02x09 - Detonation

[Film Projector Starts]

♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Every morning you greet me ♪
♪ Small and white ♪
♪ Clean and bright ♪
♪ You look happy to see me ♪
♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow ♪
♪ Bloom and grow forever ♪
♪ Edelweiss, edelweiss ♪
♪ Bless my homeland forever ♪

[1920s Blues Playing]


Are you all right?

I'm sorry. I had a moment.

I can't get it out of my head.

The gun in my face in that club.

Ed just said Taishi's dead.

I don't remember anyone mentioning a gun in your face.

I thought the kempeitai was going to kill us.

What happened exactly?

You didn't tell me.

Tell you about what?

The club, the Yakuza, and the Pon who pointed the gun but didn't shoot you.

Was that Kido or Yoshida?

Where did you get this?

A journalist friend.

Says it's a thousand times more powerful than the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.

The U.S. tested it out in the open so they could taunt... spook the Russians.

Desperate times, Bill.

What's Berlin saying?

What you'd imagine.

What do you think's going to happen?

Bartender: Here you go, sir. Dry martini.

I think we're going to drink some more, head back to the office, and hope someone more important than us has a plan.

I'll drink to that.

Mm. Pour us another. I got to use the men's room.

I'll get you two more, sir.



Is everything okay?

Uh, it's Lucy. We were having lunch, and she said she felt faint.

She said your office was close by.

Is she all right?

She collapsed in the lobby.

They said you were here.

She's just, um, resting upstairs.

Told her to go to the doctor's, but she's stubborn about it.

I'm glad you were with her, Julia.

Thank you.

Of course. Anyone would do the same.




Sit down.



Who are you?

We've got your wife.

And if you don't want us to put a bullet in her pretty little head, you'll do exactly what I say.

Now please sit down.

I'll have you killed for this.

Please just do what he says.

I love my wife, but if you think that Lucy or I would betray everything that we ever believed in...

Don't do it for her or yourself.

Do it for your kid.

Oh. You don't know that she's pregnant?

You're lying.

She, uh... didn't want to tell you until she was sure.

She said you've been trying for a while.

What do you want?

[Theme Playing]

Announcer: "American Reich."

Two cops, one big city.


Dixon: He's one of the only men in New York who can walk us into a TV station.

There's got to be another way to get the message out there.

You, of all people, shouldn't doubt the power of pictures.

People believe what they see, particularly when it comes from the authorities.

This is our best chance.

If I do this, they're going to know I'm working with you, and I can't go home.

If I stay here, I'm as good as dead.

After you do this, our people will smuggle you to the Neutral Zone.

What about what I did for Joe?

All will be forgiven?

Not forgiven.

We'll call it even.

What'll happen to Lucy?

If he plays his part, we'll let her go.

What about him?

Nothing good.

The last time you tried to protect a Nazi, you basically became one.

My name is Henry Collins.

I'm Deputy Minister of Information for the Greater Nazi Reich.

You've all been the victims of a lie.

For the past few days, you've been told that the Führer is alive and well, on vacation at his retreat in Austria.

But the truth... is that Adolf Hitler died last night in Berlin.

[Man Shouting]

The forces of the Reich did not wish you to know this truth...

[Men Shouting]

Smith: Henry Collins was a personal friend.

We believe he was coerced.

His colleagues report he was approached by a woman shortly before he rushed off.

What about Lucy, his wife?

Missing, sir, and there were signs of a struggle at her home.

Well, the Resistance certainly timed this well.

There were millions of people watching that broadcast.

The news service is calling it terrorist propaganda and reassuring the public the Führer is alive and well.

A bit late for that.

Put all the S.S. divisions on alert.

[Phone Rings]


Woman: Please hold for the acting Chancellor.

Chancellor Heusmann?

It was my understanding that the Resistance there were ineffectual, and yet they managed to make the tragic news of the Führer public long before we were prepared to do so.

We will apprehend the perpetrators, I assure you.

I understand these are extraordinary times, but I have to know that I can rely on my senior officers.

You can, sir.

You have been very effective until now.

And I will never forget what you've done for my son.

But this does not inspire confidence.

I will restore order, sir, I assure you.

See to it that you do.

And remain at your post until the upheaval is over.

Yes, Chancellor.

Heil Hitler.


The monumental, fast-moving events of the past 13 days apparently reached a peaceful conclusion today... following Khrushchev's orders to withdraw all missiles from Cuba.

President Kennedy spoke of the need for measures to ensure that the near-catastrophic turn of events are never repeated.

In order to assure cooperation, the United Nations will oversee the resolution.

As we move toward the conclusion of this crisis, the President reminded Khrushchev there is still a grand endeavor to undertake to soothe the fears of war between Russia and the United States.

Until wider measures of disarmament can be agreed upon, the threat of nuclear conflict continues to live.

♪ Happy days are here again ♪
♪ The skies above are clear again ♪
♪ Happy days are here again ♪

Man: Happy days are here again.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.

[Chatter Continues]


The parking garage for the kempeitai building.

I'd park the bomb right here.

Number 5.

In the middle of this building is their war room where the kempeitai and their military intelligence coordinate all their efforts against the Resistance.

Directly above the garage.

So I go in, and I park.

I set that timer. I get out.

I start walking up the stairs through the lobby.

I keep walking out the door, nice and calm.

Tick, tick, tick, boom. f*ck you.

How's that for bringing your plague to the Pharaohs?

Okay, but they're on alert, so how do we get it inside?

Frank: You didn't tell me.

Tell you about what?

The club, the Yakuza, and the Pon who pointed the gun but didn't shoot you.

Was that Kido or Yoshida?

I don't...

I'm... I'm not sure what you're getting at.

I'm getting at the kempeitai sparing your life instead of shooting you dead.

Childan told you about that.


He doesn't know anything about it, Frank.


Neither do I.

So start explaining it to me.


It's when I met Mr. Kido.

He beat me, and he starved me, and he told me he'd kill us and everybody in the factory if I didn't agree.

Agree to what?

I told him things.

You told him things.

I... I did, but listen.

It was only about the Yakuza and the counterfeiting.

Most of the stuff he already knew.

What did you tell him about the bomb?

No, I didn't. I promise. Nothing about the bomb or Gary or Sara or any of that.

Listen, I did it because you're my best friend, and I did what I did to keep you alive.


Yes, I did.

Piece of sh1t.


All right, so we have to find a way that they just wave us through.

I do have an idea.

I need to do this.

You said we're taking out the Chief Inspector?


Well, he's the Pon who gassed my sister and her kids.

They were innocent, defenseless, and Kido gassed them for no reason except that he could.

I'm not afraid.

I've seen myself die. You know that.

I've replayed the moment in my head a dozen times at 2 a.m.

I've reached back and felt the bullet hole in my skull.

I'm the one who's meant to do this.

I'm your driver. I'm your bomber.

I'm your man.

Oh, good. You found the place.

Don't make me laugh, Joe.

[Whisper] Not here.

[Phone Rings]

I'll get it.

I never imagined I would set foot in here or expect to see you here.

You've never been to your father's office?

My father isn't the Führer.

Neither is mine. He's acting Chancellor.

Imagine the meetings that have taken place here, the arguments, the secret conversations.

The decisions made in this room have shaped the world.

It's just an office.

You don't believe that you can work in this office and not be political.

Here you are in the office of the most powerful man on Earth, yet I'm not sure you even believe in what the Reich stands for.

You know, when I was a kid... all I wanted was a father.

That is the only ambition I had.

You know, I used to imagine that he was this great man doing such important things in the world that of course he didn't have time to come to Brooklyn.

After all these years, I've... now found out the truth.

Turns our he is that man after all.

I understand loyalty to a person... not a cause.

[Speaking German]

Translator: People of the Reich and its territories, as acting Chancellor Martin Heusmann, I'm here to inform you of a great tragedy.

Our glorious Führer Adolf Hitler... ist... has passed away.

The period of mourning that will follow the celebration of the Führer's life, will happen in a few days.

It was believed that the death of the Führer was due to natural causes.

But, after a serious investigation by the most renowned doctors of the Reich, we have found out that the blood of the Führer was tainted with a rare poison.

People of the Reich, it is our understanding, after the investigation, that our glorious Führer Adolf Hitler was assassinated.

Following our investigation, it has been found out that our closest allies were the ones responsible for the assassination.

Be assured that our vengeance will be swift and crushing.

This crime is nothing else but an act of war.

[Knock On Door]

Thomas. Hi.

Y-You okay?

May I come in?


D-Do your parents know you're here?


What, uh...

What happened to me at the... at the funeral...

Y-Y-You felt... You felt faint.

You were upset.

No, I... I know that's a lie.


Please, Julia, just... tell me.

Thomas: Please.

I... Thomas.

[Door Opens]



Listen, I am so touched that you came to me, but you have got to go home and talk to your parents about this.

They're not telling me the truth about what's wrong with me.

I had looked my symptoms up in the library.

All the books say that the symptoms point to signs of a serious defect.

Thomas, I don't know any more than you do.

Okay? But what I do know is that we all have flaws... all of us, every single one of us.

It makes us who we are.

What if my flaws are the kind to be eradicated for... for the good of everyone?

Do not think that way, okay?

You cannot think that way.

Then why does everybody think that way?

I don't know.

Why is it the law?

I don't know. But I know that your family loves you so much, okay?

And that is all that matters.

Now you go home and talk to your mom.



Go on.

Your efforts to avoid this outcome are an inspiration, sir.

My efforts failed.

But they're honorable.

And I'm grateful that you allowed me to take part.


It is I who am grateful, Sergeant... for your loyalty... and your friendship.

Ah, kakka.


Sergeant, leave us.

You saw the Nazi broadcast?

Hai, kakka.

Then you are aware of what the defector Oberführer Diels brought to us.

I am aware he brought evidence regarding the shooting of Our Royal Highness.


He was sent by the Nazis to provoke us.

This so-called evidence... he claimed His Royal Highness was shot by the Nazis... and we knew that to be false, and we didn't take the bait.

So now they invent a new lie... that Japanese agents assassinated their führer.

It is propaganda, Kido-tai'i.

The lie justifies what we both know will happen next.

And this city... will be one of the first Nazi targets.

Kakka, we must evacuate our nuclear scientists.

I have already given the order, and the rest of us will remain at our posts.

This will be our last war, Kido-tai'i.

And it pleases me that we will fight this together.

Is everything all right, Otousan?

I have a favor to ask of you, Juliana.



Why do you want that?

Proof that something like this should never happen again.

But I don't understand.

You all have made me happy...

Happier than I've been in a very long time.

There are some things that are more important than happiness.

I have duties elsewhere that I can no longer neglect.

Are you leaving?

We will see each other again.

Of that I am sure.

[Baby Cries]

Oh, don't go. I'll be right back.

My apologies, Finance Minister.

As I explained yesterday, the Trade Minister has many other interests.

I say his men will be able to help with important matters that are concerning you at this time.

Konichiwa, Finance Minister Mori.

If you will please excuse us.


[Easy Listening Music Playing]

♪ Stars shining bright above you ♪
♪ Night... ♪

Ed: You've got it bad for this one.

Not like that. Jules is different.

She must be because I've rarely seen you for weeks.

Yeah, I'm sorry. It was...

It was rough at first. She couldn't be alone.

And then, when she could be alone, I... I didn't want to leave her alone.

Oh, one thing.


When you meet her, you can talk about anything, except don't ask about the accident.


Yeah. Got it.

It's just it's her first day out.

I... I don't want to upset her.

Okay, I got it.

Hey, you made it.

I did.

Ed, this is, uh, Jules.


Hi. He talks so much about you, I really want to hug you, but I...

That's okay. We can hug later.


Ed, where'd you put the glasses?

I thought you had them.


It's okay. Don't worry.

Uh, wait here, okay?

Don't go anywhere.

Oh, uh, watch her, will you?

I don't actually need watching.

I suppose I did at some point, but...

Frank got in the habit, I think.

For that matter, who even needs a glass?

Tastes better than hospital beer, I bet.

You know, I had the worst time getting decent hospital beer.

Frank told me you had a pretty long hospital stay yourself.

Yeah. My lungs.

Mustard gas really did a number on them.

Frank was great.

He'd come by pretty much every day, sit at my bed and tell me stories from the outside.

I guess I can say it kept me sane.

Without Frank, I probably wouldn't be here.

Well, we've got that in common.

Did he, uh, did he ask you not to say anything about the accident?


I can talk about it.

I, uh... after everything that happened, which is a long story, I, uh...

I lost hope.

And one day I found myself standing on a busy street corner and... feeling completely alone, and I just made a split-second choice.

But I survived because, as it turns out, I'm not alone.

And I've had a lot of time to think about that choice, and I know... it was the wrong one.

I guess you could say you found yourself a little bit of hope.

I think I did.

Childan: Edward.


Edward! Have you been listening?

Do you have any more room in there?

No. There's no room. It's full.

Can you pare it down a bit?

We need to make space for this.

What are we going to do with that in the Neutral Zone?

We don't intend to do anything with it, Mr. McCarthy.

An object does not serve a function.

Its value lies entirely in its aesthetic.

Hey, I need those.

You must understand.

Where we're going, there is a total absence of culture.

This vase dates back to 1798.

It has a story, a history.

Those are my pants.

Well, I'm sure they have a story, too, but just not one I'm eager to hear.

I have one bag. You've already packed four trunks.

Mr. Frink will help us with the load, won't you, Mr. Frink?


You didn't tell them, did you?

They would have killed you.

But by not telling them, I'm risking their lives.

Damn it, Frank, how many times do I have to tell you?

I didn't say anything about them to the kempeitai.

Yeah, I believe you.

How did you know the kempeitai didn't follow you?

Tap our phones, bug the place?

Childan, where's the cash from the cufflink sale?

Just one moment, please.

I've, uh, already divided it into three equal shares.

Go ahead and count it.

Be my guest. I assure you it's all there.

I don't want that. Why would I want your share?

You find Jules if you can, and you tell her...

Just tell her she was right.

You're not their brother, no matter what they call you.

If you're looking for a family, you've got two of us: Jules and me.


But take your share. I don't want it.

I'm not going to need it.

[Door Opens, Closes]

Are you well, Trade Minister?

So very tired.

But I suspect you know the reason why.

You're not from this world, Kotomichi.

Trade Minister...

I learned in the other world defeat of our empire, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where you were injured.

My family, friends... perished in the bombing.

As I lay in the hospital recovering from my burns, I learned to escape the pain... in my body and my mind.

By accident, I found myself here.

A happier world where my family survived.

I believe there's a reason for my traveling, my powers.

The armies in the other world made their atomic weapons larger, some a thousand times stronger than the one dropped on Nagasaki.

I fear that they will eventually destroy themselves.

If General Onoda does not listen to reason, then I must speak to the Crown Prince immediately.

Arrange for my trip with great haste.

Trade Minister, travel to Japan is not possible at this time.

We will soon be at war.


Hitler is dead.


And the Nazis have blamed the Empire.

I fear your warning comes too late.

There may be one last hope, Kotomichi.

There are Resistance actions happening in every region from Miami to Concord, and there are similar reports coming from the Pacific States.

We knew the Resistance would try to take advantage of the Führer's death.

Yes, but we haven't seen this level of coordination since the end of the war.

We should have put it down then. We'll put it down now.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

You Railings?

At ease, son.

So what are we looking at?

This is Julia Mills' dormitory, Obergruppenführer.

And this... is what I picked up.

[Knock On Door]

Juliana: Thomas. Hi. Are you okay?

May I come in?

Uh, sure.

D-Do your parents know you're here?

What happened to me at the... at the funeral...

Y-Y-You felt... You felt faint. You were upset.

No. I know that's a lie.


Please, Julia, tell me.

Just how sick am I?


I, uh...


Thomas, I am so touched that you came to me, but you've got to go home and talk to your parents about this.

My parents aren't telling me the truth about what's really wrong with me.

I looked up my symptoms in the library.

And the books all say the signs point to a serious defect.

All of us have flaws, every single one of us.

It makes us who we are.

What if my flaws are the kind that people vanish for... for the good...

Thank you.

Thank you for notifying me directly.

Have you shown this to anyone else?

No, sir.

Yeah, I think I'm going to need this.



Smith: Helen, it's me.

Have you found Lucy?

No, but we're looking everywhere.

Uh, listen, honey, have you seen Thomas?

No. Why?

You haven't happened to have seen, uh, Julia Mills.


Why are you asking?

It's nothing to worry about.

If you hear from either of them, you just let me know. Okay?

Of course.

I want them found, Erich.

This is between seats on the right-hand side.

You park the car in position.

You flip the switch, start the timer, and you get the hell out of there.

How long have I got?

Plenty, as long as you head straight for the exit.

Frank, push this one on this side of the car.

If you don't, it'll go off immediately.

So you don't have to spend your last hours in Earth in excruciating pain.

Think you can handle it?

Yeah, Yeah, if it comes to it.

I got to say, Frank, you are full of surprises.

Are we going to hug now?


Okay, then.

You need this and those.

You know the part, right?

Yeah. Wait. We didn't talk about her.

You're driving in as a chauffeur, Frank.

The only way that's going to work is with a passenger.

She'll be Onoda's niece.

That sounds pretty flimsy.

"Niece" is Pon code for mistress.

The guy at the gate won't make a fuss.

The general's calling for a girl on the brink of war?

It's not a perfect plan, Frank.

It's our best shot.

No. No.

We never talked about her coming.

It's not your decision.

I've already been an asshole to you.

I don't intend to get you killed.

Oh, that's a lousy apology.

I'm serious.

So am I.

I'm coming.

Or it's back to Plan A: I drive.



Tagomi: Good day to you, Inspector.

Trade Minister.

Your absence has been a matter of great concern.

There's a more urgent matter that we must discuss immediately.

There are other duties that require my full attention at the moment.

Yes. A war soon to be. I understand.

What I have to say may ensure the survival of our empire.

I will come to your office as soon as I can get away.

No. I will come to you immediately.


I've brought General Onoda's niece.

What's going on?

I'm not sure yet.

It's not working.

There is no record.

You will wait here until we reach the general.

Next time, make proper arrangements so the general's niece does not suffer embarrassment.

[Speaking Japanese]

It is now clear that the Nazi dream is a world in which we no longer exist.

To them, like the Jews and the Slavs and the Gypsies, we are something foreign.

Thus, the war machine of the Reich... is poised to attack us.

The men in this room may not live to see sunrise, but our grandchildren will survive.

And... we must never forget the Empire is immortal.

[Speaking Japanese]



Banzai! Banzai!



[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

Onoda: The way we soldiers face death today...

Trade Minister Tagomi has arrived.

Will be history's greatest demonstration of Japanese courage.


We will speak with the Trade Minister in my office.


[Woman Screams]


[Shouting, Screaming In Distance]

[Speaking Japanese]

[Easy Listening Music Playing]

♪ Stars shining bright above you ♪
♪ Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" ♪
♪ Birds singing in the sycamore tree ♪
♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪
♪ Sweet dreams till sunbeams find me ♪

[Ed Laughing]

♪ Sweet dreams ♪
♪ That leave all worries behind me ♪




Uh, nothing. We were waiting for you, for the toast.

All right.

What shall we toast to?

Uh, to us?


The three of us.

♪ Dream a little dream ♪
♪ Of me ♪