2x11 - Mandala

Previously on Breaking Bad It's an entire city full of buyers.

Now why aren't we exploiting that? It's not our territory.

They're not gonna do a thing about it.

Your tumor has shrunk by 80%.

What's this? - I'm in recovery.

You know, pot is, like, stepping stones.

How do you want to proceed? Sell off what we have.

Then I guess I'm done.

Nothing's really changed.

We sell when we want, where we want.

This is our city.

We're gonna be kings.

What's up? What you need? Yo, you buyin', or are you just stopping to envy? Punk bitches.

Please leave your message for 505-1275223.

Record your message after the tone.

To send a numeric page Bounce, little man.

Skinny, I'm up on 2nd and Hazeltine, getting eyeballed hard.

I got a bad feeling, man.

I need some backup.

Get your ass up here now.

What's that thing in your ear? - What did I say? Get out of here! What are you waiting for? Go! We've made such headway with your treatments that now it's time we talked about sealing the deal.


As you know, my initial diagnosis was that your cancer was inoperable.

That may no longer be the case.

We think now that a lobectomy may be a viable option.

Maybe a pretty good option.


Bravenec is one of the few surgeons in the country performing lobectomies after full-dosage radiation.

He's got a good track record.

Pretty good.

It sounds aggressive.


Very much so.

Understand that if you don't have this surgery, you're just waiting for the cancer to spread.

And it will.

Now, through the treatment you've had already, we've bought you some time Maybe a lot, probably a little, but that's all.

In my opinion, if you're willing to take some risk, then this offers the best chance.

How much would it cost? I'm not on your insurance.

I'd say between 170,000 and 200,000, all in.

For my part, I'd be willing to write off what I can, but mine isn't even the biggest expense.

This is obviously a big decision.

And you folks are gonna want to take some time to discuss it.

I'll do it.

Don't you think we should at least talk this through first? I just think it's the way to go.

I have to say I think it's the right choice.

I recommend that we let the pneumonitis heal for another couple of weeks, and then we'll have at it.

That's tricky.

When's the due date? - It's the 21st.

So two weeks and change? I'll book the surgery for four weeks from now.

That way, Walter can be on his feet for the birth of your daughter.

But I wouldn't wait any longer.


It's me.

Where the hell were you? I called, like, 20 times.


What is it? Combo's dead.


Which one is he? You did not just say that to me.

Jesse, listen - That figures.

What's the word on the street? No one's dropping no names.

Combo rang me before it went down.

Said dudes were mad-dogging him, trying to run him up off the corner.

That's all I know.

Why'd we have to go pushing into new turf, yo? I mean, what'd you expect? I don't know.

You don't know? Is that all you got? I'll do right by Combo's people.

Make sure you bust up your cell and toss it.

We'll figure it out.

I appreciate what you're saying and all, but with Combo gone and Badger laying low out in Cali I'm on probation, man.

Fast track to Los Lunas.

We're on the verge of making some serious coin.

What, you're gonna jump ship now? This game we playing, we don't got the street cred to survive it.

Back when everyone thought you killed Spooge, maybe we were doing okay, but that whole thing to the head thing, the ATM? His junkie bitch copped to it.

The whole town knows it wasn't you.

Everyone knows? - Why didn't you say something? - I don't know, man.

'Cause we like you and all.

I'm telling you, just sit tight.

We'll get by.

We'll make it.

Sorry, Jesse.

I'm out.

We have had a bit of a setback.

Sorry, that's an accurate description.

What else do you want me to call it? - How about your fault? How about that? - Don't lay that on me.

You are in charge of distribution.

You said expand the territory.

That doesn't mean you become careless.

Guys, guys! Who do I look like, Maury Povich? I'm not your marriage counselor.

Now, you're professionals.

Act like it.

Now, setback.


One of our dealers was murdered.

It was some kind of turf dispute, and apparently we lost.

And then everyone quit on us.

We have absolutely no distribution.

Is there any way any of this can be traced back to you? Now, the police, I'm talking about.

There's your silver lighting.

How about you? How's the health situation? It's better.

Do you mind? Better? It's looking a little more positive.

I may have more time than I thought.


Now, as to your dead guy, occupational hazard.

Drug dealer getting shot, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's been known to happen.

Now, what about product on hand? How's your inventory? Pounds.

You did say make hay while the sun is shining.

Guys! Why the long faces here? You're sitting on a gold mine.

A gold mine we can't sell.

We need a proper infrastructure.

We need foot soldiers and dealers on a street level that are rock solid.

We need muscle, and we need enforcers.


That's what we need.


I mean, this entire process has just been so It's always been one step forward and two steps back.

We need your help.

Let's start with some tough love, all right? Ready for this? Here goes.

You two suck at peddling meth.


So give up on trying to do it all yourselves.

Hell, I'm amazed you got this far.

Look, we are not going to deal with another high-level distributor.

No, thank you.

We have been down that road.

What? Some tattooed speed-freak? What you two need is an honest-to-God businessman.

Somebody who treats your product like the simple high-margin commodity that it is.

Somebody who ships out of town, deals only in bulk.

Someone who's been doing this for 20 years and never been caught.

You know someone like that? Let's just say I know a guy who knows a guy.

Who knows another guy.

Let me make some calls, see if I can get you a meeting.

Well, what's his name? I have no idea.

He's very low profile.

He's careful like that.

From what I do hear about him, he sounds a little like you.

I need you to leave.

Look, there's some stuff about me you don't know, and Like you're a drug dealer? I kind of got that.

You pay in cash, and you use an alias, so One of my guys, a friend who worked for me got murdered.

It was my fault.

I put him on that corner.

I'm gonna smoke some crystal, and I just think you should go, being that you're in a program and all and You could come with me to a meeting.

No meetings.

We could just get out of here.

It won't help.

Yeah, it will.

And I don't need you telling me that it won't.

I just All right, I really just need you to go.

Sir? Enjoy your meal.

You're late.

We're in the big time now.

So where's the kingpin? Your guess is as good as mine.

So you get the dude's name? So let me get this straight.

He's allowed to know all our names, what we look like, but not the other way around? Why don't you get yourself some food? So we won't both sit here with our Happy Meals, looking like a couple chumps? Gentlemen, is everything to your satisfaction? Fine, thanks.

This is nothing but an ankle-grab.

I don't get you, man.

A week ago you talked like you were all ready to hang it up.

We've nearly got 40 pounds we still need to sell.

What about after? After, you gonna make up some new magic number? Like, "I got bills.

I got bills.

I gotta make more.

" What do you want me to say, Jesse? - Things have changed.

Oh, I know.

We got a guy killed.

You know what? This is bullshit.

I'm out of here.

I think she's waking up from a nap.

She is certainly going to want to get out and stretch those legs soon.

We'll keep an eye on your fluids.

You're on the low side of normal.

What? How low? It's not a problem unless we see a growth drop-off, so we're good.

We'll just have you in for an ultrasound next week and keep an eye on things.

Oh, man, you would not believe the traffic.

That's why I left 40 minutes early.


What did I miss? - For your refrigerator.

Oh, my God.

Look at her.



It's like she's here already.

I was just telling Skyler everything looks great.

Okay, we've been talking about it for months now.

It's time to make a decision.

You know what I'm going to say? - The C-section? And if it's a yes, we need to schedule it.

My last labor was pretty tough, so For the baby, I say yes.

I agree, considering that your fluids are on the low side.

It's best we take her a little early.

So why don't we schedule it for a week from Friday? Isn't that a Friday the 13th? We have a birthday.

The 16th.

I like it.

You know, speaking of birthdays, I've got to run back to the office, so I will see you later? It's an hour before closing.

You're supposed to be taking it easy.

We're having a little get-together for Ted's birthday and I've got to pick up the cake.

Why you? Because I said I would.

It's the least I can do.

Let's get out of here.

You know, go do something.


You know that museum in Santa Fe you talked about? Let's take a drive.


No, I cannot return that stock.

It's already been drilled and cut, We're halfway through the job.

Mr. Beneke to the shop, please.

All right.

Just let me think about it, okay? I gotta go.

Dean, I gotta go.

Happy Birthday! My God.

This is beautiful, guys.

Thank you very much.


These candles aren't gonna hold out much longer.

Wait a minute.

Are you making a wish? You gotta make a wish.

Well, let's see.

The economy's in the toilet.

China's undercutting us at every turn I'm at a loss.


I want to hear it first.

Absolutely not.

No way.

You cannot deny your employer his birthday wish.

Yes, I can.

Watch me.

Please! If this is your birthday wish, I feel very, very sorry for you.

Come on.

It was so good last time.

It was ages ago.

And I'm enormous now.

And I don't look anything like her anymore.

Not that I ever did.

I mean, come on.

You guys, these candles are getting wax all over the place.


Yes, come on, Skyler.

It's obscene.

Happy Birthday To you Happy Birthday To you Happy Birthday Mr.

President Of Beneke Fabricators Incorporated Happy Birthday To you That was fantastic.

Isn't she great, huh? Okay, here we go.

He wasn't there.

He was there all right.

What are you talking about? I sat there for two hours.

Nobody came.

All I know is my contact says he was there.

Are you sure you were at the right restaurant? Yes, I'm positive.

Where was he? - Who knows? Maybe he stayed out in the parking lot, checked you out with a telephoto lens.

Didn't like the cut of your jib.

Anyway, it doesn't matter now because my contact says it's a no go.

What? What do you mean? No deal.

No dice.

Shot at and missed, sh1t on and hit.

Wait a minute.

How can he make that decision without even meeting me? I told you he's very cautious who he does business with.

All right? He's skittish, like a deer.

Call him back.

I'm sorry.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

Call him, Saul.

First of all, I never called him, all right? I called a guy who called a guy who called a guy.

Second of all, it's over.

Understand? With this particular individual, all you get is the one shot.

Look, I'll see if I can scrape something else together, but don't get your hopes up.

No one else handles that kind of bulk.

Damn it.

Lucy, you must remember to have the salt and pepper shakers wiped.

Can I help you, sir? Diet Coke, please.

And five minutes of your time.

What can I do for you? Have a seat.


I would like to know why you wouldn't meet with me yesterday.

I'm sorry.

I'm not following.

I sat here yesterday, waiting to meet with someone.

I believe that person was you.

I think that you're confusing me for someone else.

I don't think I am.

Sir, if you have a complaint, I suggest you submit it through our e-mail system.

I would be happy to refer you to our website.

I was told that the man I would be meeting with is very careful.

A cautious man.

I believe we're alike in that way.

If you are who I think you are, you should give me another chance.

I don't think we're alike at all, Mr.


You are not a cautious man at all.

Your partner was late, and he was high.

Yes, he was.

He's high often, isn't he? You have poor judgment.

I can't work with someone with poor judgment.

Are you familiar with my product? I've been told it's excellent.

It is impeccable.

It is the purest, most chemically-sound product on the market anywhere.

That is not the only factor.

You could charge twice the current rate for what I provide, and your customers would pay it.

Hands down.

Now, who I choose to do business with on my end is not your problem.

You won't see him.

You won't interact with him.

Forget he exists.

I have to ask.

Why? Why him? Because he does what I say.

Because I can trust him.

How much product do you have on hand? Ready to go at a moment's notice.

Will I hear from you? I have your numbers.

You can never trust a drug addict.

Look, I mean, it's all kind of little dribs and drabs, but right here, take Keller, for instance.

A couple hundred dollars here, a few thousand there.

Dribs and drabs.

Once you add it all up, though, and with Keller, the revenues are almost 10% less than was actually received.

And this is every quarter, for the last two years.

When I saw that, I got worried, so I checked Accounts Receivable on other customers.

I found six other instances of revenues being under-reported.

And I've only just started to look into it.

We have requirement contracts with a lot of these companies.

They anticipate their needs for the next quarter.

Most of the time, they overestimate.

So I just let them roll their overages into the next order and if I don't, they'll go elsewhere.

Obviously, we forgot or didn't go back and adjust the revenue entries.

I know it's wrong from an accounting standpoint, but as you can see, the money's coming in.

Ventually, as you can see.


Right, but I got the old bills of sale and order forms out of storage, to try and sort this out.

And most of the time, there's no backup for the reported revenues at all.

In a few cases, I found Xeroxed copies with the dates changed.

All right.

You got me.

We're talking nearly a million dollars of undocumented revenue.

What are you thinking? - I'm thinking about saving a company.

I'm thinking about people's jobs, about their mortgages and pensions and their college funds for their kids.

Not to mention my own.

It doesn't mean that you have to break the law.

Yes, it does.

It's right there in the books.

Business is terrible.

The bank is on my back, the IRS is grinding me down to a nub.

If I don't keep up People go to prison for this.

My dad built this company from nothing.

We make things here.

The people who work here are like family.

I can't let that all fall apart because of a couple of bad years.

Don't report this.


I'm not gonna turn you in.

But I can't be a part of it.

I know.

I know.

I just wish I'm sorry.

I don't want you to go.

Yo, if I know you, leave a message.

Yo, it's Skinny Pete.

Just checking in with you, man.

We missed you at the funeral today.

The whole crew was representing.

Even Badger came all the way from Fresno.

Combo's people, his ma, grandma, cousins, everyone was all choked up and sh1t.

Man, it was, like, emotional.

And you should have seen the coffin.

It was like this shiny, white pearlescent.

Like, I'm pretty sure I've seen the exact same paint job on a Lexus.

So we're definitely talking high-end.

Anyway, guess you had something bigger going down.

Watch your back out there, bro.


I like to mix some ice with it.

Hold that.

What's it feel like? There's a chill.

Don't freak out.

It passes.

And then you'll see.

I'll meet you there.

Take that off.

Phones off, please.

Pipes, I guess.

All right, everyone.

Eyes on your paper.

Eyes on your paper.

Excuse me, where's the manager? I'm the manager.

Can I help you? I met a man here last week.

A black gentleman.

He's thin.


Yes, sir.

That's the owner.


He owns 14 Los Pollos restaurants in between here and Nevada.

He could be at any one of them.

Is there a phone number that I can get to I'm sorry, sir.

I can't give that out.

Is this about a complaint? I'd be happy to refer you to our website.

What's his name? - Gustavo.


Truck stop, One hour.

What? - One hour.

You in or out? In.



But I just need a little more time.

One hour.

If you miss it, don't ever show your face in here again.

Exit 13 off the 25 South, to a truck - Come on! Come on! - Yo, if I know you, leave a message.

Pick up the phone.

Pick up the phone! I'm coming by.

I need the product.

I need the product now! Wake up! Wake up.

Where'd you put it? - Where is it? Where's the product? - Get off of me.

Where is it? Where'd you hide the meth? - In the kitchen.

Where? Under the sink.

Not now!