02x06 - Into You like A Train


2x06: Into You Like A Train

Original Airdate: 10/30/2005

Written by: Krista Vernoff

Directed by: Jeff Melman


(Meredith alone at the bar, drinking tequila again)

Meredith: I actually said "Pick me." Right? I did? "Pick me"?

Joe: I think it's romantic.

Meredith: It's not romantic, Joe, it's horrifying. Horror movie horrifying. Carrie at the prom with the pig's blood horrifying.

Joe: Ok, fine, it's horrifying. But Carrie took out an entire senior class as revenge. Gotta say, I like that in a girl.

Meredith: I said "Pick me."

(Izzie, George and Cristina also in the bar)

Cristina: When you tell someone "I'll meet you later at a bar tonight," how long exactly does that mean you're supposed to wait?

George: Do you think he's really not coming?

Izzie: It is getting a little hard to watch.

Cristina: It was hard to watch an hour ago. Now it's just pathetic.

Meredith: Who's pathetic?

(George & Izzie give Cristina a look. Cristina looks away)

Cristina: What?

Meredith (slightly inebriated): You, who pretend to be my friends are calling me pathetic behind my back in front of my face. (George points to Cristina as if to say her, not me) Why don't you just dump the pig's blood on me now and get it over with?

(The door bell jingles as someone walks into the bar. It's Tyler the male scrub nurse. He gives a nod to them. Someone's pager goes off)

Meredith (to herself): He's really not coming.

(George's pager goes off. In fact every doctor's pager starts going off)

Bar Patron: Joe, turn up the TV!

(Bar TV is showing a train wreck)

TV: A massive train wreck occurred just outside of Seattle just minutes ago.

Cristina (looking at her pager): 911.

Izzie: We just worked a 30 hour shift.

George: I don't have any clean underwear.

(They all start packing up their bags)

TV: The Vancouver-bound train was carrying over 300 passengers.

Joe: Looks ugly.

TV: Paramedics are on scene helping victims.

(He notices that Meredith is also getting ready to leave)

Joe: You're leaving? No, no, no, you can't leave.

Meredith: Sorry, gotta go tend to someone else's train wreck.

Joe: You gotta at least stay for a cup of coffee. You're in no shape to cut people open. Plus, (he gestures about the whole M&D situation) I don't wanna miss the ending.

Cristina (calls from the door): Meredith?

Meredith: Maybe it's for the best. Maybe I don't wanna know.

(She makes towards the door)

Joe: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Meredith: Bye Joe.

MVO: In general... people can be categorized in one of two ways.

(Emergency entrance)

Paramedic: He was in the front of the train.

MVO: Those who love surprises, and those who don't.

(The interns and other doctors run up)

MVO: I don't.

(Derek finally enters Joe's, and looks for Meredith)

Joe: Dude, you're late.

TV: Once again, a massive train wreck occurred just outside of Seattle minutes ago.

(The interns are changing into scrubs in the elevator)

MVO: I've never met a surgeon that enjoys a surprise, because, as surgeons we like to be in the know. We have to be in the know. Because when we aren't, people die and lawsuits happen. Am I rambling? I think I'm rambling.

(Exit elevator)

Cristina (to George): I think I saw a pneumothorax. I hope I get a pneumothorax.

(They start grabbing some yellow gowns putting them on except Meredith)

Alex: Hey. Thought you weren't talking to me.

Izzie: Thought you could use a friend, so I'm rising above.

Alex: Why would you think that?

Izzie: Um, because you freaked out in the elevator.

Alex: I didn't freak out.

Izzie: And missed your chance to perform open-heart surgery.

Alex: O'Malley plugged the hole with his finger.

Izzie (sighs): I thought you could use someone to talk to.

Alex: Well, I don't.

Izzie: To someone who actually cares ...

Alex (interrupts): Yes, I get that, but don't ...

(Bailey enters, still dressed in her dress and heels)

George (in shock): Oh!

Bailey: What are you looking at?

(Bailey walks to Alex and hands him her jacket and purse)

Bailey: Hey, you, go get me my damn shoes. Let's move, people.

Meredith: Hello. I seem to be a little bit drunk. I was off duty.

Bailey: So was I! (To the others) Anybody else half in the bottle?

(They all shake their head no. George checks his breath to make sure)

Bailey: All right then. Grey just stay out of the way. I'll deal with you later. The rest of you, stick with me and wait for your assignments. (Cristina moves behind to tie up the back of Bailey's gown) Now you get all aquiver at the sight of blood, and organs but it's gonna be a long night and you already tired. I don't want any mistakes.

(Cristina is still tying up the gown)

Bailey (to Cristina): Come on now!

Cristina: I'm done. I'm done.

(They enter the ER that is full of patients)

Cristina: I'm so not tired anymore.

George: Me neither. I'm not tired either.

(Meredith sees Addison with a pregnant patient who is burned pretty badly and walks slowly to a wall and watches)

Addison: I've got a 3rd trimester burn victim here Dr. Bailey and I'm gonna need some help.

(Izzie, George & Cristina all put up their hand eagerly)

Bailey: Ah. Izzie, go.

(George and Cristina shoulders sag. Izzie is excited)

Izzie: Yes! Have a nice nap.

Addison (to patient): Have you had any contractions?

(Tyler the scrub nurse walks into the pit still dressed in his casual clothes from the bar. He sees Meredith standing against the wall)

Tyler: Oh hey. Joe told me to tell you that McSteamy came looking for you.

Meredith (perks a bit at this news): You mean McDreamy. Joe said McDreamy came looking for me?

Tyler: No. I'm pretty sure it was McSteamy.

(Derek enters)

George (to Cristina): Does that mean he picked her?

Cristina: If it does, I just lost 50 bucks.

(Paramedic rushes in holding a leg)

Paramedic: Got the leg!

(He holds up a severed leg. George and Cristina stare)

Cristina (almost groans): I want the leg.

(Tony a paramedic & Richard wheel in a guy who has a severed right leg through emergency double doors)

Tony: He's lost a lot of blood at the scene. Pressure dressings applied. 2 large boar IVs started.

Richard: Anything for the pain?

Tony: Base ordered morphine. 5 mgs given so far.

Richard: Dr. Bailey who you got?

(Both George & Cristina put up their hands eagerly almost whacking Dr. Bailey)

Bailey: Ah! Cristina. Go.

Cristina: Yes!

(She goes off running towards the severed leg guy. George slumps defeated)

Richard: Rule out other injuries and book an O.R.

(Cristina nods eagerly and starts wheeling of severed leg guy. Derek comes up to Richard)

Derek: Dr. Webber!

Richard: We have a train wreck Derek. We need all hands on deck. Now clear me for surgery or you're fired.

Derek: Any headaches today?

Richard: No!

Derek: Dizziness? Nausea? Blurred vision?

Richard: No! No! No and no. Now can you get out of my way?

(Richard starts walking away)

Derek: Fine. But I'm coming with you. (Richard gives Derek a look) Or I'm fired. Up to you.

(He gestures fine but doesn't look happy and walks off down the hall. Derek follows making eye contact with Meredith as he passes her, nodding slightly) George comes up to Meredith[/i])

George: Was that a nod?

Meredith: Yes.

George: Do we know what it meant?

Meredith: No.

George (seeing another patient wheel by an intern): Am I invisible?

MVO: Ok, so my point actually ... and I do have one. Has nothing to do with surprises or death or lawsuits or even surgeons.

(Alex comes into the pit with Dr. Bailey's normal work shoes, which by the way don't look very practical. She puts them on, removing her heels)

MVO: My point is this: whoever said what you don't know can't hurt you was a complete and total moron. Because for most people I know, not knowing is the worst feeling in the world.

(Unbelievably two people from the wreck are sitting on a gurney together with a metal pole sticking through their abdomens. They are facing each other almost as if hugging. An older black man and young blond woman. Meredith sees this)

MVO: Ok, fine, maybe it's the second worst.

(Cut to trauma room 1 where the two people who have a pole through them are being checked on. Meredith is in there as well. A paramedic, Jill is outside talking to Dr. Burke and Dr. Bailey who are also amazed)

Jill: His BP is looking steady at 90 over pal. She's had 2 hypotensive episodes to the low seventies.

Burke: You couldn't get a saw in there?

Jill: Not without moving them.

Bailey: Which would have been a very bad idea.

(Pan inside to Meredith looking in amazement at the pole people. The blonde woman, one of the pole duo, Bonnie sees Meredith's curiosity)

Bonnie: Is this the craziest thing you ever seen?

Meredith: Uh. ... Yeah.

Bonnie: Yeah. Me too.

(Dr. Bailey gives Meredith a look to stay away from the patients. Meredith scurries off to the side where George & Alex are)

Jill: Ok, then. You guys got it from here?

Bailey: Hey uh ... you were at the scene?

Jill (nods): Won't be too bad for you. Lot of carnage. Not a lot of survivors.

(She walks off. Bonnie sees Dr. Burke and Dr. Bailey talking and appears agitated)

Burke: They're never gonna fit into CT. We're gonna be flying blind. Get x-rays and labs and page me the minute you're done.

Bonnie (calls out): Excuse me!

(Dr. Burke & Dr. Bailey walk into the trauma room)

Burke: Hi. I'm Dr. Burke. You shouldn't turn your head. You want to try and move as little as possible.

Bonnie: Oh ok. ... So are you gonna pull this pole out of us anytime soon?

Tom: Touch uncomfortable.

Burke (smiles): I'm sorry we can't until we get a better look on what's going on internally. But I assure you we will work as quickly as possible.

Bonnie: Well, in that case, does anybody have a breath mint?

(Dr. Burke smiles. Tom squints his eyebrows in question at her)

Bonnie: For me. Not for you.

(He smiles. She smiles back)

Burke (whispers to Bailey): Get them going

Bailey (nods): Uh O'Malley. Get them an X-ray.

George: Reall... (He nods. He gestures to Meredith to tie his gown) Thanks.

Bailey: Move them extremely carefully.

George (whispers to Meredith): This never would've happened before the elevator.

(Alex overhears and looks annoyed at this)

Meredith: You go George.

(George moves to the gurney. Dr. Bailey, Meredith & Alex walk out of the trauma room)

Bailey: Alex, cover the E.R. You can do sutures while you get over your new found fear of scalpels.

(Alex goes off)

Meredith (smiling still drunk): That was mean. Even for you.

Bailey (makes a face): You are drunk. Go, Go get yourself a banana bag IV and put it in your arm and then find me. Do not speak to any more patients. Do not practice any medicine.

Meredith (gestures tipsy): Well should I just go home?

Bailey: Well unless you drank the whole liquor bottle you'll be sober in a few hours. And the IV fluids will head off your hangover. Then you can assist with the many mangled victims you see spread out before you. Besides if I'm not going home, nobody's going home.

(She walks off and mutters to herself)

Bailey: 10 years of marriage and I didn't even get to finish my damn lobster.

(Cut to George with other doctors wheeling Bonnie & Tom really slowly through the hallway to the X-ray lab)

George: Well is there any one you'd like me to call?

Tom: No they called my wife from the ambulance.

Bonnie: And my fianc�. They're flying down from Vancouver together.

Tom: Normally, Amanda would be a tad upset to find me pressed up against another woman. (Bonnie laughs) But in this case I think I'll get a pass.

George: You two weren't traveling together?

Bonnie: No. We just met.

Tom: Bit of an awkward introduction.

Bonnie: You have very nice pores.

Tom (chuckles): Oh. Hurts to laugh.

(There is large queue waiting to get x-rays done. George taps an intern with a patient in a wheelchair)

George: Hey.

Intern: Hey. (The intern recoils when he sees Tom & Bonnie) Whoa. You can go ahead.

George: Oh. Thanks.

(George gestures for doctors to move B&T. George moves onto the next in line a female blonde intern. He clears his throat behind her and she turns around and sees the pole people)

Intern: Oh wow.

George: Do you think uh I could ...

Intern: Oh yeah go ahead.

(They make it into the x-ray room 1)

(Cut to Maternity hospital room where the burned pregnant women named Brooke is now in a hospital bed. Addison is viewing the machine for contractions. Izzie is treating the burns but keeps staring at Addison. Addison notice's this)

Addison: Dr. Stevens, do you need something?

Izzie: No.

(She goes back to treating the burns)

Brooke: Ow!

Izzie (stops): Oh I'm sorry am I doing this ...

Brooke: Ow! Oh. Ow. (She looks at Addison) Did ... was that a ...did I have ...?

Addison (looking at the print out): Contraction. It was definitely a contraction. We need to book an OR (Izzie nods and heads off) Look you are in no shape to push and the baby is still in some distress. You're going to have to proceed with a C-section.

Brooke: Ok. ... Ok but can we call a lawyer first? (Addison is confused) I don't have a will. And there's no father. And in case something happens to me ...

Addison: There's no cause for a panic Brooke. We have some time, ok?

Brooke: Ok.

(Cut to Izzie walking through the E.R. ward. Alex watches her walk by. He is suturing the forehead of a woman named Mary. Her friend Yvonne is standing in front of her bed. Yvonne's mobile rings)

Yvonne: Hello. Oh, oh, oh, no, no, no we fine. Yeah some redneck tried to out run the train. Honey the train slammed into his ass and then it rolled.

Alex (to Mary): That hurt?

(Mary mmm's no)

Yvonne: No, no, no, no, no that dude is toast. Honey, him and about 200 other people. And Mary got her face all cut up.

Alex: Hurt anywhere else?

Mary (points to her abdomen): Here. A whole bunch of luggage when they hit the brakes just came flying at us.

(Alex lifts up her gown and there is bruising there)

Alex: Ok I'll take you for an x-ray. See if anything's broken. Any internal injuries.

Mary: Ok.

(Alex and scrubs nurse start moving Mary's gurney. Yvonne notices this)

Yvonne: Yeah you know wait I'm going to have to call you back. (She hangs up her phone and calls out to Alex) Hey! Hey! Excuse me. Excuse me. Um, where you going?

Alex: I'm taking your friend for an x-ray.

Yvonne: Ah. (she chuckles) No offense little boy but uh you look like my oldest son. And he's nothing but trouble.

Mary: Yvonne, shut up.

Yvonne: What? I said no offense. I'm just saying are you sure you a doctor?

(Alex looks peeved at this. Yvonne is interrupted by her phone ringing and she picks it up)

Yvonne: Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, we fine. Yeah this redneck tried to outrun the train.

(Alex and the nurse continue wheeling Mary away)

(Cut to Izzie coming out a trauma room. She hears Meredith in the ER. behind some curtains going Ow)

Meredith: Ow ... Ow ... Ow ...

(Izzie pulls back the curtains and sees Meredith trying to insert an IV into her self)

Izzie: What're you doing?

Meredith: Trying to insert my banana bag. (Izzie smiles) Which sounds vaguely dirty but it isn't.

Izzie (pulling the curtain closed): I can do it.

(Izzie starts to putting in the IV for Meredith)

Meredith:: So, how's going with Addison? Bad mood? Good mood? Yay my husband picked me mood?

Izzie: Ah I think it's the more of the 'I hate the smell of charred flesh mood'.

Meredith: Before you judge me. I know there was a train accident. People are very badly hurt. And that I'm a vapid narcissist when you mix me with alcohol. (Izzie smiles) In case you were wondering. I know that.

Izzie: Well, for what it's worth, I take issue with her salmon colored scrubs. I mean what self respecting surgeon wears salmon colored scrubs?

Meredith (nods): This is what I'm saying.

Izzie: Yeah.

(She chuckles and leaves)

(Cut to the OR where Derek and Richard are repairing the nerves of the guy's leg. Cristina is off to the side cleaning the severed leg)

Richard (calls out): Yang. How's that wound looking?

Cristina: Pretty clean. Some dirt and gravel mostly.

Richard (to Derek): This guy was lucky. It's a guillotine injury. We do this right he'll have full use of his leg. (To another doctor) Um more irrigation right there.

(A pager goes off. There is a tray filled with various pagers. A doctor picks it up and reads it)

Doctor: Dr. Shepherd.

(Richard lifts his head up and starts blinking in the light like his head hurts. Derek notices this)

Derek: It'll wait.

Richard: Hmm. I'm fine Derek. Just adjusting to the light.

Derek (shakes his head): I'm saying that there's no shame in taking a little more time off. Doesn't make you old or tired or rusty, it ... (Richard gives him a look) Yeah ok that came out wrong.

Richard: You're the only attending neurosurgeon and you're obviously needed elsewhere. And I'm fine here.

Doctor: Dr. Shepherd?

(Derek nods at Richard and steps away from the surgery)

Derek: Ok. Page me if you need me.

(Derek leaves)

Richard: When you finished cleaning that wound you can help me here Dr. Yang.

(Cristina looks concerned about something, looking at the severed leg and then back at the surgery)

Richard: Is the wound clean, Yang?

Cristina: Yes sir. (She looks back at the severed leg) I ... but ...

Richard: But what? (She looks back at Richard who speaks angrily) If your plan is to be a watchdog for Dr. Shepherd or if you think your job here is to baby-sit me then you can think again. I've been a surgeon longer than you've been breathing. And if I were not ready to be in this OR, I would say so. Is that understood?

Cristina: Yes sir.

Richard: Now do we have a problem Yang?

Cristina: Uh yes! (He gives her look) No sir. I mean I'm thrilled to learn and I'm grateful to be here it's just (she glances back at the severed leg) that ah ... (she wheels over the severed leg) Sorry. His legs.

(She lifts up the sheet covering the patient's intact leg)

Cristina: They're both left.

Richard (annoyed): Find the man's leg, Yang. Find it now.

Cristina: Yes, sir.

(She heads out)

(Cut to the X-ray observation room. George & Dr. Bailey are standing looking at the scans. Dr. Burke is sitting on a chair looking at them on a computer screen. Meredith is just standing off to the side with her banana bag IV)

George: Is, is it going straight through her spine?

Bailey: It is. T8's completely crushed.

(Derek walks in)

Derek: Hey. (He notices Meredith with her bag) What happened?

Meredith: Uh, tequila.

(He nods)

Bailey: I'm keeping an eye on her.

(He nods again and then notices the x-rays)

Derek: Look at this. These people are still alive?

George: They're still making small talk.

Bailey: Pole's tamponading the wound as far as we can see.

Derek (looking at the x-ray): It's hitting the aorta.

Burke: And look at him. It's right in line with his inferior vena cava.

George: Is there anyway to operate without separating them?

(Dr. Burke shakes his head)

Derek: No.

George: But if we move the poll ...

Bailey: They'll both bleed out.

Burke: What if we don't move the poll? What if we move one of the patients off the poll to get the saw in there? Then we can hold the pole steady in the other one. Move it very slowly and repair the damage as we go.

George: Who? Which would you move?

(Derek glances at Meredith who stares back at him)

Burke: With her aortic injuries, her chances of survival are extremely slim no matter what we do. But if we move her, we have a real shot of saving him.

Derek: Well I could argue since her injuries are so extensive we should move him. Give her the best shot we can.

Meredith: So basically whoever you move doesn't stand a chance? (They all glance at her unsettled) So how do you choose? How do you decide who gets to live?

(Outside SGH)


(Cut to Derek and Burke walking down the hallway talking. Bailey and Meredith are walking behind them a few feet a way)

Burke: We have to make this call soon if we want our shot of saving either one of them.

Derek: I'd like to examine them before I weigh in.

Burke: I'll wait for your page.

Derek: Thank you.

(Dr. Burke walks off. Derek turns around and attempts to talk to Meredith)

Derek: Dr. Grey ...

Bailey (interrupts): Uh Dr. Grey needs to get herself a blood alcohol test before practicing any medicine tonight.

Meredith: What? No. I'm totally fine. Look. (She starts putting her arms out and then bringing her finger tips to her nose. Derek looks amused. Bailey gives him a look) Totally fine.

Derek (to Bailey): Right, ok.

(He wanders off)

Meredith: I'm fine.

Bailey: Regretting that last shooter about now aren't you?

(Cut to Cristina rummaging through an ambulance outside, tearing it apart)

Jill the paramedic: What are you doing in here?

Cristina: Uh the leg you brought in with the amputee...

Jill: I didn't bring in an amputee.

Cristina: Ok well uh one of you did and it's ah...

Jill (chuckles interrupting): Because all paramedics look alike to you, right ... Doctor?

Cristina: Ok, really, ah um I can not straddle another giant ego right now. I'm already doing the splits so I need a right leg, right now, or the chief of surgery is going to take away my pretty blue scrubs.

Jill: When the train de-railed it hit an overpass. The roof of the dining car was sheared off and it sliced through a passenger car. There were multiple decapitations. Your guy can live without his leg.

Cristina: This is so not about the leg. Or the guy. But thank you. (She starts walking back into the hospital but turns around sarcastic) For all that you do. Really. Thanks.

(Cut back to ER ward where Yvonne is still on the phone being annoying. Alex is treating a pregnant woman named Jana in a neck brace who is in the bed next to Mary. Alex annoyed closes though curtain in Yvonne's face so he doesn't have to see her)

Alex: All right. Scars shouldn't be too bad.

Jana: Can you tell me? My friend ... she's pregnant too. She was put in a different ambulance. She was burnt. Do you know where she is?

Alex: If she's not down here she should be up in maternity.

Jana: Ok. I need to see her.

(Jana starts getting out of her hospital bed)

Alex: Hold on. We're not finished here. We still have to do a full check.

Jana: My baby's fine. I can feel her kicking. I gotta see Brooke.

(Jana starts walking off with her IV)

Alex (walking quickly after her): Uh wait you can't just leave like that. Just wait ... come here, come here.

(Camera pans back through a window to an adjacent hallway that can look into the ER ward. George and Meredith are sitting below the window)

Meredith: Ow.

(George is giving an IV to take a sample of Meredith's blood)

Meredith: Ow. Shh.

George: Sorry.

Meredith: So you operated on a heart earlier George. You think you could draw a little blood.

George: I rocked that heart.

Meredith: Yeah you did.

George: I think I'm strung out on the scalpel.

Meredith (smiling): Nothing wrong with that.

George: So any news? About ...

Meredith: No. I can't read him.

George: You know, I think, I think it's pretty amazing you even gave him the choice. And I think for what it's worth I think he's crazy if he doesn't pick you.

(Cristina comes up hurriedly up to them)

Cristina: Please tell me you've seen a right leg. A cleanly severed right leg?

George: No.

(Cristina hurries off)

Meredith: How weird is this job?

George: Weird.

(Cut to Jana walking fast into Brooke's maternity room. Addison is in there. Izzie is outside at the nurse's station)

Jana: Brooke!

Brooke: Jana? (Jana walks up to Brooke and they smile) Thank god.

(Alex walks in after Jana. Addison comes to the door to speak to him. Izzie walks up to the door behind Alex)

Addison: Dr. Karev?

Alex: I couldn't stop her ...

Addison (cuts him off): She was on the train?

Alex: Yeah, yes.

Addison (slightly angry): You did an ultrasound? (Alex is silent) Cleared her C-spine? Is there any reason you can think that this patient should be wandering around the hospital unattended?

Alex: She's not unattended. I came up with her. She's, she's ...

Addison (interrupts angry): You can leave now. ... Dr. Karev.

(Alex walks off upset. Addison walks up to Izzie)

Addison: Irresponsible. Even for an intern. (Izzie gives her a look) What you disagree?

Izzie: She wanted to see her friend. I mean what was he supposed to do tackle her?

Addison: Dr. Stevens, why don't you get our new patient into a bed? Shall we?

(Izzie nods and they walk to Brooke & Jana)

(Cut to a trauma room where Derek is testing to see if Bonnie has any feeling in her feet)

Derek: Can you feel that Miss Krasnoff?

Bonnie: Hmm. You're a cute Doctor. Cute doctors get to call me by my first name.

Derek (smiling): Bonnie?

Bonnie (smiles): Mmm.

Derek: Ok, Bonnie. Do you feel that Bonnie?

Bonnie: Can I feel what? Oh well I guess that's a no.

(George enters the room)

George: Excuse me, Dr Shepherd?

Derek: Yes?

George: I got the labs.

Derek: Oh great. Thank you. (He takes the labs of George and hands him a patient's chart) Here you go. Hold that please.

(He looks over the labs)

Derek: Could you try to wiggle your toes Mr. Maynard?

(Tom wiggles his toes but due to his position can't see)

Tom: Are they moving?

Derek: Yes, they are.

Tom (half chuckles happy): Oh good. That's good right?

Derek: Yes it is. Yes. It is.

Bonnie: What about me? Are mine moving?

(Derek moves to have a closer look. They're not moving. George also sees this)

Derek: Yes, they are.

Bonnie (smiles in relief): Yay me.

(George looks at Derek questioningly, but Derek says nothing)

Tom: Dr ... ah Shepherd is it?

Derek: Yes it is.

Tom: Dr. Shepherd ... Bonnie and I ... are we gonna live through this?

Bonnie: Now that's just morose Tom.

Tom: I'm sorry dear. (To Derek) ... Doctor?

Derek: We're gonna do everything we can Mr. Maynard.

(Cut back to OR with Richard and the amputee. Cristina comes in with a red garbage bag with a leg inside it. She hands it over to another Doctor)

Richard: About time Yang. I was starting think here my work would be wasted.

Cristina: So sorry. It wasn't easy to find. I took the liberty of checking the wound and it's very clean cut. Well preserved.

Doctor: Ah, Dr. Webber ...

(She shows him the amputated right leg. He looks at it. It's a shaven leg with red nail polish on the toe nails, a female leg. Richard looks annoyed and looks over at Cristina who is getting re-scrubbed up)

Cristina: Sir?

Richard: Notice anything else about that leg? Anything other than that very clean cut. (Cristina looks confused) Did you happen to notice for example that it was shaved recently? And manicured? (Angry now) Take a look at my patient, Dr. Yang! Does he look like a man who woke up and shaved one of his legs this morning?

Cristina (backing out of the O.R slowly): No. I'll go find the um right ... the right, right leg. The right, right ...

Richard (interrupts): Thank you!

(Cut to George & Derek looking at the pole people's scans again. Dr. Burke & Bailey walk in)

Burke: Where are we?

Derek: You were right. Her vitals are erratic. Pulse is weak. Spine severed. I was hoping it didn't hit from that angle. It just can't miss the aorta.

Bailey: What about him? Think he can live?

Derek: He's got better odds.

Bailey (to George): Alright. Let OR 1 know we're coming.

(George starts walking off)

Burke: Oh and O'Malley. (George stops) Close off the gallery. We don't need an audience for this.

George: She's cracking jokes. How do you tell somebody that she's gonna be dead in a few minutes when she's sitting up cracking jokes?

(They all look at George sad. George walks off)

(Cut back to ER ward where Alex is walking to a talk to a nurse. He is interrupted by Yvonne who is sitting down next to Mary, lying her head on Mary's bed)

Yvonne: Excuse me. Is there any chance that we can get out sometime this year?

Alex: Well the labs backed up (Yvonne rolls her eyes) and so is radiology. Can't discharge your friend until I'm certain she doesn't have any internal injuries.

(Yvonne's mobile starts ringing again and she answers. Alex starts talking with the nurse)

Yvonne: Hello? Yeah we still here. Cause the Doctor is friggin useless (Alex looks over at this) Mmm hmm.

(Alex walks off and passes Cristina who's at the corner of a hallway on a telephone)

Cristina: I realize you're dealing with a lot of carnage. I'm, I'm asking if you could maybe ... sift through some that carnage and find it ... (there's a click noise and then dial tone) Hello? (She hangs up the phone frustrated) Damn it.

(Dr. Burke up to her in the hallway)

Burke: Cristina. You paged me?

Cristina (upset): If I don't find this leg, the chief is gonna cut me from this program. And I cannot go back home, Burke. It is too sunny in Los Angeles. It's sunny everyday!

Burke: And you paged me because?

Cristina (loud): I need you to help me find the leg! I checked the board. You're not in surgery right? (Burke looks confused) You're my boyfriend. I mean... I know I don't have much experience with this kind of thing but (Dr. Burke tries not to smile) aren't boyfriends supposed to help in situations like this.

Burke (serious): Cristina, when we're on duty I can't be your boyfriend.

Cristina: Okay, so ah when we're on duty I can have s*x with some one else?

Burke: Dr. Yang. I'm walking away now.

(He starts walking off)

Cristina: Fine. Fine! But when the chief cuts me, you might re-think this!

(Cut to Alex & Meredith standing at on open doorway facing each other resting against the edges outside the Blood labs)

Meredith: Addison yelled at you in front of a patient?

Alex: She didn't exactly yell. (Meredith just looks at him expectantly. He sighs) Fine. She's Satan's whore.

Meredith: Thank you. ... So did you yell back?

Alex: No.

Meredith: Dude, you lost your mojo.

Alex: Excuse you?

Meredith: I was trying to talk boy.

Alex (frustrated): O'Malley plugs a hole with his finger and everyone walks around like he's some kind of hero. I have one off day.

Meredith: You chickened out.

Alex (chuckles): I hesitated briefly.

Meredith: Why didn't you kiss Izzie?

Alex (stops smiling): And now I'm leaving.

(He moves to walk off but Cristina comes running up to them upset)

Cristina: It's not in the morgue. I've looked in the ambulances and the E.R. How's one bloody hairy leg gonna destroy my career?

(She runs off. Meredith looks at Alex as if to say 'what was that?')

Lab Tech (from Blood Lab bench): Dr. Karev.

(Alex wanders over, takes the labs and starts walking off)

Meredith: I hope you find your mojo, Alex. I find you disturbing without it.

Alex (calls back): Me too.

(Meredith leans back against the doorway and hits her head)

Meredith: Ow.

(Trauma room)

(Bailey, George & Derek are in there with Bonnie & Tom who are looking apprehensive)

Derek: This is hard, because your body is in a certain amount of shock. It's preventing you from feeling pain. (Burke walks in) Feeling the extent of your injuries.

Bonnie (softly): Dr. Shepherd. We have a metal pole cutting a path through our insides. I don't know about Tom here, but I didn't expect to walk out of here anytime soon. (George looks upset) So ... whatever it is you have to say just please ... say it.

Derek: Okay Bonnie. (he nods slightly) ... In order to operate on Mr. Maynard, we have to separate you two. In order to do that, we have to move you backwards off the pole.

Tom: Can't you just pull the pole out of both of us?

(Derek shakes his head no slightly at Bonnie)

Burke: Well if we did that, you would both start bleeding very quickly. Too quickly. Right now the pole is plugging the wounds. Once removed, the organs will shift and there's a great deal of damage.

Bonnie (trying not to cry): So if you move me, I'll die?

(There's a little bit of silence)

Derek: We're gonna do everything we can to ...

(Bonnie starts crying softly)

Tom (interrupts): No. No. If anyone body has to go it should be me. You just move ...

Burke (interrupts): No. Mr. Maynard ... Mr. Maynard your injuries are less extensive. (Dr. Shepherd takes Bonnie's hand and rubs it soothingly) If we pull the pole from you as we operate around it, we have a better chance at repairing the damage.

Tom: It's not right. It's not fair.

Bonnie (smiling sadly): Shh Tom. It's not fair either way. ... Is ah, is my Danny ... is he here yet?

George: There are delays at the airport, ah the storm.

Bailey: Uh we could wait but ah the longer we do the higher the risk of infection for the ...

Bonnie (interrupts sad): No, no. This is better. Huh. Danny, he wouldn't understand. I've had a couple of hours to, you know, (She takes a deep breath) process all of this. But if, if he had to see me ... talk to me like this ... well, I just think it would be too hard.

(Cut to Brooke & Jana's maternity hospital room. Brooke is lying on her side in bed and Jana is sitting next to her on a chair doing deep breathing with her. Izzie is administering an injection on Brooke with Addison watching)

Addison: Right there. In between the vertebral spaces. Don't be shy about pressure.

Jana (to Brooke): That's good. You are doing so good.

(Patricia, Richard's assistant pops into the room with some clip boards)

Patricia: Somebody called for a notary?

Brooke: I asked for a lawyer.

Patricia: I couldn't get one at this time of night but the hospital has pretty standard forms. It just says in the case of death or permanent vegetative state, that your child will remain the custody of ... and then we'll put her name in.

Jana: Wait, uh what? (To Addison) Who's dying here?

Addison: There's some danger. With any surgery, there's danger. But with the trauma of Brooke's burns there's an additional risk of shock. She just wants to be certain.

Jana: That's ridiculous. (To Brooke) You're being ridiculous. You're gonna be fine, do you hear me?

Brooke: I hear you but we still have to sign the forms unless you want our son to end up with my mom.

(Jana takes the forms of Patricia and hands some to Brooke. They start signing them)

Izzie: How long have you two been together?

Brooke: Since third grade.

Jana: We're not lovers. We're best friends. We just wanted our kids to have two parents. So we got a sperm donor.

Addison: The same donor? So you're babies are brother and sister?

(Jana nods)

Patricia: Oh how cool is that.

(Izzie and Addison smile)

Izzie: It's ah ... wow.

(Jana's water breaks)

Jana: Wet.

Izzie: What?

Patricia (looking down): Oh.

Jana: I'm wet.

Izzie: Oh god.

Jana: I think my water just broke.

(Cut to Alex in ER ward. He walks up to Mary's bed. Yvonne is still sitting in the chair and resting her head on Mary's bed but looks asleep)

Alex: Good news. You've a got a broken rib but we're gonna give you some pain killers and uh (Yvonne's really annoying ring tone starts going off again) after that you should be good to go.

Mary: Thank you. (The phone continues to ring but Yvonne doesn't move to answer it) Yvonne, answer your phone. (Alex looks annoyed but continues to look at his chart. Mary concerned sits up) Yvonne. Yvonne?

(She gently shakes her but Yvonne falls to the floor of the hospital floor unconscious)

Mary: Yvonne!

(Alex rushes to Yvonne's side checking her pulse)

Alex: Code blue! I need some help over here.

Mary: Yvonne!

(Cut to a trauma room where Yvonne is lying on a hospital gurney. Alex is performing CPR. A nurse and ER resident is also there. Mary is standing at the door panicked)

Alex: Push one of epi. Holds CPR.

Nurse: Her abdomen is distended. It's rock solid. She's lost too much blood. She's been bleeding for hours.

Mary: There's no blood. She's not bleeding.

Nurse: She was bleeding internally.

Alex: She didn't say anything. She wasn't ... she wasn't even a patient. ... I didn't know.

Nurse: Dr. Karev, she's gone.

Mary: No. No. No. (Alex stops CPR) No, no, no! Yvonne!

Alex: I'm sorry. Time of death, 2:51

Mary: No, no, no, no, no. No! (Alex takes off his yellow gown and walks out)

Try again. Try again.

(Seattle Scenes)


(Cut to Brooke & Jana both lying in hospital beds next to each other. Jana is breathing fast. Izzie is looking over a chart. Addison and OB resident is there as well)

Addison: Jana, this our OB resident Dr. Hoffman. She's going to be taking care of you from here.

Jana: Uh huh.

Dr. Hoffman: You're doing great Jana. Just keep breathing. I'm gonna check your cervix now.

Addison: Brooke we've booked an O.R but they're not gonna hold it for long so we need to go now.

Brooke: Right now? But we're supposed to be together. We took classes.

Addison: I'm sorry but we can't wait.

Jana: That's ok Brookie. You go have your C-section and enjoy those drugs this is already not fun for my v*g1n*.

Addison (motions for Izzie to start moving Brooke's bed): Dr. Stevens?

Brooke (indicating Izzie): No if I have to go, she has to stay. Someone has to stay with Jana. Please.

Addison: Brooke uh Dr. Stevens is a surgeon but I'm gonna find you some ...

Izzie (interrupts): It's ok. I'll stay.

Addison: Ok.

(Brooke smiles her thanks to Izzie. Addison starts moving Brooke's bed out of the room)

Jana: Brookie, you stay alive ok?

Brooke: You too.

(Cut to Alex pacing outside the entrance to the ER upset, frustrated and angry. He sits on a bench against the wall)

Alex: Damn it!

(He puts his head in hands. Stan the paramedic walks up to him with a plastic bag)

Stan: Hey Doc!

Alex (angry yells): What?!?

Stan: Easy killer. Jill said you guys were freaking out looking for this leg.

Alex (looks at the leg suddenly excited): Thank you.

(Alex takes the leg and heads back into the hospital)

Stan: No problem.

Alex: Right on.

(Cut to OR where Cristina walks back in without the leg looking resigned)

Cristina: Chief Webber. I'm extremely sorry, I tried to look everywhere, but I ... (She looks at the surgery and sees that the leg is there and being re-attached) Oh you found the leg?

Alex (turns around from the surgery): I found the leg.

Richard: You missed out on this one Yang but I'm sure they could use a hand down in the ER (Cristina looks shocked and pissed at Alex) Karev & I can handle it from here.

(Cristina leaves the OR)

(Cut to OR. where Bonnie & Tom are being prepped for their surgery. There are many doctors there as well)

Bonnie (speaks very softly): Can I ask you a question?

Tom: Mmm hmm.

Bonnie: Do you believe in heaven?

Tom: I do. ... Don't you?

Bonnie (teary): I want too.

Tom: Bonnie...I just wanna say ...

Bonnie (interrupts whispering): Shh. I know. I know.

(Dr. Adams & Derek walk into the OR)

Derek: This is Dr. Adams, our anesthesiologist. When you're ready, he's gonna put you to sleep.

Bonnie: So it's not gonna hurt?

Dr. Adams: It won't hurt a bit.

Bonnie: Good. That's good. ... Dr. Shepherd?

Derek: Yes?

Bonnie: You're gonna be the one to talk to my Danny, right?

Derek: Yes.

Bonnie: Ok.

Derek: Ok. ... What would you like me to tell him?

(Derek leans in to hear what Bonnie wants him to say. Camera pans across through window into cleansing/sterilizing room. George, Dr. Bailey & Dr. Burke are getting washed up and looking into the OR)

Bailey: Why do I feel we're about to kill this girl?

(Meredith walks into the room)

Meredith: Dr. Bailey, my labs are in.

Bailey: Sober?

Meredith: Can I scrub in?

Burke: Do it fast.

(Dr. Burke leaves and Meredith starts prepping herself. Dr. Bailey leaves as Derek enters the room. George looks at this and looks at Meredith)

Meredith (whispers): George!

George: Right.

(He leaves the room and heads into the OR)

Meredith: Hey.

Derek: Hi.

(There's a little silence)

Derek: You know, uh, I went to the bar.

Meredith: I heard.

(He half nods wryly. Meredith stands waiting for his decision but he doesn't say anything)

Derek: You take some aspirin with the banana bag? Helps with the hangover.

(Meredith nods slightly. Derek continues getting ready and not really making eye contact with Meredith. Realization dawns on Meredith)

Meredith: Oh. You're staying with her.

Derek: Yeah, she's my wife.

Bailey (calls from the OR): Dr. Shepherd, she's crashing.

(Derek runs into the O.R. Meredith stands there sad)

(Cut to Derek entering OR)

Derek: What happened?

Dr. Adams: I just put them under.

Derek: Pole must've shifted.

Dr. Adams (defensive): I barely touched her. This isn't my fault.

Burke: It's nobody's fault. We'll need to remove her now if we're going to have a chance.

Dr. Adams: How are we going to do this?

Burke: Team 1 continues, stabilize his body. Team 2 move her back and let's get the saw in there. This has to be fast and smooth, people. O'Malley you hold the pole in place. Whatever you do, don't pull on it, don't let it move. On the count of 3. 1, 2 ...

(Cut to Izzie helping Jana push out her baby during labor.)

Izzie: 3! That's great. That's great.

(Jana breathes gasping) Take another breath. 1, 2, ...

(Cut to Addison in an OR doing the C-section on Brooke)

Addison: He's wedged up under her ribs. We're going to have to pull him out. On 3. 1, 2 ...

(Cut back to Bonnie & Tom's OR surgery. Bonnie is being slid off the pole slowly and placed onto an operating table. A doctor gets a saw and starts cutting through the pole. Scene switches to Tom now on operating table as well)

Dr. Adams: He's stable.

(Camera pans to Bonnie's operation where Derek, Dr. Burke, Bailey, O'Malley and Meredith are.)

Burke: Let's start with her and we can see what we can do. Scalpel.

Bailey: Uh Grey. Get in here and help re-tract.

Burke: Re-tractor.

Derek: Richardson Retractor.

Burke: I'm in.

Derek: Quick please. Give me some sponges. Sponges.

Burke: I'm in.

Derek: Lap sponges. Hade me the cautery.

Burke (shakes his head): Her aorta is shredded. She's gonna bleed out.

(Bonnie's monitor starts beeping faster)

Doctor: Got no rhythm.

Dr. Adams (from other surgery): Doctors. He's losing pressure.

Burke: He's bleeding.

Derek: Let's go.

(They all leave the Bonnie's table except for Meredith who is still holding the retractor in Bonnie's chest)

Burke: Everybody change gloves.

Meredith (upset): What about her? We can't just abandon her. (The others are switching gloves and starting on Tom's operation) We can't just abandon her!

Burke: I'm going in. Extend the sternum. Scalpel.

(The others have now started on Tom. Meredith starts trying to revive Bonnie's heart by hand. George at the other surgery notices Meredith is still there)

Bailey: Lets go Dr. Grey.

George: Meredith.

(Meredith continues pumping Bonnie's heart)

Bailey: Dr. Grey!

George: Meredith!

Meredith (cries out): What about her?!? We can not just abandon her! We have an obligation!

(Derek notices but continues surgery on Tom. George looks confused at Meredith's behavior. Dr. Bailey heads over to Meredith)

Bailey (trying to stop Meredith): Meredith, come on'. There was too much damage. There was never anything we could do. We have to let her go.

(Meredith looks at Dr. Bailey shocked & upset. The monitor has flat lined)

Bailey: Time of death 3.49.

(Meredith just stands next to Bonnie's bed despondent)

(Seattle scenes)

(Maternity room)

(Izzie is watching over Jana who is in bed. Addison walks in)

Addison: Morning.

Izzie: How's Brooke?

Addison: She's good.

Izzie: And the baby?

Addison: He came through, too.

(They walk out of the room to the nurse's station)

Addison: So have you made a decision yet, Dr. Stevens?

Izzie: I'm sorry?

Addison: Whether or not you're going to ... hate me? (Izzie trying to put a pen in her pocket looks up at this) You're Meredith's friend. I'm the wicked witch who came in and ruined her life and cheated on doctor ... wait what is it that you guys call him?

Izzie (uncomfortable): McDreamy.

Addison: Right. God, doesn't that embarrass him?

Izzie: Yeah. I think it does.

Addison: Yeah well by all rights, you should hate me.

Izzie: I guess.

Addison: Except that I'm going to be staying in town for a while.

Izzie: You are.

Addison: Yes. And you show a real gift with my specialty. And I have a lot to teach if you wanna learn. ... So?

Izzie (shrugs even more uncomfortable): So?

Addison: So, when you decide how important it is for you to hate me, let me know.

(Addison walks off)

(Cut to a waiting room where Derek & Dr. Bailey are talking with a young man, Danny, Bonnie's fianc�. George & Meredith at a nurse's station watch from afar)

Danny: Did she ah ... did she suffer?

Derek: No. Her injuries prevented her from ... no, she wasn't in any pain.

Danny: Good. That's ...

Derek (difficulty speaking): She asked me ah to... tell you that ... she wanted you to know, that if love were enough ... that if love were enough that she'd still be here with you.

(Danny nods slightly. Meredith walks off. George looks on after Meredith)

MVO: As surgeons, there are so many things we have to know.

(Cut to the guy with severed leg, now re-attached being wheeled out of the OR Alex and Richard follow)

Richard: Fine work, Dr. Karev.

Alex: Thank you, sir.

(Richard pats him on the back)

MVO: We have to know we have what it takes.

(Cut to Jana & Brooke's room. Jana is sitting on a chair rocking and feeding her baby with a bottle. Addison lift's Brooke's baby out his bed and holds him near Brooke. Izzie watches smiling)

MVO: We have to know how to take care of our patients.

(Cut to Tom in a hospital room sleeping. Dr. Burke is talking to his wife, Amanda who is watching over Tom)

Burke: Tom is doing just fine.

(Amanda hugs Dr. Burke in relief and thanks)

(Cut to Dr. Bailey & Derek standing alone in an elevator. Derek looks very upset. Bailey notices this and pulls the elevator stop button)

MVO: And how to take care of each other.

(Derek walks to the back of the elevator, cries a little and gathers himself together. He walks back to stand next to Bailey)

Bailey: Ok?

Derek: Yeah.

(She pushes back the stop button and the elevator starts again. The elevator opens and they both walk out going in different directions)

(Cut to the staff locker room. Meredith sits on a bench despondent. Izzie sits next to her. George closing his locker sits next to Izzie quiet. Alex pulls on his white coat and heads to the door)

MVO: Eventually we even have to figure out... how to take care of ourselves.

(Cristina walks in as Alex reaches the door. She gives Alex a hard look. He just walks out the door. Meredith looks up at Cristina silently)

MVO: As surgeons we have to be in the know.

(Cristina tying up her hair looks at Meredith slowly understanding what's happened. She sits in between Izzie & Meredith looking at Meredith comfortingly)

MVO: But as human beings, sometimes it's better to stay in the dark.

(Cut to Addison walking out of the SGH with Derek. She takes his arm in hers)

MVO: Because in the dark, there maybe fear...

(Cut back to the staff locker room, where they all sit quiet and exhausted. The door opens. Meredith looks up hopefully.)

MVO: ... but there's also hope.

(Dr. Bailey enters. Dr. Bailey sees them all looking tired. She's takes a nicer tone than normal)

Bailey: Better get cleaned up. Rounds. 5 minutes.

(She heads out of the room and they all get up starting to get ready for a new day)