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About Us

About Forever Dreaming

What's in a name?

The name "Forever Dreaming" has a large part to play in how things are now. The original concept was to build a forum-centric site of all things relating to the (original TV series) Roswell 'shippers Max and Liz (Jason Behr & Shiri Appleby). The fans of the pairing referred to the pair as "Dreamers". It originally began in the late 90's on the AOL Dreamers chats. And my vision came to me in 2000 when I decided to create a forum. It was originally created as a unique place on the web. A place where open-minded, freethinkers were allowed to speak freely.

Back in those days, .com signified a commercial website and .org was deliberately chosen, even though .com was available, because it represented an organization.

The first choice of name was "Dreamers Forever". Unfortunately, this name had been taken at the then forum host, much to my dismay. "Dreamer Forever"? "Dreaming Forever"? Nope nothing... How about switching the words around? "Forever Dreaming" was officially launched in October 2001 on ezboard forums. Members from all over the world helped design the original forums from scratch. It went from just a Roswell board into a bunch of different TV shows & movies over the years.

Later on, it was redesigned to become a dynamic social layout. Instead of individual websites with message boards attached, it was created as a message board holding all the essential website information inside of it, eliminating the need for a "main page" or "hosting" other websites. Many of them now filled with Actors, Fanfic, Shippers, Video's, Screengrabs, Transcripts, Spoilers, Links, Episode FYI, Stores and so much more! Basically, a site where everything could be found all in one place. Most importantly, it has become home to all our members. A place where friendships were born and will continue to last a lifetime.

On top of all that, every forum was originally designed as a unique graphical experience. Where you could walk into different worlds all in one place! Take a look-- go see the magic in the Harry Potter forum, watch it snow in the Game of Thrones forum, see the spring meadow in Edward/Bella forum and the bloody mess of our vampires in The Vampire Diaries forum just to name a few! Our programmers and staff worked extremely hard on putting up the best of the best on the web along with helping you on your journey throughout FD. For those out there that have told us how our site reminds them of the old myspace site... two things; first- myspace didn't even exist back when we started. They came a few years later... (and actually copied our design LOL) and second, we thought about redesigning the site to make it more 'in the times' but decided against it. It still has the original layout/design for over 20+ years now... we like to reminiscence.

The original site is not used much anymore but we proudly display it and it's still standing after all these years foreverdreaming.org. It might just be the last site left that you don't have to view on the waybackmachine but is still live and useable. Keep in mind it was created and designed before the Wiki, Facebook and myspace had even been thought of. Believe it or not, it was back when google was just starting out too!

The board went through a few different migrations after that but ultimately ended up converting over to phpbb forums in 2014. As our transcripts began to quickly grow, we split the two boards apart in 2014 to help with the loading speeds. https://foreverdreaming.org and transcripts.foreverdreaming.org And the rest is pretty much history! For now, anyway...

It takes only one person to have a dream, but many, many people to make it become a reality.

About Transcripts

transcript noun Written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium.

The important part to stress is these are created after the fact. They are not scripts written before the show is aired, for the actors to follow. Someone actually has to type this from what they hear and perhaps see. These simply cannot be "instant", even though some seem to expect this.

Our transcripts began as a service to our Members. These were days of dial-up modems, before YouTube, before NetFlix as the transfer speeds required were just not available. There were no catch-up services either. Fans and enthusiasts took to converting their favorite shows to text, so they could be revisited. Often these were shared with other fans. These transcripts were perhaps more "complete" and by that, I mean both audio and video transcribed.

Forever Dreaming's transcripts have changed form over the years. They have been both public and private as well as stored in various locations over the Internet. Some have been reworked and all have been reordered and retitled, so they are easier located. We also found that their use changed too. No longer were they used as an alternative and instead people were using them for research and education. Research could be as simple as "who said what?" or people perhaps trying to find the correct episode by recalling a part of the dialog. We have educational establishments that use our site. We have budding screenwriters and fanfic authors that come to study.

Fans use the dialog not only to clarify what was said but they also often find hidden or alternative meanings. These then serve to spur more fan interation elsewhere. We enable them to easily quote snippets and refer back.

We have a high number of people trying to learn the English language or improve their depth of knowledge of it. What better a way for these people to learn than watching their favorite shows over and over again, while reading the dialog and making notes in the margin?

Because of all this, you will find our transcripts take many forms. We begin with trying to get you the dialog just as fast and accurately as possible. We have editors that will begin to put the dialog in order by breaking it into scenes and allocating character names to their spoken words. We also get submissions by email or otherwise from generous people wanting to share. We no longer seek to trancribe the video as this is not what the majority are after. Beware though, a transcript could be verbatim or it could be a transcriber's interpretation of what was said. Most of the time, these will mean the same but the wording differ.

So, please, if you wish to assist editing, offer a correction, submit more or better transcripts we want to hear from you. Contact Us Here