01x06 - Three Monkeys

♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Small and white ♪
♪ Clean and bright ♪
♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow ♪
♪ Bloom and grow forever ♪
♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Bless my homeland forever ♪

♪ [big band version of "Mack the Knife"]

Bing crosby: ♪ Oh, the shark has ♪


♪ Pretty teeth, dear ♪

Sieg heil.

Sieg heil. Glad you could make it.

Saw you in the parade on TV.

It was really something.

Oh, yes, it was.

Hey, Harry.

Sieg heil.

Sieg heil.

♪ And he keeps it well ♪

Honey, Joe's here.

Hi, Joe.

My wife Helen.

I'm so glad you could join us.

Thank you for inviting me, ma'am.

I'm not your mother. You can call me Helen.


Girl: Yes, Mother.

Oh, these are for you.

Oh, they're beautiful. Thank you.


Joe, this is Thomas and Amy and Jennifer.

Hi, guys. Sieg heil.

Sieg heil.


You forgot our fourth again.

This is Max.

Hey, buddy. I always wanted a dog.

Max is very much part of the family.

It's what VA Day's all about.

You make yourself at home, Joe.

Come on, Joe. I'll show you around.



I was trying not to wake you.

I didn't know if you got much sleep.

No, I was, uh, I was looking at drawings, you know.

How was the memorial?

It was fake.

You look nice.


We should spend some time together.

I don't want to make you late for the dojo.

How about dinner?


Was that the phone before?

Yeah. It was the wrong number.

I'll see you later.

Embarrassing, right?

[chuckling] Hey, don't knock it.

So your dad doesn't mind you being in here?

He trusts us to be responsible.

[rifle cocks]

Hey, Joe.

Dad collects them.

He likes to hunt.

I guess that's security cover.

Come on. I'll show you outside.

Want to play catch?


So how'd you get to be working with my dad?

He decided to give me a shot.

Just lucky, I guess.

Where'd you go to college?

Uh, I went straight to work.

In the SS?

In a factory.

But you were in the Hitler Youth.


Right up until they kicked me out.

You want to join the SS?

There are so many things I'd like to do, places I'd like to go.

But sure.

I want to make my country proud.

And your dad, right?

Smith: What's this?

You've been keeping the secrets from me, Joe.

You never told me your middle name was di Maggio.

Didn't know you were a baseball fan, sir.

Well, once.

It's a lazy sport compared to track or soccer.

I got to pick up Helen's mother from the airport.


Actually, this is where you offer to ride along with me, help draw some of her fire.

Right. Sorry.

Hey, Dad, come on. Throw it here.

No such thing as a free lunch, Joe.



I'm Juliana Crain.


Only speak to the Trade Minister when he speaks to you.

Hello again, Miss Crain.

I am Trade Minister Tagomi.

The Trade Department has many Aryan visitors.

Often they feel more comfortable if they are greeted by an agreeable white face.

The more comfortable they feel, the easier it is to do business.

Your job will be to serve tea, fill water glasses, and smile politely at all times.

You're giving me a job?

That is why you were here yesterday, isn't it?


I got the details from Mr. Eto.

There is an opening here if you so wish, Miss Crain.



Mr. Tagomi expects complete loyalty and discretion.

You will not speak of anything you hear or see, and you will not leave this level without my express permission.

This is a government building, Miss Crain, patrolled by armed soldiers.

Do not go anywhere without prior authorization.

[elevator door dings]

You contacted the Trade Minister's office?

Yes, sir. They're expecting you.

You have read the preliminary ballistics report, Inspector?


The man and boy who described the bespectacled gunman in the crowd believe this resembles the weapon they saw.

Compile a list of antique dealers with a permit to sell firearms.

[knock on door]

Frank, I'm glad I caught you.

I'm kind of late for work.

Oh, yeah. I just finished. Night shift.

Oh, yeah?

I just thought I'd stop in on the way home.

So, uh, Juliana, she came by yesterday.

Frank, I never did say I'm sorry for... what happened.

That's uh, that's kind of you, Arnold.

Anne already passed on your regards.

So what is it really? Juliana?

She wasn't herself, Frank.

You know, she only stayed for five minutes.

Her mind was clearly somewhere else.

Now, if her sister was around, I wouldn't worry, but I...

Well maybe Juliana doesn't need us to worry about her as much as we think she does.

But, Frank, we're... we're the type of guys who worry, whether people need us to or not.

We stand quietly in the back, and we make the hard decisions if we have to.

You're a good guy.

I'm glad Jules can count on you.

I'm glad that you can count on each other, you know?

Okay. I'm going to go.

I'll see you later.

[airplane soars]

♪ [lively]

There she is!

♪ ["Runnin' Wild"]

Bad news, sir?

For Helen.

They canceled her mother's flight.

I think the rest of us will get over it pretty quickly.


Rudolph Wegener.

Hello, John. Sieg heil.

Sieg heil.

What are you doing here?

Trying to leave.

Connecting flights to Berlin have been delayed for hours.

Now they're saying it could be some time tonight.

So where you been?

On assignment in the Pacific States.


I was already marooned there due to the security situation.

Any word on the Crown Prince?

They're saying he survived.

The Führer will be relieved.

It's a day to count blessings.

Speaking of which, my mother-in-law's flight has also been affected.

We have a spare seat at our table.

Oh, no, John, I...

Oh, why not?

How long since we saw each other?


15 years?

It's VA Day.

I insist.

Just like the old days, being bullied by Scharführer Smith.

What do you say?

Thank you.

I'm sorry. This is Joe Blake.

Rudolph Wegener.

An old colleague, close friend.

Good to meet you, sir.

Rudolph. Likewise.

Let's get you fed.

We are particularly concerned on behalf of Mr. Matsuni, given the scope of his automotive operation and the importance to the economy.

But before we wade too deeply into the somewhat choppy waters of piracy in the south China Sea, may I ask, Trade Minister, how is the Crown Prince?

Very kind of you to ask, Ambassador.

As for my part, please excuse me for forgetting to congratulate you on VA Day.

Very gracious of you, Minister Tagomi.

Particularly since the Pacific States choose to not formally mark the occasion.

We celebrate our shared victory fully on Army Navy Day.

And I'm delighted to say, since we are among friends, that His Highness the Crown Prince will lead those celebrations in Tokyo.

I saw him first thing this morning.

He looked remarkably well.

And what of the investigation, Trade Minister?

How is it progressing?

That discussion is not for this room, Oberführer.

If you will all turn to page 2 of the Trade Security's discussion document.

Does life in Berlin still suit you, Rudolph?

Hmm. Yes.

Except for the politics.

Whispers about the future of the Reich and its leadership grow louder by the day.

And I grow pessimistic, I'm afraid.

I think that's called getting old, my friend.

Perhaps. The thirst for power brings out the worst in some of our comrades.

What about here?

Heydrich reports that you continue to keep order with effortless efficiency.

Nothing is without effort. You know that, Rudolph.

There are those with short memories who seek to drag us all backward.

I thought insurgency had all but been eradicated.

Those with strong hearts and soft heads have not.

Ask Joe. He spent most of last week tracking the Resistance in a covert mission in the Neutral Zone.

Successful, Joe?

I learned a lot.

Hmm. You're lucky.

You couldn't hope for a finer mentor than John.

[door opens]


I bring an old friend from the Fatherland.


You remember Rudolph.

Please stop using the word "old" when you introduce me.


I believe we met a few times in Cincinnati.

I never forget a beautiful woman.

It's good to see you again.

I'm a poor substitute for your mother, but I did manage to stop off and pick up a formidable Riesling.

Oh. Well, then you can stay.

Thank you.

Come meet the family, and lunch is almost ready.







Uh, Mrs. Kasoura?


Konnichiwa. It's Mr. Childan.

From American Artistic Handcrafts?


Yes. Uh, how are you?

I'm fine, thank you.

Um, you had asked me to advise you of any new pieces that might be of interest, and I've come across one or two things, so when do you think you might be able to visit the shop?

I'm not sure.

Um, I will need to check with my husband.

[speaking Japanese] Of course. Certainly.

I just... I...

I would hate for you to miss out.

[door opens]

Uh, I'll call you back.

[click, dial tone]

[speaking Japanese]

Chief Inspector Kido.

You have a special permit to sell firearms.

I would like to see your sales ledger now.

Of course.

[speaking Japanese] Certainly.

Have you sold any late 19th century revolvers recently, Mr. Childan?

Uh, no, sir.

It is not an area of specialization for me.

I normally deal with pre-19th century armaments.

.45 caliber bullets times 3.

Sold three days ago.

Do you recall this transaction?

Oh, hai, of course.

Uh, Mr. Satoshi Matsuda.

Satoshi Matsuda? He is Japanese?

Oh, hai, hai, as the law demands.

Uh, in fact, the vast majority of my customers are Japanese, many of them placed.

Which gun would these bullets fit?

Truthfully, Inspector, it's not my area of expertise.

Easy to check.

And the address.

Matsuda resides in Tibet?

He was passing through, I believe.

Sergeant, you have been to Tibet.

I'm familiar with it, sir.

It's a small village, quite remote.

You are granted a special license on condition that the authorities are able to reach people who buy prohibited items easily.

Yes, sir, and I am very sorry, truly, but Matsuda-san is a trusted customer, uh...

Who you trust is of no consequence, Mr. Childan, whereas who I trust... that is of every consequence.

You understand?

I do, sir. Hai. Very much so.

♪ [classical violin, piano]

[laughing] Let me get this straight, Rudolph.

He stole them?

I did not steal a boat.

I temporarily misplaced my own boat, and I took another boat that... that belonged to someone else, which looked very similar.

A hovercraft would have looked similar after all we had drunk.

And I can't have one glass of wine on VA Day?

All right, under the strict understanding that this goes no further after today.

[children giggle]


Want a drink?

Wegener: No.

This is truly a wonderful meal, Helen.

To the most important job in the Reich.

I hope you find yourself a good woman, Joe.

And until then, find as many bad ones as possible.


Are you married, Rudolph? I noticed your ring.

Married, but we spend a lot of time apart.

I try and see my children as much as possible.

You remember Catherine.

You're still sailing, I trust.



I assumed that's why you lived on an island.

You spent as much time on the Ohio river as you did on dry land.

I... I... I stopped right about the time I left Cincinnati.

I hope you all saved room for apple pie.


Hey, does the phrase "To life" means anything to you?

No. Why?

Uh, I need you to check over some employee details for you, Frank.

Can I ask why, Mr. Wyndam-Matson?

Because they've been requested, so they need to be right.

Requested? Why?

It's not a question either of us should be asking.

Everything correct?



Helen: So is there a girl, Joe?

Someone special?

Oh, careful.

Uh, no.

Well, there is a... a girl, but it's... it's complicated.

Well, nothing worth having comes easy.

You know, when John and I first met, you wouldn't have given us much of a chance.

We had nothing. We had less than nothing.

His family started with money, but then the Crash.

You know, John believes that a man determines his own worth.

Looks like you've done pretty well.

You could have all this, Joe.

I see a lot of John in you.

It was... It's, uh...

It's been really great being here.


Just, uh...

It's been really great.

You know, it's a long way back to the city.

Why don't you stay over?

Oh, no. I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble.

Well, we have room.

It's up to you.

Smith: It's coming!

Oh. It must be nearly time.

♪ [fanfare]

♪ [male chorus singing in German]

What was the Pacific States assignment?


Can't talk about it?

I can talk to you about anything, my friend.

It just doesn't warrant discussion. Routine.

A long way to go for a routine trade mission, especially when we have senior people there.

Am I being interrogated, Obergruppenführer?



Miss Crain.

Your security pass is ready for collection from personnel.

Level 2, room 2044, where Mr. Eto interviewed you.

Be back in exactly 15 minutes.

[crowd cheering]

Translator: Fellow citizens, I stand before you today a proud man.

On this day in 1947, two years after the capitulation of the government of the United States of America, the bloody struggle to liberate America was finally and comprehensibly won.

Sakura Iwazaru.

And on this day our true quest began to make a proud but demoralized people...

Can we get some snacks, maybe? Pretzels?


I'll go.

...in the history of humankind.

...criminality, labor movements masquerading as being for the people.

It was a land of decadent...

Joe, you okay?

Woman: Excuse me.

Can I help you?

What? Yes. I'm here to collect my security pass.

...shoulder to shoulder in a thousand-year Reich...

Thank you.

...of strength and splendor.

One national community truly united in eternity.

You were looking for Mr. Eto?

Uh, no. Actually, maybe you can help.

What's your name?

Christine Tanaka.

You do remember me? Right? From yesterday?

I'm looking for someone, someone who works here.

The Trade Minister sent you to get an employee file?


Well, no, not Mr. Tagomi personally, but one of the girls said I should ask since I was down here.

I think it's kind of urgent.

Uh, the person I'm looking for is Iwazaru...

Sakura Iwazaru.

You're sure about that?


What school did you go to?

You don't know the Three Monkeys proverb?

Mizaru: See no evil.

Kikazaru: Hear no evil.

Iwazaru: Speak no evil.

And sakura?

Cherry blossom.

It's a pretty common name.

Who asked you to get it? I can call...

Uh, no, that's fine. Don't. No need.

Sounds like they're playing a trick on the new girl.

New white girl, maybe.

Back to work.

Rudolph Wegener.

A senior Nazi from Berlin.

And at some point yesterday, he vanished from his hotel room.

Well. Thank you for informing me, Inspector.

You had no suspicion?

Of what?

The high-ranking Nazi insinuated his way into the center of our Crown Prince's visit, a visit during which His Highness was shot.

He was on the same podium.

I did not come with accusations, Minister.

At this stage, only suspicion.

Do you have any idea how or why Colonel Wegener fled from his hotel?

I'm sure that there's an innocent explanation.

Yesterday you issued a diplomatic visa.

Yes, I did.

May I ask who to?

You may, but I believe all you need to know is that it wasn't Mr. Baynes or your Colonel Wegener.

I will need you to share everything you have on this man with my office.

Yes, of course.

Thank you for your cooperation, Trade Minister.

♪ ["Für Elise"]

Smith: ...drinking nothing but Polish vodka.

Have you ever had Polish vodka?

It's not good.

Thank you, son.

I think this occasion calls for the really good stuff, gentlemen.

I've never been to the Pacific States, Rudolph.

What are people doing there today?

Business as usual.

They don't celebrate VA Day.



I thought the Führer made them honorary Aryans.

It doesn't mean they value their people, Joe.

Here the worker is honored, not a means to an end.

There's a great deal to admire about the Japanese, Joe, not least their work ethic.

There's no shortage of admiration as far as your concerned, Rudolph.

I simply agree with the Führer.

Continued peaceful relations with Tokyo is in everybody's interest.

You have a family now, John.

Surely you agree that we must do whatever it takes to avoid war.


Some wars are necessary.

We fought in one.

And you still believe that everything we did back then was necessary?

You wait till you see Berlin, Joe.

The scale of...

You know what nobody talks about on VA Day, Joe?

Nobody talks about the camps.

Nobody talks about how many we exterminated.

We got commendations for it.


But nobody talks about it.

What's there to say, Rudolph?

It was necessary work. We did it.

In war as in life, Joe, sacrifices have to be made.

You never think about it, John?

I prefer to look forward.

That's not what I asked.


This is beneath you.

When you went out sailing on your boat all those nights, alone but for a bottle...

I was trying to find some perspective.

And yet you no longer sail.

Why is that?

Well, at least now we have better whiskey.

Now we have a better world.

Ahem. Sieg heil.

Sieg heil.

Sieg heil.

Miss Crain, Mr. Tagomi would like to talk with you privately.

[knock on door]

Konnichiwa, Mr. Frink.

What do you want?

I was visited by the Kempeitai today.

They have a particular interest in antique firearms and ammunition.

I don't need to know what you did with those bullets...

Yeah, I didn't do anything.

I'm no fool, Mr. Frink.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating me.

I didn't do anything, and I'm busy right now.

So please leave.

I simply need your assurance that they won't be found.

If official inquiries come to nothing, the only way this gets back to me is through you.

I just asked you to get out, okay?

And I warn you I will not die as the result of gaijin stupidity.

And don't underestimate me, either, you f*cking Nip-loving prick!

I talk, and we both die, and believe me, you've got a lot more to lose than me right now.

We seem to have no choice but to trust each other, Mr. Frink.

Miss Crain, I won't keep you long.

I merely want to thank you for your diligence today.

The cultures we were born into mean that we do things differently.

And yet I suspect that we also hold many of the same things in the highest esteem.

You've seen we don't have many white faces here.

It will be assumed by your appointment that you can be depended upon.

Trust... very important to me, Miss Crain.

I understand, Mr. Tagomi.


Aikido teaches the significance of reaction, reading an opponent's intentions through physical response.

Oberführer Diels, at the meeting today, kept touching his throat when he spoke.

I do the same thing sometimes when I'm trying to hide something.

Aikido is a noble pursuit.

Good evening, Miss Crain.

I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry.

I got held up.

This looks beautiful.

I called your mother to see if you were there.

Then I, uh, then, uh, then I called the dojo.

Okay, Frank...

Okay, whatever you do, don't say sorry again.

I didn't want to put you in more danger.

It's about the films, Frank.

I'm not giving up on this.

I can't.

No. No, no, no.

No. Don't do that.

If I stop now, I betray everyone we've lost, Frank.

This is me you're talking to, the guy who pulled you off that street all busted up. It's not about them.

Yeah, it's... it's... it's about you.

That is not true.

And why even mention the accident?

How can you still not see what you've done?

You know?

You know what? I...

I didn't ask for any of this, Juliana.

I was happy.

How happy?


I was happy.


We were only ever as happy as they allowed us to be.

Frank, what if there's... what if it's true?

What if there's a way out, Frank?

What if there is?

Yeah, well, what...

For you, for me, for everyone?

What makes you think you wouldn't lie to everyone there, too?

I didn't ask for this, either, Frank.

Come on!

Fine. Fine.

But just so you know, I am not that guy who found you on the street anymore.

Where in the f*ck have you been?

What have you been doing, Juliana?

I got a job.


At the Nippon.

You're working for the government?

For Trudy.

They killed Trudy.


You know, they took my, uh, they took my sister... my niece, my nephew... and now you.

God damn it, Frank!

Whatever happened and whoever's to blame, I can't unsee that film any more than I can unkill that man in Canon City.

What did you say?

You killed someone?



There was a... a Nazi agent who... who tried to kill me.

And, uh, someone... someone from the East Coast Resistance helped me.

East Coast Resistance?

A man?

Oh, come on, Frank. What difference...

Was he a man?

Does it matter, Frank?

Was he a f*cking man?

Get the f*ck away from me.



There's a curfew, Frank.



Is everything all right, sir?

Helen tells me you're staying the night.

Is that okay?


Hey, tell me.

What do you make of Rudolph?

He seems like a good man.


He's lying.

There was no trade assignment in the Pacific States.

He was identified on a diplomatic ticket.

Gave a false name.

Rudolph's flight wasn't delayed.

He was.

So you've known all day?


What about Helen's mother?

Dead two years.

She was a great lady.

I felt certain that he would confide in me at some point today.

Maybe I don't know people as well as I think.

So Helen knew about Rudolph.

You must trust the woman in your life with your life, Joe.

And the less you knew, the less he'd suspect.

Are you going to question him?

Me and Rudolph, we... we performed duties together that... bond men.

They bond men forever.

I have no objectivity here.

My heart tells me he's a good man.

He's a... He's a brave man who... who must have good reason for... betraying his people.

But my head?

My head says we should take him out in the woods, interrogate him, shoot him in the f*cking face.

How do you justify this, Joe?

He's lied all day in my home.

Enjoyed my family's hospitality.

You tell me.

I'm asking for your counsel.

What would you do?

[horn honks]

Oh, my taxi.

Thank you.

Good night.

John, Joe, a real pleasure.

For me, too, Rudolph.

I wish we hadn't left it so long.

You always were too smart for me, John.

You were right, Joe.

Emotions can't be allowed to interfere with what is right.

And sacrifices have to be made.

What the hell are you doing?

The meeting room on the trade floor is called Bara... rose.


You can't be here.

Sakura means cherry blossom.

Did you hear me? You have to go.

Listen, I think Sakura is a room somewhere in this building, and I need to find it.

I don't know what it is you're doing.

I need a floor plan, Christine.

Or why you think you can come to me, but I need this job.

I promise this will never get back to you.

But the next time that b*st*rd demands personal services, at least you'll know you screwed him a little, too.

[knock on door]

I... I, uh... I didn't know where else to go.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come here.

But you did.

You did, Frank.

"To life." Why did you say that?


Well, why do you think?

I think I remember hearing it as a kid.

My grandfather, maybe.


I'm not Jewish.


That's okay.

We won't hold it against you.

It's okay.

Frank, this is Charlie, Clara.

Kids, this is Frank.

Yeah, it's the three of us now.

Losing people is one thing.

Not being allowed to grieve for them, it's, uh... well, that's another.

Frank, would you mind if... if we said a prayer... uh, the kids and me... for Laura and John and Emily?

[saying Kaddish in Hebrew]




Clara, charlie: Amen.

[various voices chattering]

[voices continue]

[Kaddish continues]

[various voices continue]

Man: Heard the Crown Prince isn't gonna make it.

Got to be the Nazis.

[voices continue]

[Kaddish continues]

Clara, charlie: Amen.

[Kaddish continues]


[Kaddish continues]