01x01 - d*ad Man's Hand

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Poker Face". Aired: January 26, 2023 - present.
A mystery-of-the-week series following Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.
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01x01 - d*ad Man's Hand

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I'm out.

- That's the gig. You got it?
- Yes, sir.

- Mr. LeGrand...
- Natalie, what's the matter?

- Is he back?
- No, no, no, no.

I'm fine. I was, uh...

He's not it. I was,
uh, cleaning the room,

the high roller room.

No, I know, but
you have to stop him.

Everything's going
to be alright.

Hi, Cliff, he's still
in there with some...

It's alright, Ginger.

Ginger, would you
please get Natalie

some water or maybe
something stronger.

Just water.

It's Cliff. We
have a code red.

Cliff, what's up?

I don't believe it.

It was in the president's suite.

No, I believe,

I believe you. It's just...

It's the Caine suite.

Are you 100 percent certain?

Room 1848.

I know who Mr. Caine is.

I know this is a big deal.

Natalie, it doesn't
matter who he is

or what, how much
money he's got,

what he means to this casino.

This is...

beyond just moral revulsion.

This is illegal.

You did the right thing.

Now we're going to do
what we need to do. Okay?

Uh, I have to... I left
my cart in the hallway.

Leave it. Don't
worry about it.

I'll have to at
least check out...

Don't clock out. We'll
handle all of it, alright?

You've been through
enough tonight.

We're going to have
to contact the FBI,

I think, probably have
to give a statement.

I don't know how it works.

But we'll be there for you.

Is your husband home?

Yeah. He is.

You feel safe going home to him?

He's fine. Yeah.

Alright, well...

get changed.

Go straight home.

We don't want Caine getting
wind that something is up

and running off before
the FBI can get here.

So for tonight, just don't
tell anyone about this, okay?


You're doing
the right thing.

Should we call your father?

No, we're not calling
my f*ck' father.

I'm handling this.

I can handle it.

Then tell me what to do.

- Chief.
- Good night, Ben.

Hey, Nat.

We ain't voting.

g*dd*mn it. I said
we ain't voting!


Okay. It's done.

- You alright?
- Yeah.

Where were we?

Yeah. God.

Oh. What's good, John-O?

Yo, yo, yo.

Wanna help me eBay
some old Playboys?

I'll cut you in. They're mint.

Ah, John-O. Nah, man.

I, I got to go to work in a few.


They're mint.


Hey. John-O, where
did you get those?

No more break-ins, okay.

I don't want to have to
bail your ass out again.

None of that, no.

John-O's good-O.

Bitty's in the kitty,
shit's in the litter,

and the world is
a beautiful place.

Okay, man.


Ah, geez.

Hey. Uh, did you leave yet?

You hear about
this child p*rn ring thing?


Yeah, they had it on my news.

Kiddie p*rn, dark web,
like all the worst shit.

These rich f*ck
have these rings.

It's all run out of
Russia on the dark web.

Oh, my God.

Charlie, I'm not
having a good morning.

I don't need this right now.

Why do you listen to that stuff?

Why do I listen to the news?

Yeah, what's the point?

You can't do anything about it.

Every day, you're
mad about something

you can't do anything about.

We're just better off with
music, don't you think?

I'm doing something
about it right now.

Look, I don't care.

Come at me, you Russian pervos.

Time's up on that shit. Done.

So. Handled.

How you doing? You alright?

Yes, I'm good.

- Oh, bullshit.
- What?

What? I hear bullshit,
I say bullshit.

- It's a thing I have, you know.
- Empty your pockets.

So you're not
good. So what's up?

- Nothing.
- Uh-huh.

Can we just, maybe,
just, can we not?

- I'm fine.
- Well, bullshit, but alright.

- Come back through.
- Man, it's these things setting it off.

You're wearing a pound
of chrome on your face?

Son of a bitch.


- Charlie.
- Son of a bitch.

Okay, you got me. You got me.

I'm gonna break his face.

I still don't get it.
You looked at his phone?

No, I didn't even.
He's such an idiot.

I was knitting on the
couch. The Apple TV was on

with that screensaver where
it puts up our photos.

So it's like my sister's
kids and our Tahoe sh*ts

when we went last month.

And then it's his d*ck.

Like, boom, his
d*ck is on the TV.

He didn't even know
because it's, what is it

with the photos on his phone?

- The cloud.
- The cloud.

The cloud of boners.

So when he gets home, I'm like,

who the f*ck are you
sending your d*ck to?

And he plays dumb and then...

That's as good as I can get it.

Thank you, Chelle.


Please tell me that
you kicked his ass out.

Yeah, I did.


Hey, you guys doing
okay over here?

Hi, how's it going?

- This is you, right?
- Thank you.

A little scotch on the rocks.

Oh, tiger stripes and tie-dye.

Alright, place your
bets, place your bets.

Uh, uh, where's it gonna land?

Nobody knows.

- Hey, Chuck.
- Yeah.

Before you go, the big
guy wants to see you.

Uh, big guy who?

Oh shit.

Alright. What else does
he need for the meeting?

And coffee? Alright.

Alright. Thanks. I'll
make sure he gets it.


Alrighty. Bye-bye.

Charlie Cale, I'm
here to get fired.

Hello, Miss Cale.

I'm happy to finally meet you.

Yeah, well, alright.

Have a seat.

Something to drink?

Uh... no.

Uh, like what?



So I, I think I
know what this is,

and you should just do it.

What do you think this is?

Well, your dad gave
you this casino,

what, uh, three months ago?

He didn't give it
to me. I manage it.

Alright. And I think
maybe there was

a lot to do with the handover
and the paperwork and stuff.

And so, for whatever reason,

he just got around to
telling you about me now.

Yes, he did.


now that you know
about my whole thing,

you're going to f*re me,

'cause it's probably
the smart thing to do.

And I never understood
why he kept me around.

I think he liked you.

Ah. He did not.

Uh, I don't know what
version of the story you got.

Let's start there then.

Once upon a time in Denver,

milquetoast collection
of the best poker players

in central Colorado

met at a Fairfield
Inn suite off I-25.

Well, not a barn burner,
just a run-of-the-mill

Thursday night
mid-stakes ring game.

A young woman from out
of town was at the table.

She was cute. She
livened up the room.

She had plenty of cash
so they let her play.

Three hours later,
she mopped the floor

with each and every one of them,

which happens.

But this had been happening.

Previous week, in Cheyenne.

Week before, in Rapid City.

Same young woman
cutting a haphazard path

across the middle
of the country.

Never in any big games,

never in
corporate-owned casinos,

but always the same result.

She didn't lose.

Word spread quick.

'Cause as you know,
gamblers talk.

But here's the thing.

As far as anyone could tell,

she was playing straight.

No wires, no shills,

and yet she played

with an almost
supernatural infallibility.

Like she was seeing
through the cards.

So when she showed up here,

snuck into a tournament,

my dad was interested.

And he watched her.


Watched her play for two days,

sat in the crow's nest

ten hours a day himself.

He studied her.

And my dad figured out
what she was doing.

Even when he figured it
out, he couldn't believe it.

It was impossible.

It was insane.

But there was no
other explanation.


so it's true.


- That's...
- Bar's still open?

You haven't gambled since.

- Really haven't?
- Well...

your dad put the word
out that I played dirty.

You said it yourself,
gamblers talk.

To this day,

no podunk penny
game in this country

will take my buy-in.

I'm blackballed.

But, uh, well, he
didn't break my fingers.

And you know how scared I
was when he had me brought

into that back room.

Your dad can be a scary guy.

I know.

He called me, kid. He said,

"This is a real mess, kid."

And then he gave me a job,

let me work here.

So maybe he does like me.

He gave you a job to
keep you in a cage.

You seem awfully
blasé about this.

You've got this gift.

And my dad made sure
you'd never use it again.

Aren't you pissed?

Well, Sterling,

no, I'm not pissed.

And to hear you tell this
story, I was the Cincinnati Kid,

methodically fleecing my
way across the country

until my master
plan was thwarted.

Dude, I was a dumbass.

I, I, uh, I had no grand plan,

no map with yarn or anything.

I figured out I could do
this thing, and it worked.

So I did it for a while.

I had money for dumb shit.

I stayed at some nice hotels,

but it was kind of boring.

I figured it wouldn't
last, and it didn't.


And now you know what?

I'm doing fine.

I, I like my life.

I like my job.

I'm bummed that
you're f*ring me.

But I'll find another job.

And I'll probably
like that one, too.

I'm still pretty much a dumbass,

and I'm doing just fine.

I'm holding an ace of spades.


- Six of hearts.
- Bullshit.

Ten of spades.

You're not reading the cards.

How could I read the cards?

You're reading me.

It's not like it's one thing,

like my eye twitches
or something.

- Nah.
- It's just a general...

- Yeah.
- You can just tell.

Just that something is off.

That's the best
way to describe it.

- I can just tell.
- When anyone is lying?

Hundred percent of the time?

I'm going to touch my nose.

No, it doesn't work like that.

I'm not a soothsayer.

I can't predict the future.

There's nothing
mystical about it.

Just if someone is
intentionally lying, that's it.

You're not f*ring me.



How can you not see
that this is a...

is a gift?

You've been graced with a gift.

I'm happy you're enjoying
your d*ad-end life.

But for you to be a nobody,

a cocktail waitress.

For you to not use this,

it's criminal.

I'm not f*ring you.

I'm giving you an
opportunity to work with me,

to use your gift.

To get very, very rich.

I've been rich.

Yeah, how was it?

Easier than being broke,

harder than doing just fine.

With due respect,

you've had money,
never been rich.

I need to know you're in before
I tell you what I want to do.

And I need your answer
before end of day tomorrow.

It's time sensitive. Yeah.

And if I say no, am I fired?


Is Cliff...? He's offsite.

Alright, well, get
Cliff there. He'll know.

Okay. Mm-hmm. Bye.


- Something up?
- Nah.

Some drunk on the casino floor

shoutin' for his wife.

Cliff will handle it.

So if I want to just, uh...

Wait, who is he shouting for?



What the f*ck are
you looking at?

Natalie, where are
you, you dumb bitch?


I'm looking for my wife!


You know her, you work with her.

What's your name, huh?

Natalie, baby, come on out.

Don't do this to me again.

You know I hate coming up here.

What are you looking at, huh?

You guys making some
money on a nice f*cking...

Jerry. Hey. Hey,
you stupid assh*le.

- Hey, man. It's me.
- Charlie. Charlie.

- Listen, I know she's, I just need to tell her...
- She's not here.

Jerry, she is not here.

I would never hurt her.

God, man.

Oh, this is, this is
what we're doing, huh?

Get the f*ck...

Get off of me!

Cliff, he's got a g*n.

f*ck you. Get off of me.

I know my rights.

Damn it! Come on!

I know my rights!
I'll k*ll you!

You piece of shit!
I'll f*cking k*ll you!

I'll f*cking k*ll you!

Get your f*cking hands off me!

Hey. Hey. They
got him, alright.

Cliff got him. You're alright.

He had been texting me
crazy shit all morning.

I keep my phone off on my shift.

I didn't see it.

I just... I'm okay.

I just, I just need to breathe.

Hey, hey, take the
rest of the day off.

You got somewhere safe to go?

Yeah. She's staying
with me tonight.

- No.
- You're staying with me.

What is a miracle, Vincent?

Act of God.

And what's
an act of God?


It is crazy the things
that people stick

up their asses.


What are you reading?

"Ten craziest things

people have stuck
up their asses."

Jerry is going to
be home tonight.

He's going to be there, and
he'll be sorry and sweet.

And he'll get sober...

for a while.

Get a restraining order.

It's his house.

He owned it before
we got together.

Get a divorce, you
get to keep the house.


I signed this thing. I
don't know, I was so stupid.

I can't afford to be
out on my ass right now.

Maybe that's a dumb reason
for me to stay with Jerry,

but it's the truth.

With my mom and everything,
I can't afford it.

You can just stay here.

Man, it just...

It pisses me off.

I know.

I think in another life,

you were like a knight.

Lady Galahad.

What do you
mean walk the earth?

You know, like
Caine in "Kung Fu."

know who that is?

Uh, yeah,
it's Mr. Caine.

Yeah, Kazimir Caine.
Oil guy. Right.

You know why you know who he is?

he's a high roller.

Anything he asks for,

we bump it to the
top of the ticket

and tell the floor boss.

Caine is a whale.

He's one of four or five whales

we get in here every year.

We, we fly them in,

they drop what islands
cost in a weekend.

To them, it's a
drip in the bucket.

They're whales.

But Caine is our Moby d*ck.

When my dad handed me
the keys to this place,

he told me three things.

He said, keep the carpets clean,

keep Caine happy.

What was the third thing?

It doesn't matter.

Right now, he's raising big.

Is he bluffing?


Well played, Mr. Caine.

Yeah, my dad goes
back with this guy,

so he doesn't
scrutinize his spending.

I scrutinize.

Past few years, he's spent
less and less at our tables.

Turns out he's doing private
pick-up games in our suite.

We fly him, his whole crew out.

We comp everything.

We do this,

and this cheap son
of a bitch is running

his own game on our property.

So here's the proposition.

We're going to fleece
this son of a bitch.

You and me.

Alright, so let
me get this straight.

You get me in his private game,

and I take him.

We both make a ton of dough.

He gets his hand slapped.

Thinks maybe private games are
not such good luck for him.

Sticks to the tables.

Not you, though.
It's too risky.

He's seen you on the floor.

Got to work a camera system,

get a shill in the game.

You signal him. Hm?
We'll figure it out.

Can you do your
thing over video?

Yeah, I think so.

And, and when is this game?

Day after tomorrow.
We got 48 hours.

Uh, and, and your dad's alright

with, uh, us plucking
his golden goose?

My dad?

Ah. I told them. Hold on.

Uh, has your dad okayed this?

It's my name on the office door.

Ginger, I told you. I'm...

Unless a 12-foot "J" and
"R" are being shipped,

it's still his
name on the casino.

Uh, I don't care
if he's retired.

If I piss off your dad again,

he'll break more
than just my fingers.

Hey, um, give me
20 minutes. Hmm?

I'll meet you in the
crow's nest in 20.

What, you got to actually work?

Here, use the private elevator.

Oh, la la.

Is that a bar?


Cliff, what's up?


This is Natalie.

You know what to do.

Hey, Natalie. I just
saw that you called.

I don't know how I missed it.

Uh, just call me back, alright?

I'm here. Sorry.


That was more than 20. Sorry.

So, uh, what's it like

always knowing the truth?

Ehh... yeah, no,

I only know if
something is a lie.

And outside of poker,

less useful than you'd think.

'Cause everyone,
they lie constantly.

It's like birds
chirping, people lying.

Just once you tune into it,

it's f*cking everywhere
all the time.

And they usually don't lie to
cover up some deep, dark secret,

but about the stupid,
meaningless shit, you know.

So, the real trick of it is

to figure out why.

Why someone is lying.

Excuse me.

Okay. It's done.

- You alright?
- Yeah.

Where were we?

Uh, if I pull out of this,
would you have to k*ll me?

You're worried about my dad?

My dad gave him this job
because he trusts me.


My dad gave me
this job because...

he thinks I'm a f*ck-up...

and he's made that clear to me

and everyone here.

To everyone working here,

I'm the kid clomping
around in his dad's shoes.

It's humiliating.

You know, I've made
mistakes. I haven't, uh...

If you Google me, you know,

I've had bad
situations previously.

I can't live as a
failure in his shadow

for the rest of my life.

I swear to God, I'd rather die.

This is my last chance to prove
I'm not what he thinks I am.

And he figures this
place just runs itself.

There's not much I can
do to mess things up.

But you're going to
prove him wrong, yeah?


No, I'm going to show him
that I can do things my way.

One point five
million. Clean. Cash.

No matter what our
take is on the night.

No matter if it even
works or happens.

And you can disappear after,

no further obligations.

One point five million

for saying yes right now.

Alright, Sterls, let's do it.

Son of a bitch.

Yeah, son of a bitch.

I saw her leaving last
night. She looked upset.

And it says it happened
when she got home.

I'd just seen her.
Like, I just saw her.

- Did she say anything?
- No.

She saw me but kept walking.

Huh. That's...


- What time?
- Like, just after 8:00.

I'm usually off before she is.

It's weird.

Her shift doesn't end
till later, right?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

She told me her combo
once when she was sick.

Yeah, I didn't realize
you two were close.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, she, uh,

she tried to call me last night.

I, I just don't know when
I could have missed it.

It must have been
when we were together.

She might have been asking
if she could stay with me.

- I, I, if I'd just picked up...
- Hey.

You can't go down that path.

Nobody knows why she called you.

She could have called
you for a lot of reasons.

- Yeah.
- You can't blame yourself.

That'll lead
nowhere good. Right?

So this suite is
identical to Caine's,

with the exception
of ceiling height.

This is the table
they'll use for the game.

It's big. It's heavy.

So it's unlikely he'll move it.

And our informant told us
last time he sat with his back

to the window facing the room,

which makes sense.

It's good for us.

That's why I was thinking
cameras in the couch.

Why would she go home early?

Why would she what?

Her shift ends at 9:00.

I missed a call from
her just before 8:00.

And Michelle saw her
leaving Just after 8:00.

Maybe she got sick.

She would have clocked
out if she was sick

or even texted me.

Wait, what?

- She didn't clock out?
- Nope.

Wait, you talked to her manager?

Louis, yeah.

Why did you do that?

Because I want to know
why she went home early,

why she called me.

I mean, something happened
just before eight o'clock.

It was scary enough that
she called me for help

and then basically ran.

So what happened?

Well, considering she
went straight home,

the obvious answer is
her husband called her.

You see, that's
what you'd assume.

That's what everyone
is going to assume

just reading the news on here.

But I knew Nat.

So I know that
doesn't make sense.

I know you think you
have a read on people,

but that actually
makes perfect sense.

Nat kept her phone
off during her shift.

So whatever it was
that spooked her

wasn't a call, and
it wasn't Jerry.

It was something that
happened right here

while she was working.

What was it?

Look, her husband was
an abusive lowlife.

It's tragic and sad, but
it's not complicated.

I'm sorry. I don't
want to be insensitive,

but we're in the middle of a
very time-dependent operation.

And until tomorrow night,
I need you focused.

Uh, a camera in the
couch won't work.

Why not?

It's the clearest eyeline.

Swapping out the
couch is clunky.

It could get noticed.

Plus, you're going to
need multiple eyelines.

Multiple cameras?

Yeah, because you don't know

where the other players
are going to be sitting,

blocking your view.

What do you think?




Yeah, I can get my
guys to put cameras

in the bases of these easy.

That's good.

Thinking about the angles.

You're good at this. Hmm.

What the f*ck, man?

I'm still not sure I
understand how I can help you.

Alright, so she was
a friend of mine.

Look, you can see here,

she tried to call me
the night she d*ed,

and I don't know why.

And then I thought,

her personal belongings.

- Personal belongings?
- Her phone.

If I could just see her
phone, then maybe she,

she called someone else
or texted someone else,

or maybe she sent an email or
something that would just...

Yeah, I can't help
you with that.

But it's here, right?

In the thing with the
cage, with the bars.

In jail? Why would
her phone be in jail?

Th-there's smaller
bars. Little bars.

I'm not, uh...
What's the word?

Little jail?

No. Where you,
where you, um...

Like, we built a little
jail for her phone?

Where you lock up the evidence,

the, uh, locker,
the evidence locker.

- Jesus!
- You know why it's in the evidence locker?

Because it's evidence.

Go ahead.

Oh, uh, may I?

Once the coroner's
determination is official,

it's all sent to
the next of kin,

probably her mom.

I know it's different on
TV, but when you're a cop,

you don't just toss
evidence around.


Look, working this county, I
see this more than I'd like.

Domestic abuse escalating
into something like this,

it's usually the
result of a pattern.

You were not responsible
for that pattern.

It, it, it isn't that.

Look, Jerry was
a son of a bitch,

but there's something off here.

There's, there's a lie.

I just, I need to find it.

The investigation
isn't closed yet.

I'll check with the coroner.
I'll go over everything again.

And if you can think
of anything specific

that can help, call me.

I promise, you give me
something I can use,

I'll use it.

But do me a favor,

trust us to do our job.

You're not a cop.


It's Sterling.

Yeah. How, how are
the lamps coming?

Good. We should be
able to do a test in the morning.

Hey, did you talk to the
police about Natalie's death?


Parker called me.

He says he's going to
do a whole new round

of questioning, like
the whole thing.

- Oh good.
- No, not good.

Charlie, we talked about this.

You know what we're in the
middle of here tomorrow?

Well, yeah, but...

Okay, so listen to this.

The g*n was in
Jerry's right hand

when they found him, okay.

His, his right hand.

But he, he kept it
in an ankle holster

on his inner right leg, so...

So what?
So he's a lefty.

A lefty.

Okay, so if he sh*t her
and she's d*ad, right?

He's got all the
time in the world

to just put the g*n

to his head and
pull the trigger.

Now, why, under
those circumstances,

does a left-handed man
use his right hand?

Why? There are
literally a dozen reasons

he could have, Charlie.

Well, sure.

I mean, when you put it together
with all the other stuff,

though, I mean, it
begins to stack matches.

I told Parker
you're distraught.

You're emotionally distraught

and I would speak to you,
but he shouldn't spend

any more of the department's
resources on this.

This is me speaking to you.

Let this go and let's focus
on the task at hand. Okay?

- Hmm?
- Yeah, I, I, I, so,

you, you tell the
cops what to do

and, and they just do it?

How does that work?

I'll see
you in the morning.

♪ Get yourself ♪

♪ Another fool ♪

Well I'm not a cop.


Any time now, buddy.

John-O don't do this
shit no more, I told you.

Alright, man I'll
bail you out, okay?

Physician bail thyself.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, nice place.

Yeah. Uh...

don't touch anything, okay.

By touch, I mean steal.


this is that nice girl

picks you up sometimes.

You know, she's
going to be pissed

you're breaking into her home.

Just wait in the car, okay.

I'm going to be a minute.



Charlie, say that
again. Natalie's what?

Her-her thing, her, when they
were going to cut it off,

but you said that she got
sick and you had the combo

for her thing with
the clicking thing

where she puts her
clothes with the, the...

f*ck, what's it called?

- Her locker?
- Her locker.

Goddammit. What is with
me and that word? Yes.

Her locker code.


Thanks, Chelle.

Nine, two, four, eight.


Ahh, yes!


I'm missing something, Nat.

Just tell me what I'm missing.

Oh, d*ck cloud.

Holy holy.

And that's it.
Look at the time stamp.

She was cleaning Mr. Caine's
presidential suite.

His laptop was open,
and she saw this.

How, how do you know
this is Caine's suite?

- Uh...
- The ceilings.

See in the background there.

suite's the only one

with these high ceilings.

I mean, she could
have just let it go,

but she did something about it.

She took a picture
of it for evidence.

So I think he
caught her doing it,

had his bodyguards
take her home,

k*ll her and Jerry,
set the whole thing up.

That's a jump.

There's no reason to think
this is connected to...

Wait, you think it's a
coincidence that she was k*lled.

I'm saying it could be.
There's no solid connection...

Okay, can we just call the FBI

and bust his sick ass
for this sick-ass shit?

Let's take him first.

Take his money tonight.

And then we call the FBI.

f*ck that!

My dad always said,

h*t 'em where it hurts.

Hmm? Guy like this,
that's his money.

This isn't going anywhere.

One more night.

So we do this thing.

We h*t him where it hurts.



Okay. We're rigging
the cameras.

Test suite should
be ready by noon.

Go get some breakfast.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

The usual, right?


No, uh, coffee.

Two seven and sevens
and a tomato juice.

Hey, babe. Missed you.

Hey, Debbie, I'm off this week.

Oh God.

Hey, Nick, can you, uh,
can you turn this up?

Battery and abuse.

Frost Casino has
released video footage

of an incident two days
prior to the slaying

with Mr. Hill coming to
his wife's place of work

in an apparent drunken rage.

Natalie, where are
you, you dumb?

Hey, that's me.

Mr. Hill was
detained by hotel security

and later, at his
wife's request,

released without charge.

Hey, Cliff, wait up, wait
up. Are you going up?

I thought we'd go up
together if you're going up.

So I'm watching the news and they're
saying about the whole thing,

and I'm getting angry,
thinking what doesn't fit?

Something doesn't fit,
and it's driving me nuts.

And then I remember,

you took Jerry into the
back room that night.

I figured you would have
released him to the cops.

So what was he doing
back home that night?

But no, no, no.
You just let him go

for some reason, and
I want to know why.

Because the TV news said it
was at Natalie's request,

but I was with Natalie, and
she didn't request shit,

she didn't.

Are you on coke?

No. Coffee.

So I thought this'll
be a good thing.

I won't have a beer
and be a dumbass.

I'll have coffee, because
that's for thinking.

But I never have coffee,
and now I'm spazzing out.

I'm sorry. I know that I
am, but this is important.

You're asking why
we released him?

Well, we decided not
to press charges.

Give him a warning.

And Natalie split.

I think she went
with you, right?

So, she wasn't around anymore.

What else were we going to do?

So he, he never tried

to come back after
you let him go?

He never came back
to the casino?


Am I lying?

No. You're telling the truth.

Two of hearts.

Ace of diamonds.

Eight of diamonds.

come on down.

Let's see how we did. Hmm?

Alright. Bullshit,
true, bullshit.


This is gonna work.

So where is this camera?

- I can't even see...
- It's right here.

Right there.

- Huh.
- Mm-hmm.

He's going out to
dinner at six tonight.

We'll swap these lamps out
for the ones in his room.

And we'll station
you up in my office.

Alright. And, uh,
how does it work?

This is our shill, okay.

You won't meet him before.
It's just safer if you don't.

He's presenting himself to
Caine as Dale McClintock.

Okay. He's been in the
game a few times before.

He's going to wear a
clicker on his ankle.

You're going to have this.


One click for true,

two for bullshit. Hmm?

Say that to me.

One for true, two for bullshit.

And don't freak out
when it gets big.

Truth or bullshit.

That's all you focus on.

Huh. Always.

Cliff will be ready to move
in if anything goes bad.

Anything else...

Anything else?

I think that's it. You
got any other questions?

Yeah. What was the call about?

What call?

The night you pitched
me this whole thing

in the crow's nest,
you got a call.

Seemed like bad news.

I asked, "Everything
okay?" You said, "Yeah."


You were lying.

Uh, well, that sounded more
intense than I meant it to.

I wanted to just
casually ask about it.

But I've had coffee.

What is this about?

Are you saying you
don't remember the call?

- What the f*ck is this?
- No, no.

It's okay, Cliff.

I remember it.

So who was it?

It was Cliff.

Well, great. And, uh, what
was Cliff calling about?

What do you think it was about?

Some random thing.

I don't know.

A security thing.

Well, you know I've been
distraught over all this,

and I've had coffee.

- Alright. Hey.
- Yeah.

Look, Cliff calls
me 50 times a day.

Don't you, Cliff?

Hm? About 50 things.

So get back here at 7:00.

That'll give us
time to settle in.

- Alright?
- Hmm.

You gonna say it?

She's sharp, but she
doesn't know anything.

No, no, she's
more than sharp.

She's a human lie detector.

And she's asking questions

like she thinks something's up.

She already found the
photo of Caine's laptop.

I don't know how she found that.

But you think she's
going to stop?

She's a regular
little Michael Westen.

- Who?
- Michael Westen.

The detective.

From "Burn Notice."

Pull the plug on
this thing, Sterling.

Play it safe.

I worked for your father for
25 years, and there's no...

f*ck you, f*ck him,
f*ck all of you.

I'm doing this. It's
my call, I'm doing it.

Then we'll deal with her
and the girl and the photo.

We'll deal with her?

Whatever it takes.

You're the boss.

Have a
nice dinner, Mr. Caine.

Room service.

No Caine yet, we have
time for another round?

Where the f*ck is she?

I don't know. Where's Caine?

All of his players are
still waiting at the bar.

Caine's having a long
dinner, and thank God,

because where is she?

Give it another ten

and then I'll start
making some calls.

Okay. Good. Good.

But what the hell? Huh?
You're 20 minutes late.

If Caine wasn't late,
this would be a problem.

Oh sure. Have a beer.

Huh? Okay.

But good. You're here.

- It's okay.
- I'm gonna go check on Caine.

When he gets here, he'll
bring all the guys up.

They'll get right to
it. So you stay here.

We're not going
anywhere. Okay?

We're good.

We can order food if you want,

if you haven't eaten.

Have you eaten?


I got no way to elegantly
segue into this.

So I'm just going to launch in.

Segue into what?

My friend Natalie,

how she did the thing
I'm always yelling

at my phone about.

She did the right thing when
she saw something awful,

and she actually did
something about it.

And you k*lled her for it.

Well, you had Cliff k*ll her.

Same thing.

Say bullshit if it isn't true.

Look me in the eye...

and say it.

There's only one reason
she would have taken

a picture of Caine's laptop.

To turn him in, to show someone,

like the police.

But she didn't show
the police, obviously.

She tried to call
me, but I missed it.

She didn't tell her supervisor.

So I figured Sterling.

I figured she came to
you and Cliff that night.

Did I figure right?

You figured.

This accusation is
based on figuring?

I figured. God,
that's a weird word,

you say it over and over.

I was figuring
until this morning

when I saw something on the TV,

and now I'm done figuring.

Now I know.

Jerry had his stupid little
pearl-handled p*stol.

He had it on him when
he came to the casino.

I saw it. I told
Cliff about it.

Cliff wrestled him
into his office,

then escorted him out.

So what do you see here?

I'll k*ll
you! I'll...

I see what everyone sees.

A drunk shitkicker threatening
his trailer trash wife.

That's all there is to see.


Eh. Eh.

Uh. Uh.

What's missing?

You can get this one.

The g*n's missing.

And that means that,
that Cliff took it

and didn't give it back.

And Jerry never
came back for it.

Cliff told me that,
and it was true.

So that means on the
night of the m*rder,

Jerry could not
have had that g*n

because it was right here

with Cliff.

You hear that, Cliff?

Okay. Encyclopedia Brown.

Who else saw he had a g*n?

Cliff, who's head of security,
will say that he wasn't armed.

What are you going to
explain to the cops,

that you can tell
when people are lying?

That you figure we k*lled her?

That lefties never hold
things in their right hand?

When you tell the cops

in my town, with my name on it,

this string of,

"I think this 'cause
I think this,"

what do you think
is gonna happen?

- Hmm?
- Your dad's town.

Cliff, take her phone.

'Cause if you're recording
this conversation

thinking you're going
to get a confession

like in the movies,

I don't know what to tell you.

I wasn't.


You know, you've been
distraught past few days.

You've been drinking,
missing your shifts.

I told your supervisors,
don't worry about it,

'cause I knew you were
going through a tough time.

But you were going
through a tough time.

Losing your friend,
blaming yourself.

Finally, I had to let you go.

You came up here tonight,

and I tried to break it gently

but you lost control.

And it's tragic.

But, uh, before we could
stop you, you, uh...

took a flying leap
off that balcony.

Who's going to believe that?

Look at you.

Who's going to give enough
of a shit to not believe it?


You want to walk outside,

- make it easier?
- No. Really, no.

Because I wasn't recording
our conversation just now,

but I was this afternoon.

Presenting himself
to Caine as Dale McClintock.

Okay. He's been in the
game a few times before.

He's going to wear a
clicker on his ankle.

There's nothing
criminal about cheating

in a private poker game.

And even if there was,

see previous
note, re: my cops.

You see, Sterling,

you keep thinking I'm
trying to convict you.

I'm not a cop.

And a wise man once told me

you want to hurt someone,

you h*t 'em where it hurts.

I didn't send the recording

to the cops.

He's gone.

What time did you
send it to him?

Uh, right after I
left the rehearsal.

Maybe we can still...

Oh, uh, he's
in the air by now.

And, uh, every one
of your whales,

every big roller in the world,

all the medium ones, and
most of the small ones,

they all know.

Everyone is gonna know

that Sterling Frost
Casino plays dirty.

You're blackballed.

Because gamblers talk.

You stupid f*cking child.

Oh, tell Daddy
how you handled it.

Oh f*ck.

Oh f*ck.




f*ck. Okay. Okay. Okay.


We've got a code blue.

We've got to lock down
all of the exits now.

And get a guy on the
ground-level stairwell.

I'm coming down.


Hey, Jen.

Take care of yourself, alright?

Everything alright?

- Yeah. Uh, can I get a beer?
- Sure.

Thank you.



Long time no time.

You know who this is?

Mr. Sterling. Yeah,
it's, uh, been a while.

Sterling Frost
Sr.: My God, kid.

It's a mess, isn't it?

I just spoke to the
medical examiner.

There wasn't enough of my son

me to even identify.

It's a f*ck' mess, kid.

I let you off once, Charlie.

Gave you a life. Pretty
good life, right?

So, uh, what happens now?

tell me where you are.

I mean,

you might as well
tell me you are.

'Cause there's not a
corner in this country

small enough for you to hide in.

There's no off the grid

that's off-the-grid enough
for you to hide from me.

I'm a tough old bastard
and I got some years left,

and I'm gonna spend
them finding you.

And I'm gonna h*t
you where it hurts.

And when I do k*ll you, finally,

you can thank me.

Now, tell me, kid,

am I lying?

I gotta go.

♪ You should have seen
me with the poker, man ♪

♪ I had a honey
and I bet a grand ♪

♪ Just in the nick of time,
I looked at his hand ♪

I found her.
She's headed west.

Never stay in the
same place for too long.

Never look back.

So what's it
like to start fresh?

It's easy.

And you get to meet
all sorts of lives.

All sorts of lies?

I think I just saw a m*rder.

I feel like
everything's closing in.

I don't know what to do.

We did what we did, now
we gotta move forward.

Those guys, they could
like snap at any moment.

Charlie Cale.

You're comin' with me.

Front seat or the trunk.

Your choice.
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