you're doing?


I heard that you gambled
all your money away.

I dropped by because I was worried.

You freaking bastard.

Hey, you.

So you're here to intimidate me
because you think

I'll run away without paying you back?

Hey, Sanggu.

I'm going to pay you back.
With interest too.


You know, that money
is very important to me.

Of course you need to pay me back.

Do you really think you can handle me?