02x09 - Thanks for the Memories


2x09: Thanks for the Memories

Original Airdate: 11/20/2005

Written by: Shonda Rhimes

Directed by: Michael Dinner

(Meredith's house, where Izzie is dumping a frozen turkey into the kitchen sink. She's getting recipe's and books out in preparation for cooking Thanksgiving dinner)

MVO: Gratitude, appreciation, giving thanks. No matter what words you use, it all means the same thing. Happy.

(Meredith is dressed to go out sneaking down the stairs. She sneaks past the kitchen peeking quickly to see if Izzie is there)

MVO: We're supposed to be happy. Grateful for friends, family, happy just to be alive...

Izzie: Hey.

(Meredith stops sneaking instantly and spins around. Izzie is standing right behind her with a recipe book)

MVO: Whether we like it or not.

Izzie: What do you think you're doing?

(The doorbell rings)

Meredith: Uh ... answering the door.

(Izzie looks at what Meredith's carrying)

Izzie: You're going to the hospital?

Meredith: Yes but after ...

Izzie (interrupts): Meredith everyone is supposed to be in the kitchen by 9am to help me make dinner. It's Thanksgiving.

Meredith: I'm really not in the mood.

Izzie: But it's like a family ...

(Izzie is interrupted by the doorbell again)

Meredith: Doorbell.

(Meredith makes her way over to the door. She opens the door with a strange look on her face. An older man, who turns out to be George's Dad and his two brothers Ronny & Jerry are standing at the door)

Mr. O'Malley: Is this where Georgie lives?

Meredith: Georgie?

Mr. O'Malley: O'Malley. Where is he, upstairs?

Meredith: Oh George. Yeah.

(They enter the house)

Mr. O'Malley, Ronny, Jerry (yell): O'Malley!

(They run up the stairs chanting O-Mall-ey O-Mall-ey)

Izzie (to Meredith): Should I call the police?

(She turns her gaze back up to the stairs. Meredith takes the opportunity to sneak out and closes the door. Izzie hears the sound and calls out)

Izzie: Meredith I'm serious! You need to back here for dinner at 6! I mean it!

(George is lying in his bed. He has his eyes closed and arms stretched out in the air. He's counting down softly. You can hear the O'Malley chants getting louder. His family opens up the door and yell)

Mr. O'Malley, Ronny, Jerry: Happy Thanksgiving!

(Ferryboat is sailing across Seattle harbor. Derek is on board with a cup of coffee. Addison is on there with him)

Addison: Hey, you. I saw you from the window and...looked like you could use a wake up call.

Derek: I thought you moved to a hotel closer to the hospital. You still at the Inn at Bainbridge? (She hands him the coffee) Thank You.

Addison: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I had a thing for ferryboats.

Derek: Always, you know, what the mocking.

Addison: So um ... I was thinking that we could ... have s*x tonight.

(Derek half chuckles I think slightly disconcerted by the idea)

Addison: Look I know we're both gonna feel weird about it. It's the first time ...

Derek: Since Mark.

Addison: And Meredith. ... I have the day off. Do you have the day off?

Derek: Just stop by the hospital. I have patients I need to check on. You have the day off what are you doing here?

Addison (shrugs): Was thinking we could have s*x tonight. (Derek turns slightly at this) Come on I made a reservation at noon. I figured we could do the Thanksgiving thing you know and then ... I dunno, just rip the stitches. Get it over with.

Derek: No anesthesia?

Addison: Right. ... What do you think?

Derek: Remember med school? We spent Thanksgiving studying for exams and eating really bad Chinese food instead of turkey.

Addison: Yeah, too busy and too tired to even think about cooking.

Derek: We never had to schedule s*x. Not once.

Addison: Derek, I wanna get through this. I do. I want things to be normal again, like it used to be. So will you meet me at noon?

Derek: Yeah, ok. I'll see you at noon.

(Meredith is by herself getting ready in the staff locker room tying up her shoe laces. Bailey comes in)

Bailey: Grey. We're working with a temp attending today. Dr. Kent. He's subbing in from Mercy West. We need to get him orientated. (She turns to walk out but turns back quickly) And thanking you for volunteering to come in. Saving me from having to choose an intern to torture.

(She starts walking out and Meredith gets up and starts walking with her)

Meredith: Happy to be tortured.

Bailey: Not a fan of Thanksgiving?

Meredith: Not a whole hell of a lot to be thankful for.

(Bailey nods slightly. They start walking down a hallway together)

Bailey: I like Thanksgiving. Day people spend with their families. Too much family time triggers depression, repressed childhood rage, bitter disputes over the remote and way too much alcohol. (They come to a stop in front of an elevator) People get stupid. People get violent. People get hurt.

Meredith: And that's a good thing because?

(The doors open and people walk off. They get on the elevator)

Bailey: Surgeries Grey! Lots and lots of surgeries.

Meredith: I never thought of that.

Bailey: The stupidity of the human race, Grey. Be thankful for that.

(Derek is walking down a hallway in the hospital still in his casual gear. He comes to the OR board where Richard is standing looking over it also dressed in casual wear)

Derek: You're supposed to be at home.

Richard: So are you.

(Dr. Burke comes into the hall dressed in his blue scrubs)

Burke: Ah best maze procedure I've ever done. Under an hour.

Derek: I thought you had the day off.

Burke: I did. I do. I'm leaving. I simply like to start my day cutting. Gives me a rush.

(He starts walking off)

Derek: Yeah admit it you can't function 10 feet away from the hospital.

(Burke stops walking)

Burke: Uh I notice you're both here.

Derek: Well I'm here for an hour.

Richard: I'm on my way home.

Burke: Ah, say it like you mean it.

(He chuckles and starts walking off again)

Richard (to Derek, adamant): I know how to have a life outside this hospital.

(Richard walks off and Derek heads the other way)

Derek (chuckles): Yeah damn right you do.

(Dr. Kent is standing in the middle of the hallway looking over some patient files. Bailey & Meredith walk up to him)

Bailey: Dr. Kent?

(He starts walking off. Bailey & Meredith follow him)

Dr. Kent: Yes?

Bailey: Uh I'm the surgical resident assisting you today. I know you're subbing in from Mercy West so if there's anything I can do to help ...

Dr. Kent (stops walking & interrupts): Look, I'm here for one day. I don't need my ass kissed. All I need is to tell you what to do and you do it. And I don't like mistakes.

(Meredith glances at Bailey for her reaction to this)

Bailey (off put): I don't make mistakes.

Dr. Kent: Whatever. There's only one resident I want in my OR. Guy they call the Nazi. Do you know him?

(Bailey & Meredith glance at each other)

Bailey: The, the Nazi?

Dr. Kent: He gets great word of mouth. Stellar rep. Balls the size of Texas?

Bailey (raises her eyebrows): That big? (Meredith looks at Bailey trying not to smile) Sounds like an impressively talented man this Nazi.

Dr. Kent: Do you know him or not?

Bailey: Never heard of him. (Meredith smiles at this) But I'll be sure to keep an eye out.

Dr. Kent: For now you can work on smaller cases. A guy just came into curtain 3. Page me if you get confused.

(He walks off)

Bailey (calls out): I'll be sure to do that. (To Meredith): Like I said, the stupidity of the human race.

(Meredith's house)

(George is rushing down the stairs with his family)

Mr. O'Malley: Hurry up Georgie! There's a turkey out there with your name on it.

(He walks past the kitchen where Izzie is getting out utensils to start cooking. She sees George being whisked away)

Izzie: Whoa, hey! (She runs into the main foyer entrance) Hey! Where are you going? (She grabs George by his jacket to stop him from leaving) Hey, where are you going?

(His family waits at the door)

George: Every year, my father, my brothers and I hunt, shoot and kill a helpless slow moving turkey. (Sarcastic) Isn't that great?

Mr. O'Malley, Ronny, Jerry: O'Malley!

(Ronny & Mr. O'Malley head out the door. Jerry comes forward, grabbing George to go with them)

Izzie: Ok but what about dinner?

Jerry: Oh we'll have him back as soon as he kills his first bird. Right this year Georgie becomes a man, right Georgie?

George: It's George! Come on.

(He moves to close the front door behind him)

Izzie: Okay, wait, wait! I can't make dinner by myself. Who's going to help me?

George (hisses): Who's going to help me?

(Jerry has run back and grabs George to go with them. The door slams shut)


(Bailey & Meredith are pulling back Curtain 3 where a guy lies comatose on a bed. Nurse Olivia is already there with his chart)

Olivia: Holden McKee brought in from Mayfield Nursing Home.

Bailey: Mayfield? He's in the garden?

(Olivia hands Bailey his chart)

Meredith: Garden?

Bailey: Vegetable.

Olivia: Yeah his chart says he fell into a persistent vegetative state 16 years ago.

(Dr. Bailey gets a confused look on his face as if to say why is he here then?)

Meredith (now reading the chart): He was a firefighter. Injured by falling debris in the line of duty.

Bailey: What brings him here today?

Olivia: Fell from his bed while being turned by the orderlies. Insurance says he has to be checked out.

(Bailey points to Meredith to check him out)

Meredith: Temporal parietal scalp lace with associated hematoma.

Bailey: What's your plan?

Meredith: Irrigate and explore the wound. Repair the lac. He'll need a CT to rule out intra-cerebral hemorrhage, contusion or cerebral edema.

(Bailey nods)

Bailey: Go to it. Anybody asks I'm off looking for the Nazi.

(She & Olivia leave)

Meredith (to Holden): Ok, it's just me and you. (She starts to explore his head wound) I'd give anything for your kind of serenity. (To herself) Great. Now I'm jealous of vegetables. You just look so peaceful.

(All of a sudden Holden opens his eyes and looks directly at Meredith. Meredith jumps back in alarm, letting out a small yell)

(Meredith enters a trauma room where Dr. Bailey and several other ER doctors and nurses are tending to a patient)

Meredith: Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: This guy's got 3rd degree burns over here over half his body. Tried to deep fry a turkey. Of course he got drunk first. It's gonna be good, you want in?

Meredith: My PVS case. He opened his eyes. And I think he was looking at me.

(All the people in their chuckle except for Bailey)

Bailey: He wasn't looking at you.

Meredith: No, he was.

(Dr. Kent comes to the door)

Dr. Kent: Anything good?

(Bailey gestures quietly to the E.R docs to hide the patient from Dr. Kent's view)

Bailey: Uh nothing you want to waste time on. There are ah 13 patients that need sutures.

Dr. Kent (points to Meredith): She's the intern. She can do the sutures.

(Meredith gives him a look but he doesn't see)

Bailey: Uh actually she's on her way to CT with a VIP patient on orders from the Nazi.

Dr. Kent: Tell him I'm looking for him.

(She nods slightly and he leaves)

Bailey (to the ER docs): Ok, the burn unit is waiting for him. I'll meet in the O.R. (to Meredith) Grey, get a CT. Have neuro consult. But trust me he wasn't looking at you.

(Meredith's Townhouse where Burke & Cristina who are both dressed very nicely talking. Cristina rings the doorbell)

Cristina: Don't mention Shepherd. Or Montgomery-Shepherd.

Burke: Ok.

Cristina: Or the fact that Shepherd is with Montgomery-Shepherd.

Burke: Ok.

Cristina: Or anything having to do with syphilis.

Burke (chuckles and rings the doorbell again): I've been in social situations before.

Cristina: Yeah well not with me.

Burke: Well, why are we here?

Cristina: Just be nice or something.

(Izzie opens the door wearing an apron. She doesn't see Dr. Burke who is not standing in front of the door directly)

Izzie (agitated): It's half past 10! You're late! I've had to try to do all ...

(She stops instantly when she sees Burke peering past the corner of the door and puts on an awkward fake smile)

Izzie: Oh hi Dr. Burke. Hello. (He gives her a half-wave) Oh.

(She moves to the side so Cristina & Burke can enter through the door. As Cristina is walking by Izzie, Izzie grabs her arm and pulls to talk closely with her. Burke walks in past them and looks around the foyer of the house)

Cristina (whispers to Izzie): What was I supposed to do? Blow off my boyfriend for Thanksgiving? (Izzie gives her a look) I tried to. He wouldn't blow. He's like something sticky that won't blow off.

Izzie (whispers back): Ok, he's gonna ruin Thanksgiving. Now what am I supposed to talk to Dr. Burke about?

Burke (speaks up loudly and walks up to them): People who are shocked when I show up uninvited to their homes call me Preston.

(Izzie lets out a forced half chuckle)

Cristina: Nobody calls you Preston.

Burke: You don't call me Preston. (To Izzie) Nice house.

Izzie: Yeah.

(Burke goes back to exploring. Izzie gets a cordless phone from her apron pocket and dials a number. You can hear the ringing)

Cristina: Izzie why is it so quiet in here?

Izzie: Uh Meredith went to the hospital and George is off shooting things with his family.

Cristina (mortified): So it's just me, you and (she whispers) Preston?

Izzie: And Alex when he shows up.

Cristina: Oh great.

Izzie (speaks into the phone): Hey Alex it's me, where are you? Ok. Call me back.

(She hangs up the phone)

Burke: Is something burning?

Izzie: Oh god yes!

(She runs off to the kitchen)

(At the hospital, Derek is dressed in casual gear ready to go home. He walks up to Richard who is standing at a nurse's station)

Derek: Hey Chief.

Richard: I'm on my way home.

Derek: Yeah me too. Was supposed to meet Addison twenty minutes ago.

(Meredith walks up behind Derek just as he says this with Holden's file. Derek putting on his jacket turns and sees Meredith. He's a little put off)

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd, you're leaving?

Richard: Uh I'm also going home.

Derek: Then go home.

Richard: Adele's sister is in town. I hate that woman.

Derek: The OR board needs to be checked one more time.

Richard: It does, doesn't it? Excuse me.

(He walks off)

Derek: I didn't think you'd be here today.

Meredith: Yeah well. ... I need a neuro consult. (She hands him the file) Holden McKee. PVS, 16 years.

Derek (looks through the file): Well there's no bleed, there's no mass, no fracture. He can be discharged.

Meredith: Well he opened his eyes when I was examining him. He opened his eyes.

(Meredith hands Derek a pen to sign the file)

Derek: Yeah that's normal. Certain reflexes are preserved. There's arousal but no awareness.

Meredith (nods): But he was looking at me.

Derek: He wasn't looking at you.

Meredith: He was.

Derek: The CT report says he wasn't.

(He hands her back the file)

Meredith: Do you wanna argue with what I know I saw?

Derek (grabbing his case): No, Meredith. I don't wanna argue with you anymore. I gotta go, I'm late.

(He starts walking off. Meredith is a little stunned by his behavior. He stops himself and walks back)

Derek: He was looking at you?

(They walk towards Holden's room)

Derek: So, how are you?

Meredith: I'm fine. How are you?

Derek: Fine.

Meredith: Good. Me and you are in this weird limbo. This is gonna go on forever, isn't it?

Derek: I hope not, but I think so.

Meredith: Yeah, me too.

Derek: Yeah.

Meredith: I moved Holden to a room on 4, so...

Derek: You lead, I'll follow.

Meredith: Ok.


(George, Mr. O'Malley, Ronny & Jerry are trekking through some wilderness. They're decked out in camouflage army wear, carrying guns and coolers)

Ronny: '65 GTO.

Jerry: '57 Bel-air convertible. Two-door.

Mr. O'Malley: The GT 500. Now that was a car. Georgie pick a car. Come on.

George: You do you realize that you can buy a turkey? At the market? They've got hundreds of them. You know all wrapped. They're ready to go. No ammo required.

Mr. O'Malley: You'll be the one to shoot the turkey today. I can feel it.

George: See that's the thing. I don't wanna shoot the turkey.

Jerry: You say that every year!

George: Well and every year I don't shoot the turkey.

(Meredith's kitchen)

(Izzie is on the phone again. Cristina is sitting on a high chair at the island. Burke is holding a pan that is smoking. He points to the pan)

Burke: What is that?

Izzie: It was supposed to be my marinade. (Speaks into the phone) Alex it's me again. Just wondering where you're at.

(She hangs up)

Burke (says as a statement): You've never made a Thanksgiving dinner before.

(Izzie is quiet slightly nodding)

Cristina (affronted): You can't cook! Izzie!

Izzie (defensive): Well I'm a baker! I bake. But I've seen my grandmother cook a million times.

(Dr. Burke shrugs off his coat and puts it in a nearby chair)

Cristina: Okay that's it. If there's no food I'm going home.

Burke: Cristina, Cristina, I have this. (To Izzie) What are you using as a reference text?

Izzie (she gestures to a book on the island): 'The joy of cooking'. I also printed up some recipes from the internet but they all seem to contradict one another. (She wanders over to the sink) And I can't figure out which side of the turkey is up and which is the bottom.

(Cristina moves to speak but Burke gestures her to be quiet. He walks over to the sink and washes his hands)

Burke: Ok. Ok. Um. I'm gonna need the basing brush, a bowl, uh a clove of garlic (Izzie starts looking madly for the stuff) and ah do you have any fennel?

Izzie: Uh yeah right here.

(She brings the fennel to the sink. Burke rolls and cracks his neck. Izzie smiles excitedly. It's very reminiscent of a surgery)

Burke: Ah ok, well let's get this turkey up and running Stevens. Garlic.

(He holds at his hand)

Izzie (she slaps the garlic into his hand): Garlic.

(She grins broadly. She looks back at Cristina who looks anything but amused)

Cristina (to herself): I'm gonna need liquor. Lots and lots of liquor.

(Holden is lying unconscious in a patient room. Derek is standing on one side of the bed checking his eyes with a small flashlight. Meredith is standing on the other side of the bed watching)

Derek: There's no sustained visual pursuit. You might have just seen him respond to some sort of external stimuli. He wasn't looking at you. I'm sorry.

Meredith (leans in close over Holden): And I was sure he was. (Suddenly Holden's eyes dart towards Meredith) Look he just did it again.

Derek: Mr. McKee can you follow the light?

(He holds the flashlight above Holden's eyes moving it back and forth. Holden's eyes don't move)

Derek: Can you hold up two fingers?

(No movement again. Derek gives a look as to say see?)

Meredith (looking at Derek): Well okay I know you're late for something ...

(Derek notices Holden's eyes move towards Meredith)

Derek (looking at Holden): Keep talking.

Meredith: What?

Derek (he gestures to his side): Walk over here.

Meredith: What?

Derek: Just keep walking. Talk.

Meredith (walks over to the other side): Holden. Holden. Holden, can you hear me? Holden.

(Holden's eyes move to where Meredith is standing)

Derek (amazed): It's you. He's tracking you. He's following your voice.

(Meredith nods slightly)

(Meredith & Derek are looking at some x-ray scans of Holden in the x-ray room)

Derek: Well that's why there's no mention of brain atrophy in the CT report. Cause there isn't any.

Meredith: None? He's been PVS for 16 years.

Derek: Well, he's not PVS. He's minimally conscious.

Meredith: He's minimally conscious and no-one noticed?

Derek: Had he been in a state of the art neural facility they'd have tested him but...He was in a regular nursing home so they just ...

Meredith: ... missed it.

Derek: Mmm.

Meredith: He's been frozen. Sleeping for 16 years and they missed it. That sucks.

Derek: There's one thing to be thankful for.

Meredith: What?

Derek: We might be able to wake him up.

(Alex is studying in the empty hallway hangout area. He's listening some of the voicemails Izzie has left him)

Izzie: Alex, its Izzie. If you're not coming you could have at least have the decency to call and tell me.

(Alex shuts his phone frustrated and hits his back against the wall but continues to study)

(George is on his mobile phone behind a tree while his brothers and father are a few feet away. He's on the phone to Cristina who's stuck townhouse searching for liquor but coming up empty handed. The scene alternates between the Townhouse and the Wilderness)

George: I'm in hell.

Cristina: I'm the one in hell. Burke's going all Iron Chef in your kitchen. Get your ass back here and save me.

George: I'm in the woods with shotguns, and liquor and car talk. It's like deliverance out here.

(George sees his brother's having a drinking contest)

Cristina: Well at least you've got liquor. Where does Meredith keep the booze?

George: Uh I don't think she has any.

Cristina (mortified expression on her face): How's that possible? She's a wasp. Liquor is like oxygen to a wasp.

George: Which is why we're out of liquor. Listen, can you come and get me?

Cristina (yells): Ok how am I supposed to get through the holidays without liquor George?!?

(She moves to hang up the phone)

George: Just come and get me! Cris ... hello? (He shuts his phone close and hisses to it) Selfish!

(Addison is sitting by herself at a bench in a courtyard of sorts with a view of the harbor with a picnic basket. She's on her phone)

Addison: Derek, it's me. Where are you?

(She hangs up)

(Meredith and Derek are standing at the top of a stairway looking at the ground floor waiting room packed with people sitting)

Derek (his phone beeps): Which one do you think she is?

Meredith (looking at the people intently): Holden's wife?

Derek: Yeah.

(There is a woman holding a large handing bag looking down at the ground. A man on one side reading the paper and a teenage boy just sitting with his palms in his hands)

Meredith: It's her.

(She starts walking down the stairs)

Derek: How do you know?

(Meredith walks a few steps up to the woman with the bag and who is actually pregnant)

Meredith: Mrs. McKee?

(The woman named Mrs. Cheryl Leonard stands up)

Cheryl: It's Mrs. Leonard now.

(Holden's patient room. The 3 people are all there now. The man is Mr. Hal Leonard and the teenage boy is Coby McKee. Holden & Cheryl's son. Meredith and Derek are telling them the news)

Cheryl (slightly upset): What do you mean wake him up?

Derek: Well over the years your husband's brain has been slowly trying to heal itself. Now we've given him a course of amphetamine that should give his brain the push it needs to find consciousness.

Coby (agitated): When? How long does it take?

Derek: If we're right, your father will be awake in a few hours.

Coby: Is he gonna realize what happened?

Derek: Most patients in this situation have no idea how much time has passed.

Cheryl: Oh god.

Coby: I'm gonna be sick.

(He rushes into the bathroom adjoined to the room and slams the door)

Derek: I know this is a difficult situation ...

Cheryl (interrupts): I just got married. We're having a baby in December. And Coby turns 17 on Thursday. (upset) Difficult? Dif, this is unimaginable! I can't be here when he wakes up. He can't see me like this or Coby. (she knocks on the bathroom door) Coby baby we're leaving. (to Mr. Leonard) We'll be in the car.

(Meredith moves to talk to Mrs. Leonard who has dragged her son out of the bathroom and towards the entrance of the room)

Meredith: Mrs. Leonard.

Cheryl (upset): Holden is gonna wake up and find out that we didn't wait for him. He's a good person. How could you do this to him?

(She walks off. Camera switches to Mr. Leonard who also looks upset)

Derek: You should get her back.

Hal: I'll try but I don't know. It took her a long time to move on.

(He walks out of the room)

(Derek and Meredith are standing on a rooftop overlooking Seattle)

Derek: We did the right thing. Medically, Holden's out patient and we treated him.

Meredith: I'm sure he'll thank us later.

Derek: Meredith, it's...

Meredith: Did you see that kid's face? Holden is a complete stranger to him.

Derek: Cases like this are...

Meredith: It's not cases like this. It's this one case. You don't get it. You have a life. You go to sleep, you wake up and that life doesn't exist anymore? That man has no one. Everyone's moved on. Except for him. It's not an easy thing.

Derek: I'm sorry.

(He puts his hand on her arm)

Meredith: I know.

(Bailey is scrubbing her hands at a sink in a hallway all scrubbed up. Dr. Kent comes up striding towards her looking peeved)

Dr. Kent: What are you doing up here? Get down to the pit. We're backed up.

Bailey: No can do sir. The Nazi has me on this surgery.

Dr. Kent: We've got a line out the door for sutures. Everybody's an amateur chef until they get a knife in their hands.

Bailey (shrugs, making her way towards an O.R): Knives can be tricky.

(Bailey is getting gloves put on by the scrubs nurses. Richard is standing in there already scrubbed next to the patient lying on the operating table who has a very large knife sticking out of his back)

Bailey: Your wife know you're working today?

Richard: I'm going home. I just wanted to watch a little bit.

Bailey: Yeah well don't stay here to long. Could end up like him. (She looks pointedly the patient) Wife stabbed him. Said she didn't like the way he was carving the turkey.

Richard: Ouch.

(Cristina is opening the front door of the townhouse. Joe is at the front with a good looking Asian guy)

Joe: Happy Thanksgiving!

Cristina: Joe thank god!

Joe: Hey, this is my boyfriend Walter.

(Walter raises his hand to say hi)

Cristina: Whatever. Tell me you brought liquor.

Joe (holds out pie): I brought pie. Pumpkin.

Cristina (disbelievingly): You're a bartender!

Joe: Did you bring scalpels?

(Cristina motions her frustration and grabs the pie off Joe)


(George is with his family crouching down near a tree. George is using a tool to make a turkey bird noise)

Mr. O'Malley (pokes George): Come on, pick a car.

George: I don't wanna pick a car.

Ronny: He doesn't know jack about cars.

George (mutters): I know plenty I just don't wanna pick one.

(Jerry hears this and rolls his eyes)

Mr. O'Malley: Georgie's just tired. They working you too hard at the hospital? (To Ronny) You know he works 48 hour shifts?

Ronny: 48 hours and you enjoy it?

George: Yeah I enjoy it.

Jerry: Like what do you do?

George: You know, medical stuff.

(Jerry rolls eyes again)

Mr. O'Malley: Come on.

George (smiling): They're not gonna get it.

Mr. O'Malley: Make your brothers jealous. Tell them what it's like to be a big time surgeon. Come on.

George (little more perked up): Okay. Last night this was pretty cool. I assisted on a truncal vagotomy and we ah inflated this ...

Jerry (interrupts): Assisted? ... Wait what do you mean?

George: I helped a surgeon. Anyway we inflated this guy's abdomen ...

Ronny (interrupts): Woah wait you helped the surgeon?

George: I'm a surgical intern. The resident or the attending, they perform the surgery.

Jerry: So you don't actually cut anybody open? I mean, by yourself?

George (slightly defensive): No.

Jerry: Do you hand the surgeon stuff that he needs? Scalpels?

George: That's a scrub nurse.

Mr. O'Malley: Georgie does that thing with the gas that puts the patient to sleep.

George: No, Dad. Dad, that's the anesthesiologist.

Ronny: Well what? Do you like take the patient to surgery?

George: Um...orderly. No, like the point of being of an intern is that you're learning. We watch the surgeries and the attending asks us questions and we have to answer them. It's not easy. I have to be on top of my game 100% of the time. It's incredibly difficult.

Jerry: So you don't actually do anything.

(George gives him a look to which Jerry raises his eyebrows)

George: Yes I do.

Ronny: You just stand there.

George (frustrated): No! I assist ...

Ronny (interrupts): Watching while the real doctors work.

George: No! I uh! I'm a real doctor! What? Dad!

Ronny (interrupts): What? You just stand there, so you don't do anything.

George: No! I didn't ... no you said I didn't do anything!

Jerry (interrupts): Real doctors save lives Georgie. I mean if you're just standing there ...

George: Oh for god's ... !

(Jerry & Ronny break out into laughter. Mr. O'Malley whacks Ronny)

Ronny: What?

(George sits stiffly looking upset and starts making the turkey calls again)

George: I wanna go home.

Mr. O'Malley: Just as soon as you shoot your turkey.

(Meredith is sitting on the floor of Holden McKee's patient room. He is still unconscious. Alex comes to the open door and knocks on the inside wall)

Alex: What are you doing here?

Meredith: Waiting for my patient to wake up.

Alex: Why aren't you at the Thanksgiving?

Meredith: Why aren't you at Thanksgiving?

(Alex gives her a wry smile and enters the room. He sits down next to her groaning slightly and looks at Meredith)

Meredith: What?

Alex: I tell you something, you tell me something.

(Meredith looks at him and closes her patient file that she was looking at)

Meredith: Ok. I feel like one of those people who's so freaking miserable they can't be around normal people. Like, I'll infect the happy people. Like, I'm some miserable, diseased, dirty ex-mistress. Your turn.

Alex: I failed the medical boards. If I tell Izzie she'll be nice about it and all supportive and optimistic. She might as well rip my nads off and turn them into earrings.

Meredith: Alex, you should go to Thanksgiving. I mean don't tell her if you don't want to, but you should go. Otherwise you're just ... me.

Alex (nods slightly): A miserable diseased dirty ex-mistress?

(Meredith smiles and Alex whistles continuing to nod)

Alex: It's hot. (Meredith laughs) It's really hot. I feel better already.

Meredith (still smiling): See?

(Alex gives her a reassuring pat, ruffles her hair and stands up)

Alex: Happy Thanksgiving.

(He leaves the room. Meredith looks down and picks up her patient charts and starts heading out of the room)

Holden: Hello?

(She stops walking immediately and turns to Holden's bedside)

Holden: Is somebody there? (Meredith walks up quickly to his bed) Somebody?

Meredith: Yes. (He looks at her) Somebody's here.

(She takes one of his hands in hers)

(Meredith is still with Holden. Derek is there with 3 nurses looking over Holden)

Derek: Mr. McKee your muscles have suffered deterioration and your joints will be painful for a while which is to be expected. Now the fact that your communication skills are still intact is remarkable.

Holden: Did you reach my wife yet? Is she coming? I mean have you told her? Or do you wait until she gets here because this is gonna be quite a shock.

(Derek nods slightly)

Holden (to Meredith): How long have I been out? (Meredith gives Derek a look) A year?

Derek (to the nurses & Meredith): Could you excuse us please?

(The nurse's and Meredith start making their way out)

Holden (calls out to Meredith): You tell me. (Meredith stops looking at Derek) Please. You found me. You tell me.

Meredith: I'm only an intern. I've never really done this before.

Holden: Me either. You'll do it quickly. Rip off the bandage.

Derek: Hmm. No anesthesia.

Holden: Exactly.

Derek (nods slightly): Hmm. I'll be right outside if you need me.

(Derek glances at Meredith briefly before he walks out of the room)

Holden (lets out a shaky breath): Truth time.

Meredith: Truth time.

Holden: How bad is this truth gonna be?

Meredith: It's bad, Holden.

(Meredith is in the room alone with Holden, we can't hear what is said but Holden lets out a noise of shock.)

(Meredith's Townhouse kitchen where Izzie is chopping celery with a large knife on the kitchen island. Dr. Burke is standing beside her. The following scene is very reminiscent of the very first episode with George's first surgery)

Burke: Hmm. You have to cut the celery into finer pieces Stevens.

Izzie: Uh huh. (She cuts a few more) Like that?

Burke: That'll do. Put them in with the onions.

(Izzie grabs the chopped pieces and places them with a bowl of chopped onions)

Burke: Now, what should you be concerned about?

Izzie: Um ...

Burke: The turkey, Stevens. I expect you to know that.

Izzie: Right. I need to check the turkey to see if it's cooking at the correct temperature.

(They head over to the oven)

Burke: And how do we do that?

Izzie: Meat thermometer.

(Joe, Walter and Cristina are sitting at a table watching the whole cooking show)

Joe: 10 bucks says she dries out the turkey.

Walter: 20 says she pulls it off.

Cristina: 75 says I don't care.

(Izzie has opened the oven and pulled out the turkey in its tray out a bit)

Burke: Hmm. Okay Stevens, let's see what you can do.

(Izzie puts in the meat thermometer)

Burke: Alright. More pressure. Turkey has a tough shell. Dig in.

(Izzie pushes the thermometer in further)

Izzie: I'm in.

(Joe, Walter & Cristina)

Joe: Damn she got it in.

Walter: Told you she was going to pull it off.

(Cristina looks extremely discomfited by the whole situation. Camera focuses back on Burke & Izzie)

Burke: Good, not bad. Now all you have to do is get the thermometer deep enough to get a temp. But be careful not too ...

Burke & Izzie (at the same time): Oh!

Burke: You hit the bone! The pan is filling with juice and you're losing moisture. What do you do?

Izzie (panicking): Uh ... um

Burke: Think!

(Cristina grabs her stuff)

Cristina: That's it. I'm out of here.

(She gets up and starts walking down the hallway to the front door. Burke runs after her. He stops her in the foyer)

Burke: Hey what's the problem?

Cristina: You're operating on a turkey and ... and, and you're making friends with my friends.

Burke: Shh. You told me to be nice.

Cristina: It will be nice. You know I'm just gonna go to the store and ah get some liquor. Can I have the keys please? (Burke hands her the keys confused) I'll be back.

(Cristina leaves the house. Camera goes back to Joe & Walter who look amazed)

Izzie (calls out): Dr. Burke!

(Burke makes his way back to the kitchen)

Burke: Suction! Use the baster for suction!

(Forest )

(George is still sitting with his family at the same tree waiting for a turkey to come by)

Mr. O'Malley: GT 500 was a Shelby. He also made the viper, you know that?

George: Yes, we do know.

Ronny: The Shelby 500 is a good car.

Jerry: Yeah.

Mr. O'Malley: And the other car he made is ...

(He stops talking when he sees a turkey all of a sudden appear a few meters away. Jerry instantly lifts up his gun to shoot it but George grabs it stopping him)

George: Turkey. Turkey. Jerry, we came out here so I could shoot a turkey. Dad said we're not leaving until I shoot a turkey. I am shooting this turkey!

(Jerry puts his gun down annoyed and George lifts up his rifle taking aim at the bird)

Mr. O'Malley (whispers): When you're sure you've got it, squeeze ...

Ronny (whispers to Jerry): Don't worry about it. He's not gonna do it. He's gonna chicken out and you ...

(All of sudden George fires his gun. Jerry & Ronny get shocked looks on their faces)

Mr. O'Malley: Yahoo!

(They all stand up to look at the bird)

Ronny (stunned): He got it.

George: I got it?

Mr. O'Malley (gleeful): You got it Georgie!

George (happy): Let's go home!

(MRI Room)

(Holden is lying on the table for the MRI machine. Meredith is standing at his feet)

Holden (teary-eyed): What's he like? ... My son?

Meredith: You know I didn't really get a chance to speak with him. But he seemed nice. He's ah tall like you and he's got your eyes.

Holden: That ... that's good.

(Meredith nods and looks back to the viewing room we're Derek is standing with a MRI tech. He gives her a slight nod. She turns back to Holden)

Meredith: Holden, we're ready to begin.

Holden (scared): What does the MRI do?

Meredith: Just gives us a better picture of your brain really. You're one for the books you know?

Holden: That's nice.

Meredith: If you're ready.

Holden: When I went down into that fire...we were going on vacation the next day. Taking the baby to see my mom. She was so excited. I tried to call my mom today. But, um...she's dead now. My mother's been dead for eight years. I'm ready.

Meredith: Ok.

(Derek and the MRI tech look on from the viewing room. Meredith comes to the door)

Derek: How's he doing?

Meredith: As well as we could expect.

(Meredith walks into the room and they both look at the images of Holden's brain being produced by the MRI)

Meredith: Damn it.

(Holden is lying on a hospital bed that's been propped up. Derek & Meredith are talking to him)

Derek: An epidural hematoma. When you fell out of your bed this morning you hit your temple, hard. CT didn't catch it but, the MRI did.

Holden: And you can fix it?

(Holden & Meredith make eye contact while Derek speaks)

Derek: Won't be easy. Sometimes it's impossible to find the vessel and complications can rise but yes, I can operate.

Holden: But so there is a risk?

Derek: Very large risk, yes.

Holden: And what happens if you don't operate?

Derek: Best case scenario is that the bleeding resolves itself. Or it can continue to bleed and cause the brain to swell.

Holden: Which means what?

Meredith: Most likely, without the operation, you'll die.

Holden: But the operation could kill me too, right?

Derek: There are equal risks both ways.

Holden (to Meredith): What do I do? What would you do?

Meredith: I can't answer this for you.

(Holden sighs sadly and closes his eyes)

(Meredith's kitchen)

(Dr. Burke & Izzie are preparing more food for the dinner at the island in the kitchen)

Izzie: Can I have that spatula please? Thank you.

(Izzie starts tossing some onions around that are chopped up in a pan. Burke places something on an oven tray and looks over Izzie's shoulder)

Burke: You want the butter to melt, not to boil.

(Izzie stops with her onions and picks up a wooden spoon and starts mixing the butter in another pan)

Izzie: Dr. Burke, how did you learn to cook like this?

(Burke starts mixing the onions next to Izzie)

Burke: My mother owns a restaurant in Alabama.

Izzie: Seriously?

Burke: Seriously.

Izzie: Does Cristina know that?

Burke: No. Actually, she doesn't.

Izzie: She doesn't ask a lot of personal questions. She's kinda hard to get to know.

Burke (smiles): Yes, she is. ... Karev didn't show?

Izzie: No he didn't.

Burke: Is that okay?

Izzie: No, it's not.

(Joe comes up to the kitchen doorway holding an empty wine glass)

Joe: Do you know that there's absolutely no liquor in this house?

Burke: Ah yeah Cristina went to get some.

Izzie: Over an hour ago. Where is she?

(SGH, waiting room)

(A large black man who looks like he is about to choke stands up when he here's his name called by Cristina who has a yellow gown over her clothes holding his chart. Addison gets out of the elevator.)

Addison: Dr. Yang.

Cristina: Um...yes?

Addison: Have you seen my husband?

Cristina: No, I have not.

Addison: Do you know where he is?

Cristina: No, I do not.

Addison: He was supposed to meet me hours ago.

(They both stand there awkwardly for a moment)

Cristina: I'm not here.

Addison: Neither am I.

(They walk off in opposite directions. Cristina stops and picks up a chart and calls for the patient)

Cristina: Levi Johnson?

Mr. Johnson (difficulty speaking): Yes.

Cristina: You swallowed a wishbone?

Mr. Johnson (chokes): Yes.

(She starts walking down a hallway with Mr. Johnson following behind)

Cristina (smiling broadly): Excellent. We'll have to take some films. Maybe you ruptured your esophagus, huh? That means surgery.

(She passes Dr. Kent who is still doing sutures)

Dr. Kent: I don't believe this.


(George is packing up the Ute they obviously all drove down. He slams the back shut)

George: Car's loaded!

(He turns to Jerry & Ronny who are sitting on the drinking coolers nearby)

George: Guys! Coolers! Come on. Get up, get up, get up!

(They get up and he grabs the coolers and places them in the back as well)

George: Dad, come on!

(Mr. O'Malley comes up to George holding the dead turkey wrapped up and places it in the back as well)

Mr. O'Malley: Hold on Georgie. We've gotta blood you.

(He reaches his hand into the wrapped up turkey)

George: Oh no. No.

(Mr. O'Malley smears two blood finger streaks on both of George's cheeks)

Mr. O'Malley: Now there you go. Now you're officially an O'Malley man.

Jerry & Ronny (yell together): O'Malley!

Mr. O'Malley: I uh left my hat.

(Mr. O'Malley walks up a bit the road while Jerry & Ronny smother George in a hug)

Jerry & Ronny (yell): O'Malley!

George (laughs): Guys! Just get in the car.

Ronny: O'Malley!

Jerry: O'Malley!

Ronny: Twenty-one gun salute for Georgie!

(They both draw up their guns to shoot)

George: That's not the best idea guys. I'm serious, don't!

(Ronny's gun accidentally goes off. A large moan of pain is heard from Mr. O'Malley. Ronny looks stunned. Jerry looks up and is also shocked. George upset turns to Ronny)

George (yells): You shot Dad in the ass! Are you happy now?

(He storms off up to his father)

(Trauma room)

(Mr. O'Malley is lying on a hospital gurney face down dressed in a hospital gown. Ronny & Jerry are also in there playing with the equipment. George walks in and is dismayed by the sight)

Jerry: It's like laser tag.

Ronny: Not in the eyes.

George: Guys! This is the trauma room, what are you doing?

(George puts on his gloves and gestures to Ronny who is holding a piece of hospital equipment)

George: Put it down. Dad I'm gonna inject you with something to numb the area.

Mr. O'Malley: Ahh ah I'm fine. I don't need anything. It doesn't even hurt that bad.

George: Dad you have a bird shot embedded in your (he stops himself) ... gluteus maximus. When I start removing it believe me it's gonna hurt very bad.

Jerry (to Ronny): Hey, the '65 GTO.

(George gets a very frustrated and annoyed look on his face)

Ronny (scoffs): That's a V8 tweaker.

(Mr. O'Malley smiles)

Jerry: You don't want that. What you want is the Bel Air. (To Mr. O'Malley) But it's gotta be the two tone right?

Mr. O'Malley: Right. (They all chuckle except for George) Pick a car Georgie.

George: No thanks.

Jerry: Come on Georgie. Pick a car.

Ronny: I told you he doesn't know jack about cars.

Jerry: He doesn't know jack about jack.

George (in a very controlled voice): Jerry. First you say the GTO. Ronny counters with the Bel Air which never fails to make Dad say the GT 500. (He starts getting louder and angrier. Jerry & Ronny get quiet looks on their face) The cobra, the Chieftan. Then someone names a German car which invariably starts the American versus foreign debate that usually ends when one of you brings up the DeVille. And that always, always leads to the unbelievably long discussion on the merits of the '57 thunderbird. (he is now yelling) So how about I just jump to the end and name the thunderbird now so that once in our lives we can stop picking cars! (He takes off his gloves angrily) And my name is George!

(He leaves the room angrily)

(Holden's room. Meredith is watching from the nurse's station. Derek walks up to her and notices that Coby is in the room with Holden as well)

Derek: What do you know? The kid came back.

Meredith: No he didn't.

(Coby is leaving the room. He stops in front of Meredith & Derek)

Coby (shrugs upset): He says we have the same eyes.

Derek: Yeah.

Coby: Didn't see it.

(He walks off)

(Meredith opens the door to Holden's room were Holden looks devastated. She stands at the doorway)

Holden (teary eyed): He said that he couldn't stay ... because of the holiday. But he, he said he'll come back some time soon.

Meredith (nods): Good.

Holden (smiles): Yeah. He said she's happy. Ah that this guy, Hal, is really good for her. She loves him. (He takes a deep breath. Meredith looks sad for him) So I've decided to ah go ahead with the surgery. Um, they've moved on. I should too. Now get this thing outta my head and let me get on with my life.

Meredith: (slightly teary eyed): Right. (She nods) I'll ah tell Dr. Shepherd.

(She moves to close the door)

Holden: Dr. Grey.

Meredith: Yeah?

Holden: Do you think he really will come back?

Meredith: I hope so.

(Meredith's kitchen)

(Burke is checking on the turkey in the oven as Izzie walks back into the kitchen)

Izzie: Joe and Walter have got the table set up in the living room. How's our bird?

Burke: He needs a few more hours.

(Izzie sighs and grabs a few plates from a cupboard)

Burke: Why did you plan this big dinner if you knew you couldn't cook?

Izzie (shrugs): I just like Thanksgiving, Dr. Burke.

Burke: Preston.

Izzie (smiles): Preston.

Burke: You just like Thanksgiving?

Izzie: Doctor-patient confidentiality?

Burke: Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Izzie: Ok. We work 18 hours a day, 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year. We don't really have any time for our families. We don't have friends that aren't doctors, but we have this one day, where we don't have to cut anyone open. One day where we get to be like everybody else. One day to be normal. A day where nobody lives and nobody dies on our watch. It's like a gift. So I just thought we should appreciate it. That's all. (She grabs the plates and shrugs) Gotta set the table.

(Izzie leaves the kitchen. Burke slowly nods and smiles)

Burke: A day without surgery.

(SGH, operating room)

(Bailey is operating on the guy who swallowed the wishbone. She holds up the said wishbone she has just removed eye-level. Cristina is also in there by her side)

Bailey: Now who swallows a wishbone whole?

Cristina: Dr. Bailey, why are you working on Thanksgiving?

Bailey: You work the extra shifts and get the extra practice. Trying to get in all the practice I can ... before the baby comes (Cristina looks up at this) and I have to take time off. My husband isn't thrilled I'm working Thanksgiving but he isn't a surgeon so he doesn't get it.

Cristina: Oh.

Bailey: You and Dr. Burke?

Cristina: Yeah.

Bailey: He would've made a good father.

(Dr. Kent opens the OR door)

Dr. Kent: They said the Nazi was in here.

Bailey: He was, but he left. I think he went down to the pit.

(He leaves and Cristina gives Bailey a look)

Bailey: Don't ask.

(Holden is being placed on a hospital gurney in an OR room. Meredith is watching from the doorway. Derek comes up to her ready to start performing the surgery)

Derek: Hey. You coming?

Meredith: Not enough interns. I gotta cover the floor. (Derek shrugs at her) What would you have done if you were him? Would you have the surgery?

Derek: You would have the surgery.

Meredith (nods): I would want the future or to be asleep again. One or the other. Nothing in between.

Derek: I honestly don't know what I'd want.

Meredith: I know you don't.

Derek (nods): If you get a chance you can scrub in later. I'm gonna be at this a while.

(He walks into the OR)

(George is walking back into the trauma where his father is still lying on the gurney. Ronny & Jerry are nowhere to be seen)

Mr. O'Malley: I thought you'd forgotten about me.

George: No. (loud) Where are Ronny and Jerry?

Mr. O'Malley: Nurse told them that the cafeteria was open.

George: Oh.

(George starts prepping again to remove the bullet)

Mr. O'Malley: You didn't have fun today.

George: It's not that ... (he shakes his head) No. No I didn't have fun.

Mr. O'Malley: You hurt your brothers' feelings.

George: Dad!

Mr. O'Malley: You did.

George: They talk to me like I'm stupid. They call me Georgie. They've never treated me like I'm one of them.

Mr. O'Malley: George, Jerry is a dry cleaner. Ronny works in a post office. I drive a truck. You're a surgeon. You're not one of us. I know it and they know it. You make sure we know it.

(George starts removing the bullet)

George: Dad.

Mr. O'Malley: I'm, I'm not blaming you. It makes me proud that you're so smart. Like I did something right. It's just ... we try! We try to include you but, you don't like the stuff that we like. And we don't know how to talk about the stuff that you want to talk about. You're not one of us but, damn it we don't treat you like you're stupid. You treat us like we're stupid. And maybe we are but we're your family. Give us an inch, Georgie. Every once in a while, pick a car.

(There's a silence)

George: I saved a guy's life on an elevator last month. I performed open heart surgery on him right there.

Mr. O'Malley: By yourself?

George: By myself. Just like a real doctor.

Mr. O'Malley: Hmm. (amazed) Hm! That's something. That's really something.

(Meredith is washing up in the scrub room adjacent to the OR with Holden's surgery. She's getting ready to go in when she looks up through the window. Everyone is scrambling around. A doctor is performing CPR. She drops the bar of soap she is holding shocked. Holden's heart monitor has flat lined. Derek sighs and shakes his head slightly to Meredith. Meredith looks down sad)

(Derek and Meredith are walking out of the OR. They see Coby sitting by himself in an empty side waiting room. He stands up when sees them)

Derek (sighs): I'll take care of it.

(Meredith is sitting by herself in the staff locker room. She looks up when she sees Cristina walking by)

Meredith: What are you doing here?

(George walks into the locker room and does a double take when he sees Cristina. He then spots Meredith)

George: Oh. This is beyond bad.

(Cristina looks away slightly ashamed)

(Meredith's dining room)

(Izzie is sitting at the head of the table. Joe & Walter walk in. Joe walks up to her and gives her a kiss on the forehead)

Joe: Sorry, Izzie it's after 8. Gotta get to the bar.

Izzie: On Thanksgiving?

Joe: It's one of our busiest days of the year. People need a safe haven from the bitterness, loneliness, quality family time. I'm their important store. See you later?

Izzie: Yeah.

Joe (to Burke is sitting at the other head of the table): Night Doc.

Burke: Night Joe.

Izzie: Bye Walter. Thanks for coming.

(They wave and leave the house)

Izzie: You can leave too if you want.

Burke: I'm not leaving the table until the hostess does.

Izzie: They're not coming.

Burke: Even so.

(Izzie smiles. Suddenly there's the sound of the key turning the door lock. George & Cristina enter the house and walk into the living room where the table is set. Cristina sits down near Burke. George approaches Izzie before sitting down)

George (whispers to Izzie): Today I committed bird murder and I was forced to touch my Dad's ass. I get extra points for showing up at all.

(Cristina reaches into her bag and places some bottles on the table)

Cristina: I brought booze.

(Izzie stands up as if to say something mad but changes her mind and smiles)

Izzie: Let's just eat.

(She sits back down)

(SGH Parking lot)

(Meredith and Derek are sitting on a bench together. He sighs and stands up)

Derek: You know today in the waiting room, how did you know Cheryl was Holden's wife?

Meredith: Waiting rooms are full of people hoping for good news. She was the only one who looked like she had completely given up.

Derek: Yeah.

(He starts to walk off but Meredith speaks)

Meredith: Do you love her?

(He stops, turns around and sits back down)

Derek (shakes his head slightly): I don't know.

Meredith: It's good that you're trying. You wouldn't be you if you weren't the kind of person who's trying to make it work.

Derek (softly): You think so?

Meredith: Yeah. (She smiles) It means I wasn't wrong about you.

Derek: Thanks.

(Meredith stands up to leave. She looks at him meaningfully)

Meredith: Goodbye, Derek.

Derek: Bye, Meredith.

(She turns around and starts walking away)

MVO: Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.

(Meredith is standing outside on the porch of the Townhouse looking in at Cristina, Burke, George & Izzie all talking and laughing having dinner)

Alex: Hey.

(She turns around and Alex is standing behind her)

Meredith: Hey.

Alex: You going inside?

Meredith: Nah you go ahead.

Alex: You sure?

Meredith: Yeah. Go make her happy.

Alex: Yeah.

(He opens the front door and walks in. Meredith turns back to watch and sees Alex walk in and hug Izzie)

MVO: Maybe being grateful is recognizing what you have for what it is.

(SGH hallway)

(Richard is standing in front of the OR board. Bailey walks up to him)

Bailey: You're a surgical junkie! Go home!

Richard: Adele's already mad. I'm in trouble no matter what. And there's a Whipple happening in OR 2.

Bailey: Go home right now!

(She walks off to the nearby elevator which dings open. Dr. Kent gets off as she gets on)

Richard (yells at her as she gets on the elevator): This kinda treatment is why they call you the Nazi!

(Dr. Kent stops at this shocked and turns around to look at Bailey. She stands smugly)

MVO: Appreciate small victories.

Bailey (to Dr. Kent): Happy Thanksgiving.

(The elevator doors shut)

(Burke & Cristina are sitting in his car outside the townhouse)

Burke: I was nice.

Cristina (smiles): Yeah. I noticed.

Burke: You don't ask a lot of personal questions and you're very hard to get to know.

Cristina: Yes.

Burke: My mother owns a restaurant in Alabama.

Cristina: I scrubbed in on a foreign body removal this afternoon. A guy swallowed a wishbone whole.

(Burke chuckles and starts the car)

MVO: Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human.

(Derek is driving home in the pouring rain. He pulls his car to stop in front of his trailer where Addison sits waiting on the porch. He gets out and walks through the rain and stops in front of her)

Addison: You didn't show. (Derek nods) So, um...I bought Chinese food. And I waited. It was good. Now it's luke warm and old. Which makes it just like the food we used to have in medical school. So...(He looks down) Derek, are you done? Hurting me back? I mean cause I need to know. Cause if not ... I gotta special order a thicker skin or something.

MVO: Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know.

(Derek sits down next to her and looks at her)

Derek: No anesthesia in sight.

(Addison looks at him hopefully as he starts leaning in)

Derek: Here we go.

(They kiss)

MVO: And maybe we're thankful for things we'll never know.

(Joe's bar)

(Meredith is sitting at the bar by herself reading a book with a drink. A good looking guy walks up to her)

Guy: Is this seat taken?

(Meredith looks up and then glances at Joe who awaits her answer. She looks back at the guy)

Meredith: Do you work at the hospital?

Guy (smiles): No.

Meredith: You're not a brain surgeon or a doctor of any kind?

Guy: No.

(Meredith looks back at Joe who smiles and then looks back at the guy)

Meredith: Then this seat isn't taken.

(The guy sits down)

MVO: At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing ...

Meredith: Do you want to buy me a drink?

Guy: Actually I do.

(Meredith smiles)

MVO: ... is reason enough to celebrate.