02x12 - Paradise Lost





Oh, thank God.

(panting) What happened?

Henry killed Moloch.

I see no signs of purgatory.

(laughs softly) The threat... has been averted.

Where's my sister?




Oh, my God.

Are you all right?

Yes, I believe so.

But what of Henry?

He risked everything to save me.


Where is our son?

I... I woke up a moment ago, and...

He's gone.

He's gone.

He's gone.

I should have thought all produce organic by definition.

Except when it's genetically altered, artificially colored.

Packed with corn syrup and preservatives.

But tastes are changing... the whole farm-to-table movement is on fire.

I-I still fail to understand how that constitutes a movement.

People of this era are trying to remake, reconceive, reinvent at every turn.

Reinvention isn't such a bad thing.

Have you ever had a Grapple?

I have had to engage in hand-to-hand combat on many occasions.

Not that kind of grapple.

It's a... (chuckles) a mash-up.

It's a grape plus an apple.

My point exactly. A union that hardly seems necessary.

(whispers): Lieutenant. Lieutenant, look.

Discoloration on the skin.


A distinct odor.



Oh, so sorry.

We lost a few trees to blight.

Thought I'd pulled all the rotten ones.

Have you noticed any strange goings-on?

Inhuman voices at night muttering unholy words?

Animal carcasses, intestines strewn...


Lieutenant. Ow. Lieutenant.

What he means to say is, "Thank you, we're all good."

This rotten fruit might be the evidence we seek that evil is still at large.

It has been six weeks, Crane.

We haven't seen any definitive signs.

No... something supernatural is gestating.

I'm certain of it.


Crane: Hunters reported inhuman voices a few miles from Wilcox Farms.

The livestock involved were in farms nearby.

And the rotten fruit was harvested from Wilcox Farms itself.

Yes, it all seems to point towards the workings of an unholy ceremony.

I'm not saying that this isn't supernatural, Crane.

But... we've been putting in crazy hours, out every night searching for clues.

As is our duty as Witnesses.


Could either of us imagine our lives without battling evil?

We'd have to reinvent ourselves.

This is a conversation for a day when we do not have a trail to follow.

Mm. All right.

Well, if there is someone out there doing dark magic, you know who we need to talk to.


Not at this early stage of the investigation.


My discussion with Katrina on the night of Moloch's death raised many complicated issues.

We mutually agreed to mull them over alone.

May I come into your room?

So you cool posting up in here while she's living at the cabin? It's not even your cabin.

'Tis not my archives, either. However, solitude can be invigorating.

I've over 200 years of reading to catch up on.

Crane. (scoffs)


That's what partners are for.

There's no judgment.

And, yes, Lieutenant.

This reexamination of my marriage is extremely trying.

It can't feel good.

When she spends more time with our greatest enemy than you.

Her magical wards have been instrumental in keeping the Horseman captive.

And I do believe she pities Abraham.

Why waste a single iota of compassion on him?

He's a monster and a killer.

But beneath the monster is a man.

I've seen him.

In the Gorgon's cave.


I was supposed to be the hero of this story, not the villain!

Do not dare put this on me.

And Katrina has seen even more.

Given time, I'm certain we shall discuss it at length.

Now, whilst she said we could call on her if needed, I...

I would rather not.

Not until we know the true nature of this threat we face.

Then let's go to Wilcox Farms.

See what we can see.

Crane: On me, Lieutenant.


Seriously, Crane?


We've been here over an hour.

Let's call it.


We may as well head home.


You really haven't wondered if our battle against the forces of evil is over?

In truth?

No, I've not.

Or you haven't let yourself.

Neither of us have, because if the apocalypse is over and our job as Witnesses is done, we'd have to figure out life without it.

You think I'm using our mission... our duty... to escape the reality of my situation?

Come on.

If some supernatural creature were hiding out on this farm, tell me you wouldn't be relieved.

Before I knew that we were Witnesses, I didn't have any of the big questions locked down.

Should I enroll at Quantico?

Take the next step in your career.

Find a husband with whom to settle.

A husband?

You really going there?

W... Oh, uh...

I in no way meant to imply a point of view that was in any way demeaning to the modern woman...

I know.

I'm 250 years removed from everything I ever knew.

(quiet whoosh)

I shall need a job.

A permanent abode.

Mm, 401(k), a mortgage, health insurance, credit cards, Social Security, an accountant, a dentist, your own set of wheels.

Point made, Lieutenant.

Point made.

I may indeed have spent the past six weeks traipsing the woods with a loaded weapon because it is the only purpose I know.

Without the threat of apocalypse, what is my place in the world?

(low, distorted voices chanting)

You hear that?

(low, distorted voices continue)

Not feeling all that relieved anymore.

Lock and load.

CRANE (whispers): A divination ceremony.

They're trying to find someone.

Then let's find out who.

Sleepy Hollow Sheriff's Department. None of you move.


Is that what I think it is?

I was gonna ask you the same thing.


I'm Orion. Are you friend or foe?

So you're an angel.

Yes, I am.

And you are Witnesses.

Our reputation precedes us.

My name is Ichabod Crane.

This is my partner Lieutenant Abigail Mills.

A soldier?

Abbie: A cop.

And I need you to drop that.

I mean you no harm.

Okay, good. Prove it.

We lower our weapons together.

We'll be taking leave now, Abraham.

I don't like that you're bound here any more than you do.

I've spent weeks searching for a solution.

A way to kill the unkillable?

A way for you to return to your former self.

Separate you from the Avatar of Death.

I am the Horseman, and the Horseman is me.

You were transformed, and transformations can be reversed.

Even if it were possible, why would you consider attempting it after all I have done to you?

'Cause I had time to think of the past, Abraham.

How you, Ichabod and I ended up on opposite sides in this war.

Your jealousy was the spark that lit the flame of your anger.

It makes me responsible for your taking on the mantle of the Horseman.

Think on it, Abraham.

With Moloch gone, you are a horseman without an apocalypse.

Let me try and repair what has been broken.

It pains me to see you like this.

The last thing I want is your pity.

If your job strengthening the bars of my cage is done, leave me.

You are Witnesses.

Yet you fought these creatures?

You battle against evil?

Ever since we found out that we were Witnesses, we've been fighting creepy crawlies when they pop up.

We've not met anyone like you... on the same side as us.

Are you alone?

Sadly, I am the only one of my kind who has chosen to meet the forces of evil head-on.

Up until six weeks ago, I was held prisoner in purgatory by the demon Moloch.

Crane: Six weeks ago.

So you were liberated the night Moloch died?

When he came to an end, a great quake shook all of purgatory, allowing me to escape.

You... you escaped?

Were there others that did the same?

The creatures we were hunting.

They were amongst those that fled.

My first mission is to find them and anybody else that escaped from purgatory and end them.

(phone chimes)


From Katrina. She has a rather pressing matter to discuss.

You guys haven't spoken in weeks.

This is good. Go.

We can't just leave him here until we know what his deal is.

So, you take the car, find out what Katrina wants, and I'll keep an eye on our new friend.

How can we be certain he is as he says?

Wings are kind of a dead giveaway.

Can't trust an angel, who can you trust?

Lucifer was an angel.


I'll stay on my guard.

(phone ringing)


Where are you guys?

Oh. We're supposed to meet you at Mabie's.

Yeah. Mike's shift just started.

I'll look so obvious sitting at the bar all alone.

I need my wing woman.

Abbie: Yeah? Speaking of wings, you'd never guess what we just found.

There are some creatures that have escaped from purgatory, so Crane and I need to put a lid on that.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water.

So it's not over?

No. There are demons on the loose, so we got to track them down.

I'll give Hawley a call, see if he's got something that could help.


Okay. I'll catch up with you later.


(crickets chirping)

Is something wrong?

Quite the opposite.

I was locked in purgatory for over 200 years.

Since I've been free, sunrise, the call of a bird... rare pleasures indeed.

How are we even talking?

Do all angels speak perfect English?

To me, all language sounds the same.

That's got to be pretty handy on a European vacation.

You're clever.

Mostly curious.

I would kick myself if I didn't ask this.

What's He like?

If He is a He and not a She.

By "He" you mean...


The Almighty, Yahweh, Jehovah, or whatever name you'd use.

The concept of names does not apply.

Neither does the concept of gender.

All there is, is what is.

You'll never be satisfied by my answers.

No, not if you answer like that.

Come on. Does heaven exist?

Why are we here?

Did creation really take seven days?


"No" to creation taking a week, or "no," you won't answer?

How about dinosaurs?

You ever seen a dinosaur?

Before my time.

But I didn't always walk the Earth.

I served in the Angelic Host for a long time.

Served, as past tense? So you're off the reservation?

I broke ranks.

It was not an easy decision.

I can't begin to imagine.


It's good to see you.

And you.

Thank you for coming so swiftly.

Your message was... urgent.

It's a favor I seek.

Since you and Abigail have sought my help in the past, I now ask yours in return.

Of course.

It's Abraham.

I believe I've found a way to separate him from the Horseman of Death.

What were the demons searching for?

They're called "Daevoli"... lesser demons who live to serve a greater evil.

With Moloch gone, they search for a new master to pledge their allegiance to.

I've been following them for weeks, waiting for them to lead me to the one they have chosen.

One of the other creatures that escaped purgatory?

A servant of Moloch.

One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The rider known as Death.


Save Abraham?

Even if it were possible, he is our sworn enemy.

And how much of that was him?

He made a choice out of anger.

All of his actions since may have been influenced by the dark spirit he was joined with.

He was your trusted ally.

He is an abomination, Katrina.

Orion: The Horseman is immeasurably powerful and immortal.

But my weapon will bring him to an end.

This is as much about you and me as it is about him.

It was our love for each other that drove him into this terrible state.

And I believe our love could bring him back.

But if you want no part in it, I will continue alone.

It is not a decision to be made lightly, one I must consider.

Abbie: The Horseman of Death...

I know where he is.

He's our prisoner.

Take me to him.

I will prevent him from gathering the Daevoli and any others that escaped purgatory.

Take me to him, Abigail, and I will destroy him.

I got a 120-pound Bullmastiff and an eight-pound Maltipoo.


And they're just the best of friends.

Bourbon neat.

And some privacy.

Donnelly is so not your guy.

Okay. Who's Donnelly?

Mixology and muscles over here.

Oh, Mike. (chuckles)

Apparently, we're on a first-name basis.

He wouldn't last a day before you turned him into a plate of jelly.

Thank you.

First of all, it's none of your business.

And second of all, what makes you think I'm into Mike?

Oh, come on, dressed to kill.

Those aren't exactly demon-hunting shoes.

I'm just saying, you can do better.

Oh, that's sweet of you to have noticed.

Next time, don't.

Seriously, he can't handle a woman like you.

Guy serves spirits. You hunt them.

I would be if you'd brought the Egg of Haggis you said you had.

Egg of Asag...


Asag is a Sumerian rock demon, okay?

Legend has it he was so ugly, he couldn't find a wife, so he mated with mountains, begat baby rock demons.

This is how he keeps track of his baby demon pebbles.

Hence, demon tracking device.

How does it work?

Well, the Glory of Asag is supposed to light the way to the location of nearby demons.

Nah, not so much right now though.

You don't know how to use it.

Well, it's ancient Sumerian, Mills.

Would you believe the manual's lost?

Well, we got to figure it out.

I got a few ideas.

Why don't we get out of here?

You sure we shouldn't try to round up those Daevoli first?

This creature, the Horseman... he is who they seek.

By removing him, we strike at the heart of the issue.

Oh. I wish you were backing us up the day we went against Moloch.

We lost people... people I care for.

Our friend, Captain Frank Irving.


Harsh realities of a soldier's life.

Doesn't make it any easier.

It is good to meet someone who has given everything to their cause, redefined their role.

Redefined? I don't follow.

You were called to bear witness to the apocalyptic tribulations visited on man, asked to observe.

Yet you chose to fight.

It never presented itself as a choice.

I just assumed that...

A testament to your strength of character.

Thank you.

Should you ever need my aid, hold this charm and think of me.

I can find you.

I always wanted a guardian angel.

Abbie: Katrina, this is Orion.

One of the Angelic Host.


You're a witch.

She's my wife.

And you're not of this time, are you?

You or Ichabod Crane.

No, we are not.

Did you find any of the creatures?

Jenny and Hawley are looking for them.

But something else came up.

Orion has a way to kill the Horseman.


Don't get excited all at once.

My husband was put into an enchanted sleep in 1781.

Then shortly after, I was sent to purgatory, where I remained prisoner until a short while ago.


Then we have much to talk about.

I was also held captive there.

Crane: Katrina believes she can separate Abraham from the Horseman.

Back up. Save Abraham?

He's one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

What did you tell her?

I expressed my concern.

Told her I'd consider it.

I was imprisoned near the time that you were in a forested redoubt called Valley Forge.

You were the angel General Washington claimed he saw.

His men thought he'd lost his mind.

The Horseman killed Corbin.

A whole cell of Masons.

How long before he puts you and I in the ground?

For real?

I faced a mighty foe on the field of battle.

He came at me with an axe that glowed with the fires of hell.

And I fought my best, but he got the upper hand.

An axe?

This enemy, was he a Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Your prisoner.

He beat me.

And his master Moloch chained me in purgatory.

But I'm free again.

And soon my enemy will taste the edge of my blade.

All Katrina asks is that we let her try.

If she fails, we have recourse in our new angelic ally.

What if she fails and the Horseman kills someone?

That's on us.

I'll tell her myself if you won't.

Where's Katrina?

Your wife took leave a moment ago.

The enchantment I suggested earlier to separate your spirit from the Avatar of Death, would you allow me to try it?

Why the hurry, Katrina?

I need you to tell me now.

If it were possible to be human again, mortal, yes, of course.

I need you to promise me that you'll cease from killing while I attempt this transformation.

If you hold to your word, Katrina, I will hold to mine.

I will not take a life while you seek a way to return me to my former self.

An angel has come.

I fear he means to do you harm.

(heavy footsteps)

You let him go?

I believed you were worthy allies.

I was wrong.

He will kill Abraham.

Which is what you brought him here to do.

Uh, we were yet to make that decision.

It's crazy, because we're talking about a murderous monster.

Katrina: And if Abraham was one of your friends?

You would not condemn him to death so easily.

August Corbin was my friend, and the Horseman murdered him in front of me.

He is death personified.

Please, both of you.

There is no need for tempers to flare.

Are you kidding me?

When we waver in our duty, monsters get loose and people die.

We are not jailers, we are not reformers.

We are soldiers, and I think that we all understand what the stakes are here.

I can't believe you let her talk you into this.

I did not.

I recognized the sliver of the man I once knew before Katrina told me of her plan.

Though it was deeply unfair of you to use our marriage as leverage.

Ichabod, you have to understand, it's not...

No, you must understand.

This is neither the time nor the place to discuss it.

Please help me to make this right.

We must find Abraham and bring him here.

If Katrina can help him, you and I need to know.

If not... then we cross that difficult bridge.

Okay, fine.

The Horseman can't bear daylight.

He'll go to ground before sunrise.

I know you think this unfair.

I know you feel the angel is in the right, but there is something about him I mistrust.

He's quick to action, quick to anger.

Abbie: Wouldn't you be?

He's been searching for the Horseman for how long?

And we let him go.

We have a lot to talk about.

But no, now is not the time.

Not with the Headless Horseman, an angry angel and two demons on the loose.

Crane: I shall search through Apocryphal sources for our Angel Orion.

I'll try the old-fashioned approach... feet on the pavement.

It's not solar powered.

We've tried electricity, fire, water.

We're still nowhere. Not to mention, Donnelly was the early shift last night, so, you know, that bird has flown.

You're being very weird.

I'm not.

It's nothing. It... it doesn't matter.

Nothing can't not matter.

Only something can.


I still think about us, Mills.

I should've said something to you.

I didn't, and then it became a thing because I didn't speak up, so...

Oh, my God.

You're jealous?

You don't get to be jealous.

I know.

You burned that bridge with napalm.

I said it, okay?


I came clean.


You're shiftless, Hawley.

You're always moving.

And anything you have that starts to get real, to mean something, you bust it into pieces, break it apart and then run for the door.

Oh, very mature.

No, no, no. When you said, "Bust it into pieces,"

I remembered this detail about that Sumerian demon.

Kept his greatest treasures inside common clay pots so no one would guess their worth.

Son of a gun.

I can see it.

Ugly bastards.

Okay, we got trees.

A wooded area.

Dirt road leading to a stone building with an old wooden carriage missing a wheel.

The Carriage House. Of course.

Hawley: Okay, there's someone else there.


It's your friend with no head.

The Horseman?

He's out.

Jenny, tell me you got something.

Jenny: The demons you were looking for.

They're with the Horseman at his place.

Should I come meet you?

Don't worry. I got backup.

(phone beeps off)

That was fast.

I wanted to apologize to you about what happened.

We are fellow soldiers, Abigail, but if you seek to bar my way...

No, I'm here to help.

I was worried you might let your fellow Witness dissuade you from the path we must follow.

It's complicated.

There are personal issues at stake for him.

There is no room in war for half measures.

And I understand that in a way that Crane can't.

Especially when it comes to the Horseman.

He killed a man who was like a father to me.

So, my sister found out where that monster went to ground.

I had a feeling when we met, Abigail, that it would be portentous for both of us.

(phone ringing)

Crane, what's up?

Crane: It is as I feared.

This angel may not be as benevolent as we believed.

Yeah? What makes you say that?

I have found reference to the Angel Orion in a number of Apocryphal biblical sources.

In each, he arrives in the weeks before great catastrophes.

In Pompeii, before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

In Syria, at the site of the Antioch earthquake in 526 A.D.

In 541 A.D., in Byzantium, in the weeks before the Justinian plague.

And that means what exactly?

Was he there to prevent these events... or to bring them about?


I'm actually with Orion right now.

We're heading to the Carriage House.

Let me get back to you, okay?

(phone beeps off)

(heavy footsteps approaching)..

Abbie: With Moloch dead, it must feel good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is a victory that gives me hope in the many battles to come.

But if we kill the Horseman and we hunt down the others that escaped purgatory, won't we have won?

The battle but not the war.

I don't just seek to destroy, Abigail, but to rebuild, remake and reinvent this world as a paradise.

How do you accomplish a global change like that?

Evil has taken deep root in men's hearts.

It must be lanced like a sickness of the flesh, burned out before it corrupts completely.

You mean that metaphorically, right?

I wish I did.

My weapon will end the Horseman and give me his power.

With it, I will bring a great judgment, like the one visited on Adam and Eve when they ate of the forbidden fruit.

(chuckles) Getting biblical.

Judge mankind? By what criteria?

By their capacity to visit evil on each other.

And you'll be the judge and carry out the sentence?

As the Angel of Death passed over Egypt and took the pharaoh's firstborn.

As the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were burned for their wickedness.

As the waters of the great flood washed the world clean of man's iniquity.

My blade will cleanse humanity of its ills.

The Horseman is first.

Along with that witch that sided with him.

Wait, Katrina is not evil.

There is no room in this world for those that harbor it.

All wickedness must be culled from the flock.

You and I, Abigail, together we can bring about a golden age.

It begins here, as we burn this haven of evil to the ground.

You were right about Orion.

He's a zealot.

He doesn't just want to kill the Horseman, he wants to steal his power.

And if the Apocryphal texts are correct, create a disaster.

Sleepy Hollow will be the epicenter of a conflagration of biblical proportions.





(hissing, snarling)




Can you feel that?

My blade gathers your power for my use.

Your death will burn bright, cauterizing this festering wound, turn this area into a smoldering crater, end the evil that escaped purgatory.

CRANE (quietly): We must destroy that blade.

How good is your aim with an axe?

Good enough.

All right.

Go around the back behind them.

I'll distract Orion.


You know this is wrong.

This is just and right, Abigail.

When you first came out of purgatory, you said you couldn't help but see the beauty around you.

But now you want to destroy it.

Precisely because this world is so beautiful.

Evil has taken hold in men's hearts.

Abbie: What about the good? The innocent?

Mixed up with the evil and the corrupt, the wicked.

What are they? Acceptable casualties?

This is war, Abigail.

All wars have costs.


You find another way.

What have we here?

You have no hope of beating me with that weapon, Witness.

I have no intention to.



No! Do you know what you've done?!

Little more of a fair fight now.

How could you side with the enemy?

Abbie: We decide what side we're on.

In this case, the enemy of my enemy is my ally.

You forgot what you're fighting for, Orion.

Abraham, stop.

If you strike me down, the chance will be lost.

The chance for you to become the hero you always thought you could be.

I will let you try and return me to the man I once was.

But in the interim, I am no man's prisoner.

Leave this place.


Abbie: Let's go, Crane.

I'm disappointed.

We share a mission, but we also swore to share a life together.

You did not attempt to reach me with logic or fairness last night.

Rather, you used our marriage as a bargaining tool.

I simply wanted you to support me, believe in me. Is that so wrong?

When have I not, Katrina?

Henry is our son. Our blood.

Abraham was my friend.

And your fiancé.

They are not the same.

You want to save him out of guilt and lay it at my feet.

You said you saw something in him that you recognized.

I did.

His pride. His ego. Anger.

Our past... weighs so heavily upon us, Katrina.

As Miss Mills and I have redefined our role as Witness, so you and I must redefine our marriage.

If we are to give life to our marriage...

...why not start today?

One small step at a time.

So things are still upside-down on the home front?

Mm, sideways.

Which is an improvement, at least.

Though I feel I should apologize if it seemed I was siding with Katrina.

Maybe I should apologize if it seemed like I was... siding with a winged zealot who wants to cleanse the world of evil.

Hindsight's always 20/20.

Katrina was right to let Abraham go.

You think Orion's gone for good?

He is defeated, his weapon shattered.

Let us hope he takes ample time to recover.

Playing field has changed, but the war isn't over.

May never be.

But... what happened today was important.

What? That we disagreed?

Mm. We pushed each other.

We need that. Checks and balances, right?

No matter what obstacles we face, no matter how many disagreements we have... our bond cannot be broken.

Witness represent.


(doorbell jingles)

Can I help you?

You can't be in here without shoes. It's store policy.

You have cash for that?


(weakly): Where am I?

Is this heaven or hell?

Neither, man.

It's Sleepy Hollow.