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01x05 - Episode 5

Posted: 01/22/23 13:36
by bunniefuu
[waves rumbling]

[engine revving]

- [Easter] It's from the Charlie.
- Better cancel the leaving party then.

[Heather] Do you think it's full?
Could be up to people in there.

How the hell did they make it
through an expl*si*n that big?

Probably the same way Baz
survived his fall.

We're not helping them standing here.
Let's go.

[Cat] Let's go!

We can't leave them down there for long.

We can bring them up on the spider deck.

[Dunlin] We'll have to do it fast.
There's no bumper down there.

Once we tie to the rig, that lifeboat
will take a battering.

[Rose] I know.

You're not seriously thinking
of letting them up here.

God knows what they're bringing in
with them.

We need to know what happened over there.

What about what is happening here?

There are no fans left for sh*t to h*t.

You wanna go down there
and tell them to keep sailing?

Better than ending up like Baz. Or Fulmer.

I'm not abandoning them. Any of them.

She's right.
It's what Magnus would have done.

Well, Magnus ain't here.

And who exactly put you in charge anyway?

I did.

Along with about years and pages
of Pictor operating procedures.

So, if you don't wanna help us, fine,

but I'm not leaving those people
down there to drift and die.

We can help them, and they could help us.

We should still check them.

I'll get Cat to do it. You stay here.

And make sure the rest of the crew
don't get in our way.

[door opens then shuts]

[Easter] I'll put an empty rope.
Get the gate!

[Heather] Let's hope there's someone alive
in there to catch it.

[Cat] If anybody's wet, we need
to wrap them up straight away.

[Rose] I need you back
in the med bay, Cat.

It's not safe down here.

[Cat] Is it safe anywhere?

[indistinct chatters]

We need to test the new arrivals.

Check their blood pressure,
see if they have fillings, tattoos.

All those are good signs.
Means they're clear.

[Easter] Got it! Pounce...

It's makeshift, I know.
But it's the best we can do.

[Easter] Folks, ready?

How many of you?
Any casualties?

This is a mistake.

Yeah, they'll probably know that
when it's too late.

- [man] You all right?
- Get out of my way.


Here, put this on.

- Where's Rose Mason?
- You're welcome, mate.

- It's only a bit of freezing water.
- Where is she?

I need to get to the control room.

- We need to screen everyone first.
- I don't have time for that.

This is my rig. You follow my rules.

It's not your rig.
All assets belong to the company.

David Coake, Pictor Research & Expansion.

Where is your control room?

Bring everyone to the med bay.
Make sure they're all checked.

[Heather] Watch your step.

You better know what you're doing, Dunlin.

[woman] Ready?

[man] Where's the med bay?

[man ] Is that all?


- [man ] You'll be all right.
- Cheers.

[man sighs]


Hey, Harish.

[theme music plays]

[Rose] I wasn't notified
Research & Expansion were in this field.

What is it you're doing here?

[clicks mouse]

[Coake] Research.

[exhales sharply]

On a specific project?

Your wells are shut down?

We had to close the triple S valve.

And we've lost the remote link
to the production module.

Who's running the systems over there?

- Has pump control been compromised?
- The whole production module has.

[Coake] Did you let that happen?

We've had some bigger issues...

since the fog came in.

I bet you have.

Some of our crew
have had a psychological difficulty.

Maybe more.

They're in control
of the production module

and we've had to restrict access.

[Rose] Which is why we needed
to test you coming on.

I'm fine.

[Rose] And why we need to know
what happened on the Charlie.

We had a pressure failure,
and then a f*re, and then an expl*si*n.

And I lost a lot of good people in it.
That's what happened.

[Croake] We need to prioritise getting
access to the production module.

Shouldn't we focus
on getting everyone home?

Your comms lead can take the reins
on that.

Fulmer. Our comms lead's name is Fulmer,
and he's over there too.

So you've had no contact with the beach?

We had a brief connection earlier,

but then it dropped off
before we could confirm rescue.

Tell me about any contact
straight away, got it?

You still haven't told us
what you were doing over there.

Do you know what's causing all this?

- Do you?
- No, that's why I'm asking.

We need to know what we're dealing with
if we're gonna get everybody home.


It's funny hearing you say that.
Caring about getting your crew home.

You're pretty notorious at headquarters.

What's he on about?

- No...
- [Croake] Didn't she tell you all?

She's gonna be leading
the decommissioning taskforce.

You kept that quiet.

I'm sorry, Dunlin, you heard Magnus
on the helideck.

There's no alternative.

Doesn't mean you gotta hold the axe
for them, does it?

I'm designing a programme with Pictor.
To retrain you all.

We're gonna roll it out
as soon as we get home.

Sending grown men back to school.

It's embarrassing, Rose.

Better watch out.
You're going to end up as popular as me.

You still haven't told me.
What are Pictor doing out here?


Where's your OIM?
Or don't tell me. You've lost him as well.

[Cat] We thought we were on our own
out here for a while.

Yeah, us too.

Retinas are good.

What happened over there?

It all started with him. Coake.

As soon as he came on board.

he sent our OIM and a bunch of our guys
back to the beach.

Those of us that were left
were drafted into this, um,

this "new equipment test."

But that wasn't what it was.

- What was it?
- From what I could tell,

it was something to do
with carbon capture and storage.

The new equipment he installed
on the production module

reversed the process.

We weren't drawing oil up from the well,

we were sending something down.

Do you think that's what
those injectors are for?

How did the expl*si*n happen?

Right after we started, the fog came in.

People started acting weird, disappearing.

But Coake stayed in the control room,
you know, and he was calm.

Like, like he'd done this all before.

I'm starting to like this guy
less and less.

Yeah, join the club.

So then his test started going wrong.

Pressure warnings.
Big kicks from the well.

But he keeps pushing it
and pushing it and pushing it...

Easy, easy, easy.
You'll be all right, mate.

One-forty over eighty, please.

Meant there were a lot
of empty seats on that lifeboat.

- He's got a piercing.
- What?


Can you show me?

How would you know that?

Um... we did a CPD course together
last summer and...


Okay. Why are you being so shy, poor boys?

I'm literally about to have a baby
with another woman.

[both chuckle]

No, no. Not shy, just...

Just that he ghosted me, so...

- That's not true.
- [chuckles]

- Well, the piercing is a good sign.
- All right.

Should mean that you're clear.

[Cat] If you need anything to help you
sleep in the meantime...

I should be all right. Thanks.
I am starving though.

That we can fix.

[Heather] I'll come find you in a bit.

[door shuts]

- I'm glad you're all right.
- Thanks.

Not rid of me yet.

[waves rumbling]

[Cat] Okay. Cross check the names
with their crew list, please.

- What for?
- So we know who didn't make it.

Cat, are you...?

Asking if you're okay is stupid, right?
But after what happened.

I'm fine, Heather. Don't worry about it.

And we're fine.
You were only looking after me.

Wait and trust, right?


- Cat, Heather.
- All right, boss.

I, uh, thought I could do with a check-up.

And I'd say I owe you an apology.

[door shuts]

- I see we have visitors.
- Yeah. From the Charlie. Not many though.

[Cat] A pump of this under your tongue
every three to four hours, please.

Used to treat angina. Am I that old?

Stress is normal.
Especially after these few days.

I hope you know that earlier,
my outburst...

Yeah, it was misplaced.

I know. We all do that sometimes.

All this has just...

You can focus on the work, but...

at the back of my mind, uh...

my boy, Thomas, is always there.

Oh, sorry. It's not a nice subject
for a mum to be.

Honestly, it's all right, mate.

[exhales sharply]

[ominous music plays]

[knock on door, door opens]

Are you all right?

I'm getting there.

[Magnus] How are the new arrivals?

There was no choice. I had to let them up.

That was the right call.


That's what I keep telling myself.

But... there's something weird
about this Coake guy.

And what happened over there.

Cat said Fulmer is missing.
He went across to Baz.

Yeah, not such a good call there.


I don't know how to make sense
of all this.

This symbol has got to be a link
to what we found on the seabed, but...

I mean, if Fulmer would've just waited,

maybe I could have triggered something
for him.

A connection that we can't make.

It's not just about that, though, is it?

I don't know who he thinks I am.

Have I ever, ever given the sense
that I need protecting?

Especially by him.

Well, maybe he thought he needed
to make that decision on his own.

Well, by doing that,
he's risking the lives of everyone.

Taken information with him
that could potentially help us.

A way of communicating with this thing.

- We're so close, but...
- [Magnus] Hey.

If you're getting close,
you gotta keep going.

That's the best way to help him.

I don't know.

[Magnus] I'll be right here.

You can show me what we're dealing with.


[keyboard clacking]

[keyboard clacking]

Magnus MacMillan. OIM.
Welcome to the Bravo.

David Coake. Head office.

Have you had any contact with the beach?

[sighs] Not since this all started.

Did Derek make it across?

- Your OIM?
- He got called back to shore.

We lost a lot of good men.

But I've got my orders.

You lost control of the production module.

At least we still have one.

Unlike the Charlie.

I've restricted access
until we know what we're dealing with.

- We need access to the pump control.
- Rose is leading on it.

Hmm, glad somebody is.

It's not a lot but it's what we've got.

Great. Hardly enough to go round as it is.

You could always give up your share.

Yeah. Right.

Hey, Dunlin, hope you got a plan
to feed us all

now you've let this lot all on board.

Listen, we need to talk. But not here.

- Oh, intimate, is it?
- I'm being serious.

Trust me...'ll want to hear this.

It's about Rose and Coake.

Who's Coake?

That's what we're gonna find out.

I looked him up, Coake,
on the offline database.

- And?
- Nothing.

- And he's not listed on the Charlie.
- [Heather] He's not listed anywhere.

You were with him.
How was he accessing the systems?

He was using a temporary account.

Yeah, the IT tech set it up for him
when he first got on board.

And then he made them wipe it every day.

Do you think he wiped it before you left?

He made us wipe everything
on the test we were runnin', but... weren't like a deep clean.
There was no time for that.

Well, we should check.

See what files he accessed
before coming here.

- What are you looking at?
- Uh, just...

There's something about these circles.

I mean, Baz talking about rings,

then we find them on the seabed,
these drawings that Fulmer made.

They're all pointing the same way,
I just can't...

Well, I don't wanna put you off.

No, no, no. What, what, what's up?

About last night...

You know it's...

It's like Heather said.

I was right there, in the spores,
but it wasn't aggressive.

More curious.

What if it didn't need to be told?

- When it touched me, what if it...
- It knew.

And left you alone.

Yeah, like it recognised new life, and...

wants to protect it.

We need more evidence.

They look like the layers on your charts.

Or the rings of a tree.

Yeah, good years and bad years.

Oh, my God.

The rings.

If this organism
is as old as I think it is,

how would it measure time?

We think in days, months, and years,

but for it, even a century,
even a millennia,

passes in a millisecond.

And down in the depths,

it wouldn't use the sun
or the changes in the stars.

- Tides?
- Not tides. Life.

The ebb and flow.
I can't believe I missed this.

- [Rose sighs]
- Rose.

[ominous music plays]


You took your time.

[Rose] At first I thought it had something
to do with the structure of the spores.

But then I measured the ratio
between each of the rings,

and I should've seen it right then.
[exhales sharply]

Seen what?

So when you look at the layers
of the Earth,

or the rings of a tree,

their structure tells you their age
and the condition

at the time they were formed, right?

Well, what if this is the same?

The gap between each of the rings

matches the time between each
of the five major mass extinction events.

- We've got Ordovician, Devonian, Permian.
- The Great Dying.

Exactly. Which makes this last ring,
the Holocene, which is us now.

And the circle is closing.

Are you saying... it wants to destroy us?

That's what happened on the Charlie.

- I thought it was an expl*si*n.
- Caused by the people it had infected.

They did something to the well
then they opened it.

Probably trying to bring more of it up.

If you'll give me a team,

let me send them across
to the production module...

Absolutely not.

We've lost too many to this thing.

I have executive orders

to continue with the processes
undertaken on the Charlie.

Yeah, and things worked out so well
for you over there, didn't they?

Coake, you need to tell us what you know.

Full transparency.
Are the injectors part of Project Cirein?

They're for carbon capture and storage.

What you've been touting
as the future of this company.

I would know about that.

Well, some things
are above your paygrade, love.

- [snickers]
- Hey, I'm not having that.

Show some respect.

We're not sending anyone else over there.
Not until we're sure.

Fine. I'll be in the control room.

[Rose exhales sharply]

The man's an arsehole.

It's just what we need.


- What are we gonna do with all this?
- [Rose] I don't know.

If Fulmer was here,
maybe he could help us understand it.

But without him,
we're still reaching in the dark.

[ominous music plays]

Look, um...

I'm sorry about the accident.

What's happened to you is...

it's my fault.

Everything's different now.

When you stop fighting,
everything changes.

It's astonishing.

Wisdom doesn't suit you, Baz.

What are you doing here?

We're trying to repair the damage done.
And stop any more.

- With this?
- Can't you feel it?

We need to disconnect it
before anyone activates it.

Or it activates itself.

Don't you want your life back?

Two days ago, all you were worried about
was that stag do in Prague.

I was in such a rush back then.
Trying to fit everything in.

But you have to trust me.

- We're the same now.
- No.

No, we're not.

And I can't work out why.

My injuries were worse.

I'd have d*ed without it.

It'll grow, though.

Stronger within you.

- How do I stop that?
- You don't.

But I can help you harness it.

Use it for good.

If you help us.

But I know we've never been
the best of friends,

but we can leave all of that.

We need to protect it
so they can protect us.

Don't fight it. Trust me.
You're here for a reason.

- That's him.
- You're Coake, right?

I've had enough of welcoming committees,

[Hutton] So you've seen the shitshow
upstairs, then?

[Dunlin] We need proper leadership
if we're gonna get out of this.

That's what this crew wants,
let's talk.

- All right, what's this about?
- Change in management.

Look, I can understand your frustration
with them upstairs.

And I'm sorry about your friends.
The ones you've lost.

Yeah, none of this should have happened.

You're right. It shouldn't.

Same goes for the decommissioning
your pocket princess keeps pushing.

The CCS equipment I was testing
on the Charlie, if that works,

it'll extend the life of this field
for years.

We've already installed
the same system here.

Yeah, in the production module
with Baz and Garrow and Fulmer.

Good luck with that.

There's a way we can remove them safely
and get them help.

In the meantime
I'll be able to finish my work,

and then get you all back to yours.

So how do we do it?

There's a shipment
of compressed CO on board

to test the CCS equipment.

Those locked containers
in the Chemical Store.

- They're in there, right?
- You take masks and breathing kit.

You go get the canisters,

feed the gas
into the f*re suppression system.

It'll knock them out, totally painless.

Then you find them, clear them out safely,
and start cleaning up.

Target the pump control first.

No, we should take some time.
Plan this properly.

Ah, we've been sitting
around here long enough.

Don't you wanna get home?

As long as they're over there,
they're a risk to everyone.

You still haven't told us
what this thing is.

What's causing it all?

I don't know what it is,
but I know what it wants.

It wants to keep you all here
so it can spread.

That's what it did before,
that's what it'll do now.

- Before?
- On the Charlie.

No one gets hurt, right?

Your safety is my priority.
That's why we need to do this.


Coake would've used a different name,

Are there any you don't recognise?


That Tim Hughes. I didn't meet anyone
by that name onboard.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm friendly, Easter.

I try to remember these things.

"Spread of organism is confirmed."

If it spread,
that means they've seen it before.

- No.
- Coake knew.

He already knew this thing
might be out here.

That's why Pictor sent him.

We have to tell Magnus and Rose.

[keyboard clacking]


[Fulmer] I can deactivate the anti-tamper
and switch it to manual.

[Fulmer] I'm in.

I've never seen a system like this.

You can do it. You have to.

- This isn't new, you know. This being...
- I know.

It returns when it's needed.

That's its purpose.

[machine ticking]

[ticking stops]

So you're saying all this,
everything it's done,

Alwyn, Leck, that's good?

It's the last line of defence.

It's here to make things right.

[alarm blaring]


[alarm blaring]

[alarm stops]

But this death and destruction
is not the only way to fix things.

It's not destruction. It's self-defence.

And if we can show we're listening,

we might be able to stop it
from going any further.

[Dunlin grunts]

This is the access code.

Take two canisters,
feed them into the central system.

- So you're not coming with us?
- You can handle it.

When the f*re Suppression System

the module doors will try to seal
to allow full saturation.

I'll hold them open from Control
so you can get out.

And then we'll go back for Baz and Garrow.

Once it's safe, yes.

Hey, you sure about this?
We've only just met this guy.

Let's just get it over with, yeah?

[waves rumbling]

[Hutton] Okay.


[metal lock clinks]

[Hutton] Look at that.

[metal clanking]

Mystery solved.

Hey, take one each.

These aren't just CO.

Do you wanna get home?

Take a break. I'll keep an eye.

[monitor beeps]

[Hutton] Yes, it's perfect.
We're gonna pull this place apart.

Did you feel that?

- We should check it out.
- You, you stay there.

Go keep watch.

[metal clanks]

It might retreat if we can protect it
from att*ck,

help us fix everything we've done.

Look at what it's done here.
It's restoring things to how they were.


We've had warnings before
and we've never listened.

[alarm blaring]

[alarm stops]

This isn't working.

I've got as much chance of turning it on
as turning if off.

- I tried...
- You need to keep your focus.

This isn't about us.

[Murchison] I barely recognise this place.

Come on. It's this way.

[Hutton] Right, this is it.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we should test these first.

- Coake knows what he's doing.
- Tell that to the Charlie.

Yeah, well, he got off, didn't he?

He's a survivor. And that's what we need.

[machine crackles]



[exhales sharply]

[machine whirs]

Masks on.

[Murchison] Okay.

[Hutton] Sleep tight, Baz.

[machine crackles]

Something's wrong.

That's the f*re suppression system.

- We need to get out.
- No. They're coming for us. For this.

Well, we can't stay.
We won't be able to breathe.

We have to.

You go. Find Garrow and shut it off.

I'll stay here.

[Murchison] How long do we leave it
before we start dragging them out?

All right, this stuff works pretty quick,
don't you?

[Garrow] Hutton.

What are you doing?

Look, just get out of our way.

You made your choice.
Now, just let us through.

What's going on?

You should come,
come and see what we've found.

Uh, sorry, mate. But our friends
are d*ad, right, remember?

Leck, Alwyn...

We're past sitting round
for a bit of kumbaya on the f*re.

This has gone too far.

- Just come back with us, you and Baz.
- [Garrow choking]

- We all just wanna get home, you know.
- [Garrow coughing]

[breathing heavily]


[Garrow breathing heavily and choking]

This isn't knocking him out.
It's f*cking k*lling him!

Come on, we've got to get out of here!

Don't leave me.

Dunlin! Come on!

- I'm not leaving him.
- [Murchison] You don't have a choice!

[Dunlin] Just give it a try.


[Garrow coughing]



Baz! Fulmer! You gotta get out of...

[pressure gauge beeping]

Oh, sh*t.


I'm sorry.


She'll die.


[coughing continues]

[coughing heavily]


- Does Rose know you're in here?
- No. She doesn't need to know.

Where's Dunlin?

There are people over there.
What are you doing?

[keyboard clacks]

What has to be done.

[alarm blaring]

Hurry up!

No, no, no!

No! Open up!

You need to log back in.

Right f*cking now.

It's too late.

He sealed the f*cking doors.
The bridge phone, get them to open it.

[Hutton] We're coming, Dunlin.

- [Dunlin] Open this f*cking door.
- [Hutton speaking indistinctly]

- Open this...
- Hold on! We're gonna... You're all right.

- Do you hear me?
- No!

No, no, no, stay with me!

Stay with me!



[breathing heavily]

[Hutton] Dunlin!


We're all gonna want to go, I promise you.


[breathing slowly]

[Hutton] Dunlin!

I'll get you out!

I promise!




Coake knew about all of this.
Long before it all started here.

Him and the company.

They let us get on a chopper
knowing that they were risking our lives.

That bastard.

- There's nobody else over there.
- Yes there is.

[Rose] Hey, Coake!

[Cat] f*ck's sake.

You let us come out to this field
knowing this had happened before.

Knowing you were risking our lives.

We risk our lives every time we step
on one of these platforms.

He's sent a team over to the prod.
I saw Hutton and Murch coming out.

What are they doing over there?

Trying to save your lives,
and everyone else's.

None of this is about us.
It's about survival.

- That thing is a cancer.
- [Cat] Guys...

That thing is an ancient life form.

It has intelligence and intention,

and it's older than anything
that's alive on Earth.

It could be the ancestor of everything,
all life.

Guys, he's activated
the f*re suppression system.

I can't log in. We need...

[keyboard clacking]

We have a problem.
The only way to deactivate it is manually.

- Fulmer.
- You're not going over there.

- We have to get him back.
- [telephone ringing]

He's the link between us and it.


Okay. Magnus, it's Murch.

We've got to open those doors.

All right, go. I can open the door.
You'll need an air t*nk.

- [Rose] I'll take Hutton's.
- Tell me who's inside.

- Magnus.
- What?

Dunlin is still inside.

[waves rumbling]

[keyboard clacking]

[monitor beeping]

[alarm blaring]

- They're trying to open it.
- It's too late.

[Rose] Hey!

- You just stay the f*ck back there, Rose.
- Give me the t*nk. Now.

Where's Fulmer?

We don't know where he is,
but Dunlin and Garrow...

Coake f*cking played us.

We'll deal with that later.
Where are they?

- They didn't just change, Rose. They're...
- They're gone.

- But we didn't see Fulmer.
- Why did I trust him?

That man isn't who he says he is.

Oh, shut the f*ck up, Hutton,
and get back inside.

You've done enough damage already. [sighs]

You're not seriously going back in there.

I'm not leaving him.


[exhales sharply]



Fulmer, wake up. Wake up. Come on.

[pressure gauge beeping]


You really gonna make me carry you?

[Rose grunts]

[Rose panting]

[ominous music plays]

[whistling sound]

[thunder rumbling]

- Hey.
- I'm here. I'm here.

[Fulmer panting]

- The air...
- It's okay now.

What are you doing here?


[Rose] Come on, we have to go.

[Fulmer grunts]

[Rose] You okay? Okay? Here.

Let's go.


[breathes heavily]

[objects clattering]

I f*cked it! I f*cked it!

It's okay, Hutton. Don't.

- I choked them to death.
- Don't. Don't!

Dunlin, he f*cking...
never trusted that bastard.

It was me that forced him
to go into that room.

It's my, my fault!

- Did you close the door?
- What?

- Did you close the door on him?
- What the f*ck... No!

- Then it wasn't you.
- I was in there!

Blame yourself if you want.
It won't make it easier.

[Hutton sighs]

It was my choice, you know?

I chose to stay on the rig.

They didn't even ask me. I volunteered.

And I know that if I'd been home,

like I was supposed to...

it wouldn't have happened.

Thomas would still be alive.

He'd be years old.

And I'd still be a dad.

I try not...

but it's always there in my head.

All the ways I could have saved him.

Hey, can you imagine living with that?

Feeling like the choice you made
k*lled your son.

But I didn't k*ll him.

Because I wasn't driving that f*cking car.

And you didn't k*ll Dunlin.

Hey, are you listening to me?

Punishing yourself
doesn't bring them back.

I just wanted to help.

All I ever wanted to do is help.

I need you onside, Hutton.

But I have to give it to Coake.

He got you to follow an order.

I've been trying for years.

f*ck you.

[exhales sharply]

We've gotta deal with Coake.

He can't get away with this.

No, he won't.

Trust me.


He's gone. He's gone.

[Rose grunts]

I could hear it.

When I was with Baz.

What does it want?

It's been trying to reach out.

We haven't been listening.

I'm listening now.


[sniffs] It's too much.

- All this loss.
- Come here.


It's okay.

Oh. Oh, thank f*ck you made it.

Not all of us did.

Are you both all right?

Yeah, we're good. Let's go.

Coake isn't gonna back down.

He wants to destroy this thing
at any cost.

Good luck with that.

[Rose] He's been asking a lot of questions
ever since he got here.

It's time he gave some answers.

[closing theme music plays]