02x05 - Bodies of Water

Previously on "12 Monkeys"...

I can protect you now.

[echoing] You can be a daughter again.


She said I was Primary.

You are Primary.

I see everything.

Changes made in time.

We keep the lines straight.

The circle, circle...



[glass shattering]

None of this was foreseen.

You're walking through a red forest.

The grass was tall.

It is time, my son.

My journey ends, but yours begins.

[tense music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


[thunder cracking]


Time has been altered.

Change was not supposed to be possible.



You promised the cycle would hold.


The virus was destroyed.

We had to regroup.

We want the contingencies.


This is not what you foretold.


What do you want from me?

Why is she so important?


Dr. Railly is a threat to everything.

We should eliminate her.


Did you get your answers, darling?

Of course not.

The one who sees all and knows all is asking us to see see nothing and know nothing.

It's chaos.

It's beautiful.

A new uncertain cycle has begun.

Find Dr. Railly and bring her to me.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[thunder rumbling]

What the hell is that?

That, Mr. Cole, is us running out of time.


[thunder continues rumbling]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

She will only see him today.

♪ ♪

No, dear. You're not getting it.


[thunder rumbling]

You never call, you never write.


Jennifer, you're not safe out here.

We know why the Messengers went back in time.

They're destroying Primaries, people like you.

Collapsing time, creating paradoxes.

You should come back to the facility.

You'll be safer.

You want me to move in?

I mean, it feels no sudden.

It's not a joke.

You've seen what's happening outside.

And if the 12 Monkeys ever got to you...

They won't get with my Daughters around.

My army is better than theirs.

They got Tommy Crawford in 1944.

And if they paradox even one more Primary... game over.

"Human sacrifice.

Dogs and cats living together.

Mass hysteria!"


We don't know how to find the others.

We're running out of time.

Well, you need a guide.

Another Primary.

Like you.

But not this me.

I'm no spring chicken anymore.

Can't see them like I used to in my head.

It happens as we age.

The voices fade.

What about the you from 2016?

"She's got the touch.

She's got the power."

♪ ♪

So that's it?

I travel back to 2016...


[thunder rumbling]

Not you.


She says that's how she remembers it, so that's how it has to be.


You know how this sh1t works.

There's no straight lines.

Okay, chicken, egg, omelet.

I hate time travel.

Jennifer stayed in New York after I left her there.

She hung around the hotel bar at the the Emerson Flat.

You find her there, she'll take you to the next Primary.


What is she... what are you doing?

Mustering the energy to face Jennifer Goines again.

Oh, come on, she's not that bad.

She's worse.

She's horrible, man.

All right, all right.

But given the situation, can we overlook her shortcomings?



Uh, hey, Cassie.

Listen, if you, uh... you get into trouble back there...

We use the newspaper trick again.

If I sense anything's up, I'll send you a message.

You come and get me.



Nice to see you two getting back on the same page.

I can feel your breath on my neck.

You like that?


[thunder rumbling]

Dr. Railly's agreed to go back to 2016 to find the young Jennifer Goines.

She better hurry.

You coming?

Go ahead, initiate the sequence.

It's not like you to miss a splinter.

You all right?

This is what happens when you play God and you don't know your lines.

You and your horseshit.

Just get in here and do your thing.

Did the other Katerina let you talk to me this way?


[rumbling continues]

Isn't that one of Deacon's men?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

What's going on?

Sent some guys on a supply run.

Five men went out, only one came back.



[gate unlocks]

He found us, man.

The Foreman.

What happened to the others?

He got 'em.

Rankin, Otero, he got 'em all.

I barely made it.

They... they came out of nowhere.

Four of my guys, who are stronger, faster, and smarter than you, they got grabbed and you got away?

I got lucky, man.

You made a deal.

No way, man.

I wouldn't do that.

To save your own skin?

Sure you would. [sighs]

What did you promise him?


This place?


♪ ♪

Is he still looking for me?

The Foreman's only after us because of you.

You don't like the heat...

[body collapses]


What was that?

That is how we deal with traitors in the West VII.

You've been gone awhile. Guess you forgot.

Yeah, with all this responsibility, and you're still a homicidal asshole.

Do you want to read me my rights, officer?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

[rousing music]

♪ ♪


Executing one of your men in cold blood?

Bet he's not happy I saved your life.

Are you sad about Clem?

Because let me tell you, like most of my guys, Clem was a very bad man.

And he put this facility at risk.

And killing him was the only way?

Someone has to make the hard choices around here.

Where are you going?

2016 to find Jennifer Goines.

The young one.

Didn't you try to kill her?


You all keep going on and on about how dangerous it would be for these Primary whackos to fall into the wrong hands.

Maybe the smart move would be to gather whatever information you need and take them off the board.

Yeah, that would be your solution, wouldn't it, Teddy boy?

Hey look, it's Time Jesus.

Everyone, please step back from the machine.

[tense music]

See you soon.

Watch your back.

Splinter safe.

Gentlemen, if you please.

[tone beeps]

Initiate Splinter Sequence.

Glad to see Cassie's cleaning up your mess.

My mess?

How's that now?

W-weren't you supposed to save the world?

Bang-up job.

Love the red skies.

My job would be a hell of a lot easier if you hadn't walked the Messengers in through the front door.

And for a guy who's always going on about traitors...

Said the man whose best friend is a mass murderer.


[shutting down]

I got better sh1t to do.

Yeah, try not to shoot anyone in the face on the way out.

♪ Who can turn the world on with her smile ♪
♪ Who can take a nothing day ♪
♪ And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile ♪
♪ Well it's you girl and you should know it ♪
♪ With each glance and every little movement you show it ♪
♪ Love is all around no need to fake it ♪
♪ You can have the town why don't you take it ♪
♪ You're gonna make it after all ♪
♪ You're gonna make it after all ♪

[suspenseful music]

["Love is All Around" resumes]

♪ You're gonna make it after all ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Ow ♪


How are you, Joe?


You know you're never gonna win him over, right?

Joe loves me.

I'm one of his regulars now.

What is your obsession with this hotel, Jennifer?

You have more money than God.

Can we please splurge on drinks that come in clean glasses?

I like it here.

I think she's stalking some guy who lives in this hotel.

Wait a minute.

The guy that you went about in group?

The Otter, whatever...


What's said in group stays in group.

Oh, uh, be right back.

Order for me, okay?

The usual.

Oh hey, guy.

Miss Goines. How are you?

It's Don, we've met, like, a bunch of times.

I-I just came here to check on...

Suite 607, right?

To see if anybody's home.

Just like clockwork.

I get it... I'm the same exact way as you, you know?

You like structure.

I like structure.

People don't appreciate that.

Not like we do, right?

We're like two peas in a pod.

Okay listen, bellboy.

I get that that most of your clientele are one syllable shy of monosyllabic, but I don't come here to chit chat...

Is that a new dress by the way?

Fantastic. The pattern, very slimming.

Information, spill it.

Suite 607.

The occupant is upstairs in the sitting area.

He's here?



[tense music]

Hello, Jennifer.


Sorry, Cole couldn't make it.

I need to know about the Primaries you see.

No, I'm good now.

I'm fully medicated, gluten-free.

You are not gonna screw that up for me.

Medicated like through a licensed physician?

Turns out my condition can be managed when my doctor isn't being paid by my father to keep me locked up in an institution.

No more voices, no more visions.

So you don't see the Primaries anymore?


You know, you are a pain in the ass in every time period.

Why do you care about the Primaries?

Because the Army of 12 Monkeys is killing them.

They're creating paradoxes, trying to destroy time.

They killed one in 1944 named Tommy.

He knew your name.

I'm betting you know his.

Poor Tommy.


Are you okay?

I have to go now.

My friends are here.

♪ ♪

Dr. Railly.

[suspenseful music]

[both grunting]



Looks like your friend is one of them.

Come on.

♪ ♪


Look, is this realy what you want.

People getting executed in the hallways?

Mr. Cole.

Very little in my life consists of what I want.


Mr. Deacon is an arrangement of necessity.

The longer the mission takes, the more vulnerable this facility becomes to the dying world outside.

Deacon being here makes the facility more vulnerable.

From the inside and out.

You think the Foreman's the only guy looking for him?

He's dangerous.

He's a savage.

So were you when you first arrived here.

But never proud of it.

I'm not going to debate this any longer.

Time and space is tearing itself apart.

That needs to be our focus.

For now, you will just have to figure out how to work with Mr. Deacon.

She's going to let it go, isn't she?

That's bullshit.

You hear me?


I tried giving Deacon a second chance.

He ain't gonna change, brother.

Clem was an idiot, but he wasn't wrong.

Deacon's got a lot of enemies, doesn't he?

Yeah. The Foreman.

We don't need him or his marauders anywhere near this place.

It's bad enough the West VII are here.

Listen to me, brother.

I know you want everything to be "Kumbaya."

There is no "Kumbaya" as long as Deacon's still here.

And you know that.

[dramatic music]

Guess you can't trust anyone.

Did you know they were watching you?

Don't know about the Monkeys.

Don't know about Primaries.

[passing car honks horn]

You wasted a trip.

Next time, vet your sources better.

You were my source in 2044.

You sent me here.

Said you could tell me everything about the other Primaries.

You conveniently left out the part about your BFF pulling a gun on us.

[passing car honks horn]

Maybe every version of me thinks you're kind of a bitch.

[bell jingles]


Uh, excuse me?

Clozapine, Risperdal, Abilify.

If the meds are preventing you from seeing Primaries, taking you off of them might bring back the visions.

You know that's not how it works, right?

Hallucinations don't come with an on-off switch.

Are you sure you're a real doctor?

You're right.

We need a trigger.

What are you doing?

Your file from J.D. People's.

I kept it in storage.

There was something in there.


There it is.

"Psychotic breaks stemming from an incident at the family summer house, which preceded her mother's commitment."

[suspenseful music]

[muffled screaming]

What happened at the family summer house?

[dark music]

Hey, hey!

Get back in the car!

No means no.

Take back the night.

Stop the insanity.

♪ ♪

Not now.

[gasping] Stop it.

[whispering to self]

[heavy breathing]


I take my meds.

I watch my stress.

I stick to my routine.

I cope.

But she's always there.


You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy.

[breathing heavily]

Maybe that crazy can help save the world.


There's some manipulation for you.

Look, I used to think that the plague was the worst thing that could ever happen.

But this destruction of time... it's the end of everything.

Green to red.


♪ ♪

Rehashing my deepest darkest secrets will help save the collapse of time and space?

Why not?

Sounds like fun.

Hey, Jennifer, car's this way.

The Goines family summer home is a long drive.

We need snacks.

[bell jingles]


I'm sorry, ma'am.

Dr. Railly just caught me off guard.

I didn't know she would come for Jennifer.

Did you hear anything else?


They said something about someone named Tommy.

Tommy Crawford.

In 1944.

Dr. Railly is looking for Primaries.

That's why she took Jennifer.

That's how we find them.

Well then... someone's playing my song.


Welcome to Casa de Childhood Trauma.

[dark music]

Hasn't changed since the day I left.

Daddy's orders.

Hm. Daddy had a lot of orders.

[laughs softly]

Someone comes to dust and check the place every few weeks.

I'm paying them too much.

So if no one lives here, then why did your father keep it?

Wasn't his.

It's part of the Markridge Family Trust.

Caroline Markridge.

Daddy didn't make money.

He married it.

More opportunist than genius.

What's in there?

It's my room.

[door creaking]

The Witness.

How long have you been drawing these?

My whole life.

Started with stick figures.

Got better as I got older.

My mother hated them.

My disturbing images disturbed her already disturbed mind.


Your mother was mentally ill?

Not Primary.

Just sick.

She hated them.

Things I saw.

Madness feeding madness.

There's a monster.

[muffled screams]

There's a monster.

There's a monster.

There's a monster.

[muffled screams]

A monster?

There's a monster.

The monster wants to destroy the world.

[muffled screaming]

It's okay.

Mommy will stop it.


Mommy will kill it.

Mommy's gonna kill it.

No, no, get out, get out.

What are you doing?



You're okay, you're okay.

You're okay.

It's me.

I'm the monster.

♪ ♪

She tried to drown me, but the tub overflowed.

Then the maid came, called 911.

Daddy spent a lot of money to make that one go away.

[laughs softly]

Then he sent her away.

Then eventually, it was time for me to go away.

I'm sorry.

Was your mama nice?

She was.

She died when I was ten.

Was it sudden?


I never got to say good-bye either.

Maybe that was for the best.


No, I don't blame her.

She thought I was gonna destroy the world.

She was almost right.

But you didn't, Jennifer.

She was wrong, and so was I.

I think I can help you now.

♪ ♪

The Foreman and his guys travel light.

But if they are on the move, I want spotters in all four quadrants and I want a two-man perimeter, okay?


Let's go.

Camping trip?

That's... that's romantic.

Adler tracked another anomaly.

The factory north of here.

Got to go see how far it's traveling.

Well, let's take a drive then, boys.


No way.

Such distrust. Has it come to that?

You really think we'd go out there alone... with you?

You're gonna need a vehicle, right?

Guess who makes that happen around here?

You drive.

Kyle... I think.

Kyle Slade.


[suspenseful music]

He's from New York.

Talks like he is.

He's bad thoughts.

I know this.

Fear City.

This is New York City in the 1970s.

Fiscal crisis, high crime.

Police made pamphlets to give to tourists.

I saw it in a documentary about the origins of hip-hop.

Well, aren't you full of surprises?

Why don't you go take your meds?

You deserve to be sane.

Stick to a schedule.

They're in my car.

Kyle Slade, New York City, 1970s...

It's 1975, to be precise.

[suspenseful music]

We sent two of our Messengers there after him.

Or, we will send.

It's all this time travel, it's... it's tricky to follow.

It's rewarding when you do.

♪ ♪


How did you survive the paradox at the book store?

Oh, me, um...

I have really good genes.

You can't shoot both of us, Doctor.

Didn't see that one coming, did you, Tall Man?

Can't paradox this Primary if she's already dead.

My, how you've changed.

But as tempting as it might be to put a bullet into this one's head, I don't think you've got it in you.

That's right.

♪ ♪

So, for me.

What'd you do to get on his sh1t list?

Sneakin' Deacon.

Hard to believe it could be your fault.

You're such a stand-up guy.

You know I could kill all day, every day, for the rest of my life, and I'd still wouldn't touch your body count.

Wasn't murder.

History as it was.

True, you'd have to step up to be a murder.

No, you just whisper it in the ear of the trigger man.

You are Lady Macbeth at best.

I never pegged you as a reader.

Books didn't die in the apocalypse, boys.

Which reminds me...

Jesus, will you shut up?

I swear I'd drive us into an anomaly right now if I could get away from the sound of your voice.


You know, I was pissed when you left the West VII.

I could've respected it if you'd at least tried to slit my throat on the way out.

But no, you slunk away in the middle of night with your tail tucked between your legs... for him.

It's called loyalty.

Wouldn't expect you to understand the concept.

Well, that died along with the seven billion.

How are you supposed to save the future if you can't survive it?

That's what you're trying to do, buddy?

Trying to save the future?

Peace, love, happiness.

Maybe a world that's not a total piece of sh1t.

Sounds pretty good to me.

I'll take it from here.

You know, I think I should stay.

Your failure to success ratio has been a bit off lately.

Do not challenge my authority.

The Witness has spoken.

He has entrusted me with the new cycle.


Though I do wonder for how much longer.

Don't you?

I will complete the immersion with Dr. Railly.


You have a plague to reconstruct for your beautiful, uncertain cycle.



[dark music]

♪ ♪

[footsteps approaching]


It's good to see you again.

The reports of your recent wellness were quite pleasing to me.

My wellness?

Who told you that, your spy?

Stacy was there to watch over you.

Ensure your safety.

I'm tied to a chair.

Epic fail.

Get her out of here.

[slices rope]

Dr. Railly.

♪ ♪

We have unfinished business.




We're going on another trip to see the Witness?


I can't wait to tell him about how I burned your virus and set you back years.

Then I'm gonna to tell him about how you've taking out your Messengers.

Eight down, four to go.

And I am gonna kill every last one of them.

And then you.


You're important to Him.

Not to me.

Remember that.

[distorted] Now let's take a walk.

You're walking through a red forest.

Moving right along.

Footloose and fancy free.


Ooh, ticky tock. Oh.

Me, I'm a lawnmower.

Look. [imitating lawnmower]

You can tell me about the way I walk.

Jesus, Jennifer, I thought you were on your meds.

I am.


"Word of The Witness."

Well, best before September 2044.

[brakes screech]

[thunder cracks]

This is it.

Adler said there'd be anomalies.

I don't see anything out here.

[gate closes]

Let's check inside.

Let's go.

All right, all clear.

[gun clicks]



[gun clicking]

Oh, wow.

That is good.

You set me up.

[gun clatters]


We had Whitley find one of his guys.

Offered you up in a trade.


"Peace, love, happiness."



Honestly, boys... it's what I would've done.

It's good to know that you have finally learned what I've been so desperately trying to teach you.

You still talk too much.

It's not like we were ever gonna work things over with a drink.

[dark music]

♪ ♪






[suspenseful music]



♪ ♪

[liquid pouring]

[laughs softly]

You're walking through a red forest.

And the grass is tall.

It's just rained.


Most of the blood has washed away.

[thunder crashing]

There's a house in the distance.

Cedar and pine.

Been there before.

[rumbling, crackling]

You're not alone.

There's a man.

See him.

Know him.

Like a memory of tomorrow.

Who are you?


Just let him in, Dr. Railly.

Let him in.

Let him show you everything.

No beginning.

No end.

No death.

Let him in.

[Joan Jett's "Love is All Around" playing]

♪ Who can turn the world on with her smile ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Who can take a nothing day ♪
♪ And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile ♪
♪ Well it's you girl and you should know it ♪
♪ With each glance and every little movement you show it ♪
♪ Love is all around no need to fake it ♪
♪ You can have the town why don't you take it ♪
♪ You're gonna make it after all ♪
♪ ♪
♪ How will you make it on your own ♪
♪ This world is... ♪

Dr. Railly, come on.

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie!

Hi, you're okay.

I got it.

We're gonna get you dressed.

We got to get you out of here, okay?

♪ You're gonna make it after all ♪

Here. Can you get up?


♪ ♪


You're right.

[music stops]


[dark music]

♪ ♪

You tried to make my friend crazy.

Jennifer, you're hurt.

No more tea, no more water, no more baths.

I care a great deal about you Jennifer.

You're like a daughter to me.

I thought that's what you wanted.

To be a daughter again.


[whimpers softly]


♪ ♪

You know what the one difference between you and my mother is?


[blade pierces skin]


I get to say good-bye to you.


I hate you.

We had to deal with the Foreman.

Deacon was gonna be a problem.

We had to strike first.

That's not exactly what Mr. Deacon would say.

That's some weapons-grade irony right there.

None of us have to like it, but it had to be done.

[footsteps approaching]

[dark music]

The Foreman will no longer be a problem.

Now, the thing about him is he saw himself... as a hunter.

He would collect these off of the guys that he killed.


♪ ♪

This one belonged to my brother.

Now, my guys, uh... they don't know what you tried to do, do they?

I... I won't tell if you won't.


That's a good look for you.

♪ ♪

Hey, uh... next time you go to the past, why don't you bring back some whiskey?

We can finally have that drink.

Can you feel that?

You know, after the paradox with James, I awoke from that chemically-induced coma seeing my scars...

[groans weakly]

Which didn't bother me.

Appearances are... are meaningless... as you'll discover.

The hospital was empty and quiet.


I was filled with such joy.

So I ran down the hallway as fast as I could to this window that opened up across the city.

I expected to find the world in death.



But it wasn't there.

The world lived.

Imagine my great disappointment... in you!

[dark music]

♪ ♪



[rumbling, crackling]


Dr. Railly's immersion is complete.

Olivia was wounded.

Which I'm sure you have witnessed.

Give it to me.

Trust me with the cycle.

Put me in charge.

And I will see this done.


[laughs softly]

The Witness has spoken.


Excuse me?

Could I get a whiskey sour?

Got your message.

Right on time.

Whiskey sour.

You remembered. [laughs softly]

From 1944.

So, how'd things go between you and Jennifer?

The old version of her hasn't blinked out, so I'm assuming you didn't kill her.

We're good.

She and I... I think that's why she wanted it to be me.

Her messed up way of making friends.

So things went okay?

We ran into some trouble.

The tall man who killed your father is alive.

But there is some good news.

We know one of the Messengers' targets.

A Primary named Kyle Slade.

He's here in New York in 1975.

Let's go back to 2044 and find this guy.

Stop another paradox.

I'm gonna stay.

Jennifer got hurt during our escape.

It's just a concussion, but I think I should keep an eye on her.

She's upstairs recuperating.

Something else happen?

Look, I know things between us haven't... been 100%, but... you can always talk to me.

[dark music]

See him.

♪ ♪

I'm fine. I'm just tired.


Excuse me?

I'll take the bottle.

Long story.

I'll tell you when you get back.


See you.


Be careful with this one.

From what Jennifer said, this Primary is not like her or Tommy.

He's dangerous.

♪ ♪

[distorted speech]

[distorted voices talking over each other]

This time... about time...

End of time.

Ones and reds.

Threes and greens.

[distorted speech]

Green to red, forever red.

Rusted deserts, crimson seas, bloody forests.

This time, next time, out of of time.

Next time. Out of time.

End of time. Time.

♪ ♪


James Cole is coming for me.