10x15 - The Tower

You guys were the ones calling out and making a racket.

I thought you needed help, but now you're acting like I'm the one causing a problem here?

Damn. I haven't seen anyone in over a year, and the first ones I find seem like a bunch of meanies.

You just caught us off guard.

- We didn't know if you were attacking...
- Seriously?

If I wanted to attack, I'd hold the gun like this... with the dangerous part pointed at you, see?

That's for attacking.

The other way, that's for hello.

So, as we can all agree, I wasn't attacking.

But now...

Now I'm not so sure.

Maybe that's up to you.

Are you gonna hurt me?

Keep pointing the damn gun at us, and you'll find out.

No one has any intention of hurting you.

We were just admiring your displays.

Are they yours?

Crap. Sorry.

Do you like 'em?

Yeah, not many rotters left in the city, so I put these up as my decorations.

Pain in the ass to put together, but they make the place feel more alive.

Although now that I've met actual live people again...

Hold on.

You guys are real, right?

- Is that supposed to be a joke?
- I dunno.

I mean, I never hallucinated before, but there's a first time for everything.

Uh, say something I wouldn't know.

Like, uh... what's the capital of Pennsylvania?


Did I know that?

I think I knew that.

Ha! Maybe I am hallucinating.

- This is... This is wild.
- Hey.

You certain it's just you out here?

Didn't I already tell you that?

I've been on my own for over a year, and it totally sucks.

Da... Damn. I should be nicer.

Talking to possibly real people again is making me freak out.

You... I'm just...

I'm just gonna shut up.

I'm Juanita Sanchez.

But I never liked the name Juanita.

You can call me Princess.

Why "Princess"?

Because "Queen" makes me sound old.

And pretentious.

EZEKIEL: It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess.

I am... Ezekiel.

And these are my friends, Eugene and Yumiko.


Let me show you guys around.

We got plenty of space for you to chill out, put your feet up.

Y'all need supplies? You need food?

Hair dye?

I've got a neat place for us to swim a couple blocks away.

We appreciate the hospitality, but we can't stay.

Oh. O-Okay.

We're on a very important mission.

Ohhh?! What sorta mission?

Uh, that's our business.

Well, let me least show you the best way through the city.

- No, thank you.
- Oh, come on. Why not?

[SCOFFS] Because we don't know you.

[LAUGHS] Of course you do.


I'm great. You'll see.


Watch how helpful I can be.

No, wait. Please!










Sorry about that.





EZEKIEL: At least it's not a total loss.

And we can still find the horses tomorrow.

Not to be a naysayer, but our rendezvous window is tighter than a tourniquet.

I have doubts that it'll be possible to make the journey by foot.

Any additional day spent on an empty search would place us on the failure side of that window.

So, if it's possible to walk, we start now.

Missing this meeting isn't an option.

We've got way too many people counting on us back home.

What about Princess?
She offered to help.

Why don't we take her up on it?

Absolutely not.

- What could it hurt?
- Plenty.

Anyone alone for this long ends up selfish, crazy... in her case, definitely both.

We can't trust her.

I'm not suggesting that we follow her blindly.

But if she knows how to find transportation...

Then she wouldn't still be here, alone.

Look, if she had a ride, why hasn't she left?

It's a trap.

Is Princess a few bananas short of a bunch?


Does she have access to automobiles and working fuel?


But at present, we possess limited options, so even a slim possibility is worth investigating.

Apologies, Yumiko.

My vote's with the king.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel really bad about what happened.

Let me make it up to you guys.

You mentioned you had access to some transportation?

A whole garage full.

Tons of choices. I'll take you there.

You want us to follow you, you hand over your gun.


Really wanna spend time with living people again, but I'm not sure I trust you, either.

I mean, I'm outnumbered.

I could probably take out one of you, two if I'm lucky.

But then he'd still be left to kill me anyways.

So why even try?

Unless I have a death wish, which, clearly, I don't because I have been living here alone for so long.


Fine. You can have it.

I know where to find more guns, anyway.

So, then... the garage?

Right. Yeah. Of course.

All those in the market for a new set of wheels, follow me!



And crazy.




WHISPERING VOICE: Wherrrre aaaaarrre theyyy...




He's keeping the cats away.


Your turn to watch.

JULES: How are you?

Everybody's counting on me.

You'll come through.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

Hey, guys.

Uh, I need somebody to run an errand for me.


I'll go.

DARYL: Don't go home.

They'll only find us if you answer me.

We got a plan to end this.

One I think you'd like.

Man, being on the run like this, barely scraping by...reminds me of the old gang.

Seems like ages now.



Can you hear me?







No sign of them. They left quickly.

Couldn't have gone far.

Do we search elsewhere?


They have nothinggggg...

Theyyyy fleeee...

theyyyy hiiiiide...






BETA: Prepare the guardians.

We walk.



I thought all the cats left.

Not this one.

I'm sorry about your mom.

You don't have to be.

You miss her?



Not everyone gets to have a mom like yours.





Everything okay?

Yeah, running to the road for Luke.

And give them some exercise.




- What're you doing?
- I'm fine.

Who you with?

No one.

Come on. We're going back. Let's go.

- Please, I wanna stay.
- No.

I left Father Gabriel a note.

I swear, it's fine.

No, that wasn't a question. Let's go.


I hate it up there.

Smells like cat pee.

I wanna learn what you do, how to keep us safe.

In case something happens.

I walk the perimeter.

I look for anything that looks wrong.

If I find something, I go somewhere safe, and I radio it in.

There's no room for mistakes, not right now.

I know.

All right.

If you do this with me, you're gonna do everything I say, you're gonna stay right next to me.

All right?


All right. Come on.




This is wrong.

They are not fools.

[SIGHS] They expect us.

The path is not clear.

The pack believes in your wisdom.

They follow the Alpha.

Beta, I mean.


We see her within you.





Show me.

Show me the path.



Haaaave faith in your strennnngth...



We walk.

We wait.





Tower, do you copy?

GABRIEL: Yes, we copy.

They're heading toward Oceanside... as expected.

- Any sign of slowing?
- Not yet.

We'll stay on them.

If anything changes, we'll send word.

Copy that. Be safe.

Same. Over.


How much longer do you reckon?

Almost there.

If this is a waste of our time...

It'll be worth it. Don't worry!

Make sure you guys stay close to me, and please watch your step.




Starting to wonder if you were right about her.

Oh, I am.

But let's figure out what she's up to first.

Cincuenta y cuatro...

Cincuenta y cinco...

Is there a particular method behind this navigational technique, or are you just meandering about?

Holy crap.

I think I just found your horse.

Did walkers eat it?

No, it probably just stepped on one of the mines.


What do you particularly mean by the term "mines"?

You know, those things you step on and then they go boom.

Are you saying you brought us into a minefield?

Well, yeah. But it... it's a small one.

What's wrong with you?

Why would you keep that from us?

I just didn't want you to worry.

I told you we couldn't trust her.

I walk this all the time!

It's no big deal. I got the route right up here.

- So you can get us out?
- Of course.

As soon as I figure out where we left off.

Excuse me?

Well, I don't normally stop in the middle, so I kinda lost count.

I Just need a minute to think.

Either you get us out of here safely, or I'll kill you myself.

That's fair.




Ah. Guess not.

Anyone have an extra canteen?

CAROL: Damn it.

Almost have it.



You're welcome.

Thanks for coming.

You don't have to do that.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

If I could go back...

I'm so sorry, Kelly, for everything.

She's not dead.

She's not.

Maybe it's because she's so... tough to survive anything.

Maybe there's just this part of me that... won't accept that she's gone.

[INHALES SHARPLY] And, uh, so...

I understand you.

Why you did... all of it.

It doesn't mean I should have.


When I started losing my hearing... my sister told me that it wasn't my weakness.

It was my... superpower.


And now look.

Everyone's learning sign because of me.

You think that the way you are is... is a weakness?


I heard the stories about you, in the old days.

We all have.


That you... you'd just go off.

And do the thing that only you can do.


Lone wolf.

That's your superpower.

You can't give up everything about yourself because...


...bad things happen.


I gotta believe that.



I, um...

I don't think you've eaten anything today.

I'm good.

You know, I can't tell if it's just one of those things or the craziness of us all moving to an abandoned tower... or if you're just avoiding me.

I'm avoiding you.

Well, sh1t, that... that's honest.

You want me to lie?

Make you feel better?

No, I don't.

Okay. Well, you can give someone else the rat stew.

It's not rat. It's possum.

I mean, yeah, basically a big rat, but I, um...

I just wanted to say... that I liked her.

Your mom, I mean, she did some horrible sh1t that there's no excusing any of it, but...

I liked...

I liked a lot of things about her.

And I wish to God I didn't have to do what I did.

But if there's something that you wanna say to me, then you should say it.

Most of us wish you'd died, too.

We never should have followed her.

This is exactly the kind of thing

I was afraid would happen.

I have been afraid of many things.

But this one's new.

Just as an FYI, we're running out of time on multiple fronts.


Fence instability being the most pressing.

But I'm also concerned with improper mine placement, which could lead to a cascade.

YUMIKO: What's a cascade?

Chain reaction.

You don't want to be stuck in the middle when more of these puppies start popping off.

Maybe there's something I can do.

I'm kinda blowing this, huh?

- It's not ideal.

But leading us to safety could go a long way.

Of course.

I just wanna say I didn't mean to.

I'm sorry, y'know?


Eeeny, meeny...

What is she doing now?

...please no mine-ys...



Whew! I'm still here.


We should be good from here, guys.

A hunter moves, everything else moves around it.

Try to spot things that don't belong, things that just don't feel right.

Now take a look.

Tell me what you see.

Living or dead?


They could be roundin' more up.

Stay behind me.








DARYL: Come on.


Hey! You put our lives in danger back there.

- For what?
- I didn't.

- Let's all just take a...
- No, no, no, no, no.

Our friends, our families, are depending on us.

She may not have anyone left to care about, but we sure as hell do.

I'm sorry.

Fleetwood Drive.


We passed Fleetwood Drive earlier.

Uh, must've been a different Fleetwood.

We've got like five of them all over the city... streets, avenues, roads... it's super confusing.

No, it was most certainly Fleetwood Drive.

I remember seeing the sign and saying to myself, "Granddaddy used to drive a Fleetwood."

YUMIKO: You've led us around all day when we could've walked straight here?

Is that true?



YUMIKO: You better tell us what you're up to, and maybe I'll leave you here alive.

Okay, okay, okay. I might've maybe sort of missed the turn onto Fleetwood earlier but only because I was having too much fun!

And then I figured, we could take the scenic route instead of turning around and keep the fun going!

- Into a minefield.
- Which looks bad... I know.

But I'd been through it like a billion times before, and I never thought it was gonna to be a problem until it was.

All I wanted was to show you the garage, and then you'd be like, "Princess, you're amazing!

We want to stay and be friends!"

But, no...

I screwed it up.

I see that now.




When I was first here, by myself, I figured somebody else would show up eventually.

Odds are, right?

And then days turned into months.

And it was so empty.
But then I realized, this isn't that different from how I felt before all this.


This one time, someone told me, "You're hard to love."

So maybe it's me.

Maybe I deserve this.

And all day, I kept hearing that little voice in my head...

"It's me."

And I know I should've... turned around, or told you guys the truth, but I didn't want that voice to be right.


I am sorry.


I have an all-too-familiar sense of how you feel.


I've made poor decisions.

Lied to folks.

The inevitable alternative meant being left alone.

No one wants that.


Just to clarify... you do have access to those wheels, correct?



Throw it over there.



I will if you pull this outta me.

I can't die like this.

It ain't natural.

You drop the knife, I'll think about it.


Where're your people?

A few miles east.

Headed to the ocean.

Are they with the horde?

You a scout?

I was... going off on my own.


I had no choice.

I love those people, but he's...

I couldn't stay there.

He's what?

Lost it.

After what you did to her.

Will you take this out?

Does he know where we are?

I don't know.

But he's gonna keep coming for you.


You took too much.

No, please.


I want to walk... after.

Does he know where we are?

I don't know.

I mean it.



You didn't have to do that.

She didn't have any information for us, anyway.

She was gonna die.

Better to be quick.

We're gonna leave her?

Come on.

Maybe she has a family.

Look, if they're only a few miles away, maybe we can spot something from the top of the tower.



Faith. Faith.

Faith. Watch.


WHISPERING VOICE: Theyyy fleeee beforrre youuuu...









will beeeee rewarrrrrded...




Still no sign of slowing?

You think this can work?

This plan?

Has to, doesn't it?

I guess so.


Always thought, once Alpha was dead... it'd be easier to see light.

Past what we lost, y'know?

I don't know about seeing past.

But I can fight here, try to make sure we don't lose again.

For Gracie, Adam.

Whatever it takes.


Then, all this loss will maybe add up to something...

Hold on. Are they slowing down?


- They're changing direction.
- Toward the tower.

- Call it in.
- Yeah.


It's no good.

We got to leave... now.




You don't get to tell me what to do.

You're right. I can't.


I think that you should hit me.

And it will make you feel better.

I feel fine.

You have to mourn her.

You know, you need to say goodbye.

Otherwise, it's gonna eat you up from the insides.

Just... Just trust me on this.

Look, she was still your mom.

You know? And we only get the one.

So you... you should hit me... and just try to let it out.

Otherwise, you are gonna drift further from these people, and I know you don't want that.

The hell do you know what I want, huh?

Tell me.

You're a selfish asshole.

You only killed her so they'd think that you're a hero.

But nothing you do will ever make you that here!

Because you only care about yourself.

Even now, trying to get me to do this?

You liked her?

How the hell can you tell me you liked her, huh?!

I hated her!

I want to hate her, so screw you for telling me I can't even do that!

It's okay, Lydia.


It's not okay!

It's not okay!

It's not okay!

It's not... not...


It's okay.


It's okay.





Not exactly the kind of ride I was picturing, but...

miles per hour is a significant increase over walking.


To be fair, she wasn't lying about the garage.

She came through.


Oh, man.


- Listen, I...
- I'm not a bad person.

I want you to know that.

And you had every reason not to trust me.

It's so hard to take a chance on people in this world.

And when those people lie to you, well...

Yeah. I know.

It sucks.

I blew it.

I know.

And I'm sorry.

I guess...

I wish I had done things better, but I guess my people skills are pretty rusty.

Well, that's something we're gonna have to work on, then.

I was coming over here to see if you wanted to join us.


Wait. For real?

Yeah, as long as you don't lie to us again, okay?


Yes, yes, yes! [LAUGHS]

- Yes, yes!
- Oh, okay.

Well, you know the area, so...


Do we have enough time to grab stuff from my stash?

I-I-I've got food and clothes and a cool spear and some candy.

Does this mean I get to have my gun back?

Can I know where we're going?

Is there a map? Do I get to hold it?

What is it?

I can't believe we just left her.

In a ditch.

What if you were lost... and no one could find you?

Or RJ was.

Or Mom.

You gotta tell me where this is coming from.

I just want us to be back together again.

At home.

That's all.

I radioed your mom so she knows not to go home, so she's safe.

And that way, she can find us.

You talked to her?


But I'm gonna keep trying.


It doesn't matter.


I talked to her after the fire.

And I'm worried... maybe she won't come home.


What'd she say?

She went to go help some people she met.

Who needed her.

I didn't wanna tell you.

Why's that?


'Cause maybe you'd leave, too.


I won't.

You promise?

I can't.

- Why?
- Because I can't lie to you.

I don't know what's gonna happen.

And there ain't no one that can tell you that they do.


And there's one thing I know.

There's a whole bunch of people back there that'd do anything for you.

And one day, when you're older, they're gonna need you to do anything for them.

You got a whole lot of family.



Nothing can take the place of someone you love being gone.

But that doesn't mean that everything that follows is gonna break your heart.




We gotta go, kiddo, all right?

Come on.



GABRIEL: Daryl... where are you?

You're breaking up. I can't hear you.

Come back... they've... surrounded the...


- We need... wagon...
- Gabriel!






ALL: Rewaaaaaaaaard...