01x06 - The Red Forest

Previously on 12 monkeys...

I found it. I found the night room.

Open that door for us.

I don't know how to open it.

I believe you.

They're going to kill us.

It doesn't matter.

The plague is right down there.

This is why I'm here. This is what I came here for.

I believe that something happened to you, But I do not believe it was a time traveler.

Did this cole--did he find you, or did you find him?

Him. Do you mean god?

No, the witness.

Who is that, your boss?

Am I dying now?

No, not today.

Why am I still here. Something's wrong.


Come on.



Ugh! Aah!


What the hell is going on?



West 7.


What are you doing?

Who is this asshole?


He's one of us.

Where's jones, the scientist?

Whitley's repair hag?

Whitley. Where is whitley?

Well, the crazy bitch could use some company.

Get up. Get up.


You got a visitor.

This one says he needs you.

Oh, and, uh, keep your hands off each other.


Do we know each other?

It's me. It's cole.

What, did you take a hit when the west 7 came back?

Came back?

We fought them off.

Yeah, we fought and were defeated.

That was two years ago.

Where do you come from?

From your machine over there.

I remember all the faces Of the men that went in there.

Yours is not one of them, and they never came back.

What is that?

Did you do that to yourself?

If you can't be right, at least be brave.

You were right.

You sent me back before the plague.

I was there.


Look at these marks, these marks.

It's from your injections to make me part of the system.

Remember? Time moves around me.

What is it?

I'm having memories, seeing things.

This is wrong. You're wrong.

If this were true, there's one way to find out.

Your molecules are in a constant state of flux, Shifting at a quantum level.

Only my injections could have done this.

This is my life's work.


I was in 2015, But when I splintered back...


Yeah, splintered.

I ended up here.

This isn't my time.

Something must have changed history.

Changed how?

Altered it somehow.

Instead of returning to your present, you came here.

What did you do in 2015?

You sent me back to destroy the virus, stop the plague.

To chechnya, yes? Of 2015.

The first outbreak was at the hand of an intelligence agency.

They called it operation troy.

Troy? No, no, no, in my time, The virus didn't start until...


We tracked it to a group called the army of the 12 monkeys.

Dr. Railly and I-- we, uh...


Cassie. Dr. Railly.

The message.

The transmission-- leland frost.

Dr. Cassandra railly from the cdc.

I'm sorry, mr. Cole. I've never heard of her.

Leland goines told me I saw him in 1987, But I've never been there.

It's called a "jinn," a causality loop.

But this is different.

Something very significant altered your timeline.

Cassie started our investigation in my time.

She sent us a message from the cdc.

Your dr. Railly was murdered...

Shot in 2015.

They must have killed her after I splintered.

It looks like her death was the point of divergence.

Somehow, her absence must have caused the plague To be released a year earlier in chechnya.

She must have been very important.

She was.

She is.

I'm having difficulty remembering things right now.

You're having memories from two different realities.

The human brain is not made for such things.

If you can't correct the past, This condition is certainly going to kill you.

Does the machine still work?

It brought you back here.

Send me back.

I am no longer in command of this facility.

If you want to use the machine, You have to speak with the head of the west 7.

Mr. Whitley, I need to talk to your boss.

He is not gonna take kindly to being disturbed, Especially by someone with your story.

Yeah, I know this guy.

I guess he's an asshole in any reality.

Someone here to see you. Says his name is--

It's all right.

We know each other, don't we, deacon?


What happened to you?

What is this?

Who the hell is this?

Hey, it's me. It's cole.

I buried cole. I covered the grave myself.

Wait a minute. Wait. I just came out of that machine.

Nothing comes from there.

Okay. All right. You and I--we left the west 7.

Jones and her crew took us in.


Whoa! Hey!

Only girl you've ever loved is elena.

Y-y-your mother's name is roberta.

You told me once she's pretty, And whenever I make jokes about banging her, You laugh, but I know, secretly, it pisses you off.


It's good to see you too.

You buried me?

I watched you die.

We stumbled upon this place together.

Soldiers beat the hell out of us.

Yeah, that happened.

And you took a hit, and you never woke up.

That didn't happen.

She knew my name from cassie's message.

I got free...

Went back to the 7 camp, found deacon.

He didn't go down without a fight.

Rallied the others, took this place back over.

It's been good to us.

I need to use the machine.

If I fire this thing up, it's gonna drain us.

We're not gonna have any power left.

I can undo all this...

Put things back the way they're supposed to be.

These people...

They depend on me.

I got to look out for their future.

There is no future.

"whatever the world is now, it doesn't have to be this."


I can change it.

You're not actually considering this.

If you turn this thing on, we'll bleed the core out.

We'll be done.

We can't survive.

Maybe we're not supposed to.

Do it.

Start it up.


Stop this right now.

Stand down.

Marcus, put the gun away.

I gave up everything for you and this thing.

It didn't work.

It did work.

We have a chance to survive here, now.

There is no chance.

You left spearhead. You left your father.

You followed me for a reason.





You have to leave now. When, where?

July 6, 2015, baltimore.

Find somebody you can trust.

Once you correct the timeline, The machine will bring you back home.

I'm gonna fix this. I promise you.

Sacrifice-- that's the only way.

The other me, the one who sent you--

She knows this.

Ask her about it, mr. Cole.

Go. Mr. Cole, you have to go.

You're a good man in any reality.


See you on the flip side.

What the hell are you doing?

What day is it?


Let's take a look at this just-released video From cyber whistle-blower adam wexler.

America keeps her secrets in a glass case With a sign that says, "do not break."

But I have a hammer, And I will set you free.

Rumors that wexler is in hiding in a compound in ch--

Senator, langley just sent a new briefing To your secure server.

I bet they did.

Does this have to do with wexler?

I know, you'd fill me in, but--

Then you'd have to be destroyed.

Pleasure of the intelligence committee.

We have to talk appropriations.

The subcommittee wants to have a--

Did you ask the fbi To look into the death of leland goines?

I asked a friend for a favor. That's all.

Is this about your ex?

Goines was a very big campaign donor.

I would like to have a heads-up if anything is coming our way.

And is there?


It's handled.

Don't worry.


I have a lunch.

Appropriations after?

Of course.

Just keep walking.

Okay, okay, look, I don't-- I don't have any cash.

I don't want that. I need your help.

You. What the hell are you doing?

Come on, walk.

Open the door.

Open it. Get in.

Get in!



Cassie's place, with all the books.

There's no way in hell that I am taking you to her.

She's in danger.

Yeah, yeah, from you.

Okay, where is she? What'd you do to her?

Look, cassie told you about the future, right?

The plague?

Listen, I'm having trouble Remembering a lot of things right now, But cassie's a memory that sticks.

Drive the car.


You ruined our lives, you son of a bitch.

Nice job, jackass.

You got that out of your system now?



Drive us out of here.

Here, clean yourself up.

Look, I don't have a lot of time to explain this to you.

They're gonna put a bullet in cassie's head.

Who's they?

The army of the 12 monkeys.

They're the ones that start the plague.

Look, just tell me where she is.

Right now she's in a place called the night room.

It's a markridge facility.

They're trying to get into the vault right now.

Her and I are tied up in a room--

You crazy piece of sh1t.

You are sitting right here.

The other me-- not this me, the other me.

That's why I need you, okay? I-I can't cross with myself.

Believe me, you don't want to be around for a paradox, Okay?

Look, you help me, you help her.

If you hurt her--

I'm trying to protect her.

Then call the cops.

If these guys see us coming, she's dead.

Got it?

We need to get her Before they take her out of the night room.

You and me?

No, this is crazy.

Look, there's something that cassie does.

It changes everything in my time.

Right now she's the only thing that matters.

I've been traveling back and forth between 2043 and now.

Every time, the future's the same.

This time, it changed.

Something's different with the plague.

I don't know what-- chechnya, operation troy.


Cassie plays a role somehow.

Operation troy?

How do you know about that?

That's classified.

Where I come from, it's history.

Look, you're never gonna believe me.

I get that.

Cassie does.

That should mean something to you.

You don't help me, she dies-- simple as that.

And there's nothing the cops Or anybody else can do to stop it.



They're coming here. I, um...

I called 911.

What's 911?

That's 911.

Back door?

Back door.


Everybody okay?

Okay, that's the night room.


You know how to use that?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Um, just, uh, show me where the safety is On this thing.

It's a revolver.

There is no safety.


Have you fired a gun before?

Yes, yes, yes, I got it.

Point it and pull the trigger at what you want--

I got it. I got it.


All right, here's the plan.

Any minute, they're gonna come out of there And make their way towards the van.

All right, you and me are gonna stay low, All right, there's gonna be three of them.

The tall, pale man-- that's the leader.

You take a shot at him, distract him.

I get in there and get cassie.

Okay. Then, uh--then what do I do?

You haul ass and try not to get shot.

Sound good? All right.

Do it.

Take the shot.

Aaron, what are you waiting for? Do it.

I don't have a clear shot.


Stay back.




Jesus christ!


You okay?

Yeah. Stick to the plan.

That did not work.

You shot me.

What? That's impossible.

Not me me, the other me.

What? What are you talking about?

Never mind.

Markridge. Nice timing, assholes.

All right, jennifer's okay. Come on, let's go.

If they wanted to kill cassie, They would've done it right then and there.

She's still alive.


sh1t! I should have got the license plate.

What's that?

It's the number on the back of the car.


Wait a minute, you sure?

Yeah. Why?

What are you doing?

I'm calling in a favor.

You didn't get it.

Virus wasn't in the night room.

It wasn't there-- just a corpse.

Nothing cultivated. Markridge is a dead end.

The brotherhood will turn up something.

Next, we need to prepare dr. Railly.

Why pursue this? We should get rid of her now.

No. I told you. The witness has spoken.

She's too important.

That van's been off the grid since 2011.

Before that, it was licensed for refrigeration At a dozen different companies.

It's been used as a mortuary van, Landscaping, transporting, even a goddamn ice-cream truck.

Wait, wait. Landscaping?

That's, like, flowers, right?


That tall guy you took a shot at--

He's really into that sh1t.

There's nobody here.

What are we looking for?


All animals leave them.

Let's go.


What is this?

Here, drink.


Please, dr. Railly.

No. No.

Good. Thank you.

It's an honor to meet you, dr. Railly.

I want you to listen to my voice, cassandra.

It's important.

You're walking through a red forest, And the grass is tall.

You're walking through a red forest, And the grass is tall.

The grass is tall.

You're walking through a red forest.

The grass is tall.

Why are you doing this?

Because you're important.

He was plans for you.

The witness.

I've seen this before.

What is that?

No idea.

We don't know much about them...

Why they're doing this.

You all right?

Yeah. I think so.


Give me the gun.


I left it in the car.

Stop! We need him alive!

You're walking through a red forest, And the grass is tall.

It's just rained.

Most of the blood has washed away.

Most of the blood has washed away.

There's a house in the distance.

Cedar and pine.

You've been there before.

You've been there before.

You're not alone. There's a man.

See him.

Go to him.

Where's your boss?


Where's you boss, asshole?

The one with the scar.

I gave him that scar. I can give you one too.


Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Look, hey, how is he gonna tell us anything If he's not breathing, huh?

I know what I'm doing.

Just let me give it a try.


Come here.

Come here.

Look, listen to me, okay?

I don't know this guy.

I don't trust this guy, But if you don't know where she is, You're of no use to him.

And then he's just gonna do this for fun.

Are you listening?


They told me that they'd kill my family If I talk.

I don't know them, all right?

They just hired me to get in that lab.

We dropped off the blonde, And they brought me back here to patch me up.

That's it.

So where is she?

You did a good job back there.

I let you kill a man.

You didn't let me do anything.

I didn't stop you.

You still don't believe me, do you?

I believe that this cult is real, But, no, I don't think you're marty mcfly.


Do you think she's already-- no, I don't I spent my entire career putting bullshit sound bites Into other people's heads.

Cassie's the only person Who ever filled me with anything.

I can't lose her again.

I got a buddy back in 2043--

Always says this thing.

Everybody's got two wolves inside them.

Both of them are starving.

One wolf is...

Anger, envy, pride.

The other one is truth, kindness.

Every day they tear each other apart, But it's not the better wolf that wins.

It's the one you feed.

Cassie feeds the good one.

There's a house in the distance.

You've been there before.

You're not alone.

There's a man.

See him.

Know him like a memory of tomorrow.

Copy that. Standing by.

So how the hell are we doing this?

Go in. We get cassie. We get out.

That's it?

How about a plan this time?

Everybody wants a plan.

There's no time.

You're a time traveler.

Look, you just keep an eye out, okay?

I'll take care of the guard.


I'll cover you.

Don't do that.


It's getting worse, isn't it?

Look, if you can't do this-- what?

Are you gonna go in on your own?

10-4. On my way.

Come on. Let's go.

Why are you doing this?

You wanna kill everyone.

For what?

We can't lose dr. Railly.

Do what you have to, now.

Cassie, cassie, over here!



Cole, are you all right?


Hey, stop!

Wait. No, he's here--the witness.

You have to go back. You have to kill him.

No, we got to get you out of here.

You're not safe yet.

No. What?

The machine hasn't pulled me back.

That means you're still in danger.

No. Forget about me.

Cassie, listen to him.


Listen to me.

I've seen the future without you.

I can't let that happen.

Here, take this.

Whatever happens to me, track them down.

Get her out of here. Go! Go!

Hey, stop!

Holy sh1t.

Let's go.

Mr. Cole. You're late.

Mr. Cole?

Mr. Cole?


There was a man there...

In a kind of...

Plague doctor mask.

They call him the witness.

They gave me something...

Um, a drug, I think.

It made me see things.

Do you want to talk about it?


I'm sorry, cass.

It's okay. It's over now.

No, I wasn't there for you.

You were alone with all of this...

And you were right.

So what happens now?

The virus is still out there.

They're gonna find it, and we have to stop them.

Operation troy.

What's that?

I don't know exactly, but...

But I think it's what we're looking for.

Who took it?

Who took my eye?

You're a funny guy.

What took you so long?

I was starting to think you were gonna stay back there.

No, no, I missed your loving arms.

I had to get back.

Said something about alternate reality, whatever.

What happened?

There's not much to tell.

I got her killed.

You fixed it.


Okay, so the alternate me, alternate ramse--

One-eyed, cool, badass, not so different.

No, I said he was a pain in the ass.

A pain in the ass?

Very similar to you.

Good to have you back.

Thanks, brother.

You look like sh1t.

Take a look in the mirror.

Those remains in the night room--

They were human?


Jennifer said it was the origin of the virus.

We destroyed it. It's gone.

Yet the virus is still out there.

This operation troy, the one that I--

She told you about--

The other you said it's how the virus starts in 2015, Somewhere in chechnya.

No, no, but not anymore, Because you saved dr. Railly, And the plague is, as it always was, in 2016.

But whatever this operation troy is, It involves the very same virus.

And, perhaps, if the 12 monkeys didn't find it In the night room, they found it there.

What about the witness?

Cassie said she saw him.

But did you?

No, but you could send me to the same warehouse A few weeks earlier.

That is assuming that we fully understand this conspiracy.

We almost lost our entire investigation In an alternate timeline where dr. Railly died.

We cannot risk going back to the same moment again.

For the time being, Our focus has to be operation troy.


The double memories-- they have subsided?


But I can still feel them in my mind.

It hurts.

Your synaptic activity appears normal.

You should be fine.

Well, I'm not, am I?

You know, the other you told me to ask you About the cost of all this...


Every time I splinter, It feels like I'm being ripped apart from the inside.

Eventually I'm not coming back, am I?

If you succeed, does it matter?


But if I don't?


You and I--we are breaking the unwritten rules Of the universe.

But time...

It's going to take what it's owed.


It will kill you.

How many jumps have I got left?

Not as many as I'd like.

Is it enough?

It has to be.