01x01 - I.

(Distant rumbling)

(Men shouting)

Man: Sir, she's still closing. We simply cannot outrun her.

We must surrender while we still can.

Gun crews...at the ready!

Gun crews at the ready!

(Men shouting)

(Men shouting)

What are you doing?


Why aren't you on deck with the crew?

I think the better question is why aren't they all down here with us?

You could get killed up there.

Oh, so you're a coward, then?

Yeah. You, too?

I'm no coward. I'm a cook.

I've no quarters to man.

What do you think the captain would do if he found out you've abandoned yours?

Well, if he's dead and I'm alive, I like my chances.


Starboard side!

Man: They shot the muskets!

Bear up, damn it!

You're short!

Bear up!

Sir, they are out of our range.

(Cannonball whistling)

All crews, fire your...

(Men screaming)

Get down!

You know who that is out there?

That ship flies the banner of Captain Flint.


Isn't this your problem, too?

Good cooks are in short supply, even for criminals.

But you, cowering below decks, dodging a fight?

They'll gut you for sport.

(Cannonfire blasting)

(Men screaming)


Give me that.

What is that?

That's nothing.

That doesn't seem like nothing.

Well, maybe when Captain Flint gets here, we can let him decide.

You wouldn't want to do that.

No? Why not?





Fall back!

Fall back!

Get up!


Get out of the way.


Close us in.

Sir, wait. Mr. Fisher.


(Gunfire continues)

Muskets at the ready.

(Gunfire stops)


Fischer: Let me in, sir.

Please, let me inside.

Move away from that door!

Sir, there may still be time.

Move away from the door!

If we do not surrender now, Flint will kill us all.

Fisher (pounding): Please let me in! Please, sir, open the door. Open... (Groans)


(Wood creaking)


(Heavy footsteps approaching)

(Man howling)

(Men chanting)

(Rhythmic pounding)

(Pounding stops)


(Rumbling stops)

(All screaming)


(Muffled shouting)

(Muffled gunshots)





Man: It's over... Argh!


It's done.

Wouldn't you agree?

(Men shouting)

Can't sell that. Leave it here.




Grow up.


What the f*ck is this?

Well, it's blocked, Mr. Gates.


He couldn't handle the thought of what you might do to him.

I, on the other hand, would very much like to join your crew.

My name is John Silver.

And I happen to be a very good cook.

Know this...

Now that the fight is over, you have nothing more to fear from us today.

Because we know this fight was not of your making.

It was the choice of our true enemy.

Your true enemy.

The tyrant captain.

Many of us once sailed on ships like this one.

We know what it is to be slaves to his whim, his violence, his sh1t wages... (Pirates laugh) his insufferable stupidity.

So we've made for ourselves a different life where we don't rely on wages, we own a stake, and where our pleasure isn't a sin.

It's a virtue.

We also know what it's like to see our brothers die in the service of no end other than a tyrant's pride.

This one wants to join. Says he can cook.

Well, if he keeps that up, this one won't be the only one looking to join.

Today is a new day.

Look at him.

Thinks he's captain already.

Today their crimes have been exposed.

And they will be punished.

We made a full sweep of the hold and we found eight more casks of whale oil.

That's all?

Total tally 400.

500, if we manage to sell the tobacco.

Cameron's broken his arm. Duffy's been shot in the leg.

After injury payments, we will net just under $8 per man.


The crew will not be happy.

When are they ever?


When their end is a hell of a lot richer than $8.

Here, take a look.

Captain's log. It's all there.

Vazquez, Port Royal.

Told you this was the ship.

Where is the schedule?

Minor obstacle.

But we're getting close.

Let me see if I have this right.

This is the fourth prize in a row from which the profits will barely exceed the expenses it took to win it.

Singleton's out there trying to convince your crew to torture that poor b*st*rd of a captain simply 'cause he hasn't worked out how to get them to do it to you.

But all is well because you've discovered that the information we can't tell anybody we're looking for exists on a page... that we don't have.

Don't have yet.

(Door opens)

Mr. Duffy is dead.

I removed the leg, but he lost too much blood.

(Men cheering)

Man: Cut his cock!

Ooh! Yeah!


Is this necessary?

We paid a heavy toll today. And for what?

We all know the prize won't come close to evening the scales.

Someone ought to pay the difference.

Talk to me about recruits.

(Blade rings)

What's he doing?

Just give him a minute.

Where's the schedule?

What are you talking about?

The page that was torn from your log.

If you know where it is, now would be the time to say so.

Five? You want to bring on five more men?

A carpenter, two carpenter's mates, a gunner's mate and the cook.

Hard to refuse a skilled hand.

Is it their hands you want?

Or their votes?

What a cunning b*st*rd you are.

Squarely in the captain's pocket, yet you still got the crew believing you're their advocate.

Shrewdest quartermaster I've ever come across.

I wonder if you'll afford me the same wide berth you give that b*st*rd once I take his place.

You get the cook. That's all the ship can afford right now.

I told you, I don't have it.

One of my men must have taken it.

Everyone was searched.

Damn it, if I knew more, I'd tell you.

Now call off your men.

Get off it. Get back.


Pshaw. You can't, can you?

You're their captain, but you have no control over them.

How long before you're the one they tie to the mast?

I won't give you the satisfaction of crying out.

Good for you.

Where are you going?

Justice is about to be done, and you turn your back.

Man: Sail!


Royal Navy.

The Scarborough.

Scarborough ports in Boston.

Not today she doesn't.

She's got the wind of us.

Cut us loose. Get us under way.

(Men shouting)


My Boots.


We've taken on a new cook.

Randall, we were clear this job was only temporary.

There's still plenty for you to do.

He'll be all right.

So both watches mess together at six bells. Don't be late.

Any supplies you need, see Dufresne.

He'll fund you out of the ship's maintenance account.

One more thing.

No one gets any special treatment from you of any kind.

No extra rations, no preferences in cuts of meat.

Not for me, not for the quartermaster, not for the captain. Here, every man is equal.

All right?

Even him?

Randall was the ship's boatswain before he got beaten to within an inch of his life while taking a prize.

He lost his wits, but not our loyalty.

We like Randall.

You, we'll see.

He has the votes.

Beg pardon?

Singleton, he has the votes to remove you as captain.

Not every last one. Haven't finished canvassing yet, but when he gets ashore and he doesn't have to be sneaky about it, he'll get what he needs.

I thought you said it would never get to this.

Now hang on.

I thought you said you put loyal men in all the right places so the crew would never turn.

No, no.

I never said never. I'm too old to be using that word.

Don't give me that sh1t. I told you there would be some lean days while we tracked Parrish's ship.

You said the crew would weather it.

Days. Lean days.

It's been three months with no profits to speak of and nobody knows what it's all been for because you don't trust them with the truth.

I don't trust them with the truth.

So here we are.


They think he has any idea how to put money in their pockets?

All they know or care about Singleton right now is that he isn't you.

I just need a few more days.

The page is gone. It could be anywhere.

What makes you think all you need is a few more days?

I'm gonna go and see Richard.

He can help me recreate the schedule.

Richard Guthrie?


You think he's gonna help you?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Let's just for fun say that he doesn't.

What then?

Then I'll forget about the schedule and go back to hunting fat, lazy merchantmen and everyone will be content.

This is one of those times where we pretend that we both don't know that you're lying.



We're home.

Is this English soil?

It was once. Now it ain't.

Whose is it?



Wait, I don't understand. The captain asked for me to go?

Yes, in a manner of speaking.

He doesn't know I'm coming, does he?

No, but I have business here, so the job falls to you.

And what is the job exactly?

Captain's gonna ask Richard Guthrie for a favor.

Mr. Guthrie is going to say no.

When that happens, the captain will most likely react poorly.

Your job is to restrain him.

Restrain him, you say?

No cargo moves off this island without Mr. Guthrie's ships and connections.

The last crew that ran afoul of him couldn't buy or sell sh1t for two months.

That's an outcome I'd like to avoid.


He never listens to me.

Nonsense. You're a highly regarded member of this crew.

And I can assure you the captain regards your input more than you know.

Billy's going with you.

Who's Billy?

What exactly happens to all this?

It goes to the Guthries.

They pay up front for it, take it someplace civilized and sell it.

The Guthries?

Mate, no offense, but the faster we get this loaded, the faster I can get up the hill and into the arms of my sweet, sweet Charlotte.

Your recipes?

I left them with our captain for safekeeping, but I don't see them with the rest of the journals.

All the volumes from the prize are here unless the captain took it.

In which case, it's in his cabin on the ship.

He likes his books.

Is that him?

Is this necessary?

He's just a cook.

He meets the new ones. No exceptions.

Um, what's going on?

Who wants to meet me?


Whatever you do, don't show fear.

You're not Blackbeard.

Oh. I see.

(Pirates laughing)

If you get lost in there, give us a yell.


(Door closes)

Rules are rules.

And you are ours.

(Men shouting)

Man: Mr. Gates.

I need a moment with your boss.

(Glass shatters)

Not a good time.

Woman: Get the f*ck out.

You want to run at first sign of trouble, be my guest, but don't expect me to f*cking help you.

And that goes for all of you.

If you want to hunt, my door is open.

But if the mere whiff of the navy is too much for you, then God bless and get the f*ck out.

Man: f*ck yourself, c**t.

(Cup clatters)

Did you just tell me to f*ck myself?

Mr. Scott, who is this man?

Mr. Sanderson.

Crews with Captain Burgess of the Trinity.

How much was their last haul?

Scott: Nearly a thousand in profit. Best tally in months.

Well, Mr. Sanderson.

Pleased to be in your company.

Do you know why?

Because you're an earner.

Can I tell you what happens when I stand near an earner?

My pussy gets wet.

In which case, I will go f*ck myself.

(Crowd cheering, laughing)

Mistress Guthrie.

Now what the f*ck do you want?

I wish you'd get control of your men.

They come in here spouting off they've seen His Majesty's Navy out there and I have three crews pulling orders because they haven't got enough balls to get back in the water.

I'll make sure to keep that in mind, ma'am, but right now the Scarborough is the least of my concerns.

We have an agitator.

f*ck does that mean?

Challenger for the captaincy of the Walrus capitalizing on our friend's recent rough patch.

I expect him to call a vote soon.

I expect it to be close.

Flint's got morale problems. What do you want me to do about it?

I need money to shore up support.

You want a loan?

Flint's made you more money than any captain here.

But lately he hasn't.

Yeah, well, that will change. But mark my words, without that money, the most valuable captain on this island will be out of a job tomorrow.

Think of it as an investment in the future.

Scott: You steal cargo at the end of a sword.

We sell that cargo to markets that will never have you.

When you are strong, you are a necessary evil.

When you are not strong, you are likely soon to be dead.

But what you are not ever is a sound investment.

How much would you need?

1,000 pieces of eight, give or take.

Take this to Virgil.

He'll see that you get what you need.

Thank you, ma'am.


I'm wondering what it is exactly you think you just purchased.

It's my money, isn't it?

Must I answer for how I spend it?

To me, no.

But this enterprise belongs to your father.

And I do not believe he would approve of this... investment.

Well, then I suppose it's a good thing that my father isn't here.


Mr. Smith to see Mr. Guthrie.

He's not expecting me.

What does the crew think of me, Billy?

Beg your pardon?

You're the ship's boatswain.

You know what's said behind my back.


I know they've always found me aloof, too educated.

But now it seems they feel I'm...

Too weak.

I was gonna say unlucky.

So that's the thinking.

We've been attacking ships with light loads because I'm too weak to do otherwise.

Is that what you think?


What the hell are you doing here?

Now is that any way to greet a friend?

I much prefer that way.

A sugar factor from Carolina.

Who purchases stolen cargo from you because he trusts me because I have cultivated his confidence.

And because I keep him from ever having to lay eyes on you.

Then the sooner we get down to business, the better.

(Pipe music playing softly)

A whore for every finger on your hand, but your eyes kept drifting to this.

Tell me, what is it that is so precious to you?

One scream will bring Mr. Noonan.

Bring him.

I'll let him know his whores like to steal from their customers.

And he can let your new captain know you have withheld something of great value that rightly belonged to his latest prize.


So, what now?

This is to sell, is it not?

But you cannot know who best to sell it to.

I could know that.

Hmm, and what's that going to cost me?



Pleasure should be shared equally.

It's the only way to avoid hurt feelings.

Look, this deal, it's really a terrible idea.

There are so many ways it could go wrong.

Me, I can't help myself.

I see an opportunity, I take it.

It's a sickness. Truly.

But you, you can still walk away.


Now tell me what it is.

I don't know.

(Speaks foreign language)

You're not going to throw your support behind Singleton.

I wondered when this visit would come.

The vote is closer than you think.

I know this because I brought back 16 votes today.

Nelson's men are always for sale.

Paying Muldoon got me the Welsh.

As of now, Singleton is only up eight votes.

And you and your men hold nine.


The captain's fate is in our hands.

In your hands. Your men vote with you.

And how much are you willing to pay for those votes?

(Sighs) Well...


Spent everything I had getting this far.


Think about your men.

Think about their future.

Is it their future you wish to protect or your friend's?

What difference does it make?

And you will pay us, obviously, from the very first prize we take.

I assumed that went without saying.

(Music playing)

(Men laughing)

You're in a festive mood.

What do you want, Rackham?

I'd hoped to toast your coronation as captain of the Walrus.

Alas, I'm not so sure that's where we're headed.

You should keep your distance till I signal you to return for me.

If anything should happen and I don't return soon...

I leave.

Smart girl.

Flint: Let me tell you a story about a Spaniard named Vazquez.

A few weeks ago he staggers into a tavern on Port Royal.

Takes a seat next to an English merchant captain.

Vazquez, it turns out, is dying.

Bleeding to death from a knife wound to the belly.

The knife wound was courtesy of his former employer, La Casa de Contratacion, in Seville.

Colonial intelligence.

Naval, more specifically.

One of their top agents in the Americas.

Responsible for the security of one particular ship.

A ship with a cargo so rich, the king of Spain is very anxious to see it launched.

Vazquez warned that it was too late.

Storm season was upon them and no escort could be mustered to guard her.

But his superiors demanded that he sign off.

They advised him that if he couldn't arrange for an escort, he should plot a course for the ship unknown to anyone but her captain and consider that route to be a state secret of the highest order.

When Vazquez refused and threatened to report his concerns to the court, things got ugly.

The ship in question...

L'Urca de Lima.

The largest Spanish treasure galleon in the Americas.

According to Vazquez, total cargo in excess of $5 million.

Marvelous story, Captain.

And how exactly did you come to hear it?

A spy in my employ in Port Royal who overheard the conversation.

I must admit, I harbored my doubts to its authenticity right up until yesterday when I took the merchant captain's ship and found Vazquez's story neatly written into his log.

Most impressive.

It sounds like your plan is neatly resolved.

What could you possibly want of me?

Not quite entirely resolved.

A page was torn from the log with the Urca's course and schedule written on it.

Now I could recreate it from what's left, but I'd need help.

Someone with expert knowledge of Spanish operations.

Your man in Havana.

I need you to make an introduction.

Absolutely not.

Five million Spanish dollars.

When I take that ship, you stand to gain...

When you take it?

Do you have idea how heavily armed that ship is?

Even without an escort.

The risk is all mine.

The risk is not all yours.

If I were to even make inquiries about this with colonial intelligence, they'd see me dead.

You may have nothing to lose, but I have a future planned I'm not so willing to throw away.

Let me make myself plain.

I will have that name.


Billy, put your pistol on Mr. Guthrie here.


(Pistol hammer clicks)

The name, please.

I'm telling you it is simply out of the question.




(Horse whinnies)

(Hoofbeats approaching)

Man: Hold here.

MAN 2: Aye, Captain.

What is it?

Servant: Captain Hume of His Majesty's Ship the Scarborough.

Richard: Captain Hume.

You've caught me at business.

I must ask you to return another day.

My apologies, Mr. Guthrie.

May I ask what sort of business?

I'm sorry?

I asked what sort of business you're conducting with these men.

Sugar merchants from the colonies with business I'd just as soon conclude without interruption.

So please, if you'll excuse us.

Tell me something, Mr. Guthrie.

Do you have gossip here?


I've often wondered if it can survive in so remote a location.

You see, gossip is what holds civilization together.

It reinforces shame.

And without shame, well, the world is a very dangerous place.

I'm sorry.

I don't understand.

Do you know what the gossip is in London about you?

The gossip is that you make your profits selling ill-gotten cargo stolen by the pirates of Providence Island.

There's no truth to that.

We'll certainly find out, won't we?

Take them into custody. All of them.


You told me you and your men were with me.

You gave me your word.

I do what's best for my family.

I'm what's best for your family.

Flint has f*cked us all for long enough.

Can't you see that?

(Shouts, groans)


Captain Vane.

Eleanor: Do I even want to know?

It's been a long day.

But I am up one vote.

Looks like Flint is safe.

Mr. Gates.

When he didn't return, we came looking for him.

I found him here.

He said one word before he died...


Damn butcher.

Yeah, but did you figure him for a clever one?

I know what you're thinking.

And we'd lose that fight. At least today.

f*ck that.



(Voices overlapping)

Awfully pleased with himself, isn't he?

Why shouldn't he be? With Mosiah gone, Flint no longer holds the votes to remain captain.

Once the Walrus's men realize Mr. Singleton's limitations, we'll have a host of talented defectors eager to swell our ranks.

And he only gets stronger.

He doesn't get sh1t without you bringing up that Singleton business in the first place.

Yes, well, we all have our roles to play.


I want to f*ck.

What, because of what I just said?

f*ck's it matter to you?

All right, then.

Ms. Guthrie.

(Crowd gasps)


Crowd: Ooh!

Now, would you like to tell me what that was all about?

You f*cked me tonight.

Flint, his captaincy, I had an interest.

You'll live.

You'll make it right.

Why would I do that?

'Cause if you don't, you're finished here.

I won't sell another ounce of your cargo.

See how long you'll last as captain when your crew can't get paid.

Eleanor, your father sells my cargo.

Whatever it is you're so upset about, I doubt he feels the same.

When I tell him you put our biggest earner out of business, he'll...

Remind you that Flint hasn't been your biggest earner in quite some time.

You'll also be reminded of what you've always known but never accepted, that if forced, your father will always choose profits over daughters.

Hate your father? I wouldn't blame you.

Hate me, too, if you'd like.

And if you feel the need, cling to Flint and his legend and a past the rest of us have long outgrown.

But make no mistake about it, whatever future this place has left, I'm it.

And if you ever challenge me again in front of my crew, I may just forget that I loved you once.

(Music playing)

(Chatter, laughing)

Have you found us a buyer?

Patience, mon cher.

Few here are willing to cross your captain.

And those I have in mind must be approached with caution.

Excuse me.

Who did this?


I started it.


Why would you do this?

(Winces) Please.

When the sea grows rough, you come to Max.

Max is your harbor.

It's all coming apart.

This place, I can feel it slipping away...

You are so ready to see the worst.

You cannot see what is right in front of your nose.


The world is so full of surprises.

Let it surprise you.


What are you doing?

I don't believe any of the men have ever met him face-to-face.

We'll need to find a safe place to stash him before he comes to and starts talking.

But in the meantime, I certainly don't want his clothes giving him away.

You're gonna pretend that isn't Richard Guthrie?

Soon word of Guthrie's arrest will hit the customs houses of Charleston, New York, and eventually Boston.

Sooner than later, Nassau will be unable to sell to any legitimate market in the Americas.

I don't want the men panicked about that when I need them focused on the Urca.

Jesus. Can you hear yourself?

You spent months lying to us about what it is we're hunting out here.

And now when it's clear it can't possibly succeed, you want to keep lying.

Maybe Singleton is right. Maybe it's time we made a change.

Think carefully.

What lies ahead, Mr. Singleton cannot see you through.

And what is that?

There's a war coming, Billy.

One ship isn't a war.

One ship isn't what's coming.

That man Hume, the captain of the Scarborough told you as much.

When a king brands us pirates, he doesn't mean to make us adversaries.

He doesn't mean to make us criminals.

He means to make us monsters.

For that's the only way his God-fearing, taxpaying subjects can make sense of men who keep what is theirs and fear no one.

When I say there's a war coming, I don't mean with the Scarborough.

I don't mean with King George or England.

Civilization is coming and it means to exterminate us.

If we are to survive, we must unite behind our own king.

We have no kings here.

I am your king.


(Crewmen murmuring)

The crew is assembled for council.

Mr. Singleton has called for a vote to select himself as the new captain of this crew.

I need a minute.

What happened with Richard?

Oh, Jesus.

I thought you said you'd deal with this.

It fell through.

You need to figure out what you're gonna say to them.

They don't care about anything I have to say.

Well, you need to make 'em care!

Or I don't know what happens next.

I can stall 'em for a few more minutes.

And I am sorry.



(Crewmen murmuring)

(Murmuring stops)

I'm sorry.

For the short hauls.

For the trouble I've caused.

But most importantly, for the disregard it seems I've shown you.

The most important element of a healthy ship is trust.

Trust between men.

Trust between captain and crew.

Without it, a ship is doomed.

For the past few months, you and I have been on the trail of a prize so rich, it could upset the very nature of our world.

And for that reason, I felt it necessary to keep it secret.

I didn't trust you.

And that was my mistake.

Right now I would like to tell you that that prize is within our grasp and we are close.

So close.

But it would appear that my concerns about secrecy had merit.

Someone on this crew discovered my plans... and tore from this log the very page necessary to discover that prize.

Stole it for their own gain.

Stole it from us.

And then stoked your resentment to cover his crime... and make himself your captain.


I don't know what he's talking about.

That's a very serious accusation, Captain.

Thievery is punishable by death.

As is a false accusal of the same.

Then, as per the articles, the accused has a choice.

He can submit to a trial.

With who as judge? You?


No f*cking way.

Then swords.

Perhaps it's better this way.

Be rid of you once and for all.


(Crew cheering)

Crewman: Come on!

Come on, Singleton!

Get up!

Come on!


(Cheering stops)



It's the stolen page.

(Crew murmuring)

Friends, brothers... the prize that you and I have been pursuing... is L'Urca de Lima.

The Hulk.

A prize of almost unimaginable value.

Now with this page securely in our possession, we can begin our hunt.

And we will succeed no matter the cost.

No matter the struggle.

I will see that prize is yours.

I'm not just gonna make you rich.

I'm not just gonna make you strong.

I'm gonna make you the princes of the New World!

(Rhythmic pounding)

Crew (chanting) Flint! Flint! Flint! Flint! Flint! Flint! Flint!


He's downstairs.

Can I help you?

Perhaps we can help each other.

I think I have something you might want to buy.