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01x02 - Episode 2

Posted: 01/16/23 19:29
by bunniefuu
[moody, intense intro music plays]








You spying?

Those IVs help you paint?

What's in them
makes you a little more obedient.

Five hundred grams.

Careful with it.

[sighs] Well, God,
we thank thee for this daily bread.

Five hundred grams. Bullshit, you assh*le.

Don't stiff me
on my source of inspiration.

You're not an artist, you're a stoner.

Gonna use that thing in your hair
to draw the Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa's
the only art you know, right?

Of course it is, dumbass.

[sighs] I'll let this one slide
because you're just such a little puppy.

[whines, imitates puppy yapping]


[door closes]

Ah, Jesus, she's such a f*cking b*tch.





Do you need anything, sir?

Why don't you sing me a lullaby?

I can't sleep.

Would you like me
to get you a warm wet towel set?

I'd like something else
that's warm and wet.

Calm down and sleep tight.

- [PA system beeps]
- [attendant over PA] Dear passengers,

to ensure a safe flight, use of any
electronic devices is not allowed.

[phone keyboard clicking]

[Hye-jeong] I'm so tired.
Can you give me a ride?


[faucet running]

[phone chimes]

[Jae-jun] Drink a Bacchus
and take the airport bus. I'm busy.

Hey, can I try this one on?

I'm so sorry.

We have some water leakage
in the fitting rooms.

But I can give you 10% off instead.

You don't need to try this on,
it looks like it was made for you.


[both panting]


[breathing evens out]

Did I ever tell you
why this store is called the Siesta?

Because you like
sleeping with me during the day?

Yeah. You're right.

So you can see some other b*tch at night?

[breathy gasp]

[Jae-jun clears throat]

[Yeon-jin groans]

How are wedding preparations?

Why do you ask when you don't really care?

Makes me seem nice.

[chuckles] Bullshit.

Let me know
if you ever want to get married.

Because I don't like to share
with other women.

[subdued, mysterious music playing]

[glasses clink]






[Seong-hee typing]

- Having fun at work?
- Yeah, lots of fun.

The manager really likes you, you know.

Apparently, since you started
tutoring their daughter,

she started wearing less makeup.

[Seong-hee] Got it.

You know, I think she's starting
to move over to Instagram.

That b*tch Hye-jeong already switched.

She doesn't do Facebook anymore?

Cheer up, okay?

Did you think revenge would be easy?

When they all make the switch,
just use this account.

The ID and password are
the same as the Facebook account.

[sighs] I didn't realize
I'd have to learn so much.

Come on.

I keep saying,
it's not too late to change your mind.

Revenge is not good, and violent as hell.

I know some intense guys
who are fine with some v*olence.

I grew up with them at the group home.

You think your friends
would k*ll someone for me?

k*ll someone?

I don't know exactly what I need,

but I've come too far
for this to be some half-assed crime.

I need to do this step by step, carefully.

Of course.

[Seong-hee sighs] But you're
at least halfway there, though.

I read today that Park Yeon-jin is
getting married. Did you see?


I guess her dream came true.

Of course it did.

Know what's really great
about not being religious, Seong-hee?

You know where you go when you die.

To hell.

[Dong-eun] So, if I'm going to hell,

I will do this.

Step by step.


I hope that you still want
to see me dance, Yeon-jin.

Though this time,
I think it'll be a dance with the devil.

[phone chimes]


[Dong-eun] So, the quadratic formula.

We'll derive it
using the perfect square equation

to solve the quadratic equation.

a* squared plus BX plus C equals...


Where did you get that shirt?

Somewhere online.

- Are you listening to me?
- It's pretty.

You should stop ignoring me.
Your exam is coming soon.

You'd look even better without it.

If you let me see your boobs,
I'll do better on the exam.

I mean, you'll get paid extra
if I get better scores, won't you?

[Dong-eun] This doesn't
surprise me anymore.

Thanks to you, Yeon-jin.

I wonder how you people
always recognize the broken ones.

- This will be your last session with me.
- Why?

I can make money through other jobs too.

You're an assh*le
who'll end up in the same place,

no matter what grades you end up with.


You crazy, b*tch?
You'll be f*cked when my mom finds out.

She already knows.

You mom's been listening
to our lessons since the very beginning.

You know that this is
being recorded, right?


Pay me more if you want me
to keep my mouth shut.

[boy scoffs]

God, this is f*cking ridiculous.

Don't you want to be a teacher?
And you do sh*t like this?

I guess, yeah. I do now.

Good luck on the test.

[boy scoffs]

[siren wailing in distance]

[medical device beeping]

[nurse] He got into a fight nearby,
so he was brought to the hospital quickly.

[doctor] Seriously, you can't
give this guy a day off.

[nurse] After the results
of the hearing came out,

seems like that psychopath is
always on TV nowadays.

[doctor] Really?

[doctor] Wish we could just unplug the TV.

Please give him a 10% DW
mixed with vitamin B and C.

[nurse] Mmm.

- Oh, the deputy director...
- I know.

[woman over PA] The guardian
of patient Kim Min-Su in ward 62,

please come back to the ward.

The guardian of patient Kim Min-Su
in ward 62, please come back to the ward.

["Wedding March" by Mendelssohn playing]

- [confetti launcher pops]
- [guests cheering]

[Dong-eun] Congratulations
on your wedding, Yeon-jin.

I'm sorry, but I didn't bring
any congratulatory money.

Oh, well.

A wedding won't be
the most important event in your life.

[Yeon-jin] Fog and clouds
both consist of water vapor,

but what they're called changes
depending on where they were formed.

If it's closer to the sky in relation
to the ground, it's called a cloud.

And it's called fog
if the vapor forms closer to the ground.

Is something wrong? Is there a typo?

There's not.

It's so well-written, I reread it.

By the way,

why do all of you guys scare so easily?

[grunts dismissively]


You know all the other forecasters
talk behind my back, right?

They think I'm less than them
because I can't write my own scripts.


You know what I'm talking about.

I'm not stupid.

This is why I don't write my own.

When I pay you,
I can get a script like this.

But the ones I write sound like sh*t.

Got a passport?

- I don't.
- Then get one.

And then tell me
a country you want to travel to.

I like the script.

[shaky sigh] You mean it?

Thank you so much.

I'll start researching places.

[Yeon-jin chuckles]

I'm now her god,

because I can throw a little money.

When driving early in the morning
or late at night,

when fog is most likely to form,

please turn on your hazard lights

and slow down
to ensure that you can drive safely.


f*ck off, you little assh*le!

[dog whimpers]

[door opens, closes]

- [dog barking]
- [footsteps approaching]

Ugh, this f*cking dog
only shits when he's back home.

Little assh*le.

Hey, don't insult Louis.

Louis XI.

It's because Louis is old. He's 11 now.

You're young,
so what the f*ck is wrong with you?

With me? What?

You taking some?

Some what?

[man sighs]


Sa-ra told me
that you keep stealing her weed.


I wasn't stealing it. No.

I was worried about Sa-ra,
and taking a little sample to...


Hey. Hey!

Think you can just f*ck around?

Or that we're still "friends"
because we hang out?

I have a lot of stuff
to inherit, Myeong-o.

But if I die an untimely death
because you were driving while high,

that wouldn't be fair for me, would it?

Hey. Answer me.

Answer me, assh*le!

[indistinct chatter]

[man] Oh! Uh, I'm sorry.

[wistful, tender music playing]

[medical device beeps]

[beeping intensifies]

[music trails off]

Uh, uh, wait a second.

Hey, just hold on.

I, uh...

I know it doesn't look like it now,

but I'm an intern here, so...

It's my day off.

Just wait, and...

Press on this for about five minutes.

Wait, where'd the patient go?

Mmm, she just left.

Hey, I'm okay now. Hmm?


Her HCT looks awful. She just left?

Hey, you know, I have
a lot of pain too, huh?

I just got brought in, okay?

Oh, come on. I'm gonna...


Just stay still. Go back to sleep.

She didn't finish her IV.

Let me see. Come on.

She's anemic?

[man] All right,
before we start today's class,

I've been wondering for a while.

You in the back.
The handsome guy right there.

Who are you? I really don't think
you're a student in my class.

[man] Oh, hello, Professor.

I heard a rumor
that your class is exceptional,

so I'm sitting in.
If you'd allow me to stay...

[professor] I'm guessing
there's some other "exceptional" person

who's why you're here.

Oh, no way!
It's definitely you, Professor!

I love you so much!

Oh no, that's really too bad.

- I'm married, so get out.
- [class laughing]

That's right.

I didn't know that you were married.

I'll be going now.

[professor] Who is it?
Spill it. Who's so "exceptional"?

[gentle, wistful music playing]

[music swells]

You're here.

[man] I didn't hear back.
I thought you weren't here.

I just have a class
I need to get credit for.

- What are you doing on campus?
- Buying lunch for the kids in my club.

Have you eaten? You should come with us.

[Dong-eun] Mmm.

How did you find out what school I go to?

A nurse found your student ID

while looking for the number
of your guardian.

And I saw your school's name
and I went to the lecture hall

because your test results...

They came back, and they weren't great,

so I brought your prescription.

You should be more careful
with your health.

You'll need to take medication
for at least six more months.

The prescription I brought over
is no longer valid now.

Make sure to take your meds.

You like to play Go?

Do you know how to play?

Oh, I'm incredible.

How long would I have to study Go
to b*at somebody who's really good?

Well, who are you trying to defeat?
Lee Se-dol?

Lee Se-dol? Who is that?

I think maybe you might need a tutor.

Want me... as your tutor?

[gentle music continuing]

I have to tutor someone,
so are evenings okay for you?


Really? In 2006?


I know, right? But yeah, I was a freshman.

Oh god, I just...

I feel like I'm bragging
when I talk about this,

but I was born in early 1989.

But I was kind of a prodigy
when I was young,

so I skipped some grades.

So, should I speak more formally
with a prodigy?

Do you like to be formal, then?

I get the black because I'm new?

[man] So you already know.

Put a stone on.

Uh, wow.


To sum up a game of Go,

the person who has more houses
can win the game.

Start near the end
and then build towards the center

while building your own houses
and destroying your opponent's,

and then you have to
slowly tighten your boundary.

- An intense battle... in silence.
- [piece clacks]

I like that.

[lively, spirited music playing]

I didn't study herbal medicine,

but cheongsimhwan will reduce anxiety.

The National Teacher Qualification Exam.
I'm sure you'll pass it.

[lively, spirited music continuing]

Thank you so much for helping me.

You're going to be a great doctor.

Am I not seeing you again?

Wait, why?

I need to keep tutoring you.
You haven't beaten me yet.

You're not the person
I'm actually trying to b*at.

[man] In order to become a teacher,
you need to love humanity.

This is the essence of your calling.

It is your mission to provide...


...high-quality education

in order to cultivate talented students.

[Dong-eun] I really liked
the spring of 2015.

I passed the Teacher Qualification Exam
after my second try.

And thankfully, you became a mother.

[lively, spirited music trails off]


I came up with over 100 names

for the child
that you'd give birth to in the fall.

I even gave a little toast

to my eventual moral decay,

and to your destruction.




[delighted laugh]




Happy birthday.

Oh gosh, they're beautiful.

Where'd you find these
in this gorgeous color?

I thought you'd be able to pull it off.

- [laughs]
- [phone ringing]

[man] Gyeong-tae.

He wants me to get a drink
with him and Sang-hyeon.

- At this time of night? Crazy bastards.
- Just them?

Definitely not.

Sure you don't want to go?

I'm sure.
The girls they're meeting are ugly.

You would have gone if they were cute?

How cute are we talking?


You're just gonna brush your teeth, hmm?

While I do this?

That's why I'm doing it quickly.


Gyeong-tae is so boring,

and he's a complete mama's boy, too.

His only attractive feature's his job,
but he's with a new girl every night.

I didn't use to get that at all.

And then,

Hye-jeong made me realize the reason.

What's the reason?

I heard they did it
in the hotel lobby bathroom.

They got turned on getting the hotel keys.

[man spits]

Crazy bastard.


Why? I'm a little curious.

The space is tiny,
and people might be nearby.

The marble feels so cold,

but you and I are so hot.

This place is kind of like that...

but it's huge.




[subdued, mysterious music playing]







Cho Su-hyeon isn't
in Kim Sin-tae's direct line of descent.



[footsteps approaching]

[Yeon-jin laughs]

After a couple months here,

this garden's still one of
my favorite things about this house.

It looks expensive when the sun's up,

and even expensive as the sun goes down.

- [both laugh]
- Guess it's worth my money, then.

Is the commute okay?
It's a two-hour round trip to Seoul.

I like it. It keeps me fit.

You said you don't like women who let
themselves get fat after marriage, right?

I'll wake up at 2:00 a.m.
and jump rope on an empty stomach.

If I leave at 3:00, I'll be right on time.

[Yeon-jin giggles]

Why so early? It's a different show?

It's because I'm old now, you know?


Speaking of which, babe,

is there any way you can give
our news network some ads?

[laughs] I need something
to leverage when I renew my contract.

You should have told me earlier.

If money could fix it...


...then I think it's just about
the easiest problem in the world.

[squeals] Really?

You're so awesome.

So, will the PR team come to the station?

They will.

Those new cigarettes?



That friend of yours,
the flight attendant one?

Hey, come on, her name is Hye-jeong.
You should know that by now.

What about her?

She told Gyeong-tae
what you were like in school.

While they were drinking.

What'd she say? About me?

She said she had better grades than you.

[laughing uproariously]

That was only one time!

So, are you angry
because you heard I had bad grades?

I don't like
that they dragged us through the mud.

It was not "us."

They always gossip about me.

I'll take care of it.

[door opens]

[child] Mommy!

[Yeon-jin] Oh!

Hi, Ye-sol.

What do we do first when we get back?

Wash my hands. I need to wash my hands!

[sighs heavily] Oh my God.

Now, that totally terrified me.

You too. What do you do first
after smoking?

You're so cute. [Yeon-jin laughs]

[phone chimes]

Oh, sh*t...


[Lee] Where are you?

Why is she so annoying today?




It's pretty.

[both laughing]

[footsteps approaching]

What? What's up?

[woman 1] That a new dress?

Oh. Yeah, it is.

My boyfriend bought it for me
at the Galleria.



Is Sa-ra your boyfriend?

Have you always "borrowed"
your customers' clothes?

I told you she would,

that she'd show up wearing your dress
if you gave it to her.

At least she has good taste.

if she picked your dress
out of all those clothes.

Hey, Hye-jeong.

I lost a Chanel today thanks to you.

God, just use perfume.
Aren't you rich, huh?

The product quality
matters more than the price.

This gets rid of smells best.


There are only
two of these in the country.

So, I guess now
you've got high standards, huh?


Know your place.

If it hadn't been Dong-eun back then...

it would have ended up being you.

Got that?

[Yeon-jin] Hye-jeong.

Gyeong-tae is terrible at keeping secrets.

And you gossiped about me?

You should have stuck
to drinking and f*cking him.

Why'd you start talking about
sh*t from the past?


We're not in high school anymore.

You think we'll stay friends
no matter what?

From now on, watch your mouth.

And wear clothes you can afford.

Know your place, Hye-jeong.

Nod if you understand.

[tense music playing]

I'm taking this, okay?

[Hye-jeong shudders]

Sa-ra, I'm so sorry about this.
I'll get this dress cleaned and I...

Hey, you crazy b*tch.

You stretched it out.

You can keep it.

[shutter snapping]

[Hye-jeong] A gift from my friends.
Thank you, guys!

Surprise! With the lovely Park Yeon-jin.

[anchor] The weather is changing rapidly

as we're approaching
the first weekend of March.

What can you tell us, Ms. Park?

I am now standing in front of
the Gilsangsa Temple in Seoul.

As you can see, the spring flowers have
bloomed beautifully around the temple.

Particularly interesting is
the winter jasmine,

which means "welcoming spring."

During the Joseon Dynasty,

these flowers were
gives to the best in exams,

which is why they're
known as the King's flowers.

However, with the spring rain
that started yesterday,

temperatures are dropping
all over the country.

The rain is expected
to continue over the weekend,

and will lead to a few very cold days.

The temperatures are
seven degrees lower than average.

In the mountainous regions,
the rain has already turned to snow,

which might be continuing
today and tomorrow.

If you're planning on
taking a weekend hike...

I watch the weather channel every day. temperature between morning and night,
so please dress with care.

This is Park Yeon-jin.

[moody, dramatic music playing]



Ugh, not him again. Seriously?

I told you
that you shouldn't go outside, no?

[man] I was bored,
and wanted to get some fresh air.

What are you doing out in the rain?

Did you get stood up again?

What? Who, me?

Not at all. I've never gotten stood up.

I know you're dying inside.

I wonder if the director knows about this.

Ugh, come on.

Don't get my family involved in all this.

[man] I'll think about it if you let me
have a sip of that coffee you're holding.

[Dr. Joo] That's not happening.

Hey! Why are you stepping
in all the puddles?

- Huh?
- Come over here.

- Okay, okay.
- Seriously.

[man chuckles]

[bells jingle]

God, it's raining like crazy out there.

Jae-jun called, right?

Uh, yeah, he needs more sweaters from you.

Hold on.

Oh, sh*t...

[brooding pop song playing over speakers]


Is that Dong-eun?

It is.

Whoa, what a coincidence.

It's Myeong-o. You remember?

Of course.

It's been such a long time.



How've you been? What do you do?

I'm a teacher now.

Oh, really?

I've been thinking about you a lot.

You have?

You buying those?

Oh, no, I was just trying them on.

No, no, no. Keep them on.

They look nice.


[dark, intense music playing]

Go look at them.

Want a drink with me? Whatever you want.

You can keep those on.

The store's basically mine.

Water, coffee, or booze?

[dark, intense music continuing]


[door opens]

- [door closes]
- [coffeemaker whirs]

So, what were you thinking about me?

Was I...

Was I your first kiss?

Heh. Makes sense I was on your mind.

Tell me now, is this store really yours?

More or less.

I dabble here and there.

So I'm pretty busy, you know?

[clerk] Hey, Jae-jun called.

He wants to know
why you're not picking up.

He wants you to grab
his clothes from the laundromat

and buy some dog food, too.

[Myeong-o chuckles]

God, he's such an assh*le. sh*t.

That guy can't do anything without me.

That's Jae-jun, remember?

I guess nothing's changed.

Because you are
still his little errand boy.

Hey, come on, cut it out.

Life is so unfair.

While I was training to be a teacher
and you were getting him dog food,

he inherited a golf course
and now owns this store,

because he was born lucky.

That's why I hoped
all this belonged to you.

For a second I really hoped it did.

Are you trying to insult me?

Watch your mouth.

I can still h*t you.

How about you pick another punching bag?

If you do that,
maybe everything here could be yours.

The hell do you mean?

I learned something
pretty intense recently.

I don't think
that I can handle it by myself.

[mysterious music playing]

Do you want to know
why I'm telling you all this?

I thought you'd understand
wanting to destroy them.

And also,

back when everything happened,

I was actually scared of you

more than the others.

You were?

What is it?

This "intense" stuff?

[bar patrons chatter]

So you don't drink much,
but you can hold your liquor.

I'm usually drunk after one glass,
but I guess I'm just excited today.

Uh, that's good to hear.
Makes me feel special.

Aw, no, come on.
Of course you're special to me.


By the way, I want to ask...

So do you wear that watch all the time?


Uh... My dad bought this
when he was assigned his first school.

He wanted to pass it on to his son.

He just had a thing
for creating traditions like this.

Wow, so sweet.

But he's old.

It's hard to pay for his nursing staff
right now, and those hospital bills.

So I really need to pass
my School Inspector Exam this time.

My wife even prays for it in church.

Does it work?

I feel like I'm just trudging
forward on my own.

I don't think God has
ever really helped me.


Uh, you praying for something?

Yeah. Just for you
to pass your exam this time around.

I really hope that you pass.

I'm rooting for you with all my heart.


Oh, thanks.

You know, when you're drinking,
your eyes look so pretty.

Is that so?

Well, my legs are prettier.

[phone continues ringing]


Yes, hello?

[woman] Hello, I'm calling
from Semyeong Real Estate.

There's a vacancy in the apartment
that you were interested in renting.


Bring your seal with you, okay?

[intricately dramatic music building]

[door opens]

[woman] You're looking for this, right?

[music trails off]

How long have you done this?

I only noticed you doing this last fall.

Don't try to lie to me.

You may have avoided security cameras,

but I have your photos stored in my phone.

I've collected pictures of you.

[Dong-eun] Look at that.
God never helps me.

Why did this employee
at the chairman's house

have to be this observant
and this patient?

If you want money from me, it's yours.

I don't want money.
I'm not going to report you.

I don't know what you're trying to do,

but I feel like you'll succeed,

since you've been doing this
for half a year.

[exhales deeply]
I want to be on your side.

[music intensifies]

I'll help you out with what you need,

so please help me, too.

And what do you want me to do?

[music swells, fades away]

My husband...

k*ll him.

[dark, brooding pop song playing]