06x04 - Tell the Truth

LUCIOUS: Previously on Empire HAKEEM: I wanna play Lucious in the Empire movie.

I'm playing my father, Lucious Lyon.

GISELLE: You have signed us a silent singer.

Why is she not better?

Oh, my God!

Fans are heated about me being pro-life, so I'm not apologizing.

Why are you doing this?

It's Damon Cross.

You got two hours to bring me my damn laptop!

LUCIOUS: Is this what you want?

- Fetch!

- DAMON: Hey, hey, oh!


Meet your grandson Walker Lyon.


LUCIOUS: Oh, my God, I wonder what that is, a spoon or a rattle?


Anything's better than that sterling silver bubble blower.

Well, can you pawn baby gifts, or is that rude?

- Oh, my - It's sterling silver.


It means so much to us, Lucious, that you're here.

Well, it's nice to be here and have the Feds off my back for a minute.

And Damon Cross is still underground?

I wish he was six feet underground.

- Oh, not in the church.

- Okay.

Godfather is here.

Godfather's late, as usual.

Well, there was problems with the rehearsal, so we need to talk.

Hey, hello, handsome, over here.

Can you conduct movie business somewhere else?

You fake-ass Denzel.

Where's your gift?

- Um - COOKIE: "Um" Go sit your ass down.

It's probably gonna show up via Venmo.

- Later, disrespectful ass.


I gotta take this.

Excuse me.

You know, you and Lucious been looking awful cozy.

I even saw you giggle.

You know how uncomfortable that makes me, right?

You know we are here to focus on my beautiful, perfect little grandbaby, right?

And not your drama, Wendy.

I'm just saying Look, we gotta get started.

Where is Lucious?

I'm sure you will, 'cause you petty.

It's just starting.

Yeah, that won't be a problem.

Okay, meet me there.

I'm on my way.

Where you going?

You can't leave.

Babies ain't committed no sins that need to be forgiven.

It's us.




To concretize this rite of admission into Christianity, we have a special performance.


I know I'm not always right I'm not saying that I'm perfect, no When you came into my life You gave me a sense of purpose, oh I ran away from love And I never know why 'Cause it made all of my darkness Turn into light Light All my mistakes, all of my pride All of the pain that I held inside You wiped the slate When you opened your eyes, yeah Everything is new again It's not as intimate as I would like.

What, Lucious Lyon scared to catch a charge?

We're all headed to hell anyway, but I don't like people paying visits on my grandchildren.

How's your family?

My family?

My family's fine.

How 'bout some diplomacy?

You stay away from my family, and yours will keep breathing.

That's a deal.

'Cause it made all of my darkness Turn into light Light What's up with Cookie?

She walking better?

You couldn't pull her on your best day, Damon.

Eh, that's just me realizing you two share the same misunderstanding.

That's all that is.


VERONICA: Everything is new again And I realize you don't throw pearls before swine.

VERONICA: You gave me the answers You gave second chances And it's more than I deserve Got what it takes with you on my side, oh Everything is new again (BABY COOING)


I didn't see this on Teri's laminated schedule.

I didn't mean to wake him.

I just wanted to check on him.

See if he's still breathing?


Yeah, I been doing that since he came home.

Yeah, I been doing it since 'Keem.

He was so little when they drug you off, uh I was terrified of messing up, thinking he wasn't gonna get something you gave Andre or Jamal and So instead, you gave him mommy issues?



Andre did so good, didn't he?

Yes, he did.

I'm just so glad he's around to see it Enjoy this little bundle.

Yeah, in spite of me.

That's not what I meant, Lucious.

It just feels good to have a full house again.

How long before you're done getting ready?

I wanna get some stuff for the guest room.

Just come on through.

It's not like you haven't seen it all before.

Lucious, we can still talk.

I wanna give you your space.



Your granddaddy is crazy.

Let's just hope you ain't get them genes.



I'm sorry I had to skip out on that baptism.

Um, I had a little business I had to take care of.

Well, I hope you're staying off the Feds' radar.

You know, Conway dropped your charges, but she's not gonna take that loss lying down.

Tell me about it.

On a good note, I hear congrats are in order.

You closed that deal with Fox.

They got short little arms and deep pockets.

Well done.

Thank you, Pop.

I appreciate it.

Now, am I reading this correctly, that you have appointed yourself as the permanent CEO of Empire?

Yes, sir.

Empire needed to be cleaner than the Board of Health to get that deal through, Pop, so No, Empire needed a king, and you rose to the occasion.

So now, in order for us keep up appearances we gonna need you to stay in the throne.


You sure?

Very sure.


It fits you, but remember, you know I'm back, man.

Yes, sir.

Uh, Pop, can you come to the rehearsal for the Empire film?

No, we have to renegotiate Tiana's contract first.

That's handled, Pop, but the film needs you.

And I'm thinking, who better to spearhead it than the man who took the company from pavement to penthouse?

That film represents Empire's legacy, Pop.

You need to protect it.

Damn right I do.


Send me over the writer and the director's info.

I wanna have a word with them.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, Pop.

No, thank you, son.

WOMAN: Got that boom, got that pop Make it on my own, I get in my zone Trying to take me off my phone And I turn ya into stone Well, you said high, I choose it low (PORSHA GRUNTING)

I can't tell if I'm sweating or crying.

That's how you know it's working.

If you have time to gossip, you don't have enough resistance on.

No, it wasn't me.

It was her.

She new here.

WOMAN: Got that boom, boom, boom I got that boom, I got that boom All together now.

LALA: Uh, uh, uh Did you smoke some crack before you came in?

Shut up.

This is Lala's song playing.

LALA: Yeah, I know that my body JOSEPH: Good spin is like good s*x.

You need to keep your partner's beat.

Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left.

BECKY: Right, left, right, left.

Get in sync.

Right, left I am in sync.

You're not in sync!

Right, left, right - Shut up!

- Don't be mad.

Be mad at them calories.

Be mad at that pound cake you had for breakfast.

I'm done, and it was brunch.

BECKY: Ooh, I feel good.

LALA: Making you want a bit more BECKY: You going to Zumba with me next?



BECKY: You're not gonna come to Zumba?

PORSHA: Why, Becky?




You're still taking too many water breaks.

I be thirsty, okay?

Also, thank you so much for playing Lala's song.

It was a hit in here.

The beat is catchy, and it builds.

And whoever produced it was hitting the same clubs as me in the '90s.

Okay, so that means that you're gonna add it to your public playlist and then play it in every class, especially the ones with the influencers?

I can test it out in our afternoon classes and see how it catches on organically.


That's how I made Lizzo, so Yeah, sure, you did.

Uh, here's the thing, though.

I really don't have time for organic.

I need some hormones.

So what if I got, like, a bigger feature artist to go on the track?

Somebody like maybe Tiana?

If you can get Tiana on a track as a cosign, I can have her playing across all of our studios - Oh!

- In every class.

Okay, good to know, because I can get Tiana.

- All right.

- Watch me get Tiana.

- Go get Tiana.

- Remember you said that.

HAKEEM: Have you ever met a girl That you tried to date But a year to make love, she wanted you to wait Let me tell ya story of my situation I was talking to this girl from the U. S.

nation Perfect.

Cue Cookie.

The way that I met her was on tour at a concert She had long hair and a short miniskirt I just got onstage, dripping, pouring with sweat I was walking through the crowd And guess who I met I whispered in her ear "Come to the picture booth "So I can ask you some questions To see if you 100 proof" I asked her name She said, "Blah, blah, blah" She had 9/10 pants and a very big bra I took a couple of flicks and she was enthused I said, "How do you like the show" She said, "I was very amused" - I started throwing - Cut, cut, cut!



Who in the hell put this dumb-ass chain on my son?

I would never wear something that damn corny.

And you in the glasses, you look like a damn fool.

Take 'em off.

And, baby girl, I don't know who taught you how to do the wop or the Roger Rabbit, but you look like a damn wounded animal.

Lucious, we are so honored to have you here.

Why don't I have you go talk to an AD about some of these suggestions?

Man, don't be trying to placate me, having me talk to your assistant.

I invented that move.

We can make these superficial changes later after rehearsal.

No, what's superficial is your vision.

Apparently, you don't understand that Empire was built on specificity, on details.

It's the details that made it sing, and this is not details.

From here on out, this is now a Lucious Lyon joint, and it will be shot like that.

And we will do it right.

Come here.

He's just tripping right now.

I don't know who the hell hired that girl to be Cookie, but that's a stand-in.

I wanna get a real Cookie.

You know, in fact, I wanna I wanna talk to the writer!

- Actually - Where's the damn writer?

ERIC: Actually, I wrote it.

- LUCIOUS: You wrote this?

- ERIC: Yeah.

LUCIOUS: Where's the script?


- ANDRE: You okay?

- Yeah.

All right, don't be nervous, okay?

There's no need for all of that.

Empire's thrilled to offer you the richest deal for a female artist in the label's history.


Andre, it feels amazing to still have your support, really.

We'll sign those contracts right after your show tonight for the cosmetic executives.

But we need you to make a public statement clarifying what you said about abortion.

You know, publicity's already taken that thing wild, and we don't need the problem I was pretty clear.

You were caught up in a moment of crisis - Hmm.

- My crisis.

And emotion caused you to say something you didn't fully understand.

The last time someone assumed I didn't know what I was talking about I lost a baby, your brother's baby.


I understand that.

We've all suffered because of things outside of our control, okay?

This is something you can control before it derails your career.



Andre, I thought you out of all people would understand.

I mean, your wife has a Bible verse ready for every occasion.

My wife is an ER nurse for a low-income hospital for a decade.

She's actually witnessed the horrors of women being denied reproductive health care.

There's nothing Christian about that.

I need you to make this right, Tiana.

You've earned this.


It's good to have you back.

COOKIE: It was my grandson's baptism, child.

The producers saw photos of you and Lucious looking awfully close at the ceremony.

The optics concerned them.

Well, your producers need to be concerned about the paparazzi taking pictures of my family's private service.

Okay, this is still over, right?

I don't have to worry about "Coocious" 4. 0?

Okay, look, I'm not some infectious disease, and Lucious has been cleared.

So what's your point?

Okay, that's not a no.

Is playing coy really worth jeopardizing everything we've built?

Lucious and I are complicated.

Don't try and figure us out.

- Teeth.

- All clear.

Bye, child.

I got a show to do.


JANICE: Getting caught cheating with a Playboy model at a drive-through?

Nobody told 'em about Postmates?


Now, Cookie, didn't you and Lucious vacation with Jackson and his wife in Greece?

Now, was he cheating, or are they swingers?


You know, we're just all trying to make it.

Well, you have an opinion on Skye Summers selling her nudes to TMI.

Oh, yeah, well, I think she's smart for leaking her own photos instead of being blackmailed.

Oh, well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

I mean, who here hasn't seen Cookie's cookies?



Well, at least my dough still gets something rising.


Who was that nude for?

Was it for Lucious or one of your other boyfriends?

It's just so hard to keep track of when you two crazy felons are trying to make it work.

Is it smart for any celebrity to be taking naked photos of themselves?

She had to know they were gonna get out.

I bet she wanted to get hacked.

Okay, you know absolutely nothing about her circumstances.

This is someone's real life here, not a chance for you to make yourself feel superior.

I have a question for you, Lizzie.

When's the last time your musty-ass husband asked for nudes of you?


What's that?

Oh, oh.

Oh, cat got your tongue?


Well, there you have it, folks.

You know what that means when your husband doesn't want to see pictures of your lumpy ass anymore, right?


Yes, I do.

My husband left me for the nanny six months ago.


- (SOBS)

- And that's the tea!


Go to commercial.

Why do you gotta be so mean?


That bitch came for me!

- JANICE: That was too far.

- I take it too far?

Bitch, see me outside.

And there she goes.

COOKIE: Look, kiss my ass.

Why don't you just shoot a puppy live on air next time?

She gets under my skin.

I'll just get her an apology gift or something.

Okay, that sounds like an impulse that's fertile territory for your new therapist.

Um, no, therapy's for white people, girl.

Okay, the producers are gonna have a problem with you if you don't go.

Well, I'm not going.

Cookie, I don't know what happened with you and Lucious, but you need to deal with it.

I see you trying to hide this limp, and everybody here thinks you've been an irritable Ah, ah!

I wish you would.

I was about to say "bitter.

" See how you overreacted?

Go handle this before you get fired and move from Tea Talk panelist to punch line.


BECKY: Oh, and cold cocktails whenever you need it, and I know you need it every now and then.

Bespoke furniture, and the thermostat never dips below 72 degrees.

It's so cute in here, y'all.

Like, I just wanna touch everything.

Well, it's not just accoutrement.

Bossy is run by women, for women.

Which is why it would be so wonderful to have you an empowered, brilliant, beautiful, strong woman help us introduce our new artist, Lala, to the world.

BECKY: Absolutely.

We were thinking, hoping, wishing, and BOTH: Praying That you would record a verse on her debut single.

I'd help, but Andre has me on lockdown until this abortion mess is resolved.

Apparently, what I think can't be trusted until a man clears it, so Yeah, that actually sounds like more of Lucious thing than an Andre thing.

Hmm, tell me about it.

Oh, shoot.

Sorry to disappoint and run, but I have to go get onstage and apologize for having an opinion.


An ignorant, backwoods opinion.

Let me talk to you for a minute.

WOMAN: Makes me smile, and he can try to fight it Those Empire men, they can make you get on that stage, but they can't make you say anything that you don't believe.

WOMAN: 'Cause you're deeply You understand?

Yeah, thank you.

Bye, guys.

- BECKY: Bye.

- See you later.


- BECKY: Thanks for coming.

LUCIOUS: Page 17, that has to be cut.

The stuff on 19 I don't know what you were thinking.

You cannot be giving Cookie credit for my idea.

No, this is out.

What was that?

You can't say any of that without somebody losing their life.

And as a matter of fact, how the hell did you hear about Philly Street?

He's one of the game's biggest what-ifs.

I can't take him out.

There ain't nobody coming to hear about no Philly Street.

They wanna hear about the Empire story.

I mean, they wanna hear the flesh and blood intone from me.

I started selling drugs when I was nine years old because I needed to eat.

But it was the music that saved you.

Now you're onto something.

I'll give you the new notes next.

TRACY: Back in the flesh.

You are looking good, Lucious.

That script making you nostalgic for the old days?

You know, I have a couple of notes of my own.

Like, where the hell am I in the damn script?

Well, unfortunately, we are all filled up with Philly crackheads.


You can't treat me like that now that I have a stake in the company.

How did it go when Cookie told you the price of a heart these days?


I bet you two been fighting for months over her cutting me in.

As a matter of fact, we haven't even mentioned you, Tracy.


And something you should keep in mind, if Eddie Barker or Shine Johnson couldn't frighten me, what do you think a little bottle blonde is gonna do?

Oh, sweetie, I'm just a little five-foot white girl who thrived on the streets of North Philly.

Eddie and Shine ain't got nothing on me.

Oh, and guess what.

Our son left me more money than God.

I'm here to stay.

Can't erase me, Lucious.


COOKIE: How do I know those are legit and you didn't Full House your way in?

Last time I looked in a mirror, I was still black.

What brings you here today?

A town car.

What are the challenges you'd like to discuss?

I don't have any chall I don't even know why I'm here, okay?

I came 'cause of my stupid agent.


Oh, you really fast with your little fingers in that search bar, right?

Oh, I can search, too, with my fingers.

Let me see.


Let me see what we have here, Doctor.


Well, who is this tall, dark drink of chocolate?

That's my brother.

Oh, is he single, girl?

My wife is in the next picture.

Jamal's version of "You're So Beautiful" was actually our first dance.

Our two-year-old twins have put a little strain on our s*x life, but we are five years strong.


- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

How's your marriage going?

I made some big changes in the last six months.

Big, big ones, honey.


And do you stand by them?

I'm on TV every morning, aren't I?

Yes, Lucious being back has been a test.

And yes, today it's a possibility that I may have gone a little too far, but it's for a reason.

I don't like that simple bitch, okay?

Look, girl, can we just call this 20 minutes an hour so we can both go home and watch Real Housewives in some soft pants?

It's your time.

I get paid the same either way.

Okay, well, great, 'cause I'm rich, honey.

You have a good day.

Before you go, though, I did notice those Birkin-sized bags under your eyes.



How are you sleeping?

Better than my makeup artist is about to.



LEIKELI47: So what, I got a attitude Uh, I got a attitude So what, I got a attitude Uh, I got a, I don't sleep ALL: Cheers.

LEIKELI47: Too much money out that door On my way to go to work Thanks for giving our girl another shot.

Hey, we were happy to hear that Tiana's comments were taken out of context.

Well, cancel culture leaves no room for nuance or forgiveness.

TIANA: I want to thank Technique New York for having me.

Tonight was supposed to be a celebration of high cheekbones, of full lips, of broad noses, of beauty in all forms, of inclusion.

WOMAN: We love you!

But apparently, inclusion only gets celebrated when it's convenient or when it doesn't overshadow a multimillion-dollar product drop.


Listen, a bunch of men wanted me to come up here tonight and tell you that I misspoke when I said that all life was precious.

But I believe in you, my fans, to hear an uncomfortable truth, because I said what I said, and I meant it.

I am pro-life.




Oh, yeah Put a picture of me up on the wall You can't tell me that I can't have it all I'm the one making the calls Sit back and watch how the dominoes fall Give me props, I'm a little bit litty My life hasn't always been pretty Ain't nothing I haven't seen There's been some type of mistake.

Yeah, you wasting my time twice.

Guys, come on.

Let's go.

I'm doing me all the way this time Yeah, can't tell me nothing about it Hold my head high, I crown it I don't feel bad about it I don't feel bad My shine, I'm all about it I don't need you around it I don't feel bad about it I don't feel bad You put her up to this?

TIANA: I know how to treat Tiana's her own woman.

That's what she's trying to tell you.

TIANA: Can't tell me nothing about it Hold my head high, I crown it I don't feel bad about it I don't feel bad My shine, I'm all about it I don't need you around it I don't feel bad about it I don't feel bad Gladys, Hey.

Don't say hi to Gladys.

We don't work at Empire anymore.

We run Bossy Media, remember?

Excuse you, I was well-loved here.

But she's not your coworker anymore.

I know, we are the competition.

This is a negotiation, so when Andre tries to pat our heads - No one's patting my head.

- Shut that condescension down.

BECKY: That's right.

Shut it down, shut it down.

- BECKY: Hi.

- This meeting and deal are off.

Okay, not what I was expecting.

What's going on, Andre?

Your fingerprints are all over that stunt Tiana pulled.

You met with her unsanctioned and put a battery in her back.

Because that was our bright idea to get you to agree to a collab with our artist?

Exactly, and you know this collab is gonna rehab Tiana's career.

You've seen me do this with artists for years.

I'll get Tiana back on track without the help of your little label.

- Oh - BOTH: Little label.

Which won't be working with Tiana or any Empire artist ever.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Of course I am.

Let's get a brick and bust all these windows.

Or we just sign Tiana right from under him.

I'm actually not thinking that at all.


Hey, sis!

Looking good.

WOMAN: Back at ya.

Oh, it has to happen.

Tiana will be reeled in by Andre or my or me my damn self.

I spend half a year gone, and everybody here forgets how to do their damn job.

You need to calm down.

Andre's doing just fine.

Yeah, he's doing terrific.

You know what?

I got a really great idea.

Why don't we get White Tracy to be the next CEO of Empire?

- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.

Dad, who the hell is Philly Street?

Oh, Philly Street used to be hot back in the day until your father came along and stole his thunder.

- He's a nobody.

- HAKEEM: What?

Dad, the writer said he's special.

Why you kick him out the movie?

Who are you going to trust to know more about Empire, me or some has-been?

We just got the baby down.

COOKIE: Ah, and you didn't forget the monitor.

Great, and I'm sure you didn't forget to put little Walker down on his back?

Of course not, Cookie.

You know this isn't my first baby, right?

I know it's not, but they're so far apart in years, I just wanna make sure you didn't forget anything.

Andre, can you bless the table?

ANDRE: Yes, ma'am.


Father God, please bless this meal.

Our family has endured its share of lows, but we gather together, stand united, and are rewarded with moments like this.

Thank you, Lord.


Amen, and God bless my baby, Jamal.

LUCIOUS: You know what?

I like the sound of that, "united," like family.

Come to think of it, isn't Tiana family?


LUCIOUS: No, I mean I mean, she's the mother of my grandchildren.

Hakeem made her family.

We made her a star.

Why is that no one seems to be able to get her to control her damn mouth?

- Damn, Pop.

- COOKIE: Okay.

So trying to control Tiana or any woman, for that matter, is the wrong strategy.

Why don't you try to respect her?

No, her mouth is about to cost us a multimillion-dollar contract.

COOKIE: Okay, so what?

She can't speak?

She can't have her own opinion?

She gotta be told what to do by some man?

You know what?

Let's just eat.

I'm handling it, Pop.

No, more like mishandling it, son.

The way I see it, we're at the bottom of the ninth right now, and you done struck out twice.

And I'm gonna have to sweep on in there so that you don't strike us out as a family.

COOKIE: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.

Sit down, Andre.

Ignore your father.

Ignore me?

- Yes.

- You gonna ignore me, Cookie?

I sure am.

Watch me.

Y'all spend a whole lot of time trying to prove that y'all can do this without me.

Well, you can't.



Now you know what it feels like.


Well, at least I got food on my plate still.

And I thought Cookie was a lot to contend with, but your dad, he takes the cake.

Lucious is a drama king.

I mean, couldn't he have waited till after we ate to dump everything on the floor?

He said I mishandled the company.

You don't believe that, do you?

You think he wants me to succeed, right?

He sure doesn't want you to eat.

Andre, I'm hungry.

I'm sorry, Teri, all right?

I don't have any food.

I can run this company better than he ever did.

I can.

I can.

- Don't wait up for me.

- What?

Where are you going?

I have to get on the phone with Tiana.

I have to make this right.


The thing is no, no, no.

Start-up life is not glamorous No.

But the one advantage we have over Empire is not having to deal with Tiana's ignorant ass.

Oh, that's the ignorant ass?

You wanted to launch a singer who doesn't know how to sing.

Lala can sing, okay?

We're done with that argument.

The argument at hand is about signing Tiana, and we shouldn't!

We'd get her at a bargain.

That's like getting LeBron at a discount.

- LeBron?

- Yeah.

For real, LeBron?

Maybe if LeBron thought that Uncle Sam should have a say-so in what goes on in your v*g1n*.

- Okay?


Twitter is dragging Tiana to hell and back.

Her fans are about to cancel her like she's MAGA Kanye.

Everybody likes a comeback, though.

I just see this for what it is.

It's a business opportunity.

It's not just (GROANS)

Listen, it is personal for me.


Because I had an abortion.


I'm sorry, Becky.

It was a hard decision, but it was still my decision to make.


If we sign Tiana, I'm gonna feel like a hypocrite.

Okay, full disclosure.

I had an abortion too, okay?

It was during a very rough patch with Eddie.

I thought my marriage was over and it would be Well, then you should get it.

What I get is, Tiana is lucky, privileged, and entitled, but she's not sitting on anybody's Congress.

She's definitely not on anybody's Supreme Court bench, and she damn sure not making any laws.

She simply has an opinion that's different than yours, and we don't have to agree on everything.

This is not about a difference of opinion, okay?

This is about losing control over our bodies.

This company was built to empower women, and Tiana is the exact opposite of that.

If this company was built on empowering women, all women, then she has a right to be heard.

- Mm, no, no, no.

- Right?

You don't get it.

That's clear.


Why do I have a feeling that your little performance at dinner has more to do about me than Andre?

'Cause you think too much of yourself.

We need to talk, Lucious.

What do we have to talk about?

Look, I don't have time What don't we have time to talk about?

Look, Lucious, I forgive you, okay?


You forgive me?

- Yes.

- For what?


For trying to help Andre kill himself.

Look I spent these last six months without you, and it wasn't easy.

And I thought about you and thought about what you must have been going through.

And I know you have your Lucious Lyon way of showing love, but you should have told me what was going on with Andre.

You should have.

I'm his mother.

But for the sake of us moving on, I'm willing to put it behind us.

Yeah, well, I don't forgive you.


Because you should have got on that damn helicopter with me.

But instead, you let me think you were sleeping with that man.


I don't know, Lu No, you said you wanted to talk, so let's talk right now.

- Why?

- Because I was tired.

Because I was hurt and angry.

Because I needed to get off of your emotional roller coaster and catch my breath.

And now you can't sleep, because that guilt is eating you up.

No, not guilt.

I'm not feeling guilty about nothing.

You know, when I asked you to marry me again, Cookie, I took our vows to heart.

I did everything within my power to become the man that you said you needed me to be.

I got you the community center.

I was being good.

I did everything right!

You didn't do everything you didn't do everything right, Lucious.

You went behind my back.

Like you did with Damon.

I did not sleep with You let me think you did for six damn months!


Haven't I been punished enough for this?

What I'm trying to say is, I don't wanna give up on us.

I mean, we still love each other, right?

You know, I've had a lot of time to think too.

I thought about what you said concerning love in that hangar.

Maybe we broke it.

Tell marketing that contrary to these blogs Empire's not a sinking ship under my control.

It is an ocean liner changing course.

I wanna see that in print, and tell the other departments to gather in the conference room.



Oh, they've been in there the last 30 minutes.

Who called the meeting?

BECKY: That's really incredible news.

I'm gonna go tell my partner right now.

Thank you.

Okay, bye.


- Ooh.


- Oh, my God!

Okay, okay, I'm okay.

Okay, so (EXHALES)

Even without a featured artist, Lala's bop is the number one requested song in Joseph's class, which means that by this time next week, we're gonna be on every single new playlist possible, 'cause we did it.


- BOTH: We did it.

- BOTH: We did it.

- BECKY: We did it.

Hey, can I get paid now, though?

Yeah, we did it.

When I was your age, I got paid in experience.

Humble thyself.




There she is.

Girl, get a glass, 'cause guess what.

I'm a Bossy lady now.

GISELLE: Becky, I was just trying to text you, girl.

Tiana came in I I barged in.

I mean, look, because who else is gonna have my back for real besides a female-led label?


- Yeah, who?

- GISELLE: Right?

TIANA: Grab a glass, girl.

This champagne is good.

I just need the entire bottle.

- Can I talk to you outside - No.

Can I talk to you outside for a minute?

- Take it easy.

- TIANA: May I add?

I own all my own masters, so Bossy Bosses.

We'll be right back.

Just a second, Bossy Boss.

Bossy, eh!




You - See - No.

You signed her behind my back.

I seized an opportunity the same way you signed Lala behind my back.

You seized an opportunity to make it crystal clear to me that you own more of this company than I do.

This was not a power move, Becky.

We can have our five-year plan happen in one year if we rehab Tiana's image.

Come on.

I promise you, Becky, we're partners.


- I know.

- Okay.

Congratulations, partner.


I got you.




You, you got what I need But you say, "He's just a friend" And you say, "He's just a friend" Oh, baby, you You got what I need But you say, "He's just a friend" Did all the notes to the letter.

This is your vision fade in to fade out.

Wow, this is like watching Empire being built all over again.

Unfortunately, we still gotta find a replacement for that Cookie.

Casting's putting together a session tomorrow.

I wanna be there.

HAKEEM: And I was on my way To see my baby doll, I was happy to say (CHUCKLES)

TRACY: Well, I missed all this the first time around.

Now I have a front-row seat.

Oh, my God.

Tracy, you're like the herpes virus.

You just keep coming back.

Oh, Lucious, I know that's your convoluted way towards a compliment.

We really should stop getting off on the wrong foot.

I do have value, Lucious.


I heard you ripped Philly Street from the script like you did me.

I remember hearing about him.

I had some friends who knew his friends.

As always, Tracy, you know what you're talking about, but nobody else on this planet does.

For the sake of the film and the authenticity you wanted, I asked around and I found him.

Philly Street.


Lucious Lyon, I heard you been talking about me.

The universe is poisoning men against me, and I just Oh, girl, I'll buy you a Chanel bag and open up a Raya account for you.

I need to talk to the doc.

This is uncalled for, even for you.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm sold.

WOMAN: Can I also get tickets to Tea Talk?

Love you on that.

And I love you for it.

Here, look, why don't you call my office, and I will hook that up.

Hey, sister, keep your head up and forget about them men.

They ain't worth it, child.


Why are you here?

Well, I was thinking about something you said You can think from home.

Why are you here?

I well, I uh I want the I want I want to try.

I wanna try therapy.

And I wanna dip a toe in, you know, see if it's for me, you know.

But I got some guidelines, 'cause I ain't no snitch, bitch.

So I'm not snitching, and and I'm not in for all that chanting and the "om, om.

" I don't want that.

And I'm not signing up for one of those weird-ass space religions in Hollywood, okay?

You must have mistaken me for a fan.

I'm not here to gush over you, Cookie.

You don't set the terms.

You do the work.

And these early impressions suggest lengthy work.

I knew this was a mistake.

Well, you know where the door is.




I can't do this.



Been through a lot.


Lord knows I've been through way more than what I've been going through these last couple of weeks, but (BREATHING SHAKILY)

I can't sleep.


Why can't I sleep?

Let's find out why.

You ready?

COOKIE: Some people tell you to close your eyes and sleep (HEELS CLICKING)

I say keep your damn eyes open.


'Cause when they caught me napping, that was the day I died.