02x02 - The Kindred

Previously on Sleepy Hollow.

The Four Horsemen are coming. The first is already here.

ABBIE: Captain Irving just signed a confession to the murders to protect his daughter.

Jennifer Mills? I'm her sister.

She's a criminal.

I'm a mental patient with a gun.

My name is Henry Parish.

KATRINA: You are the Second Horseman.

The Horseman of War is my son.


And my wife is now a captive of the Horseman of Death.

She's finally yours, Abraham.


Abraham, my heart shall never belong to you.

(horse neighs, gallops)

Where are we?

What is this place?

Why have you brought me here?

PARISH: To complete the ceremony.


What ceremony?

Abraham has waited a long time to be with you.

For you to truly be his, we need to sanctify your bond.


You must be like him... in every way.


You were having a nightmare.


We're gonna find her, but you can't keep this up.

How can I rest, knowing my wife is in the clutches of the Horseman?

He didn't go through all this trouble just to kill her.

That's precisely what concerns me most.

Before I fell asleep, I believe I discovered what the Horseman intends for Katrina.

According to the Codex Tchacos...

Codex Tchacos.

It's one of the lost Gospels of the Bible.

You read it?

I found a reference to a chapter in one of Sheriff Corbin's files.

It describes a ceremony in which a harbinger of the apocalypse takes a human bride through a gruesome, binding ritual.

This is undoubtedly what Abraham has in mind for Katrina.

Not exactly up to Martha Stewart standards.

Martha who?

She's, uh, big in the wedding industry.

Wedding... industry.

So, the blessed rites between a man and a woman...

Has become a billion-dollar business, and some... great guilty-pleasure TV.


We're gonna find her first.

Yesterday, we nailed down the search radius, based on the Horseman's top speed on horseback.

By here, sunrise would have forced him to find shelter.

These are the structures in play.

And Abraham's family owned a lot of real estate around Sleepy Hollow.

Daunting inventory.

Less daunting, if you remember that he's not just the Horseman of Death.

He's also a jilted lover and a former comrade of yours, named Abraham Van Brunt.

Oh, thank you for the reminder.

The point is... you know him.

You know how he'd behave.

For example, you mentioned that he was a man of means.


He once referred to the palace at Versailles as "quaint."

So, maybe he's holding Katrina someplace that feels worthy of him... and a woman that he still loves.

(cell phone buzzing)

Yeah, I know I'm late.


New sheriff. They've appointed a replacement for Captain Irving.

She is greeting the troops.

See which of these you think appeals to Abraham.

And you do what you must.

We must begin our relationship with the new sheriff... on a strong foothold.

(cell phone buzzing)

Tell me what you find.

Hey. Where's Reyes?


Just missed roll call.

Better watch out.

Excuse me.

Sheriff Reyes, I am sorry I was late.

You won't be late again.

Tell you what, let's start over.

Clean slate... that's something you could use, right, Lieutenant?

Excuse me?

Abigail Mills? I checked your file.

You were a rising star in the department.

You even got admitted to Quantico.

That's impressive at your age.

Then Sheriff Corbin died, and things changed, didn't they?

Yes, ma'am.

You were also close with Captain Irving.

He was... is a good man.

"Good people, bad luck"?

I heard your mother say that once.

You knew my mother?

You wouldn't remember, but I responded to a few of the calls when you were pretty small.

It's... tough losing people you love, people you look up to.

She had a rough time of it.

Yes, ma'am.

You okay? I-I didn't mean to throw you.

No, it's not that. I just hadn't put it together.

I knew that you were at the Sheriff's Department before you went to the... Border Patrol, but...

Do you know why drug cartels leave body parts in public?

That's how they spread fear.

Exactly, and that's what's happening here.

But I've worked the cartels...

I've seen what real chaos looks like... and I know how to beat it.

That's why I jumped when I heard this position opened up.

I'm not gonna let fear and hysteria take root, not in my hometown.

You can definitely count on me, Sheriff.


Then I will.

We are gonna bring some sanity back to this town.

I have an idea where Abraham's keeping my wife.

Go ahead.

The man I knew was not one normally prone to sentimentality.

His engagement to Katrina was born... less of romance than of business.

Weren't you just telling me marriage was a "blessed rite"?

For some more than others.

Katrina's father knew a union with Abraham would improve his finances.

Such was his interest in marrying her off.

There. We. Go.

But in truth, Abraham did care for Katrina... in his way.

Something I saw when she accepted his proposal at their estate in Willow Point.

Willow Point. Never heard of it.

You would know it... as Dobbs Ferry.

We have a few hours left of sunlight.

Let's check it out before the Horseman can ride.

Lieutenant, this morning... something seemed weighing on your mind.

I know we got a lot going on, but I just want to make sure that we stay focused on Moloch's larger plan.

We are.

If rescuing Katrina...

She's more than just my wife.

She is a witch of extraordinary abilities.

She could tip the scales of this war on either side.

But Henry, the Horseman of War, is here... somewhere.

All the more reason for us to strike now.

Ahead of them.


You must trust me when I say, I have not forgotten our duty as Witnesses.

But I do have another duty... to my wife.

I intend to honor them both.


CRANE: Preparation for the ceremony.

Need to confirm that she's inside.



Crane, wait.

(horse neighs)

Confirmation of the Horseman.

Crane, let's go.

CRANE: Katrina.

She's inside.


We go after her now, it's suicide.

The altar isn't finished.

We come back after we have a plan.

Let's go.

Come on.

So, we have to find a way to lure the Horseman away from the house?

Or distract him long enough to break in and pull Katrina out.

What is that?

It's the Codex Tchacos.

It's one of the lost...

Lost Gospels.

I know. An "apocryphal."

I retrieved it for Corbin.

I mean... what's that?

Thank you. It's Romani Greek.

And that is "the Kindred."

A creature assembled from parts of deceased soldiers.

A patchwork creation... believed to be a match for the Horseman of Death.

I've seen that drawing before.

In the Benjamin Franklin sketchbook?

It's the Kindred.

Well, it stands to reason.

No one was more obsessed with death than Franklin.

But this text... details Franklin's greatest experiment with death.

FRANKLIN: We continue to suffer heavy losses at the hand of the Horseman of Death.

(men cry out)

(horse neighing)

To counter his assault, General Washington again has allied with the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart.

The coven knew of a spell to create... the Kindred.

To create a body powerful enough to contain Death's spirit, they turned to yours truly.

I'm harvesting the limbs of fallen soldiers.

Combining only the strongest pieces.

Out of these succumbed souls, we molded the massive frame for... "Our kindred."

In the end, Franklin and the coven never raised the creature because they were unable to acquire a vital ingredient... to complete the spell.

A body part from the Horseman of Death.

Well, unlike your founding friends, we have a pretty big piece of him at our disposal.

His head.

Lieutenant, we have in our possession the means and method to create a weapon of unearthly power.

This spell resurrects a creature that can rival the Horseman of Death.

So, we're not talking about raising a weapon.

We're talking about raising a monster.

(indistinct chanting)


Father, I am blessed to be in your presence.

I'm sorry.

I know I failed you.

Failed to open a portal, to herald your arrival.


Your anger is righteous.

But the cause is not lost.

I will not rest until I find a way for you to rise on earth.

Soon... you will scorch the earth with hellfire and damnation, I swear it!

ABBIE: This is insane!

Much of my life can be characterized under those auspices.

You and I are considering making a carbon copy of the Headless Horseman.

Except, with a head.

This Kindred wouldn't just be a monster, it would be our monster.

One that fights for us... an equal to the Horseman.

You don't know that for sure.

Or if we can control it.

We could be delivering the head directly back to the pale rider.

He could become whole.

Great, 'cause that's exactly what he needs is more firepower.

Granted, there will be risks.

But this Kindred is our best option.


Kindred, it is.

I'll find out where Irving locked away the skull.

And I'll continue to decode the remaining instructions.

Apparently, Franklin prepared and preserved a body.

Oh, joy.

Can you go to the tunnels and find our cache of weapons?

Kindred or not, I'd feel better if we had our own fully-loaded distraction.

You know where the cache is, right?

Yeah, it's just... the last time we went on a mission to save Katrina, it didn't end well.

True, but, this time, our eyes are open.

I know how you treasure this necklace.

Now you need never take it off.

Spare me your illusions.

I prefer to see you as the monster you are.

There are no illusions here.

What you see is the truth.

Yet, all you do is lie.

You told me that the man I love was dead.

The man you love... never existed.

The Ichabod Crane you know is a deception.

You are the deception.

Ichabod is alive... and free.

And what did he chose to do with his freedom?

Did he search the ends of the earth to find his beloved wife?

No, he rescued another woman.

Abigail Mills.

Couldn't stand to see her trapped in purgatory mere hours.

And yet, how long did he leave you to rot there?

Ichabod once claimed to care about me, too, but he moved on.

And now he has moved on again.

You've seen it, Katrina.

CRANE: Remember our bond.

I'll come back for you.

I know... this is hard for you to grasp.

You have barely glimpsed the larger story.

Moloch has a plan for us all.

And what is the plan for me?

For us.

I will never go willingly.

You don't have to.

But I truly hope you do.

Oh, my God. What happened?

Apparently, inmates don't like former cops.

Who knew?

I'm gonna talk to the sheriff and have you transferred.

Cynthia's getting me a new lawyer.

Sheriff's coming down here later today.

Is that why you're here?

Actually, it's kind of urgent.

What's going on?

We need the head.

He's back?

And he's taken Crane's wife.

The witch? How did she get out of purgatory?

That's part of the problem.

And why things may go from bad to worse.

But the head?

We're gonna use it against him.

Trust me, we have a plan.

Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loan.

You put the Headless Horseman's head in the bank?

I put the Horseman's head in a safety deposit box in a steel vault behind six-inch bulletproof walls and 24-hour armed security.

Now tell me what's really going on out there.

Let us handle the craziness out there, you've got enough to deal with in here.

You did a brave thing, Captain, confessing to those crimes to save your daughter.

I thought about... telling the truth.

Let them think I'm crazy.

Get sent to Tarrytown Psychiatric.

Yeah, why not use the insanity plea?

My lawyer didn't think it would hold.

Now it's too late.

You have to try.

As someone with experience at Tarrytown... visitation is a lot easier for us than prison.

We want you close.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."

Just stand in line, and go with the flow.

Two statements which mean the opposite.

You founded a country. Figure it out.

MAN: Good afternoon, sir.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loan.

These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot entrust them with a simple inkwell?

Well, could I interest you in our new Ulterra credit card?

Credit... without collateral?

So you can get that special someone in your life everything her heart desires.

Perhaps an engagement ring?

Are you part of the wedding industry?

No, sir.

I'm just here to offer you our lowest rates of the year.

You can get a $5,000 credit line... no fees.

It is this kind of gross invitation to indulgence that mocks the power of the invisible hand to foster the true wealth of nations... a boon to your industry, I'll grant... yet, cementing your... and, it pains me now to say it, our lot as an insolvent flock of debtors.


Come on.


Have a good day.

ABBIE: We're really gonna do this, huh?

Bring that thing back out into the world.

This has brought nothing but pain and misery into our lives.

For once, let it serve as a force for good... and save Katrina.

(hinges creaking)

(hinges creaking)

Can I help you?

I could ask the same question, this being police archives.

You police?

I'm just waiting for my sister, Abbie Mills.

You're Jenny.

Do I know you...?

I'm familiar with your file.

You recently escaped from Tarrytown Psychiatric.

I have other achievements.

Like flipping your SUV on Highway 484 last week, and fleeing the scene?

What you got there?

Nothing exciting.


Nothing makes me happier than finding... "nothing exciting."

Jennifer Mills, you are under arrest for illegal possession of firearms and violation of probation.

CRANE: Why was the sheriff in the archives?

Get a new job, you walk the hallways.

Well, we need those weapons, and we need your sister to aid in our plan.

Let's find out exactly what happened and ask the sheriff.

And I say... why wait?

Sheriff Reyes, I think there's been some kind of confusion.

You could say that.

I've got two decapitated bodies in the morgue, and I find an ex-con in my back office, packing enough firepower to take on a battalion.

My sister was in the archives because of me.

It's okay, Abbie.

No, it's not.

Abbie! She found the guns in my possession, okay?

I got caught.

I am sorry, Miss Jenny.

You must be the history consultant.

Oxford's finest.

My name is Ichabod Crane.

I understand we're short-staffed, but I don't see a need for a history consultant.

Captain Irving found me... quite helpful.

He is also in prison, so you'll find he and I operate very differently.

As a history professor, I'm sure you'll appreciate if I do my homework before opening up any more case files to you.



Before, when I said "sanity," that was a poor word choice.

I wasn't intending that towards you.

Thank you, ma'am.

To whom was the sheriff referring when she mentioned sanity?

She knew my mother, who was a little bit, totally crazy.

We'll deal with her later.

For now, stick to the tunnels to get in and out of the archives.

Is your name Frank Irving?


You're currently in Sleepy Hollow?


Did you confess to the murders of Jason Boland and Devon Jones?


Did you kill Jason Boland and Devon Jones?


Do you know who did kill them?


A demon named Ancitef.

A demon?


And his name is Anticef?


"C" comes before "T."

It possessed people, made them do things against their will.

REYES: So you were lying when you confessed to the murders?


I felt responsible.

Ancitef was after me.

If you don't believe me, look him up.

I'm sure you're aware that your responses obligate me to have you psychiatrically evaluated, which means a transfer to a psych ward.

That's a step up from supermax, isn't it?

You think I'm lying? Check the machine.

We both know there are ways to cheat that thing.

I have friends in Tarrytown Psych.

And they tell me there are wonderful new ways to treat hallucinations these days.

Antipsychotic drugs.

Electroshock therapy.

I'll make sure you get the latest.

CRANE: Franklin worked with the Masons to build these tunnels beneath the town.

They were used for transporting supplies and hiding colonial secrets.

Those secrets apparently included a precursor to Frankenstein's monster.

Remind me to make you another reading list.


We've never been in this section before.

You sure you know where we're going?


It's nice to know that even a man from the 18th century won't ask for help with directions.

I'm beginning to suspect Franklin had... lost his rudder when he wrote these notes.

(Crane mutters)

(high-pitched squeaking)

(high-pitched squeaking, wings whooshing)

(Abbie breathing hard)

All right.

Well, uh...

This way.

And the Kindred should be... here.

(water dripping)

Maybe we did take a wrong turn.

(bat squeaks in distance)



Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Just reminded me of something in purgatory.

(high-pitched squeaking)

You never did tell me the full extent of your ordeal in that place.

The truth is, it got to me.

Everywhere I went, I felt it slowly clawing at my mind, my soul.

You know what the worst part was?

Seeing you.

Must be why you beheaded me.

That demon version of you appeared just when that place was about to break me.

I'd never been so happy to see anyone in my life.

He offered me water, and I was going to drink it, even though I knew I shouldn't.

I was just seconds away from being lost forever...

You weren't to blame.

Purgatory finds your weakness, plucks at it.

That's what scares me.

My faith in you is my greatest weakness.

That's what they want you to believe.

Lieutenant... do you think Katrina is my weakness?


Or maybe it's Henry.

I think part of why you chose to take on Abraham rather than go after Henry is because, despite everything he's done to us, Henry is still your son.

Crane... Look at these metal plates.


No, Lieutenant!

That is the family crest of Luigi Galvani, an Italian physicist who Franklin admired almost as much as himself, because Galvani was the inventor of the galvanic cell.

Otherwise known as...


ABBIE: Whoa.

...a battery.




(rumbling, clicking)


♪ ♪

ABBIE: Meet our new best friend.

Franklin-stein's monster.


PARISH: ...disappointed him.

But he will still rise.

The plan is in motion.

Father is coming.

But we can't fail him again.

PARISH: Hello, Mother.


I told you, I am not Jeremy.

The boy you knew as your son died in a pine box 200 years ago.

How blind you people are to the reality before you.

That blindness is going to get your husband killed.


What are you doing?

Me? Nothing.

But he's as deluded as you are.

He's discovered our carriage house.

They're coming to save you.

The question is: Who will save them?

(Crane grunts)

ABBIE: You clear on the plan?

We raise the Kindred, and once it's dark, we lure the Horseman outside. While they battle...

I go in and retrieve Katrina.

So do we need to light candles or something?

Only if you wish to set a mood.

Uh... According to Franklin's notes, the coven enchanted this body, so reciting the incantation is the sole requirement.

Plus one head of the Horseman of Death.



All right.

It's likely a response to its proximity to the Horseman.

He may know we're here.

Oh, no.

(clears throat)

Point of no return, Crane.

This isn't necessary, Abraham.

I wish that were the case.

I mean, it isn't necessary to kill Ichabod.

I will kill whom I please.

But it's foretold in the apocryphals: The Witnesses aren't meant to die at the hand of the Horsemen.

There are larger plans for them than either you or I may have.

The apocryphals.

They are dubious texts, aren't they?

So many have proven to be false.

Crane's life will end on the eve your new life begins.

♪ ♪

(ponderous footsteps approach)

Is there more?


Did you do it right?

I followed the instructions.

I'm not the witch in the family.

My pronunciation may have been a little off.

There are... words I've not spoken before.

I'll do it again.

You might want to do it fast.

(speaking Romani Greek)

I wanted it to be you, Abraham.

Not Ichabod.


What I needed was time.

I wasn't ready to marry anyone.

Ichabod gave me all the time in the world.

He was an escape route that your haste turned into a husband.

If this is to be our future, do not let your impatience ruin us a second time.

If you take me now, you will live an eternity knowing that I'm not truly yours.

Let me accept of my own free will.

(speaking Romani Greek)

(thunder crashes)

(horse neighs)

Incoming! Crane!

Time's up!

(thunder crashing)

Now's your chance.

Get to the house, get Katrina.

The munitions.

In the truck. I've got it. Go!

At the first sight of trouble...

You'll hear from me.

(thunder crashes)

CRANE: Katrina!


Has he hurt you? Are you injured?!

No. No.

We must hurry.

We've drawn him away, but we know not how long.


Lieutenant Mills has arranged conveyance.

We're to rendezvous at the far end of the estate.

Quickly, Katrina! Hurry!


You must leave here... without me.

Do you not know what he has planned?

I have convinced him to delay.

He will not perform the ritual until I have submitted to him by my own free will.

He thinks that in time I will learn to love him.

Katrina... If I leave, Abraham will scorch the earth to hunt me down.

He will stop at nothing to find me.

Killing you and countless more along the way...

You will be at his mercy.

And by his side.

Which I believe can be to our advantage.

I have heard things, talk between Abraham and Henry.

You've seen them together?

They're plotting a new way for Moloch to rise.


I do not know.

But I do know that there is a greater plan in motion.

One that involves all of us.

And if I stay, I will learn it.

(both grunting)

(thunder crashes)

(gunshots, metal pinging)

(metal pinging)

Great job, Mills.

What's next?

(horse neighs)


(Abbie yells, gunshots)

(horse neighs)

(horse neighs)


There's more than Abraham to contend with.

There's also Henry.

Our son. He's still our son.

He's been twisted into something dark because he's suffered.

And for that I bear more than a measure of responsibility.

But what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't at least attempt to save him?

You know I am right.

All this time you've been lost to me in purgatory.

(thunder crashes)

Now I've finally found you.

(thunder booms)

I cannot tell you how much this pains me as well.

But there's too much at stake.

We have no choice.

Crane! We're out of time!

Ichabod, you have to trust me!

Now, go!

You are forever in my heart.


(growling nearby)

We got to get out of here.


(horse neighing)

(horse neighing)

Forgive me, the ropes were starting to chafe.

It wasn't hard to loosen them.

I presume you did that for my comfort.

You could've fled.

And where would I go?

You've made your intentions plain.

Wherever I go, you would follow.

So I have come to see that for now, this is my place.

Besides... this is not my world.

You're wise not to acclimate to this world.

It will not exist much longer.

(high-pitched whistling)

Still no sign of the Kindred.

I know I was the one worried about releasing another monster into the world, but I have to say... this one seems to be on our side.

It certainly had no love for the Horsemen.


I just wish...

We lost the head.

There is still a chance it simply disappeared back from whence it came.

The void.

But to your point.

The way we fight monsters cannot be to create monsters.

We must be better than them.

Let's take the victory.

Our plan worked. We got to Katrina.

Yes. We did.

And now she's a mole.

All this time, we've been in the dark, having no idea what Henry and Moloch are planning.

Now we have a way to find out.

It's thanks to your wife.

She's already revealed news about Henry.

They're designing again for Moloch's rise.

This time we'll get ahead of them.

I have got to go... check on Jenny.

She'll be okay, Crane.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

(door opens)

Am I getting out for good behavior?

That would be a first.

So, you springing me out of here or what?

Uh... working on it.

But this new sheriff means business, so... we got to play this one by the book.

If we plan on taking Henry and Moloch, we can't be fighting a war on two fronts.

So just sit tight.

That's easy for you to say.

You took one for the team.

And I really appreciate it.

(door opens)

Just don't take 13 years to come get me this time, okay?

Might be time for another sedative.

Getting a front-row seat for the electroshock?

What's next on the program... a lobotomy?

Captain, I get no pleasure out of seeing you suffer.

Two officers in your department are dead.

And last night two more decapitated bodies showed up in town. Something is going on around here.

And I think you know more about this than you're saying.

Don't you?

I used to be just like you.

I thought I had it all figured out.

But then I came to Sleepy Hollow.

And now that I've seen what I've seen, I'm not gonna pretend to be blind again.

The end is near.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

I believe so.

I'm Henry Parish.

I'm Captain Irving's attorney.

This isn't an interrogation, he doesn't need a lawyer.

Everyone needs a lawyer.

Especially a man facing life in a hellhole like this.

An injunction against all involuntary treatments.

Now, if you don't mind, I would like to speak to my client in private.

These won't be necessary anymore.

Cynthia told me she was getting a new lawyer, but I thought it would take a while to process.

There's always a way to expedite things.

You'll find that I can be very persuasive.

What else have you heard about me?

Only that my wife thinks you can help.

And I will.

Oh, one more thing.

I just need you to sign this.

It's quite standard.

A confirmation that you're enlisting my services.

Here's a pen.


Oh, I'm so sorry. It's a family heirloom.

I'm afraid over the years it's developed some rough edges.

It happens to all of us, right?

(laughing): Yes! Yes. Yes, it does.