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01x05 - The Game Plan

Posted: 01/13/23 19:32
by bunniefuu
Then, to commemorate
the opening of the hotel...




(sighs lightly)

(in English)
No more bets.

(in Korean)
I'm going to follow you.

(in English)
Keep playing, ma'am?

(in English)

(sighs lightly)

(in Korean)
Why? You're not going to keep going?

You can play by yourself.

Why? I have a good feeling about this one.

Well, you can keep playing
by yourself, then.

-You want me to play all by myself?

(excited grunt)

-DEALER (in English): No more bets.

(sighs lightly)

(in Korean) She doesn't know how
to read the flow of the game.

I'm going to show my cards.


(female model exhales nervously)

(female model exclaims)

(in English)
Yes! Natural!

(excited laughter)

(in Korean)
Ms. Ko, you should have kept going!

I told you, I had a good feeling
about that one.

Such a shame.

FEMALE MODEL (in a small voice):
Oh, my God, Ms. Ko, what a shame.

DEALER (in English):
Banker wins, natural eight.

(excited laughter)

FEMALE MODEL (in Korean): My God.

My goodness.

(excited laughter)

(in English)
Thank you.

-(excited laughter)

In my account, please.

DEALER (in English): Yes, ma'am.

(in Korean)
You can go now.

Huh? Go where?

To Seoul.

Didn't you hear me?


Go where?


I want to talk to you.

-Yes, ma'am.
-FEMALE MODEL: Huh? What's wrong?

I don't get it. What's going on?

What's up with you guys? Gosh.

Wow. Is she jealous of me?

(theme music)

(sirens blaring)




(Moosik exclaims)

(Moosik laughs)

-MOOSIK: Wow, is this the Blue House?
-(indistinct talking)

(Moosik exclaims)

-This place is huge.

-Hey, Mr. Jeon. It's been a while.


Wow, this place is going to
get all the business around here.

-I put a lot of work into it.
-(laughs, inhales)

-What brings you here so early?
-(straining breath)

(inhales sharply)

Mr. Jeon.

(smacks lips, inhales sharply)

Well, I'm here because

I'm planning on putting a bid
on this hotel, okay?

So just be aware of that.

(inhales sharply)

I'm afraid that won't work.

There are people who put their
money in here more than a year ago.

Well, I've been waiting too,
right behind those people.

I'll put my money in.

So make it happen.

-You should have

talked to us beforehand.

You haven't said a word until now, and--

Well, I can do whatever I want.

Do I need your permission for anything?

(uncomfortable breathing)

It's just that you're telling us this
so suddenly.

I'll mention it to my superiors...


...but I don't think it'll be possible.

Nothing's impossible


Do you have a death wish?


Make it happen
while I'm still playing nice.

I'll be waiting, then.

(sighs lightly)

Come on. How can you just
come here and do this

without even giving us any money?

I've got the money here.

Just a second.

-Yeah, the money's right here.
-(straining grunt)

-I've got a package for you.
-(straining breath)

What are you doing?

Here's a deposit of million pesos.

Happy now?

(in an annoyed tone)
Not at all. You can't do this!

What do you mean?
I have the money, don't I?

Well, you can do
whatever you want with it.

Just throw it away for all I care.
Hey, let's go.

I'm leaving.

Hey, you need to follow
the correct procedure!

MOOSIK: Procedure, my ass.

Hey, by the way, there aren't any
Korean restaurants around here, right?

-No, I don't think so.

Damn it.


What are you doing?

I'm going on a picnic, Moosik.

-With that woman?


Well, why are you making this here?
Go make it at your own place.

Come on, I'm making some
for you, too. It's really good.

You should try it, Moosik.

Jesus Christ, you're such a try-hard.




MR. JEON: Mr. Cha. I asked about it,

but I really don't think
that it'll be possible this time.

The people who did it before you
got really angry.

MR. JEON: I'm so sorry.

Hey, Mr. Jeon.


Listen to me very carefully.


I've set my mind to something, right?

So do you really think
that I'll just stay quiet

if you keep trying to mess with my plans?

MOOSIK: Of course, I won't.

You know, I'm usually like an angel.

So why are you trying
to turn me into the Devil?

(in annoyance)
Seriously, this isn't happening!

I'll give you your money back, okay?

MOOSIK (chomps): Hold on.

If nobody tries to fight me,
then I'm totally angelic.

(smacks lips)

Do you think that you'll survive
if you try to mess with my business?

(annoyed breath)

Think about it carefully,
then call me back.

-What? Think about...

He keeps making me repeat myself.

Did he just hang up?

That crazy assh*le.

Hey, you son of a b*tch! f*ck!

What do you think?

-We're here.

This way.

This place is really nice.

-You can't even compare it to the place...
-(exclaims in amazement)

...that you used to visit.

This is the bar.

(exclaims in amazement)
You can use it all you want.

(in English) Welcome to the Bolton Casino.

(in Korean)
This way, please.

(in English)
Welcome to the Bolton Casino.

-(in Korean) Let's go.

BOTH (in English): Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon.

MOOSIK (in Korean): I finally made it
to the best casino in Caliz.

I paid off the three companies
that had arranged a deal

and took the whole casino all to myself.


(straining grunt)



Oh, Mr. Min. You're early!

Of course. You've got to be early
on a special day like this.


By the way, have you seen Jungpal?

No idea.

Where did he go on a day like this?

(excited exclamation)

(phone clicking)

-(phone beeping)
-This is great.

Yeah, Sojung. Where are you?

I'm in the hotel. Where are you?

JUNGPAL: I'm just walking in the rain.

Why are you in the rain?

Just because.

The rain is trying to b*at me up.

Hey, by the way,
I have no idea where I am.


SOJUNG: Is something wrong?

Not at all.


It's just that I have depression.

So I feel a bit down when it rains.


(smacks lips)

Don't be like that, Jungpal.
Come over here.

Let's grab something to eat when I'm done.

(smacks lips)


(inhales deeply)


Well, if I just happen to head that way

while I'm walking somewhere, I'll drop by.

I'll be waiting, so make sure
to come and look for me.

(chuckles lightly)

(inhales deeply)

(exhales deeply)

(straining grunt)



(whistling continues)

(light breathing)

JUNGPAL: Hey, Sojung.

(in surprise)
Oh! Did you actually walk here?

My goodness.


(exhales loudly)

(door opens)

Oh, no. You're soaking wet.

Why were you out in the rain?



(worried sigh)

Jungpal, do you want to go to the sauna?

No, I'm allergic to saunas.

(exhales deeply)

I'll get you some warm water, then.

No, Sojung.

I think I'll feel better
once I rest a bit.

Is there an empty room?



Jungpal, do you want any medication?

No, it's okay.
(strained exhale)

I just need to rest.
I'll feel better once I get some rest.

-I've got to get some rest.
-(breathes worriedly)

Well, there's a room
that was just cleaned up.

Do you want to rest in there?

(in a strained voice)

Just a second.


-Let's go, Jungpal.

(pained grunt)

(frantic breathing)
Hold on.

(straining grunt)

Come on. Hold on to me.

-(strained grunt)
-You're so heavy.

(heavy breathing)

(both grunting)

(surprised breath)

(straining grunt)
We can't do this, Jungpal.

-(heavy breathing)
-Why not?

I'm working right now.

I want to do it even more
because you're on the clock.

(surprised breath)

(straining grunt)

Wait, wait.

(deep breathing)


I'll do it.

Oh, okay.

(zipper zips open)

(playful music)

(straining breath)

(heavy breathing)

-SOJUNG: Jungpal!
-(straining breath)

-Jungpal, wait! Hold on.
-My shoe. Dammit.

(straining grunt)

(grunts, inhales sharply)

(straining grunt)


-(door thuds)

(breathes lightly)

(awkward breathing)


Were you sleeping somewhere?

I was sleeping at home.


I mean, at someone else's home. Yeah.

(straining grunt)

(smacks lips, grunts)

MOOSIK: Ugh, hey.

Let's eat.

-Hey, hey. Moosik, Moosik, Moosik, Moosik!
-Come on, cook something, Jungpal.

You know Sojung, right?

Could you put in a good word for her
and have her come work in our hotel?

(sighs lightly)

She really, really wants to transfer over.
(inhales sharply)

This is a genuine request.

Were you with her?

(hesitant breathing)

Why aren't you saying anything?
It's not like you did something wrong.

Well, I just don't want you
to feel pressured.


Well, you might feel pressured
and a bit uncomfortable

because she's my girlfriend.

I just don't understand how

your mind works.

How did you jump to that conclusion?

You think I'll feel pressured
because she's your girlfriend?

You're half-delusional.

Hey, be quiet and go cook me something.

-Come on, Moosik.

-Moosik, we need more people, too!
-You've lost it.

No! I don't need more people.
I'm not doing it.

Come on, Moosik.
Please, just do this for me.

MOOSIK: No, I'm not doing it.

JUNGPAL: Come on, Moosik.

YOONGI: Jessica!

-Honey, where's Jessica?

Jessica, come out. Let's eat.
You're late. Come on.

Seriously, you haven't given her
breakfast yet?

It's coming. Just a bit late today.
Jessica, come here, we're late.

-Come here, sit.
-Where's her bag? Her bag?

It's on the couch.


-(pained grunt)

-(annoyed grunt)
-Can you eat it for me just once?

-Come on.

-This is

-the last one. It's the last one.

Hey, you can eat when you're there.
You can eat when you're there.

Honey, honey, you should eat.
You should eat before you go.

I told you yesterday that I have
a meeting today. Look at the time.

-We have no time for breakfast.
-Come here. Wait.

-(clicks tongue)

-No, no.
-Say "ah."

YOONGI: You can eat there, Jessica.

It's here.

BRIAN (in English): There's Jessica, guys.

-Good morning, Jessica.


-Hi, Teacher.

-Did you do your homework, Jessica?

All right, hop in.

-CHILDREN: Hi, Jessica.

Hi, my name is Brian Hunt.

I'm the new English teacher
at the academy.

-Oh, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

My name, Mr. Jo.

-Mr. Jo?

You work at the, uh,
Korean embassy, right?


I used to live in LA.

And when I lived there, I was a cop,
and I lived right in K-Town.

-Oh, really?

Oh. It's good.

But, uh, I quit my job. I like kids,

so I'm doing the English teaching thing.

I also lived in Sydney and Tokyo,
and taught there. All the good stuff.

Oh. It's good.


If you, uh...

If you need a private lesson in English,

give me a call, okay?


-(indistinct talking)
-Say goodbye. Watch yourself, be careful.

(in Korean)
Bye, Jessica.

-(in English) Okay, bye, guys.
-(in English) Bye.

(laughs lightly)

(sighs lightly)

(in Korean) Why are you dressed like that?
Are you going somewhere?

I'm meeting somebody.

A meeting?

Hey, who are you...

(phone buzzing)

Why is he calling me?

Hey, Chilgu.

CHILGU (inhales): Hey, Yoongi.

I'm in Manila right now.
Are you free this evening?

You're in Manila right now?

Of course, I can see you.

Okay, then.
I'll call you later this evening.

Sure, Chilgu. Sure.

Huh, what's the occasion?

CHILGU: Hey, Yoongi.

You're looking a lot better
after becoming a consul, right?

What do you mean better?

I'm just having a tough time
in a foreign country.


You're the one who looks better, actually.

-Oh, really?


You didn't even call to tell me
that you were coming.

I'm here for work.

I wanted to see you before going to Caliz.

-(chuckles, gulps)
-Why are you going to Caliz?

(smacks lips)
I'm building a hotel there.

You are?


I need to get
so many different approvals, though.

And each one of them takes ages, really.

Well, of course.
You're in the Philippines.

You know,

if you're not a resident,
it'll be hard to get those approvals.

So I've teamed up
with a Korean who's a resident.

He runs a casino.

A casino?

You know, people in that kind of business
are pretty shady.

Why are you trying to do business
with somebody like that, Chilgu?

It's fine. I've known him
for a really long time.

How big are you thinking?

I'm thinking about an -hole golf course
and rooms.

(in surprise)
Three hundred?

(surprised grunt)

Wow, it's really a huge scale, seriously.

(awkward laughter)

Can I be a part of it too?
Is there anything that I can do?

You could ask your father-in-law
to make an investment.

Is he still the mayor?

Come on, he resigned a long time ago.

-Chilgu, I'm being serious.

You need to have a connection like me

if you don't want to get backstabbed
while doing business here.

It takes months to just get
electricity and water around here.

Of course, I know that.

But you're so busy. Do you really think
that you can do stuff for me?

I'm not busy.

And even if I am busy,
I'd do anything for you.

-Don't worry about it.

-(straining grunt)
-YOONGI: Hey, Mija.


-She's the manager here.

-Did you call for me?
-He's a really important businessman

from Korea,

-so make sure to impress him.

-All right.

What drink would you like?

How about the -year-old Veltvin?

Just get whatever you usually get.
I'm fine with anything.

I'll buy today.

-Well, you pay for me all the time.

The -year-old Veltvin, please.

I'll set that up for you right away.

Wait just a little bit longer
for the girls to arrive, okay?



I need to use the bathroom. Oh.

(straining grunt)

Hey, Mija, Mija. Hey.

(inhales sharply)

How much will my order come out
to be, including the second round?

About thousand pesos.

(inhales sharply)
Fifty thousand...

Then charge him thousand pesos today

and put that thousand on me
at the end of the month.

Isn't that too much, Yoongi?

It's fine, he's loaded.
Just get us the right girls.

(in a frantic tone)
Yoongi, Yoongi.

Can I pay the bill
for this month next month?

You see, one of my girls
screwed up pretty badly,

so I'm having a hard time.

Hey, why are you telling me
about your problems?

You're so weird.

Don't give me the bullshit.
I want the payment this month,

or I'll have this shop shut down.


How do I look?

Wow, I guess you used to be
a flight attendant after all.


(happy breath)

Mr. Cha.

Thank you. I'll make sure
to give it my best.

Sure. I'm looking forward
to working with you.

The uniform looks good on you.

(laughs lightly)

Hello. I'm Philip.

He's an agent, too.


Hello. Nice to meet you.

(in a low voice)
Nice to meet you too.

(straining breath)

(in a small voice)
Thank you so much. I love you.

Just do your job.

-(clicks tongue)

Of course.

Oh, one of our honeybees
got us a new customer.

He wants to introduce you to him.

Who is it?

Professor Na.

(exclaims lightly)
He's super excited.

He said that this one should be enough
to pay off his debts entirely.

MOOSIK: There are people here
who we call "honeybees."

They're people who can't leave the casino

although they've lost
all their money there.

They bring more customers to the casino.




Hey, Sukwoo!

(Professor Na laughs)

Hey, Professor Na. Welcome.

-It's been a while.

Wow, how many years has it been?

Wow, it's so nice to see you here.


Here are my wife and daughter.

-Oh, hello there.

-So this is Seoyoung?


-Wow, you're old enough to get married!
-Come on.

(both laugh)

Hey, Sukwoo, where's your oldest son?

Oh, he runs a tire shop.

He's so busy
that he has no time to see me.

What's he working so hard for?

He could just inherit
his father's business.


Well, he's proud of what he does.
Here, sit, sit.

All right, then.


Wow, you're looking great.

How are you liking the Philippines?

It's decent.


Is your business going well, Sukwoo?

I don't have to do much.
It basically runs itself.

And I'm going to start
doing business in China now.

Oh, really?

Wow, that's great.

Are you not going to venture
into the Philippines, though?

(inhales sharply)

Well, actually, I've been looking
for a factory site,

but I'm not sure if it'll work.

But government offices are involved
in everything around here.

-(inhales sharply)

A lot of Chinese factories
are coming over here nowadays.

-In Korea,

the biggest problem is the unions,
but there's nothing like that around here.


It must be really nice in the Philippines.

(sighs lightly)

I'll introduce you
to some really decent people.


(smacks lips)

I mean, sure. I'd love that.

(both laugh)

-(indistinct talking)
-(Sukwoo laughs)

-(indistinct talking)
-(light laughter)


Here, let me pour you one.


-(indistinct talking)
-(both laugh)

Sukwoo, Mr. Cha right here
is the most successful Korean immigrant

-I know in the Philippines.

PROFESSOR NA: He has a lot of
Filipino politician friends,

and he's best friends with the mayor.

-Hey, don't say that.

I'm not, uh, I'm nothing that impressive.


I just make a living
by doing a lot of different things

here and there.
(awkward laughter)

How did you get such connections?

Well, Filipinos don't really like
people who get all up in your business.


(smacks lips)

They like me because I just stay
behind the scenes

and give them their money.

(all laugh)

-Uh, have you been living here...

...for a while?


Let's see, has it been or years?

I've been here for about years.

(smacks lips)

Anyway, if you ever need anything,
feel free to reach out to me.

I'll do my very best to help you.

(both laugh)


(all laugh)

(straining breath)

(all gulp)

YOUNGHEE (in a happy tone):
Look who it is!

I haven't seen you in a while, Mr. Cha.

MOOSIK: Come on. Where have you been?

Are you neglecting your store now?

-I was out golfing.

She's the owner here.

-(Younghee laughs lightly)
-And this is Mr. Jeong from Seoul.

-Oh, hello.

-You know Professor Na over here, right?
-Yes, yes.

-Hello. Yes, yes.
-It's been a while.

-Uh, Mr. Cha.

I have some friends
visiting me from Korea,

and they're staying at your hotel.

Do you think
that they could get an upgrade?

-How many?

They got two rooms.

-Oh, really?

(thoughtful breathing)

Well, then.

Text me their reservation.

Oh, oh, thank you so much.

I'll make sure that you get
an exceptional service today.

I hope you enjoy the food.


Thanks so much, Mr. Cha.

Sure, sure.


-Uh, do you own a hotel?

No, no. I run a casino at a hotel.


At which hotel?


(exclaims in surprise)

Isn't that the best hotel in town

Of course. It just opened
and it's the best one.

Where are you staying, Sukwoo?

Oh, right. We're staying at Genoma Hotel.

-Oh, Genoma?
-(Sukwoo laughs)


That place is super neat.
They just renovated their suites.

What kind of room did you get?

Well, since we have a kid and all,
we just got a room with two beds.

My goodness. I'll get you upgraded.

I'm friends with the owner of that hotel.

-Oh, it's, it's fine.
-No, no.

We're really good friends. Just hold on.

-(indistinct talking)
-SUKWOO: Oh...

-(line ringing)

(sighs lightly)

(in English)
Hi, bro.

MOOSIK: A friend of mine
is staying at your hotel.

Can you upgrade him?

(smacks lips)

Wait a moment.

(in Korean)
Can you give me your passport?

Oh, sure.

-(straining grunt)
-(in English) Wait a moment.

(straining grunt)

I mean, it's really fine.

-(Sukwoo laughs)

(in English)
Uh, his name is Sukwoo Jeong.

Uh, S-E-O-K.

(in Korean)

-(both exclaim)

-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my.

(both exclaim)

-This is so nice.

(in surprise)
What is this place?



(exclaimed in awe)

(exclaims happily)

MOOSIK: We're always working hard.

-MOOSIK: So, what is it that we do?

-Hey, Jonghyun. It just came in.

-we size them up on a professional level.

Okay. Stay healthy. I'll call you again.

MOOSIK: We measure how much wealth
that person has.

of Woosam Precision Machines,

with a profit of billion won

and no debt.

Oh, he also privately owns a building

and some land in Jongno
that's worth about billion won.

That should be worth about
or billion won, right?

(in English)
Yeah. High five.

(smacks lips, inhales)

(inhales sharply)


-(straining breath)

(sighs lightly, smacks lips)

MOOSIK: Once the target is identified...

...the second step
is figuring out what they're like.


You missed!
(excited laughter)

-You missed.

-(excited laughter)

I'm not having a good day today. Ugh.

-You missed, you missed, you missed.
-All right, all right.

-SUKWOO: All right... All right!
-CADDIE : Okay!

(overlapping chatter)

Are you a putting machine or something?

How come you keep making birdies
back to back?

Come on, Mr. Jeong. Be a good sport.


Hey, let's up the stakes a bit.
This isn't exciting enough.

-(Sukwoo laughs)
-Sure thing.

He's really f*ring up
my competitive spirit here.

-How about million won per h*t?
-All right.


You're doing way too well all by yourself.

(all laughing)

-Mr. Cha.

Want to play a game at your casino later?

(in surprise)

Come on, Mr. Jeong, don't do it.

You really want to gamble
when your family's here, too?

Oh, come on. It's just for fun, right?

I want to take a look
at where you work, too.


Yeah, let's do it. It's just for fun.

Still, Mr. Jeong,
I don't think you should do it.

You came all the way here
with your family.

You should stay with them.

They'll be fine by themselves.

I'll tell them to go shopping
or something.

And I don't bet a lot. I set a limit
and I stick to it, okay?

All right, then.
You can just play a little bit.

Don't bet too much.

All right.


All right, let's go for an eagle!


MOOSIK: And when I look
at my target's weak spots...

-This way, please.

...I can figure out his temper,

like what makes his blood boil

or when he has his ups and downs.

This man is obviously somebody
who'll end up ruining himself with money.

(Sukwoo exclaims)

MOOSIK: It's nothing much.

It's basically a neighborhood drug store
compared to other places.

-Oh, I think it's just great.
-(Moosik laughs)

-(chuckles, inhales)
-MOOSIK: All right, Mr. Jeong.

-This way, please.
-Sure, sure.

-PHILIP: Hello.
-Hey, which game is the cheapest?

Here's one that goes by , pesos.


-Here. No pressure.

-(laughs, inhales)

I'm going to get going now.

Oh, why? You should play with me.

I'm not that good at this stuff.

Have fun. I'll call you tomorrow.

Okay, then.

-Have a great time.

-See him out.

-Yes, sir. After you.

-You can sit here.

-All right.

-(straining grunt)

Wow, it's been so long.


(straining breath)




Don't gamble that one away, okay?

Of course not.

Give Mr. Cha my thanks.

Sure, sure. Goodbye, now.

Okay. Bye.



-Damn it.

-Huh? Hello.
-(laughs lightly)

-Looks like you're working today.

Yeah, right, right.
I was just doing something, uh...

(curious breath)

You moved here from Korea?

Yeah. I moved here with my parents
when I was a kid,

and I've stayed ever since.


You said that you used to be
a flight attendant, right?


I see, so that's why.

I mean, you just look amazing
in your uniform.

(awkward laughter)

Doesn't it look a bit awkward, though?

No, no. Not at all.

You have such a great body shape.

You seriously look so beautiful.

By the way, what's that tattoo?


It's nothing special.
I got it when I was younger.


It's really unique.

I've never seen it before.

Oh, you've never seen it before?

(exclaims lightly)

By the way,
Jungpal really likes you, Sojung.


We're not like that.


Well, then. Do you want to have dinner
with me some other time?


All right.

Okay, then.


(indistinct chatter)

(Sukwoo inhales tensely, groans)

-(awkward laughter)

Damn, I think I chose the wrong seat.


Mr. Jeong, what's the largest amount
of money that you've ever won in a game?


Well, I've won million won before,

and I once won million won on a machine

but lost it all on Baccarat.

-(laughs, inhales)

-I once won million won...

...with just thousand won.

It was in Manila.

(in surprise)

Yes, I did.

But I gave it all to a friend.


Wow, you're a generous man.

(laughing breath, straining grunt)

(inhales sharply)

(Sukwoo sighs tensely)

MOOSIK: He could play with million won
for a week.

I wouldn't last five seconds
with million won...



Hey, Mr. Jeong.

I have to go now.

Why? You're not going to play with me?

I have a prior appointment.



SUKWOO: All right, then.

Make sure
that Mr. Jeong feels comfortable,

and get him back to the hotel safely
after the game.

-Yes, sir.
-All right.

No, no. I can grab a taxi.

-Don't worry about me.
-No, no.

Don't you worry about it, Mr. Jeong.

-Consider it a favor from a friend.
-(awkward grunt)

-Yeah. Don't worry and just enjoy.
-(Sukwoo laughs)

Well, thank you, then.

I hope you win big.

-Good luck.


Thanks. It was fun.

All right.


Wow, he's so nice.

(strained breathing)

-(sighs lightly)

(phone buzzing)

Yeah, what is it?

PHILIP: Mr. Cha.

He's already out of money.
He wants to borrow some.

MOOSIK: How much?

thousand pesos.

thousand pesos?


(thoughtful breathing)

Let him borrow it.

PHILIP: Yes, sir.


(phone chimes)

(groovy music)

MOOSIK: It doesn't matter if he begins
with a million or million won.

I can get him to borrow billion won
in the end.

(engine starts)


Mr. Jeong.

You already lost all your money?

(awkward laughter)

No, I still have some.

All right. Why don't you call it
a night and go diving with me tomorrow?

Think about your family.

Let me just finish this round.

Why am I so bad at Baccarat?

When it's not working out,
maybe you should just stop.

I'm going to finish this one then stop.
I swear.

You can't last ten minutes
in Baccarat with this.

(awkward laughter)

Can I borrow just
thousand pesos, then?

I'll send you the money right away
when I go back to Korea.

(smacks lips)


All right, then.

But don't just spend it all.
Try to play with it for a while.

(awkward breathing)


Philip, give Mr. Jeong thousand pesos.

Yes, sir.

-(smacks lips)


Do you not like to play, Moosik?

I played quite a bit when I was younger.

But I don't have the time for it anymore.

Oh, don't be like that.
Let's play together, yeah?

(smacks lips, inhales)

All right, then.

Then I guess I'll play a round,
since you're here.


-Yeah, let's do it.
-Yeah. Please sit.

It's just for fun, anyway, right?


(both grunt)

- thousand pesos for you.
-All right.

Hey, bring me million pesos
from my deposit.

- million pesos? Yes, sir.

(tense breathing)

Aren't you going to play?


why don't you pick one for me?

Wow, this is hard. I feel so nervous

because you're right next to me.

No pressure. It's fine with me if I lose.

(breathes deeply)

Hey, I think you should pick
the player this time.

Player? Okay.

One million.

-DEALER (in English): No more bets.

(in Korean)
Sukwoo, can you just take a peek for me?

I'm so scared
because I haven't done this in so long.

Just take a peek for me.

-You want me to do it?

(tense breathing)

(inhales and exhales tensely)

(tense breathing)

Moosik, I think I'm going to win!

-Did you get something?
-(surprised grunt)

-(exclaims in surprise)

(both laughing)

-(exclaims in surprise)

MOOSIK: I guess luck
is on your side, Mr. Jeong.

Which one are you picking now?

If you were me, which one would you pick?

Player, of course.

Player again?

All right, player.

-Two million.
-DEALER (in English): No more bets.


Mr. Jeong.

Can you do it one more time?

(surprised grunt)
I won again!

-(Moosik laughs)
-I won! I won again!


(Sukwoo happily laughing)

-MOOSIK: Congratulations, Mr. Jeong.
-(happy laughter)

(Sukwoo breathing excitedly)

Which one this time?

Mr. Jeong, which one feels right
this time?

Player, of course.

-Yeah, yeah.

Then, Mr. Jeong, this time...

(gulps) can do thousand pesos.
I'll do million.

(uncomfortable breathing)

If you lose money, I'll make it up to you.

No, no, it's okay.

Just think of it as insurance.

Make sure to pick a good one
for me, though.

Really? Can I do that?

All right, then.

(Sukwoo inhales)

(sighs lightly)

(tense breathing)

(inhales tensely)

(exhales tensely)

All right, Mr. Jeong.

Please make sure
that everything goes well for me again.


That's it. All right.

I won! I won again!

-You won again?
-(happy laughter)

(both laughing)

-(exclaims in excitement)
-Wow, congratulations.

Congratulations, sir.

-Wow, look at you.



(excited breathing)

-Then that's six million pesos...

...excluding the original amount.

(Sukwoo exclaims in surprise)

-Hey, put the million pesos back.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Jeong.

I need to go now. I have to meet someone.

Are you not coming back?

I'm coming back.

I'll come back,
but I'll leave these chips here.


You can play with your own chips first.

If you happen to lose them,
then you can use my chips.

If you win any money with these,
then it's all yours.

But if you lose money,
I won't hold you responsible.

Can I really do that?

Of course. I won these thanks
to your lucky peek, anyway.


please win. Please.

(both laugh)

All right, okay.
(exclaims excitedly)

Mr. Jeong, whatever you win
with these chips is all yours.


-All right. Thanks.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

I'm going now.


(Sukwoo laughs)

MOOSIK: Once I've sized up somebody,
I can invest billions of won in them.

I can do that because I know for sure
I'll get that money back.

Yeah, Mr. Cha.

He's playing by million pesos now.

And what's the score?

He won about million pesos.

Stop him. Go in and stop him.

Yes, sir.



I'm going to count the chips.

-Yeah, sure.
-(awkward laughter)

Sir. I know that Mr. Cha said

that you can keep whatever money
that you win,

and that he won't hold you responsible
for losing any money.

But you do need to give him
six million pesos back since you've won.

Oh, of course.

-Here's the original six million pesos.
-Yes, sir.

And here's the one million pesos
that I borrowed.

-Thank you, sir.

How did it go?

MOOSIK: What happened?

PHILIP: He won million pesos,
excluding the original amount.

Oh yeah?

Congratulations, Mr. Jeong.

-(awkward laughter)
-(Moosik laughs)

All right. Let's stop here
and go drink some soju.


If you keep playing, you'll lose money.

All right, let's call it a night.

-Hey, send him his winnings.
-Yes, sir.

Wait, how are you going to send
this money to Korea?

Sukwoo, we'll launder
the money sparkling clean

and deposit it right into your account.


Of course. If anything happens,
then call me. I'll take care of it.

MOOSIK: He's nervous that he might

-lose the money that he won.
-Here's a lighter.

He probably thinks that the people
who work at a casino

are really cruel and scary.




You can keep this one.

(awkward laughter)

-Thank you.

MOOSIK: Let's go, Mr. Jeong.

I'll buy you some soju, okay?

No, no. I'll buy it since I won the money.

You can use that money
to buy your wife a nice car

once you're back in Seoul.

Let's go. I'm buying today.

I know a place
that does really good spicy stew.

-Oh, okay.
-Let's go.

Hey, deposit this into his account.

Yes, sir.

(straining grunt)

(straining breath)

-Don't worry.
-(straining grunt)

-Let's go.
-Uh, make sure that this...


Good night.

MOOSIK: My goodness.

-(straining grunt)
-Congratulations, Mr. Jeong.

The next time you're here,
don't play so many games.

Go sightseeing with your wife, okay?

-Sure, of course.

-Of course, I will.

(sips drink)

(sips drink)

(gulps, refreshed breath)

When are you leaving?

The day after tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow?

Can I see your ticket?


-(straining breath)

(awkward breathing)


Mr. Jeong.

Don't fly economy anymore.
You have me now.

-I'll change it for you.

MOOSIK: My goodness.


-(smacks lips)
-MOOSIK: Hello.

Hey, can you upgrade plane tickets
to business class for me?


Yeah, two adults and one child.

I'll pay for it.

MOOSIK (chomps): The date?

February eighth.

I'm going downtown.
Go do what you need to do.

Yes, ma'am.

And I'll contact you
once the money gets deposited,

so put it into my account.

Yes, ma'am.


(in surprise)
Oh, oh my.

Ms. Ko!

Ms. Ko, I'm sorry!

-Ms. Ko, I was so rude to you.
-(uncomfortable grunt)

I'll never do it again.
Please forgive me, Ms. Ko, please!

-Jesus Christ. What are you doing?
-(rapid breathing)

Please, Ms. Ko.

If I don't have you,
then I have nowhere else to go.

I'll do better, Ms. Ko.

What are you doing? Get her out of here.

-Please forgive me, Ms. Ko.
-Just hold on.

-Just this once.
-Hold on, hold on.

-I'll do better, I swear.

-Ms. Ko, Ms. Ko.
-(straining grunt)

-Can you just talk to me? Ms. Ko!
-JUNGPAL: I'm sorry.

-Let go of me! What are you doing?
-(straining grunt)

Let go!

Holy f*ck, that's a bench press.

Damn, so that's why he works out?

Who is she?

She's one of our customers.

Her net worth is in the trillions.

Who is she?

Don't try to pry too much.


Why would you say it like that?

That's not what I'm saying.

Whatever. Don't talk to me anymore.

Hey, don't get mad. Don't get mad.
Come on.

I'll tell you who she is.

She's the CEO of Pastella.

(surprised breath)



She comes by every once
in a while to play.

NEWS ANCHOR (in English):
Two Korean college students who were

visiting tourist attractions
in the Philippines

were m*rder by Filipino g*ng members.

An investigation
is currently being held...

A tourist getting sh*t in broad daylight?

Who will visit the Philippines now?


CONGRESSMAN : People are already saying

that the embassy can't even protect
its own citizens.

We need a solution.


Either way, we need the help
of the Filipino police,

but it's not easy
to communicate with them.

And they're not entirely dedicated

because the crime involves
foreign citizens.


(thoughtful breathing, sighs)

What if we dispatch
Korean police officers?


The Filipinos probably won't accept that.

They might think that it's a violation
of their sovereignty.

Has any other country ever
done something like that?

(sucks teeth)
I'm not too sure.

(smacks lips)
I don't think so.

CONGRESSMAN : Hmm. I mean, it'd be nice

to have officers stationed
in crime-heavy areas at least.

That would be great, sir.

I think that it'd be easier
if we put somebody in charge.

We'll be able to respond
more quickly as well.

(thoughtful breathing)

AMBASSADOR : Sir, if you can

speak of this on the government level,

then we'll ask the relevant institutions
for their cooperation.

Sure. Yeah.

(congressman inhales)

Well, it sounds like you have

-such a tough life.

-(ambassador laughs)

What would you like for lunch, sir?

Oh, I've already made a reservation
at a Korean restaurant.

Ugh, Korean food in the Philippines, too?

What else is there that tastes good?

(relaxed breathing)

(phone buzzing)

(straining breath)

-(light breathing)
-(phone buzzing)

Hey, Mr. Jeong.

Hey, Mr. Cha. How have you been?

Shouldn't you wait at least a month
before calling to say hello?

-SUKWOO: Well, actually...

I was thinking about visiting you.
I have a couple of days to waste,

with the company's founding
anniversary and all.


What about the golf club, then?

Should I bring one?

MOOSIK: Oh, no, no.

I'll buy one for you.
You can come empty-handed.

Just take a picture of the one
that you use and send it to me.

SUKWOO: Thanks, Moosik. I'll see you soon.





(straining breath, inhales)

(strained grunting)

(straining breath)



All right. Come back. Come on back.

(sips drink)

(light music)

(surprised grunt)

(straining grunt)

(sighs lightly)

That was great, Mr. Jeong.


-Want a cigarette?

Here you go.

-By the way, Mr. Jeong.

If you keep acting like this,
wouldn't your wife want to get a divorce?


My wife trusts me completely.


Mr. Jeong.


Still, you can't be sure
that your business will always do well.

Shouldn't you have an apartment
or two hidden away, just to be safe?


I've already given my wife a lot of them.

-I've set some aside for my kids too.


What about your company, then?

Well, my company can run itself.
It's over years old.


By the way, Mr. Jeong.

What exactly do you do?

I make antennas
that go inside smartphones.

That's our technology.


-Oh, antennas for smartphones?

I didn't know people made stuff like that.

Hey, anyway,

I'm planning on playing
a few rounds at your casino.

You can lend me some money, right?

How much do you need?


Well, about million won.

I wasn't planning on playing,
so I only brought million won with me.

But I don't have anything else
to do at night, anyway.

Then just use the million won.
My goodness.

How am I supposed to play anything
with that money?

Come on, let me borrow some.

I'll send it to you
once I get back to Korea.


Wow, you're a tough one.




(inhales then exhales)

Sure, sure, sure.


I had a great time thanks to you.

-Thank you.

Next time, you should bring
your wife along

and have a good time with her.

My wife is busy.

If I'm coming back, I'll come by myself.

I mean, I've left my golfing bag
here and all.

(both laughing)

Did you check the money that I sent?

Of course, I did. Thank you.

And I got a business class
ticket this time.

-That's good.

I mean, a man like you
has a pride to keep.


-(laughs lightly)

-I'll get going, then.

-See you soon.
-All right. Have a safe flight.

-SUKWOO: Yeah, bye.

I'll call you.

-(indistinct talking)
-(Moosik sighs)

Wow, he got pretty lucky.

I didn't know that he'd win again.

Hey, let's go eat. I'm hungry.

What do you want?

JUNGPAL: How about ramen?

Put some rice cakes in it this time, okay?

JUNGPAL: Enough about those rice cakes!

Hello, Ms. Ko. I'm the manager
of this hotel, Kim Sojung.

How are you liking your food?

It's good.

Would you like any drinks or coffee?

It's fine.

Yes, ma'am.

We got some fresh lobster today.

Would you like one?


I don't eat shellfish.

(straining breath)

-PHILIP: Ms. Ko.

Hello, hello.

Are you here to eat?

Yeah. I'm going to eat with her.

Are you two dating?

-Not at all.
-(exclaims in denial)

PHILIP: We're not.

We just happened to be free
around the same time,

so we're eating together.

Also, I wrapped up everything
with her and sent her back.

Want to eat together?

-Huh? Well, if you're all right with it.
-(surprised grunt)


I've been feeling a bit lonely.

Well, then. Let's eat together.

Thank you.

PHILIP: Thank you for the food, Ms. Ko.

Thank you.


Did your family move here too?

(surprised breathing)

No, I'm the only one here.

My parents are back in Korea.

What do your parents do?

They're both high school teachers.

Sojung used to be a flight attendant.

Now she's working at this hotel.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Not yet.

Oh, why? You look like
you'd be popular with guys.

I guess I just haven't found
the right person yet.

Well, how about him?

He's handsome and has a good job.

Who, me?

-(Younghui laughs)
-Oh, no, Ms. Ko, Ms. Ko.

She's way out of my league.

(Younghui and Philip laugh)

I'm a huge fan, Ms. Ko.

When I was in Korea, I only used
makeup from Pastella.

Especially, the eye creams are the best.

The best in the whole world.

PHILIP: I mean,

Ms. Ko has such a great eye for things.

When I look at them,
all of those creams look the exact same.

But she can tell what they are
just by touching them.

-(Sojung exclaims lightly)

Well, that's all that I do.

What else do you like to do?

Uh, nothing special.

I don't do much when I'm not working.


(laughs lightly)

I like to drink.

(Younghui and Philip laugh)

(laughs softly)

So you don't gamble?


I'm not very good at it.

Well, that's good.

You could screw over your life
with just one wrong move.


I've read all the news articles about you.

You're my role model, really.


If you ever need anything, please call me.

I can even be your drinking buddy.



(Philip breathes heavily)

(straining breath)

(kisses, heavy breathing)

-(heavy breathing)

(heavy breathing)

(both grunt)

(both breathing heavily)

(both grunting)

(both breathing heavily)

(both grunting)

(both breathing heavily)

(strained breathing)

-(straining grunt)
-(straining breath)

(raspy breathing)

(strained breathing)

(straining grunt)

(both breathing heavily)

(straining grunt)

-(heavy breathing)

(straining grunt)

(heavy breathing)

(strained breathing)


-(strained grunt)
-(straining breath)


(both panting heavily)

(heavy breathing)

(strained breathing)

(heavy breathing)

(laughing breath)

(teasing breath)


(strained grunt)

(exhales deeply)

(both laugh lightly)

(light breathing)

-(laughing breath)
-(laughs lightly)

(exhales deeply)

(breathes deeply)

(breathing heavily)

(breathes deeply)

(breathes heavily)

(strained grunt)

(both breathing heavily)

By the way, I heard that Ms. Ko...
(breathes heavily)

...sold Patella Cosmetics
to a foreign company for two trillion won.

She probably got over a trillion won
in cash, after taxes.

(in surprise)
One trillion?

-Damn! That's amazing.
-(breathes deeply)

(strained breathing)

-(straining grunt)

-What else is Ms. Ko doing?


-(heavy breathing)

She told me
that she's preparing something,

but I don't know what it is exactly.

(thoughtful breathing)

Oh, she also asked Mr. Cha
to invest in something,

but he said that he won't invest in things
that he doesn't know about.


Wow, she really started
from rock bottom, didn't she?

That's even more impressive.

-She's really a self-earned success.
-(inhales then exhales)

It's self-made. Self-made.


Hmph, you're an ass.

(both laugh)

Come here, come here,
come here, come here.

Come on, come on, come on.


-(smacks lips, inhales)

Hey, you know, Ms. Ko

really has a unique personality.

She's so suspicious of everything.

(breathes in)
I mean...


...she seriously thinks that everyone
is out to steal her money, for real.


Well, of course, she does,
considering who she is.



Still, I think she likes you.
She asked me about you again today.



-What did she ask?
-(inhales then exhales)

If we're sleeping together.


That's what she wanted to know?

Right? That's what I'm saying.

(breathes in)

(exhales loudly)

By the way, that rumor about Ms. Ko,

is it true?

What rumor?

Did you do it, too?

No! Are you crazy?

-Come on, be honest.
-(exhales loudly)

I'll forgive you.

What are you even talking about?
Don't be weird.


Oh, that's a call.

-(phone buzzing)
-Is it mine?

No, it's mine.

Who is it?

-Hey, who is it? Huh? Who is it?
-Just give me a second.

(straining grunt)


(phone buzzing)

(line ringing)








-(indistinct talking)
-(car horn honking)



I'm sorry. I'm a bit late.

I'm consul Jo Yoongi from the embassy.

-Hello, I'm Oh Seunghun.

By the way, what took you so long?

I thought you missed the plane.

Oh, what happened is

the people at border control
wouldn't let me leave.

They put all these people
in the waiting room

without air conditioning.

It was awful. I'm sorry.

I see. Well, let's get going.

All right. Sure, sure.

Mr. Jo, I'm sorry,

but could I smoke just one cigarette?

Sure. You can smoke in the car.

All right.

(exhales deeply)



(awkward breathing)




(breathes in)

(exhales loudly)

Uh, I'm going to put out this cigarette.

-Hey, hey, I'm, I'm still drinking...
-Oh, you were drinking...

I'm sorry. I'll get you another one later.
I'm sorry.


You could've just tossed it outside.

All right. I'm sorry.


they didn't know what
the Korean Desk is, right?

My goodness.

Yeah. I showed them
my dispatch papers and ID,

but they didn't know anything about it.

It makes sense that they don't know.
It just came to be.

This is your first time
in the Philippines, right?


You should have told them
that you're here for golf.

By the way, how old are you?

Well, you're my senior.
You can talk to me casually.

-(both laugh awkwardly)
-Well, we can just take things slow.

Are you married?

No, not yet.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Uh, not yet.


You seem like a decent guy.

How come you don't have a girlfriend?

Well, do you like golfing?

(smacks lips, inhales)

No, I've never tried it before.

-(awkward laughter)

Well, that's good. You can just learn
how to play golf while you're here.

(clicks tongue)

Since you're working by yourself,

nobody's going to tell you
what to do anyway.


(Yoongi sighs)

This is a great place to go golfing.



(soft upbeat music)

(soft upbeat music continues)

(coin clinks)

(closing theme music)