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03x05 - Exodus

Posted: 01/16/23 09:15
by bunniefuu
sh**t him.

sh**t! Helmer, sh**t him.

It is so asexual,
when a man aims and doesn't sh**t.

If you don't finish it,
I'll have to do it.

You cannot interrupt me
during such a pivotal...

Yes, I can, to see
what kind of man you really are.

sh**t him.

Alright, then...

There, there. Give me this.
I'll take it from here.

Blood. Doctor's blood!
Doctor's blood!

-Just one last word.
-No, not even one.

The men in this institution often
let one word become a thousand.


The Kingdom Hospital rests
on ancient marshland

where the bleaching ponds once lay.

Here the bleachers moistened
their great spans of cloth

in the shallow water
preparing for bleaching.

The steam from the wet cloth
shrouded the place in permanent fog.

Later the hospital was built here.

The bleachers gave way
to doctors and researchers,

the nation's brightest
and the most perfect technology.

To crown their work, they called
the hospital The Kingdom.

Now life was to be charted,

and ignorance and superstition
should never again shake science.

Perhaps their arrogance
became too pronounced,

as well as their persistent
denial of the spiritual.

For it is as if the cold
and damp have returned.

Tiny signs of fatigue are appearing
in the solid, modern buildings.

No living person knows it yet,

but the gateway to The Kingdom
is opening once again.



Call the police immediately!

Internal offence,
internal punishment.

What kind of nonsense is that?
This is serious!

I see. So that is no longer one of
The Kingdoms most important rules?

You're confusing me. And I'm soaked!

I catch colds so easily!

It's a joke.

A typical Swedish Christmas joke.

You disappoint me, Anna.

We all know how hard it is to get
a real g*n in this weak country.

Then call an internal court-martial,
goddammit. Of course.

What am I thinking?


I must hurry and fall asleep now.

-It's happening today.
-Should we take a look in the box?

-I feel it has a message for us.
-You don't feel anything.

And no, it's advertising.
It can be fatal.

They're full of hidden messages
to make us buy their products.

But if The Kingdom goes to hell,
it doesn't really matter.

He, who had The Kingdom in
his heart, shall baptise with water.

But the chosen one

shall come and baptise
with f*re and the Holy Spirit.

And no one is worthy
of touching even a strap

on the chosen one's sandal.

Do we have to get baptised?

I'm not too keen on that.
Even if I'm from the countryside.

Come, we must hurry. We need
to talk to Big Brother again.

-I'm from the country...
-Stop. No more pastoral scenery.

Just sit there quietly,
so I can hear his pulse.

Don't you hear it?

The pulse.

The pulse is gone.

It's silent.

Eerily silent.

...a horrible habit.

-Thirty-nine. Forty.
-Chicken feet and carrots...

The person in the pillory
Has a horrible habit

Forty-two. Forty-three.

Helmer is bloody angry now.

-Look, Santa Claus!
-Look, it's him.

-What's he doing he?
-Does he bring gifts?

Piss off, or follow
the yellow line to the crematorium.

What's he doing?


-Merry Christmas.
-Great, now we have elves.

Okay, friends.

-My name is Bosse, and I'm Swedish.
-Hi, Bosse.

Together, let's pay homage
to Sweden and to Christmas.

We'll sing
"Gläns över sjö och strand".

-Scared to get wet?

It's not a water g*n!


He's d*ad.

Doctor's blood.

Big Brother? Judith? Where are you?

Little Judith...

Big Brother?

You're too late, Karen.

Big Brother drowned in his own tears
over his mother's death.

The one that carries the key
is now the new Gatekeeper

and will take over.

But where is the key?

Where do you think?

Merry Christmas, Karen!

Merry Christmas, Karen.

Bulder, I think
I'm the new Gatekeeper.

I got a key, and I think I know
how it should be used. Come, Bulder.

It's an old map
of the bleaching ponds.

I'm sorry. I don't mean
to interfere, but I think

we should avoid rummaging
in the smokers' estate.

Just to sidestep the issue...
Judith has d*ed.

You two were in a relationship,
I remember.

-The wonderful Judith is d*ad?
-And buried at sea, you can say.

Let's not linger over that.

We'll just take a picture.
Hold it, Bulder.

Now what, Karen?

I'm not connected to anyone.

Spirits or gods or...

I have some dreams, but the bits
I remember don't make any sense.

I can't do anything.

And yet... I did see that statue
of Ogier the Dane at one point.

I saw...


There are small lakes close by.

They're called The Glasses of Ogier
the Dane. That must mean something.

I need a medium. A spirit.

I'm afraid there's
only one supplier of spirits here.

Dr Parok. He works on the roof.

The work of the Devil!

Little Karen must hurry.

But aren't we going
to dance around the tree?

We'll dance
when we have a reason to.

Hopefully, we'll have one soon.

Who are you, sir?

What is that disgusting tool
you're using?

-I'm cleaning your drain.
-I see.

A lot of filth accumulates
in 20 years.

The instrument is a drain snake.

Get the shit out. That's my motto.
And have a nice day.

We're not done yet.

There's more stinking shit
to be eliminated.

Can I disturb you?

They've removed the body
and cleaned up.

Kalle buried him
on the Healthcare Platform.

No milk with the cookie?

It goes well together.

You always say

that all childhood memories have
a comforting glass of milk.

Maybe even served by Dad.


If only you men could
finish your business.

We're going home to Borås.

No one bothered watching
the end of the video,

where I took the carton.

Thank you. My car keys?

Yes, I borrowed your car keys

and moved it to a decent spot
in the parking garage.

It's easy to get a Well ID.

No food is allowed
in the administration ward.

Suddenly a mouse might come.
Yes, you never know.

I quit.

We could get a lot. A lot of mice.


That sounds exactly like Rigmor.

Rigmor Mortensen, that is.

It came from the delivery rooms,
but it sounded exactly like her.

We always called her Rigor Mortis.

Very special person.
During Mona's surgery for example.

Your father was in charge,

but Rigmor was
the one being neglectful.



Excuse me...

I'm sorry.

I have a cold.

This year's Christmas speech!

For me one of the absolute
highlights of the year.

And for all of us a tradition.

And this year, I've had fun
writing an N-speech.

-A what?
-An N-speech.

A speech where all the words
begin with the letter N.

Nife is noud.

Net nife be noud.

And the nark fnies.
Net the nark fny.

Nive nife, nive nife a nong time.

Nive nife nong!

Nibya, Natvia, Næsø,
Nangenand, Nonnand...

Naugh at the nocomotive of nife!

Naugh! Nion in yennow air bannoon
neaves with nunchbox and fnashnight.

Namb's niver with nettuce.

He was a professor in psychiatry.

He's pretty fun,
just extremely stingy.

In case of a trade,
I should be the one doing it.

I'm from the countryside.

Do you sell spirits?

I'm first and foremost
a psychiatrist and a scientist.

-Do you catch a lot of spirits?
-Not at the moment.

The spirits are very scared.
As always, I only catch Solomon.

He loves the bait,
so he gets caught again and again.

We seem to be in a movie
that can only afford one spirit.

I'll bet it's him again.
I just released him.

Once again, it's Solomon.

How do I know you're not
bullshitting me with an empty jar?

You cannot know.

You want to trade or not, bumpkin?

When you subtract the jar,
we have 27 grams of pure spirit.

-The average spirit weighs 21 grams.
-Then why 27?

Because he ate all my aerogel,
the bait.

Either you try to amass
27,000 kroner at this late hour,

or you give me a 100 right now
and we have a deal.

-Then I choose the latter.

Listen to see
if he's in the mood to talk.

Shouldn't you do it?

Solomon is offended with me.
He hasn't talked to me in years.

Maybe because he went to
a camp for fragile children

and isn't ment*lly mature.

Hello? Mr Solomon?

Does he speak?

I got him for 100 kroner.

It's Solomon again.

-It's empty. It's bullshit.
-No, no, no.

"He's insane, the guy that shook
the jar," Solomon says.

Ask Mr Solomon what we should do.

He won't say without a treat.

-A treat?

-Ask him what the treat is.
-What is the treat?


Parok. Old pal.

It's been a while. Listen...

I have a small problem.

This spirit didn't come well-fed.

I predicted this situation,
so I wrapped you some treats.

-A gift?
-You can say that. It costs 25,000.

The old pusher trick.
First fix is free.

Just take it.

Did you get a good price?

This is it. Talk, Pierrot.

He will still only talk to me.

We don't know what to do,
Mr Solomon.

He says we should go to the park
where Ogier the Dane's Glasses were.

They are the gateway.

Come on.

Stop. We can't take the elevator.

-Why the hell not?
-Solomon doesn't like small spaces.

And yet he lives in a jar?

-You'll have to take the stairs.
-The stairs...

We're on the 16th floor.

Come on. Cheer up.

Karen believes
and therefore, she doesn't doubt.

In God?

Karen believes in God
and doesn't doubt.

But remember, that even doubt
is better than nothing.

Religion is belief,
and that's the beauty of it.

Belief is belief and not knowledge.

-Do you understand?
-I believe I understand.

Finally, we meet.

Do we have an appointment?

I don't talk to the patients.
It's a matter of principle.

Yet you are
an important part of everything.

I would lie if I said
you look a lot like your father.

And I'd lie if I said
you don't look like an old cucumber.

You'll never get out of here alive.

We are many now,
who can pass judgement on you.

You shall obey my order.

My order is, k*ll Karen.

Who's Karen?

My reflection. I'm left-handed,
she's right-handed.

I carry my bag on my left shoulder,
she carries it on her right.

I'm your Well helper.

You must be able to guide me to the
parking garage, for Christ's sake.

-I'm in the... What?
-I don't understand you.

Do you want
the menu of the cafeteria?

Do you have any allergies?
Allergies can be...

I'm not looking
for the bloody cafeteria!

Tell me what's on your mind.
No need to swear.

Yes, there's a bloody need!
If you're the only well...

Let me ask you, does my little
helper come in a Swedish version?

Press 5 for language.

If you want to speak Swedish,
apply at a Swedish hospital.

This is Satan's work!

You said it.

I am your little Well helper.

Satan is great!



belong to the evil now, apparently.

I don't feel any different.

I forgot that you were Swedish.

That's what all Swedes say.

Maybe because they are
neither good nor evil.

I hope the curse is
strong enough for a Swede.

What does Karen look like?

-Who are you?
-I'm Karen.

-And who are you?
-I am Karen.

Who recently had brain surgery?

I did.

I did.

-Ask who their father is.

Who is your father?

A clever child knows its father.

I know mine.


A clever child knows its father.

I know mine. Diabolus.

You idiot...

I told you I was a reflection.

I told you I was left-handed.

You sh*t us in the left shoulder,

thereby making her the stronger one,

because she can still
use her strong hand.

We Swedes don't know the difference
between left and right.

It's not a big inconvenience.

Ladies... Bye.

We'll try anyway.


Certain areas of the hospital
will at 11 p.m.

be affected by
two minutes of weightlessness.

More Danish humour?

I told you so.
She became stronger than me.

Come home.

-Are you hurt?
-What? No.

I suddenly felt better just now.

If we're still here? Yes, sorry.

He says that we should
dig two holes in the park.

Where Ogier the Dane's Glasses were.

One for the light spirits
and one for the dark spirits.

-Where should we dig?
-It must be around here.

Yes, but is "around here" enough?

Ask Mr Solomon
about the rest of the procedure.

Mr Solomon? How do we do it?

He doesn't say anything.

Give him a little treat.

I'm back.

He thinks he ate too much.
He weighs 29 grams now.

-How does he know?
-How do you know?

He weighed himself
on his bathroom scale.

Bathroom scale?
He has a bathroom scale in the jar?

Hang on.

You need the map on the phone.

Give me the phone.

Go now.

-Why can't I zoom in?
-I dropped it on the floor.

It doesn't work.

What are you doing?

We're trying to make this work.
It won't zoom.

Let me fix it.

-You know how?
-Yes. Kalle gave me a crash course.

Let's see.


That was surprisingly positive.
She dropped it on the floor.

Yes. See you.

-Yes, thanks.
-It's working.

Now Solomon says,
"Measure out where the lakes were.

The light spirits in the west lake
and the dark spirits in the east.", eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve,

thirteen, fourteen,

fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.

-This goes there.


So, the light spirits go
in the hole by the west lake,

and the dark spirits go in the hole
by the east lake, but separately.

Make sure they're separate.

Let's start digging.
It's almost midnight.

Wait. He's saying something.
Hang on.

He says that there's
nothing in the way.

He says that something
is lying in the way.

What the hell?

No, no, no!


I'll come with you.

If you wish to cancel your parking,

press all prime numbers
from 0 to 1000.

Thank you and have a nice day.

What do we do?
The replicas are lying in the way.

Solomon says
he wants to talk to them.

I've been urged
to give Karen a chance.

I owe Solomon a favour from back
at the camp for fragile children.

Weird that everybody went
to that camp.

At any rate, I will now,
exceptionally, give you a riddle.

If I tell you that there are
six gateways like The Kingdom,

so, a total of seven gateways
spread all over the world,

what number then
is the gateway of The Kingdom?

Anna Gram was my pseudonym
when I wrote for the Messenger.

If the G is read
like the number six...

That would be three in six...

Six divided by three
is the gateway of The Kingdom.

Number two.

Bulder, now we must dig.

Solomon says that the holes
are too f*cking small.

We need to finish before midnight.
Spirits have a thing with midnight.

Tell that jar guy
to spill the procedure.

Solomon, we really
need the procedure.

Call it the angel field
Or heaven earth if you want

The Earth that we inherited
And the grove so green

Wild roses, harebell
Linden flower and chamomile

Please let them live
They are so wonderful

The water merrily gurgles up.

We need to be three. The bell
ringer's role is the most dangerous.

He's in the middle, while the words
from Ogier's sword are spoken.

The two others guide the spirits.

The light ones into the west lake
with the sign of the cross.

The dark ones into the east lake
with the sign of the trident.

Look and learn!
Exodus is a double-edged sword!

Let it begin.

Nothing is happening.

He says, "What's a bell ringer
doing without a bell?

How stupid can the living be?"

Solomon says, "You cannot
be too careful with Exodus.

Once it has started
you cannot stop it again."

What are you staring at?


I would like to buy a kiss
for 19,000 kroner.

The meeting between our lawyers
turned out to my advantage,

so I have a little cash on me.

I can't afford
any dealings with you.

Solomon says
that if the procedure is wrong,

we risk the dark invasion.

Quickly! It's almost midnight.


Look and learn!
Exodus is a double-edged sword!

It's working!

Look and learn!
Exodus is a double-edged sword!

Look and learn!
Exodus is a double-edged sword!

Look and learn!
Exodus is a double-edged sword!

It is spooky.

It's Christmas. We're off now.

Don't worry.

Everything is out of control.

It's warm.


That's a coin.

Drop it!

That's the way he recruits people.

Grand Duc. He brands them.

What are you doing?

What about the phone?

What are those signs?

Are those Satan's sign
or the codes of Hell?

They're just reversed.

They're just reversed letters.

The whole map is reversed.

Okay, well, merry Christmas.

Mogge, why do bring a cane
when you're on the scooter?

And in your right hand?

Mogge, hold the cane
with your left hand.

I always carry it
in my right hand, so...

You carry the cane, so no one sees
that the dark side recruited you.

You reversed the map
when you fixed my phone,

so east became west
and we mixed up the lakes.

You did die
back then in the car accident.

But Satan's servant came to you

and you made a deal,
so you sold your soul.

The spawn of Babylon.

They're all over the foundation.
They can catch f*re any minute.

I forgot about them.
We need to get out of here.

Now only the wind and the current...


your journey.

Halmer, if you think this place
is so terrible, we can just pack...

your stuff.


I guess we can go home now.

That's Mona.

Take out the globe.

-You can break it now.
-I don't want to do that.

I'm bringing it home.

Let's go, Bulder!

Don't turn around!


High up in the green treetop
The Christmas glory sparkles

Fiddler, play a merry tune...

You shouldn't be in the car.

Yes, I should.

I'm Death.

Welcome, master, to Babylon.