01x04 - Shelter

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

You were right... they've been conducting experiments on astronauts, all off the books.

I'm pregnant.

H-How's that even possible?

Once I get this to the lab, the DNA test won't take long. That's all I need.

MOLLY: I was talking to Tim earlier?

JOHN: Tim who?

Dawkins. Marcus' brother.

JOHN: Tim...

MOLLY: He's here. He's out there at the party.

JOHN: No, he isn't.

MOLLY: I can't keep going on like this, John, I got to go

get some help. Whatever's going on in my brain is getting worse, and fast.


MAN: Dr. Barton.

Pull over.

I can't do that.

Pull over!


(tires screech)

Look in the back.

All clear.

They're gone.

MOLLY: We should have dropped Ethan off with Julie.

JOHN: We're a family.

We go together.

I don't like this.

Well, we can't stay here.

Where was Sparks taking you?

Quarantine. Sam said get out of the car, so...

But if this baby is ours, then why would he take you to quarantine?

What's he trying to cover up?

People were gonna lose their careers over it.

And maybe he was trying to save his own.

I deactivated Ethan's tracking, just in case if they try to use him to get to us, but we can't hide forever.

They will find us.

I just need one day.

I'm gonna do the DNA test myself and then we can go home.

Here, right here.



The vehicle's abandoned in a parking lot.

We're scanning footage from aerial drones to determine where they went.

Probably not far. Their passports are upstairs, they didn't access their bank accounts.

They left in a hurry.

What kind of priority are we talking about here, sir?

I'll have to get back to you on that.


VERDISIGN: Phone call from Director Sparks.

Where would you like to take it?

Private, please.


We have a bit of a situation with Molly Woods.

She resisted my attempts to bring her in to quarantine.

Where is she now?

We're tracking her down.

We'll find her.

You don't sound optimistic.

I gave her every chance, but we are where we are.

Yes, you gave her the opportunity to come in willingly, and now we must try another approach.

Given, as you say, we are where we are.

I understand.


Mr. Yasumoto, welcome.

Thank you for accommodating me on such short notice.

It's our pleasure.

I'd be happy to show you our latest development.

No, no, please, allow me.

Ten years, and we have come so close in replicating the meteor substance.

Have you minimized the danger?

To a degree.

Of course, there are still improvements to be made.

While we've eliminated damage on contact with the skin, we haven't completely ruled out any risk to the respiratory system.


As you can see, we are on the path to being fully operational.

And the healing properties?

We've had encouraging results.

I see.

Would he mind taking off his mask?

We are not prepared for that level of exposure.

You mentioned that you minimized the danger.

It's true.

But not without consequences.

I'd like to witness the progress myself.

It is, of course, your choice.

(deep breath)



Progress has been made.

What's happening now?

Anton. Anton, Anton.

(Alarm beeping)

Anton, Anton! Anton!

Anton, Anton.




Aw, look what the tide dragged in.


Come here.

Oh. Hi, Daddy.

Hey, baby girl.

(deep breath)

Thousands of miles up to the heavens and then back here again.


Still just as beautiful as ever.

Hello, Quinn.


Well, wow.

It's the admiral of the 7th Fleet, no doubt.

Hi, Grandpa.

Hey, look, I took the liberty of providing transportation for you.

You know how to drive yet?

I'm not allowed to.

Oh, what a travesty.

I'll tell you what... you can ride stowaway in the back... how about that, huh?


You don't plan to stay long, do you?

Uh, it's a bit of an impromptu visit.

Just for a day. We'll be back soon.


That's what I said 40 years ago.

Your mother, she dreamed of living in Paris.

When I told her I was gonna set up my practice here, they used to call this the, uh, Paris of the Pacific.

Of the Pacific, I know.

You've heard that before, haven't you?


We just had a really long trip, Daddy, so can we just get to the house?

(boat horn blows)


Just for a day.




(beep, lock clicks)


Look, I know... I entered an off-limits area. I blew it.

I expect to be disciplined, but I'd really like to go home now.

Director Sparks requested that you wait.

He should be here any minute.


Can I at least go to the bathroom?

I've been... (scoffs)


SPARKS: We've detained Sam Barton.

She tried to destroy a sample of Molly's blood.

I'm fairly certain Molly told her about the pregnancy.

And the blood sample?

If I had to guess... she's trying to determine the DNA of the baby.

It's critical that she not get the answers she seeks.

I understand.

I'm not sure you do.

My experiments at recreating the life-sustaining substance have failed.

Time is running out.

The answer may be in what Molly brought back inside her.

I can't unring the bell.

Now that she's asking questions, she won't stop until she gets an answer.

Then it's time we take her out of the equation.

She's done her part... she brought the baby here.

We can take care of the rest.

There's the issue of Sam Barton.

She'll need to be taken care of, too.

I'm confident you'll find a way.

(phone beeps off)

(barking, panting)

MOLLY: Gus, here, boy. (whistles)

ETHAN: Here, boy, come on.



(growling) QUINN: Oh, hush, that's just Molly.

What's going on, boy?


What's going on?


Hey, what the hell you doing?

Get out of there, move.

He bit me.

Oh, come here.



Now let's get in the kitchen, have a look.

Come on, let's go.

I've never seen Gus act like that.

Put that on the bite.




I don't know what came over that dog.

Well, I haven't been here in a long time.

Six years.

I get to see you guys on a visit to mainland, but it's not the same.

This is home.

People ask about you a lot.

You made quite a name for yourself, young lady.

Here we go.

Uh, so John and I would like to go through some of my old science equipment.

We think Ethan would like to play with it.

(gasps) Ooh.

Is that your story?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, the first time in six years you come marching in here with just a single duffle bag for all of you?

How are your meetings going, Daddy?

Good. You answer a question with a question.


Good work.

You still didn't answer my question.

I don't need the meetings anymore.

I had a few slips, but I have it under control.

I have not had a drink in a couple of years.

Yeah, of course, it'll take a couple more before you'll give me a chance, huh?

(smacks his lips)


How's the patient?

I'm better.

This place is cool.

Wait till you see your room.

I have a room?

You do now.

Used to be mine. Want to see it?


Come on.

It's up there.

Aerial drone footage tracked them to the docks.

John Woods chartered a boat there this morning.

Vaspar Island.

Her father has a house there.

You have a team on standby?

We're moving out on your word.


But keep your distance until I call.

How's this going?

Oh, she's tough, but everyone has their limits.

ETHAN: Ursa Minor, Ursa Major.


Mm-hmm. Keep going.

Andromeda. Aries, Taurus...

That's where the seven sisters live.

Have you heard that story?


Okay, well, one day, the seven sisters were playing in a meadow, and a hunter named Orion came upon them. He fell in love with them, and wanted to catch them, but they ran away. Their dad complained about Orion, so Zeus turned the sisters into doves, and scattered them throughout the sky.

And that's where they live, as stars.

He's still chasing them.

Every night.

My mother told me that story.


Do you remember her name?


That was the name of the oldest of the sisters.

That's probably why she liked the story so much.

Does it make you sad when you think about her?


But when I'm having a bad day, I just look up there, and I see her face.

I don't see a face.

Well, keep looking.

You never know what you might see.

I'm gonna go help your dad.

You start school yet?

I only went one day.


Make any friends?

A girl.

Ah. Of course you did.

Yeah, chip off the old block.


Oh, boy.

Looky here.

You want to see something cool?

♪ Dah, dah, dah, dah. ♪

♪ Dah. Pop. ♪


Can I try?

Of course. So, first thing, let's find a suitable specimen.


Now, the key is to throw it so it skips over the top of the water, kind of like with a... a sidearm action, huh?

Like this. Wow. Okay?

Here, you try.

Ah, no, no, don't be so hard on yourself.

Takes years of practice.

Nice toss.

(birds squawking)

The kid's got an arm on him.

I'll say he has. (chuckles)

Let's go home.

Your mom's waiting for you.

(chuckles) Come on.

You ever think about playing, uh, football or baseball or something?



Your old DNA isolator is still here.

Oh, please tell me it still works.


But I can gut some of this junk, jerry-rig a fix.

How long?

Uh, an hour or two, tops.

Everything else we need is right here in this bag.

So, when we do the test, and it's ours, what's next?

We have the baby.

We have the baby?


You look happy.

So do you.

(laughs airily)

It's just, I-I... I could never have guessed that it would happen this way.

I didn't think it would happen at all.

What are you guys doing?

Um... hey.

Want to tear apart an old DNA isolator?


(door closes)



Ethan seemed to like the beach.

It's hard to know what Ethan likes.

Look, I didn't come here to fight with you, Daddy.


I can see that you're trying.

I'm trying, too.

Well, it seems I'm a-a much better grandparent than... than I am a parent.

Do you think you could do me a favor?


And take Ethan into town for some supper tonight?


Any special reason?

Um, well...

John and I could really use a few hours to ourselves.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since, um, my reentry.

Okay. (sniffles)

Um, any special instructions?


Just, um... bring him back before bedtime.

I can do that.

Well, if we're gonna hit to town, I'd better go change clothes.

(both laugh)

Team's in place.

They're awaiting your signal.

Thank you.

I wish I could get in your head.

Concealing Molly's pregnancy, destroying her blood sample.

How exactly was that in her best interest?

You implanted an embryo without her consent.

Don't talk to me about her best interest!

At 11:34 p.m., you sent her a text, "Get out of the car".

What exactly do you think is going on here?

Oh, I think you're covering your own ass.

Well, maybe it's time you did the same.

Where is Molly?

What did you do to her?

You haven't the faintest idea what you've put in motion with your little stunt.

I was trying to help her.

And now I'm going to try to help you.

Help me how?

How long have you worked here, Sam?

Are you threatening me?

'Cause let's face it, Alan.

You don't have a leg to stand on.

As soon as this goes public...

All right, I'll answer my own question.

15 years, right?

From med school straight into the academy.

Top of your class.

I was always impressed.

I'm not saying another word until you let me see Molly.

You'll probably want to talk.


It seems like you've been hiding a lot lately.

Your brother... you did an exemplary job of covering up his past.

Erased his old identity and manufactured a new one.

You don't know what you're talking about.

I mean, what could he have done that was so unforgivable that you had to go to such great lengths?


Then I heard a very compelling story about a 19-year-old boy, a suspect in the shooting death of an unarmed man, his roommate, ten years ago. And the strange part was, before the boy could stand trial, strings were pulled.

He was transferred to a minimum security mental facility on the advice of a well respected physician.

Don't do this.

Of course, the judge was never informed that the physician was related to the boy.

His sister, in fact...

Billy... didn't know what he was doing.

He is stable now, he's on the right medication. He's not gonna hurt anybody.

Let's hope not.

But he's in a very... fragile stage in his recovery, vulnerable to all kinds of dangers, pitfalls seen... and unseen.

What are you planning to do to him?

Alan, please, just leave my brother out of this.

This is a situation of your own making, Sam, and one that only you have the power to change.

All you have to do is help Molly.

What do you want me to do?

Right now, just enjoy your chat.

The rest, we'll talk about later.



It's Billy.



Hi. (sniffles)

You look great.

I have a status update.

Is the team in place?

We're waiting on your word.

Consider this the go.

What about Sam Barton?

I don't think she'll be an issue for us anymore.

And, Gordon, I assume you'll take every precaution to keep this as seamless as possible.

I'll call you when we're done.

We're a go.

Ethan, would you be honest with me if I asked you a question?


Did anything happen at home that made you leave the house all of a sudden?

We had a party for my mom.

What kind of party?

A late birthday party.

For when she was in space.

They have secrets.


My mom and dad.

I hear them arguing, but then when they see me, they stop talking and act funny.

What do they argue about?

I don't know.

That's okay.

Everybody's got secrets.

Even the best of them, huh?

Nobody's perfect.

MAN: Hey, Quinnsy!

Hey, Griggsy.

Who do you got there?

Uh, Griggsy, that's my grandson, Ethan.

Ethan, this is Mr. Griggs.


I take it Mol's on the island.

Just for a short while.

A couple of squid crews just rolled in to the Anchor.

Just screaming to take their money away.

Feeling lucky?

Look, I promised Ethan's mother that I'd bring him home for bedtime.

Ah, well, another time.

See you, kid.

Hey, Ethan, how about we kill a half hour?




Angle it, angle it.

Okay, now push it in.



Don't let me go.

What's wrong?

He was here.


It's a hallucination. Like Tim.

You don't believe me?

I believe you're seeing things.

But you can't believe what you can't see, right?

I want it to stop, okay?

So let's get this test done.

Then we'll go home and get you the help you need.

All right, son.

Any time you're ready.


That's my boy.

MAN: My wife is gonna kill me.

All right, now, for the brave of heart, time for a final wager: three in a row.

Come on, come on.

Good luck, Quinnsy.

This time... it's gonna be double or nothing.

(crowd chatter)

All right.

All right, kid.

Show 'em your magic now, okay?

MAN: No way, kid.

Come on, Ethan, we're waiting.

(loud crowd chatter)

Son of a bitch.

Come on. Let's go.

MAN: Aw, come on, come on back...

(indistinct chatter)

Get in.

Hurry up.

That was real money, kid.

Lots of it! What the hell happened?



Yeah, sorry don't cut it.

Sorry don't give me my money back!

Take a whole bunch of sorry, and it adds up to nothing!

You ever think about that when you were screwing up?


Of course you wouldn't.

Why would you?

You have no regard for anybody else having a good time.

Nobody's perfect.

Oh, no.

Are you kidding me? Is that why you missed?

Because of what I said?

Oh, that's not what I meant, kid.

That's not what...

Yeah, I left that gate open for a reason.

(clears throat)


(gate creaking)

Think your mom and dad, um...




(muffled screaming)

What do you mean, you lost him?!

Well, we were driving back from town, I stopped to open up the gate, and the kid was gone.

Gone how?!

Well, I went to open up the gate, which you shut...

I didn't shut it.

And then, when I got back, the kid had run off.

I can't reactivate his tracking sensor. Something's wrong.

It could be these woods.

The reception is bad.

Okay, look, Daddy, Ethan wouldn't just get out the car and run off.

What did you do to him?



Well, I-I-I might've snapped at him back in town.

You did what?

Hey, hey, hey, well, I thought that the kid was not gonna be reacting like that.

He's a robot.

What happened?

Well, uh, we all went to the Anchor Bar, you know, to toss a few rings for the guys.

And was doing fine until he tanked the last toss.

You used Ethan in a bar game?!

Have you been drinking?

Ah, well, I just had a... little pop.

Oh! Wait, wait, wait a minute.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe your son ran away because of you? Don't you think he knows what's going on here... all these secrets and lies?

What kind of trouble are you in anyway?

What are you talking about?

All these secrets and lies. You're both acting like a bunch of fugitives!

And-and don't you pretend that it's my fault.

You guys are running away from something and you're not admitting it.

Oh! Coming from the expert.

All right, all right! That's enough!

We need to contact the sheriff.

Is there a local Search and Rescue out here?



Call them. Until they get here, we'll search for Ethan ourselves.

We go separate directions.

Your dad stays here in case he wanders back.

He's smart. He won't stay out long.



Wait, wait, John...

What if it's Sparks?

Well, we have to stick with what we know.

Ethan was yelled at.

He's programmed to react as a human.

So he just probably ran off. He's in these woods waiting for us to come get him.

Right. Okay, okay, okay.




(muffled yelling)



Fire in the hole.


Did you see the direction he ran?

It's somewhere in this direction.

My back was only turned for a minute.

We'll need a piece of your grandson's clothes so the dogs can track his scent.

We don't need the dogs. There's enough of us.

We can search ourselves. A-Any word from Molly?

No, not at all.

Then we need to get your men out there as soon as possible, please.

Just hold on.

That's dangerous terrain. I got 400-foot cliff banks straight down to the water, so it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier to find your son if the dogs could track his scent.

Well, I'm afraid that's not possible. Why not?

Because he doesn't have a scent.

Come again?

He's a, he's a Humanich.

A what?

A robot. He's built to look like... us.

I know exactly what you mean. I read all about those things.

We're done here.

Sorry, Doc, but I'm not risking my men and dogs to track down a machine.

We can find him when the sun rises.

But that's hours from now.

Where do you think you're going?

I'm going to find my son. My wife is out there looking for him. If you won't help me...

Maybe we can fan out and go in four different directions, we could...

What? Doc? Stay out of this.


It's not like the thing is gonna starve to death or freeze.


Please, he-he can be in real danger.

Ooh, of what?



(dogs barking, overlapping chatter)









Ethan, talk to me!


(low rumbling nearby)

Come on, baby. Come on.

Oh, come on! This is ridiculous.

We can't stay here.

You hit a cop.

What did you expect... a La Quinta?

You're here till morning.

Can I at least have my phone so I can call my wife?

Yeah. I'll ask the sheriff.

I'm sure he's in a giving mood.


Please, Quinn.

Not now.

Molly will find him.

(muffled, indistinct chatter)

(muffled, indistinct chatter)

(both grunt)


Island's been cleared of all personnel.

Anything else?

No, Gordon. We're done here.


That's funny.

What's that?

Feels more like we're just starting.

I'll see you back on the mainland.

(indistinct chatter)