04x11 - Claimed


Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

( knocks on door )

Let's go.

I need your help.


Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes!

You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?

( walkers snarling )

( snarling )

Do not fire that weapon.

( chuckles )

sh1t. Look at what we got here. Oh, honey, look at you. You're a damn mess. Damn it. sh1t. Can I borrow that a sec? Thanks.

Oh, I'm not leaving you out.

There's some rags in the back.



Never seen that before.

I've seen you do the same thing.

You smiled. You were smiling.

Well, I'm the... luckiest guy in the world.

( theme music starts playing )

How about you help me with one of these cars? We got some miles to go.

( theme music playing )

( laughs )

Michonne: Do you have something to say about my extremely comfortable and attractive shirt?

Carl: No, no, no. It looks great. Oh, you missed a...

Michonne: I wish we had some soy milk.


Michonne:Yes, seriously. Have you ever tried it?

Carl: My best friend in third grade he was allergic to dairy.

Michonne: Uh-huh.

Carl: And every day he would bring this soy stuff to lunch. I tried it.

Michonne: And?

Carl: I threw up.

Michonne: Oh, yeah, right.

Carl: All right, all right. I almost threw up. But I was like, ugh.

( laughs )

Carl: It was so gross. I mean, literally, I would rather have powdered milk than to have to drink that stuff again. I would rather have Judith's formula-- I'm gonna go finish my book. I have a couple chapters left.

Rick: Thank you. I heard him laughing in there. Almost forgot what that sounded like. I can't be his father and his best friend. He needs you. I know that's a lot to throw at you. So if you're ever feeling like you need a break...

Michonne: I'm done taking breaks.So what's the plan? This place, is it home or just a stop along the way?

Rick: Well, let's-- let's just stay here while we figure it out.

Michonne: Well, we'll need more supplies. I'll go with Carl and get some.

Rick: I'll come, too.

Michonne: You were unconscious yesterday.

Rick: I'm awake today.

Michonne: We need you strong. Just rest. Just one more day.

Rick: How long you think you'll be?

Michonne: ill a couple bags, shouldn't be too long. It's : now. We'll be back by noon.

Rick: All right, you follow her lead. You understand? Hey. Everything okay?

Carl: Yeah, I'm just... hungry.

Rick: All right. I'll see you in a couple hours.

( grunts )

( ticking )

Michonne: Find anything good? Candy bars? Comic books? Crazy Cheese?

Carl: Huh?

Michonne: Bam, Crazy Cheese. Found it still sealed and everything. Now I'll be nice and let you have the first pull.

Carl: No, thanks.

Michonne: Are you sure?

Carl: I'm fine.

Michonne: You don't seem fine.

Carl: I'm just tired. Okay?

( squirting )

( hisses )

Michonne: I'm sorry. I'm not very good at making boys your age laugh.

( knocks )

Carl: I was laughing. Inside.

( knocks )

Michonne: Toddlers find me funny. Two, three-year-olds.

( knocking )

Carl: What do you mean toddlers?

Michonne: I had a three-year-old son and he happened to find me extremely funny.

( door opens )

Michonne: We need food, batteries, water, in that order.

Carl: Why didn't you ever tell me you had a kid? What was his name? Did you have any others? Were you married?

Michonne: Okay. I'll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we've cleared it.

Man: No, I'm sorry.

Man #2 : You're a lying coward. That's all you'll ever be.

Man: No, please, I'm sorry. Don't do this, please.

Man #2 : What the hell'd you say to me?

Man: I said don't do this.

Man #2 : This ain't your business.

Man: I'm sorry, man.

Man #2 : Aw, shut up.

Man: I'm so sorry. No, don't.

Man #2 : It's gonna happen.

- We can work this out. Please,don't do this.

It's gonna happen.

Man: No, no, no, please. Please don't. Please!

( blow lands )

( man screams )

( men laughing )

Man #2 : You plan on finishing the job?

Man # : Yeah.

Man # : I'm getting an earache and I know he's just gonnalet his ass squeal.

Man # : After what he did, the man deserves to bleed.

( footsteps approaching )

Man # : Y'all stay down there.

( footsteps approaching )

( indistinct chatter )

( door opens )

( footsteps approach )

( chattering continues )

( watch ticking )

( ticking stops )

( floorboards creak )

( banging )

( bed squeaks )

( man sighs )

Man: This will be our abode for the evening.

Clean up your mess, Harley.

Carl: What was your son's name?

Michonne: I said after.

Carl: Well, these are actually two separate rooms and we already cleared that one, so...

Michonne: Andre. His name was Andre Anthony. Make sure there isn't a box of cookies hiding in there.

Carl: Did you have any other kids?

Michonne: Rules of the game, my friend.

Carl: So? Did you?

( scoffs )

Michonne: You know, you could be a spy. Or a cop.

( sighs )

Michonne: No. One was enough for me. And Andre was a handful, like you.

Carl: Does this hallway count as a room?

Michonne: If you can find something we can use.

Carl: This is the only thing I could find. Does it count?

Michonne: Technically, yes.

Carl: So? How long has it been?

Michonne: It happened after-- you know, after everything happened.

Carl: Does my dad know?

Michonne: Never told him. Never told anyone till just now.

Carl: Your secret is safe with me.

Michonne: It's not really a secret.

Carl: It's still safe with me.

( sighs )

( breathing heavily )

Carl: Michonne? Everything okay?

Michonne: Yeah, it's fine.

Carl: There's a baby in there.

Michonne: It's a dog.

Carl: My dad let me name her. Maybe-- maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.

Michonne: Come on. It's almost noon. Your dad will wonder where we are if we're late.

( man snoring )

( indistinct chatter )

( footsteps approaching )

( snoring continues )


( knocking )


You waking me upto see if I'm comfortable?

I want to lie down.

Two other bedroomsup here to choose.

Them's kids' beds.I want this one.

It's claimed.

I didn't hear it.

You gonna have to layclaim somewhere else.

( both grunting )

( punches landing )

( groans )

( groans, coughs )

Len! Len, stop! Stop, Len!


Hell, no.


( Len panting )

My bed now, jackoff.

( bed creaks )

( groans )

( sighs )

Hey, don't move. Here's some water.

Glenn: Where are we?

I don't know. We were fighting biters and you passed out right after we left the prison. I didn't know what to do.

The back of the truck seemed safer than the side of the road.

Glenn: Hey, hey. Hey. Did we pass a bus? On the road, did we pass a bus?


Glenn: What did you see? What did you see?

They were all dead.

Glenn: How long since we passed it?

Three hours.

Glenn: Hey.

( tapping )

Glenn: Hey, stop the truck. Hey, numbnuts, stop the truck. Stop the truck! Stop the truck!

Where the hell are you going?

Where the hell is he going?

I don't know what your lady friend's told you about the special nature of the mission we're on, but this sh1t is time-sensitive and we're already way behind schedule. So I need you to turn your ass around and get back in the truck.

Glenn: I gotta go.

It seems like neither one of you's been paying close enough attention to the hell on earth we've been living in. So let me tell you how to best avoid winding up just another dead-alive prick. You find some strong, like-minded comrades and you stay stuck together like wet on water. We need people. The more the better. We need each other, partner. Even with all that gear on your shoulder, you won't last a night. Not by yourself.

Glenn: I'll take my chances.

I'm gonna have to insist that you hold the hell up. All right, believe it or not, the fate of the entire damn human race might depend on it.

What the hell are you talking about?

Who is this guy?

I'm Sergeant Abraham Ford. And these are my companions Rosita Espinosa and Dr. Eugene Porter. We're on a mission to get Eugene to Washington, DC. Eugene's a scientist and he knows exactly what caused this mess.

All right. So what happened?

It's classified.

He'd been talking to the muckety-mucks in Washington on his satellite phone. The past couple weeks, nobody's been picking up on the other end. We saw how you handled those corpses back there. We could use your help.


I had to get us off that road. You were passed out, we were out of bullets. I know how to get back to that bus. I wrote down every turn. I will get you back if I can, okay?

That's where she'd go to find me.

That's where I'm gonna go.

It's a waste of time.

Tara told us what went down. There is zero chance you will ever find your wife again. Alive or dead. Mainly because, sorry to tell you, she's gone. No need for you to die, too. Now come on. Get back in the truck. Do something with your life.

( pack drops )

When the people we love kick... well, they disappear. Doesn't mean you've got to go out that way, too.

( grunts )

Glenn: She's alive and I'm gonna find her.

You son of a bitch!

( shouts )

( grunts )

Tara: Hey, hey, hey!

Rosita: Abraham!

Hey, get off him.

Come on.

You don't want this, Abraham.

Glenn:Let me go!

Rosita: Abraham!

Tara: Stop!

( snarling )

Hey. Hey!


Rosita: Abraham!

Hey, get--

( Glenn shouts )

( snarling )

( fighting continues )

Hey, hey, hey!

Come here!

( growling )

Tara: Stop!

( gunfire )

Eugene! Stop firing, damn it!

Stop firing! We need to get our weapons.

( gunfire continues )

Rosita: Leave 'em!

Glenn: Hey, give me a gun. Give me a gun.

( gas spilling )

Son of a dick.

( ball bouncing )

( man snoring )

( men chatting )

( gasps )

Man: Tony, Len, get your asses down here.

( ball bouncing )

Yo, you hear me?

( clattering )

Man: Claim, claim, claim!

Len: Shut the hell up. I'm trying to sleep.

Man # : There's a woman shacking up in here.

Len: Say what?

Man # : Come on down.

Len: She hot?

Man # : Don't grab your pecker just yet.

She ain't here.

Len: What the hell you hollering about?

Man # :Found her shirt.

Must have washed itthis morning.

Man # : Smells good.

Oh, you found a shirt?

She could be miles away by now.

Man # : Why'd she go to all the trouble of washing a shirt when she's just gonna ditch it?

She'll be back.

Len: I call first when she gets here.

Man # : Who knows who else she got with her.

We need to be ready for anything.

Len, take the side room.

Hold on, let me get a gun.

I'll watch the front den, you've got the other side room.

I thought Tony got that.

Where the hell is Tony?


Get him the hell up.

( grunts )

( choking )

( panting )

( men chatting )

( door opens )

( ball bouncing )

Abraham: We were running a convoy in one of these.

Coming up a dune, there's this camel, looks like it's about to puke.

Probably becauseshitbird's packed about four pounds of C- up its ass. We were within feet of that blast that sent that animal's hump half a klick into the desert. And we drove home. So you tell me how in the holy hell did you possibly kill this truck?

A fully amped-up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.

Is this yours?

Sorry about your ride. Hope you guys make it to Washington.

Wait for me.

( sighs )

What the hell else are we gonna do? Go to Washington.

Fix the whole damn world!

That way's clear. Who knows what's north. We'll find another vehicle. We'll go with them until we do. Trust me. I'm smarter than you.

( ball bouncing )

( spits )

( whistles )

Come on.

( walker snarls )

( man screaming )

Man # : Stop her!

Son of bitch.

Man # : Kill her! Kill her!

( gunshots )

( men shouting )

Go! Go!

( shouting and gunfire

continue )

Abraham:Got to hand it to him.

He's a persistent son of a bitch. I get why you're following him. You're loyal. You're a good person. I like it.

But what we're doing-- I don't know how else to say it-- saving the world is just--

( chuckles )

is just more important. I mean, even if he does find his wife, so what? How long do you think they'll live happily ever after if we don't get Eugene up to Washington?

You think because I'm following Glenn, that makes me a good person?

I'm not.

( laughs )

You're good.

You don't know anything about me.

Just like I don't know anything about why you're going to Washington. I get why Eugene's going. He's the only one that knows how to end this. And Rosita, she loves you. She'd follow you anywhere. But why the hell you agreed to drive him halfway across the country...

Is that hard to believe, I want to save the world?

Because you're a good person? You don't have to tell me why. Just don't lie to me.

Crazy Cheese?

What do you think?

Let's go.

Let's go.