01x09 - Care and Feeding

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

There will be violence, casualties... starting right here.

Sorry I'm late.

You've been spending a lot of time with this all-father of the gods.

What do you actually know about this guy?

I know he minds his own business.

Remember Odin?

SPARKS: We're moving the Offspring to the contingency site.

The teams know what to do.

Molly's a viable threat to the Offspring.

But she is its mother.

He sent me a message.

It's trying to speak to us.

You were its host.

I brought him here, and I'm gonna

get him out!

Her husband John gave a presentation to your board today, but was denied funding.

A gesture from you could put us closer to the family.

(deep whirring)

(loud explosion)


I'm s... I'm sorry, Molly.

I couldn't let that thing live.

Where is it?

KERN: Molly, if you can hear this, get the hell out.

I lost Katie once.

I can't lose her again.


Oh, no, no, no. Katie...


He needs our help.




(crying quietly)

(low, labored breathing nearby)


He's scared.

What does he want?

He wants you to help him.


He wants out.


If you take him, I can come, too.

Why the hell did you do that?

Talk to me, Harmon.

Or was that your plan?

To come down here and kill it?

I made a decision.

Well, that wasn't your decision to make!

Look around you.

Look what it did here.

You think these guys turned their guns on each other for no reason?

It made them kill each other!

Maybe it was protecting itself.

How do we know what these guys were down here doing to it?

I know what it did to me.

This thing gets out in the world, more people will die.

Well, that's not your call to make. It's alive.

It's a living thing, okay?

It's... It's your baby?

It is not your baby.

It's a nightmare.

If you want to wait around here to sing it a lullaby, be my guest.


Containment protocol.

I'm sorry, Molly.

I can't let you stand in the way.

Harmon, no!


He's pretty fried, huh?

He lost his purpose.

Well, I don't know about that.

Just 'cause he's busted up doesn't mean he's broken.

Check this out.


Just like yours.

Made of the exact same stuff.

What happened?

I used to be a soldier.

That was my purpose.

And then when I lost my arm, they sent me home.

I'd been one thing for so long, I didn't know how to be something else.

You know what?


I like this arm even better.

I can do things I never could before, like... like this.

Cool. Right?

They don't call them "supers" for nothing.

You could try, if you want.

My dad said direct heat could damage my sen-ceptors.

Well, I never had a problem with mine.

Your dad's a clever guy.


JULIE: There you are.

I have your dinner waiting.

KERN: Harmon!

Where's Molly?

She's already out. What the hell happened down there?

Sparks figured it out when you used my fingerprints in the elevator.

I had to do something.

We were trapped. It doesn't matter.

By the time we got down there, it was gone.

He took it.


He drove off just as I was coming out.

What did it look like?

I didn't get a good look.

Look, we got to get out of here.

This place is gonna be crawling with cleanup crews any second.

Come on.

SPARKS: Claypool's been compromised beyond repair.

HIDEKI: The Offspring?

It escaped its incubation chamber.

I have no idea where it is.

I suggest full contingency.

Erase everything.

Where are you?

I failed you one too many times.

I apologize.

I don't think I'm the right man for this job anymore.



Thank you for your patience.

What can I do for you?

My wife is in danger.

I need your help.

(crickets chirping)

(coyote howling)

WOMAN: I had to dig them out of storage, but they smell all right.

Just wish you'd called ahead to let me know.

I didn't know myself.

I'm sorry.

Oh, hush.

I'm just happy to see you again.

It's been too long.

Well, I... I understand, I do.

When Earl died, there were places I just couldn't go anymore.

Too many memories.

You certainly had a lot of those here.

That child must have run every inch of these woods, barefoot, too.

Bee sting every time.

Tough cookie, that little Katie.

(chuckles) Lord, that child was...

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I'm just a sentimental old woman.

She always loved the red one.

Could I put half a dozen of these on my bill?


Good night, Esther.

Good night.

(door closes)

He says that Molly never came home.

NOWAK: It's possible she's still in the building.

If she is, I want you to find her and bring her back.



And the Offspring?

We lost it when Sparks disabled his car's transponder.

We're working on it.

HIDEKI: My apologies for the interruption.

I have no idea how far this goes or who may be involved.

Th-That's why I came here.

The ISEA, the police, the government, I-I don't know who to trust.

I'm glad you felt you could come here.

I just want her back safely.

If what you're saying is true, the world is about to change forever in very fundamental ways.

We'd be witness to a seismic shift in human history.

You must find that intriguing, as a man of science.

Well, right now, I'm just a man trying to protect my family.

Then perhaps it would be safer for Ethan to join us here.

No, no, I-I should be there, just in case she comes home.

At least until we find Molly and we know your family is out of danger.


I insist.





He wants another one.

(low, labored breathing)

This place is better than where we were.

He doesn't want to go back there.

He doesn't have to.


I'll be right back.


Can you leave the door open for us, just a little?

(low, labored breathing)

(hinges creaking)

(low, labored breathing)


(low beep)

(line ringing)

VERDISIGN: Incoming call from Emergiflare Cell.

Oh... answer. Hello?



What's going on... are you all right?

Oh, no, I'm fine.

It's about Katie.

Please don't do this again.

It's not fair, Alan.

Anya, wait.

Please, just listen to me.


What is it?

There's been a new development.

What are you talking about?

I can't tell you over the phone.

I need you to come here.


I promise, if you do this, I'll never call you again.

Where are you?

(low, labored breathing)

(low, labored breathing)


Oh! Oh!


You scared the tar out of me.

Well, is everything all right?

I thought I saw Ruby prowling around.


A coyote.

Had a habit of getting into the cabins.

Hadn't seen her in a while. I thought she'd moved on.

Well, I'm sure she's gone by now.

Why don't you move into one next to the office?

I'll be fine.

Well, just make sure you close the door if you're gonna go out for a leak.

ODIN: So we're in this tent on the side of a mountain.

And it's hot all the time and there's these mosquitoes the size of my fist.

I had this friend, Eddie, used to sing all the time.

At first, everyone just told him to shut up, but after a while, no one could sleep unless he sang.

What would he sing?

Oh, you know, stupid songs.

Songs he made up.

Sometimes really old songs.

And then, when he ran out of those, he'd just... sing like animals.

Like whales and raccoons... wolves.

He was a funny guy.

Sing me one.


You don't want to hear me sing.

Yes, I do.

All right, your funeral.

Wolf or whale?


(howling melody)

That's not a song.

Well, I told you, I'm no Eddie.

I think I need a flip.

A flip?

Every couple days, my dad changes my power core.

Julie knows how.

Well, she's downstairs right now, so I could help you.

Or I can get Julie to do it.


You can do it.

All right.

Well, you better walk me through it.

There's a panel on the middle of my back.


Press on it.

Oh, wow.

That's cool.

You see the yellow one?


Take that one out and put the green one in.



Now shut it.

There you go.

JULIE: Odin?

He walked me through it.

It was easy.

It was like changing the oil on my bike.

He's a kid, he's not a bike.

I'm sorry.


Come on, don't get mad.

You look really cute when you're mad.

I'm not mad.

You look a little bit mad.

I'm not.

Come on.

Look at you, you're so full of anger and rage right now, it's...

Do you feel all right? You're so pent up.

There's steam coming out of your ears.


He's asleep.

GINA: Call from John.

Do you prefer screen seven, Julie?



What's wrong?




(sharp snapping)


JACKSON: Page 32.

Section D.

Will you continue to use Dr. Barton as your family liaison?


Then, upon receiving news of Dr. Woods' death aboard the Seraphim Station, Dr. Barton will go to the Woods' home to notify the family and make arrangements.

In the event that your corpse is not in condition to be returned to Earth, can you verify your specific request for burial in space?


I request to be jettisoned.

Dr. Woods, in the event that your wife's corpse is not recoverable, do you understand...

Can you stop calling it a corpse?

For God's sake, people. I...

There's a reason for the language of this simulation.

I don't give a damn about the reason.

I mean, just stop calling it a corpse.


Excuse me.

Excuse me. Just...

(door opens, closes)

It's all right.

Take as much time as you need.

Thank you.

(door opens, closes)


I don't want to talk about it anymore.

About you not coming home.

I understand. You don't have to go back in there...

No, I-it's not about being here, staying here, it's-it's just... I don't want to think about it, period.

Well, I don't either, but we have to be prepared.

Okay? These are the risks.

There are always risks, sweetheart, and this time is no different than any other.

No, it is different this time.

Don't go.


Stay here.

Stay home, stay with us.

This could be my last time.

I understand, I understand.

It's just that we-we've...

I have a feeling we've been doing so well this year.

As a unit.

I mean, I-it's working.

Well... it's not working for me.

Not the way you want it to.

What are you saying?

I know how badly you want all three of us to be a family, and I want that, too, but I can't stand here and lie to you and tell you that I'm feeling something that I'm just not feeling.

Okay, I can't pass up this opportunity, John.

It's what I do.

And, you know, maybe having this time apart will actually do us some good.


Come on.

I want us... to matter as much as all of this does.



(beeping, clattering)

(door opens)

All right, spread out and we'll search.


(hinges creaking)

(gun clicking)

We're all clear.


(grunts, panting)










(men speaking indistinctly in distance)





(alarm sounding)

COMPUTER VOICE: Security breach.

Elevator shaft two.

(alarm continues)

Subject C level.

Switch to night-vision.

Kill the lights on my command.

Lights out.

(clacking and whooshing)

(whirring, beeping)

I'm sure she's fine.

Then why can't I get a hold of her?

I don't know. She was acting strange before we got split up.

What do you mean "strange"?

What happened?

Like there's some part of her that still thinks it's a real baby.


Well, it's not a baby.

Not anymore.

It's growing.

Where was Sparks taking it?

Claypool's the only site I know of.

But it doesn't mean there aren't others.

Okay, we have to find them.

Gordon, this is a worst-case scenario.

That thing is out in the world now.

If it can do that to a dozen highly-trained operatives in a basement, what's gonna happen in a crowded train station or a football stadium?

Let's say we do track him... we find Sparks, we find the Offspring.

Then what?

We kill it.


I can try accessing the ISEA surveillance drones to locate his car.

Do it. (sighs)

The second I do this, they know where we are and they know we're looking for him.

Then we'll have to be faster than them.

(crickets chirping)

ESTHER: That's what I thought, too.

Doesn't make any sense, but I figured I ought to report it.

(sighs): Oh, I hear you.

I got a guest here right now.

Put a real damper on his trip if he got bit by a coyote.

(whispers): Damn.

I got to go.

He left the damn door open again.


(cocks gun)



Alan, you in there?!

Ruby girl?

If you in there... you best git.

MAN: Esther.

Earl? (gasps)

Look at you.

You're as pretty as a picture.

(trembling): B... but... h-how...?

I need you to go back into the office.

Everything's all right.

Is this Heaven?

It's what you want it to be.

(hinges creaking)


(gunshot, yells)

No, no, Esther.

Mr. Nowak found the Claypool Industries building.

His team searched top to bottom.

They found the lab exactly as you said.

But the building was empty, there was nobody there.

I should go.

Dr. Woods.

No. She might already be home.

Then she would have tried to contact you.

DODD: Excuse me. John, your guests have arrived.

Ethan's here now.

Stay until we know everyone is safe.

I've never been up this late.

Yeah, I know.

Where's Mom?

Uh... she'll be here soon.

Why don't you go lie down a bit.

I'm not tired.

It's still your bedtime.

But I'm not tired.

DODD: Uh... how about a-a snack?

Do you eat snacks?

I like ice cream.

Well, I think we might have some rocky road.

And, uh, maybe we could give you a tour of some of the cool stuff.

Can Odin come?

Oh, I'm sorry, M-Ms. Dodd, uh, Mr. Yasumoto, this is Odin, he's a friend of Dr. Gelineau's.


Shall we?

I think I'm gonna stick around here.

Okay. Come on.

What's going on?

Molly's missing.


(whirring, beeping)

(whirring, beeping)


(rapidly gasping)

(hinges creaking)


(holds breath)

JOHN: Ready or not, here I come.

(teasing): I'll find you.

Can't get away.

(whispering): You're leaving tomorrow?

(sighs): Yeah.

For how long?

13 months.

Do you remember how many days that is?

390 days.


I wish you didn't have to go.

Well, it goes by faster than you think, trust me.

I'll be back before you know it.


(plastic rustling)

(whirring, beeping)

(plastic rustling)


(Nowak groans)

(cocks gun)

Don't shoot me!

I know where your family is.

What are you talking about?

My family's at home.


They're not.

(indistinct radio transmission)


Mrs. W?

Got your message about the coyote.


KRYGER: Perfect. We tracked him to a ditch.

(computer trilling)

A few more feet.


What now?

I don't think he'd turn around and go home, but I don't know where else he'd hole up.

What is it?

I ran the VIN number on Sparks' ISEA vehicle, but he owns a personal vehicle as well.

Well, wouldn't he just kill the transponder on that one, too.

He doesn't have it.

His ex-wife does.

She's heading in the same direction.

(men shouting)

(imitating engines)


Whoa, what is that?

That's Lucy.

She's a program right now, but eventually she'll have a body like me.

Oh, so she's like your little sister, huh?

I guess.

That your brain?

It's like when I was a kid, my dad used to say to me,
"What you got up there?

A bucket of bolts?"

I think that was his way of letting me know that I wasn't very smart.

That doesn't seem very nice.

Yeah, well, he wasn't a very nice guy.

But I was young, so I-I believed him.

And then I grew older, became a soldier, and I realized that you know what, parents don't always know everything.

Sometimes they can be wrong about a lot.

You sure you don't want a go?

I don't think I should.

Well, why not?

My dad would be angry with me.


He told me not to...

He told you not to damage your sen-ceptors.


And I promise you won't.


I'd never steer you wrong, buddy.

Guys like you and me, we got to stick together.



Oh, my God.



KATIE: Stop!

He needs him.


He's hungry.

I can get him food.

Not that kind of hungry.


(phone ringing)

I wouldn't answer that.

I think it's time we had a talk.

You took my baby from me?

We thought we could lessen the danger with it under our control.

We were wrong.

We took away the one thing it truly needed... its mother.

And that didn't occur to you when you were cutting it out of my body?

Or when you decided to lock it in some basement?

I made a mistake.

Damn right you did.

Now he's out there with Sparks.

Alone, scared, trying to defend himself.

That's why I'm offering you my help.

To do what?

To find it.

After everything you've done to me?

Why would I trust you?

We both want the same thing, Molly.

To see your baby live.

I know how badly you want this.

You made your way into a heavily guarded facility last night.

You risked everything.

I'm offering you another chance.

Say I find him.

Then what?

Bring him back.

I have the resources to protect him and keep your family safe.

Together, we can show the world his true potential.

I can't do that by myself.

You don't have to.

Dr. Woods, meet Dr. Mason.

It's an honor.

I'm probably your biggest fan.

Dr. Mason is an expert on theories of extraterrestrial life.

I also have a master's in psychopharmacology and a doctorate in psychology.

And that's just what they give degrees in.

More than that, I'm a believer.

I'm on your side.

I want to help you change the world.

I don't want to change the world.

I just want to find my baby.

Then let me help you.

How do I find him?

Director Sparks disabled the tracking device on his vehicle before he left town, but his ex-wife did not.

I know where she's going.

That's near a campsite called Wimberley Woods.

They used to go there in the summer.


(labored breathing)

(Sheriff whimpers)

(muffled screaming)

Don't worry, Daddy.

Everything is going to be fine.

(screaming continues)


(water fountain running, birds singing)

You okay?

I'm fine.

If anyone's gonna find her, Yasumoto...

Yeah. Yeah.


It's gonna be okay.

Hey, um, Odin, he seems nice.

He is.

He's crazy about you.

(scoffs) I don't know.

Well, he'd be crazy not to be.

(door closes)

Speaking of the devils, how was the tour?

Oh, it was great.


I'm talking to you; how was the tour?

It was great.

(phone ringing)




Hi, sweetheart.

Where are you?

I'm okay. What's going on?

Sparks is out there with the baby.

I need to get him to a safe place.

Okay, I'll come with you.

Stay where you are.

Yasumoto is gonna send somebody with me.


He has the resources to take care of the baby.

He knows how important this is.

Yeah, because I asked him to help, but this is not what I had in mind.

I need to find him, John, and I can't do it by myself.

I just wish you'd come to me instead.

I know. I'm sorry.

I just didn't have the time.

Be careful.

I will.


I'm gonna need to take that.

We don't want anyone tracking us.

Element of surprise and all.

Shall we?

We need to talk.

Of course.

I-I just spoke to my wife.

She said that you've sent someone to go with her t-t-to meet this thing.


Dr. Mason.

He's extremely capable.

Tha-That's not the point.

I come to you for help.

I-I-I tell you about this... situation, the danger of this thing, and you sent my wife off t-to meet it?

It's her child.

It's half her child.

Yet she sees it as her child.

She saw it in the ultrasound.

It has a human form.

That's not the half I'm worried about.

The decision was not mine alone.

Molly has her own opinion in the matter.

She's not thinking rationally.

You helped an emotionally fragile woman put herself in danger.

I think Ethan and I had better go.

I wish you wouldn't.

As you indicated, Alan Sparks is still out there.

And, thanks to you, so is my wife.

As I said, Dr. Mason is a worthy companion.

I'd feel so much better with you and Ethan here.

Your safety is important to me.

And, of course, to Molly.

Big-picture people, they lose sight of what really matters.

What does that mean?

I think that Yasumoto went about all this in completely the wrong way.

We'll bring your baby back.

And it won't be a lab-rat situation this time.

It'll be done on your terms.

Thank you.

So, you were doing bio-research on the Seraphim?


(chuckles softly)

Viability in orbit?


Everybody thinks the answers are out there.

We have all the proof we need right in front of us.

I was just down in Caracas.

Found these microfossils embedded in meteorites, with all the biomarkers of terrestrial cyanobacteria.

I mean, these life-forms, they're coming to us.

We don't need to go to them.

I can't imagine what this must mean to you.

Finally getting a chance to see your child.

(labored breathing) WOMAN: Ma'am?

Ma'am, look at me. Focus.


The baby's crowning now.

I'm gonna need suction. Ma'am, what is your name?

Molly... (groans)

Oh. Oh, God.

I'm seven-months pregnant.

It is too soon, it's too soon...

Molly, listen to me. You're going to have your baby now.

You don't have time to make it to a hospital.

I need you to work with me, okay?

Okay, okay, okay.

Oh, God.



Marcus! Oh, no, no!

No! Marcus! No!

No, no, no, no, no, no...

Molly, I need you to focus.


Look at me.

Your baby's coming.



Hey, honey.

I hate to have to tell you this.

The baby didn't make it.

We tried everything we could.

He was just... too little.


It was a boy?

I'm so sorry.


Oh, God. No, no, no.

Oh, sweetheart, come here.



We're about halfway there.

Another hour, maybe. Tops.

(child giggling)


The last time we were here, she was seven.

I remember she fell in trying to grab a lily pad.

You were so worried she'd get an infection.

It's not fair, Alan, bringing me back here.


I brought Mrs. Wimberley's truck.

My car barely made it up the hill.

Anya, after you see what I want to show you... if you still want to go, I promise I'll bring you back.

You sure?

Drones don't lie.

This is Anya Sparks' car.

Sparks must have figured out someone could find it.

Had her meet him here, picked her up.

Yeah, the drones didn't think of that.

Now what do you want to do?

They must be hiding someplace in these hills.

Well, you used to be a cop.

Time to act like one.

It looks like a kidnapping case.

This man took a small child.

You should talk to Sheriff Dugan when he gets back.

Sheriff Dugan is currently on a call.

You can wait around for him, if you'd like.

When do you expect him?

Any minute, unless he stopped off for a burger at Jay Jay's.

It's not every day we get to host a couple of Feds.

We'll check back later.


Alan, why did you drag me up here?

It won't make any sense if I tell you.

I just have to show you.


This place has too many memories.

I never should have come.

Please, Anya.

You've come this far already.

You know me.

I've never had the kind of faith that helped with anything.

But seeing this...

Just promise me you'll give it a chance.

Give what a chance?

Okay, enough.


SPARKS: She's real.

It's not possible.

You can touch her.

It's not possible.

I was gone... but now I'm back.


Sheriff Dugan, there were two federal agents here about a kidnapping.

They should still be in town if you'd like to try and find them.

A kidnapping?

Your drone footage from the Wimberley Woods shows a man who matches their description of the kidnapper. I've notified Nancy.

And if you'd like, I can cross...


What'd you want to go and do that for, Dugan?

I'm gonna need a BIN number for the requisition form if it's not blown all to crap.


MASON: Nobody gets it, do they?

Gets what?

The miracle of all this. Life... somewhere else in the universe.

Life that we can...

I mean... you had a child with it.

So, what was it like?

Your encounter.

I guess the reason I'm asking is I've heard some pretty hairy stories.

It must've been terrifying.

(quiet laugh)

No. It wasn't.


I'm sorry.

I mean, if this is hard to talk about.

I just, I-I want to know what to expect.

No. It's-it's not hard.

I saw someone.

He died a very long time ago.

And-and just to see him again was... well, it was beautiful.

This was Marcus Dawson?

From the academy?

He, uh... died in a car accident, right?

I'm sorry.

Yasumoto gave me your file.

I read through it on the flight.

Yeah. It was him.

You see, that's the real miracle here.

The fact that they can bring back the people that you've lost.

Well, I didn't just lose him.

I lost our baby in that same crash.

I'm sorry.

That's, um... that's tough.

And I think that's exactly why he came to me.

It's not just that we get to see the people that we lost.


It's like we get to start again.

You know, we-we-we get to go down a new path.

If that is your child's gift, to guide us down these alternate pathways, then this is truly what I've always dreamt of seeing.

A moment of punctuated equilibrium.

An evolutionary leap forward.

Your child could be that leap.

(quiet laugh)

Well, you know... you know, I'm not one of these blue marble ladies.


"Blue marble ladies"?

Well, you know, astronauts go to space and they see the Earth and... it looks like a big, beautiful blue marble.

And then they start to think that everything is all peace and love. (Laughs)

Well, the universe doesn't care about us or our survival, so I never bought into any of that.

I mean, 99.9% of every species that has ever existed has now gone extinct.

Cheerful world view.

My point is we care about our survival even against those odds.

We're still here.

I mean, that's what evolution is, right?

Maybe... every bad thing that's happened is just a result of him trying to live, trying to protect himself.


And that's why we need a different approach.

(engines humming nearby)

We should get going. You ready?

We'll take the check.

WOMAN: Right away.

Thank you.

KRYGER: When you get out of town, there could be 20 miles of forest in every direction.

We know Sparks made it this far.

And traveling with the Offspring, this forest is as good a place to hide as any.

The drone should be able to give us a location soon.

We can't wait for that. He could be moving.

Well, if you want to poke around the woods on your own, be my guest.

Or we could just ask him.

Man you're looking for, I know where he is.

Come with me.

Just the two of you working this alone?

We work out of the Anderson office.

Call came in, we headed right out.

When it involves a child, you can't be too careful.


You know Steve Tillman?

Steve? Yeah.

Good man.

You hear that?

Loose contactor. I got to pull over.

I'm just gonna take a look.

Contactor's in the back.

(foliage ruffling nearby)

We always knew... intelligent people knew that we weren't the only thinking, feeling beings in the universe.

And this is what you found?

We aimed our ships towards something.

And this is what happened.

But how does it do... what it does?

I don't know.

It's half human.

It seems to be able to find them for us.

The people we've lost.

Connect us to them.

Bring them back.

We need to keep it safe.

Not just so that Katie can stay with us, but so that everyone can have this gift.



You won't make me go back to that dark place, where dead people go?

It was lonely there.

No, darling.

I won't ever let you go back there.


How long till Mom comes back?

She should be done with her research and meeting us at home soon.

As long as we're here, there are a few diagnostics I want to run down in the lab.

Will Odin be there?

You two really seem to be hitting it off, huh?

I like him. He knows about things.

MAN: I'm sorry, sir.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to remain here.

Heat sensors, huh?

Mr. Yasumoto gave explicit instructions.

Until the immediate threat is contained, he really doesn't think it's a good idea for you to leave the office.

We were just going to run downstairs to my lab.

What's an immediate threat?

Nothing. Just a misunderstanding Mr. Yasumoto is helping us clear up.

That's right, son. Just a misunderstanding.

It's just so much easier for us to keep an eye on you up here. I'm sure you can understand.

It's for your safety.


(birds chirping)

Just the two of us, right?

You're taking me to meet him?

Of course. That's the idea here.

And that's it?

We get your baby.

We bring the two of you back.

Then Mr. Yasumoto puts all of his resources at your disposal.


Something's wrong.

I know it's hard to get back trust once it's been broken, but...

It's trying to send me a message.

Uh, those trucks that passed the diner, where were they going?

I really don't know what you're talking about.

(birds squawking)

You had better stop this car.

Something's wrong.

Listen, Molly, I understand.

You have every reason to be cautious.

But you have to believe me when I...

(tires screeching)

Take a seat anywhere you want. I'll be with you in a sec.

Can I use your phone, please?

Weren't you just in here?

Yes, but I'm having an emergency.

I need to call my husband.



Thank you.

You can have some privacy up there.


If you do that, you're going to lose in three moves.

You learned fast.

It's simple.

(phone ringing)


Hi, Ethan.

I learned how to play chess.

MOLLY: Great. Can you give Dad the phone, please?


Ethan, can you please put Dad on the phone?

I need to talk to him in private.

Is it another secret?

I need to talk to him about something, okay?

Is this about me?

No. It is not about...

Ethan. Can you please, please just give Dad the phone?

Come on.

Hey. What's going on?

Okay, look. John, I don't have a lot of time, okay? So listen.

The man I'm with, Dr. Mason, the baby doesn't want me to be with him.

Okay? I have no idea why, and it really doesn't matter right now, but he sent a flock of birds to attack him so I could get away.

John... I am not having a good feeling about this right now.

I really think you and Ethan should get out of there.

Is this something to do with Yasumoto?

I don't know.

But if it does, you shouldn't be there.

Hey. You got to go.

Someone's looking for you.


John, I gotta go.


Thank you.

(gasps) Oh!


This is for your own good.

Come on.


Have you played this before?

My dad just showed me.

It's easy.

Well, people don't think so.

You just have to look at the connections.

Nothing serious, I hope.



ANYA: I can't find her.

She's gone.

No, no, no, no. She's not gone.

I'll take care of this.

Just wait here.

I'll take care of it, Anya.




KATIE: Daddy?

You're here.

Molly's coming.



He needs your help to complete his mission.

He needs you to get Molly to do something that has to be done.

Far away.

I'm not sure I understand.

He needs to do something to her, and he needs to be stronger to do it.


He's going to need to feed again.

Like what he did with that sheriff.

You won't see me again unless you help him.


I'm all right. It comes and goes.

You have to pull it together.

We don't have time for you to detox.

If you go soft, I'll leave you.

That's why I left Molly.

I thought you said you got split up.


You left her in there to die?

I didn't have any choice.

You didn't see what it made me see.

Well, did it make you leave a friend to die, or was that your call?

I don't know what you imagine.

Some kind of second coming or the care and feeding of your new pet alien.

Either way, you don't have a clue.

That thing has to be stopped.

(rustling nearby)

Connections must have come loose.

I really appreciate this.

Yeah, rough roads out here, man.

Happens all the time.

Uh, my wallet's just inside.

Oh, we got a pot of coffee on.

I bet you'd like a cup.

Yes, I would.

(muffled screaming)

(muffled screaming continues)

Is this what it takes for it to do what it does?

(muffled screaming)

There are two kinds of feedings.

I bring it food, and it seems to grow at an exceptional rate.

And then there's this.

(muffled screaming)

What its other half needs.

They don't die, but they are different after.

You try to make your peace with it.


Look what I made.

(muffled screaming)

Everything comes at a cost.

We can have our Katie back.

I don't care about the rest.

(muffled screaming)

(indistinct radio chatter)

I promise you, they're just here as a backup.

We just want to make sure we do this right.

You go in there with all these guys, it's not gonna go right.

I hope you told them to say good-bye to their families.

Molly, I'm not the enemy here.

I care about exactly what you care about.

(starts engine)

Look, I'm sorry about this.

I really believe that this is the best way to do it.

With force and more armed men?

I don't think that's the way to do it.

Like I said before, it's just a contingency.


Your baby... it's half yours and half this... other.

And yes, it's trying to protect you.

And yes, it wants you, but this other...

Frankly, it would be presumptuous to believe that it thinks like we do.

Because he wants to live?

And needs his mother?

I guess I'm presumptuous.

And I guess I'm cautious.

Look, we both want the same thing.

We both want to keep your baby safe.

I'll keep my baby safe.

ANYA: "'I won't, ' said Alice.

"'Off with her head!' the Queen shouted

"at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.

"'Who cares for you?' said Alice.

"She had grown to her full size by this time.

BOTH: 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!'"


ANYA: "At this point,

"the whole pack rose up into the air

"and they came flying down on her.

She gave a little scream, half of fright..."

She's here.

It's time.

Go talk to your Offspring.

You want to meet your son?

Go ahead.

He's waiting.

(rhythmic beeping)

So, you're doing fine.

No permanent damage was done.

Marcus is in intensive care.

But the bleeding's stopped.

He's tough.

He's gonna pull through.


The baby?


Right there.


It was close for a while, but he's a tough one, too, and he's doing great.


Do you want to touch him?

Come on.

I'll help you up.

Come on.

You're doing good.

Here we go.


Oh, my gosh.

This is what you always dreamed of seeing.

You're beautiful.

I'm gonna let the two of you get acquainted.

I'm gonna come back and check on you later, okay?






Hi, little guy.

You're just beautiful.

(birds chirping)

(Kern groaning)

(continues groaning)

Please. Please.

You'd better hold tight, 'cause the second you let me go, I'll kill you!

I'll kill both of you!

You know who we're looking for.

I know. I know!

Tell us where he is.

You want to find him?

(panting): Yeah...

I'm happy to tell you.


He'd want to find you.

He'd be happy to meet you.

(continues panting)

How are you doing?

I'm okay.


I want to apologize to you.

For what?

Well... (sighs) sometimes when you're a father... it's... difficult to admit to yourself that your kids are growing up.

That they have minds of their own.

That they're their own people.

Because that means someday they won't need you.

You're growing up... and that, more than anything, is what I want for you.

It's just...

I was having trouble with it for a while.

You've acted like you're mad at me a lot lately.

And I'm really sorry for that.

Here it is.

I'm going to ask you to do something that's very hard and very grown-up.


Mr. Yasumoto doesn't want us to leave this place.

Why doesn't he want us to leave?

I don't know.

But I need you to go find Julie, tell her this and tell her to get you out of the building.

How am I gonna get downstairs?

I'm gonna have to turn down your warmers, so you can get past the sensors.

It'll be okay for as long as it takes you to get downstairs.

Once you are in the lab, just ask Julie to turn them back on.

I know how to turn them on myself.

Wow. (laughs)

I guess you do.

You really think I can do this?

I know you can do this.

Are you ready?

(medical device beeping rhythmically, baby cooing)

(alarm sounds)

FEMALE VOICE (over P.A.): Warning. Oxygen flow restricted.

(baby crying)

Heart rate decreasing.


No. No.

Immediate action required.

No, no, no.

(monitor beeping rapidly)

(baby continues crying)

Somebody help!

(screaming): Help! We need help!

(whimpering): Somebody help!


(over P.A.): Molly, it's Ben.

I'm here to help.


There's nothing to worry about.

It's an RDS issue that just needs a ventilation adjustment.

I can walk you through the procedure.

Okay. O-Okay, Ben.

Tell me what to do.

It's just some code.

I'll dictate... you enter.

It's going to be fine.

BEN: Start with your access code.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Then your operation code.

It's going to be fine.

Good. Now...

P-thred... underscore exit... and you're done.


The code has been accepted.


Congratulations, Molly.

Your baby is going to be fine.


Oh, God.

(baby cooing, Molly sighs)

(rumbling, glass clinking)

What was that, Ben?

BEN: There's been a remote adjustment to our course.

It was a Debris Avoidance Protocol ordered by an ISEA admin.

Mm. Next time, maybe a little heads-up?

What's the new course?

Actually, we're headed towards Earth.

But don't get your hopes up.

It's only temporary.


(clears throat) Excuse me.

Dr. Woods.

I, uh... (chuckles)

I had a little issue with Ethan I wanted to tell you about.

Everything's okay, I hope?

Uh, well, he's been acting sort of moody.

First, I thought it was a programming problem, but, uh, then, uh... you're-you're gonna appreciate this, Ms. Dodd... uh, it was a kid thing, you know, something I had to fix with patience, not-not with, uh, parts.

I don't know if-if you've run into this sort of thing in your work. The employees who needed to be given more responsibilities, who stopped thriving without those responsibilities...

Most people truly need their independence, or the illusion of it, to thrive.

JOHN: That's exactly my point.

I mean, I'm not sure, with Ethan anyway, that the illusion would be enough.

(birds singing)


(elevator bell dings)

Hey, little guy.

What's going on?

I need to find Julie.

We're in trouble.

Okay, well, she's already left.

I can take you to her.

Is this like big "T" trouble or little "t" trouble?

Big, I think.

Okay, we better go, then, right?

You can tell me about the big "T" on the way.

(elevator bell dings)

(beep, elevator bell dings)

I put the Offspring in the car.

Molly's given us what we need.

We have to go.

For Molly?


It's better if we bring her. He wants his mom.

I need you to put Molly in the car.

They must be in there.

We blow the propane tank under the cabin and burn this thing to the ground.

You still don't get it, do you?

It keeps getting stronger and stronger.

It has to be stopped.

That is not your call to make.

(door opening)


You shoot me if you have to.

I have to make this right.

(guns cocking)

Let her go!

(echoing): Let her go!

I said, let her go!

Something's wrong.

Where-where... where's my baby?

I want my baby!



(panting) Harmon?

(gunshot, Molly gasps)

Harmon. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Breathe. Breathe.

The baby's not here.

Molly, it used you to get here for a reason.

It's getting stronger. You brought it here.

You have to stop it.

(panting) Uh...

Harmon. Harmon! Harmon!

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Harmon. Harmon.