02x03 - Make me Lose Control


2x03: Make Me Lose Control

Original Airdate: 10/9/2005

Written by: Krista Vernoff

Directed by: Adam Davidson

(Meredith and Cristina are jogging in the park)

Cristina: Uh...Uh.

(Meredith jogs back to her. Christina starts jogging again.)

Cristina: Oh you're stupid. Oh God. You're stupid, evil, sadist and I wanna kill you.

Meredith: Endorphins are good. Endorphins are mood elevators. This is supposed to make us feel better.

Cristina: Oh god. Do you feel better?

(Christina stops jogging to catch her breath, while Meredith jogs around her in circles)

Meredith: I'm stupid.

Cristina: Slutty mistress.

Meredith: Pregnant whore.

Cristina: Sleeping with our bosses was a great idea.

(Meredith stops to catch her breath too)

Meredith: You know what's ruined for me?

Cristina (in pain): Ah?

Meredith: Ferry boats. I used to love ferry boats and Derek's got a thing for ferry boats. Now every time I see a frigging ferry boat...

Cristina (cuts off Meredith): You know what's ruined for me? Coronary artery by-pass grafts ... and aortic aneurysms. God I used to love aortic aneurysms.

(Both lie down on the grass trying to catch their breaths.)

MVO: Surgeons are control freaks. With a scalpel in your hand, you feel unstoppable. There's no fear, there's no pain.

Meredith: Have you cried yet?

Cristina: Hello?

MVO: You're 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

Cristina: Do you think we'll feel better if we cry? You know like just let it out?

Meredith: Probably. Yeah.

MVO: And then you leave the O.R.

Cristina (unsure): Do you wanna cry now?

Meredith: No.

Cristina: Okay, lets, lets jog.

MVO: And all that perfection. All that beautiful control just falls to crap.

(Locker room)

(Alex and Izzie are laughing together while the others stare on in awe)

Cristina: What is she doing?

George (unsure): She's hanging out with Alex.

Cristina: Why?

George (losing voice): I dunno. I think ... ... I think they might be friends.

(Izzie & Alex continue laughing and joking with each other).

George (whispers): Make the lambs stop screaming.

(All walking in a hallway)

Izzie: You guys are wrong about him, alright? Once you get to know him, he's really sweet.

George: He's Alex.

Cristina: Punk ass.

Alex (calls back loudly): Hey Grey. Izzie was telling me you have tapes of your mom performing surgery. I'd kill to see the Ellis Grey in action.

Izzie (calls back): Hey you know what? Maybe you can come over tonight and we can all watch it together? Right?

(Meredith, Christina & George look at Izzie disbelievingly)

Meredith: Oh yeah, if this were a hell dimension.

Cristina: Yeah, run away pig boy.

(George stops in front of Izzie)

George: Do you have a thing for Alex?

Izzie: No.

Cristina (groans): Oh.

Izzie: I don't.

Cristina: Oh!

Bailey: Are we saving lives or having a tea party? Walk faster people.

(Derek is entering an elevator. Richard enters at the last second wearing an almost 'pimp' looking hat.)

Richard: Ah hem.

Derek: Nice hat.

Richard: Shut up.

Derek: What are you doing here?

Richard: I'm going back to work.

Derek: You're not cleared for surgery.

Richard: Leave me alone. I've been sitting home for a week watching Oprah giving away things on TV. (stresses) Oprah, Derek! ... You clear me now or I'll hurt you.

Derek: If you want me to clear you so soon, maybe you should've thought about that before you gave chief to Burke and invited Satan to Seattle.

(Elevator opens and Addison enters)

Richard: Satan?

Addison : Good morning. Richard, like the hat.

Derek: Satan speaks.

Addison: Actually I prefer to be called ruler of all that is evil. (Richard laughs). But I will answer to Satan.

Derek: What is she still doing here?

Richard: I asked her to stay. We have a pediatric surgery attending on maternity leave.

Addison (to Derek): Actually I could use you on a consult. Will you ah meet me up there Derek?

Derek: Ah yeah. Fine

( Addison leaves the elevator)

Derek: I'm not clearing you for surgery.

Richard: Fine, I can catch up on my paperwork.

(Richard leaves the elevator as well as doors shut. Derek laughs.)

(Mr. Gaston's room. Dr. Bailey's group is surrounding his bed side with Dr. Burke)

Cristina: Mr. Gaston is scheduled for resection non-small cell carcinoma today. He did well overnight, has remained afebrile. He's had a dose of ceftriaxone this morning. He's pre-op labs are unremarkable. His chest x-rays, um, are unchanged from the previous.

Mr. Gaston: I own a couple of dry-cleaning stores. Never believed what they said about inhaling the chemicals, but...

Burke: We're going to do everything we can for you, Mr. Gaston. (To Christina) Did Oncology see him yet?

Cristina: Uh, they're waiting for the surgical path.

Burke: Thank you, Dr. Yang.

Cristina: You're welcome, Dr. Burke.

(Bailey, Meredith and Cristina walking through the hall)

Meredith: I know. I just think you should still tell him about the baby because he'd at least have the responsibility of having to pay.

Cristina: No! You know what? He'll never know. It's over. Once this pregnancy is taken care of, Burke won't even be a blip on my radar. He'll be smudge.

Meredith (sarcastic): Right.

Cristina: You know, Meredith? ... Leave the sarcasm up to me ... Really, it doesn't suit you.

(Kelly Roche's room. Dr. Bailey's group is now gathered here. Christina is looking through a medical book)

Alex: Kelly Roche. She's 23 years old. In for a scheduled ETS for treatment of her erythrophobia hyperpyrexia.

Izzie (whispers to Christina): Erythrophobia?

Cristina: Blushing.

Bailey (to Kelly): You have any questions about the procedure?

Kelly: Oh. Dr. Sh ... (blushes badly and she tries to get it to go away by fanning her face) ... Dr. Shepherd explained everything. He was very... huh...helpful. He gave me some literat ... (blushing gets even worse) ... sorry...

Alex: Don't be. Half the patients that come through here have the hots for Shepherd.

Bailey (in a disapproving voice): Dr. Karev.

Alex: What? ... It's true.

(Izzie pacing with arms crossed, waiting out in the hall for Alex. George and Meredith are in the distant grabbing food from the vending machine.)

Izzie: Hey, why do you do that?

Alex: What?

Izzie: Act like an ass when everybody but me is around, they hate you enough as it is.

Alex (shrugs): So? ... (Izzie still stands there annoyed) What?

(Dr. Bailey appears from the corner.)

Bailey: Hey there's a new surgical case coming up from the pit. Likely diverticulitis. Let's go.

(Izzie, Alex and George follow hurriedly. Meredith grabs her food and runs after them a bit behind)

Woman: Watch it! Hands off me! I could report you to the chief and you'd be out on your ass.

(Meredith stops recognizing the voice. She starts walking slowly to where the others are around another corner. Ellis Grey is shouting from a moving gurney. Christina is reading her chart, while Dr. Bailey, Alex, Izzie & George move the gurney.)

Ellis: Where is the chief?!?

Cristina: Patient's name is ...ah...

Ellis: Where is the chief?!? You're all amateurs.

Cristina: complaining of intermittent cramping pain and diarrhea. Also suffers from ...ah...

(Meredith can now see it is her mother and stares shocked, backing away slowly. Christina is knowing its Meredith's mother is unsure if she should continue. She makes brief eye contact with Meredith.)

Ellis (yells): AMATEURS!

Cristina: Alzheimer's.

Bailey: Patient's name?

Cristina: Um...

Bailey: Yang! Patient's name!

Ellis (to Meredith): What the hell are you doing here?

(Meredith scurries off, hiding behind an office corner, peeking her head out)

Ellis (in an increasing yelling voice): Haven't I told? How many times have I told you not to bother me when I'm at work?!

(Dr. Bailey & the others stare at Meredith)

Cristina: Ellis Grey.

George: Meredith's mother.

Ellis (yelling): You're amateurs! You're amateurs!

(Izzie, Alex, George, & Christina all talking at once in the hallway just outside the locker room being blocked by Dr. Bailey. Meredith is inside)

George: Meredith, are you okay?

Bailey (places her hand over George's mouth): Just zip. (She hands chart to Alex). Dr. Karev stick with ETS case and Alex her blushing impulse not a toy for you to play with or button for you to push. Understood?

Cristina (sounding sincere): Hey Meredith, you know um my great grandmother, she died with Alzheimer's.

Izzie: My god, why would you say that?

Cristina: Look, I'm just trying to help.

Bailey: Izzie, the Dr. Shepherd's need an intern up in the NICU.

Izzie: Wait, both of them? ... To..gether...and me by myself with the two married people who hate each other?

Bailey: Go.

(Izzie walks off)

Bailey: Christina you're on the thoracotomy.

Cristina: With Burke? Oh can I have the hateful married couple instead?

Bailey (annoyed): Okay, I'm sorry I thought that I was your resident not your hostess. I assign, you take. Is that a problem?

Cristina (stutters): N-nn

Bailey (annoyed): Is there some reason why it's inconvenient for you to spend the day in the OR. learning from Dr. Burke?

Cristina: No. I'm very happy to be working with Dr. Burke. Thank you very much.

(Christina walks off)

Bailey: George, take care of Dr. Grey.

George: Yes. Thank you. (moves in and hugs Dr. Bailey who is stiff and confused) She needs a friend right now.

(George tries to move into the locker room, but Dr. Bailey throws her arm against the door way to stop him).

Bailey: What?

George: Oh you mean Ellis the ... (Dr. Bailey goes into the locker room. George walks away not sure where to go) mother.

(Dr. Bailey shuts the door to the locker room. Meredith removes herself from hiding behind one of the lockers and goes and opens her own locker.)

Bailey: Are you able to work today?

Meredith: Yes. I'm fine.

Bailey: Cause I would understand it if you wanted to be with your ...

Meredith: No. My mother and I don't have the easiest...it's just better if I'm working.

Bailey: Okay. You're on scut.

Meredith: Excuse me?

Bailey: While we take care of your mother, you can catch up on charting, run samples to the lab, go over (Meredith cuts her off)

Meredith: I told you, I'm fine.

Bailey: Yea and I appreciate that you're fine but I have to anticipate a certain level of distraction from you today. Even in the face of all that fineness. So scut now!

(Natal Intensive Care Unit where Dr. Shepherd is going over the baby's chart while Izzie and Addison are watching over the baby who is in a glass encasing.)

Derek: Where's the mother?

Addison: Gone. She stuck around long enough to get the kid strung out and then took off. Nice, huh?

Derek (frustrated): Addison!

Addison: Derek I know it's a long shot. I know that.

Derek: You told me you had a newborn with an invasive mash. You fail to mention that she's premature, underweight and addicted to narcotics. There's no way that this baby is going to survive spinal surgery.

Addison: You don't know that.

Derek: Even if she does, she's a mess. She'll just get meningitis seizures. She's going to live a short painful life.

Addison: You don't know that.

Derek: It's my job to know that.

Addison: You're not God Derek.

Derek: Excuse me?

Addison: I'm sorry honey but you're not. You don't get to decide (she is cut off by Dr. Shepherd)

Derek: Wait did you just call me honey (Addison tries to talk). Don't call me honey!

(Izzie is getting uncomfortable with the turn of conversation)

Addison: Fine. You're not god Dr. Shepherd. Look if a patient has any chance at survival, which I think she does, then you have a responsibility (cut off by Derek again)

Derek: Don't talk to me about responsibility.

Addison: You took an oath Derek!

Derek: Oh don't you dare talk to me about oaths!

Addison: Derek, I messed up. People mess up.

Derek: You slept with my best friend in my favorite sheets.

Addison: The flannel sheets? You hate the flannel sheets.

Derek: No I love the sheets.

Addison: You like the Italian sheets with the paisleys (cut of by Derek)

Derek: Would you just stop talking about the sheets?

Addison: Fine!

Izzie: Look I'm sorry. I'm just gonna go. I'll go check on the labs.

(Izzie leaves the room. Addison is upset.)

Derek: Addison, don't do this.

Addison: Derek ... look she's a fighter. Look how far she's come already.

Derek: Don't get attached. Don't get involved. Just ... don't make her life more painful than it already is.

Addison: Derek, please. She has nobody. She needs someone to fight for her.

Derek: She's too far gone. You have to let her go. Let her go in peace.

(Derek leaves the room)

Addison (watching Derek leave the NICU unit): Fine Derek, walk away. It's what you do best.

(Dr. Burke is packing his stuff away from Richard's desk. Richard is putting his own stuff back on the desk)

Burke: I've enjoyed the opportunity to show you my capabilities in this arena however brief.

Richard: Stop fishing, Preston. You did a good job. ... But I'm back now and I don't plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.

Burke: I am glad that you're back. I'm just hiding my joy...deep down inside. (Burke picks up his box of stuff and moves to leave the office) And ah chief ... the hat ... it's a little pimped out.

(Burke leaves. Richard takes off the pimp hat. Meredith holding a patient file knocks on the office door and enters)

Meredith: Welcome back chief.

Richard: It's good to be back, Dr. Grey. Uh what can I do for you:

Meredith: It's my mother sir.

(Meredith hands him the file. Richard flips through it, looks at Meredith and sits down)

Meredith: I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I know you two are close. But she made me promise. She seems to be reliving the heyday of her residency a lot these days. And I just thought maybe if you could stop by and say hello, it would mean a lot to her.

Richard (takes a second to answer): Well of course. (stares at Meredith) Do you need a day off?

Meredith: Oh no. I'm fine.

Richard: Yeah.

Meredith: Okay (starts backing away and walks out of the office)

(George is trying to Ellis Grey a physical exam. She is constantly turning away from him.)

George: Um...if you could just hold still

(Ellis shrugs out of his grasp and grabs her chart)

Ellis: I'm in the middle of my work day Thatch.

George: Thatch? No, I'm Dr. O'Malley. (They wrestle for the chart, Ellis eventually yanks it) Okay. I just need to check your...

Ellis: Darling I'm not in the mood to play doctor now. Hands off, I'm busy. Um...

(Meredith comes and stands out at the doorway)

Meredith: George.

George: Um.

Ellis: Damn it Thatcher I mean it no.

Meredith: George.

(George leaves the room to go talk to Meredith)

Meredith: She's allergic to penicillin.

George: Yeah? Oh yeah it said on her chart.

Meredith: Oh. ... You just have to be patient.

George: Okay. Do you um ... who's Thatch?

(long pause)

Meredith: My dad, Thatcher. ... What did she ... is she ... is she talking about him?

George: Um...yeah. She's...

Meredith: She never talks about him.

George: You're, you're all right.

Meredith: No, yeah, yeah. I'm good.

George (murmurs): Good.

Meredith: Um. I can't be here.

George: Of course, I mean we're good here, we're great, so...

Meredith: Okay.

George: Okay.

(George goes back into Ellis's room. Meredith peeks in briefly before leaning back against an adjacent wall. She sees Derek walking by and goes after him. He is going through some files. Meredith comes and stands at the door.)

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: Meredith. I heard. Is it true?

Meredith: Yeah. Secret's out.

Derek (sighs): Ohhh.

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd, I ... (Derek cuts her off)

Derek: You don't have to call me Dr. Shepherd.

Meredith (adamant): Dr. Shepherd. I want in on a surgical case. I can't just do nothing all day. (sighs) And you owe me this. And I never ask you for anything like this, so...

Derek: I have ETS this afternoon. You'll scrub in.

(Derek leaves the room.)

(Dr. Burke is operating, performing a thoracotomy on Mr. Gaston. Cristina enters the OR. A doctor hands her a gown)

Doctor: Here Dr. Yang.

Burke: You're late.

Cristina: I apologize.

(She joins a group of interns who are watching)

Doctor: Suction.

Burke: Just starting to dissect around Mr. Gaston's tumor.

(Cristina seems a bit tired)

Burke: I've almost got visualization.

(Kelly's room where Alex is checking her glands. Dr. Shepherd enters the room.)

Derek: Hey Kelly.

Kelly: Dr. Shep (her face goes instantly red, she starts fanning her face again furiously. Meredith enters the room as well) Dr. Shepherd. God. Sorry. Damn it.

Derek: Kelly.

Kelly: Yup. (continues fanning her face)

DErek: Kelly.

Kelly: Mmm hmm.

Derek: This might be the last time that ever happens. (Kelly smiles briefly) How are her labs?

Alex: H&H are stable. Chest x-rays show no acute process.

Derek: Good. You're ready to go?

Kelly: Are you kidding? I've been ready since the 3rd grade.

Derek: Did you read the literature I gave you? (Kelly nods.) You understand the possible side-effects?

Kelly: Compensatory sweating of the back, abdomen, thighs and legs. Possible gustatory sweating. Horner's syndrome occurs in less than 1% of patients. Brachial plexus injury. Pneumothorax and hemothorax are highly unlikely but possible side effects of the surgery.

Derek: You did your homework. (to Alex). Take her to pre-op. I'll alert the O.R.

(Derek leaves the room)

Alex: Do you know what all those words mean? (Kelly looks at him) Brachial plexus injury could cause paralysis of the arms. Pneumothorax is a collapsed lung.

Kelly: I know (she is still red faced)

Meredith: Are you sure you want to risk all of that? Over a little bit of blushing.

Kelly: Is that ... what you think this is? A little bit of blushing? Just a school girl embarrassment? You both saw what happened when Dr. Shep ... (she goes even redder and starts fanning her self again) ... when Dr. Shepherd was here. What did you think?

Alex: Well I thought you liked him.

Kelly: I do but you think I wanna room full of doctors to know about it?

Alex: It's not like we're gonna...

Kelly: It's not just you guys. It's not just this once. It happens ... every time I have a feeling for anyone ... in my life. (she is trying not to cry) I can't ... get mad. I can't be happy. I can't feel anything without the whole world knowing. I can't have a secret. Can you imagine living that way you're entire life?

(Ellis Grey's room. There is a loud smash.)

Ellis (yelling): Get away from me you insipid little man.

(She throws a pillow at George)

George: Dr. Grey calm down.

Ellis: Get out of here! Get out of my room now!

George: Dr. Grey calm down!

Ellis: Get away from my house!

George: Please!

(Nurse walks in)

Nurse: What can I do?

George: Calm down! (to nurse) Please get some haloperidol.

(Nurse leaves)

Ellis: Don't give me that look. That sapful, little soulful puppy routine. I know it by heart, Thatch! And I'm over it.

(Alex and Meredith are coming down the hall and stop outside the room. Alex pokes his head in. Meredith is looking anywhere but the room.)

Ellis: I don't wanna hear about your day, your students, your pathetic little research grants. My ... my work is what counts! It's what pays for this house. It's pays for ... it pays for you! And it pays for, it pays for Meredith! (Meredith is just listening now) And your precious lifestyle. So why don't you just leave me alone and let me do it! (Alex looks disbelieving) Meredith make thinks she needs you but sure as hell don't.

George: Dr. Grey.

(nurse comes running in)

Nurse: Here it is.

(Meredith walks away into a room and sighs with her back against the door. It turns out its Kelly's room)

Kelly: Are you okay?

Meredith: That's something I'm supposed to be asking you.

(George is running around the halls, looking for someone. Richard calls out from his office)

Richard: O'Malley. (Richard walks out to meet him. He is wearing a golfer's hat now) I understand you're working on Ellis Grey.

George: Yes sir, I'm trying my best.

Richard: Right. Keep me informed of her progress and take good care of her. She's an old friend of mine.

George: Really? Because actually I could use some help. Could, could you help me ... examine her?

Richard: Um, ah... I'm just a little busy just now...uh..ah...gotta run.

(Richard starts to walk off)

George: Right. Okay. It's just that she seems to think that I'm her ex-husband and she won't let me touch her.

(Richard stops, taking off his cap and looks at George)

Richard: It's funny you do...look a bit like Thatcher.

George (partly mortified): I look a bit like Meredith's dad?

Richard: Um...just take good care of her George.

(Richard walks off)

George: But...like her dad? ... ... I need help.

(Izzie walking down the stairwell. Alex catches up with her)

Alex: Hey.

Izzie: Hey.

Alex: Woah, wait, wait.

Izzie: What?

(They stop walking. Alex reaches up and removes an eyelash from Izzie's face.)

Alex: You have an eyelash. (he puts it on the palm of his hand) Make a wish and blow it away.

(Izzie smiles and closes her eyes. Someone else is coming up the stairs. Alex is distracted)

Alex: Hey Nurse Ratchet, there's a dead guy stinking up Room 41 25. (Izzie walks starts walking away)Do something about it before he rots!

(Alex catches up with Izzie as they enter a floor on the hospital and starting walking down a hall)

Izzie: See? That is exactly what I'm talking about.

Alex: Come on.

Izzie: Why are you so up-tight in showing people that you're a decent human being?

(George comes down from another hallway and sees them. Alex goes to speak but George beats him to it)

George: Remember when he wallpapered the hospital with pictures of you in your underwear?

Izzie: Yeah... Yeah I do. (she walks off)

Alex: That was before I knew you. (George walks up to Alex) Thanks man, very helpful.

George: I need you to help me do an exam on Meredith's mom.

Alex (sarcastic): Oh a standard exam. You did go to med school, right?

George: She thinks I'm her ex-husband. She won't let me.

(Ellis Grey rifling through her bed-side drawers. Alex and George enter her room)

George: Dr. Grey.

Ellis: Oh damn it Thatcher I'm at work. I've already told you I'm too busy to deal with you now. No more cartoons.

George: She means interruptions.

Alex: No more interruptions Thatch. You heard the doctor. (Alex walks in up to Ellis)

Hi ma'am I'm Dr. Karev. (he shake's Ellis' hand) Please to meet you Dr. Grey. I've always admired your work.

Ellis: So you're familiar with the laparoscopic-grey method?

Alex: Oh I've studied footage of the operation you pioneered. (he removes his stethoscope) You're something else.

(George is watching on)

Ellis: Good. Well then we're wasting time. Let's scrub in.

Alex: Well Dr. Grey I'm going to need to do a short exam before you start surgery. (Ellis looks on questioningly)I know. New hospital policy. Annoying PR crap.

Ellis: Ah! (she removes her cardigan which is over her hospital gown) Make it quick.

(Alex starts listening to heart beat with his stethoscope)

Alex: Why don't you wait outside Thatcher? I can take it from here.

(George leaves the room)

Alex: Take a deep breath.

(NICU unit. Addison is watching over the premature baby who is gripping Addison's finger. Izzie walks into the room with the baby's chart)

Izzie: She's got a good grip.

Addison: Yeah.

Izzie: I don't think, ... (she shakes her head and paces the chart to Addison) it doesn't look good.

Addison: She's a got a resistant strain of pneumococcus. The antibiotics aren't working. You may want to get yourself reassigned Dr. Stevens. I don't think we'll be operating today.

Izzie: So do you think Dr. Shepherd was right?

Addison: She's just too far gone ... She does have a good grip.

(OR with Dr. Burke still operating on Mr. Gaston. Christina is looking exhausted and sweaty)

Burke: The tumor has infiltrated the pericardium.

(Dr. Burke still operating looks at Christina. She appears to be daydreaming.)

Burke: Yang. (his voice sounds distant and muffled from Christina's perspective. Her surroundings appear blurry.) Yang!

Cristina: What, sorry?

Burke: Is my surgery interrupting your daydreaming?

Cristina: No. Sorry.

(Pans up to viewing room were other doctors are watching including Dr. Bailey. Izzie walks in and sits next to her. Izzie sighs)

Bailey: You have a problem?

Izzie: No.

Bailey: You have a mocha latte?

Izzie: No.

Bailey: Then go away.

Izzie: Actually I need a new assignment. The uh Shepherds' preemie case is not surgical.

Bailey: Not surgical?

Izzie: Non-operable.

Bailey: Sucks.

Izzie: Yeah.

Bailey: Did you know about Ellis Grey? Did Meredith tell you?

Izzie: No. It's just that you think, you think you know someone. You know who they are. You share a house. Make wishes on eyelashes with them. ... We don't know each other. None of us. We're just a bunch of interns who work together. There's nothing there.

(Goes back to O.R. Christina is still seeing blurry)

Burke: There is an arrhythmia when I press down on the tumor. That is a sign of what, Yang?

Cristina: Um ... ... ah it's a sign of, it's a ... it's a sign that the uh tumor has infiltrated the pericardium.

Burke: Possibilities?

Cristina: In all...I'm sorry. I ...

Burke: Do your homework Yang. It could be causing a tear in the aortic muscle of the heart.

Doctor: Hmm. So he's got a broken heart.

(Christina sways and collapses on the floor)

Doctor: Dr. Yang are you okay?

Burke: Cristina. Cristina.

(Camera moves back to viewing room where Izzie and Dr. Bailey have leapt up to their feet and see Cristina lying on the floor, surrounded by doctors)

Burke: Somebody help her!

(The doctors lay Cristina on her back. Izzie & Dr. Bailey leave the viewing room. Dr. Burke has stopped the surgery but not moved from where he's standing. Doctors still surround Cristina)

Burke: Cristina! Don't just stand there dammit. Somebody help her. Get a gurney in here!

(Izzie & Dr. Bailey put on masks and enter the OR. Doctors rush out to get a gurney)

Burke: Cristina.

Izzie: Cristina.

Bailey: We've got it Dr. Burke. We've got it.

(Breathing mask is being put on Cristina's face)

Burke: Okay talk to me. Tell me what we do we know. What do we know? Talk to me Stevens.

Izzie: I don't know.

Burke: Come on people let's move.

Bailey: Cristina! What hurts? (Cristina doesn't respond but is conscious) Let's get her out of here. There's a patient on the table. Lift.

(They lift Cristina onto the gurney and start moving her out of the OR)

Bailey: Good, good.

Burke: Dr. Bailey when you get her stabilized, I need a report please. (she doesn't answer) Dr. Bailey?!

Bailey (busy): Right Dr. Burke!

(They move Cristina out and down the hall)

Bailey: Uh! Her pulse is racing. I need her on a monitor to get a BP. Also I want her started on a liter of LR wide open (Cristina is trying to talk) Izzie run ahead to emergency and let them know we're on our way.

(Cristina is still trying to talk. Izzie removes her mask)

Izzie (whispers): What?

Cristina (breathless): Seven weeks. I'm pregnant Izzie. Izzie, I'm pregnant.

(Izzie & Dr. Bailey stop and look at each other. They move the gurney into an elevator. Izzie is standing shocked outside)

Bailey (to another doctor with the gurney): Uh, okay no. We're going to pre-op instead. (To Izzie) Find Addison Shepherd. Izzie be discreet.

(Elevator doors close)

(Addison and Richard walking down hall. Richard is wearing another new hat. This time a grey kinda 1920s gangster hat)

Addison: So I'm leaving in the morning.

Richard: No.

Addison: Excuse me?

Richard: No. I'm not accepting your resignation.

Addison: It's not a resignation Richard. It's notification. I don't officially work for you.

(They enter Richard's office)

Addison: I came here for one case. I can track the twins progress from New York.

Richard: What about the preemie?

Addison: I'm letting go of the preemie, you know that. ... He calls me Satan, Richard.

Richard: You don't like to hide from a fight.

Addison: It's not a fight. He wins. (Richard puts away his hat) I'm leaving in the morning.

(Addison moves to leave. George knocks on the door and steps into Richard's office)

Richard: What is it O'Malley?

George: It's Dr. Grey, sir. Ellis.

(Izzie walking down a hallway looking for Addison. The level above where Richard and George are walking. Addison is trailing behind. Richard has switched to a bowlers cap now)

George: CT confirmed diverticulitis but a liver mass was also found.

Richard: My god.

George: Poor Meredith. As if her mother having Alzheimer's isn't bad enough now she has to deal with liver cancer.

(They start heading downstairs)

Richard: You won't know that its cancer until you do a biopsy O'Malley.

George: Right. Sorry.

(Izzie comes to the bottom of the stairs. They stop walking.)

Izzie: Excuse me Dr. Shepherd. We need you fast. ( Addison looks at Richard briefly) Um...it's Cristina, one of our interns. She's ... (she obviously doesn't want to say this in front of George) she's collapsed.

George: Cristina's collapsed?

Addison : Why do you need me?

(Izzie sighs but doesn't say anything. Comprehension dawns on Addison and Richard, realizing she must be pregnant. George looks at them getting it too)

George: Cristina's pregnant?!

Izzie: Shut up George. (speaks to Addison) Please come.

(Addison follows Izzie)

Addison: This doesn't change anything Richard I'm still leaving in the morning.

George: This is a very bad day.

(OR room where Derek is performing the ETS on Kelly. Alex & Meredith are there as well)

Derek: Okay Dr. Karev if were going to stop her blushing we have to expose the sympathetic ganglion chain, which resides where?

(Richard enters the O.R with George standing at the doorway)

Richard: It's time to clear me for surgery Shepherd.

Derek: What?

Richard: I know you heard me. I'm standing right here.

Derek: Chief I'm a little busy. We'll talk about it later.

(Richard walks in holding a mask over his mouth. The door to the OR closes. George is waiting outside)

Richard: Just give a verbal okay and we can do the paperwork later.

Derek: I cannot do that.

Richard: I am your chief of surgery. This is not a request.

Derek: With all do respect, sir in this situation I am not your subordinate. I'm your doctor. Once week after brain surgery, you are not ready to resume medical practice.

Richard: It's a simple procedure. A needle biopsy. A resident could do it.

Derek: So let a resident do it. What am I missing here?

(Meredith is watching the conversation, realizes what it's about)

Meredith: It's for my mother, isn't it? You think she has cancer?

Richard: George needs your signature.

(Meredith looks at Derek and then leaves the OR)

Derek: Look Richard I know she's your friend but I'm not clearing you for surgery.

(Meredith has come out of the OR to sign the forms needed to do the procedure)

Meredith: What's her total bili?

George: It's actually only 4. (Meredith nods) It's not great but it's not terrible.

(George hands her the forms and a pen to sign)

Meredith: That's why I didn't see the jaundice

George (looks uncomfortable): No one could we just have to wait and see.

Meredith: What aren't you telling me?

George: It's Cristina.

(Addison is performing an ultrasound on Cristina who is now lying in a hospital bed. Dr. Bailey is standing behind Cristina's bed, stroking her hair)

Addison: Have you notified the father?

(Cristina doesn't say anything, just sort of breaths funny)

Bailey: Cristina? Cristina? Uh, Cristina? Cristina? Is there anyone we can call? (Cristina just continues slightly gasping) Oh we're losing her.

Addison (pointing to the screen displaying Cristian's uterus): Oh man do you see that? It's an extra uterine pregnancy in the tube there. She's bleeding out.

(Dr. Burke whose just coming out of the O.R now. He's stopped by Richard just outside the whiteboard which lists all the surgeries occurring in the OR's of the hospital and at what time)

Richard: Ah good you're finished. I need you to do a needle biopsy.

Burke: Uh...gotta go check on ... there's someone I need to see about. I had an intern collapse on me in the middle of surgery so if this can wait...

Richard (adamant): No I need you to do a needle biopsy now.

Burke: Chief now is not the time.

Richard: Look, I'm not in the mood for a debate. You understand. You'll do it because I asked you to.

(An intern is scrubbing off one of the surgeries listed on the OR board and is writing on a new surgery)

Richard: Because I need you to. (Burke looks at him) It's Ellis Grey.

(Richard walks off. Burke eventually follows, but misses the intern writing YANG, C E.R.A on the board)

(O.R where Addison is performing surgery on Cristina to remove the pregnancy. Dr. Bailey is still behind Cristina watching over her. Izzie is observing Addison)

Izzie: She's gonna be okay, right?

Addison: How attached was she to this pregnancy?

Izzie: I don't know. She's a pretty private person.

Addison: She's lost a lot of blood but I've got it from here. (continues performing surgery) Dr. Bailey you must have a surgery or two of your own today.

Bailey: I'm fine right here.

(Derek washing his hands after the surgery. Meredith and Alex enter the room to wash up as well)

Meredith (to Alex): Can you do the follow up? I wanna check on Cristina.

Alex: Yeah. You know what's wrong with her?

(Derek stops Meredith and holds her arms comfortingly. Meredith backs out of his grasp looking upset. Dr. Shepherd holds his arms up in defense)

Meredith (sharply): Don't!

Derek: Sorry.

Meredith: Don't be sorry. I'm so tired it, you being sorry.

Derek: Dr. (cut of by Meredith)

Meredith: Don't do it!

Derek: Dr. Grey ...

Meredith (annoyed): Dr. Grey, seriously. Are you concerned about Alex finding out about us? Is that what matters to you? Do you really think he cares?

(Meredith turns to Alex. Alex is trying not to look bemused)

Meredith (loudly): Alex do you care that I was the intern stupid enough to screw the married attending?

Alex: No.

(Meredith looks pointingly at Derek)

Derek: It's okay.

Meredith (loud and upset): It's not okay! You have a wife who's not easy to hate. (They've finished washing up but Alex stays to listen behind Derek) Who's annoyingly kind and painfully smart and currently saving my friend's life.

Derek (softly): Meredith just... (Meredith cuts him off)

Meredith: Don't! Stop talking to me like you're my boyfriend! Stop talking to me at all.

(Meredith leaves the room)

Alex: Dude, that was rough.

(Derek nods slightly and walks out as well)

(Meredith who has run over to outside the OR Cristina is in. She's about to come in. Dr. Bailey sees her and goes over to stop her at the door)

Bailey: Need something?

Meredith: I'm coming in.

Bailey: No you're not.

Meredith: I am. I'm her friend.

Bailey: Exactly. She's lying on the operating table, naked, exposed. She's sedated but she's probably scared out of her mind. Now right now she's not a doctor. She's not your friend. She's a patient and she deserves to have all the privacy I can give her. You're not going in there.

(Addison and Izzie look on)

Meredith (sighs): We went jogging this morning. I made her go jogging. There's no way that could of?

Bailey: No. It started out this way. Nothing caused it to happen.

Meredith: You have to let me in there.

Bailey (jokingly): You can try. I'd have to take you down. Hey I might be short but you're pretty tiny. I could do it.

Meredith: Right now. Just in this moment. I hate you.

Bailey: Hmm, yeah well I can take it.

(Dr. Burke who is performing the needle biopsy on Ellis in her room. George is inside watching)

Burke: Alright Dr. Grey we're going to put you to sleep for a little while, but I promise we'll have you back into surgery in no time.

Ellis: Richard, thank god you're here. You beautiful man. That husband of mine is making me crazy.

(Richard is watching outside through a glass window)

(Derek is looking out into Seattle outside the big glass window in the hall by himself. Meredith is sitting alone in a viewing room of an OR looking upset)

(Derek is watching over the preemie baby. Addison walks in)

Addison: Look at that, BP is stabilizing.

Derek: She's stronger since this morning. (Taking her chart he goes to sit in a rocking chair in the room) There's no reason in the world why she should be stronger since this morning.

Addison: She's really beautiful, isn't she?

Derek: I'll tell you what. If she makes it through the night, if she has a little bit more strength I'll operate.

(They smile at each other)

Addison : You know the way I see it we could deal with us in one of three ways.

(She starts moving towards Derek)

Addison: Option 1. I could apologize. You could forgive me and come home and we could move on with our lives like adults. Or, option 2. I could apologize. You could forgive me, come home but, you can still bring it up to use against me whenever we argue.

Derek: Are you trying to be funny?

(Addison leans over Derek)

Addison: Satan has a sense of humor.

Derek: What's the 3rd?

Addison: I don't know what the 3rd option is.

(Addison leans in and kisses Derek. He kisses back. Addison pulls away)

Addison: I just know that I still love you.

(Dr. Burke and George walking down the hall with OR board)

Burke: Tell them the chief said to put a rush on this biopsy. Tell them it's Ellis Grey.

George: Okay.

(George walks off. Dr. Burke noticing the O.R board stops and stares. George comes back)

George: Dr. Burke do you want the histological grade and staging or any specific stains?

Burke: Have them run all tests.

(He continues to stare at the board. The camera focuses in on next to C.YANG:





Dr. Burke is shocked)

(Cristina lying in a hospital room. Dr Bailey is sitting in a chair watching over her. There's just silence for a little bit)

Cristina: What happened?

Bailey: You had an extra uterine pregnancy. Your left fallopian tube burst. (she sighs) Dr. Shepherd ... she did everything she could but there was too much damage. She couldn't save the tube.

(Cristina doesn't say anything, just closes her eyes)

(Kelly's room. Meredith is checking her. Alex is going over her chart. Kelly is waking up)

Kelly: Hey.

Meredith: Hey.

Kelly: Is it over?

Meredith: Mmm hmm. The surgery was successful. We're just doing a follow up. Dr. Shepherd will be in to check on you in a while.

(Kelly doesn't blush)

Kelly: Say that again.

Alex: What?

Kelly: Say his name. Dr. Shepherd. (she still doesn't blush) Oh my god look at my face. Dr. Shepherd. Dr. Shepherd.

Meredith: Guess it was worth the risk. (Kelly chuckles and is smiling happily)

(Alex and Meredith leave her room)

Alex: Still think its nuts having major surgery just so people can't tell how you're feeling.

Meredith: Really, you do?

Alex: Nah. I guess not. (Alex walks ahead a little but stops and turns back to Meredith) You could talk you know. If you need to.

Meredith: I'm fine.

Alex: You've said that word so many times today it doesn't even sound like a work anymore. Just saying you can talk to me cause even if I repeat every word you say no one around here likes me. They'll just call me a liar and move on.

Meredith (smiling): Izzie likes you. (Alex turns away trying not to smile). You're blushing.

Alex: Shut up. (comes back up to Meredith) Look for what it's worth, I don't know how you're still on your feet. If I found out my mom might have cancer I'd be under the bar right now.

Meredith: You want the ugly truth?

Alex: What you have an ugly truth? (shakes his head) I never would have picked you to have an ugly truth.

Meredith: I'm more afraid she doesn't have cancer.

Alex: Well. Liver cancer's fast. Painful but its fast and they give you morphine. They don't give you morphine for Alzheimer's.

Meredith: No they don't. (sighs) What kind of person wishes their mother has cancer?

(Alex doesn't reply)

(Richard in Ellis Grey's room. She is sleeping)

Richard (sighs): It's hard. I know its hard being the one who's gone. But man it isn't easy being the one who's still around.

(Meredith and George waiting for her mother's biopsy results at the nurses station. Izzie comes in and sits next to George)

Izzie: Hey did you get your mom's biopsy results back yet?

George: Not yet.

Meredith: How's Cristina?

Izzie (sighs): She's ah... she's gonna have a lotta pain for a few days but she'll be okay.

Meredith: I'm glad you were there.

Izzie: Are you?

Meredith: Yes, I am.

Izzie: It's just (half laughs) it's just that a lot of the time it feels like you and Cristina are kinda over there and ... I'm here.

Meredith: So bout Alex.

Izzie: Yeah I know, I know. You guys hate him. Fine.

(George groans)

Meredith: Yeah we do but I just wanna say that I believe you. That he's different once you get to know him.

(Izzie smiles)

Lab Tech: Here you go. (Lab tech appears and hands results to Meredith) Ellis Grey.

(She reads the results while George and Izzie look on. She gets up and gives the results to George)

Meredith: Let her know.

(She starts walking away)

Izzie: Meredith, are you okay?

Meredith: No. I'm not okay.

(Ellis Grey lying in her hospital bed. George walks in)

George: Dr. Grey.

(She opens her eyes startled)

Ellis: Oh please Thatcher I've had a long day. Go away

(She closes her eyes)

George: No! (she opens them again)

Ellis: What?

George: No. (he checks to see if anyone is nearby) I am Thatcher Grey and I'm your husband. And uh I know you don't like me very much but ... the fact is I don't always like you very much either. (Ellis looks surprised) I don't like the way you speak to me. And I really hate the way you speak to Meredith. She deserves better from you.

Ellis: I'm sorry.

George: You are?

Ellis: What's wrong with me Thatch?

George: Ah, the mass on your liver ... (she cuts him off)

Ellis: Is it algebra? ... I mean is it alge ... damn it. (sighs) Is it malignant?

George: No. It's benign.

(Outside SGH)

(Derek walking out of the hospital. He's sees Meredith sitting on a bench. She's crying but he can't see her face only her back.)

Derek: Meredith?

Meredith (softly): Oh.

Derek: Meredith.

Meredith (sobs): Don't. ... Please, please just don't say anything.

Derek: Okay.

(He's still standing there. She gets up and goes around the bench, stopping in front of him. He looks concerned)

Meredith: I'm just exhausted. My mother is exhausting. What happened to Cristina and you. Hating you is the most exhausting.

(She grabs his face and kisses him briefly)

Meredith: I don't want to do it anymore.

(She walks back into the hospital. Derek is stunned.)


MVO: No one likes to lose control but as a surgeon there's nothing worse.

(Ellis Grey's room. She's made space for 'Thatch' on her bed. George stares. She pats it. He eventually sits on the bed and lies next to her.)

MVO: It's a sign of weakness. Of not being up to the task.

(Izzie & Alex standing in a hallway in the hospital outside a doorway)

Izzie: How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?

Alex: It's an art form.

Izzie: Hmm

(They both smile. She walks off)

MVO: And still there are times when it just gets away from you.

(Ellis & George. She kisses him on the cheek)

MVO: When the world stops spinning. And you realize that your shiny little scalpel isn't gonna save you.

(Meredith walking into Cristina's hospital room. There's no one else there)

(Dr. Burke talking to Mr. Gaston in his hospital room)

Burke: We went in expecting to simply remove the tumor. Instead it was a little more complicated. The tumor infiltrated into the pericardium causing a tear in the outer muscle of the heart.

Mr. Gaston: Um. That's a lot of medical talk.

Burke (finding it difficult to talk): It means um ... (clears throat and takes off his glasses) It means ... that you had... you had a broken heart literally. (he smiles wryly) um ... but now I am um ... (he half laughs) but now you're going to be fine.

(He walks out of the room. He squeezes his eyes shut, trying not to cry?)

MVO: No matter how hard you fight it. You fall. And its scary as hell.

(Burke stops in front of Cristina's room. Cristina is sleeping. Meredith, Alex, George and Izzie are in there)

MVO: Except there's an upside to free falling. It's the chance you give your friends to catch you.

(Dr. Burke walks away)