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02x06 - Doúm

Posted: 01/14/23 08:39
by bunniefuu
She called me

an hour before I got here, and

She was willing to cooperate, Glória.

Someone got here before you did.

You know who it was.


It's so chilly outside.


Hi, Carol. Sorry I'm late.

I see you.

You're anxious, huh?

I have everything ready.

It's time. Shall we?

Ângela, do you feel better?

I wanna help, Dad.

Happy birthday to you ♪

Happy birthday to you ♪

Happy birthday to you ♪

Lila! Lila! Lila! Lila! Lila!

Make a wish, Lila.


- No Verônica yet.

- Honey!

Should we cut the cake?

LUCAS 2006


Oh, honey.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

You ruined everything.

I had to take care of a serious matter,

but I'm here.

It was better when you weren't.

You know what I wished for?

For you to leave again!

Lila, wait.

Where were you?

Ângela, help Carol.

Come here, child.

If you're gonna look at me like that,

you can leave.

Don't touch her.

What are you doing?

You're scaring Carol.

Give me that.

Wait for me outside, Carol.

- Did you stop taking your meds?

- I don't take any meds.

- You're having a breakdown, Ângela.

- I'm not crazy.

- Honey

- Don't come any closer.

What are you gonna do?

k*ll me?

You're gonna k*ll your dad?

Carol, trust me, please. He'll hurt you.

- Enough, Ângela. Drop the scissors.

- No!

- Dad! Dad, stop

- You're crazy!

You're going crazy Ah!


Aren't you hungry?

Drink some water.


you have to file a report.

You too, Carol.

- Chief Glória is very nice.

- No, I won't talk to the police.

You've been very brave until now.

Really brave. But you can't back down.

- Report Matias.

- I don't want to.

I'm sorry.


I'm gonna make your beds.

We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

Is it true what they're saying

about your dad on TV?

He was

going to sell me?

You saved me.

I'm sorry, did I wake you?

The chief of police that you mentioned

Do you trust her?

I do.

I think she'll do

everything she can to help you.

I don't know if I can.

He's my dad.

I know.

It's tough.

Let me tell you something.

My dad was my biggest role model too.

He k*lled someone in front of me

when I was a kid.

And I think I've spent

my whole life trying to forget.

He He hurt a lot of people.

He hurt me, he hurt my mother.

All this adoration I had for him

pushed me away from my mom.

I never told her

how important she was to me.

And now,

look at me

I've been a horrible mother.

I would love to have a mother like you.

My mom is so mean to me

I think it's because I remind her

of her mom.

Did you meet your grandmother?

I haven't even seen a photo.

But I know she ended up

in a mental hospital in Extrema,

and never left.

- Do you know her name?

- Judite.


My father was terrified

I could be like her.

Because he couldn't cure her illness.

Has your dad ever mentioned his past?

Not really.

He talks about the church,

that he sang in the choir,

that he took a bus

from the North to São Paulo,

and talks about his brothers.

"Nail, flesh, and blood."

Come here. I want to show you something.

There was a saint just like that

in the Healing House.

I know.

Was your father a devotee?

Did he ever say anything about this saint?

But there was

a picture next to the saint.

My dad and a woman by his side.

Is the photo still there?

I hid it in my room.

But you guys took it when you were there.


When we searched the house.




You want to speak to me?

Look at this.

This picture was hidden

in the saint in the Healing House.

Brandão had one of those too.

Our Lady of Cabeza.

Matias tried everything

to cover up the evidence,

but we know he came

from a small town in Maranhão.

Água Doce,

also Brandão's hometown.

It can't be a coincidence.

Brandão was more than a soldier to Matias.

Who are these girls with him?

I don't know.

- Was that the urgent matter?

- No.

The urgent matter is Ângela.

Cry harder, Diana.


Your turn.

- Let me help you.

- Wait.

You don't like it?

It's just weird.

I don't have to pretend

to be perfect anymore.

Perfect? You can't even hold your liquor.

You just have to be yourself.

I want to speak the truth.

But I'm scared.

Hey. When you sing in church

in front of everyone,

you're never scared.

Why are you scared now?

Use this voice.

Use your voice.

May I help you?

Your debt is pretty high, Doctor.

Pretty high.


Give me the right answer, buddy.

And I promise I'll forgive you.

You can do it.

My name is Ângela,

I'm 16 years old,

and I'm missionary

Matias Carneiro's daughter.

In the last few days, my father has been

accused of several crimes, and I

I want I want to say

that I'm also one of his victims.

It's very hard for me

It's really hard to talk

about what he's done for all these years.

But I am a victim of my father.

- Get up and come with me.

- No

- Get up. Let her go.

- Let her go!

- Let her go!

- No!

- Shut your mouth and come with me.

- Carol!

Let's go!


- Press it down.

- Calm down, Carol.

They took Ângela.






Did you get some rest, honey?

I made some pasta for us.


I like it.

You can add salt if you want.

You k*lled Carol.


Carol is gonna be okay.

You too. But apart from each other.

We don't need anybody else.


Where's my mother?

I actually know my way around a kitchen.

Try it.

Where's my mother?

Grated cheese

I love it. This is a good one.

Can I give you some?


There's nothing before the video?


Thank you. You can go.


No one else entered that house, Verônica.

You are the only suspect.

Hey, no. What are you doing here?

- I have to see my kids.

- No. Verônica, listen.

There's more news about you online.

Lila and Rafa are crying.

Did you k*ll Anita? Who else did you k*ll?

It's all a lie.

They are setting me up, Paulo.

What about Prata fighting for his life?

Also a lie?

You have to believe me.

Look at my door.

Your picture is everywhere.

- You're f*cking up my kids.

- They're my kids too

No, they are my kids! I stayed, you left!

Okay? You left!

You are toxic.

You're a ticking time b*mb, Verônica!

- I want you out.

- Don't touch me.

- Don't touch me.

- Get out.

- Leave. Get out of my house!

- Don't touch me!

I'll call the police.

I swear I'll call the police!

f*ck you.


It's very hard to hear this nonsense

about my father.

People deserve to know the truth.

The truth is that he's my great protector.

My biggest role model.

He's everything to me.

A simple man, who does good.

This nonsense and these lies

have only one purpose,

the world will know

who Matias Carneiro really is.

Thank you, honey.

Your trust is everything I need in life.

You are perfect.

And cut.

Thank you, it was perfect.

Thank you

for trusting me. How is he?

Out of the woods. He'll make it.

I'm sure.

I have something for you.


Matias had his first religious training

in this order.


"Clavus, caro, sanguis."

It's Latin. "Nail, flesh, and blood."

- Does that mean anything to you?

- A lot.

It's in Extrema.

It's a mental hospital now.

I lied for you. Now do your part.

Tell me where my mom is.

You wanna know where my wife is?

I'll show you.

Come here. Come.

Now it's just the two of us, honey.

This is your place in the world,

by my side.



May I help you?

- How are you?

- How are you?

I'm looking for Judite Carneiro.

She was admitted here about 15 years ago.

I'm sorry, she passed away.

Passed away In here? When?

Look, I'm sorry. I can't help you.


Stay away from me!

Is that your mom?

Judite was married to Matias.

You didn't meet him at 20.

You've known him your whole life.

To the outside world,

you're still my princess.

But in here,

in the real world,

you are my queen.

I understand it's a pattern, Gisele.

And if nobody does anything,

Matias won't stop.

When I got pregnant,

I prayed so hard to have a boy.

I thought that if I was the perfect wife,

if I did everything right,

if I helped with the church,

with the Healing House,

and did everything right, he would change.

But the way he looked at her

He wanted her

not me.

Why did she have to grow up?

She took Matias from me.

She did the same thing I did to my mom!

It's not Judite's fault.

It's not your fault.

It's not Ângela's fault.

- It's his fault.

- I can't lose him.

I don't have anyone else.

Yes, you do.

You have a daughter.

You can break the pattern.

No one will ever take you away from me.


I love you, Ângela.

You can give Ângela a different fate.

You know the truth.

You are the truth.

You are the living proof

of Matias' crimes.

This nonsense and these lies

have only one purpose,

the world will know

who Matias Carneiro is.

- Matias!

- Matias!

Let's have a little chat.

We pretend we're strong all the time,

but we forget

that it's okay

to be weak once in a while, right?

There are too many lies,

too much slander against me

so, I'm pulling back.

But I'll be back.


And I know I can count on

a hug from every one of you.

This is not a goodbye,

it's a see you later.


Today I want cure,



and music!

When the sun ♪

Shines ♪

Through your ♪

Bedroom window ♪

Remember and see ♪

Hmm ♪

That there's only one path ♪



What are you doing here?

I'm cured, Matias.

I received the grace of healing

and I want to give my testimony.

Oh, my God.

I dedicated my whole life to this man,

and I never spoke.

Matias is the greatest man.

He's always been.

He's the most loving, most dedicated.

Matias is the most generous

the most righteous, the most sincere

I believed this so much

But I was sick. I couldn't see the truth.

Matias was my illness.

Throughout my whole life, I was abused,

I was hurt.

You are not and never were my husband!

You are my father!

He's my father! Matias is my father!

- This is her illness I can't cure.

- Let go of her!

Let her go! You won't hurt anyone else!

Ângela, your mom is sick.

- You are the disease!

- Please, you guys can go.

What my mom said is true!

I'm my father's victim!

- He abused me!

- Get out!

I know many of you were his victims too.

- I was abused by Matias.

- He also abused me.

- I was abused my Matias too.

- I was abused by Matias.

No, I don't wanna go!

I don't wanna go!

Dad, no!

- Dad!

- Come.


Drop your g*n.


It's a party.

Let's go.

- Come on.

- I don't wanna go!

Let's go!

Let Ângela go!

Verônica! The police are after you.

They'll use the arrest warrant

to do what they did to your dad.

- They'll k*ll you.

- I lost Janete. I can't lose Ângela too.

If you're innocent, we'll prove it.

Turn yourself in. I'll protect you.

You can't protect me from him.

Mrs. Gisele.

I'll report Matias and all of his crimes.

I just need my Ângela back.

Save my daughter, please.

Let her go.

- She's mine.

- Let her go.

Don't miss, because I won't.

I'll live with the pain.

What about you?

Drop it.

Kick it to the side.


Let her go!

- Monkey

- He won't stop until he dies.

Calm down, Monkey.

Drop your g*n.

Don't do that.

Give me the g*n.

k*ll him, Verônica. k*ll him!

She's a m*rder, Monkey.

I raised you to love.

Her dad raised her to k*ll.

If Júlio hadn't screwed up so bad,

you'd be working for me. Can you imagine?

Chief Verônica!

Shut up!

Shut your mouth!

Do what your dad taught you.

You feel pleasure, don't you?

Come on!

I'm not like him.

Right on time, Chief.

This lunatic wanted to k*ll me.

Can I see my family?

You guys are the most important thing

in the world for me.

I don't ever want you to doubt that.

They can't arrest you.

I didn't do any of that.

I didn't k*ll Anita.

Get out.


You're right.

I can't protect you.

In prison, you're an easy target.

They can k*ll you, and I don't want that.

I can't take it anymore, Glória.

I'm tired.

I'm exhausted.

- I'm done running.

- You don't have a choice.

That video has been tampered with.

Someone got there before me.

This isn't over, Verônica.

I have a gift for you.

Matias tried to run away with this.

You're gonna like it.



I think we can

swim up to that island.

Maybe. I can teach you how to dive.

You're gonna teach me how to dive?

I'm a great teacher, okay?

I need proof.

I have never seen you swimming.

- Are you doubting me?

- I think you're bullshitting me, Ângela.

Come here.

A month ago,

House of the Saints closed down.

It was the beginning of a scandal

involving missionary Matias Carneiro.

He is accused of leading

a large criminal organization.

The person responsible

for exposing the scheme,

clerk Verônica Torres,

remains on the run.

Some women have come forward

to report sexual abuse

from this man,

who was considered a saint by many people.

Hilda Ludibeck,

one of the first women to accuse Matias,

is joined now by many other women.

I'm not alone anymore.

Now everyone knows the truth about Matias.

Nail, flesh, and blood.

Come in.

Sit down.

Brandão would like for you to have this.

This is the woman who k*lled our brother.

And this is her daughter.

Do you like her?

Welcome home, Doúm.