01x07 - The Keys

Cole voice-over: Previously on 12 Monkeys:

I'm gonna take the job at the CDC.

Jones: Dr. Railly was murdered in 2015.

Cole: I've seen the future without you.

I can't let that happen.

Railly just sent a new briefing to your secure server.

Does this have to do with Wexler?

I have a hammer, and I will set you free.

Aaron: Operation Troy.

I think it's what we're looking for.

Jones: What's Operation Troy?

Cole: It's how the virus starts in 2015 somewhere in Chechnya.

Cole: All this traveling through time, it's killing me, isn't it?

How many jumps have I got left?

Not as many as I'd like.

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Cole: You still there?

You hear me?

You have to promise me something.

It won't make any sense.

It's the keys.

I'm here. I'm still here.

I'm glad I got to know you.

(Peters) Viral strain M5-10 was derived from remains discovered during a private core sampling expedition in the himalayas, mid-1980s.

Now, from the preserved tissue we extracted a previously-unknown pathogen, which we genetically modified at Markridge into this weapon, which we will be deploying in Chechnya for Operation Troy.

If released in this room, this virus would kill every one of us in 2-3 hours.

Leland said it would be controllable.

Yes, we manipulated its DNA for covert targeted weaponization.

We were able to engineer a virulent strain where the time from infection to death is extremely brief.

The key to containment is the geographic isolation.

They won't have enough time to reach a populated area.

Once they're dead, the virus will become inert in a few short hours.

Royce: An airstrike there will cause World War III.

Is this virus our answer?

Senator, we need to clean up this mess ourselves, and fast.

The next set of Wexler's leaks won't just bring down this agency but everyone in this room.

Now unless you want to run your re-election from a prison cell next to mine, we need this guy dead.

Wexler leaks continued to spark debate at the controversial nature of the CIA program.

Allegations of the widespread civil rights violations were strongly disputed [Kettle whistling] by Assistant Director Michael Pratt in his recent senate testimony.

For ex-CIA operative Adam Wexler, continues...

You're walking through a red forest.

And the grass is tall.

You've been there before.

(Cole) Cassie.

Cassie, hey!

What are you doing?

[Liquid continues pouring]

Did you burn yourself?

Just give me a second.

Oh, let me see.

It's not that bad.

Yes, it is.


You're here, safe.

That's all that matters.

You're not looking so good yourself.

Don't worry about me.

The 12 Monkeys move around.

They don't stay in one place for long.

What about Aaron?

Did he find anything on that Operation Troy?

No, not yet.

What about the greenhouse? Tell me you guys have something.

The name on the lease is fake.

Everything from the water bill to the seed supplier was paid for in cash.

But there is this: That picture you found.

Cole: Yeah, right there.

Could be a monkey.

The name at the bottom: Edward Garret, PhD.

He's a professor of middle eastern antiquity.

How do we find him?

[Dinner music plays]

Thank you so much.

Have a lovely evening.

Hi there. Dr. Cassandra Railly, and guest.


Has Dr. Garret arrived yet?

He has. He should be in the main hall.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Sir, would you care for a tandoori skewer?


All right, I think he's probably in there somewhere.

It's amazing. All of it.

During the outbreak, people raided the museums.

Took what they wanted, destroyed the rest.

Never seen anything like this.

Oh, no, Cole.

You can't touch the art. You just look.

Well, that's bullshit.

Okay, Garret's in the main hall.

Hey, wait a minute.

What's the rush? He's not going anywhere.

You should grab a drink, or some food.

Just... Be us, for a while.

I'm sorry, have we met?

The mission is this way.

[Otis Redding's These Arms of Mine plays]

Man: ♪ these arms of mine ♪
♪ they are lonely ♪

I love this.

The music.

Come here.


Just forget about that guy for a minute.

We're here.

Let's be here.

You know how to dance?


Show me.

Okay. Um...

Take this hand, here, and give me that hand, and just rock back and forth.

You can loosen up a little bit. There you go.

♪ Oh how grateful I would be ♪
♪ these arms of mine ♪

You're good.

♪ They are burning ♪

You smell nice.

♪ Burning from wanting you ♪

You smell like tandoori skewers.


I had a bunch of 'em.

Yes, I know.

[Both chuckle]

♪ They are lonely ♪

That's him.

I'm gonna go talk to him.

Excuse me, Dr. Garret?




May I speak with you privately for a minute?

Of course... excuse me.

Yes, Sir.

I'm Dr. Cassandra Railly.

I was wondering what you could tell me about this symbol, on this artifact?

It's Druze, a religious piece.

It's used as ceremonial, to crush herbs in tea.



The religion originated in Southern Syria, but this particular piece belongs to a smaller offshoot located in Chechnya.

It references a pact between god and man.

The pact of time's custodian.



(Cassie) This... this symbol?

What does that mean?

You'd have to ask a Druze.

It's a highly-secretive religion.

You have to be born Druze.

They don't take converts.

Have you ever heard of the Army of the 12 Monkeys?

You know what? You're a beautiful woman.

You should have stuck with that. We're through here.

(Female speaker) Mass extinction is a regular feature of our planet's history.

Tonight's guest of honor comes from a world that we can only imagine.

He saw the end of an era, and the world changed around him.

Our esteemed guest is very old.

[Speaker's voice fades]

He knows something.

Your turn.


The Army of the 12 Monkeys. We need to talk.

Cole: Come on.

I can't believe you let him get in the first punch.

He just grazed me. Let's not get carried away.

Our tall man spooked Garret, came to him asking about his time in Chechnya in the religious sect.

Think I scared him pretty good.

He would've talked if he knew more.

Aaron: Hey.


I'm under dressed.

[Aaron kisses Cassie]

Is that my tux?

We tracked the symbol.

The 12 Monkeys might have ties to Chechnya.


Wexler the hacker? What about him?

There's intel that he's hiding out in Chechnya.

Who are you guys talking about?

Adam Wexler, former CIA analyst.

He's been leaking classified secrets.

Senator Royce insinuated Operation Troy was connected to Wexler.

They're gonna use the virus to kill him.

The Agency had some kind of deal with Leland Goines.

This could be the Markridge virus.

M5-10, the strain you were talking about.

The CIA would use it to kill one of their own?

Must be way off book.

It's why I haven't been able to dig anything up.

Jones was right.

The 12 Monkeys know the virus is going to be in Chechnya.

They're going to send someone there to try to get it.

You have to tell Royce or someone what could happen.

Wait a minute, we are talking about an illegal government op that I'm not even supposed to know about.


They're gonna send me back, a week from today. I need to know all the information you can get on this Chechnya thing.




You get used to it.

Just worried about my tux.

I have to go back to work. Jules just called.

Hey. How can you possibly work with all this going on?

Dangerous bio-agents like M5-10 have a lot of protocols.

If this were moved to a military facility there might be records.

If Markridge and the CIA bothered to follow the law.

Well, I'm gonna dig up whatever I can.

You should too.

Cassie, if we get caught...

What, prison?

Aaron, if this operation happens, we all die.

(Woman) Thank you, Sir.

See you tomorrow.

[Beeps, as keys are pressed]


Thought you had someplace to be tonight.

I forgot my phone in my office.

Sir, let me help you with that.

Keep your phone on you.

I may need to reach you later on.

Of course.

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Railly.

(Cole) Cassie.

I don't have time to explain, but I'm in Chechnya.


(Cole) Listen, this isn't gonna make a lot of sense.

I need your help. I have the virus, but someone's trying to kill me.


But you were just here.

Operation Troy is happening right now.

Excuse me.

[Speaks native language]

Do you have any bleach?


All right, who's got the case?

Right on time.

Follow that white car.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, slow down, they can see us.

Speed up, you're gonna lose 'em!

Look, we see them, they don't see us, okay? Follow them.


Yeah, 00... whatever.

Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going.

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Railly.

(Cole) Cassie.

I don't have time to explain, but I'm in Chechnya.


(Cole) Listen, this isn't gonna make a lot of sense.

I have the virus, but someone's trying to kill me.


(Cassie) But you were just here.

Operation Troy is happening right now.

Cole: I have a chance to end it.

How can that be?

The virus is in a metal briefcase.

(Cole) I'm here because in one week, you and Aaron are gonna give me the details so they can send me back to today to stop it.

I don't understand.

The monkeys are here.

They're after me. I beat them to the virus.

Cole, whatever you do, do not open that case.

I know that... I need to know how to destroy it.


Cassie: Cole?


It has to be in here somewhere.


My security key fob.

Uh, maybe you left it in your briefcase.


[Phone chimes]

Excuse me.

Cassie, what's wrong?

Cole just called from Chechnya.

He has the virus, but someone is trying to kill him.

Operation Troy is happening right now.

He said something about you and me giving him the details a week from now.

Aaron: It's impossible, I haven't...

Cassie: We have to call someone.

We have to tell the CIA, now.




Listen to me, Mike. At my house, there's an envelope, top desk drawer.

Go right now and get it.

If you don't hear from me in 24 hours, open it.

What was that?


[Cell phone rings]

Cole, are you okay?

I'm with Aaron, we're arriving at the CIA right now.

We're going to tell them that Operation Troy...

No, no, no, no. No authorities.

Cole, there is no other way.

Now you have to explain this to me.

Cole: Last time you saw me, at the bookstore, the night at the museum, I told you I'd be sent back in a week.

I was.

This hasn't happened for you yet but it has for me.


In a week's time, Aaron is going to come into the bookstore and tell us that Operation Troy has already happened.

But Aaron doesn't know anything about...

Cole: He doesn't know now.

But one week into your future, he will know.

He'll know exactly how to intercept the virus, because it will already have happened.

That's how the two of you help me to get back to today, to stop it.

Now I have the case. I need to destroy the virus.

And don't tell me to use bleach. I couldn't get any.


A week from today, you're gonna tell me to use bleach to destroy the virus.

I'm in the middle of the woods. No bleach.

Cassie: Okay, can you start a fire?

A fire?

The heat from the fire will destroy the virus from the outside.

[Cocks gun]


No fire.


Lost him.

Aaron: No, damn it, you're not listening.

I did call, several times.

I understand that we don't have clearance.

My name is Aaron Marker. I work for Senator Royce.

And I work with the CDC.

Michael Pratt, operations command.

What the hell is this?

We know about Operation Troy.

It's been compromised.

[All speaking Russian]

[Cole grunts]

Cole: Wexler.

You're not the man I hired to bring me my money.

How'd you know about my special delivery?

Don't open that briefcase!

I can usually spot a g-man, but you?


Too soft to be a seal.

There's a virus in that case. The CIA sent it to kill you.

You open that case, everything goes to hell.


The "Great American fear"...

Wexler: Open the case!




[Men groaning, grunting]

[All coughing]

[Suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

It's been two hours since he last called.

We can't keep sitting here. We have to do something.

Cass, agency's not going to let us out of their sight.

Dr. Railly, I need a word in private with my aide.

You know, when I was a boy, I had a dog.

Great big chocolate lab, Digby.

Most goddamn loyal pet you could imagine.

Slept by my bed, barked at strangers.

You know how Digby died?

A Chrysler.

Darted out into traffic after a cute little siamese cat that lived just across the way.

Because no matter how loyal Digby was, he just couldn't help himself.

This isn't Cassie's fault.

The man who abducted her two years ago, he is in Chechnya...

I know about Chechnya.

The question is, how do you?

My key fob?

Son, there's not a chance in hell that you're on your feet when this is over.

Based on what's in those files, I'd say we're both in a somewhat compromised position, hmm?

Story checks out.

Geo-cell traced calls to Dr. Railly.

They came from the vicinity of our operation.

What does that mean?

We need to talk.

Cassie is not a part of this. She is...

She's gonna us everything she knows about this "Cole."

[Thud] [Grunts]

I said talk.

[Thud] [Grunts, coughs]

What are you doing?


[Thud] Back away!


[Henchmen coughing]

We need to torch this place. Everything.

You have no idea what you've just done.


But you're gonna tell me.

Cassie: Listen to me.

Put me on the phone with Cole right now.

Not happening.

I know there's a virus.

It's not going where you sent it.

I need to get him to destroy it.

Right now, you're looking like an accomplice in this.

You don't understand what you've done.

If this is M5-10, and it's released, the symptoms might start innocently enough.

A cough, a sneeze.

But the rate of infection from a single carrier will be exponential.

[Men coughing]

Cassie: If just one of the people exposed reaches a town, within days, [Man vomits] the number of infected people will be in the thousands, then millions.

[Man groans]

Within weeks, everything collapses.

Everyone dies.

How long since you heard from your courier?

If your op were going as planned, you wouldn't even be speaking to me.

You need to know what's going on in Chechnya.

I can help you.

Pratt, you should take a look at these.

Don't move.

You, from the party that night.

What are you doing here?

Trying to stop a plague that you created.

M5-10. The night room.

That's what you were working on for Goines, wasn't it?

You were his goddamn "rolling stone."

We both know Leland didn't die from a heart attack.

Do they know your friend in Chechnya is a murderer?

Listen to me.

There are people... Dangerous people...

Trying to get their hands on your virus.

Right now my "friend" is the only one who can stop them.

You and I both know exactly what will happen if your virus gets out.

Dr. Peters, you know Dr. Railly?

We've crossed paths.

Pratt: What do you have to say about this?

This virus is the... deadliest ever created.

If there's the slightest possibility of it falling into the wrong hands, I'd listen to what she has to say.

Tap us into Dr. Railly's cell phone.

Wexler: I half expected an airstrike.

A drone maybe.

Seal team under the cover of darkness, but this?


I guess I should be flattered.

Must have cost a pretty penny to engineer this.

[Coughs] Don't flatter yourself.

You're nothing compared to that virus.

M5-10, made just for guys like you.

Markridge... Ugh.

I never thought they'd be crazy enough to use it.

You know, the CIA can murder and lie with impunity, in exchange for what?

Order? Progress?

Cell phones and the illusion of safety?

I don't know what your deal is, but if you or anybody else who's infected walks out of here alive, it's over.

For everyone.

I never thought that I would meet anyone more nihilistic than me.

Still no answer.

Keep trying.

[Men coughing and wheezing]


[Coughing and wheezing]

Maybe a plague is precisely what the world needs.

The liars die out.

The living forget the lies.

Society's great reset switch.

It won't reset anything.

Just turns us all back into animals.

I expose the truth to the world, and for that, I have been labeled a traitor.

A monster.

Maybe I should upload this plague to the masses.

An analog solution for a digital problem.

Give 'em a real virus this time.

It'll be chaos, but then...


Tell me, Cole.

What about this world is worth saving if they would risk extinction to SWAT a fly?

I've contacted the Russian army. They're sending helicopters.

No, no.


No one can come here, you'll infect them!

This needs to die here with us.

You traded me?

You'll be safe.

Their doctors will treat you in exchange for information.

No, there is no safe! There is no cure!

Now kill this man.

You're all dead men. Now you got a choice.

You can stay here, ride it out, and die like men, or you can leave like cowards and kill everyone you've ever known.




If you don't shoot this man, I will shoot you both.

Russian: Shoot!


There is no new order. Just the end of everything.

Why are you so willing to die?

I got it coming. Other people don't.

Order from chaos, it isn't real.


No, he's not.



Sir, we just got word that two Russian MI-26 choppers just left a carrier off the coast of the caspian sea.

They're coming for Wexler. Get me someone from the Russian mod in Stavropol.

Get our predators in the air. Fully loaded.

I want eyes up there.

[Cell phone rings]


Wexler's men are dead. Where are you?

With the CIA. What happened?

Cole: I'm shot.

So is Wexler.

Everybody else is dead.

Nobody's walking out of here, but the Russian army is on their way.

Can you burn it?

It's too late, there's no time for that.

Listen, you need to tell them they have to destroy this place before the Russians get here.

Dr. Railly?

Will it work?


(Pratt) Can we bomb Russian territory?

Order it.

We got no other choice.

Use the sat phone signal for targeting.

Cole, you need to get out of there.


(Female officer) We've lost him.

Line's dead.



You made the right choice.

You didn't come back to save me.

You came for the virus. Why?

12 Monkeys. Had to keep the virus from them.

The Army of the 12 Monkeys.

You know them?

CIA monitors groups all over the world.

I always liked the weird ones.

I remember him. A briefing.

Cryptic, 1987.

A war with the Yakuza in Tokyo.

Place called the white dragon.

1987. Leland said...

What do they want? Why a plague?

Death, time, rebirth.


Like hours on a clock.


[Cell phone rings]



I'm sorry, but... I need you to stay on the line so they can find you and...

Cole: I got it.

Female officer: Triangulating position.

Cole: I can't leave.

I'm shot.

But if this works, it won't matter.


You have to promise me something.

You're gonna see me again, in a week.

But it won't be the me from now. It'll be the me from before.

[Breathing heavily]

When I'm there, you can't tell me anything about this.

You can't try to change it.

If I die here with the virus, the future will be saved.

Isn't there a way to reset this? What if you...


What if you went...

No, there's no time.

If we try again, we might fail. I'm almost out of jumps.

I don't know if I can do that.

Yes, you can, Cassie. You can do it.

I know you can, because you already did.


Everything that happened that night makes sense now.

Female officer: We've almost got it.

Cole: Listen, I want to tell you something.

(Female officer) Target acquired.

Cole: It won't make any sense to you now, but it will the next time you see me.

Okay, okay.

It's the keys. Ha.

I couldn't tell you before, 'cause I was too embarrassed.

It's the keys in Florida.

I saw a picture of a beach there in a magazine once.

That's where I'd go.

Affirmative. We'll monitor it now.


I'm here.

I'm still here.


I'm glad I got to know you, Cassie.


Pratt: Predator has been launched.

Tracking the missile.

Hellfire ats en route.

[Missile engines roaring]


I don't think you understand the severity of this situation.

Dr. Railly!

Where's Aaron?

He is on his way to...

[door opens]


Pratt: We've come to an understanding with Mr. Marker and Dr. Railly.

Senator Royce and I agreed that it would be best for everyone if we just laid this quietly.

We wouldn't want my friends in the press to get their hands on anything that would put you gentlemen in a bad light.

Well, what the hell kind of assurances do we have that this stays buried?

You guys are the ones who seem to have trouble keeping your secrets.

We get even a hint of this in the press, and you and the doctor will be behind bars for a very long time.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Getting rid of anything related to Cole, the virus, everything.

In a week, when he's here, what are we going to tell him?

We have to stick to script.

The virus was stopped. There hasn't been an outbreak.

But... We could warn him.

Maybe he could do something differently.

And risk the outbreak?

Cassie, this is what Cole wanted.

[Thunder rumbling]

Mm, what's the occasion?

You cleaned up around here.

Yeah, seemed like a good idea to toss old leads, get a fresh start.

Yeah, you know, last week when we were dancing?

Never done that before. It was nice.

Aaron: Cole.

Cole: What do we got?

It's not good.

Operation Troy has already happened.

A week ago. The day after you left.

The outbreak's already started in Asia.

But there may be a way to stop it.

I got the after-action details of the operation.

A courier delivered the virus to the compound, and the CIA was tracking all of his coordinates and times.

This follows the exact path the courier took from a town in Chechnya to Wexler's compound.

Cole: I could go back and fix this.

I can use this to get the courier before he delivers the virus.


Hey, I gotta go, but good luck.

Thanks. Hey, it was good work.



This could actually work.

I need to write the names of these streets down.

I won't remember them.

What is this, anyway, Russian?

All right, so once I get the virus, how do I destroy it?

You'll need bleach.

Soak the virus. The chemicals will kill it.

Hey, take a break for a second. I just want to talk to you.

I can't. I'm gonna splinter any second.

I know, but...

We could just...

Be us...

Just for a minute.


I'm gonna fix this, okay?

I know.

What do you think will happen when this is over?

I know you say that the future will be saved and that you won't exist, but...

What do you think happens... To you?

I don't know.

Wind up a better me in a better place, I hope.

And what is that, that place? What does it look like to you?


I was in foster care when I was little, and the other kids used to have this game they'd play, talking about where they'd go if they could go anywhere.

Exotic places, mostly, just stupid kid stuff.

Where was your place?

It's the keys.



Cole, wait.

What is it?