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01x05 - Episode 5

Posted: 01/16/23 19:31
by bunniefuu
[moody, intense intro music plays]

[mysterious music playing]

[shutter snapping]

Ooh! Oh!

Wait! Oh!

Oh God.

[music trails off]

[engine turns over]

Wow, that sunset.

[gentle music playing]


Did you buy that
with the money you won from me?

No. I got this with my own money.

You want one?


Is that the only gambling you do?

One time,
I bet my whole life on something.

Did you win?

I plan to.

Do you live near here?
I saw you playing at the Go house.

I guess you live around here.

I'm close, so...

Do you work nearby?

Why aren't you eating?
Don't eat food from convenience stores?

Can't say I do. Watching my carbs.

You don't like to share much, do you?

Do you usually ask so many things?

Normally, I keep quiet, believe it or not.


Why do you like to play Go?

I like it because you engage
in an intense battle in silence.

And also, I like that you get to destroy
somebody's house in order to win.

[tense, mysterious music playing]

Why don't we play together sometime?

Since I now know what you like.


I'm Ha Do-yeong.

Next time,
bring some more money when we play.

You won't eat this, right?

[shutter snapping]

[music trails off]

Is that supposed to be your breakfast?

You come here every morning, huh?

Do you ever cook for yourself?

[Dong-eun] Did you have
your breakfast already?

Semyeong Elementary,
is that where you work?

I noticed the sticker on your car.

That's a great job to have.

Can I ask you about something as well?

You're the owner
of Semyeong Real Estate, right?

I think you were the one I ran into
when I first looked for a place.

Yeah, that was me.

Ever since I moved in here,

I noticed that my rent's
less than anyone else's around.

Why did you do that?

It's a good thing when the rent's so low.

A teacher doesn't make much these days.

But you couldn't have known
that I was a teacher.

I'm sorry for asking here,

but is it 'cause the condo's haunted?


[hearty laughter]

I was thinking you had
absolutely no sense of humor.

That's rich.

Make sure that you take
your trash with you

when you head back down.

[gentle acoustic guitar music playing]

[Hyeon-nam] Here are
my receipts, parking, gas,

and everything else
I needed for our operation.

I'm sorry.

Seems like revenge is pretty expensive.

[singer singing in Korean]



[Dong-eun] I spent my twenties tutoring
so I could pay for things like this.

I've got plenty saved up, so don't worry.

[Hyeon-nam] After following them,

I found Hye-jeong is
the easiest to predict.

She's always on her phone.

I've been thinking
I should try and steal her phone.

I think I can be pretty talented.

- [scribbling forcefully]
- [silently mouthing]


[fond chuckle]

[Dong-eun] Could you do that?

[Hyeon-nam] Just leave it to me.

By the way, did you meet
Park Yeon-jin in person yet?

Everything went smooth, right?


[Dong-eun] Do you want to meet?

[song trails off]

[Hyeon-nam] Were you scared? Intimidated?

You should have stomped on her soul
like she was nothing but a piece of paper.

I did one of those things.

[sighs] That's good. I'm glad.

That's really good. Great job.

I was so worried about you.


Remember Park Yeon-jin's mom?

Oh, the photo came out blurry.

She visited that shaman again,
two weeks after her last visit.

With the same man, too.

I thought they might be dating,
but they leave in separate cars.

They even arrive separately.

If there's a pattern here,
there must be a reason.

- Let me know if you find anything else.
- Uh-huh.

And did you happen to tail this person?

What do you mean by tail?

Just don't try to follow this man.

I didn't want to scare you
so I didn't tell you this,

but he's a cop.

When we first met, he was the chief.
Maybe he moved up.

He's the senior
superintendent-general at Bukbu.

He's fallen behind most of his classmates
who are all chiefs now.

How did you know that?

Didn't you see the receipts
for that soup restaurant?

I found four soup restaurants
near the police station,

and just waited for him. [chuckles]

When you threatened me
the first time we met...

I had no idea how scary you really are.


[hearty laughter]

Don't put yourself at risk.

Yeah, I won't.

Oh, and can you look here for me?
Think of this as part of the job.

Hang on, I don't...

[shutter snap echoing]

[tense music playing]

[tense music intensifying]

[music stops abruptly]

[Hyeon-nam] What?
Is something wrong? Are you okay?

I'm... I'm so sorry.


I'm good at pictures of flowers and birds.

But when I take photos of people,
my hands start to shake.

[Dong-eun breathing shakily]

It's okay now.

[gentle Korean pop ballad playing]

Take another.

I wanna try one more.

[song trails off]

My, oh, my. [woman laughs]

Ye-sol, sweetie,
it's your first Gucci, huh?

Do you like what Grandma got you? Hmm?

"Babies can't tell the difference."

"Why get Gucci
when she won't be wearing it in a month?

Is that right?

- Yes?
- You know, you reap what you sow.

You only live the way you do,
because of the way you think.

- Go get a new nanny.
- Sure.

Everything I owe you will be
deposited directly into your account.

- [disappointed grunt]
- Thanks for your work.

[nanny sighs] Screw this.

Hold onto her newborn clothes
so she has it for any important event.

Like when you had her,
you'll need to try your hardest.

I did it for Do-yeong.

Yes, of course.

Hi! Oh!

Ye-sol, honey.

Say "Grandma" for me.

Say "Grandma."

I will make sure Ye-sol never