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01x04 - Rolling

Posted: 01/13/23 19:31
by bunniefuu
(theme music)

(siren wailing)






(students cheering)

(microphone feedback)

Allow me to greet all of you
who have gathered here today,

all one million members

of the National Council
of Student Representatives.

I'm the first president of the NCSR,

and it's an honor to address you today.

(students cheer)



On this passionate day,

-we stand here...
-MOOSIK: I was assigned to be a bodyguard

-for the president of the NCSR.
-...and put together our enthusiasm

to achieve

the democratic unification of our country.

My fellow students,

let's fight with all we have

so that we may meet

at the new dawn of our country!

Amend the constitution!

Overthrow the dictator!

Amend the constitution!
Overthrow the dictator!

Amend the constitution!
Overthrow the dictator!

Amend the constitution!
Overthrow the dictator!

There are detectives everywhere.
You need to run. Hurry.

-No, come with me.
-What are you talking about? I can't go.

Then I'm not going, either.

Why are you being so stubborn?
Come on, scram already!

If we don't go together,
then I'm not going.

You've got to be kidding me.

What are you even doing here?


You're not even an activist.
So what are you doing here?

MOOSIK: She was right.

What was I doing there?

To escape the activists,
I had to join the m*llitary.



MAN : Down.

This side.


MAN : Next, please.

(indistinct chatter)

Oh! Uh, I left my identification in there.

MAN : Next.

His looks are pretty deceiving.

You're Grade One, active service.

MAN : Congratulations.

All right, next.

Sorry. Hello, sir.

I really want to join the m*llitary.

Uh, yeah. Sure. Give me your notice.

My notice...

I, uh,

went to jail for a short while

because I violated the Assemblies
and Demonstrations Act.

So I don't have a notice.

But I would like to join the m*llitary.

Please let me go.


You know, uh, everybody else is trying
their best to avoid the m*llitary service,

so what's up with you?

It's a must for South Koreans to join.

You need to do your duty
and defend your country.

I would like to be sent
to the most intense program, please.


The Marine Corps.

You can't go there
because you have a criminal history.

I understand how you feel,
but that's the law. The law.


I know I can do a good job.
Please just let me go. Please.

Well, bring me a notice, then.

MAN : Hey, hey. Get this guy out of here.

Wait, no, sir!
I really want to join the m*llitary, sir!

Sure, sure. Just bring me your notice.

-Bring me your notice.
-Sir, wait, wait, sir! Sir!

Hey, what are you guys doing?

Sir, please, let me

-join the m*llitary. Sir!
-MAN : Ugh.



You want to join the corps?

MR. KIM: What for?

Because I'm a man.
Real men join the corps.


Because they're tough.

There's another unit that's even tougher.


-(uncomfortable grunt)
-MOOSIK: This guy is Mr. Kim.

He had a small office in Namsan,

-and his job was to recruit trainees.
-(Mr. Kim sighs)


MR. KIM: Wanna touch?

(lighter flicking)

-TEEN MOOSIK: Is this a real g*n?
-MR. KIM: Of course it is.

Hey, you can't pull the trigger.
It will f*re.

Oh, I see.

Do you want to join an intelligence unit?

An intelligence unit?

We get paid, and we don't even have ranks.

Is that a tougher corps than the marines?

You idiot.

I wouldn't give up one of our soldiers
for marines.

Fine. As long as I'm going
somewhere tough, I don't care.


You know, physical fitness
is really important for us.

But I don't know
if you'll meet our standards.


Our unit is full of the most talented men
from all over the country.

Well, you're looking at one.

Then would you like to take the test?

-(Mr. Kim chuckles)

FACILITATOR : Thirty-two.










, , .

Faster, all of you!



First place!
(strained breathing)

(heavy breathing)

(heavy breathing)

MR. KIM: I'll be right out.

Ugh, look at these f*ck.

MOOSIK: Out of applicants,
four were chosen.

We were waiting at an inn in Daejeon.


What the f*ck?

MR. KIM: Get the f*ck up! Quickly!

I'll give you three minutes.

In three minutes, pack your stuff
and meet me in front of the inn.

-Damn it!
-(straining grunt)



f*cking pricks.
Are you kidding me right now?

Okay. Just run home, all of you.

I'm sorry, sir! I can do better!

-I'm sorry, sir.
-I'm sorry, sir, I'll do better!

(laughing lightly)
I mean,

I just don't want to get yelled at.

I picked the four of you
because you were athletic,

but this is a total shitshow.

-We'll do our best, sir!
-We'll do our best, sir!

f*ck that! Doing your best isn't enough!

MR. KIM: I really don't think
you'll survive out there.

-I'm sorry, sir!

-I want to join, sir.
-I want to join, sir!

I'll give it my all, sir!
I'm ready to die for it!

MR. KIM: Then...

you wanna go see
what they're doing over at the unit?

ALL: Yes, sir!

Then get in.

Get in.

MOOSIK: I didn't realize
that was a highway to hell.

At the time, our unit was
near the th parallel.

Our job was to go in and out
of North Korea and collect information.

MR. KIM: Come on, what the hell!

Outside the m*llitary, we were called
the HID or the Anti-North Espionage Unit.

I can't believe you threw up.

-Wipe it up!
-It's fine, sir.

What's fine?

Jesus Christ.

(soldier retches)

(Mr. Kim groans)

What the f*ck! Hold it in!

-I'm sorry, sir!

Come on, dude.


What is it?

Excuse me, sir, but where are we?

Uh, it doesn't look like a road for cars.

(strained grunt)

How are we supposed to get here
coming back from vacation?


Get off at the bus terminal
and say you're going to the mountains.

SOLDIER : The mountains, sir?

Yeah. You don't need to pay for the taxi.

What are you going to do
about this f*cking smell?

Sorry, sir.

(birds chirping)


(Seokjun groans)

(men laugh)

You see, I sent this guy to gangsters
and the rest of 'em.


I don't think I've ever met anyone
who deserves my respect more.

This guy is on another level.

Who is he?

His name is Cha Moosik.

He's something else. Seriously.

MOOSIK: After I collected the crap bonds
that he wasn't able to collect,

Mr. Min bragged about me

-wherever he went.
-He's really something else.


MOOSIK: And he made me the sole manager
of the junket room.

Hey. Jungpal.

He's our new agent.
Make sure to teach him everything.

Sure thing.

My name is Lee Sanggu. Nice to meet you.

How old are you?

I'm .

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
(awkward laughter)

I'm, uh, ...



(phone ringing)

-Hey, Sangchul. What's up?
-SANGCHUL: Hey, Moosik.

How have you been?

So, uh, one of my friends

is in Manila right now.

Okay, what's his name?

His name's Seo Taeseok.

Uh, he's

a bit unique.

MOOSIK: Seo Taeseok?

What does he do?

Well, he was in a g*ng in Masan.

Sir, I would really appreciate it
if you could just look after him.

MOOSIK: Okay, where is he?

SANGCHUL: He's at Purvio Hotel,
the same one you're staying in.

-Oh, really? Give me his phone number.

I think you'll recognize him
right away, though.

He has all of his hair slicked back,
so he'll stick out.

-(Sangchul laughs)
-Okay, then,

tell him to call me and look for me.

SANGCHUL: All right.

Excuse me.


I heard you saying "Seo Taeseok" earlier.


Are you Taeseok?



what if I'm not him?

I'm not one of your buddies,
so quit f*cking around.

(inhales sharply)

Oh, sorry about that.

Sangchul from Daejeon told me

that his friend's here
and asked me to take good care of him.

But I guess that's not you, huh?

Who from Daejeon?

Lee Sangchul.

One of my good friends.

I'm sorry. I'll come find you tomorrow
and introduce myself properly.

All right.

(line rings)

-Hey, Sangchul.
-SANGCHUL: Yeah, Moosik.

I met your friend.
The one with his hair slicked back.

He looks like a f*cking faucet.

(Moosik and Sangchul laugh)

SANGCHUL: Yeah, an odd duck for sure.

(Sangchul laughs)

Hey, by the way, what exactly does he do?

He used to run a brothel in Masan.

But something happened,
so he had to go over to Manila.

MOOSIK: Oh, yeah?

SANGCHUL: Yeah, yeah.
Please take good care of him, Moosik.


(distant horn honks)

I saw that the sales have gone up a lot.


Yeah. Our new agents
are doing really well.

Thank you.


By the way, aren't you giving them
too big of a commission?

One percent is enough.

Well, they've got to make a living, too.

There's no need
to be so nice to the agents.

All they care about is money.

By the way, Mr. Min.

Who's the guy that's been
spending a lot of time with you lately?



He's the son of the owner
of a construction company in Korea.

He doesn't do much. He loves to play.

Mr. Woo introduced you two, right?


Is he bothering you?

(smacks lips, inhales)

I just avoid him whenever
he starts talking about money.

Do not let him borrow your money.

You'll make me look bad if you keep
letting people take your money.

I'm working for you, after all.

(smacks lips)

Okay, I won't give him any more.

If you don't tell him crystal clear,
he'll just keep doing it.

You've got to be firm with him.

Fine, fine.


Have a drink.


(knocks on door)

Allow me to introduce myself properly.
I'm Seo Taeseok.

Hey, come sit over here.

(clears throat, sighs)

I heard you're from Masan.

What are you doing here, then?

Oh, that's, uh, a bit personal.

How's life treating you these days?

Pretty bad.


Take out ten thousand dollars
from the safe.

Ten thousand dollars?



(safe lock beeping)


Use this money on what you need
and call me if you run out.

Thank you, Moosik.

Oh, and...

Could I do some work at the casino, too?

What casino? Our casino?

I mean, I need to do something.

Just tell me what you need,
and I'll do my very best.


Hey, you.


This is your second time
talking to me, isn't it?

You're crossing a line, don't you think?

Consider yourself lucky
that you have a friend like Sangchul.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't
even be talking to you right now.

Anyway, I'll think about it.

-Okay. Thank you.
-(door opens)

Mr. Min. D-Did something happen?


(phone ringing)

Hey, Jungpal.

JUNGPAL: Moosik. Mr. Min got screwed over
at the Chinese fusion restaurant again.


Mr. Woo asked him for thousand dollars

and Mr. Min told him
that he doesn't have any money.

Then his lackey threatened
to rip open his thigh.

JUNGPAL: So apparently, Mr. Min had to beg
on his knees. Made such a mess.

What should we do?


(elevator bell dings)

Huh? Moosik.

What's up?

W-what are you doing here, Sungil?


Who is that?

Oh, he's my friend, Moosik.

MR. WOO: Hey, come here and have a drink.

Come on in.

(door closes)


We're curing our hangovers.

Want a drink?

Mr. Woo.

I have something to talk to you about.

I'd like you to stop messing
with my boss, Mr. Min.

Man, you're funny.

You came all the way here
just to say that?

You would too if somebody
messed with your boys, right?

Well, so will I.


stop this right here.


What the hell do you think you're doing?

Sungil, if somebody messed with your boss,

are you just gonna stand back
and let them take it?

Do you think I would?

And now he's treating me like sh*t
'cause I'm not a gangster?

Fine, then.

I'll do this the Filipino way then.


You assh*le. That's still no reason
to talk to Mr. Woo like that.


This just isn't right.

Who the hell puts a Kn*fe
to somebody's thigh

just because he's not getting the money
that he wants?

Sounds like something
only lowlife bums would do.

MR. WOO: Hey, you.

Is that the actual reason
that you're here?


He took me in.

If I had ten lives, I'd give him all ten.

Wow, you're really something else.

Hey, you.

Down this in one go
and I'll leave your boss alone.



(gulping continues)

(gulping continues)


(smacks lips)

(exhales deeply)


(smacks lips)

(clears throat)

Hey, I like you.

(Mr. Woo laughs)

All right, let's have a proper drink now,
shall we?

(door closes)

BOTH: Hello, Mr. Woo.


Did you put a Kn*fe to Mr. Min's leg?

Do that again,

and you'll be limping
for the rest of your life.

(straining grunt)


Didn't you hear me?

SUNGIL: Hey, Moosik!

Wow, I can't believe
people like him still exist.




(strained grunting)


Sir, are you okay? Sir?

MOOSIK: Since then, nobody's touched
a single penny off Mr. Min.

As for me, I was on a roll.


(sirens wailing)


It's like the president himself
is in there.

(both chuckle)

Is the chief of staff coming today, too?

No. Just the commissioner general
and the minister of justice.


I guess political power really is nice.

Can't pull that off with just money.


(sirens wailing)

Good job.

BOTH: Hello.

The commissioner general
has been waiting for you.

You going to a party or something?

I mean, it's the minister. You know?


-After you.

MOOSIK: We made billion won
in just a decade.

We also rubbed shoulders

with all the big Filipino
political figures.

Want to know how we did it?

By "rolling."

Five million pesos.

MOOSIK: So, what is "rolling"?

MAN (in English): Excellent, thank you.

There are rolling chips and cash chips.

These two come in different colors.

Now, say that a customer places a bet.

If the customer places a bet, then wins,
the dealer gives them this chip.

This chip is called the cashable chip.

You can exchange this chip
for actual money.

If a customer gets this chip,
a "roller" will take it

and exchange it with the rolling chip
in their possession.

So they get the cashable chip
and give the rolling chip to the customer.

Then the customer plays a game again
with this rolling chip.

With that, you can check how many rounds
the customer has played.

You're good.

The agents then earn a commission
based on this measure of performance.

-Usually, they get . to . percent.
-Hey, how's it going?

Fight on!

So the agent will try
to bring more customers

to the junket owner
who gives a bigger commission.

-All right, then.

MOOSIK: But here's another variable.

-For example,

if they get a commission of . percent,

the . percent will be in cash,

and the other . percent
will be given to them as comps.

Now, what are comps?

Comps are like a mileage of sorts.

You use it to get services

-in the hotel.
-JUNGPAL: Jasmine?

-But it's just basically money, right?
-One more.

Because you can use it like money
in the hotel.

-Have fun.

MOOSIK: But most of these agents
are usually struggling to get by.

Please, sit.

MOOSIK: They don't have a fixed salary,

and they get paid by the number
of customers they bring in.

-They want cash rather than comps.

So, what do I do with that?

I turn that into business, too.

MOOSIK: For example, if you have
million won in comps,

percent of that, or million won,
can be turned into cash.

And I get all the comps in the hotel.

At the time, I booked more than
rooms a day for my customers.

, rooms in one month.

That's how good business was.

Now here's a room with a view.


MOOSIK: We got tons
of customers every day.

-Great, isn't it?

-Have a nice day.


MOOSIK: And that was all paid for
with comps.

So, how much is left over then?

Forty percent in cash.

Forty percent of money
that's not even taxed.

-Thank you.
-Sir, have a good day.

MOOSIK: The problem is, even if I do that,
there's too much of the comps left over.

We're never gonna be able
to use all of this.

These have been rotting for months,


This one expires soon.


I... I think there are
a lot more like this.

Yeah, you're right.

Well, what else can we do?

Let's just put them to good use.


Come in. You can eat here.

(in English)
Party time! Take it off!

MOOSIK: The morning buffet at Purvio
costs so damn much

that the locals can only dream
of eating there.

But our lady employees
ate there every morning.

How? Because we had comps left over.

(in English)
How do you do, sir?

Mr. Cha!

Thank you, sir.

How's business these days?

Can't be any better, sir.

All thanks to you.

MOOSIK (in Korean): This man is
the chief of staff for the president.

I got to know him
because he came to our hotel often.

Every year, I gave him
a ton of political funds.

(in English)
And your wife and son?

Well, very well in Sydney.

Thank you, sir.

Does it ever get lonely here?



I don't have time to feel lonely.


You've got to live a little.

It's your life, Mr. Cha.

I do enjoy myself.

Don't worry.


Uh, sir.


I was thinking.

Uh. You know how you bring
your guests here often?


Why don't we hold meetings
here regularly instead?

Regularly? Here?


It will cost a fortune.

I'll sponsor meeting.

-Really? Are you sure with that?


Have I ever broken my promise?


It's a deal, then.

We'll invite all the important guests,

every Monday, here.

I have feeling that it'll lead
to many good things.

(both laughing)

Okay, good.

CARLOS: Thank you, gentlemen.

MOOSIK (in Korean):
That's how the Monday seminars began.

CARLOS (in English):
I'd like to introduce to you...

MOOSIK: At first, there were only
eight people there,

including the mayor, the governor,

the commissioner general,
and some generals.

And in three months,
we filled the entire restaurant.

CARLOS (in English):
Attention, please! Attention, please!

This is Mr. Cha,

and he's been an integral part
of our Monday seminar

by supporting us every single week.

Let's give him a big,
big applause, please.

MOOSIK: People heard about
these powerful figures gathering,

so they started coming
to the meetings to make acquaintances.

(in English)
Thank you, thank you, everyone.

I'm very happy to see everyone
here like this.

And let me remind you,

this meeting wouldn't have been possible

without the chief of staff, Carlos.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Please raise your glasses for Carlos.


GUESTS: Cheers.

In their eyes, I was a vastly
wealthy businessman from Korea.

After all, I paid the bills every week,
which came out to tens of millions of won.

Even then, I still had comps left over.

(in English)
A lot of people came.

Oh, yes.

Why don't we have another
on Wednesday too?

Twice a week, Mr. Cha?




Thank you.

MOOSIK: Then the seminars became
so successful

that the son of the president himself
started attending.

Those seminars became the most
important meetings held in the country.

All the leading political
and business figures

in the Philippines were there.


(whispers in English)
There is someone that I want you to see.

Who's that?

Right this way, sir.

CARLOS: Good morning!


-Carlos! Still alive and kicking, huh?

Could say the same thing with you,
Big Boss.

(both chuckle)

Ah, this is Mr. Cha.

I mentioned him to you.

It's an honor to meet you, sir.

My pleasure. Take a seat.

Thank you, sir.

I heard you're sponsoring the meetings?

It's nothing.

How long have you been working
with casinos?

Eight years.


Are there updates
on the development projects in Caliz?

Raul is in charge.

Raul finalized the purchase
of a resort complex.

JOHN: He said we'll run two more casinos
by commission.

What about the Bolton?

I took it over.

I'm interested in Caliz.


I work with a few casinos over there.


I'll be in touch.



-(in Tagalog) This is a good venture.
-You should see it through.

MOOSIK (in Korean): Big Boss Daniel.

The kingmaker who decides
the next president.

He's so legendary that everybody
in this industry knows about him.

If El Chapo is the king of dr*gs,
then Daniel is the god of gambling.

He has the power to influence
every single casino in the Philippines.

At that moment,
I felt like I had h*t the jackpot.


("Our Life" by Kim Hyun-Sik playing)

♪ Roll with the flow ♪

♪ Let them push and shove ♪

♪ Roll with the flow ♪

♪ Let them push and shove ♪

♪ That's just how life is ♪

♪ And if I start getting greedy ♪

♪ Although I have so much
that I want to do ♪

♪ And if I start getting greedy ♪

♪ Although I have so much
that I want to do ♪

♪ I'll just take a break
Like a cloud on the mountains ♪

♪ Let's leave yesterday behind ♪

Behind, behind!

♪ And go toward tomorrow ♪

Toward tomorrow!

♪ Take a break and start again ♪

♪ Who will we meet on the way? ♪

♪ It's a breeze, nobody knows ♪

♪ Who will we meet on the way? ♪

♪ It's a breeze, nobody knows ♪

♪ That's just how life is ♪

Excuse me, are you Korean?


Are you staying at this hotel?

MOOSIK: No, we're here for the casino.

(soft chuckle)
I hope you have a great time, then.


I think I've just found the woman
who'll bear my children.

-(smacks lips)

My type, a hundred percent.

(indistinct chatter)

-Well, this is a letdown.

It's practically empty.

Yeah. But the location is great.


MR. WOO: Oh, hey!

This is Moosik, from Manila. Say hello.

Oh, sure.

Hello. I'm Philip.


I'm a friend of Sanggu's.

Oh, really?

MR. WOO: Have you eaten yet?

No, not yet.

You must be hungry. Come on.

I'll see you later.




You know Sanggu?


What's this…

(exhales loudly)

(smacks lips)

(clicks tongue)

Everything was great in the beginning,
now it's...


So what's the problem here?

Some Chinese guys set up a casino
in Contana and took all my customers.

A lot of my agents defected over, too.

(smacks lips, inhales sharply)

Mr. Woo.

Regardless, your accumulated interest
has exceeded seven million pesos.

Can you wait until the end of this year?

I can give you an additional month,
but not anything more than that.

As you know,

I let you borrow the money
without any collateral.

Moosik, can't you give me two more months?


If you don't give me the money
by the end of next month,

then we'll have no choice
but to take over.

f*ck. I thought this place
would run itself once I set it up.

(Mr. Woo smacks lips)

-I'm back.

-What'd he say?
-(door closes)

I told him we'll take over the place

if he doesn't pay the interest
by the end of next month.

-Good job.

God, he's been
a pain in my ass for so long.

Damn it.


I told you I'd take care of it.


It doesn't matter who
as long as somebody takes care of it.

So freaking unbelievable.

What did you say?


What's up with him?

Mr. Min.

Can't you just kick him out?
He's always causing problems.

Problems? Like what?

He's a f*cking psychopath.
Always bullying the employees.

I've been keeping quiet,
but he's been getting on my nerves.


(smacks lips)

Well, he follows you because he wants to.

Look after him, okay?

How am I supposed to look after
a punk like that? Damn it!

That bastard.

(horns honking)

NEWS ANCHOR (in English):
Last night, a Korean man was found d*ad

in Manila, Koreatown area.

Korean tourists and residents are known

-to carry a lot of cash on them.

So they are considered
to be easy targets for criminals.

The Korean victim was also found
wearing many expensive accessories

and even drove his luxury car
on the day of the incident.

(cocks g*n)

(breathing heavily)

(breathing heavily)

(tense music)


(heavy breathing)




-Good morning.



-Mr. Jo.

This fax came from the National Police
Agency of the Republic of Korea.

He's a wanted man
and is currently in the Philippines.

For what?




(both laugh)

(in English)
My friend.

Why is it so difficult to see you?

Same to you.

Busy working?

Always, but it could be worse.


Do you recognize this bag?

I found it in front of your office.

Uh, really?

I'll see that it gets returned
to its rightful owner.



Are you buying?

(both laugh)

Actually, my friend is.

Friend? Who's that?

He's Korean. You'll see.

(siren wailing)


Thank you for seeing me today.

Mr. Jo. How are you?

YUNGI: Good.

I brought along
a very good friend of mine.

I hope that's all right.


(in Korean)
Hello there.

You're Korean, right?

(in Korean)
Yes, I am.

My name is Jo Yungi.

I work at the Korean embassy here.

(in English)
Now, I'm very hungry.

-Let's go in.
-Oh, okay. Let's go in.

The ambassador seems to be
so very busy these days.

The Korean congressmen, uh,
came here, so he didn't come.


No worries. I'm sure that he'll be
able to join us next time.

(awkward laughter)

(in Korean)
What's your name?

(in Korean)
It's Lee Hocheol.

I see.

And what do you do here?

I own a Korean restaurant.

Oh, okay.

(in English)
I heard that the Korean embassy

had a request.

Something that they wanted
to discuss tonight.

Oh, yes.


Can you find this man?

He is, uh, wanted in Korea.

He's, he's summoned.

Taxi for me.

(phone ringing)


YUNGI (in Korean):
Oh, yes, hello, Hocheol.

This is Consul Jo Yungi. We just met.

Where did you get my number?

Oh, I asked the chief of police.

Uh, excuse me for asking this,

but what's your real name?

I told you, it's Lee Hocheol.

Where are your ancestors from, then?


What's your date of birth?


December th, .

You're Cha Moosik, aren't you?

Hello? I can't hear you!
What's wrong with this phone?

MOOSIK: This thing's acting up.
Huh, that's weird.

-The phone's all, hello?

Purvio Hotel.

MOOSIK: It wasn't anything important.

What? Hey, you scumbag!
Where the hell are you from?

MOOSIK: Los Angeles, you bastard.

MOOSIK: When I was collecting
Mr. Min's crap bonds,

I got into a fight with a g*ng boss.

To be fair,
it was pretty much a one-sided b*ating.

Apparently, he reported me
for as*ault and extortion.

The consul didn't have
the authority to arrest me,

but I ran because I had
a bad feeling about it.

After that, a series of major
changes took place.

The government I had been sponsoring
underwent a change,

meaning a new wave of people
were coming in.

There was no need to do the Monday
and Wednesday seminars anymore.

Mr. Min managed to convince
the son of the construction company owner

to build a hotel in Caliz.

Since Mr. Woo didn't end up paying
his interest after all,

we wrapped up our business in Manila
and went over to Caliz.

(upbeat music)

(men laughing)

Sanggu was really something back then.

PHILIP: He's been there so many times.

(men laughing)

-MOOSIK: Do you still go?
-SANGGU: Yeah.

-All the way to Africa.
-Right, right.

So, Mr. Cha. Is it true you lost
billion won over baccarat?

Yeah, of course.

That sounds about right, yeah.

(Philip exclaims)

We're basically in a movie, right?
Aren't we?

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

I lost about five billion won, too.

Oh, man, really?

Of course.

Moosik, you know how I lost
around five billion won? You know that.

What the hell's he talking about?
I've never heard that before.

Gosh. Combine all the money I lost,
it'd be way over five billion.

Sanggu, come eat over here.

-What's that? Smells good.
-(straining grunt)

-You're always boiling something. Ugh.
-(Sanggu exclaims)

JUNGPAL: It's yukgaejang. Here, Sanggu.

It's all done,
so you just need to heat it up.

-MOOSIK: Always making something.

SANGGU: That's spicy.

Moosik, I made a reservation
at a restaurant for later.

You should come with me.

No. Why would I go there?

Come on. I've placed our orders already.
You should come with us.

No, thanks.
I'll have some of that instead.

Come on.

Sojung. Sojung.

You should come.

MOOSIK: Hey, uh, is the food okay?


(both chuckle)

-Hey, Moosik!

What are you guys doing?


(Sojung laughing lightly)

This is Sojung, a manager at Casabee.

And this is Moosik, the one
I've always been talking about.

I've been dying to meet you.
He never shuts up about you.

Nice to meet you.

-JUNGPAL: You can sit here.

Anyway, what are you doing here?
This place costs an arm and a leg.

Oh, come on, Moosik.

It's not even that bad.

Oh, yeah?

Okay, then. Let's have a feast.

Wait, Moosik, Moosik, Moosik.

I've already ordered.
They're bringing out the food soon.

Yeah. Yeah, I've ordered already.
I've ordered.

Hey, let me look at the wine list, then.

I already got us some expensive wine, too.



Sojung's a beauty, isn't she?

-Oh, stop it.

Wipe off your drool.

-Was I drooling?
-You're grinning so wide...

-...your lips are are hanging

on your shoulders.

Take care of her, all right?



(smacks lips)
You said your name's Sojung?

-Oh, right.

How long have you been working at Casabee?

Oh, two years.

It was my first time working at a hotel.
I used to be a flight attendant.

Oh, really?

Which airline?

Pryme Airlines.


She got promoted to manager in two years.

That's pretty impressive, right?

Of course. Very impressive.



Here, let me pour you a glass.

Why, thank you.

(breathes softly)

If I may ask,
don't you feel a bit uncomfortable

moving to the province like this
after living in Manila?

It's completely fine with me.

Actually, I felt a bit caged
while I was in Manila.

I like this place better.


-(phone buzzing)
-Just one moment.

(straining grunt)

(phone buzzing)

Hello, Mr. Min.

-Where are you?
-MOOSIK: I'm eating with Jungpal

right now.

Did you put in a bid for Bolton?


I thought we still had
a bit of time for that.

What are you talking about?

The opening's next month,
and you still haven't put it in?

Mr. Min.

I can take care of that.

-MOOSIK: So don't you worry. Also...

Why on earth would you let
billions of won just sit there?

I mean, just think about the interest.


Everyone else is struggling
to secure a position for themselves.

SEOKJUN: So why are you acting
so recklessly?

Get it done at once!

If you don't get it,
I'll make you regret it.

PHILIP: Mr. Min.

Ms. Ko would like to...

Oh, sure.

Ms. Ko.

Oh, Mr. Min.

It's so hard to see you nowadays.

How's your hotel going?

-Construction is going well.
-I see.

The opening ceremony's next month.
Can I expect to see you there?

I'll take a look at my schedule.

When are you opening the casino?

I'm working on getting the approval,

but it's taking some time.

Why? Just ask Moosik
to do something about it.

I've been asking around, too,

and I think it'll be best

to just focus on the hotel
and golf course for now.

I'm getting a room, right?

My friends are supposed
to come here from Korea next month.

I'll give you a suite.

(in English)
Thank you.

-(both laugh)
-(chuckles lightly)


(smacks lips, inhales)


to commemorate the opening of the hotel...



(tense music)

(coin clinks)

(closing theme music)