01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Rig". Aired: January 6, 2023 - present.*
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A group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig are due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog cloaks them and supernatural forces take hold.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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[waves crashing]

[alarm blaring]

- What's our status?
- Cirein injector is activated.

We're at % formation saturation.

- Pressure?
- Pressure climbing.

Up to --- PSI.

Well within SWP tolerance.
Continue with the test.


[intense music playing]

- Saturation at %.
- Pressure levelling off.


- [beeps]
- Wait, no. Pressure climbing.


- What did you do?
- I didn't do anything. It's not us.

It's coming from the formation.
It's up to ,.

- That's over shutdown threshold.
- [alarm blaring loudly]

Ignore that call.

We're not playing the margins here.
It'll come down, you watch.

[Harish] This is madness.

[alarm blaring continuously]

[Charlie] Saturation at %.

That's it, beastie. One last roar.

It's going up!

- [screaming]
- [rumbling]

[theme song plays]

After the expl*si*n, what happened then?

If you deal with me, I can deal with him.

After the expl*si*n,
we managed to k*ll the well,

but we'd already lost a lot in the f*re.

Then the SBV came in but got too close.

It h*t and went down.

It took a lifeboat with it.

- How did you get out?
- We almost didn't, um...

He made us stay and wipe everything
about the experiment

on the systems that were still active.

And by that time,
there was only one lifeboat left.

We could've got more,
if we'd had waited, but...

as soon as he got on board,
he launched it.

He left people behind?

How many?

The whole way here I was looking at...

empty seats.

We could have filled every one of them.

[Coake] You were right about scrapping
this place, Rose, it's falling apart.

Shut up.

Your turn.

[door shuts]

Do you think they all still believe
that you're gonna get them home?

[Magnus] I'm asking the questions.
You're giving the answers.

- I'm sure it must look like that to you.
- We aren't playing here.

You got two of my crew k*lled.
And a lot more of your own.

I want to know what's happening. Now.

You already know what's happening.
Maximum extraction.

No matter what greenwashing
the marketing department puts out,

that's still Pictor's policy,
just like everyone else.

And that means draining every drop.
So, if there's a leak, we plug it.

If there's a blockage,
we punch through it.

If there's a thr*at... we get rid of it.

But instead, your experiment woke it up.

It's not an experiment,
it's an extermination.

A deliberate one.

This organism, this Ancestor,

if that's what your lot are calling it,
it's spreading.

Ever since Pictor found it,

it's woken up all the way
across the North Sea.

Once it gets into a reservoir,

it converts the oil
back into organic matter

and ruins the whole field.

It's all about the bottom line.

- Why am I not surprised?
- This isn't about money.

This is about survival.

You've seen what it can do
when it gets inside someone.

And the more it spreads,
the stronger it gets.

If we don't stop it now,
this'll just be the start.

And what's the end? You k*ll it all?

You k*ll Baz
and anyone else it's infected,

then you and Pictor spin more lies
about what's really happened out here.

We've tried to keep it contained

but if we can't do that,
then yes, we k*ll it.

Before it does the same to us.

So you're actually the hero. Is that it?

As long as you don't get
too close to the front line.

I'm the guy that makes the hard choices.

And you look really cut up about that.

[Fulmer] Hey. Still going then?

He's not actually listening to that guy?

We're trying to get information from him.
Anything that could help.

And what's he trying to get from us?

You could have got
researchers in, scientists.

To study this thing
before you pissed it off.

And they would have shut this field down
even quicker than Rose did.

You've seen what happens when normal life
gets disrupted for a few days,

and people get angry and scared
and hopeless.

Well, that's what'll happen
on the beach.

- If not now, then soon.
- I've seen people be brave, too.

Risking their lives for others.

And how long do you think that'll last?

That ash is gonna be creeping
through every city on the East coast soon.

Think about what'll happen
if it gets into the people there.

The food, the water.

You, more than anyone,

know that the worst thing that
can happen to a person out here

is losing what they've got back there,

and not being able
to do a damn thing about it.

But this time, we can stop it.

It's strongest here.

If we k*ll it here,
we can stop the spread.

What about the people in my crew
already infected?

Baz, Fulmer?

There's no version of this
where you get to save everyone.

You have to choose.

Stay here.

[Magnus sighs]

- That come up from below?
- Aye.

With the soft sediment samples
during maintenance years ago.

Nice souvenir.

It was going to be a present.

- So did he give you any answers?
- Not the ones we want.

He says the only way to stop the organism
from attacking the land

is to destroy it here
before it gets too strong.

- That's original.
- You really believe all this?

Ancient sea monsters
creeping up from the deep.

I don't have to believe it. I've seen it.

And trying to k*ll it isn't going to work.

Do you have an alternative?

I'm working on it with Fulmer.
We'll find one.

Do it fast.

Coake's right about one thing.

We're running out of time.

- [ominous music playing]
- [rain pattering loudly]

[Baz] Why are you shutting me out?

[Rose] Think.

You said you heard Baz speaking to you
before you left?

It was in my head, like...

like another vision.

Was there anything else that you saw
or felt when you were connected?

What is it?

I just keep thinking about
what Baz said that first night.

"There's a wave coming."


Do you think you could connect
with him again? From here?

- And say what?
- Remember quorum sensing?

The way bacteria communicate?

When bacterial colonies
encounter a new species,

they use quorum sensing to decide

whether they should
collaborate or compete.

The glow, the visions, the rings.

What if that's what it's been doing
this whole time?

Trying to decide whether
we should collaborate or compete.

I think I can guess
which way it's leaning.

That's why we need to change the message.

I didn't know you were an artist.

These are good.

- A bit dark maybe.
- Yeah, well, suits the times.

What did Magnus ask you about?

What happened on the Charlie.

Everything from when Coake arrived.

That guy's got a real death wish.

Like a company kamikaze.

No, I thought that at first, too,
but he's not.

I saw him running from the expl*si*n.

I sat with him in the lifeboat.
He's cold, but he's a survivor.

There's no way he'd be here
if he didn't have a way out.

- [electricity crackling]
- [rumbling]

[rumbling continues]

[rumbling stops]

[Heather] What was that?

[knock on door, door opens]

[door shuts]

Murch, when you were with Coake,

did he talk about getting back
to the beach?

Oh, he talked. Like a right little snake.

But did he say anything specific?

What he said got Dunlin k*lled.

Trust me, if you listen to him,
you're gonna get bit.

[Easter sighs] There anything
left to eat around here?

Yeah. If you make it yourself.
And don't make a mess anywhere.

It's fine.
I don't really feel like eating.

[radio static]

[Harish] Why do you keep that radio on?

[exhales sharply]

Back in the Cold w*r, if the thr*at
of a nuclear att*ck was imminent,

all our submarines were to dive
to avoid getting h*t in the first strike.

We were to go dark, switch off comms.

Then every day for three days,

we were to surface for one hour
and listen for radio signals.

If we didn't get anything from command,
we were to switch to BBC Radio.

The idea was,
if the BBC was still broadcasting,

then London would still be there,

so we'd know who to listen
for further orders.

And after three days?

[radio static]

If it was all still...
static and silence...

we were to assume the worst
had already happened.

Mutually assured destruction.

No home to go back to.

Three days.

Time's up.

[radio clicks off]

[knock on door]

[door opens]

- Do you think this'll work?
- Only one way to find out.

[door shuts]


Oh, f*ck.

What's happening?

Can you see him?

I know he's there, but...

[ominous music plays]


[exhales sharply]

I saw it.

I think the Ancestor
is going to trigger it.


- A new Storegga Slide.
- Oh, Jesus.

Setting off a tsunami like that
would k*ll thousands.

Hundreds of thousands.

Yeah, and destroy
all of Pictor's injectors.

Like, it knows that's how
they've been trying to poison it.

It's wiping the slate clean.

And we can't even warn anyone.

If there's a way to stop this,
we have got to try.

You mean Coake's plan? k*ll it, and Baz?

It won't work.

All this time it's been trying
to figure out if we're the enemy.

Attacking it again
is just gonna confirm that we are.

Collaborate or compete.

if the Ancestor is what I think it is,

a living network threaded
throughout the sea floor,

with hundreds of millions of years
to grow, it's not just gonna be here.

It could be under every ocean
on the planet.

Every aggressive move we've made
has only made it worse.

If we keep attacking it,
it's just gonna rise up somewhere else

and finish what it's started.

And if we don't, we all die.

What other option is there?

There's still Baz.

If we could go to him, help him,

he's our best hope
of making... a stronger connection.

Hope isn't enough.

I don't like it,
but if there's a chance we can stop this,

we've got to at least hear Coake out.

[door shuts]

- Still nothing.
- [clicks tongue]

- What about from the beach?
- It's still all jammed.

I'll go down to the SSCR room
and double check the system there.

[radio static]

Don't get comfortable.

I'd say you should let me go
but... where am I gonna go?

Unless you've made a decision?

If we help you...

can you stop it without hurting my crew?

Which crew are we talking about?

The ones this side of the link bridge.

- Fulmer included.
- Yes.

I can stop it.

[exhales sharply]

You better not be lying about this.

I'm the one telling you the truth.

We want the same thing.

To stop this and get out of here
as soon as possible.


[ominous music playing]

It won't work, Magnus.

Nothing we've tried has worked so far.

He's the one who's been studying it
the longest.

He's not been studying it.
He's been hunting it.

And the more he pushes it
out of its world,

the more it's driven into ours.

Look, if there's a chance
that we can stop all of this,

then what are we f*cking waiting for?

If Baz is still Baz,

there's no way he'd want
what's happened here

to happen back at the beach.

I've seen the Ancestor up close.

It's lived through the worst
this planet can throw at it

and it's always survived.

So if the only idea
we've got is to try and k*ll it,

that's a fight we're never going to win.

So, what do you suggest?

We need to stop underestimating it.
It's intelligent. We've seen that.

It can make decisions
and it has the ability to communicate.

Right from the start
Baz told us we had to listen.

And we never did.

Which is probably
why it keeps thinking of us

the same way we've been thinking of it,
as a thr*at.

[Magnus] To be got rid of.

[Rose] If we're gonna convince it
that we're not,

we need to try and make contact.

[Coake] You did. With him.

It didn't work.

And your plan has?

If you hadn't started k*lling it
before you even knew what it was,

this whole thing wouldn't have started.

Are you honestly gonna go
with this hippie horseshit?

Guys like you think
that letting people die

makes you some grand realist.

The only one
who can make the hard choices.

It doesn't. It just means you're too
scared to admit you're out of ideas.

I am a realist.

That's why the choice isn't hard at all.

You said it yourself, this organism
is complex and it's intelligent.

Whenever two complex,
intelligent species meet,

one of them
will eventually destroy the other.

That is the lesson of history.

- Nature isn't a balance. It's a w*r.
- That's the horseshit.

Living organisms cooperate
with each other all the time.

Pretending we're prisoners of fate
is just another way of avoiding the blame.

You and the company caused this
and now you're trying to cover your ass.

If you wanna go after Pictor,
you better remember they own you.

All those NDAs they make you sign,

You speak about any of this,
if you're lucky enough to get back,

and Legal will slap you...

- [Magnus] Hey!
- ...with so many injunctions

you won't even be able
to talk to yourself.

You thr*aten anyone else, and you and me
are going to have more than words.

[Rose] All he's got is the same plan
that got everyone k*lled on the Charlie.

It didn't work there
and it won't work here.

Okay, but we can't pin
everyone's lives back at home

on talking to something
that can't even talk!

- It's f*cking crazy!
- It can't talk but it can communicate.

That's what it's been trying to do
this whole time.

Magnus, Baz is afraid and alone.

We can't let him die like that.

We've shown it's possible
to make a connection.

We just need to make it stronger.

If we can reach him,
we can reach the Ancestor. I know it.

- He's not going to come to us.
- So we go to him.


Okay. We try it.

And we bring him back with us.
No one left behind, not this time.

You're gonna wish you listened to me.

If any of us had a wish...

we wouldn't be wasting it on you.

Come on.

[ominous music plays]



[metal creaking]

[metal creaking, clanging]

We're going back over there. For Baz.

I'll stay, if it's all the same
with you, right here.

I didn't exactly cover myself
in glory the last time I was over there.

No, not your finest hour.

But other times, Baz on the tower,
the company, the lies...

you were right.

We should have got out of here
the first chance we had.

This isn't what any of us signed up for.

Isn't it?

It's not just them that die
that give their lives.

I used to think we were the steel...

holding it all together...

even if the rest of the world
never saw it.

But now I know we're the well.

Because, every... every trip,

every person that gets chewed up,
every chopper that goes down,

it... it just takes a bit more,
and a bit more, and it...

until it hollows you out.

And you can't tell them back home.
They don't understand.

Who'd believe all this?

Even... before it all got f*cked up.

I'm gonna get us back.

- We don't quit on this.
- Back?


This is who I am. This, here.

And even if we do get back,
you can't tell me that this ain't dying.

The miners, the shipbuilders,
the steel workers...

they're on the same wheel, Magnus.

The only difference being that
when the wheel's done turning this time,

there won't even be ruins
to remember us by.

[door unlocks]

Watch Coake.

You had it right before you even knew him.

Yes, boss.

- Ready?
- [Magnus] Let's go.

[ominous music plays]

[radio static]

[Harish] Hey, Easter, this isn't working.

You've settled in.

That's what happens
when you trust other people.

You ran to that lifeboat same as me.

Or did I miss you
dragging out the wounded?

Carrying them through the f*re?

You cast it off. Not me.
We should have waited.

You were relieved we didn't.

It's okay to admit it.

Self-preservation is human nature.

You've got a way back, haven't you?

- How?
- Come with me.

- [Fulmer] Jesus.
- [Rose] Oh, my God.

[dramatic music plays]

[Fulmer] He deserved better.

- This is what we're trying to reach?
- This was Coake.

Not only Coake.

It's bigger than him.

It's bigger than all of us.

You and you, out.

Pictor are not as reckless
as you all seem to think.

We knew this thing could f*ck up our comms
so we built in a back-up.

A time limit if we got cut off.

There are choppers
on their way here for me now.

And there's room for you and your friend.

Rescue? But why haven't you told them?

Because we still need to finish
what we started.


Their little missionary quest
isn't going to work,

and now the organism
is targeting land.

- Pictor needs to stop it.
- Or cover it up.

Ignorance is bliss.

You don't believe that?

Try taking it away from people,
see how much they thank you.

Get on your console.

The injector equipment's
already set up over there.

Now we've stopped them messing
about with it,

we start it up again, same as the Charlie.

- Because that went well.
- Do as you're told!

I have no problem leaving people behind.

[breathing heavily]

You all right?


But I could think of better places to be.

[exhales sharply]

[emotional music playing]

[indistinct shouting, echoing]

[ominous music plays]


It's us.

We're here to listen, like you said.

We know what this is now.
We can protect it.

Can you hear us, Baz?

It's too late.

It's shut me out.

- I thought I was helping, but I failed.
- You were helping.

We weren't listening,
that was the problem.

But if we wanna save everyone...

we need to make it see
that we're not the enemy.

It's too late, I can't.
It's just too much!

[Magnus] We've got you.

- [slams keyboard]
- [Cat] f*ck!

It's gonna be all right.


I've heard that line before.

We've got no idea
what's happening back there.

- Magnus and Rose are trying...
- I don't care.

I don't care about Baz.

I don't care about that thing out there.

And I don't care about the world.
I promised Kacey we'd be a family.

- That's my world.
- They'll stop it.

You don't negotiate with nature.

Coake's an arsehole,
don't make him wrong.

- You want to k*ll it?
- I want to get back to my wife.

The "how" doesn't matter.

- What do you need?
- Either of you seen Harish?

[Harish] This is crazy, man.

You're not happy bl*wing up one rig,
now you're gonna blow up another one.

You don't have to agree,
you just need to do what you're told.

But their wells are closed.

Redirect the anti-corrosion pump
into the injector,

and start prepping the system.

I can override the safeties.

What, you're not even gonna
give 'em a chance to get out?

They already had their chance.
They didn't take it.

Unless you want to stay here with them?

[keyboard clacking]


[Harish] How many people do you reckon
we left behind on the Charlie?

What does it matter? It's done.

'Cause a lot would've d*ed
in the expl*si*n.

Then on the other lifeboat.

But there still would
have been a few left.

Like, . Maybe even .

- Did you know many of them?
- My job isn't about making friends.

Is it about making bodies?

Get it into your head, Pictor's business
is resource management.

We find them, we use them up, we move on.

That includes human resources.

But you still earned a rescue helicopter.

[Harish on loudspeaker]
Because if I was covering this up,

the guy who knows the most,

he's the last one I'm bringing back.

We don't earn. We're useful or not.
We have value or not.

They're coming for me
because I have value.

Anybody who doesn't gets left behind.
And that includes you.

Good to know where we all stand.

- He's got choppers coming.
- That f*ck.

We've got to get up there.

If he hurts Harish, I'm gonna snap him.

[metal creaking]

[Baz] We're too late.



[metal squeaking]

Christ, these are getting worse.

[dramatic music plays]

- Still think this is a good idea?
- That wasn't us.

That was something else.

[rumbling continues]

- [Heather] Hutton!
- [Easter] Open up!

Bit late to find your fight.

- [groans]
- [alarm blaring]

- Harish, you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine. You need to stop him.

Already on it. Hey, step the f*ck back!

If you want a home worth going back to,
this is the way.

No, it's not!

This is why it's all as f*cked up
as it is. People like you.

You'd literally rather k*ll us all
than admit you're wrong.

That's how afraid you are!

Try and save them all
and you'll save nothing.

[helicopter pilot] Kinloch Bravo,
this is Rescue and Rescue .

We have you in sight.
Confirm safe for final approach.

Or you can come with me.

Rescue, this is Kinloch Bravo Control.
You are safe to approach.

- See you up there.
- I'm gonna break you.

- Give us the key.
- I can fix this.

If your crew wanna get off,
you better go and tell them.

- Coward!
- We have to go after him!

You two go.
Me and Easter will stop the injector.


- [Easter] What do we do?
- Get on the console.

I'll talk you through it.

Let's go. Come on.

We're getting you out of here.

Rose, we've got what we came for.
Let's go.

No, we haven't.

There's still a chance
we can stop what's happening.

She's right. We have to try.


[helicopter whirring]

[Hutton] A man of your word, is it?

I said I could get you off.
I wasn't lying.

No, you weren't lying. No.

As long as we had,
what was it, a value, yeah?

And you've proved yours.

Don't f*ck it up now for some lost cause.

And what about Dunlin's value,
then, eh? And all the others?

What about them, huh?

It's no good to pay now.

Hutton! Don't do it!

Hutton, if we take him back,
we get justice for everyone!

Dunlin, the Charlie, all of them!

You know what, you ain't f*cking worth it.

[both grunt]

We've reset the safeties. He's failed.

Murch's gathering the rest.

Everyone, back from the deck!

First one's coming in.

When we get back,
I'll find a place for you.

I had a place.

It was right here.

[indistinct chatters]

All right, all right! Let's go!
It's quitting time!

[Rose] Look.

- Well, that's new.
- Yeah.

Rose, don't.

All this time we've been trying
to keep it out,

maybe we should be letting it in.


We're listening now.

I'm listening.

We don't have to be a thr*at
to each other.

[dramatic music playing]

The ring is closing.


- [Fulmer] Well we can't stay here!
- There's no way it can understand you!

- We've got Baz, we've got go!
- Not yet.

If I can convince it
we're not gonna destroy it

then it has no reason to destroy us.

I just need some time.

[Magnus] Come on! Rose!

- [Fulmer] Rose!
- [Magnus] It's too late. Let's go.

- Come on!
- [Fulmer] Come on. Let's go!

[Magnus] Baz, hey! Come on! Move!

[helicopter whirring]

[indistinct chattering]

- Where's Magnus?
- Still on the Prod!

Rose and Fulmer, too!

All right, Murch, Easter, get as many
as you can on the first chopper.

- [Murch] Okay.
- We'll wait for them

- and get on the second.
- What about him?

Leave him with us.

If Magnus doesn't make it out,
neither does he.

[Murch] Suits me.

- I'd say it's been a pleasure but...
- Get out... get moving.

You don't wanna get bumped off this one.

- Go! Go!
- [Hutton] Go.

[Cat] Let's move. Move!

I got you. I got you.

[Rose] I could've gotten through.

Move it! This place is coming apart.



[Baz] It's all connected.

Each part dependent on the others.

That's what it's given me.

That's good.
But we've got to get out of here.

No. No, it needs to be protected.

Or it'll all start again.

It needs to see that we can give, too.

Memory and sacrifice, that's who we are.

I came back for you.


remains in life...

as long as we can keep it going.


Are you sure, son?

I won't forget.

I know.

[Magnus] Run!

Right, come on! Let's go!

What about the others?

- You go check. See if you can see them.
- Yeah.

Come on. Get moving.

- Can you see them?
- Not yet!

Get your people on, now!

Just wait! They'll make it.

There's more people coming!

[helicopter pilot]
We really need to go, sir!

There! I see them! They're on the bridge!

Right, everyone else, strapped in!

We're getting out of here!

[ominous music plays]

Oh, my God.

Move it.

They're here.

Come on!

- Time's up, get in!
- [Hutton] Where's Baz?

- It wasn't you. He chose to stay.
- Okay.


The wave! It's gonna h*t!

[Cat] It's heading for the beach.

You said that you were going to stop it!

We tried. We ran out of time.

That's going to k*ll thousands!
Kacey's still back there.

- Cat! Cat!
- We have to warn them!

Sit down! We're overloaded as it is.

- How long until we get back?
- I said sit down!

This chopper isn't going back.

- What are you talking about?
- I told you.

If you wanted to go home,
you should have listened to me.

Where are we going?

[intense music playing]

[deep, low rumbling]

- [rumbling continues]
- [glass rattling]

[objects breaking]

[wave rumbling]


[ending theme plays]
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