01x02 - The Night Shift

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Poker Face". Aired: January 26, 2023 - present.
A mystery-of-the-week series following Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.
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01x02 - The Night Shift

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♪ If you want money
in your pocket ♪

♪ And a top hat on your head ♪

♪ A hot meal on your table ♪

♪ And a blanket on your bed ♪

♪ Today is gray skies ♪

♪ Tomorrow is tears ♪

♪ You'll have to wait
till yesterday is here ♪

♪ I'm going to New York City ♪

♪ And I'm leaving on a train ♪

♪ And if you want
to stay behind ♪

♪ Wait till I come back again ♪

♪ Today is gray skies ♪

♪ Tomorrow is tears ♪

♪ You'll have to wait
till yesterday is here ♪

♪ If you want to go ♪

♪ Where the rainbows end ♪

♪ You will have to say goodbye ♪

♪ All our dreams come true ♪

♪ Baby, up ahead ♪

♪ And it's out where
your memories lie ♪

♪ And the road is
out before me ♪

♪ And the moon is
shining bright ♪

♪ What I want you to remember ♪

♪ As I disappear tonight ♪

♪ Well, today is gray skies ♪

♪ Tomorrow is tears ♪

♪ You'll have to wait
till yesterday is here ♪

♪ You'll have to wait
till yesterday is here ♪

Alright. Alright.

You guys liked the
last time I showed you

how to make an
off-the-menu sandwich.

So tonight, I'm
going to do it again.

First, you want to start with
your Italian herb cheese bread.

Add your chipotle, garlic aioli.

If you know, you know.

And what I'm doing now is
tessellating the cheese.

You know, I used to
get asked all the time

what happens after TikTok.

And to be honest, that
question used to freak me out,

especially when I got
out of the Marines.

A year ago, I was
filled with feelings

of lostness and despair.

And if you know, you know.

But for now, I'm going to stick

with my sandwich content

because I get to
express my creativity.

And I am so excited about the
different aioli permutations

and the different
possibilities of ham.

And later, I want to do
some good in the world,

like going into,
uh, public service,

and I am also open to
becoming a YouTuber.

Now, guys, you know I do
not do it for the likes,

but I think it
would be really cool

if we can h*t 100K
for the boys tonight.



- Hey.
- Hey.

So where are we going today?

Ooh, Hawaii.

Took me forever
to find that one.

Have you been?

Oh yeah. Me and
Hawaii. All the time.

Okay. Well, if I
win, I'll take you.

Well, you better win soon,

because I think
my professor said

Hawaii is going to be underwater

in, like, 30 years.

Hey, Sara.


Hey, Jed.

So I don't know if you saw,

but, um, there's going to be

a meteor shower,

and it's supposed to be

really, really beautiful.

I'm going to watch from
Abe's roof. If you...

If both of you want to come.

Well, you know, we're,
we're on our shift,

so maybe another time.

Well, this only happens
once every 33 years.

But yeah. Okay.

Is he bothering you?

- Jed?
- Yeah.

You know, I learned to
naturally tune this sense.

Like, I can smell it when
someone's more dangerous

than they look.

Kept me alive out there.

This was in Afghanistan?

San Diego.

Abe cool with you
coming up here?

I, I turn off the
security cameras.

Mind if I, uh...

- Uh, go ahead.
- Thanks.

So, uh, is Sara coming?

No, no.

But, you know, I've
seen you watch her

from up here at night.

I can see everything
from up here.

Like I'm a god.

Do you see that truck?

Why is it parked so far
away from all the others?

Like, not even in
range of the cameras.

I don't know.

Whoever's driving that
truck has something to hide.

You know what you've
got? Perception.

Yeah. I notice a lot of stuff.

Yeah, man. Perception like that,
in the m*llitary, that's gold.

You could be like a
really good sn*per...

The m*llitary f*ck you up, man.

All that PTSD and shit?

Those guys, they could,
like, snap at any moment.

Dude, you watch way
too many movies.

I don't like movies.

- Hey, listen, man.
- What, man?

Hey, I'm not trying

to recruit you or
something, okay.

I actually don't think the
m*llitary is for you, okay.

But what I'm saying is
is that it showed me

how big the world actually is.

And I know you grew up here.

And when the world seems small,

it's easy to start...

obsessing over things.

What are you talking about?

You've got to leave Sara alone.

- Did she say something?
- I, I just think you're...

you know, creeping
her out a bit.

- Creeping her out?
- Yeah, man.

You got binoculars
and shit, man.


I think if she had
a problem with me,

she would tell me,
you know, not you.

I mean, who the f*ck are you?

I mean, you're, you're
what? You've been here

a month at best.

I'm the one who
welcomed her here

when her family
first came into town,

I was the one, okay.

- Chill out, man, I...
- Way before

you ever were even in this town!

I didn't mean it
like that, okay.

You know, maybe you're the
one who's creeping her out.

Do you ever think
about that with your,

with your sandwiches,

you f*cking psycho
k*ller soldier boy.

I think you need to
calm down, alright?

No, no, no, you
need to calm down!

Hey, I'm just saying, I get it.

No! Nobody gets it...

Hey, hey...

What you're describing
is monotony.

Okay, when I was in the
Marines, most days, all I did

was paperwork over and over
and over again, inventory.

And when I would finish, sometimes
they would just shred it,

and I'd have to do the
whole thing all over again.

Days just blur together.

No one cares what you
do or what you can,

your creativity.

Feels like there's
no way out, right?

Like there's no future.

Sometimes I think to myself...

whenever I fix up a car, I
think like, what if I just...

climbed in the trunk and hid.

I'd get a thousand miles
away before anyone noticed.

Hey, you'll make it
out of here someday.



Times I sit up here,

I think there's a limited
amount of luck in the universe.

They give it out
when you're born

and you either get
it or you don't.

Luck is something
that we created

to make sense of the things
that we can't change.

Right. Mr. Celebrity.

Hey. Hey. I did that.

Okay? That wasn't luck.
I made that happen.

I focused on what
I could control

like making sandwiches
and spreading positivity

globally through my TikToks.

And the rest of
it is just chaos.

Like this. Right?

If I did this every single day

and I thought, man,
I'm going to win.

I'm going to get out of
here and start a new life,

get that new iPhone 13.

If I did that every single day,

I would feel like a loser.

Nah, f*ck that, man.

I do it because
it's fun, you know.

It's something I can do.
It, it, it's a moment.

It makes Sara smile.
It's something to do.

And that makes it
all the more...

Holy shit.


I think I won.


Uh, no, yeah.

How much?


Holy shit, man.
Sara's gonna flip.



911. What's your emergency?

I'm calling from 421, Route 66.

I think I just saw a m*rder.

Oh. Oh. For g*dd*mn...

Ah shit.

Well, first there was a
pop and then a, a rattle,

but like a flutter rattle,
an irregular flutter rattle.

And then, I don't know how,

but a steam expl*si*n
was kind of the kicker.

I thought, that's
not right. So...

Without these things turned
up, I can't hear a word.

Uh, it's busted.

Okay, can you fix it?

I can.

Well, with parts and
labor and, you know,

the best fair price I
can offer you is, uh,


Ah shit.

Oh, that's a fair price.

No, no, it's, it's
shockingly honest.

Well, it's on the sign.

Yeah, yeah, it's just, uh...

Shit. Alright, so, uh,
how long will that take?

Well, we're closing
up for the night,

so here's what we're gonna do.

Tomorrow morning, you
come by 8:00 a.m.,

put a bunch of cash in my hands,

20 minutes later, I'll
have you on the road.

Dude, 20 minutes.
Can't you just, uh...

Well, you know, it's "Top
Chef tonight." Sorry.

"Top Chef." Well, God forbid.

Yeah, well, we can
stow your car gratis.

We've got security
cameras, so it'll be safe.

Hell, I'll get my nephew
to move the car. Jed!

Take this car around the side.

This would
be a nice car...

if you took care of it.

Hey, man, uh, is there a motel
or something around here?

Well, there used to
be, but it b*rned down.

So, 20 minutes down the road,

uh, there's a bunch of motels.

Yeah, you'll be fine.

But your car's not
going anywhere.


Hey, you mind if I try
something a little different

with the cheese-sauce combo?

Just something I've
been working on.

Go nuts.

Thank you.

Hey, uh, do, uh, do
you have a bathroom?

Yeah, but it's for
employees only.

But if you go past the
minimart to the rest stop,

there is a public bathroom.

It's not too gross.


- Meteor shower tonight.
- f*ck!

Son of a...

Yeah. Okay. Uh-huh.




That's what happens in here.

Yeah, it is.

Laundry day.

Bleeding through your shirt day.

g*n wound day.

Mind your own business day.

Please. Thank you.

Just because you're wearing
your underwear inside out

doesn't mean it's really clean.

That trick only works once.

'Cause of, there's only
two sides to the underwear.

How many days you've
been on the road?

Uh, two days.

A week.

Yeah. Thank you for
your underwear concern.

Have you lost a lot of blood?

Well, I got plenty
of blood. Thanks.

If you take ibuprofen
when you're bleeding,

you'll just bleed more.

Alright, WebMD.

I'm going to leave now.

Please do not follow me.


The pain is in your mind.


you've got no idea.




Hell, I'm gonna...
accept this situation.


- Marge.
- Cheers.


Hmm. Yes, it is.

Ah, good thing.

Neat trick, huh?
Neat trick, that.

Dries quick. You'll be fine.

Right. Okay.

So, uh, I guess you
must get messed with

a lot in this life on the road.

Nah, I got my dash
cam over there.

And baby Roscoe.


I used to carry Mace.

But you got to get
too close to use it.

- Defeats its own purpose.
- Right.

Plus, one time I accidentally
sprayed Mace in here

when I was practicing
quick draws.

Couldn't stop crying
for about a month.

Second time in my
life I've ever cried.

Oh yeah? What was the first?

That was back when I was none
of your f*cking business.

Keep it. You might need it.

Oh. Thanks.

Same stuff doctors use,

but big pharmacy doesn't
want you to know.


You're the first person
I've talked to in 270 days.

Not counting CB radio.



So, uh, you get, you get bored

out here alone?

I got my books on tape on CD.

for Beginners."

Chapter one.

All existence is suffering,

and the source of
suffering is attachment...


So not Marge.

First time I cried, I
was watching "Bambi."


I'm getting not
gonna hook-up vibes.

Yeah, I don't think so.

You want to go to
the Roadhouse, then?

They got three for ten.

- Uh, three what?
- Oh. Three anything.

There's an extra
shirt if you want it.

Oh, thanks...

Trust me, I don't exist.

So there's nothing

I could find about you online.

The cops couldn't find you.

I don't know, PI,
spooks, nothing.

No phones, no bank accounts.

Fake IDs if you can get them

but better to stick where
people aren't asking.

Never staying in the
same place for too long,

never looking back.


I got one of those uncles.

Got sent to live with
him when I was 16 maybe.

One day, I took his money,

pissed on his favorite
chair, and ran.

He used every means to
try to track me down.

Never got his money back.

I love the life, though.

Out here, Marge is small,

weak, fleshy, a target.

But when I'm driving,

Marge is 80,000
pounds of pure steel.

Drive, no attachments,
no suffering.

See a hitchhiker on
the road, keep going.

Well, bullshit.

I mean, you stopped
to help me, right?

Hey, listen, I got
the same thing,

can't help it.

Little Miss Galahad over here.

Okay, Miss, I am going
to get your next round.

Whoa. No.

So when you use this card,


Alright, uh...

ATMs, too?

I used an ATM once,

my uncle showed
up in four hours.

Any place you land, first thing.


Find a side hustle
that pays cash.

Gold is the ideal.

But surprisingly few people
still use it as currency,

and the ones who do
are mainly freaks.


Well, don't get me started.

- Ahh.
- You want something for that?

You got something?

Side hustle. Cash.

I got a shit ton of
Canadian prescription dr*gs

in the back of my truck.

Sell 'em along my route.

EpiPens, Viagra,
stuff like that.


Why didn't you say
something before?

I didn't know if
I could trust you.

Ah, so you trust me now?

Now I'm drunk.


I guess I'll
B-R-B right here too.

Too easy.

It's for kids.

Yeah, I know.

How about you? You exist?

Real introvert, huh?

We're closing, okay.

You gotta go home
so I can go home.

The, the sign says 24 hours.

Hey, uh,

do you have, like, a
storeroom or something

I could take a nap in?

No. We don't.

Oh shit.


Ah, buzzard.

Okay. Alright. You know what?

I, I understand the confusion.

Ah! Not today, buddy. No, no.

Picnic table's all
yours, buzzard.



You're still here.

Cops kept me late
with questions.

Kept everyone.

Asked about you, too.

- I told them you split.
- Oh, thanks.

Not to help you.

Just because I
thought you split.

So, uh, what's the business?

Friend from last night,
she k*lled a guy.


What? Marge?


- No.
- Yep.

Kid who works the
night shift at Subway,

he broke into her
truck, she k*lled him.

No, no, no. No, no, no.

I can't believe that.


- She sh*t a guy?
- I don't know.

Jesus Christ, she was a weirdo.

She did have baby Roscoe.

Maybe that makes
sense, I don't know.

The cops say they
got her on tape.

Ah, 'cause of the dash cam, huh?

No, dash cam only points ahead.

Bet it was the mechanic shop.
They must have security cameras.

Hey, uh, thanks for, you
know, hiding out with me.

Is that what this was?

Jesus, man.

Four hours. Here we go.

One and one hundred...

Yeah, there's two hundred.

Well, it's, it's all there.

Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. Three hundred.

It's four $100 bills.

Alright. Yep, there we go.

Hey, uh,

that kid who got k*lled last
night, did you know him?

Yeah. Damian.

Yeah. He, he hadn't
been here long.

Nice kid.

Fresh out of the Marine Corps.

Yeah, I just, I just
don't picture him

breaking into trucks.

Maybe he had
money problems.

What do you mean?

I don't know, I'm guessing.

Played the lottery every day.

Never won.

Yeah, Jed was the one
who called in the m*rder.

I told him to take the day off,

but he insisted on working.

I guess to take his mind
off of things, you know.



Not as good.

Nothin' ever is.

Hey, sweet pea!

Alright. Thank you.

I, I'd like to buy a
scratch-off, please.

Which one?

Mm-hmm. The, the Gold Rush.

In, in Damian's honor.

Oh, my f*cking God.

What happened?

I'm out of here, f*ck!

Creepo flipping out.


long-haul truck driver

was arrested
earlier this morning

after a young man was
found bludgeoned to death

in a rest area off Route
66 near Albuquerque.


Police have yet to release
any further details.


Oh. I thought
you were leaving?

Yeah, I am.

Uh, hey, I know this
is inappropriate

and kind of, I don't
know, insensitive,

but is there any way
I could take a look

at the security camera
footage from last night?

Sure. Yeah. If you
could squeeze in.

Squeeze in.

- Oh shit.
- She totally did it.


- Look at that.
- Sinewy.

Like an ant. g*dd*mn.

Marge was moving dr*gs.

- That's why she did it.
- What?

Whether she did or didn't do it,

let's all agree she
had the right to do it.

What do you mean, whether
or not she did it?

I, I thought you had it on tape.

I... Where's the bludgeoning?

No, look at that
angle right there.

All you can see is
her dumping the body.

-Aah. Ooh. Ooh. There she goes.
-Oh, my God.

Play it again.

Ooh! God.

Aw, shit...

You have to buy something if
you want to use the bathroom.


You know, what I'd
really like is, uh,

to take a look at
your security footage.

Why? Are you a cop?

Hmm, yeah.

I'm a very deep,
deep undercover cop.

I don't like cops.

Neither do I. Right?

So I, I'm not a cop.

Then why should I
show you my footage?


You know, I, uh,

always been curious about these.

I bet they taste
like the future.


What is that?

Cotton candy.

Uh, you want one?

No, thanks. Those things
are like really bad for you.

And later, I want to do
some good in the world,

like, um, public service,

and I'm also open to
becoming a YouTuber.

Were you guys close?


They're saying he
broke into a truck.

Why? He wouldn't do that.

Yeah, he does not
seem like the type.

If only we had, uh,

some way to prove it.

Ehh. That's it?

Shit, I was hoping it would
show more of the street.

So, Damian, did you
see him last night?

Every night.

He'd come in around 10,
bring me a sandwich,

and then he'd buy
a lottery ticket.


Had this dumb little routine

where he'd pick a state
quarter from my collection

and use it to scratch it off.

Last night, he did Hawaii again.

Oof. Ugh. Yeah, I hate sand.

Swimming, it's not for me.

I, I heard that he played
every day and never won.

That's true.

That's weird.

- What?
- Okay, so, uh...

I have this thing.

I can tell if someone's lying.

I mean, it's a,
it's a whole thing.

It would take too
long to explain.

It's fine. I don't care.

Great. So, you know, the kid
who works over Abe's place?

- Jed.
- Yes, Jed.

So Jed told me that
Damian never won,

but he was lying, I could tell.

However, just now,
when you said it,

you were telling the truth.

I don't get it.

Yeah, me neither.
I mean, it's, uh...

it's kind of breaking
my brain a little bit.

Jed won the lottery
this morning.

He what?

Twenty-five grand
on a scratcher.

The universe makes no sense.

That is a hat on a hat.

Uh, I can't even
process that right now.

So you and Damian,

you, you did your whole
routine last night?

Yeah. Everything felt normal.

Well, Jed came in and
asked if we wanted to watch

the meteor shower from his roof.

He does stuff like that a lot.

And, uh, you didn't go?

No, neither of us did.

We hung out, and then he went
back to his shift at Subway.

I can't even process.
That's a cat toy.


No, it's not.

Yeah, it is.

Holy shit.

Yes, you're right.
Not a camera at all.

That's just a cat toy.

Why is it a cat toy?

Why is anything anything?

-To deter. It's a deterrent.

Deterrent? Cat toy.

Okay, I'm going to
move off this topic.

So what about, uh, time cards?

Do you guys punch in
and out or something?

Like at an old-timey factory?

QR code, something,

whatever the kids use these days

for time cards, I
don't know, man.

I pretty much just
show up whenever.

You're a real black
hole of information.


Employees only.

Come on. That's like
Subway sanctum sanctorum.

Do you think this
could be blood?

That's light mayonnaise.

How do you know it's light?

I just know.

Lucky bastard.

How would you like to help
an old lady retire early?

Taking a break?

I don't work anymore.

Ah, smart.

Oof. Nasty cut.

How'd you get that?

Uh, sharp piece of metal.

I always get
injured on this job.

Well, it must be
your lucky day, kid,

'cause Doctor
Superglue has arrived.

- It feels better, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, uh, you catch that, uh,

crazy rat-a-taz last night,

the, uh, the Leonids?

Yeah, I had a few beers and
watched it from the roof.

- Oh yeah? Alone?
- I'm always alone.

I'm an alone wolf.

What about the,
uh, the other kids?

Uh, Sandwich guy and goth
girl. They didn't want to come?

Why would those guys
want to hang out with me?

Well, why wouldn't they?

You just won the lotto.

You're going places.

You figure out how you're
gonna spend the money yet?

Uh, no. No, I
don't. I don't know.

No one's ever asked me
what I want to do before.

Yeah, well, ta-da, I'm asking.

Well, it's too late.

I've already missed
out on too much,

and so I'm not going to
reach my full potential,

which was really high.

You seem smart.

- I am smart.
- Okay.

So you're smart, you're
young, you have money,

you're right, No options at all.

I think I'm gonna go to Hawaii.

Oh. Eww.

Guh. Shit.

My bad. Let me get that off.

Hey, that's a pretty
neat trick, right?

The, the superglue?

Yeah, it's a funny thing.

The, uh, the lady
that they're saying

k*lled Sandwich taught it to me.


She probably saved my
life, actually and...

Well, now she's locked
up for k*lling that kid.

- Whoa, dude.
- Do you want a beer?

I'm going to have a beer.

Okay. Thanks.

So, you said Damian

wasn't on the roof
last night, right?

I already told you.

I don't think you did.

I was alone on the
roof all night.


Look at the time.

- Weren't you in a hurry?
- Oh. Yeah.

I guess I am on a bit
of, uh, borrowed time.

Say, so my bag went missing
from my car last night.

Is that the security
camera that you mentioned?

Yeah. Yeah.

Uh! Wait.

Yeah. Okay.

It changes. Here, look.

Frame forwards, Frame backwards.

Frame forwards, Frame backwards.

Do you see there?

Why would the
camera angle change?

And, and, and the tarp.

Why would the tarp move?

Yeah. Big
number's changed, too.

Yeah, you're right.

Yeah. It goes from 10:30...

to 11:30.

We're missing a
chunk of the footage.

Well, that happens all the time.

Yeah, Jed explained it to me.

It seems that the wind gets
caught up in the circuit.

I wanted to come check on you.

See if you're feeling better.

I'm in complete mourning.

Just the total absurdity
of dying like this

after surviving, like, the w*r.

I think he mostly did paperwork.

His shift starts in a few hours.

I can't believe he's
not going to be there.

Wait, you know that those
guys aren't actually,

like, heroes, right?

Like, have you ever heard
of, like, Abu Ghraib?

Can you have, like, any
respect for the d*ad?

You know, I was
just thinking of...

gettin' out of here soon.

I was thinking of
going to Hawaii.

You want to come with.

Why would you say that?

I'm not going to
Hawaii with you.

Are you serious?
That's so weird.

What are you
doing up here?

It's a beautiful view.

All the...

All of it.


Do you want to sit?

I'm good.

Those belong to Sandwich?

What? No. Why, why
would you say that?

Uh, I don't know, Jed, I, uh...

I found one of these bottle
caps in his apron pocket,

and I thought maybe you
might have lied to me

and he was up here with
you last night, after all.

Well, one, what do
you f*ck' care?

And two, people drink beer.

Well, for
one, a friend of mine

is in jail right now
for Damian's m*rder.

But then there's a
lot of weird bullshit

going on around here,

all of which is leading
me to f*cking care

what happened on
this roof last night.

And for two, Sara told
me that Damian told her

that he was coming
up to see you.


Sure you don't want to sit?

Yeah. He was up here last
night. I was embarrassed.

I didn't want to mention it.


Yeah, 'cause

he asked me to leave Sara alone.

Like, I'm creeping on her,

and he's some white knight hero.

It was f*cking humiliating.

Yeah, and that, uh,

must have made you angry, huh?

You got a thing for Sara?

A thing?

For little daddy's girl,
gets everything she wants.

Princess in her castle.

I couldn't shake the
dust off fast enough.

She's gonna be sitting over
there, still selling Twinkies

and bl*wing truckers
when I'm long gone,

'cause I actually took
control of my life

and f*ck you to this
place, I made it happen.

Made it.

I mean, I...

You didn't make shit. Right?

You won the lottery.
That's dumb luck.

Hey, look at Damian.

He played every day,
and he never won. Right?



Hey, can, can I get one of
the, uh, the scratchers?

Uh, whichever one
Sandwich played.

Thanks, buddy.

You know what, uh,
let me get a few more.

That's a fool's path to riches.

Amen, brother. Amen.

What do you want?

I think I've kind
of been a d*ck.

Uh, no.

Yeah. I just think, like,
I haven't gotten any sleep.

I'm having a hard time
emotionally regulating.

Probably a combination of
Damian's senseless death

and I started this
new birth control,

and that's making
me really hormonal.

I shouldn't have
taken it out on you.

Nah, it's cool.

I actually figured
you were hormonal.

I forgive you.

Cool. Yeah. Great.

Hey, unrelated, can I
see your scratch-off?

I've never seen anyone
win, like, more than $5.

It'd be cool to see an
actual winning ticket.

Oh yeah.

Okay, thanks.

Hey, wait, what the f*ck?

Hey, give that back.


What's weird?

Oh, uh, you know,

I, I, I just bought a
few scratchers myself.

I didn't win anything. No.

It's a fool's path to riches.

But I did notice,

every ticket has
a, a serial number.

It's printed right there
on the, on the side

and, well, the serial numbers are
apt to be... they're sequential.

That means in order.

I know. So?

So then I remembered
that I saw this trucker

playing one of those kinds
of scratch-offs this morning.

It was a Gold Rush.

It was right before
I picked up my car,

which is right before
you bought your ticket.

This trucker, he
didn't win anything,

he threw it away.

- Eww.
- I know, but...

seven-four-three, six-three...


Uh, the number on this ticket,

it ends in 454.

So that means if you, uh,

really bought your ticket

after this guy,

well, then your number,
it would end with, uh,

455 or maybe...

56, yeah, you know, even 57.

But it doesn't, right?

No. Your ticket number is 450.

M-maybe there's a misprint.

Or maybe,

maybe you didn't buy
that ticket at all.

Maybe, maybe Damian bought
that ticket last night,

like he did every night.

And maybe he brought
it up to the roof.

Yeah. And, and maybe

when it was just the two
of you alone out there,

well, he realized he'd won.

And maybe...

you k*lled him for it.

I didn't do it.

I know you did,
you f*ck.


Everything alright in here?

Oh, yeah. We're just...

Yeah, sorry, I had
these turned up

a little bit too high.

Yeah. You okay? You good?

Yeah. She's just
gettin' out of here.

Alright, I'll go
warm up the car.



Well, you got me.

I did it.

So why don't we call the cops?

I'm sure they'd
love to hear some

half-baked theory
about serial numbers

from a vagrant who...
lives in her car.

It's not just a theory.

You admitted it.

To you.

You're not a cop.
You're just some woman.

Got no proof.

I'm not on camera
like your friend.

If I'm wrong...

let's give 'em a call.

We can tell 'em, "Hey,
it's Jed from the rest stop

"at 421, Route 66,

and," uh...

Sorry, what's your name?

Charlie Cale.

Your registration's
in the glove box.

Did you know that you're
a person of interest

in a bunch of deaths in Nevada?

I'm sure the cops would
love to talk to you.

What's that?


If I were you...

I'd get in my trash bucket,

and I'd speed the
f*ck out of here

before I call the cops on you.

All set. Ready to go.

Have a safe trip.

Drive safe.

f*cking Christ, Marge.
Ah, man, I'm sorry.

miss our hilarious new

hidden camera show
"Prank Yankers."

You won't believe what people do

when they don't know
they're being filmed.

Thursdays at 12:00.
Don't miss it.

- Hey. Uh, hi.
- Hey.

- So...
- I'm trying to sleep, lady.

- Oh, of course...
- I take six small naps a day.

- I got a method.
- Yes, yes.

So that's your dash cam, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay, good.

And, you see, it's pointed
right at the rest stop.

It's pointed right
at where Marge...

You don't know
any of this, okay.

So it's recording all the time?

Wouldn't be much
good if it didn't.

Right. And your, uh, radio,

so you can just
contact any trucker

on the road with it, right?

Yeah, if you got
their call sign.

Uh-huh, cool. So, okay,

just two, no, three
more questions.

Wait. Hello.

Hi. Uh, I'm looking
for a trucker

that was here last night.

He was eating a
burger at the bar.

That narrows it down
to about ten people.

Okay, He was in, he
was wearing a flannel.

He had his, uh, his
hat pulled down low.

Dammit. Uh...

Okay, look, he had his,

his truck parked right
outside that window.

It had an animal logo on it,

like a cat-like
badger-mouse-type animal,

some animal with legs and fur

and f*cking f*ck-like
thing, what was it?

Is that a squirrel?

Nah, some kind of dog.

No, not a squirrel. Not a dog.

Uh, which one eats wood?

Dumbass, none of them eat wood.

- Guinea pig. Guinea pig.
- Capybara.

Ah, geez. f*cking useless.

- Opossum.
- Oh, that's...

Yeah, look, take a look...

Quiet, quiet, quiet please,

I, I, I need to think. Okay.


That's it. That's all that's
been on my mind all day.

That is the key.

Does anybody know this song?


You say you got a pretty face.

But the rest of
you is outta place.

That's it. Fox.

♪ Fox on the run ♪

♪ You scream and
everybody comes ♪

♪ A-running ♪

♪ Take a run and hide ♪

♪ Yourself away ♪

♪ Foxy on the run ♪

Okay, check it out, he
was here last night.

He was driving a truck with
a fox logo on the side.

Now, listen, does anybody
know his, his call sign?

- FoxCo.
- FoxCo Shipping.

- Must be Pickleback.
- f*cking Pickleback.

f*cking Pickleback.
Okay, great.

Get Pickleback on
the radio, alright.

Tell him to take a look
at his dash cam footage

from last night.

The cops are gonna
want to see that.

It's gonna prove they
got the wrong lady

sitting in a jail
cell right now.

I knew she didn't do it.

- We'll find him.
- Okay.

Huh, Pickleback.

Can I help you?

Have you seen this woman?

She used your ATM
about four hours ago.

Oh yeah, she just left.

You know where she went?

Not sure.

I think she said
she was going to LA.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

She said she loves the beach,
sand, swimming. All of it.

I found her.

Yeah. She's headed West. LA.

When I brought her
car around, I...

I noticed that somebody had
been messing with her brakes.

Imagine that?

So I fixed 'em for
her, you know, gratis.

Well, what...

What are you, you thinking?

I've always treated you
like you were my own son.

Abe, I don't know
what you think.

But it's not my fault.

That bitch...

she had it out for me, I swear.

She, she was trying to frame me.

She was,
she was the one who did it.

I'm, I'm the real victim here.

♪ The surf was easy on
the day I came to stay ♪

♪ On this quiet
island in the bay ♪

♪ I remember ♪

♪ A line of women all in white ♪

♪ The laughter and the
steel bands at night ♪

♪ All the Americans are
gone except for two ♪

♪ The embassy's
been hard to reach ♪

♪ There's been talk and lately ♪

♪ A bit of action after dark ♪

♪ Behind the big
casino on the beach ♪

♪ I know what happens ♪

♪ I read the book ♪

♪ I believe I just
got the goodbye look ♪

♪ I believe I just
got the goodbye look ♪

♪ I believe I just
got the goodbye... ♪

♪ I believe I just
got the goodbye look ♪
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