01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Rig". Aired: January 6, 2023 - present.
A group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig are due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog cloaks them and supernatural forces take hold.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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[waves crashing]

[ominous music]



What do you want?

What do you want from me?



[theme music playing]

[music continues]

[music fades]

How's the mood out there?

A lot of blame. Bit of anger.

Not so much trust.

Sounds like someone
should do something about that.

Don't look at me.

[Magnus] I'm not losing Baz.

Post them by the boats.

[door closed]

[footsteps approaching]

- [Fulmer] Hey.
- [pants] Jesus!

Gotta put a bell on you.


Can we talk?

- I'm kinda busy right now.
- I can help.

You can help explain to me
how a living organism hitched a ride

on the ash out there
and how we're gonna stop it?

No. But with all that's happened,
with this, with us,

shouldn't we have a plan?

[chuckles] I have a plan.
I told you that when we started.

I do well here,
I move up and I keep moving up.

I get through this, they can hardly say
I can't handle the unexpected.

So you're going to stick with Pictor.
Even after the decommission?

This industry needs to change
but it doesn't have to die.

If I can get to the board,
I can get them to reposition.

Carbon capture, renewables, tidal.

That's the way to keep everything moving
and everybody working.

So you want oil companies
to stop drilling for oil.

When the first companies started
in the North Sea,

they were told that it was impossible.

And then they went and they built one of
the most complex construction projects

on the face of the planet.

So you don't think they could help
build a better future if they wanted to?

Are we in this better future?


We had four months of sneaking
around to talk about this

and we didn't get to it then so...
Now is not the time.

- Baz is still out there.
- And that's where he can stay.

Right now, I'm more worried about
who's in here.

Any progress?

I think I've found a way to test the crew.

So we take a sample of blood
from everyone,

mix a small amount with the one
we have from Baz

and if we see a reaction then we know that

that person can't have
previously been infected.

And you can do that
with what we have on board?

I mean it'll take some time
but Cat can help.

If we find more cases
it'll split the crew.

They're already split.


Two, three... [Dunlin grunts]

Should've put him with the drinks.

That ain't funny.


We can handle it from here,
if you want a rest.

I'm fine.

Who tells the families?

Magnus notifies the company.
The company notifies the police.

If we ever get the comms back.

On my first trip I thought
about writing a letter.

To leave behind, just in case.

- Yeah?
- We don't do that.

My mum was scared.

I thought it would help...

We don't do that.

It's bad luck.

Hey, Murc, you alright with that?

Keeping them in the freezer?

Where else you gonna put them?

When I was on this sub we had a guy
in the freezer for two months.

Had to shift him every time
somebody wanted the ice cream.

You ever hear any shit
like this in the Navy?

Nah, they wouldn't let you hear about it.

Real good at keeping secrets.

Them and everyone else, eh?

But it's a big ocean.

You sail across the top, man,
makes you think you've seen all of it.

Then you go down below, in the dark,
so it's all around you, pressing in.

Some of that water hasn't
seen the surface in thousands of years.

Makes you feel pretty small pretty quick.

Then the sonar starts to
ping, ping, ping.

'Cause something's out there.

And it's found ya'.

And all of a sudden that big empty ocean
starts feeling real crowded.

Shut up.

No, whatever's happening out there,
people caused it.

f*cking Russians or something.

There's not some Moby d*ck monster
swimming around.

Moby d*ck was a whale.
Ahab's the monster.

Whale, monster, Franken-fish.
Whatever. It's bullshit.

We know more about the surface of the moon
than the bottom of the ocean.

Plenty of places for something to hide.

Doesn't matter what was causing it.
What matters is getting home.

And who's getting us there.

Change your record, Hutton.

If you wanted Magnus's job you've had
just as many years as him to get it.

But you didn't. 'Cause you ain't up to it.

And he is?

Yeah, he is.

Well, I think... err, Leck and Alwyn
might disagree with you.

But if you wanna wait 'till there's
a few more bodies in the freezer...

don't say I didn't warn you.

You're a callous c**t Hutton.

[Heather] Guys! Come and look.

The fog.

It's going.

- [eerie music]
- [wind whooshing]

This means we're safe right?

We can go home?

Nah, I wouldn't count on it.

Oh, God.


Could that be why the SBV went to them?

Could be. Guess it never made it either.

Never thought that after all this
we'd be the lucky ones.

We have to go and get them.
There could be survivors.

- Get them? How?
- The lifeboats.

They ain't designed for that.

They're only meant to get you away from
the rig then get picked up by the FRCs.

Even if you could pilot one that far
without getting knocked off course,

which is a big "if,"

they still wouldn't
have enough fuel for the round trip.

You'd most likely end up
floating to Norway.

[Heather] We've got to try.

That amount of smoke,
I doubt there's anyone left to save.

[wind whooshing]

[suspenseful music playing]


What you doing?

Put that down, step back.

Is this what's happening to me?

Look mate, we can help ya.

Soon as we're back home,
they'll figure this out.

I can't go back.

There's something here...
something I have to do.

I keep seeing it.

It's, it's like trying to be in
a hundred different dreams, all at once.

What did you do to Alwyn?

I didn't mean to...

but the light...

Life makes it stronger.

That's why it needs us.

What d'you mean "us?"

Rose, it's okay I'm here.
Just stay back.

The sample.

[Rose] Baz, we need your blood
to find out what's wrong with you.

- We have to go after him.
- We can't, he's too dangerous.

- We tell Magnus first. [huffing]
- Okay.

[dialing phone]

[Rose] Magnus, you need to
come down to the lab.

[eerie music playing]

- [waves crashing]
- [thunder rumbling]

Did he get anything?

He's taken his sample.
I can't do the testing without it.

The door to the Wet Change B was open.
Must've gone back outside.

Then he could be anywhere. Shit.

- You didn't think to come and get us?
- Well, I didn't have time.

He was right there.

- How long were you with him?
- Less than a minute.

- Alone?
- Until Rose came.

If you're right about this thing,
then Baz can spread it, right?

Infect others?

It's possible.

If we can't test everyone
we have to isolate the most likely cases.

- At least until we know more.
- So, you're talking about me.

You were outside last night,
now you're in here with him.

You got a cut.

- It's not personal, Fulmer.
- Aye, maybe not for you.

[Cat] Okay, Fulmer.

I've asked Cat to check everyone
who was outside for injuries.

- Tattoos and fillings too.
- It's not definitive.

If they'd been infected
they could have healed already.

It's what we got.

If we get Baz back,
can you still do the tests?

Yes, potentially.

Any ideas on how we do that?

[indistinct chattering]

We lost two men last night.



We aren't gonna lose any more.

I know you're all tired.

I know this isn't where you want to be.

- Understatement.
- [crowd murmurs]

Without the SBV
the only way back is the choppers,

and until we restore communication
with the beach

we don't know if they're coming.

In the meantime,
we make this place as safe as we can.

And we do it together.
The arguing, the fighting, it stops. Now.

We're one crew.


Erm, yeah...

First job, clean up.

Now that the fog has gone
and the ash has stopped...

I want the deck areas washed down.

Clean sweep.
Let's get this crap off our rig.

We'll use the deluge system
on the Production Module,

then the deck crew with brushes
and hoses over here.

This module is a clean zone.
I don't want any cross contamination.

- Got it?
- [crew together] Yes, boss.

The rest of ya' are on a search team.

We go find Baz, we bring him back,
we stop this thing before it gets worse.

Whoa... you wanna get him back?

I told you. One crew. Baz included.

The cameras don't have full coverage
so we're gonna have to search everything.

The Production Module, too.

Heather, Easter, Murchison
you take the Mud Pit room.

Err Hutton, Garrow, Dunlin,
workshops and storage rooms.

- [Murchison] One question.
- [Magnus] Go ahead.

What if we find him and
he doesn't want to come back?

Don't give him that option.

Meeting's over.

You're pairing me with Hutton?

He knows the Production Module best.

He should be locked up again
after what he did last night.

Why'd you think I'm putting him with you?

Don't let him out of your sight.
We've got enough trouble as it is.

[eerie music playing]

- Enough?
- Enough.

They'll be at it a while.
You could rest.

When it's done.
Until then I'll stick to the coffee.

I don't know who told Scottish people
that this was coffee

- but they really got you good.
- [sighs]

You should see this place
when it runs out.

Let's hope we find him soon then.


My wife used to tell me,

"Hope is what you do
when you're letting things get worse."

You're married?

Separated. Guess she was right.

Alright listen up,
take it slow and careful.

Start from the top,
work your way down...

Alright boys, it's a full washdown.

You know the score. Get going.

You'll be wanting to tell them
how to run a bath next.

[Hutton] Let's go!

- You alright?
- Yeah. Peachy.

[metallic creaking]

[machinery whirring, thumping]

[Heather] What's all the noise?

I thought the wells were shutdown.

Ah there's still plenty of juice
in the t*nk.

After shutdown we gotta vent the excess
and burn it off with the flare.

Look, it's mostly a*t*matic
but it's still dangerous.

If it moves, don't touch it.

It's like a maze in there.
He could be anywhere.

Look, the sooner we're in,
the sooner we're out.

[phone ringing]

Control, we're starting our search.

Got you. Stay in your groups.

I'd rather this was done right than fast.

Easy for him to say.

[Dunlin] Enough moaning.
Let's meet in the middle. Let's go.

[Magnus] You found anything?

- Nothing that makes any sense.
- [Magnus sighs]

Whatever we're dealing with
has to be something new.

[Magnus] Not necessarily.

Way back, sailors used to tell stories
about the Sargasso Sea.

A ship would be crossing the ocean,

hundreds of miles from land,
all of a sudden this fog rolls in.

The wind drops, ship begins to slow.

And the fog rolls out again
but the ship still doesn't move.

'Cause all around it, as far as
the eye can see, there's seaweed.

A whole island of it.

There's nothing for it to grow from,
there was no waves to bring it in.

It's as if it's just risen from the deep.

So, the ships trapped. Rudder's fouled.

Stuck in the middle of a forest
where no forest has a right to be.

Good story.

Yeah, well, that's what people
used to think. Just a story.

Then a few years ago, the weeds came back.

Nine million tons of it,

choking sea lanes and beaches
across the Caribbean.

So, you're saying I shouldn't plan
a vacation there if we get back?

No, I'm saying most myths trace back
to some kind of truth.

I mean, you say this is something new
but... Maybe it's something old.

[Murchison] I never got
why you kids even came out here.

We didn't know what all this
was doing to the world.

Not when we signed up. You do.

You mean keeping the lights on,
hospitals open, cars moving,

tractors in the fields
so they can grow that food you cook.

There won't be any food growing anywhere
not when we've b*rned up the atmosphere.

Right so boomers broke it
but we have to fix it.

Way to take responsibility.

I take more than most.
You had choices.

Oh yeah, two global recessions,
w*r on terror, pandemic, student debt,

fascists on the march and
a f*cked up future. How lucky we are.

You are lucky.

I've worked in Angola, Nigeria, places
where Pictor doesn't need to worry so much

about a wee oil spill.
You should see what it's like there.

Oh, I should? Why me?

[sighs] Ah, leave it.

You know what I mean. Us. People.
The great grand human race.

We f*cked up the planet. And then
we act surprised when it f*ck us back.

Sounds like a f*ck might be what you need.

Oh. You're on my case too?
So much for the rebellion of youth.

Look Murc, I just drive a crane.

Find me someone who'll pay me more not to,
and I'll do that instead.

Until then...

[machinery whirring, thumping loudly]

[sighs] Baz?

Are you in here?

- [metal clangs]
- Oh, sorry.

Just stay out my way.

It's not Baz he's trying to save.
Magnus I mean.

- What, you a psychiatrist now?
- No, I'm just saying,

your kid, that's not a loss
you'd come back from.

Not all the way.
And now Leck and Alwyn have gone too.

Unless you've got a point for once,

how about you keep
your diagnosis to yourself?

Where the f*ck is Baz?

[electricity crackling]

[ominous music playing]


Fulmer's asking for ya'.

I've gotta keep going on this.
How is he?

No signs of change.
What about your patient?

Well, these are the spores from the ash.

And look at this.

So all the oil in the world is made
from ancient living matter,

mostly plants, compressed
inside the layers of the Earth.

But sometimes,
things get fossilized instead,

- like these spores here.
- Can I? Can I see?

Yeah, they look like the spores
from the ash.

Now this core was brought up on
the first surveys of this field.

The company isn't interested in fossils
but they still have to log them.

So, we know that these spores
have been found before.

At least five times
across different geological layers,

all during mass extinction events.

And the largest deposits are found here

at this major extinction event

at the end of the Permian Period.

It's million years ago.

Ninety five percent of
all life disappears.

It's the closest the planet's
ever come to a total wipe-out.


What caused it?

It's the greatest m*rder mystery
of all time.

Scientists referred it to as
"The Great Dying."

- Is there a good part coming up?
- Oh, you bet.

The oil that we have been pumping
this whole time,

that this whole field is sitting on,
is Permian.

[gate unlocking]

[Garrow] Baz?

Baz, I just wanna help you, mate.

[liquid splashing]

Okay, Toto.

Hey lads, you coming?
I'm not doing all this creepy stuff.

[Cat] All looks normal.

Medical Corps?
How long did you serve?

Eight years.

Then two in the hole
trying to get over it.

And then out here.

What got you out the hole?

I almost didn't, mate.

So if we don't get Baz back,
how long do I need to stay in here?

I know it doesn't seem like it now, mate,

but Rose, she just wants to keep you safe.

- Or keep her safe.
- Maybe.

But ain't that what you want?

Well it's the last time
I'm coming out here, that's for sure.

What about you?

Me and Kacey, we've got a plan.
And it is going to be nice.

And boring.

We're supposed to stick together.

Yeah, well you fell behind.
I was following Garrow.

What's in these? And why are they locked?

[Dunlin] No idea.

Must have come in on the last rotation.

I'll check the incoming equipment log
when we're back.

So where the f*ck is Garrow?

[Garrow gurgles, yells]

[Dunlin] Garrow?

- Argh, get me up, get me up, get me up.
- [Dunlin] You alright?


- [Garrow] f*ck!
- What happened?

He was hiding in the back.
He rushed me.

[Garrow groans]

[huffing] You two spooked him and he ran.

- Lucky us.
- Which way did he go?

Towards the Mud Pit Room.
You can still catch him if you go now.

- Nah, we should call it in.
- f*ck that! We've got him. Let's go.

He's right. I'll be fine. You go.

Nah. We're not splitting up again.

We stay together and warn the others.

[machinery whirring]



Is that you?

It's alright. Come look at this.

[whirring continues]

What is it?

What sort of plant grows on oil?



[Heather] It's another tremor!

Garrow... open your hand.

[Dunlin] Garrow!


[loud metallic creaking]

[alarms beeping]

[electronics powering down]

We're losing power everywhere.
I'm blind.

[electricity sparks]


Give it a moment.

I can't! We could have a f*re, gas leaks.
You saw the Charlie.

- Can you fix it?
- Not me.

- You can't let him out yet.
- I don't have a choice.

[eerie music playing]

[Magnus] Fulmer, you go.

You fix the power.
You come back. Got it?

It's not a request.

Cat, prep for possible casualties.

[Cat] Got ya.

[breathing heavily]

- Is everything d*ad?
- Yeah.

Look, I'm sorry about earlier.
You were right, I shouldn't...

How about we do relationship maintenance

when we're not in
immediate mortal peril, okay?

Can you fix this?

I've gotta go down to the SSCR
to get to the breakers.

When the alarm lights start flashing,
h*t the reboots.

- Which ones?
- All of them!

Lord watch over me and protect me.

[eerie music playing]


They're getting stronger. The visions.

I can see better here. I can feel them.

This is where I need to be.

I saw the wave.

I saw the ocean, the seabed,

the land that was there before.

And that's just the start.

It's like a memory millions of years long.

Scars on top of scars, all the way back
to the very beginning.

It wants me to see,
but there's so much.

And then the rig and the dark.

We have to stop it.

Baz, whatever you're hearing,
or seeing, trust me, I believe you.

Whatever is out here, is real.

And... and we can help you.

But you've got to stop hurting people.

I didn't mean to. I didn't.

We were att*cked.
We're still being att*cked.

This place...

I have to defend it.

Defend from what?

[eerie music playing]

[Baz huffing]
I don't know. But it's dying.

It's all dying.

And when it goes, it all goes.

It was the beginning
and it will be the end.

[breathing heavily]

- You got out fast.
- He was f*cking there. I saw him.

We've gotta close this off
and get the others.

- You alright?
- We're fine.

Did Garrow come past here?

No, it's just us.

Where's Heather?

What, you left her?

- Where?
- It was pitch black.

We couldn't hear anything,
couldn't see anything.

- Where?
- Mud Pit room.


I'm going back for her.

You three go find out
what the f*ck is going on.

Come on.

[Heather] Baz, please, come back with me.

He can't leave.

We have to stop it.

[Hutton] Heather!
Stay away from her, you f*ck!

Where's Hutton? Was this him?

Did he cause the tremor?
What about the others?

Garrow and Heather?

Baz got to Garrow.
Or he was already infected.

- Heather, we don't know.
- You were supposed to keep them together!

- Where were you?
- In there.

In the dark! Where were you?!


[Heather] We're sticking with
"I saved you," right?

Yeah! Whatever you want, sister.

What happened?

- [Murchison] Come on. It's alright.
- [Easter] You good?

No I'm alright, I'm alright.

So Hutton, what happened?

Same thing that always happens.

You pitch up just in time to be too late.

[electricity powering up]

[machine buzzing, whirring]

[phone buzzing]


Power's being restored.
Main systems are coming back online.

[Rose] Where's Baz?

Baz and Garrow are together.

In the mud pit room, I saw them.

- Did you touch them?
- No.

Hutton came and scared them off.
And they disappeared again.

Rose, are you hearing that?
Baz got to Garrow.

Yeah copy. I wanna speak to Heather
when she gets back in.

Okay. We're coming back in.
Uh, tell Fulmer "good work."

He's still downstairs.
Should I send him back to the Med-Bay?

[Magnus] Is it necessary?

I mean, with what you're saying
about Garrow,

I still don't know if he can be trusted.

[Magnus] You've done the tests.
It's your call.


- [Fulmer] Thanks for the support.
- [sighs]

Magnus, the flare.

The flare is out.

[Magnus] Shit.

Everyone inside. Now! Come on.

Let's go! Inside!

I need complete electrical isolation to
the production module, ESD one.

We need to open the breakers
and isolate the electrical plant.

What's our wind direction and speed?

South, Southwest. Seven knots.

bl*wing away from the platform.

[Magnus] If it changes,
we're gonna be choking on condensate.

[Hutton] Until it explodes.

The ignition system isn't responding.

Can we shut it off at the source?

[Hutton] Yeah, it's back in there
with Baz and Garrow.

You first.

I need options.

Could we relight it manually?

How else you gonna do it Magnus?

No there's no manual ignition procedure.

[Hutton] Not in the books. no.

But back in the day, before we were, uh...
H&S compliant,

when this used to happen,
the stack goes out,

someone's gotta get out there.

Get as close as they can to the cloud,
and sh**t a flare through it. Boom!

[Dunlin] We'd have to use the crane.

But... get too close and be cooked
by the blowback for sure.

It's doable.

Ah, it's too risky.

[Fulmer] I'll do it.

It doesn't have to be you.

Well it's less of a risk
if you might be d*ad already.


We do it the old fashioned way.

I'm ready.

[Magnus] Easter will boom you out.

Get you as close as possible.

When you take the sh*t, you drop flat,
we'll swing you away,

out of any blow back.

Got it.

[suspenseful music playing]

- Just hope I don't miss.
- You do good work Fulmer. You won't.

[crane whirring]

[suspenseful music continues]

He's only doing this to prove
he's still one of us.

I should never have quarantined him.

You were protecting us.

If he didn't understand that,
he wouldn't be doing the same.

[Magnus] Stop there.

[gas hissing]

What the f*ck is he doing now?

- He's taking the harness off.
- Fulmer, no!


Put the harness back! Fulmer!

[Magnus] What you doing?

He's gonna sh**t and run.

Stupid bastard.

[breathing heavily] Time to shine.


[indistinct chattering]

Come on, get over there!

[Cat] Stretcher team, go!

Stay. We'll bring him in.

[Magnus] Fulmer!

That's it, mate. Come on pal.
Come on, mate.

- That's it. Easter!
- I'm on it, I'm on it.

You take his top end. I've got his feet.

- [Easter] I got him.
- [Magnus] One, two, three, up.

[Easter] Cat's coming!
Cat's coming Fulmer!

[Cat] Keep him level lads. That's it.

Move back! We need to get through.

That's it. We've got a corner
coming up lads, yeah?

Slowly, easy does it.

- Is he gonna be...
- [Cat] He's breathing.

We've got burns and smoke inhalation.
But I need to examine him.

He's gonna be alright.
Let Cat do her work.

- I can help.
- No, you need to stay out for now.

I'll come and get you when we can.
Go and get some fresh air or something.

[Cat] Okay, wait for my instruction
as you're lowering him onto the table.

Okay, one, two, three. Lower.

That's it, right, we're gonna do straps.

And oxygen.

Can someone close
that door, please?

- Yeah, got it.
- Thank you.

Get the straps off please, lads.

Get the big oxygen on please, Easter.

Now what I want you to do
is take the straps off for me, okay?

[sad music playing]


Got time for that rest now?

[Magnus] Do you?

I'm gonna wait.

How is he?

Still unconscious, but stable.
Cat's working on the burns.

Baz is still over there.
Garrow too.

We don't have what we need to help them.

I'm setting a guard on the bridge.

No one crosses.
Not until we know what's really going on.

Heather said he tried to speak to her.
Said the same as to Fulmer.

That it's like memories,
reaching far back.

Memories of what was here before,
but they were under att*ck.

Any idea what it means?

Not yet.

But you were right.

Whatever is causing this,
it isn't something new.

It's something old.

And it's waking up.

I'll speak to Heather.

As for you...

my advice...

focus on what you've still got.

I don't even know if he can hear me.

Doesn't matter.

It's not for him.

- You wanted me?
- Yeah, um...

Could you, uh, take over the console?

There's, uh, something I need to do.

Oh. Uh, I'm not fully trained on it yet.

Why don't you take a bit of that faith
that you got and spend it on yourself?

Trust me...

you can handle it.


- Wait, what are you going to do?
- [door closes]

[door opens]

He's stable.

Luckily his suit's heat resistance
took a lot of it so...

- Can I see him?
- Of course.

[heart monitor beeping]

I hope you didn't do all that
so we'd all think you were a hero.

Idiot maybe.

Can I be both?



[breathing heavily]


What is it?

[Baz] It gets worse when I'm around here.

This is it.

This is what's being used to att*ck us.

We need to shut it off.

We need to start fighting back.

[waves crashing]

[eerie music playing]
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