05x08 - Repeat to Fade

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Law & Order: UK". Aired: 23 February 2009 – 11 June 2014.*
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The British version of the long-running U.S. crime-drama tells the stories of two separate yet equally important groups; the police, who investigate the crime and the prosecutors who try the suspects.
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05x08 - Repeat to Fade

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In the Criminal Justice System, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups.

The Police, who investigate crime and the Crown Prosecutors, who prosecute the offenders.

These are their stories.

s*ab wound.

It's fresh.

She's lost a lot of blood already, though.

We got here a couple of minutes ago.

It's OK, I'll take over.

Right, got it? Are you OK? Who called it in? A PCSO called Lenny.

He's giving his statement to a uniform now.

Tell him I wanna see him once he's done.

All right.

SOCOs are on their way.

What do we know about her? Sally Carlow, 24 years old.

She was carrying some sweets from the stalls here.

Purse has got 40 quid in it.

And for that, she gets stabbed in broad daylight.

What's happening? We're going to put her in the ambulance now.

And how's she doing? Well, she was already gone but I'm going to pronounce it at the hospital.

We didn't see her get knifed, we just saw this guy running away.

What can you tell me about him? It was at a distance, he was running.


I mean anything specificwould be helpful.

He had a black leather jacket.


Are you blind? It was blue.

I ain't blind.

I'm going out with you, aren't I? Was it black or blue? I'd say it was blue.

It had like a red football shirt underneath.


Did you see what team? Arsenal.


He rode away on a red Piaggio scooter.


Right, and this beautiful scooter, did you notice the registration? No.

But I can tell you it was a Typhoon 50cc.


What, you noticed all that but you didn't see the reg? Anything else? A white helmet.

He had the green and red stripes, like our flag.

It was totally sexy.

A single penetration.

It was a three inch blade.

The bruising suggests it went right up to the hilt but there are no clear identification markings.

So bag snatch, gone wrong.

Could all be a mistake.


Putting your pants on back to front is a mistake, Joe.

Is that the only wound? Yes, it went straight through the femoral artery.

There's nothing anybody could have done.

There's so little tearing.

Angle of entry suggests the attacker may have been 5'4", 5'5".

So our k*ller could have been a woman? Or even a kid.

Here's what I don't get.

How can that many witnesses see so many different things? Well, cos it all happens so fast, doesn't it? Don't forget, it takes a while to sink in.

Then your suspect goes missing and we're left talking to the Italian tourist board.

Anyway, you need 18, 19, 20, then you're round the clock.

CCTV is on its way in.

I'll track the red scooter across London.

At least as far as I can.

Thank you, Kayla.

Don't forget full reg is the priority.

Come on.

Not bad.

Oh, hang on.


It's the new Gov.

Turn that up, please.

'The courage shown by the families affected by Kn*fe crime should be an inspiration to us all.

' When did she start? Monday.

We only cleared out the last of Wes' personal effects yesterday.

'Is Kn*fe crime your priority, Detective Inspector Flynn? Yes.


So do you have any comment on today s Southwark stabbing? It's all over Twitter.

Stabbing less than an hour ago.

No arrests.

(STAMMERS) I don't know the details' Ouch.

There you go.

Bitten by her own sound bite.

She' s being a plonk and she knows it.

Plonk? You mean plonker.

No, DS Hawkins, he means plonk.

Person of Little Or No Knowledge.

It's what his generation called us Doris' before they realised that we had brains as well as tits.

Well, I was just saying - Yeah, I know exactly what you were saying.

And fighting Kn*fe crime, that's not just a sound bite, not for me.

Joe, could you nip downstairs and get the rest of the eyewitness reports? Oh, and when you've finished your game of darts, there' s the m*rder of a young woman to solve.

I like her.

I am not having her accuse me of being a dinosaur.

I don't know if it's me you need to be telling, Ron.

(PHONE RINGS) I'm not gonna get another chance to make a first impression, am I? Hey, Kayla, what you got? Yeah.

All right, thanks.

Owner of the scooter.

Chadwicke estate.


YeahI own a red Piaggio.

Or at least I did till about eight o'clock this morning.


What happened then? I saw it had been nicked.

Every night I chain it to the railings over there.

Did you report it? Why would I? I used to report graffiti and vandalism to you people all the time and I got nothing back.

Why are you so interested in my scooter now? Because it was used during a fatal stabbing this morning.

How tall are you, Mr King? What has that got to do with anything? What, because I'm short, I'm more suspicious? Well, tell you what, in this particular investigation, yeah.

Whoever you're looking for, it isn't me.

Somebody stole my scooter and then dumped it when they were done with it.

So you know where it is? Yeah.

And where is it, Mr King? It' s on the other side of the estate.

No, not going to get anything off this now, Ron.

Not even the VIN details.


In fact, Mr King, how do you know for sure that it' s your scooter? Cos it was my crash helmet that was lying next to it.

He works the morning shift at a local cafe.

They've confirmed he was there.

And how's your evidence? Well, it's mainly intact.

I've asked Lilly to come and do us a favour and she said yes, she'll take some prints from that.


Any news, you let me know.

Just think of me as a third man in the team.

Is that a problem? No.

Not at all.


I like to keep my hands dirty.

(KNOCK AT THE DOOR) We've tracked down Sally's next of kin.

Her dad Albert is downstairs.

And she has a son, Jack.

I need answers.

We both do.

Yeah, of course, Mr Carlow, we'll do our best to provide them.

How long had your daughter been in London? Nearly two years.

She came down here to teach art to kids.

This is probably just a random event but I have to ask you if you know of anyone who would want to hurt Sally or bear a grudge? No.

Jack's her world, she didn't have much time for anyone other than him and her kids at school.

Still, if we could get a list of all of her friends in the area, might be helpful.

Someone must have seen something.

We've got lots of eyewitness statements.

We're working on it.

I need to know you'll get him.

Whoever did this.

We will.

How do I tell him we've lost his mother? Hello, Jack.


My name's Ronnie.

Pleased to meet you.

AndI'm a policemanbut I don't wear a uniform.

Anyway, I've been around a long time, you know, a long, long time, a bit like a dinosaur.

Do I look old? (LAUGHS) Yeah.

And, ermthere are loads of things I don't understand in this world, you know, and one of those things is that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I can't explain it.

But today, something very sad has happened.

So the owner's prints are all over it as you'd expect.

I was worried the f*re damage would leave us with nothing else but on the very edge of the rim, there is one partial thumb print.


Any matches? It's difficult to be certain with the partial but I'll email you over what I have.

Thanks for coming in, Lil.

No problem, Ron.

For you, anything.

It's a struggle with a partial print here, Ron.

Here we go.

Bobbi Washington, 15 years of age.

Minor offences, including a bit of shoplifting and theft.

Latest was for carrying a Kn*fe.

Yeah, got it.

He's registered to an address on Chadwicke estate.

That will explain why he dumped the scooter close to where he found it.

It's a big area, though.

A lot of ways in and out.

We could lose him easy.

We should probably call for backup.

On a Sunday, West Ham and Arsenal both at home? You're having a laugh.

No, no.

I promised that little boy last night that I would whoever k*lled his mum, and I'm not hanging around now we know where this boy lives.

All right, let's do it, then.

I'll tell the gov.

Whoa, whoa.

Wait till we've got something, Joe.

She said any news, let her know.

I know, but I don't want her breathing down our necks every step of the way.

No, you and I, let's check this out.

All right.

Oi! Do you wanna stop banging? What?! Bobbi Washington live here? Might do.

Well, we need to ask him a few questions.

What do you lot need to ask little Bobbi about? Who is it, babe? Jakes, innit.

Wanna speak to your boy.

We ain't seen him all morning so leave us alone.

You hearing me? Yeah, I'm hearing you, but we're still gonna need to ask him a few questions.

You ain't going nowhere without a warrant.

Joe! Joe! Out the way.

Go, go, go.

Go on, Joe.

(BREATHES HEAVILY) I didn't see which way he went.

Don't you dare say I told you so.

How the hell did a 15-year-old kid get past you in the first place? He just did.

I mean, we're not happy about it but it is what it is.


And I told you to call me the minute you had something.

You know, with all due respect, gov, we don't really need you looking over our shoulder.

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got a family I need to interview.


Did he talk to DI Leyton like that? To be fair, he just wants the kid caught.

So do I.

Bobbi does his own thing.

We have no control over him any more.

Right, and that's Bobbi in the photo, yeah? Yep.

And who's the girl? Well, you know what, we can wait all day for an answer, no problem.

Joe, bung the kettle on, we're clearly staying.


His big mouth sister.

What? As soon as we answer their dumb questions, the sooner they can piss off.

That's my girl.

What do you care? You don't see her no more.

And where is she? Where is she? She lives in Tooting with her boyfriend.

I wish I had seen him.

Knock some sense into his thick skull.

Why do you say that? Bobbi was a good kid before Warren come along.

He still could be.


Well, if we can speak to him, Zana, we might be able to help with that.

And Warren, he's your mum's boyfriend, yeah? Yeah.

Yeah, we've met.

He's a real charmer.

He gets Bobbi to steal for him so he and mum can stay at home and get wasted.

You know, Zana, this is a little more serious than just petty theft.

We want to speak to Bobbi about a stabbing.

A woman was k*lled during a mugging.

Yeah, and what did Bobbi do? He is the only person we're looking for.

So you see why we need to find him.

Where have you been? Jamal, I needed the car for work.

I went to Liverpool Street.

Why did you go there? Yeah, Jamal.

Why did you go there? I was doing your brother a favour.

He's got family in Roydon and the next train leaves in about ten minutes so look lively.

Split them up, Joe.

Two up, two down.

You two, straight across.


That's a needle in a haystack there, isn't it? No chance.

Right there.

Where? Middle seat on the bench.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Right, got him.

OK, guys, he is opposite platform nine and ten.

So that's platform nine and ten.

OK, Joe's onto it.

Suspect's on the moveon foot, headed towards the main exit.

Police! Out the way.

Escalator, at the top.

Not this time, Bobbi, son.

Come with me.

Nobody frisks me, you you know what I'm saying? Do me a favour, Bobbi, play the game.

Yeah, you just want to cop a quick feel, innit? Especially you, grandad.

Oh, really? We just want to see if you're carrying anything, Bobbi.

Yeah? No feds are gonna violate my personal space without my say so.

I hear tough-guy gangster but I'm seeing silly little boy.

Shut up, old man! Is that all? That's your best sh*t, is it? Why you giving me so much grief? Who d*ed? Hey.

Don't say or do anything stupid, Bobbi.

We are going to search you and then we are going to arrest you.

It's not going to end any other way.

Screw you.

Turn around.

We are looking for a m*rder w*apon so forgive us for not taking any risks.

Just let us search you, son.

Is this what you want to see? I told you, I ain't carrying.

I don't know no Sally.

Of course you don't know Sally.

You chose her at random to steal her purse and when she fought back, you panicked and you stabbed her.

I don't panic.

And I didn't s*ab no-one.

Well, you know what, son? Sallyis d*ad.

She leaves behind a six-year-old son who's got to deal with that loss for the rest of his life.

Now, please, don't give us any more pain, just admit what you've done.

My client doesn't have to admit to anything.

Bobbicome on, son.

What do you say? You know how old people smell of biscuits? Well, that's you.

You smell old.

Bobbiwe have a print on the crash helmet.

It's not going to be long before we have you on CCTV, as well.

Well, you don't have the footage yet.

And about that print Contaminated? How? Talk to your forensic team.

Something about smoke damage and clarity of image.

This is not a shoplifter who needs a slap on the wrist, Namita.

He's under arrest for m*rder.

An illegal arrest, by the way.

You are kidding? He ran away from us twice, when we cornered him.

Now you're going to try and get him off on a technicality? The Police and Criminal Evidence Act is not a technicality, detective.

What does she mean? What happened? Nothing happened.

This is just a tactic.

Pure and simple.

PACE is there to stop you taking advantage of vulnerable people Vulnerable? This is a boy who stabbed someone in broad daylight.

Who will do anything you ask.

It was a public place and he dropped his trousers because you bullied him.

We were making an arrest.

This would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous.

He wears his trousers half way down his backside for a kick off.

I've heard enough.

The search was illegal.

You've no evidence with which to hold my client.

You can't be considering letting him go, surely? If the print isn't holding up, we haven't got enough.

Thank you.

Right, keep him here.

The reason doesn't matter, we need more time.

The reason doesn't matter? What century are you working in? This is happening, Ronnie, deal with it.

Bobbi asked for a lift and that's what I gave him.

And you didn't ask why? You've seen his step dad.

If Bobbi wants to stay somewhere else, I can understand that.

Whilst he was in the car, he didn't say anything at all or ask you to do anything for him? Take him anywhere? No.

Nothing in here, Ron.

Look, if that's everything, I have work.

Oh, you've got work? That's interesting because I've seen forms claiming council tax benefits.

I mean, if the authorities find out you've got a job and they're spending money on you for no good reason, it's our duty to report that stuff.

We don't earn enough to cover food and rent as it is.

You could be evicted.

You can't do that.

Why not? Go and cosy up at Zana's mum's house.

She can't go back there.

The reason Zana got her own place is cos of Warren.

She can't go back there, OK? You know what, Jamal, you're going to have to help us out.

How much do you love Zana? Cos she's gonna want you to do the right thing for her brother, isn't she? Look, all I know is that we stopped at a cash point on the way.

Bobbi jumped out and ran behind the bins to take a leak.

That's all I know, I swear.

All right, guys.

We got it.

We're good, we're good.

Thank you.



That is one hell of a leak.

OK, I want everyone searched.

I don't want anyone getting hurt.

This is harassment, man! Do you know what Bobbi, son? We haven't even started yet.

Anyone caught with a blade gets arrested and sent back to the station for processing.

I ain't done nothing wrong.

No-one wants you here.

This isn't going away, son.

The white b*tch deserved it.

What did you just say?! We good, Ron? Do you know what? I couldn't be better.

Our main man here's just confessed.

You what? Do you want to tell Detective Hawkins what you just said to me? No, didn't think so.

Wrap it up, boys, we're done here.

The confession is uncorroborated and my client says it never happened.

Really? Is that right, Bobbi? Are you calling me a liar? Don't answer that.

You turned up mob-handed in s*ab vests, four of you in uniform, to intimidate a bunch of teenagers playing football? One of whom is a m*rder suspect and two others were caught carrying knives.

And exactly what evidence is it that's led you to pursue my client as a m*rder suspect? The fact that he told me he did it in the first place, that's a pretty good start, wouldn't you say? He's lying.

So what did you say to DS Brooks, then, Bobbi? Cos I saw you say something.

I told him he was too old to catch me if I ran.

I never admitted to no m*rder.

Did you hear this confession? No.

Bobbi said, 'The white b*tch deserved it.

' And what did you say to him? Well, to be fair, Ronnie didn't have time to say anything.

He just came out with it.

See, to a jury that's going to seem a bit convenient.

Suddenly he admits to a stabbing out the blue.

No offence, Kate, we're not dealing with a criminal mastermind here.

Bobbi's just a gobby teenager, that's it.

It doesn't matter.

If a jury doesn't believe you, we have no prosecution.

But why wouldn't they believe me? Ronnie, we trust you, obviously, but in a your-word-versus-theirs argument, not everyone believes the police officer.

Not anymore.

It would really help if you had some forensic evidence.

It's clean.

No prints.

What, none at all? And none of the victim's DNA on the blade or on the handle.

So if this is the m*rder w*apon, I can't prove it forensically.

So we've got nothing? Again.

Wait, what are these? Here.

I assumed they were wear and tear.

I'm sure I've seen markings like these on a Kn*fe used in a g*ng stabbing a couple of years ago.

That might be worth digging a bit deeper.

Is Bobbi Washington in a g*ng? Not according to CRIMINT.

OK, well, I'll get the scratches checked out but at as things stand at the moment, I can't give evidence that this is the Kn*fe that k*lled Sally.

I swear this used to be a little bit easier.

We'll have to release him.

I also need to give an update to Borough Commander Stone.

Good luck with that.

What makes you think I'm going on my own? How do we not have this man in custody yet? No, let me change that question, because you already have had him in custodytwice.

Each time, the evidence fell apart at the last minute.

Fell apart? Is that what you'd like to say to the press? Cos they want to know why our streets are no longer safe.

They want to know how a 15-year-old scrote is running rings around the finest officers that London can put out on the street.

Because, sir, this 15-year-old scrote has one of the best duty solicitors on his side.

We know it's him, sir.

We just need more evidence.

Oh, really? And how do you know? He confessed, sir.

You have a confession? Only Detective Brooks heard it.

And his word isn't good enough? With respect, sir, that's not the point.

It won't work for the prosecution on its own.

What happened to the Kn*fe? It's clean of the suspect's DNA.

And the eye witness reports? They're still coming in but you know as well as I do, when a suspect is wearing a motorcycle helmet and gloves, we can't even secure an ethnic identification.

So how is this kid your prime suspect? Because this is not our first time .



The circumstantial was enough to pursue Bobbi Washington and it still is.

Excuse us.

OKyou're doing all you can, I can see that.

But this is your first week and we're already a laughing stock.

We're meant to be clearing the streets of Kn*fe crime.

I knowand we will.

Your team giving you enough support? Yes, absolutely.

Because if you need get rid of some deadwood, you'll have my approval.

No, we're fine, thank you, sir.

I know you, Lis.

I love your loyalty but seriously, Divisional Intelligence have an opening if you need to give someone a promotion.

Get them out of harm's way.

Like you did with me? Thank you for that.

Let's be very clear.

I defended you for the team because I don't want anyone thinking I am running a unit that can't put a case together.

Well, we don't want anyone thinking that, do we? I don't know what your problem is here, Brooks.

With respect, gov, we can put a case together.

We just need more time.


Because I am not doing that again.

You were onto something with the scratches on the Kn*fe handle, Joe.

It seems all members of certain gangs would use the same markings, like a badge of honour.

They stopped when they realised we were using it to identify them.


How does that help us, though, Lilly? So, the rough edge of scratched plastic is almost impossible to wash clean.

It picks up trace materials which become ingrained.

Like skin, grime, dirt.

Can you link that to Bobbi? The DNA I found is older than the crime you're trying to solve, Ron.

Much older.

So who's DNA is it, then? Bobbi's mum.


How can we arrest his mum if the forensic evidence doesn't relate to the crime? Well, butshe don't know that, though, does she? So bring her in anyway? Yeah.

And put her maternal instincts to the test.

Oh, man.

Ain't you lot bored yet? Bobbi! Jakes are here.

It's not Bobbi we've come to see.

Shonda Washington, I am arresting you on suspicion of the m*rder of Sally Carlow.

What? You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned I didn't do anything.



something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

I didn't s*ab no-one! Get your hands off her.

It's a stretch, to say the very least.

And you don't want it getting out that Ronnie and Joe made an arrest with insufficient evidence.

But what if Shonda admits that she gave the Kn*fe to Bobbi and that he had it that morning? Isn't that enough? By the sounds of it, she's all over the place.

The Jury's going to have a hard time believing anything she says.

Let alone a connection between a suspect and a m*rder w*apon.

And how are they going to convince a mum to grass on her own son? All she has to do is stay quiet.

Well, we're just going to have to trust Ronnie.

Ron, the solicitor's here.

They're ready for us.

Let them wait.

What? You know what, Joe.

Time is our friend here.

I reckon another ten minutes should do it.

She wants a drink.

I know I do.

So, how does a 15-year-old boy get hold of a g*ng-marked Kn*fe? Lot of gangs in London.

But this particular Kn*fe has got your DNA all over it.

So how did it end up behind a supermarket on the way to Liverpool Street station? Bobbi nick it off you? Maybe it was a Christmas present? Show him how much you care? Expensive habit, isn't it? Even the cheap stuff costs an awful lot when you put away as much as we do.

But when you start on the hard stuff, like a really good gin.

Orthe vodka .


I mean, how can you afford that on the social? Got to be some extra money coming in from somewhere, Shonda.

Cos I know you would do anything for your next drink.

'Ey? Wouldn't you? Like, having loved ones steal for you.

And Bobbi, he's your little soldier.

He still loves his mum, bless him, and he'd do anything you ask.

But this time wellhe's gone too far, hasn't he? Soyou tell us where Bobbi got this Kn*fe from .


and you can walk out that door.

Go anywhere you want.

Look, look.

It's the feds I was telling you about.

They can't leave me alone.

See that old one.

He loves me.

Funny guy (!) Hmm.

Bobbi Washington, I am arresting you on suspicion of the m*rder of Sally Carlow.

You can't do that.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned I haven't done nothing.



something you later rely on in court.

You can't do that to me.

Anything you do say may be given as evidence.

Get off me.

So the alcoholic mother will give evidence against her own son? We need to see how she holds it together in the witness box, but yes.

Will the jury believe her? Well, it's the one absolute link between Bobbi, the m*rder w*apon and the victim.

And if that doesn't play, what are we left with? The confession.

Which no-one but DS Brooks heard and which Bobbi denies.

Am I the only one taking Ronnie at his word on this? You're the only prosecutor these days taking any police officer at their word.

He will be under oath.

It's still a tough ask to get the case home.

And if the jury doubt Ronnie, the whole trial collapses.

How did Bobbi's father die? His biological father.

He was stabbed.

By whom? He was a member of the Tottenham crew.

We both were.

They k*lled him cos he disabused the rules.

And what rules were they? It was expected for girlfriends to be shared around.

Shared for what? Sex.

The rules were that they could have us whenever they wanted us.

Karl said no and they k*lled him for it.

The official report says that after Karl was stabbed, his girlfriend picked up his Kn*fe and used it to defend herself.

That would be you? Now, this was his g*ng-marked Kn*fe, identified by two parallel scratches on the handle? And what happened to that Kn*fe? I was so scared that night.

More scared than I'd ever been in my life.

I didn't want my son to go through that.

Not ever.

So on his 13th birthday, I gave Bobbi his dad's Kn*fe to protect himself so that he could never feel as scared as I was.

This is the alleged m*rder w*apon, which contains, within the aforementioned scratches on the plastic handle, DNA linking it to my client.

Is that correct? Well no.

Oh, that's right.

Forgive me.

The DNA found on the handle of that Kn*fe doesn't belong to the defendant at all, does it? Little less of the theatrics, Mr Greer.

My lord.

Ms Townsend, can you say with absolute certainty that this is the m*rder w*apon that was used against Sally Carlow? Not with absolute certainty, no.

Well, it's not the answer we wanted to hear but it's not a surprise.

To be honest, if he hadn't gone there, I'd have been disappointed.

Well, it'd be nice for him to slip up, wouldn't it? Just this once.

Greer doesn't make those kind of mistakes.

Neither do I, Jake.

Bobbi confessed, I'm telling you.

I believe you.

But the jury in there have all read about Hillsborough, Leveson, plebgate.

Those officers have undermined your credibility.

I'd like to string them up, I really would.

Every last one of them.

What? You wouldn't? Any of your mates brought the legal system crashing down around you? Yes.

Yes, I would.

How many years experience have you had in the force? And do you think you've developed a skill of assessing or recognising patterns of criminal behaviour? Yes, I suppose.

So, an officer with this skill would see a suspect on the street and make an assessment in the moment? Yes, taking everything into account.

Whether he's in a hoodie or a wig and gown, for example? Well, it's not just about what they wear.

And I've known one or two crooks to wear a wig and gown.


You must also take into account context, the local area.

The colour of their skin? I fail to see what this has to do with the defence of Bobbi Washington.

It is indicative of character, My Lord.

What's your question? Were you in active service in the summer of 1985 during the London race riots? Yes.

I was in uniform.

Did you read the Macpherson report? No, not all of it.

But you are aware of the section which relates to the force in London during that time suffering from institutional racism? And again, my Lord! I am just asking the jury to do with Detective Brooks what he does when assessing a suspect.

Put his whole character in context.

I still don't hear a question.

When you saw my client, did you not make the assumption he was a criminal because of how he looked? Ermno.

We arrested Bobbi Washington because we thought we had the necessary evidence.

Which you did not.

Which leads me to the question, why did you repeatedly arrest my client? Was it not because he fitted a certain profile? A certain racial profile? No.

His ethnic background had nothing to do with it.

So you don't suffer from institutional racism? No.

Not that you would admit it, even if you did.

You'll have to take my word for that.

Like the confession? Forgive me.

Perhaps you just fit a certain profile.

The jury will disregard that last remark.

With one uncorroborated confession and no forensic evidence against my client, I have submitted there is no case to answer.

Nothing has changed since the trial began.

The prosecution is anchored in this confession.

I have to say, having read the arguments, I'm finding it hard to justify carrying on.

DS Brooks is a sworn police officer with nearly 40 years standing.

Who has a partner who will not testify on his behalf.

Because he didn't hear him! OK, OK.

Stop the mudslinging.

All the evidence is circumstantial.

There's not enough here to proceed .


which is why I'm granting a halftime dismissal.

That's it? He just walks away? Albert, I'm so sorry.

I just can't believe the little sh*t that k*lled my daughter is allowed to walk free but you .


did your very best.

Don't take it personally, Ron.

How can I not? I promised his grandson, didn't I? Now even he thinks I'm a liar.

But to just dismiss it like that is outrageous.

When we get back to the office, I'll see if we can lodge an appeal.

Won't make any difference.

Any new judge will be swayed by Lockwood's decision.

We were pushing our luck with the evidence.

Ronnie doesn't deserve to be branded a r*cist, even if it was only implied.

I'll tell you what else he shouldn't be branded as.

The scapegoat.

Is Detective Brooks a r*cist? Absolutely not.

We had a suspect and we pursued them vigorously.

The case has collapsed.

Surely someone must be held responsible? This is a bad day for justice and we need to take a good, hard look at how our officers deal with these types of cases.

Thank you.


Ah, gov.

These are the latest statements.

Came in this afternoon.

There's bound to be something in here.

I need you to see something.

Gov, all due respect, I need to be getting on with this.

Don't make me pull rank.

Borough Commander Stone wants you to take a look at this.

Yeah, no problem.

It's based in Hackney so less of a commute for you.

Better hours.

You could be home every night by six.

Divisional Intelligence? This will take me off the street.

So ..

I'm the sacrifice? After nearly 40 years? I think I deserve better than that, don't you? Stone wants you to think about it overnight.

I need to give him an answer by ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

All right, I've read this statement three times already and I still can't remember anything in it.

Time to call it a night, mate.

We can't call it a night.

Ron! I'm not seeing anything new here.

Well, you know what? We've missed something.

We've got to keep looking.

I don't know, have a cup of tea, just give your brain a rest.

All right.


What number are you on? Six.

Six? Yes.

Oh, straight in, look at that.

In it goes.

Yes, get in, Ron.


Ron, are you all right? Yeah.

Come on, Joe.

Follow me.


Your voice when you rang, I thought lives were at stake.

They are, Kayla, love.

They are.

There you go.

Bloody hell.

Well done, love, thank you very much.

When we arrested Bobbi Washington at Liverpool Street station, he was wearing that.

Plain red football shirt, generic logo.

However, this eyewitness clearly states, 'On the day of the stabbing he was wearing a red football shirt with a gold number seven on the front.

' There's another shirt.

Now, I think that is blood.

Washed out, but still there.

Bag it up.

Bobbi came round here Saturday morning, didn't he, Jamal? And you washed that Kn*fe for him.

What were you thinking? I was trying to protect him.

I did it for you.

You know why most criminals get caught? Cos they're even more stupid than we are.

Seriously, why keep a bloodstained shirt? My dad bought it for me.

My real dad.

It's the only thing I've got left of him.

Bobbiwhat did you say to Detective Brooks? I told him the white b*tch deserved it.
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