5x11 - Confessions

Previously on AMC's Breaking Bad Have Skyler bring the kids here.

That is not going to happen.

I don't even know who I'm talking to.

Tread lightly.

Hank, are you arresting me? Am I under arrest!? Okay boys, take it all, let's get everything.

Do you know about that money thing? Involves your old pal Jesse Pinkman.

Hey, Mr.


It's me.

Um, I know you're probably real busy with retirement, but I just-- I got some news I think that you should maybe know about.

Me and Declan had some differences of opinion, and it got a little messy.

Um, any-- It's all straightened out now, but just a heads-up there's been a kind of change in management.

Anyway, um, just thought you should know.

Feel free to give me a call if you want the details, but, you know, it's cool.

So whatever.

Okay then.



Right, so there I am, I'm on top of the train, pumping the water in, and he's watching to make sure we put in exactly what he calculated.

And we gotta be real precise, because water and methylene weigh different, and he, like, figured it all out to the, like, milliliter.

Anyway, I'm up there with my hose, and we're going as fast as we can.

'Cause we only got a few minutes.

At the crossing, we got this guy who's smooth-talking the engineer.

And it's all just going great, until this other dude shows up in this monster truck, so we're pretty much screwed, because he can just push the entire dump truck off the tracks, which, you know, is what he does.


What's your guy doing? You can't stop him? Yeah.

But what's he gonna say? "Thanks anyway, sir, but my friends are still stealing cargo back there"? Anyway, so I'm looking all around, 'cause I know we're not done, but the gallons are just slowly ticking away.

And finally Mr.

White tells me to cut it.

And so I fling the hose, I'm grabbing the cap, I'm screwing in the bolts.

Just, like, busting ass, you know? And, um, and then I feel the train start moving.

You're-- - I'm on top.

Did you piss your pants? Yeah, right? So the thing starts speeding up, so I jump off the moving train.

Like, total stuntman stuff.

It's like Hooper.

You ever see Hooper? Oh, hey, man, Burt Reynolds.

Good movie.

But he jumped out of a helicopter, not a train.

Well, whatever, man.

It's a good movie.

And this guy Jesse, he's underneath the thing, and the train just drives right over him.

And luckily he's-- he's this skinny little guy.


That's a tight operation.

It was-- it was perfect.

No one even knew they got robbed, just like we planned.


White told me it was, like, the biggest train heist ever, like, potential money-wise.

So that's how that happened.

Can I get you anything else? Nope.

Thanks, darlin'.

I'm ready for the check.

You feeling good about cooking? Yeah.

You'll be able to run your own lab? Do it up right? Yeah.

For sure.

I got this.

All right.

Let's make some money, then.

I gotta hit the head.

Ever been on a plane and find yourself looking down at the armrest next to you, looking at the little plug where the ashtray used to go? I look at that and I say, "What the hell happened to this country?" Nanny state.

I see a kid with a bicycle helmet on, I wanna smack the shit out of him.

Like, for his own good.

_ Mr.


How are you today? Not so good, huh? 'Course, uh, I might be able to help you out.

I wanna talk to you about your partner, Heisenberg.

See, I know he's my brother-in-law, Walt.

Oh, yeah.

That's the look.

Lucky for you, I'm more interested in him.

So I got an offer.

If you help me out here, tell me all about you and him and your little meth business, maybe I talk to my friends at the APD and make all this go away.

I know he's the mastermind here.

Plus I'm thinking based on your recent activities that, uh maybe there's a little trouble in paradise? Maybe you guys aren't, uh, getting along so good? I'm right, aren't I? Eat me.

Sure that's how you want to play this? Why don't you try and b*at it out of me? That's your thing, right? He really did a number on you, didn't he? I don't know, but happy people usually don't go around throwing millions of dollars away.

I don't think, uh, Walt's gonna be patting you on the back for that.

But maybe that's the point.

'Cause, you see, I get that.

My own brother-in-law lying to me for over a year, using me.

Maybe you understand that feeling.

Help me out here, Jesse and we can put him away.

I know you want that.

I think you wanna talk.

Not to you.

Agent Schrader.

b*at any good suspects lately? Hey, tall and taller, ask him his history with my client.

He knocked the poor kid unconscious last time they were alone together.

So what'll it be, gentlemen, a civil rights lawsuit the size of Montana? 'Cause I'll oblige you.

Oh, so long, Rocky.

Keep your left up.

Detectives, I'm inviting you to leave.

Okay, I'm gonna try to remain calm, but will you do me a favor and tell me what is up with you? My guys are busting their asses trying to hide Walt's money from the feds, and you're tossing yours out a window? And I have to hear about your little act of philanthropy on the news? Did you hit your head or something? Why didn't you call me the second you got arrested? What did you say to Schrader? Nothing.


Just chill out.

Chill out? No-- no, I don't chill out right now, 'cause things have gone nuclear.

I imagine Schrader shared with you his recent discovery.

Okay, well, then you get my complete lack of chill.

Just use the money that I gave you.

No, Saul.


I-- Sto-- Saul.

Stop talking.

I don't care.

Just-- just make it happen.

Work your magic.

And call me when he's out.

Hey, dad.

I'm home.

Oh, okay.

I'll be right out.

Hey, you go to work today? You were out late last night.

Huh? I-- Well, I, uh I, uh, I guess I just lost track of time.

Hello? - Dad.

Huh? I'm, um, I'm gonna head out, okay? Where you going? Uh, Aunt Marie just called.

She, uh, she wants me to help her with some computer thing and asked me to stay for dinner.

That cool? Uh, I guess that, uh Cool.

All right.

See you later.

Wait, uh Son? Junior? Hang on a second.

Yeah? Oh, good.

Come on back inside.

What happened? Oh, this? Nothing.

No, I'm fine.

It's fine.


I do wanna talk to you, though.


Are you okay? Yeah.


Sit down for a second.

I just don't wanna keep things from you, okay? I mean, you deserve to know what's happening.

Yesterday I passed out.


Very-- very briefly.

And I did this.

Why-- why did you pass out? Well, my latest scans show a little shadow on my lung.

But my doctor put me right on a new round of chemo, which is why I've been so tired lately.

But I-- I was pushing myself too hard.

I know it.

I just don't want you to worry.

I learned my lesson.

Well, um, what's the What now? What now is that we go on.

Like always.

Right? Hey, don't worry about this, okay? I know that's hard.

But I b*at this once.

There's no reason to think I won't again.

And my doctor says I'm doing great.

I'm responding really well to the treatment.

And I'm I'm feeling very-- very good about this, all right? And what would really help me out is if we all stayed positive.

Can we do that? Yeah? Hmm? Okay.

So why don't you go on and help your Aunt Marie, and-- and we'll talk about this later with your mom.


No-- no way.

I'm staying.

I'm not leaving.

Flynn's not with you, is he? - No.


Why would he be? How'd it go? That bad, huh? How bad are we talking, Hank? I didn't tell them.

Why not? It's just not time yet.

No, it's past time.

Way past time.

We talked about this.

You've got to tell them now.

It's just gonna be worse if they find out that you've kept this from them.

Look, it's just I've got some things I gotta chase down.

What? What things? Leads, you know.

What leads? What? Something new? I'm not keeping anything from anybody, Marie, okay? Jesus.

Don't tell me how to do my job.


Are you sure about this? It's the only way.


I'm ready.

My name is Walter Hartwell White.

I live at Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104.

This is my confession.

They're here.

Thank you for coming.


I'll start.

Skyler and I-- Welcome to Garduno's! My name's Trent.

I'll be taking care of you today.

Can I start anybody off with some beverages? Margarita? How about some of our tableside guacamole? I-- I think we're fine.

We need some time with the menu.

No worries.

Be right back with some water.

So you here to confess? There's nothing to confess.

We're here to talk about Walter, Jr.

Flynn and Holly should be living with us.

End of story.

And while we respect your opinion, we think that your concern is misplaced.

Skyler and I feel due to Marie's attempt to lure him to your house I wasn't trying to lure him.

Regardless of what you might call it, Skyler and I would like to ask you to please leave our children out of this.

Junior has been through a lot already this year.

You are just This investigation, Hank-- Do you realize what this will do to him? Hearing these things? He's gonna hear it when I kick in your front door and arrest you.

If that day ever comes, so be it.

You have no evidence to support your claims.

Why tear this family apart? So, how about that guacamole? We make it right here at the table.

I'll just give you guys a few more minutes.

How can you sit there and listen to this? All we want is for those kids to be safe.

You are putting them in danger, keeping them under the same roof as this-- They are safe, Marie.

You yourself sent them out of the house.

And I brought them back.

Look, whatever you think he did, this is not an ongoing situation.



They need to understand.

It's in the past.

It's over.

There is nothing to go after here.

There's nothing to accomplish.

How can we believe anything you say? There's no telling where the lies begin and end.

That affair of yours? Did that even happen? Please.

Look, Junior just found out that my cancer is back.

He's already facing the idea of living without his father.

To put this on top of that? It's just not right.

I swear to God, you start throwing the word "right" at me-- What I mean Was it right to run a drug empire? There is no drug empire.

Lying to your son, to all of us-- is that right? What do I have to do to make you believe me? Why don't you k*ll yourself, Walt? What? Just k*ll yourself.

This whole thing dies with you, right? That's what you're saying here? Is that Hank should just let it go and wait for you to die.

Well, maybe you should just go ahead and die then.

That is not a solution.

No, it's not a solution.

He's not getting off that easy.

Jesus, Hank.

And the same goes for you if you stick with him.

Both of you think you're just gonna walk away from this thing? Never gonna happen.

That is not what we're saying-- Enough with the bullshit.

You're not gonna negotiate your way out of this thing.

There's only one solution-- step up, be a man, and admit what you've done.

That's it.

There is no other option.

Let's go.

My name is Walter Hartwell White.

I live at Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104.

This is my confession.

If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead-- m*rder by my brother-in-law, Hank Schrader.

Hank has been building a meth empire for over a year now, and using me as his chemist.

Shortly after my 50th birthday, he asked that I use my chemistry knowledge to cook methamphetamine, which he would then sell using connections that he made through his career with the DEA.

I was astounded.

I I always thought Hank was a very moral man, and I was particularly vulnerable at the time-- something he knew and took advantage of.

I was reeling from a cancer diagnosis that was poised to bankrupt my family.

Hank took me on a ride-along and showed me just how much money even a small meth operation could make.

And I was weak.

I didn't want my family to go into financial ruin, so I agreed.

Hank had a partner, a businessman, named Gustavo Fring.

Hank sold me into servitude to this man, and when I tried to quit, Fring threatened my family.

I didn't know where to turn.

Eventually, Hank and Fring had a falling out, and things escalated.

Fring was able to arrange, uh, I guess-- I guess you call it a hit on Hank, and failed, but he was seriously injured, and I wound up paying his medical bills, which amounted to a little over $177,000.

Upon recovery, Hank was bent on revenge.

Working with a man named Hector Salamanca, he plotted to k*ll Fring.

The b*mb that he used was built by me. And he gave me no option in that.

I have often contemplated su1c1de, but I'm a coward. I wanted to go to the police, but I was frightened.

Hank had risen to become the head of the Albuquerque DEA to keep me in line, he took my children.

For three months he kept them.

My wife, who had no idea of my criminal activities, was horrified to learn what I had done.

I was in hell. I hated myself for what I had brought upon my family.

Recently, I tried once again to quit, and in response, he gave me this.

I can't take this anymore.

I live in fear every day that Hank will k*ll me, or worse, hurt my family.

I All I could think to do was to make this video and hope that the world will finally see this man for what he really is.

Who do you think he's shown this to?

No one.

It's a threat.

It's what he will do if I don't back off.

I think you should show this to Ramey.

Just get ahead of it.

That video is a bunch of lies, Hank.

Anybody who knows you will know.

$177,000? Hell's he talking about? Marie? They told me it was gambling money.

What was gambling money? Oh, Jesus Christ, Marie.

Oh, God, no.

How was I supposed to know? How was I supposed to know where it really came from? Why were they paying for my medical bills? What about my insurance? Insurance wouldn't have covered the treatment that you needed, and I I just wanted the best for you.

Why didn't you tell me? Because I knew that you would refuse it, and without it, you may never have been able to walk again.

Oh, Christ, Marie.

You k*ll me here.

I mean, it's the-- that's the last nail.

That's the last nail in the coffin.

What do we do? If I were you, I'd be more nervous.



It's always a desert.

Uh, I already checked it.

It's clean.

I wouldn't have driven it here if it wasn't.

Um, get one of these, by the way.

Reads radio signals.

Much easier.

What does he know? I mean, he knows you're Heisenberg.

But I figure not much else, otherwise, you know, you'd be locked up.

What did he say, exactly? He wants me to inform on you for him.

Tell him everything we did.

Anything else? I don't think he's told the rest of the DEA.

Why do you say that? Just him being there all by himself, and plus he was acting kinda shady.

Seemed like he didn't want the other cops hearing what he had to say.

Are we gonna talk about the rain of caca the kid brought down upon us? Do you want to hazard a guess what his little charity drive cost you? Why don't you go take a walk, Saul? Jesse, will you let me help you? I don't like to see you hurting like this.

Maybe it's time for a change.

What kinda change? I don't know.

I don't know.

Maybe Maybe it's time for you to just leave all of this behind.

Just get out of town.

Don't look back.

Saul knows a man.

He specializes in giving people new identities.

He would move you someplace far away and set you up with a whole new life.

Yeah, I know.

Sounds a little extreme.

But maybe it's exactly what you need.

You know, I really think that would be good for you.

A clean slate.

All right.

Just think about it.

You get a job.

Something legitimate.

Something you like.

Meet a girl.

Start a family, even.

Hell, you're still so damn young.

And what's here for you now anyway? I tell ya.

If I could, I'd trade places.

A whole lifetime ahead of you with a chance to hit the reset button.

In a few years, this might all feel like nothing more than a bad dream.

Would you just, for once, stop working me? What are you talking about? Can you just, uh, stop working me for, like, ten seconds straight? Stop jerking me around? Jesse, I am not working you.


Yes, you are.

All right? Just drop the whole concerned dad thing and tell me the truth.

I mean, you're-- you're acting like me leaving town is-- is all about me and turning over a new leaf, but it's really-- it's really about you.

I mean, you need me gone, 'cause your dickhead brother-in-law is never gonna let up.

Just say so.

Just ask me for a favor.

Just tell me you don't give a shit about me, and it's either this-- it's either this or you'll k*ll me the same way you k*ll Mike.

I mean, isn't that what this is all about? Huh? Us meeting way the hell out here? In case I say no? Come on.

Just tell me you need this.

Your change.

And if you'll hand this to your car wash professional, and have an A-1 day.

Skyler? Skyler, I've got my chemo in about 45 minutes.

Can you take over the register for me? Skyler? It worked and we're fine.

Okay? We're fine.

_ So, Palmer and Castanares are sitting on that jerkoff Saul Goodman's office, keeping an eye on Jesse Pinkman.


I put them on it.

You wanna explain that to me? Yeah.


Why the hell should I know anything? They're just my guys, after all.

You gotta tell me what's going on.

Pinkman is APD's problem, not ours.

You got a history with this kid.

He catches wind that you're trailing him, and this explodes, he could sue.

Look, if I can't explain this to Ramey, I gotta pull my guys.


Take them off.

I said take them off.

What else you want? I'm going out for awhile.

Well, you have that 3:00.

Will you be back? You know what? It's gonna have to be another day.

Reschedule it.

Last chance.

You sure there's nobody you wanna say bye to? Nobody at all? No.

This is it.

Once I make the call, there's no take-backs.

Uh, I need a new dust filter for my Hoover Max Extract Pressure-Pro, model 60.

Can you help me with that? Yeah.


He's hot.

Uh, not hot hot, just a little hot.

Currently out on bail.

Yeah, he knows the rules.

One hour.


He'll be there.

And done.


This guy's fee is one twenty-five.

Your benefactor asked me to send you out with something extra.

Get you started, you know? Keep you sitting pretty until you get into the groove of your new life.

Provided, of course, you don't toss it out the window on the way.

Seriously, this is the last of it, so you might wanna think about making a budget.

Hey, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? You can't fire up a doob in here! Put that out! I mean it! Put it out! Look, Mr.

Natural, I'm not gonna let you sabotage this thing.

This guy is not gonna take you if you show up high, so stop screwing around, or it's both our asses.


Well, that's a start.

Now give with the dope.


Some people are immune to good advice.

I'm gonna get a bag for this cash.

Don't even think about lighting up again.

Francesca, we got any bags? For money.

Money-sized bags.

Huell's gonna drop you at the pickup spot then he's gonna get the hell out of there.

You got that? Guy won't pick up the kid if he's got company.

You got a phone? Cops took it.

All right.

In case something goes wrong-- guy doesn't show, whatever-- you give me a call.

Seriously? Hello Kitty? "Seriously?" It's free.

Uh, we got a beggars-choosers situation here, so stop busting my balls.

Corner of Juan Tabo and Osuna.

You, you're gonna sit and wait.

This guy's punctual with a capital P.

Okay? So don't move.

Don't get up and get an ice cream.

Just stay put like a good boy.

He'll pick you up.

You'll pay him.

He'll take your ID.

He'll give you a new one.

Good-bye, Jesse Pinkman.

Hello, Mr.

Credit to Society.

So, do I get to pick where I go? Well, it's your life.

I imagine you get a say.

Want a suggestion? How about Florida? You get a tan, meet the Swedish bikini team, you know, swim with the dolphins.

What about Alaska? Alaska.


Well, that's a different vibe.

I never figured you for a big moose lover, but whatever floats your boat.


Alaska's good.

Anywhere you can get a fresh start is gonna be good.

You ready? Yeah.

Take care, Jesse.

All right.

'Scuse me.

Hey, man, you can't go in there! He a no-show? Why didn't you call? Why didn't you Stop! Code Red! - Huell! - No! Hey! - Hey! No! - Get in here! No, no.

Back off! You, stay where you are.

What? I don't know what happened here.

What did I do? You stole it off of me.

You and him-- you took it right out of my pocket, didn't you? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down.



I had Huell lift your dope.

I told you I couldn't risk the guy not taking you.

No! Before! The cigarette! You stole the cigarette.

What? - The ricin cigarette! You had him steal it off of me! And all for that assh*le Mr.

White! He poisoned Brock! He poisoned Brock, and you-- you helped him! - Okay, Jesse.

Calm down.

Say it again! Tell me one more time to calm down! Come on! I'm sorry.



I had Huell lift your cigarette, but Walt made me! He told me he was helping you, he was saving you.

I never would've agreed to it if I'd known what he was gonna do.

Jesse, you gotta believe me.

I didn't want any of this! Back up! Agh! Get off me! What do I pay you for? Hey, it's me.

We got a big problem.

18, 19, and 20.

Actually, you gave me a five, not a one.

Oh, I-- I did.

I'm-- I'm so sorry.

Um, here you go.

Thank you for your honesty.

Oh, and, uh, please give this to your car wash professional.

Have an A-1 day.




What's going on? - Not much.

Yeah? Nothing? - No.

Things are fine.


Why? Oh, no reason.

You know what I found the other day is that the-- the-- the latch on the soda machine wasn't latching.

It's-- it's catching every time that I stock that darn thing.

So I thought I'd check it out.



Oh! Exact change.

I like that.

Thank you very much.


And please give this to your car care professional, and have an A-1 day.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You know what I just remembered is that they gave me a prescription to go pick up.

So I forgot.

I'm gonna go head on over to the drugstore, okay? - Yeah.


All right.