A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish (2019)

[instrumental music] [upbeat music] (Kat)

Once up on a time there was a girl who loved Christmas.

I mean what's not to love?

Opening presents with her amazing family.

Kissing her totally hot boyfriend under the mistletoe.

But the tinsel on the tree..

...she was an insanely-talented songwriter.

Her music videos had over a billion views and her newest Christmas single was just about to drop.

Can't believe what I'm seein' It's magic all around Bright lights wide eyes Snow fallin' to the ground Presents are wrapped in bows to tight Wonderin' if I've been naughty or nice Somethin' about the holidays Got me feelin' so great It's gonna be the best Christmas with you I'm gonna have the best Christmas with you Family big tree We're all gathered around Christmas carols Baby I love the sound It's gonna be the best Christmas with you Oh yes with you I'm gonna have the best Christmas with you It's gonna be the best Christmas with you I'm gonna have the best Christmas with you Christmas with you (Kat)

Yes, this girl had the perfect life.

Her future was filled with possibilities.

(female #1)

'Grab my b*lls.' (Kat)

That girl isn't me.

Grab my b*lls.

- My Christmas b*lls.

- Oh, oh, sorry.

Kat, quit daydreaming and do something.

- Take these.

- And these.

You guys know I'm not your servant, right?

You kind of are.

Well, I need to get going.

I'm supposed to be at work in 20 minutes.

Fine, but I need to get a Starbucks first.

She wants you, Dominic.

- What're you waitin' for?

- Yeah?

You should go for her.

- Skylar's not really my type.

- Skylar's everybody's type.

Ah, she's more into her Insta followers than a relationship.

And who's talking relationship?

We're just gonna pop in here for a sec, okay?

Alright, I'm late.

I gotta get to work.

Man, you act like your dad makes you work.

But you secretly like it.

Yeah, it's..

...like you wanna be a poor person.

You know, a job probably won't k*ll you, Jackson.

Probably not, but...

why take the chance.

Kat, where's the car?

You have one job.

- Sorry.

- Ah, you're dragging the bags.

Use those little spaghetti arms.

- And raise them up.

- Oh, my God!

Is it a sale?

It's Dominic Wintergarden.

'He's like a Kardashian, but even classy.' I need to get him in my vlog.

Take this.

Move, out of my way.

Take this and get out of my way.

[all laughing] [clearing throat] (female #2)

'So clumsy.' The joy of kindness walked right into this humiliating situation.

I ordered the decaf.

I am so sorry.

Some clumsy girl, threw her Starbucks all over the gorgeous Dominic Wintergarden.

You okay?

You hurt yourself?

Uh, no.

[instrumental music] What a gentleman.

Dominic gets top place this week at joy of kindness.

What's that?

What happened?

Oh, my God!

You totally ruined his shoes!

- Oh, no, no, no, I'm fine.

- 'It's not fine.' I'm so, so sorry.

Uh, I can replace them.

They don't sell couture at Nordstrom Rack, sweetie.

Come on.

- 'I'm so sorry, I-I...' - 'Come on, Dominic.' And this hot mess gets the loser of the week award.

[instrumental music] I can help you with your ears, I know how to do all that stuff.

- Yeah, they look so cute.

- Hey!

Hi, Chip the dancin' elf, you wanna be Chip the fired elf?

Get to work.

Get to work.

Thank you.


Where is she?

She is going to be here, Mr.


- Just relax.

- You relax, Isla.

I got a line of pissed-off toddlers 'waiting for Santa and his elves.' I don't have a show if I don't have a star.

- She's fashionably late.

- Fash..

You funny, you...

I'm so sorry, Mr. Mujiza.

I know, I'm...

You're late!

We have two rules here, Kat.

First rule, don't be late.

Other rule, the most important rule.

(in unison)

All performers in costumes at all times equals magic.

Yes, I know, it's a stupid rule, but you like money?

You wanna keep your job as an elf?

Get to work!

- Move.


Both of y'all!

- Yes.

Hey, are you the new Santa?

Hey, uh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I just started.

I'm Nick.

Like, Saint Nick.


You look like you're having a little trouble there.

Uh, serious question.

Does this suit make me look fat?

[all laughing] That's funny.

Y'all havin' a good time as a group of friends.

Do you want me to report you to Mr.


Get out there and do your show!

Santa, a pillow, a hat, get jolly!

You get Santa pulled together and I will start one of our numbers.

- We're going.

We're going.

- Wastin' my time.

- Breathe.

- What's wrong with you people?

Uh, sorry, I am..

...obviously not a professional.

No, whereas I obviously am.

Uh, I'm Kat by the way.

Hey, have we met before?

Uh, it's kinda hard to tell with the..

Yeah, you're right.

So, Kat, you're, uh, one of the Santa Land singers?

Yeah, when I'm not selling out arenas I sing here.

But I, I write the music, so that's a bonus.

Ah, nice.

You're a songwriter.

That's awesome.

Yeah, I'm huge with the four to six year olds.

[chuckles] Okay, that's it.

Give me this.

Now, Santa's been on a cleanse, that is way better.

Ah, yeah, you fill out the suit quite nicely.

I mean, you know, with-without the pillows.

I mean, um..

So, you ready to go?

[upbeat music] No, I think you'll really like it Yeah, i-i-it's cheesy, but it's good.

Christmas Eve all the lights are out I can't sleep 'cause Santa's coming to town Toys and treats can't wait to see what we got My wish list did it come true or not Toys toys toys I can't wait Toys toys toys for Christmas day Toys toys toys Santa's comin' to town Toys toys toys so let's scream and shout Christmas Eve all the lights are out I can't sleep 'cause Santa's comin' to town Toys and treats can't wait to see what we got My wish list did it come true or not Toys toys I can't wait No I can't wait - Oh toys toys toys - Christmas Eve I can't wait for Christmas day Christmas Eve all the lights are out I can't sleep 'cause Santa's comin' to town Toys and treats can't wait to see what we got My wish list did it come true or not Toys toys toys I can't wait Toys toys toys for Christmas day Toys toys toys Santa's comin' to town Toys toys toys so let's scream and shout [crowd cheering] ...fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight.

Not a bad haul.

Yeah, at this rate, I can afford an apartment when I'm 40.

[giggles] So..

...the new Santa?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sure you don't.

Come on, I have to tell you about the super-fun mortifying adventure with my steps today.


And you're sure it was Dominic Wintergarden?

Oh, a hundred percent.

He was...

surrounded by all of his rich friends.

Oh, his girlfriend insulted my shoes.

I like your shoes.

Yeah, it was like a scene from a horror movie.

Everyone was laughing and staring at me.

And the steps did nothing.

Oh, no, they did something.

Joy took a video of it and put it on her vlog.


Oh, so humiliating.

If I ever saw him again, I would die.

I mean, that's kind of unlikely 'cause we run in different circles.

But, you know who does run in our circle?

- Sexy Santa.

- Isla.

I'm just saying, I wonder if Mr.

Mujiza has rules where elves can't hook-up with Mr.


He hasn't even seen me with...

out my elf face.

- But your elf face is so cute.

- Okay, it's not happening.

I'm just saying, he looked really into it today.

You sounded amazing and the song was so good.

Yeah, well, I liked it better watching you do it.

Why are you so scared?

You're so talented, Kat, if I had half your voice I would be a star.

If I had half your self-confidence I'd rule the world.

[crickets chirping] (woman on TV)

'Real housewives of Manhattan Beach..' No, no, Grace, th-the stamp is upside-down.

Stamps go in the corner, I've seen mail, mom.

Yes, but the actual stamp is upside-down.


Details matter.

You don't want people thinking you're simple.

Oh-ho, my hand, it's k*lling me.

My tongue is dry.

Sorry, I'm late.

The line was around the corner tonight.

How dare you just waltz in here after a night out on the town?

- I've been working.

- Tomato, tamato.

While you were off in your fantasy world of being Debbie Gibson...

I don't know who that is.

The point is, these girls were here doing your work 'and poor Joy is suffering' from carpal tunnel and Grace..

- My tongue is so dry.

- Hm.

[dog barks] Oh, Bruno, that's my boy.


That mangy, flea-bitten wheelbarrow dog peed in the corner.

Well, did anybody take him out?

- Well, I'll clean it up.

- Of course, you will.

You'll also do the dishes, the floors, the laundry.

You have to hand wash my Spanx.

And get the hair clog out of my shower.

You need to Febreze all my shoes.

And address all those cards.

- We've to get them out first.

- What are those for?

We've been here months now and haven't received a single invitation to anything 'I'm sending those out to all the affluent...' - And rich.

- Families of the city.

- With single sons for us...

- Do-do..

Don't tell her.

Alright, well, just let me take Bruno out and then I'll be back to do my chores.

Aren't you forgetting something?

We all have to contribute.

That dog eats his weight in kibble.

Remind me how we're all contributing again.

You're so ungrateful.

How am I ungrateful?

I work six hours a day at Santa Land.

Santa Land.

I do holiday singing grams every night.

- Quit bragging.

- I'm not bragging.

I just would like to keep some of my tip money since you won't give me any of the money my dad left me.

He gave it to me to use as I see fit until you turn 18.

And I don't see fit otherwise.

- Why?

- How dare you.

Your father left me a widow.

He left you everything.

Watch your mouth.

You know, anything can happen in four months.

Come on, Bruno.

[instrumental music] Now it's that time of year when magic's in the air There's so many smiley faces love is everywhere You can hear those carol sounds From outside your front door That's when you know it's almost Christmas Christmas [music continues] It's almost Christmas It's almost Yeah, I agree.

[instrumental music] I really miss you, dad.

[keyboard music] It's that time of year again Time that I don't understand Wishin' I wasn't afraid Come so close What's this holiday about All this time I've been hidin' out Wonderin' if I'll ever know Tell me now 'cause I don't understand Help me out 'cause I don't get it yet This isn't how it's supposed to be I wanna know what Christmas really means All the love and joy I wanna see 'Cause it's always lost on me [water flowing] Hey, dad, what's up?

Oh, hey, Nick.

Oh, huh, you, uh, going in to work today?

Family tradition, you know?

Yeah, I know.

I'm, uh, goin' in this afternoon.

Oh, good, good.

Hey, uh, dad, I wanted to ask you something.


Well, I had an idea for this year's gala.


Give me a sec.

Uh, you know, like with the entertainment.

I've been workin' on something.

Yeah, I gotta take this.

- Hello, yeah?

- Got it.



Tell me what you had in your mind.

Uh, no, do your thing.

It's all good.

See you, dad.

I'm here.

Oh, my God, I got over 10,000 views on my Starbucks girl vlog.

At least, Kat is good for something.

Yeah, she needs to get a life.

- Right.

- 'Girls.' The Wintergarden's just announced their Christmas gala.

Oh, it's an animal charity.

Oh, what a waste of perfectly good money.

Dominic's dad?

God, he's so crazy rich!

He owns, like, half the hotels in the city.

Do you think Dominic has seen my vlog?

Hotels, restaurants.

He even owns that Santa Land, Kat works at.

Santa Land.

Who cares?

We're not invited.

His wife d*ed last year leaving your Dominic without a mommy.

I think, he'd be delighted to meet a widow as..

...fit and available as myself.

Ew, gross, mom.

And Dominic will be there.

I have to get into that party.

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

- But how?

- I'm trying to ask you.

- Oh.

- d*ad dad was his total bestie.

- What?

- Who?

- d*ad dad.

- Who?

- What?

- d*ad dad.

Are you talking about Kat's father?

That's what I said, d*ad dad.

It's in all Kat's photobooks.

[instrumental music] - Move.

- Get out of my way, mom.

[indistinct chatter] "Kilimanjaro, 2002, Wintergarden and Decker." "North Pole, 2005." "Terry Wintergarden and Jason Decker" All these stupid trips he took before we met.

Taking care of wildebeests or one-legged flamingoes or something.

- Maybe it will finally pay off.

- What're we looking for?

Anything that will get us into that party.

[chuckles] What is this garbage?

"I won't be fake, I will not break." "I'll be the change, unique and strange." [laughing] She sounds like a psycho.

Do you think anybody cares about her stupid songs?

Oh, and then there's this silly little thing.

She's always looking at like it's goin' to start talking to her.

I have no friends.

"North Pole, 2005." Wintergarden was on this trip.

Oh, this is good.

- This is good.

- What do you do with it?

What you do with it doesn't matter.

- It's what it does for us.

- Yeah?

Joy, hide this in your room, keep looking.

Keep looking.


My dear Mr. Wintergarden it is with great sadness I must inform you of my beloved husband, Jason Decker's death.

The photos from your journeys together to the Antarctic icebergs and the misty Tanzawa Ranges in Japan made me feel such a connection to you.

...Jason in India with Wintergarden?

Let's find out.

He considered you family, and so shall I.

Let's work on the Antarctic, the light hitting the ice..

[indistinct chatter] We relocated here, this year.

And it would be our privilege to meet with you to honor the memory of Jason.

...misty Tanzawa Mountain Ranges.


Our family is generally free this holiday season reserving the daylight hours to attend to the needs of sick and homeless shelter animals.

[dramatic music] With fond regards, Deirdre Decker.


'I've got the groceries.' [indistinct TV chatter] Those are my books.

Why is my stuff out?

That's what I want to know.

I think the dog did it.

Clean it up.

Oh, and you're trending Starbucks girl.

You can thank me now.

Okay, you need to take that down.

Deirdre she's ruining my life.

You're lucky to be part of her artistic vision.

Well, I have to get to work.

Oh, the dog also pooped in the corner.

I'll take care of it.

I already did.

- Thank you, Grace.

- I put it on your bed.


'My snow globe is missing.' 'Well, has anyone seen it?' - Oh, uh, we...

- No idea.

Uh, no idea.

Well, could you guys please help me look for it?

It's really important to me.

It's important to me that you stop yammering and go to work 'so I can binge watch "The housewives of Manhattan Beach."' [indistinct TV chatter] [sighing] [instrumental music] (Nick)

Merry Christmas.

And off you go.

Hey, you okay?

Oh, yeah, it's nothing.

Hey, you're really good with them.

Oh, well, I like kids.

Comes pretty natural to me.

Makes me think of my parents.

Oh, yeah, where are they?

Oh, um..

My mom d*ed when I was eight.

And my dad d*ed a couple of years ago.

I am so sorry.

I kinda suck at jolly and merry.

Why don't you come and sit on Santa's lap and tell me what you want for Christmas, little elf?

That is so incredibly creepy.

- Too much?

- A little bit.

Little bit.

But, uh, for real.

What's your Christmas wish, Kat?

Oh, it's..

It's not possible.

It's not even a wish really.

It's more like a unlikely dream.

Tell me.

I wanna write and sing songs.

Like, not for Santa Land but for movies and Broadway shows.

I-I wanna sell out arenas.

Oh, my God, that sounded so cringey.

- I'm so sorry.

- Why?


If you can write as well as you can sing what's holding you back?

My dad used to say if I could dream it, I could be it.

I used to believe that.

I know that sounds so cheesy.

Oh, my God.

Can we stop talking about me?

It's your turn.

Oh, definitely not happening.

No way.


You are the biggest jerk.

Come on.

Come on.

I have a couple of bands.

Why are we whispering?

Because I don't want my dad to hear.

Is your dad, Mr. Mujiza?

[chuckles] No, I just, I'm gonna keep it on the D-L.

Okay, uh, you sing in a couple of bands, that's cool.

No, I-I manage 'em.

- Have you heard of Trash File?

- Uh, maybe.

DJ Sock Puppet?

Oh, yeah.

I mean they're...

- Well, that's my..

- Hi, Santa.

Ho-ho-ho, it's a lot on that list, huh?

Okay, smile for the camera.

- Big picture.


- And off you go.

So, yeah, that's my band.

That's awesome.

Why would you keep that from your dad?

I don't know, I..

I like music.

And I'm good at it.

But I just don't think it's what my dad had in mind for me.

I don't know.

I'm just afraid I'll disappoint him.

Well, I think your dad will be proud of you.


I think your dad will be too.

[knocking on door] What?

Uh, sorry to bother you...

Not interested.

I'm here on behalf of Mr. Wintergarden.

[instrumental music] Are you okay?

Yes, I'm perfectly fine.

Uh, please, please, come in.

'Come in.' Can I offer you a-a refreshment?

Some-some coffee?

Something stronger?

No, I'm, I'm working.

You were saying, Mr. Wintergarden sent you.

Yes, I'm looking for the lady of the house.

You found her.



Ignore him.

He showed up years ago, and we can't get rid of him.

You know the Wintergarden's are all about helping out special animals like this.

And he can't get rid of us.

We absolutely adore him.

[dog barking] Don't take it personally.

He's, um, nervous around strangers.


He came right up to me.

So, you were saying..

Yes, it is my privilege to present to Mrs.

Jason Decker, that is you, yes?

In the flesh.

And his daughter Katherine Decker two invitations to the annual Wintergarden Christmas Eve Gala.

Just five days away.

And a personal letter to you and Katherine from Mr.


He remembers Katherine, then?

When he was reading your e-mail his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning.

- Did they?

- They did.

And in the true spirit of the season...

Yes, yes, true spirit, that's wonderful.

There's just the teensiest misunderstanding.

You see, I have two daughters.

And it wouldn't be Christmas if I had to leave the younger one here, alone.

I just have the one daughter here.

It's just, my youngest daughter is special.

Children are gifts.

Aren't they, though?

It's just this one is special.

Like the dog.

And it is a charity.

A Christmas charity.

Well, it has been such a pleasure.

I am so looking forward to helping the hippos and all that.

Hot Santa is so into you.

No, he's not.

And I think you're into him.

I am not.

I saw you guys today.

You were like laser beams on each other.

- It's not like that.

- Ah..

He's just a good listener.

I started talking about my dad and how he used to tell me..

If you could dream it, you could be it?


Oh, right there.

I don't know.

Just when we were talking today he made me feel like there could be something more for me.

There will be, Kat.

You're extraordinary.

You just don't know it yet.

But you know who knows it?

Hot Santa.

Why are you so weird?

He knows it and he wants to get it.

- No, he doesn't.

- And you wanna get it too.

You want some of that hot sexy Santa.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Yeah, have a good one, thanks.

Dude, I just booked DJ Sock Puppet.



That is crazy.


That is sick!


Yeah, things are, uh..

...really great right now.

What's goin' on with you?

You got that goofy smile on your face.

Uh, no, it's nothing.

- Oh, it's a girl, isn't it?

- No, it's not.

- Com..


- Well, yeah, maybe.

- Oh!

- No, no, no, no.

It is not like that.

It's just..

Dude, she's easy to talk to.

And, she made me look at things a little differently.

- Oh, Dom is in love.

- No, he's not.

No, of course he isn't.

Of course, he is man.

Look at your face.

Yo, I wanna meet your boo.

Wait, d-does she have a sister?

It's not fair.

It's never, ever fair.

Calm down, darling.

Why does Kat get to go?

She doesn't even know about the gala.

- It's pronounced gala.

- What?

I've been working on my upper-class accent.

I didn't even get to work on an accent.

There's no accent.

Pull it together.

I am way better than, Kat.

Dominic would never go for a nothing like her.

I'm perfect for him.

He doesn't even know, Kat, it's like..

You're right.

Wintergarden hasn't seen her since she was four years old.

Who's to say Kat hasn't finally blossomed?

Joy, you will be the new and improved Katherine.

Why can't I be the new and improved Katherine?

- Please.

- Please.

And if there's any question, you can just show him the lovely snow globe your daddy gave you.



- Not a word of this.

- I shan't say a word.

- Mom, she stole my accent.

- There's no accent.

Girls, I'm finally starting to feel the Christmas spirit.

Sing we joyous all together Fa-la la-la laa-la la la la That went...

pretty well.

Please tell me we're done for the night.

We're done for the night.

[instrumental music] I'll be home..

It's not the holidays without Chinese food.

Oh, hi.

You, uh, decorated without me.

Merry Christmas, Katherine.

Joy, no carbs for you.

You'll get fat.

Uh-uh-uh, no peeking.

I haven't wrapped your gift yet.

Feel free to eat with us tonight.

It is almost Christmas.

Um, long day.

Just save an eggroll for me.

[keyboard music] Where's my snow globe, Bruno?

Where is it?

[whimpering] [instrumental music] Bruno?


You wanna go outside?

Bruno, where're you goin', buddy?

[Bruno growls] Shh, Bruno, okay.

What's under there, Bruno?

What're you doing, snooping in my room?

Uh, sorry, Bruno led me in here.

And if Bruno led you into oncoming traffic would you follow him there too?

[scoffs] Fingers crossed.

I said I was sorry.

Don't do it again.


'We respect your privacy, Kat.' Is it too much to ask that you respect ours?

[sighs] Come on, Bruno.

[growls] [dramatic music] It looks like..

I just need to ride this out until I'm 18 and I can get away from them.


[sighs] Kat.

You deserve so much better.

- I have better.

- Oh..

- Thank you.

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Thanks for listening to me.

- Mm, always..

- Oh, uh..

- I'll come back.

- No, it's, it's okay.

Um, we're, we're all good.

Is everything alright?

Yeah, it will be.

I'm gonna go feed the reindeer.

- We don't have reindeer.

- We don't have reindeer.

[chuckles] Is there anything I can help with?

No, it's fine.

Even your ears look sad.

[both chuckle] I'm okay, I promise.

You know what?

What're you doing?

What-what is that?

This is an invite..

...to a party.


This is to the Wintergarden Gala.


This is the biggest event of the year.


How do you have this?

I know someone who knows someone, you could say.

I don't understand, why, why're you giving this to me?

Well, I just, I thought..

- Do you not wanna go?

- No, um..

I'm sorry, I just..

This is really generous and..

...I'm not used to..

I-I can't accept this.

Yes, you can.


It's a Christmas Eve party there'll be music, animals cheese.

- Ah, cheese.

- He-he-he.

- Well, then..

- He-he-he.

Thank you.

[mellow music] This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

[chuckles] Thanks.

This is crazy.

We can hang out together after the show.

Because I just got hired to help with the costumes at the gala.

- What?

- He-he-he.

Isla, that's amazing!

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

Even the invite smells like money.

I know.

Exactly, why I shouldn't go.

Hey, stop.

You have more of a right to be there than anybody.

His charity literally stands for everything you're about animals and singing.

Okay, yeah, true.

But, I don't ' know.

Uh, th-the event is for like a whole other world of people.

[scoffs] Okay.

A world where you wear dresses like that.


You would look amazing in that.

Not in this lifetime, though.

Who knows?

You're due for a Christmas miracle.

I'd settle for a lock on my door.

I mean, a miracle would be better, I'm just saying.


'Oh, but seriously.

What I'm gonna wear?' [instrumental music] [indistinct chatter] - Oh, why not?

- Maybe this one, come here.

Come tighten me, because if I'm not gonna do this..

Obviously this one makes you look fat.

Well, I'm not..

I hate every single dress.

[snickers] From the looks of the dresses, they hate you, too.

[laughs] Potatoes wear sacks better than you.

Oh, kindness, Joy, like your vlog.

I apologize.

You have the perfect figure for a potato sack.

- Thank you.

- Welcome.

Whoa, what's goin' on here?

Well, she's going to find out sooner or later.

We've been invited to the Wintergarden Charity Gala.

- W-we have?

- No, no, no, no.

We have.

[gasps] Oh, look at you, so sad.

Oh, oh, he-he-he.

Don't cry on the dresses, they're not paid for yet.

- Oh!

- Kindness, ladies.

Poor girl.

We only received three tickets.

Although I did everything in my power to try to get a fourth.

How did you get tickets?

Well, what do you think I do all day?

Troll the internet and wear spray tan.

You know speaking of tanning, you could use some color.

- You like a fetus.

- So small, can't even talk.

I sl*ve away for this family trying to make ends meet.

- Well, my father...

- Your father..

You think traipsing around the world saving manatees, feeds the family?

You're as pathetic as he was.


'This is a no.

I'm saying no to that one.' 'I already said to get this one out of the house..' Every year a special..

- Has anyone seen Kat?

- Oh..

Where you been?

Get to work.

And every year on Santa's list I want to be with you Well Santa saw..

(female #3)


Okay, girl.

Yeah!' Get back to work.

I want to dance with Father Christmas I want to dance with Father Christmas Shoo-be-doo-ah whoa-ah-ah-ah..

Is it me or do one of those kids smell like a...

He had a lump of coal in his diaper?

- Heh.

- Yeah.

I appreciate Santa way more now than I did when I was a kid.

[chuckles] Oh, hey, your, um, you collar is a little wonky.

- Oh.

- No..

Here, I'll..

May I?

- Yeah.

- Okay, just..

- Thanks.

- You're welcome.

There we go.

I really feel like we've met before?

I mean..

I know Mr. Mujiza has his rules, but..

...I'm gonna take off my beard.

- No, you're not.

- Yes, I am.

And you're gonna take off your hat, your wig and your cute little elf ears.

No, no, I mean..

Yeah, I-I'd like you to take off your whole thing.

The Santa bit, not like everything.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Okay, rule number one costumes equal magic.

Forget rule number one, alright?

I want you to know the real me.

And I wanna know the real you.

Oh, God.

Wait, uh..


I took off mine.

Now you take off yours.

[instrumental music] This is crazy.


[both chuckle] - Mm..

- Oh, nice ears.

Be quiet.

- Okay.

Now you.

- Alright.

Here goes nothing.

[mellow music] Oh, my God.

You're Dominic Wintergarden.


- Okay, so you own all of...

- No, but..

My dad does.

But hold on, don't change the subject.

It's your turn.


I can't.

I, um, don't wanna get fired.

- Oh, come on.

- No, seriously.

You can't lose your job, I can.


Okay, you're right.

- It's just...

- Okay, wait.

- Um..

- Yeah.

The gala, wh-what about the gala?

You're gonna go, right?

[chuckles] Yeah, I was planning on it.

'Cause you're Dominic Wintergarden, yeah.


What if we met there?

Like a blind date?

Yeah, like a, a blind date.

I wanna kiss you.

[music continues] (Isla)

We're up!

Or we can be up later.

Oh, my God.

You're Dominic Wintergarden.

I'm gonna go..

...feed the reindeer.


[chuckles] What is happening?

[chuckles] Do you wanna be singin' elves or toilet scrubbin' elves?

- 'On the stage now.' - Mm.

I need to hear everything.

Come on.

[sighs] [indistinct singing] Oh, hi.

'Uh, sorry, I-I didn't see you there.' Hello, dear.

You seem happy.



I'm, I'm not.

I'm not, not, um..

- Where is everyone?

- They're out.

It's just us girls.

- Are you okay, Deirdre?

- Mm-hm.

We never spend any time together.

You're writing a new song.

Oh, it's nothing.

It's not nothing.

It's your dream, isn't it?

- N-no.

- Aren't dreams wonderful?

I used to have dreams.

Did you know that?



I was a beautiful dancer when I was young.

I was going to be a prima ballerina.

- Don't laugh at me.

- I'm not laughing.

I didn't always look like this.

I was a swan.

I had the best arabesque in New Mexico.

And do you know what happened?


Bunions happened.

Ruining my beautiful dancing feet.

Look at them.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Deirdre.

[scoffs] [sighs] And I'll tell you something else, missy.

[dramatic music] I was a true artist.

And I can still recognize talent.

And you, my dear..

...don't have it.


So you should just keep that little job at Santa Land because that's all you're ever going to be.

And this little song notebook, well, you might as well burn it.

Because it will never be more than a sad reminder of your unfulfilled dreams.

[chuckles] Mom, Joy said I weigh more than my I.Q.

You do.

She does.

I have a very slim I.Q.

Yes, you do, dear.

Yes, you do.

Lovely chatting with you.


[instrumental music] [indistinct chatter] Hey.

What's with the face?

Deirdre reminded me that I'll never amount to anything more than a minimum wage elf.

Your stepmom is a jealous old crone.

She can bear the fact that you have more talent in your big toe than she and her horrible daughters combined.

- Thank you.

- And..

Did she happen to see that elf hooking up with Dominic-fricking-Wintergarden yesterday?

Kat, he was falling all over himself for you.

This is epic.

What did he say when he realized you were a Starbucks girl?

[sighs] He didn't.

He didn't recognize you?

I didn't take off my wig.


He probably would not have even remembered you from that.

Everyone remembers me from that, yeah.

Thanks to Joy, I'm viral.

I told him I'll see him at the gala.

[sighs] - Isla, I like him.

- Hm.

Like, I really, really like him.

But when he finds out that I'm sad little Starbucks girl who wears knock-off brands and gets bullied by her step-family, uh, I..

I don't know, he won't ever wanna see me again.

Okay, first of all you make knock-offs look like couture.

And second, once you turn 18 it's bye-bye bullies.

[sighs] True.


So let's stop moping.

Now, I brought you here for a reason.

Mm, very mysterious.

I, as you know am hopeless romantic.

And when I see a love garden trying to blossom I have to tend to its soil.

What are you talking about?

- I'm the gardener of love, Kat.

- Heh.

So, I really need you to go to that gala and get you that man.

Deirdre would never let me go.

- Don't tell her.

- I have nothing to wear.

- Yeah.

- What are you doing?

- What are you doing?

- I'm just moving some coffee.

[chuckles] Okay.

You could not have bought the green dress.

It costs like a fortune.

I didn't buy it.

[dramatic music] I made it.



No crying.

You're gonna make me start crying.




- I love you.

- I love you!

You're gonna look so good in it.

[chuckles] (male #1 over PA)

'Ho, ho, ho, it's time to go.' 'Santa Land is now closed.' 'But Santa and his elves will be back tomorrow' 'for more Christmas cheers.' - You haven't talked much.

- Who are you going with today?

[chuckles] Are you okay?

The fact we almost kissed.

[chuckles] Are you really gonna make me wait two more days until I see you in your human form?

I am.


You are one mean elf.

[chuckles] [Dominic chuckles] 'Living on the edge, huh?' [chuckles] So, how would your girlfriend feel 'about our almost kiss?' Girlfriend?

Come on.

You're Dominic Wintergarden.

Everyone knows you have, like, a bunch of Insta-girlfirends.

[chuckles] - "Insta-girlfirends?" - 'Yeah.' Wow!

Is that what people think?

People are pretty quick to judge.

They always think they know who I'm dating who I'm friends with.

I don't even know who I'm friends anymore.

That's tough.

I, um..

I guess I'm lucky to have Isla.


We should all hang out together.

Yeah, we should.

Is it me or just the holidays 'Cause I've been feeling kinda strange Maybe I'm just falling like the snow Warm blankets and mistletoe Like something I've been looking for But maybe I'm just falling like the snow This isn't something I would normally do But I guess the season's got me falling for you I ask for all the toys all the goodies I left out all the treats all the cookies for Santa I wanted expensive things and diamond rings But Santa brought me something That was much more true I sent all my wishes in a letter But the Santa he knew better 'Cause he brought me you The North Pole got my Christmas list Told me I'm no longer a little kid So they're bringing me something different this year Hoo-ooh-ooh And I can't lie..

Santa's on his sleigh tonight He's out to spread Some loving Christmas cheers ho-oh-oh This isn't something I would normally do But I guess the season's got me falling for you I ask for all the toys all the goodies I left out all the treats all the cookies for Santa I wanted expensive things and diamond rings But Santa brought me something That was much more true I sent all my wishes in a letter But the Santa he knew better 'Cause he brought me you Santa brought me you-uu-u You-u-u-u Santa brought me - You-u-u-u - You-u-u-u - You-u-u-u - You-u-u-u Santa brought me you I sent all my wishes in a letter But the Santa he knew better 'Cause he brought me you [instrumental music] [humming] [Bruno whimpering] (Kat)

Bruno, there' my boy.

[chuckles] [sighs] I had an amazing day today, Bruno.

[whimpering] [chuckles] I need some place to hide this.

Some place safe.

[whimpers] You're such a smart dog.

They would never think to look anywhere near your bed.

Good boy.

[chuckles] Good boy.

Good boy.

[giggles] [sighs] [birds chirping] [sighs] Good morning, Bruno.



Bruno, come on.


Bruno, where are you?


'You've been lying to us, Katherine' Hi.

Oh, you scared me.

Why are you holding Bruno?

And why are you up so early?

[Bruno whimpers] You've upset mother.

[dramatic music] Hi.

Did you guys choreograph this or something?

Seriously, why is everyone dressed up?

So unfortunate really.

Just as we were becoming friends.

What are you talking about?

- Can you give me my dog?

- First things first.

Joy, we're ready.


Oh, Kat..

...I love it.

Such a thoughtful gift.

I mean, it's a little plain but I can fix that.

I think I'm going to name my next vlog after you.

"The Joy of Christmas Giving." That's my dress.

You have no right.


Whine and cry.

Whine and cry.

Not really the holiday spirit, is it?

'Girls, can you excuse us?' I need to talk to your stepsister.

I'm still waiting for my gift.

[Bruno whimpering] I don't like being lied to.

That's my ticket.


Can I have it back?


Please, uh, it was given to me.

Was it or did you steal it?


Look, I'm sorry.

It was wrong of me, I should have told you.

Don't, please.

How does it hurt you if I go to the gala?

You've hurt us by lying and being deceitful I know, I-I'm-I'm so sorry, Deirdre.

But, please, I never ask for anything. - 'I want to go to the gala.' - Oh, I'm sure you do.

But if you care about your inheritance you'll do exactly as I say.

[scoffs] It's all so silly really.

Did you think that the Wintergardens would want you at their gala.


Look at you, all that earnest scribbling in your notebook.

You're nothing but a dreamer.

Just like your father.

Those dishes won't clean themselves.

[dramatic music] [cell phone buzzing] - Hey.

- 'Good morning.' Warm up that voice, you have a holiday groom to get to.

I wasn't on the schedule.


'Don't worry.

I covered you at work.' 'Hey, hold on to that pole, please.' Isla, I need to tell you something.

I have to tell you something.

It's at the Wintergarden estate.

- 'Guys, hands to yourselves.' - What?

Why would Dominic do that?

Because he's obsessed with you and can't get enough of your cute little elf ears.


'Hey, you're gonna be fine.' 'Plus, he probably just wants to hang out.' But if he does want you to sing you should do that Christmas song you've been working on 'cause it's amazing.

'You know the one you sent me last week.' It's just..

My steps just did something awful.

Tell me about it later.

You're due at the estate in 20.

[sighs] Sunday to Sunday now you're taking..


So, let-let me get this straight..

You're into this Santa Land girl who you've never met.

Even though Skyler 'who can have anyone she wants..' - 'Anyone, dude.' - 'Is obsessed with you.' Yeah, that's right.

- Is she at least hot?

- Look, that's not the point.


I like her.

She's funny, she's smart she's...

She's a dog, isn't she?

What does he look like?

Uh, dude, he said, it's not the point.

But, no, for real though, w-what does she looks like?

I don't know.

Like a sort of adorable little elf.

You're freaking me out, man.

And she's got one of the best voices I've ever heard.

[chuckles] Yeah.

Well, you'd know, Simon Cowell.

[doorbell rings] Okay, guys, she's here.

Don't be jerks, okay?

We'll be on our best behavior.

Guys, I'm serious.

Do not mess this up for me.

- Bring on the singer now.

- You're so mature, Noah.

Oh, are you jealous of the singing elves gal?

- Heh.

- Yo, she so jealous.

[chuckles] - Hi - Hi.

- Ho, ho, ho, holiday Gram.

- He-he-he.

You are amazing.

What are we doing here?

I mean, did you hire me for a singing gram.

Yeah, I did.

I want you to come over and I didn't know if you would, so..

Oh, so you're, you're stalking me.

[chuckles] Come in.

Wow, you really take Mr.

McJesus costumes little seriously, don't you?

I don't totally.


Come on.

This is beautiful.

Yeah, thanks.

Hey, I, um, I need to tell you something about my invitation.


'Oh.' Um, you have company.

I wanna introduce you to my friends.

This is Noah.

This is Jackson.

This is Ashley.

And that's Skyler.

Guys... this is Kat.

- Whaddup?

- Hi.

So are you gonna sing or something?

- No, she is not here to sing..

- Oh, no.

Oh, why not?

Dominic keeps telling us how amazing you are.

Um, I think I should probably go.

Hey, hey, hey.

Sky, Sky, you're scaring her.

Don't be scared, elfy.

I'll sing with you.

Wait, honestly, man, it's not even funny.

I-I need to get in character here.

- 'Jackson, stop!' - 'Give me the hat.' - Oh, no.

Uh, no.

- Do, do you mind?

- No, no, no.


- 'What the hell happened?' - What did you do, Jackson?

- 'I didn't even touch her.' - Are you okay?

- Wait, hold up.

Wait, I know you.

Wait, isn't she a meme?


The Starbucks girl.

Whaddup, girl?


'It is her.

I'd recognize her if she's anywhere.' Cover your Prada, everyone?

- Just stop.

- Well, shut up, Jackson!

- You too, Skylar.

- Dude, relax, I'm joking.

- Oh, this ain't good.

- Oh, Ka-Kat!


Why are you like this?

Please, I'm so sorry, alright?

I just wanted you to meet them.

I bet you did.

It must be fun playing rich people games.

- Humiliating someone like me.

- Kat, no.

- It's not like that.

- 'I bet they loved it.' Dominic Wintergarden hanging out with poor little elfy, and her knock-off shoes.

God, I thought you liked me.

Wait, what-what-what are you talking about?

No, I do like you.

I just..

Look, I wanted you to meet my friends.

Well, I met them.

You can keep them.

Just stay away from me, Dominic.

I mean it.

[instrumental music] [sighs] When you get high You must come down [sighs] [whimpering] I sleep like a child..

Do you think I overreacted, Bruno?

Yeah, I do, too.

Where do I go Christmas time (Mr. Wintergarden)

'What do you think?' Should I go with light-hearted Christmas plaid or should I just do a tux?

I don't know.

Whatever you think.

What's going on?

You're not looking forward to t-tomorrow.



Alright, come on, talk to me.

[sighs] Dad, I messed up.

- It's a girl.

- I think it's the girl.

It's the one you work with, isn't it?

Dad, she's amazing.

- What's that you got?

- Oh, um..

This is her song writing book.

She, uh, left it when she ran out today.

She is the most talented person I've ever met.

She's smart, she's gorgeous.

And, dad, she liked me before she knew I was a Wintergarden.

I totally blew it.

You know what?

I don't buy that.

Whatever happened, we can fix it.

I don't think even you can fix this one.

[instrumental music] [humming] Voila!

It's like a week in Ibiza.

You look like an Oompa Loompa.


Where's that horrible snow globe?

- It's in my bag.

- Don't forget it.


- Give me this.

- No.

I had it first.

It doesn't matter what you wear.

No one's gonna be looking at you anyway.

- Don't step on..

- It's mine.

You have to earn tiaras.

Well, look who decided to show up.

You know some of us have a gala to attend?

Mom, that's my accent!

You need to put all that away.

I don't want you tainting us with your bad energy.

- How can I help you?

- Zipper my dress.

'I'm waiting.' Um, it's not really working because of all the stuff you added.

- 'Forget it, we need to go.' - Make it work.

Kat, have fun tonight.

I've left you a list of a few things to do.

The living room, the laundry, the dishes, the bathroom...

Grace, get the tickets, I almost forgot.

'You can finish the Chinese food from last week.' Enjoy little you time.

- Oh, my bag.

- I got it.

It's okay.

[dramatic music] - That's my snow globe.

- No, it isn't.

- Yes, it is.

- No.

You stole it from my room?

Now, Katherine, your sister was just admiring it.

Why would you take it?

You guys all knew how crazy I was going looking for it.

You lied to me.

- Give it back.

- No!


Stop it!


Why the Grinch.

An ugly mean little Grinch.

- Ow, I just wanted to see it!

- Give it to me!

[clamoring] All of this for a worthless trinket.

- Stop it!

- It's not worthless to me.


[Kat gasping] [sighs] All because you couldn't share.

[sighs] Clean it up.

Now it is worthless.

[crying] Oh, dad.

What am I supposed to do?

[whimpering] Hi.

Bruno, it's been a really bad day.

[Bruno barking] Bruno, what is it?

[barking] Bruno?

What is this?

"Deirdre and Katherine Decker." "I look forward to seeing the two of you at the gala." You know what, Bruno?

They can take my money.

They can take my time they can even take my green dress.

But they can't take my name.

[barks] Come on, Bruno.

We've got a gala to go to.

[indistinct chatter] Pull it together, girls.

We deserve this.

- Well...

I deserve this.

- Mother.

I absolutely must find Dominic.

There's no accent, Joy.

And we must find Mr.


Oh, I found him.

Oh, hello, Mr.

Wintergarden I'm charming to meet you.

Mom, I get to do the accent.

Trust me, Wintergarden won't be wearing a scarf.

And nobody's doing an accent.

- Isla, are you sure?

- It's the perfect plan.

Come on, I'll just walk you in with the performers then you head into the party and find Dominic and Mr.


Clear your name, arrest the steps for impersonating you and then we all have ourselves a merry old Christmas.

Yeah, you make it sound so easy.

And why am I in my elf gear?

Isn't that gonna make me stand out?

Ah, I don't think you need to worry about standing out.

- Heh-heh.


- Oh!

Charming to meet you.

Charming to meet you.

Oh, is that shrimp?

- Oh, mom.

- Huh!

There he is.


'Claws out, p*ssy cats.' Time to go for the k*ll.

[chuckles] Oh!

I would recognize you anywhere my dear, dear Mr. Wintergarden.

But I guess you wouldn't recognize me.

I'm sorry.

Do we know each other?

Well, you could say we're family.

- Uh, yeah.

- Charming.

I'm charming to meet you.

No, I'm charming to meet you.

I-I'm sorry I don't follow, are you friends of Dominic's?

Well, if I were naughty I'd say I'm his future mother-in-law.

- Don't be wicked, mother.

- Or rather.

You know what, perhaps you could start again.

- I'm Terrence Wintergarden.

- It's Deirdre.

- Deirdre Decker, Jason's widow.

- Oh, for God's sake.

And I think you might remember this gorgeous girl, Terry.

May I call you Terry?

This is Katherine.

- Jason's beautiful daughter.

- Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, I really didn't recognize you.

Look at you.

You, you're so tall and, and you've got red hair.

We can dye it brown.

Uh, weren't your eyes brown?

Uh, contacts, teenagers these days always wanting to change their looks.

Don't suppose you recognize me?

- I do.

- No, you don't.

[chuckles] No, dear, you don't.

Uh, this is Grace, my youngest.

Very nice to meet you, Grace.

I'm charming, Your Highness.

Y-Yes, you are charming, and I'm not a Highness.

But, Katherine, please, tell me everything.

Uh, I have so many fond memories of you and your father.

Do you remember any of those times?

[mumbling] Mm-hm.

Uh, Kat, honey, why don't you tell Mr. Wintergarden all the facts about daddy that you love?

- Mm-hm?

- Right.



- Did you know Jason Decker...

- No, there's no accent, dear.

We travel so often she sometimes slips in through an accent.

[chuckles] Oh, rather.

- Anyway, did you know Jason...

- Daddy.

Oh, uh, daddy traveled to the Earth's most remote locations to care for people in high risk, high altitude situations 'but this American doctor didn't just save lives.' - Decker...

- Daddy.

Daddy, was also a keen photographer who took a stunning pictures depicting everything from the light, hitting an Antarctic iceberg to the misty Tanzawa mountain range in Japan.

[chuckles] Well, you know your facts.

I suppose you miss him terribly?

- Yes.

- Mm.


Yes, dad, yes.

I miss him.



Also in addition to exploring some of the harshest topography in the world Dec-daddy, yes, I know, daddy was also credited with helping shift the Animal Rights movement to a more utilitarian focus including a focus on chicken.

- That's enough, dear.


- Chicken..

Please, Terry, continue.

Uh, I, um..

I just want to say that I, uh I became very close with your father.

As he did with you.

And-and you know, it breaks my heart when I heard that..

- I..

- Oh, shut up.

It's Dominic.

- Hey, dad.

- Hey, Nick.

- What's up, Mr. T?

- Hey, Noah.

Nick, this is, uh, Mrs. Decker.

- Deirdre.

- Deirdre.

Uh, that's Jason's wife and her daughters, Grace and Katherine.

Call me Kat.

Wow, you're the second Kat I've met this month.

I actually invited my Kat tonight but I don't think that is happening.

So now we're backstage, when the performers go on you follow one of the waiters into the party.

- Easy-peasy.

- Yeah.

Piece of cake.

- Mm-hm.

Come on.

- Oh, God.

I don't know if you remember, but you played together when you're four or five years old?

You know I, I think I remember playing doctor with you maybe we should play that game again.

- No, I'm not sick.

- I am.

[clearing throat] Got a, got a little somethin'-somethin'.

I'll make an appointment, doctor.

[chuckles] [indistinct chatter] Whoo!

Hold up.

Uh, who are you?

- Um, I'm a singer.

- Look, she's late.

- It's who she is.

- Uh, what?

Right now?

- Okay.

Follow them.

- Okay.

- Hey!

- Mm.

'Where do you think you're going?' I have to go talk to Mr. Wintergarden.

Well, there's no performers allowed out front.

And I don't have my ears.

Get ears!

I need ears here now.

But do it on stage because we are ready to go.

You sure we've never met?

'Cause you look so familiar.

Oh, no, but giant pandas are an extinct species.

Um, dung beetles are not, they eat the feces of other animal..


Another fascinating tit-bit she learned from daddy.

Oh, isn't the show about to start?

Uh, everyone?

(female #4)

'One minute to curtain!' You-you have to get me out of here.

I can't be on that stage when the curtain goes up.

I don't know what I'm doing and if the steps see me it'll all be over.

Okay, okay, just follow me, follow me.

- Um..

- No.

No, no.

All elves start onstage.

Sorry, onstage.


- I'm sorry.

- Curtain's up in 10 seconds!

Uh, sorry, sorry.

[instrumental music] [crowd gasping] [instrumental music] Ah!

Oh, sorry.


- Mom, isn't that Kat?

- You stay here.

Keep them occupied.

Do not let them leave.

Forgive me, Terry, I have to tinkle.

Look at us, just one big happy family, hm?

Dad, I gotta go do something.

I'll catch you later.


Dominic, wait!

No, uh, wait.

Dominic, I'm coming.



[gasps] There you are.

I've been looking everywhere for you.

- Skylar, I'll catch you later.

- What's your hurry?

I think I saw some mistletoe around here.


Hey, Jackson, you just go find it.

Is this about that little elf girl?

You can't be serious, Nicky.

She's an elf.

She's nowhere near my league.

You're right, she's not.

But Skylar, you can always dream.

[instrumental music] - What are you doing?

- I-I'm losing my grip.

Don't let go.

[gasping] [indistinct chatter] Oh, I am so, so sorry.

You're right, I-I've done enough.


That was terrible.

Oh, it was really bad.

- It was really bad, wasn't it?

- You were fine.

But did you see what your stepsister did to my dress?

She's an animal.

Okay, I need to get out of here.

Stop, right now.

You are gonna go on for the Snow Queen.


Uh, why me?

Well, because the original Snow Queen is unconscious and you made her that way.

Oh, that's very bad.

I'm so, so sorry.

You're a singer, right?

Oh, I, I can't.


I won't be able to fit into the costume.

I have something for you.

I made it after you told me what the steps did and it's gonna make that green dress look like a dish towel.

Isla, this is insane.

No, this is your Christmas miracle.

You got this, Kat.

Your music deserves to be heard.

- She's gonna do it.

- Great.

- We need a dresser here!

- Uh, um..

No, no, no.

Just like a holiday grim.

Just like you're singing to a family.

A family of hundreds of people.

- Isla!

- I'll give 'em your track.

[sighs] Oh, ma'am, sorry, authorized personnel only.

I'm a VIP.

Where are you, Kat?

I know you're in here somewhere.

Aren't you little old to be an elf?

- Come on out.

- Hey!

- I'll destroy you.

- What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm a patron of the arts.

I just, I saw an elf...

Excuse me.

I don't think so.

Don't you know who I am?




[Dominic sighs] It's you.

It's me.

You made it.

You did too.

Well, it is my party.

No, I-I know.

Um, I just meant..

I was afraid I was never gonna see you again.

I'm so sorry.

I tried to find you, but I..

[sighs] I didn't even know your last name.

No, I'm so sorry, I-I'm so sorry I-I ruined your show.

I wanted to find you and it was the only way to get in.

Uh, the ticket might have been easier.

I tried to tell you, my stepmother b*rned it.

- What?

Who's your stepmother?

- 'Hey!' How dare you make a mockery of Terry's gala?

- This would be her.

- Get off!

- Wait..

- I'm so sorry, Dominic.

- You guys know each other?

- You know this party crasher?

Hi, mom!

[clearing throat] [indistinct chatter] I hate to interrupt this little reunion but we've got a show to do.

- I-I can't do this.

- Yes, you can.

You left your songbook at my house.


Your dad was right.

You dreamed it..

...now go be it.

Uh, Dominic, I, I hate to disagree...

Alright, well, don't.

We'll deal with this later.


...you got this.

[instrumental music] Alright, people, please.

Come on.


(Isla) 'Here's her music.' [instrumental music] It's that time of year again A time that I don't understand Wishin' I wasn't afraid Come so close What's this holiday about All this time I've been hiding out Wondering if I'll ever know Tell me now 'cause I don't understand Help me out 'cause I don't get it yet This isn't how it's supposed to be I wanna know what Christmas really means All the love and joy I wanna see 'Cause it's always lost on me So tell me why does everybody love Christmas Why do we keep waiting up for Santa Tell me why we're falling for each other every season Tell me why does everybody love Christmas Why does everybody love Christmas My Christmas' spirit almost gone And suddenly you came along It's when I finally understood Even when I feel alone I'm with you when I'm home Finally feels like Christmas should Now I think I think I understand You help me out and now I'm getting it You show me how it's supposed to be Now I know what Christmas really means All the love and joy I got to see Now it's never lost on me Now I know why Everybody loves Christmas Why we keep waiting up for Santa I know why we're falling for each other it's the season I know why everybody loves Christmas Why everybody loves Christmas Why we keep waiting up for Santa I know why we're falling for each other it's the season I know why everybody loves Christmas [applauding] [indistinct chatter] [Dominic chuckles] That was beautiful.

Thank you.

I want you to meet someone.

Dad, this is Kat.

The girl from Santa Land I was telling you about.

Kay, you were remarkable.

Hey, Kat.

Right, uh, Kat this is Kat.

[chuckles] That's so weird.

Isn't that weird, mom?

Her name isn't Kat, it's Joy.

She's my stepsister.

And that's Grace.

And this is my stepmother, Deirdre.

She scammed her way in here to try to take advantage of you.

I'm Katherine Decker.

I hate to do this to you, Joy, but...

- What?

- Not you, Katherine.


Excuse me.

Uh, may I..

'There's only two these in the world.' - I know.

- I have the other one.

My father brought it back from the North Pole.

He and his friend Terry found them on their expedition.

I'm so sorry that I lost touch with your father.

He was a true friend and an extraordinary man.

You know, he didn't care about me being a billionaire.

Is that billion with a 'B?' - So, you're Terry?

- And you're Jason's Katherine.

And there are those beautiful brown eyes.

You know, Terry, I can explain...

- Please, stop talking.

- No, no.



This is just a huge misunderstanding.

I was trying to protect Katherine from any more pain.

I've spent my life trying to protect her.


Like you protected her here.

The joy of kindness walked right into this humiliating situation.

- Fake news.

- Shut up, Joy.

[chuckles] Well, this has been a lovely reunion.

But Kat has to get back to her real life now.

Her-her father, I'm in charge of her inheritance.

And, well, Kat had so many expenses.

So you see..

...there's nothing left for you to inherit.

I guess it's a good thing I'm a billionaire.

And that is billion with a 'B.' You know, Kat, I can't guarantee that you're gonna be a famous songwriter but I can guarantee that you'll have a chance to chase your dreams.

Don't worry about expenses anymore.

It's the least I can do for your dad.

First of all, I think you're gonna need an apartment for yourself.

Lord knows you're gonna wanna move.

- I-I don't know what to say.

- Say yes.


Um, yes, yes, yes.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- And Deirdre?

- Yes, Terry..

Mr. Wintergarden, s-sir.

I think it's time for you and your girls 'Grace and Joy, is it?' - My name is Katherine Decker.

- Oh, shut up, Joy.

I think it's time you leave.

- Scott?

- Yes, sir.

Would you please escort these ladies to the door?

- With pleasure.

- Thank you so much.

Charmed, Your Highness.


'Get your hands off of me.

You'll live to regret this.' Oh, hey, what's up, dog?

- Oh!

- Keep moving.

Keep moving.

- This party's beneath me.

- Leaving so soon?

Kat, I am so sorry about what happened.

My friends were such jerks and I didn't do anything and I promise that will never happen again.

No, I am so sorry.

I completely overreacted.

I just thought that someone like you might not be interested in someone like me.

Someone like you?

You mean, funny, kind talented, gorgeous?

- Someone like that?

- Yeah.


I'm interested.

Really, really interested.

Are you interested?

Yeah, I'm really interested.

[sighs] [instrumental music] - "DJ Sockpuppet?" - "DJ Sockpuppet?" - Wait, dad?

- Mm.

Come on, you didn't think I knew about your bands?

Son, you have an excellent ear for talent.

You're gonna make a great manager.

Wait, how did you..

How did you get them?

Eh, it's what I do.

You know what, I may be distracted from time to time..

...but you'll always come first.

Come here.

Go on, go talk to your girl.

Thanks, dad.

Oh, and, uh, we have another family tradition.

Every year we get to choose a girl to dance with at the gala.

And rumor has it..

...they fall in love.

You just made that up right now, didn't you?

Traditions gotta start somewhere.

Let's go.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved Christmas.

She wrote songs so beautiful that can make you cry or fall in love.

She sang without any fear from her heart.

With true friends and family and amazing boyfriend her future was filled with possibilities.

And that girl..

...is me.

The past it is behind us The future is the ocean wide I'll look for you in forests I'll look for you in cityscapes Let's build ourselves a fortress Made out of lines and awkward shapes It's deep as clay It's wide as blood through microscopes It's far as fate It's close as galaxies beyond I'll find you in the forests I'll find you in the ocean waves Let's build ourselves a fortress Made out of stones we find in caves [instrumental music] When you get high You must come down I sleep like a child When I'm homebound Where do I go Christmas town Circle the f*re Make you seed on the ground Throw your code in apart Don't you make a sound Where do we go Christmas town
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