01x01 - K3U

♪ First day we met sent shivers down ♪

(car horn honks)

Get in the car, Sara.

boy: Get in the car, Sara.

♪ Secret doors and passageways ♪
♪ Lead my life astray ♪
♪ Secret doors and passageways ♪


♪ Lead my life astray ♪
♪ Secret doors of direction ♪
♪ Oh, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh ♪

You gonna talk to me or not?

Three days, Sara. You've been gone for three days.

What the hell do you care?

Because the douche bags you're hanging out with are brothers of the douche bags that I grew up with, and they're not good guys.

Doesn't make them the same people.

You're just 16.

Yeah, and Dad's so hopped up on sedatives, he doesn't even know what day it is.

I think I can look after myself.

Have you eaten?

We're eating.

♪ That's how we spoke... ♪
♪ Oh, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh ♪
I know since Mom died... ♪

Let's not.

You're my sister, not my parent and not my therapist.

I got to pee.


We need to stick together through this.




Yeah, okay.

woman: Please drive up to the first window to pay.




(shrieking continues)









I understand.

It's not right.

It's not fair.

People go missing every day.

I knew something was wrong.

Have you ever had that... like a tear in your stomach and you just know?


The police say that they're doing all that they can, but nothing is happening.

Then I found your website, and people said you could help.

I'll try.

Anything I can do, I will.

(beeping, typing)

You're on her computer right now, aren't you?


Then, you're already doing it.

Or I'm doing it for you.

Your daughter's name is Julia Becker?

How do you know that? I never told you that.

I'm imaging her computer's hard drive.

I'll need 24 hours to analyze it for any clues.

Lindy. Lindy.


Manager's on the move.

(phone ringing)

Help desk. This is George, ITT member.

How can I guide you today?

Oh, no. That sounds terrible.


That doesn't sound good.

(chuckles) Question for you.

Is it plugged in? (chuckles)

All right, why don't you try turning the computer on?


They're gonna catch you one day.

That's why I have you watching my back.

You think they care about us?

We're just the information technology drones in their enormous investment company.

Yeah, but if they knew you were doing charity work on their dime,

no bueno.

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Hey, if anyone asks, tell them I have a doctor's appointment.

Today's the day, then.

Six months and you made it.

(relieved sigh) I made it.

I just e-mailed you information on a missing young woman.

Can you leverage all the company servers and work stations tonight?

You owe me.

You love it.

(Clicks tongue)


Okay, let's find you, Julia Becker.

(doorbell rings)

I know. I'm sorry. I'm late.

I'm so late.

(scoffs) It's been a crazy day.

man (thinking): Julia Becker.

Do you want a drink before the restaurant?

Prettier than your picture.

That's unusual.

(silverware clattering)

You coming in?

Are you the one?

Sorry, it's just cheap wine.

(continues indistinctly) You love yoga and spinning? Well, it shows.

But, hey, we could get knocked over by a bus tomorrow, right?

(drawer opens, silverware clattering)

Ah, here it is.

You are so hot.

(continues indistinctly) And there's something wrong with her face.

What is it?

Crooked. Why are they crooked?

You didn't tell me that.

You do it on purpose to hide your flaws.

They all do.

They're all liars playing their online games.

Filthy, crooked teeth.

Can you try?

Poor girl.

Now I have to kill you.

Are you okay?


man (thinking): Human life, so delicate, so fragile.

Easy to extinguish.

I look for the freshest, the juiciest, the most tender USDA prime, Grade A, low-fat, ultra lean.

The one.

Used to be I had to go outside to find them.

Not anymore.

The Internet...

God's gift to psychopaths.

Are any of them real?

I need someone real, someone who understands.

Why do they lie?

They'll pay.

One by one.

♪ My love, my love, my love don't love me ♪

(sighs) Great.

♪ My love, my love, my love don't love me ♪

woman: Oh, thank you.

♪ Contract...


You're a great dancer.

Is that a line?

'Cause that's a bad line.

Well, I'm a bad dancer.

I'm Ben.


What are you doing here?

I thought I should be the one to clear you.

'Cause you're the reason I'm here in the first place?

Well, at least this way you have to see me.

Can we get this over with? I've got things to do.

What things?

Why are you really here, Ben?

Well, you never gave me a chance to say it, but I am sorry for what happened, Lindy.

For which part?

Lying about being a cop or when you turned me in?

You can hide behind being a hacker.

White knight cyber vigilante.

You know I don't believe in labels.

Justify it any way you want, you still broke the law.

That's a matter of perspective.


I know you were trying to find your sister, but if you'd followed through with that job, those people, you'd have gotten a hell of a lot more than six months parole.

Is that how you justify what happened?

You saved me?

You didn't save me, Ben.

You ever ask yourself what would have happened if we met at another time?


I do.

♪ Contract ♪
♪ Killer Prose⠙ª

♪ Calmly walks away ♪

You're free to go.

♪ As blood flows ♪
♪ Shotgun ♪
♪ Poetry ♪

Oh, Lindy, thank God you're here.

I've been worried sick.

Okay, so are you?


Oh, finally we can celebrate.

Okay, tonight, drinks are on me.

(chuckles) Drinks are always on you.

And don't you forget it.

Only the best.

Sophia, look...

You bail and I increase your rent as penalty for living with a depressingly melancholy roommate.


You saw Ben, didn't you.

He was there. I had no choice.

No! No, no, no, no.

We cannot go through this again.

I almost needed therapy for that breakup.

God, okay, I need something stronger.

It's fine. It's over. I'm done.

You know what?

That is exactly the thing that my mom would say when she left my father every few years.

You would think it was the piles of money that brought her back, but no.

It was the money.

Okay, partly, but you and Ben have that kind of love that steals a piece of your heart.

And, honey, until you fill it with somebody new, you're just gonna keep going back for more.

It's over.

Okay, then tonight we have fun.

Look, Ben broke your heart, but you have to get back out there.

You know, start dating, live your life.

I'm living my life, and a man doesn't define it.

Ooh, valid point.

To freedom.

To freedom.


I need, like, a lime or...

That was a big shot.


(gate creaks open)


(exhaling sharply)

Where did you go, Julia?

(children laughing)

You're kidding, right?

Sophia: Welcome to the world of modern dating.

You're, like, a century late.

I'm not doing it.


It's what all the kids are doing.

We're not kids.

Okay, and we are not married either.

I already made you a profile.

I'll delete it.

I won't tell you the password.

Really? You remember that I'm a hacker, right?

Okay, that is the type of behavior that got us put here in the first place.

Look, I'm gonna get you over Ben, you're gonna find somebody new...

Oh, okay, we've been over this.

And when was I ever the kind of girl who used an app to meet guys?


Look, don't be such a snob.

This way you can find out what a boy is selling long before you talk to him.

Eye Candy? You called me Eye Candy?


I thought it was catchy.

Tonight I'm running the show, and the men are coming to you.



Hey, Ralph. Hey, boss.

How's it looking in there?

Lady, we're gonna crowd this place tonight.

(dance music playing)

Discipline me, New York.

Teach me a lesson.

You're late.

Thought it was gonna be just us.

She never goes out.

I'm standing right here.

Plans change, Connor.

Oh. Yo, Frankie, I need to talk to you.


How's it going?

Just because Sophia's our best friend doesn't mean we have to pretend to like one another.

Good 'cause it's exhausting.


Since when were you trolling Flirtual?

Sophia's idea.

Understand that's a loaded weapon you have in your hands.

You need to know exactly what you're doing.

Give me that.


Yup. Over there.

Ooh, yeah. No, see?

"Best picture he's ever taken" syndrome.

(phone beeps)


Who puts a dog as their pic?

Someone who's never gonna love you as much as they love this pooch.


(Phone beeps)

No face show.

Definitely hiding something.

Oh, serial killer. Forget.

(Phone beeps)

We are so doomed as a generation.

Ooh, flirt.

What? No. Flirt, flirt, flirt.

(phone beeping)

What does that mean?

Means he likes you.

How do you know?

'Cause he's walking right towards us.

Eye Candy?


(chuckles) Don't ask.

Well, it would be more embarrassing if you didn't live up to the name.

Thank you.

Look, I was... I was just leaving, actually.

My friends are outside, but... can we grab a drink sometime?

What, they have to sanction this?

Yeah, no, they put me on this stupid thing.

How stupid can it be?

I met you.

Okay, he is so hot, it burns.

And that accent... delish.

Beginner's luck. Don't get cocky.

Remember, that's a slot machine of men in your hands.

Slot machines were designed to steal your money.

Mm. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

I'm a doctor. Pediatrics.

Oh, that must be tough.


Sick kids.

I do my best to try to cure them.


Connor: Forget.

Too active. Not active enough.

That's depressing.

Cool glasses.

Connor: Forget.

Antiseptic. Too much.

Ooh, yeah. That works.

Eye Candy?


Name's Reese.

I import cars.

Expensive cars.


Hey, you like cars?

Who doesn't?

Hello, Lindy.

Detective Galligan.

You know, as part of your parole, you weren't supposed to put your hands near a computer.

Haven't you heard?

I'm all reformed now.


Well, let's say I'm you.

But you're not me.

You're a cop.

But if I was, I'd situate myself in a big corporation, camouflage myself, use all that server power to find people.

Missing people.

Sounds creative.

What's not so creative is I've got several illegal log-ins to the NYPD missing persons database.

Has your signature all over it.

Somebody's got to deal with the police.

Won't, don't, or can't?

Good memory.

Night, Detective.

Just because Ben still loves you doesn't mean I won't do my job.

(phone beeps)

(horn honking)

(shrieks, gasps)

(horn blares, phone beeps)



Someone's watching me.

Girl, are you home?

What's wrong?

You look super violated.

Some creep was spying on me using my computer's camera.

I had a Peeping Tom once.

Put a giant mirror in my window, made him stare at himself all night.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Of... Of course. Thank you.

Thank you, Connor.

Glad you two are becoming friends.

Let's not get carried away.

What are you doing? What... What is she doing?

I'm gonna see what this creep looks like.

I'll run a netsec command to display all active TCP/UDP connections, then I'll use his methodology against him and activate his camera.

It sounds easier than it is.

Yeah. Forget I asked.


(harsh, grating noises)

What the hell is that?

Connor: That's creepy.

Uh-uh! So creepy.

Don't you see?

He must have known that I'd be able to do that.


Whoever I just met off Flirtual.

Okay, so let me get this completely clear.

Some psycho is sending you weird text messages and performs this extremely disturbing form of cyber foreplay, and you want to go on a date with him?

Technically, it's three of them.

Three guys asked me out on Flirtual, and this way I can catch him.

Okay, even more of a reason that this is a bad idea.

Look, we're terrified. Aren't we?

Okay, at least I am. Lindy, look at my hand.

My hand is shaking.

I'll be fine.

Maybe what Sophia is trying to say is she feels responsible for signing you up on Flirtual.

Sophia: No!

No, no. What I'm saying is...

God, this is insane.

We need to call the cops.


You know why I can't do that.

I have to investigate the Flirtual guys myself.

Sophia: Okay... the only way I am letting you do this is if you do it in the club.

Free drinks?

Free drinks.

Too "Love me, stalk me, kill me"?

Not helping.

(upbeat dance music)

man: Technology isn't bringing us closer together.

It's allowing us to treat people as disposable.

I mean, we talk all day through all these electronic devices.

We don't look people in the eye.

There's no accountability.

But is technology or the way human nature uses technology to blame?

I don't like you.

I don't like what you did, and I don't like who you are.

But Lindy could be out there with a sexual predator cyber-stalker weirdo, and it's my fault.

So, my motto, "Why leave things to chance?"

All I know is, I am sitting here opposite one of the most beautiful girls in this whole place.

You want a drink?


Bartender, two more, please.

He's pretty cute for a madman.

Yeah, I travel to Europe a lot.

The car shows, you know. Italy, mostly.

You look a little Italian yourself.

Puerto Rican. My mother.

Ah, never been.

You should. It's beautiful.

Yeah? Maybe on our honeymoon.

I'm just messing with you.

He... He's bad.

She always fidgets with her little finger when she doesn't trust somebody.


I'm so sorry I'm late.

The line at the door was crazy.

No problem.

Good game?

Trust me, you don't want to know.

It'll steal hours of your life.

I want my life stolen.

You sure?

I'm a big boy.

You'll hate me.

I doubt that.

Once I download this game, you're on your own.

Every time I play with it, I'll think of you.

What's she doing?

She's hacking his phone.

Sophia: I thought a guy was cheating on me once.

(scoffs) I know, what idiot would try that?

Lindy hacked the creep's phone, and I got to spy on his every move.

God, total cheating sociopath.

I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back.


What are you doing?

I'm on a date.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

With a stalker?

You're dating stalkers now?

Sophia told you?

She hates you.


But she loves you.

What's going on?

None of your business.

That's soda water.

Don't drink and date stalkers.

Everything all right?


I hope we get a chance to do this again.

Hey, I'm walking this way. Do you want to...

Yeah, um, no. I have to...

I have to wake up early tomorrow for a thing, so I called a car.

Did it work?

Dates one and two, phones are live.

Just trying phone number three.



Why the hell are we looking at you?

What? Why are... we're looking at your... your face.

No! No, no, no, no, no. He picked up the wrong phone!


(tires screeching)

He went the opposite direction.


Lindy: Peter?


I think you took my phone by mistake.

(tense music)


We tracked the IP adress he used, it was redirected to three diferent countries, one of which is a bulletproof host.

Law enforcement won't get any cooperation there.

I'll keep looking, but it's as good as a dead end.


This guy knows exactly what he's doing.

Can I use this?

If you promise to behave.

You're fine.

What I'm about to show you is not exactly legal.

Are you telling us so we won't be mad or so you won't go to jail.

Show us.

I hacked into Flirtual.

Yep, that's not legal.

Lindy: I cross-referenced the NYPD missing persons database against all Flirtual users.

Three other New Yorkers have gone missing in the past three months.

Each had Flirtual profiles.

Each went on dates.

Each got disturbing texts from a nameless profile, and each person vanished.

Lindy, half of single New York is on this app.

Tommy: And the not-so-single.

And they all talk to one another just like that.

What if someone is using Flirtual to stalk and maybe kill people?

Okay... a serial killer.

You're gonna need more than a hunch.

You okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

I'm staying with you.

You really don't have to.

Yeah, I do.

I'm staying with you until we can get a protective detail organized.


We are gonna catch this crazy, I promise.

(sighs) I need a shower.

Maybe we should, uh... you know, order some takeout?




Hey, I've got an idea.

Why don't we get you out of town for the weekend?

Remember that little B&B in Rhinebeck?



(dramatic music)


(pigeon fluttering)


What are you doing up here?

I needed some air.

You didn't hear me calling? Something could have happened.


Maybe you should just cut this police officer a break.

So, now you're admitting to being a cop.

You don't look like a cop.

I'm gonna need to see your badge.

I have a gun.

I don't believe in guns.

What do you believe in?

♪ I'll forever wait for you ♪
♪ After all, you're the one ♪
♪ Who gets me through ♪
♪ All the time we call... ♪

This isn't exactly fair.

That I took your gun?


That I'm virtually naked and you're not.

♪ I'll be waiting here for you ♪
♪ After all ♪
♪ You're the one who got me through ♪
♪ Over time you'll go astray ♪
♪ Even so ♪
♪ Your willingness will never fail ♪
♪ You're off to where you're going ♪
♪ You're off to where you're going ♪
♪ The future's out of sight ♪
♪ Call me when you get here ♪
♪ Call me when you get here ♪

Ben: The city's so bright, you can't see a single star.

Lindy: I always imagine that stars are people.

Billions and billions of people.

And that somewhere out there, one of them is my sister.

You've done everything you can.

What if I never find her?

What if I never know.

Hey, hey.

When ships were... were lost at sea, they'd use the stars in relation to the moon and the horizons to find their bearings.

Around her is somebody who knows what happened.

Someone who's seen her, talked to her, cared for her.

Loved her.

Killed her.

One of them will talk.

One of them will make a mistake, leave a clue, tell us where she is.

It'll take just one to show you the way.


I'm leaving.

You okay?

Yeah. Tommy and Ben have the suspects under surveillance.

Text if you need anything.

(phone vibrating)


So, Tommy says Jake Bolin is spending the night in with some Indian takeout, while I am on a date at a coffee shop with Reese Hennessey and a blonde.

Not even 24 hours and he's already on to someone else.

Well, he wasn't exactly my type.

What... what is your type?

I'm reviewing applications.

I'm switching shifts in an hour.

I'll pick you up. Great.

Oh, what the hell?


(line ringing)

Sophia (recording): Hey, lovers, leave a message.

Sophia, he is in the apartment with you.

Get out!

(panting) Ben, he's at the apartment with Sophia!

Hey, hey, slow down.

Listen to me!

He rigged the place with cameras.

The killer is in there with her.

Don't go in, you hear me? I'm calling for backup.

(tires screeching) Taxi!

(engine revving, tires screeching)


(line ringing)

Sophia: Hey, what's going on?

Sophia! He's in the apartment with you.

Get out!

What are you talking about?

I'm at the club, Lindy.


It was a recording.

Lindy, who's at the apartment?


(tense music)

(horns honking)

Hey, what is that?

It's New York. We have traffic.

Pick up.

(Line ringing)

Pick up!

(line ringing, phone beeping)





Where is he?



Ben, are you all right?

Listen to me, don't... don't come looking for me.

What are you talking about?


It's too late to save me. (sobbing)

Ben, what's happening?

No, no, no, no, no. You stay with me.

You stay with me!

Say what?!


I love you, Ben.

(sobbing) I love you, Ben.

It'll take just one to show you the way.

No, no, no. No!

Where is he? Please!

Where is he?

"It'll take just one to show you the way."

(tense music)



Oh, oh...

(sobbing) Oh, my God.



(Sirens wailing)

(footsteps approaching)


I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorr... No!

Please we got to go. We got to get out of here.


Come on, come on.

Come on, let's go!


(Lindy screaming, sobbing)

(indistinct radio chatter)

♪ You want to forget ♪
♪ All the nights and days out on the hunt ♪
♪ You want to forget... ♪

man: I had to kill Ben.

You'll understand someday.

Are you the one?

The ideal?

You made it this far.

But we are just getting started.

♪ It's not over tonight ♪