01x09 - Unity Day

Clarke (V.O.): I was born in space. I've never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, the Ark has kept what's left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive, but we will be tested. By the Earth, by the secrets it holds, and most of all by each other.

Previously on the 100

Raven: Ark Station, please come in. We need you.

Jaha: Are you saying there are survivors on the ground?

Clarke: Yes. The Earth is survivable.

Finn: The Grounder saved Octavia's life, and Bellamy brought him back here and tortured him.

Lincoln: My name is Lincoln.

Bellamy: Let's go. With the Grounder escaping, we should expect retaliation.

Jaha: We are going to the ground, but not all of us are. There are two thousand, two hundred and thirty seven people on this Ark, and there are only enough dropships to carry seven hundred.

Jaha: My friends, this is a historic Unity Day. Every year, we mark the moment our ancestors of the twelve stations joined to form the Ark, but this is the last time we do so while aboard her. Next year, on the ground.

Miller: Right. After we did all the work.

Delinquent: Someone shut him up.

Raven: You shut up, Miller. No one's forcing you to watch.

Jaha: For ninety-seven years, we have eked out an existence, hoping that someday our descendants would return to Earth.

Clarke: Don't tell me you don't like Unity Day.

Finn: Unity Day is a lie. The Ark only came together after the thirteenth station was blown out of the sky. Just not the version of history we like to tell each other at parties.

Clarke: The Unity Day story gives people hope, though, and peace came out of that violence.

Finn: Yeah, but did there need to be violence at all?

Jasper: Whoo! Yeah! Monty strikes again! Hey! Call this batch Unity Juice! Who's thirsty? Monty! There you go.

Monty: Hey. Save me some.

Jasper: Happy Unity Day. Pass it around.

Jaha: To our sons and daughters on Earth listening to this message, we will see you soon. The first Exodus ship will launch in under sixty hours, carrying you the reinforcements that you need, so stay strong. Help is on the way.

Diana: Hello, Abby.

Abby: Diana.

Jaha: We have seen the true soul of our people.

Diana: I hope there are no hard feelings about me taking the Council seat.

Abby: No hard feelings about anything at all today.

Diana: That's right. You'll be able to see your daughter soon.

Jaha: But enough from me. You are all here for the pageant anyway, right?

Diana: He's cutting his remarks short.

Abby: What's that?

Diana: Oh, nothing. I helped him with his speech. He's leaving the best part out.

Jaha: Without further ado, I present the story of us.

Vera: They tell me you'll be on the first Exodus ship.

Kane: Yes. I'm overseeing security on the ground.

Vera: Will you take the tree down for me?

Kane: Mom, I have a job to do.

Vera: Well, at least come to the departure ceremony. You could give the traveller's blessing. Think of it as a good-bye gift for your mother.

Kane: I don't remember it. Excuse me.

( Fanfare )

Girl: Long ago when the Earth was on fire, through space all alone. Then one day, Mir floated by Shenzhen, and they realized life would be better together. The other stations saw this, and they wanted to be together, too. When all the stations were formed, they called themselves-

( Bomb goes off )

( People screaming )

( High-pitched alarm )

( Muffled voices )

Girl: Daddy?

Abby: I'll go and find your daddy. Jaha, are you okay?

( Screaming )

Abby: Get him to medical now! Kane! Find out who did this.

Kane: Mom, mom, mom. ( sobs )

Abby: We need triage supplies now!

Guard: Doctor Griffin, we need your help over here.

Kane: In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.

( Vera dies )

Jaha: ( finding Kane next to his dead mother ) Marcus. I'm so sorry. We need to get you out of here.

Guard: Sir. This was a coup. Councilors Cole, Kaplan, Muir, and Fuji are dead. If you hadn't cut your speech short-

Jaha: Where's Councilor Sydney?

Guard: She left before the blast. I'll find her.

Jaha: You do that, and double the guard at the dropship. I'm putting the Ark on lockdown!

( Broken electrical wire sparks, causing people to scream )

Jaha: We are not missing that launch window!

Guard: They suspect it was you.

Diana: The way I see it, we got two choices. Stay and fight, in which case maybe we win if we can get enough workers to join us.

Guard: And if we don't, what's the second choice?

Diana: Take the Exodus ship now.

Guard: It's not ready.

Diana: Can our engineers get it ready?

Guard: To charge the batteries on a ship that size without causing a disruption to The Ark takes time.

Diana: Then cause disruptions.

Guard: It'll get cold. With the lockdown, even if they find a way to isolate the lesser populated stations, people will die.

Diana: So there's casualties either way. Take the Exodus ship. We should have built a bigger bomb.

Clarke: Hey. The comms are still dead. They cut out during the pageant.

Bellamy: Best Unity Day ever.

Clarke: Do you really think now is a good time to be having a party? I mean, the Grounder is out there.

Bellamy: Grounders. By now, he's made it home. He's probably putting together a lynch mob. Relax. I got security covered. Why don't you go get a drink? You look like you could use one.

Clarke: I could use more than one.

Bellamy: Then have more than one. Clarke, the Exodus ship carrying your mother comes down here in two days. After that, the party's over. Have some fun while you still can. You deserve it.

Clarke: Yeah. Okay. So do you by the way.

Bellamy: I'll have my fun when the Grounders come.

Clarke: All right.

Jasper: Unity Day. Making bullets on Unity Day.

Raven: The Grounders don't know it's Unity Day.

Jasper: How did Bellamy get you to help?

Raven: I volunteered. We have to be ready to fight, right?

Jasper: Or we could try talking to them.

Raven: They seem to prefer stabbing.

Jasper: Violence is the only thing those people understand.

Raven: You know, they could say the same thing about us. If we keep going on this way, we'll never stop digging graves.

Raven: You didn't see him, Finn. It didn't matter what we did to him. He was ready to let you die.

Finn: He was protecting himself.

Raven: Why are you defending him? Never mind.

Finn: Hope you know what you're doing.

Raven: I know what I'm doing.

( Octavia sneaks up on Lincoln with knifes in her hands. Lincoln whips around and grabs her wrists at the last second )

Octavia: Better?

Lincoln: We'll make a warrior out of you yet.

( they have s*x )

Octavia: Finn?! Lincoln, wait, wait! He's my friend.

Finn: I think you lost this.

Octavia: So, what the hell are you doing here?

Finn: I could ask you the same thing. I could also ask how long you've known he speaks English, but I won't. ( shows Lincoln his horn ) You blew this when your people were hunting us. You saved our lives. I have to believe there's more like you.

Lincoln: I stabbed you.

Finn: And we tortured you. If the two of us can get along, then maybe there's hope. Learn from history instead of repeating it, right?

Octavia: How's that gonna happen?

Finn: For starters, no more killing.

Lincoln: I don't have the power to call a truce.

Finn: Then bring me to someone who does. Hey, look. The rest of our people are coming down here. The first ship lands in two days.

Octavia: It's true.

Finn: And because of the attacks, they're sending mostly soldiers, the people that enforce our laws. The Ark is about survival at any cost, and they'll kill people who fall out of line. When those people get down here if they feel threatened, they will start a war, and I don't want that. Neither do you, and I think that's why you blew that horn. Once the soldiers get here, it will be too late, and we'll have no power to stop them, but if they see that we're at peace, then maybe we have a chance to stay that way.

Lincoln: All right. You bring your leader, I'll bring mine.

Octavia: What, Bellamy? He'll never go for this.

Lincoln: No. Not your brother.

Finn: Clarke.

Guard 1: Check.

Diana: Make sure everything's cleared out.

Guard 2: All right. It's clear back here. Sir, the dropship's clear. We did a full security sweep.

Ridley: Okay, boys and girls. Play time's over. Back to work. Let's get this ship ready to launch.

Abby: I should be in medical, not packing first-aid supplies.

Ridley: The injured have been taken care of, and we can do nothing for the dead.

Jaha: Marcus. I'm sorry. Vera was an amazing spirit.

Sydney: This launch should be delayed at least until you've questioned the terrorist that set that bomb. I put word out to my people and just heard back. His name is Cuyler Ridley. He's a mechanic who lost his wife in the culling.

Abby: Yeah. I recognize him. So what makes you think he did it?

Diana: He turned himself in.

Abby: Where have you been, Diana? Why did you leave the pageant early?

Diana: Well, thank God I did, or I'd be dead right now. I guess we're both lucky.

Abby: Stay where we can find you. Where am I gonna go, Kane?

Kane: Be careful. Ridley's dangerous.

( A table with Delinquents around it flipping metal parts into cups )

Clarke: You're not gonna get this one.

Delinquent: Yes I am.

Clarke: No. It's not happening.

( cheering )

Delinquents: Whoo! All right.

Delinquent: What do you know? Her highness can actually party. I like it.

Clarke: So, what are you gonna do when the guard come down and commandeer Monty's still?

Delinquent: Build another.

Clarke: All right. You ready? ( tries to balance metal piece on nose ) Oh. No. Wait. I have done this before, I promise. What is it?

Finn: Let's take a walk.

Clarke: Sorry. Did something happen?

Finn: I need you to come with me, but I can't tell you why, okay?

Clarke: Finn, tell me why. ( Finn tries to pull her away from the crowd ) Hey. Don't.

Finn: I set up a meeting with the Grounders.

Clarke: A meeting? I don't understand. With who? How?

Finn: I was just with the Grounder that we had in the dropship. His name is Lincoln.

Clarke: Wait a second. He spoke to you?

Finn: It's not important.

Clarke: If we want to live in peace Finn, we can't live in peace with people who've done nothing but kill us.

Finn: Can you think of a better way to stop the bloodshed?

Clarke: Yeah. With the guns that the guard bring down.

Finn: You really want a war? Because at this rate, that's what's coming. Look. I know it's a long shot, but this is our world now, and I think we can do better than the first time around. I trust him.

Clarke: I don't. But if we go, we have to bring backup.

Finn: No way. We're not bringing guns. Those weren't the terms, and if we're gonna do this, we got to give it a fair shot.

Clarke: Okay. Okay. I'll- I'll get my pack, and I'll meet you at the gate.

Finn: Okay.

Clarke: Hey. I need to talk to you.

Bellamy: Having fun yet, princess?

Clarke: I'm serious.

Bellamy: You always are, so talk.

Clarke: Finn's set up a meeting with the Grounders. I'm leaving to go talk to them.

Bellamy: Because you think that impaling people on spears is code for "let's be friends"? Have you lost your damn mind?

Clarke: I think it might be worth a shot. I mean, we do have to live with these people.

Bellamy: They'll probably gut you, string you up as a warning.

Clarke: Well, that's why I'm here. I need you to follow us, be our backup.

Bellamy: Does Finn know about this?

Clarke: Finn doesn't need to know, and, Bellamy, bring guns.

Jasper: Hey, hey! There you are! All right. Listen. We're playing drunkball. I bet Monroe my team's gonna win the Unity Day title. That's for you. I know you Zero-G mechs have crazy hand-eye skills, so, huh? What do you think? Must be better than whatever you're doing.

Raven: I'm checking the gunpowder in these rounds so that if the Grounders try to kill us all maybe we can get a few shots off beforehand.

Jasper: Hmm. That's intense. Sure you know what you're doing?

Raven: Why does everyone keep asking me- ( A round explodes ) Oh, whoa! Damn!

Jasper: You need now that, you know, you almost blew one off?

Raven: I got this.

Jasper: Hey. No one's a better mechanic, all right, but this stuff requires a chemist. How'd you do in chemistry class? Hmm. Ahh. Well, the fates are smiling upon you, my friend. I was great in chemistry. Hmm. ( smells gunpowder from a bullet ) Oh! Nope. ( coughs ) Oh, it's gassed off. Pretty sure the acidic smell means that the gunpowder's degraded.

Raven: Better start a dud pile.

Jasper: You know, when my parents get here, they can mix us up some new gunpowder. My dad's gonna flip for this scrap metal. "My kingdom for a soda can." Heh. That's what he always used to say. How about you? Got any family?

Raven: Nope. Just Finn.

Jasper: Well, we all got each other now, right?

Bellamy: Jasper, you're coming with me.

Jasper: I am?

Bellamy: You handled yourself well in the cave with the Grounder.

Jasper: I mean, I hit him in the head.

Raven: If you're planning on shooting anything, you better think twice. I haven't checked those yet.

Bellamy: Give me some bullets that work.

Raven: What do you need them for?

Bellamy: Your boyfriend's being an idiot.

Raven: I'm coming with you.

Bellamy: We should get Clarke.

Raven: Clarke's with Finn, isn't she?

( Clarke and Finn walk through the woods together )

Clarke: I'd love it if you were right about this, but did you ever consider it might be a trap?

Finn: Yep, but since it's Unity Day, I decided to have hope instead. ( Finn winces ) Unh.

Clarke: Oh! Hey. Let me have a look at that. ( looks at Finn's stab wound ) ( sighs ) Seriously, Finn, you're putting a lot of faith in a guy who stuck a knife in you.

Finn: And you're sounding more and more like Bellamy.

Clarke: I'm just trying to keep us alive.

Finn: So am I. At least they're good for something.

( Jasper, Bellamy and Raven walk a distance behind Clarke and Finn with rifles )

Jasper: Sorry for bringing up Clarke earlier.

Raven: That was awkward.

Jasper: Shut up.

Bellamy: Both of you shut up. Keep your eyes open.

( in The Ark. Ridley is being interrogated )

Callie: You were seen planting the bomb, Ridley. You killed six people.

Ridley: Should have been seven. Jaha's lucky he cut his speech short.

Callie: I know you're upset about what happened at Section Seventeen.

Ridley: I lost my wife. You're damn right I'm upset, but this is about more than the culling. Workers all over the Ark are tired of getting screwed. It's our kids you sent to die on Earth and who's on the first dropship? Not us. Over and over Jaha and the rest of you on the Council betray our trust. Today is your reckoning.

Callie: Tell me. Who helped you? I know you didn't act alone.

Ridley: You don't know jack. You still think this is just about the Chancellor.

( Guards step forward and kill people in the interrogation room using electric batons )

Dying people: Unh! Unh!

Ridley: There goes the power. That's our cue. ( guards notice Kane is still alive ) Leave him. He's gonna die in here anyway.

Jaha: What's happened?

Guard: I'm not sure, but we've lost power to multiple stations. Farm, Hydra, Mecha. Now we can vent in breathable air, but the temperature in those stations is falling fast. People are gonna freeze to death.

Jaha: Lift the lockdown and evacuate those stations. Where's Kane?

Guard: He's interrogating the bomber. Sir. Power's out in Prison station.

( Jaha and the guards run to the interrogation room and find Marcus inside, barely alive )

Jaha: Marcus!

Kane: It's a mutiny. Diana Sydney. She's- She's diverting power. She's taking the Exodus ship.

( Diana in the Exodus ship watching as guards scurry around preparing for launch. Guards point batons at workers )

Red: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell are you doing?

Guard: This is our ship now.

Guard 2: Chancellor on deck.

Diana: How many of our people are on board?

Guard: Less than fifty percent, ma'am. They're all upstairs on the passenger deck.

Diana: Tell me about the cargo.

Guard: Nearly all here.

Diana: Search all the decks. Throw anyone not loyal to us out of the service hatches and back into the Ark. Lieutenant, you may give the order.

Ridley: Seal the doors, begin the launch protocol. We're t-minus five and counting.

( Man runs out of the ship )

Sydney: Let him go! He's made his choice.

Guard: He'll warn Jaha.

Sydney: That hardly matters now. This Exodus ship belongs to all of you. You're the future of the human race, and today, I'm going to lead you home.

( Clarke and Finn, at the meeting place. )

Clarke: So that's how you set this up. You helped him escape, didn't you?

Finn: I trust him, Clarke.

Clarke: There's a lot of that going around.

Bellamy: Someone's coming.

Jasper: What's Octavia doing here? ( Octavia and Lincoln hug ) Oh. I guess we know how he got away.

Clarke: Wait. Look. Oh, my God. Horses! Hey. ( noticing the Grounders have weapons ) We said no weapons.

Lincoln: I was told there wouldn't be.

Finn: It's too late now. ( Finn tries to go with Clarke towards Anya )

Lincoln: She goes alone.

Clarke: I'll be fine.

Finn: Clarke- Hey. It's time to do better.

Anya: Your name is Clarke?

Clarke: Yes.

Anya: I'm Anya.

Clarke: I think we got off to a rough start, but we want to find a way to live together in peace.

Anya: I understand. You started a war that you don't know how to end.

Clarke: What? No. We didn't start anything. You attacked us for no reason.

Anya: No reason? The missiles you launched burned a village to the ground.

Clarke: The flares? No. That was a signal meant for our families. We had no idea-

Anya: You're invaders. Your ship landed in our territory.

Clarke: We didn't know anyone was here. We thought the ground was uninhabited.

Anya: You knew we were here when you sent an armed raiding party to capture one of us and torture him. These are all acts of war.

Clarke: I see your point. That's why we need to put an end to all of this.

Red: I told you. It happened very fast. I'm not even sure that Doctor Griffin was inside at the time. I'm sorry.

Sinclair: Sir, the Exodus ship is fully charged, and they've begun their launch protocol.

Jaha: It won't launch when the door's open, that's correct?

Sinclair: It is.

Jaha: Then get the damn door open.

Sinclair: We can't. It's already pressurized, and we can only open it from the inside.

Jaha: Keep trying! How long until launch?

Sinclair: Two minutes.

Jaha: Diana, open the door!

Guard: Sitrep forthcoming, ma'am. We should be ready for launch momentarily.

Diana: Upper levels clear? Okay.

Ridley: Complete the sweep- and secure the hatches.

Man: Yes, sir! Assume flight positions.

Diana: Hey! What are you doing?

Jaha: Abby? Diana, don't do this.

Diana: It's already done.

Ridley: Get her out of here.

Diana: Wait. We could use a doctor on the ground. Come with us. You owe Jaha no loyalty. He's killed your husband and betrayed you. You're just like us. Think of your daughter, Abby. You can see Clarke again today.

Abby: I'm nothing like you.

( a guard tries to shock Abby with the electric baton, but a man steps in to defend her and takes the shock instead )

Man: Whoa! Whoa! Unh! Abby!

Red: I got my pry bar in! Somebody get me a jack!

Anya: Lincoln said there are more of you coming down, warriors.

Clarke: The guard, yes, but also farmers, doctors, engineers. We can help each other but not if we're at war.

Anya: Can you promise that these new arrivals won't attack us, that they'll respect the terms you and I agree on?

Clarke: I promise I will do everything I can to convince them to honorr the terms that we set.

Anya: Why would I agree to an alliance that your people can break the moment they get here?

Jasper: Grounder Princess looks pissed.

Bellamy: Our princess has that effect.

Clarke: If you fire the first shot, those people coming down won't bother negotiating. Our technology- They will wipe you out.

Anya: They wouldn't be the first to try.

Jasper: Oh, no. No. This is bad.

Raven: What the hell are you talking about?

Jasper: There's Grounders in the trees.

Raven: What? Where? Are you sure? I don't see anything.

Jasper: They're gonna shoot! Clarke, run! Run!

Bellamy: Clarke, get down! Finn, get back! Go, go!

( Lincoln gets hit by an arrow )

Lincoln: Unh!

Octavia: Oh my God! Lincoln! You've been hit!

Lincoln: It's just a scratch. Unh! Okay. Run! Don't stop till you get behind your walls. Go! Take her!

Octavia: Lincoln! No!

Lincoln: Go!

Red: I got the jack! Where's Abby? Send her through!

Sydney: I will if you let the doors close.

Sinclair: No, no, no. They haven't decoupled!

Jaha: What does that mean?

Sinclair: It means the dropship's still tied into all of our major systems. Power, water, air. If it launches, the Ark will be crippled, and everyone left on board will die.

Kane: Can we do it from our side?

Sinclair: Yes, but it takes hours, and they're not waiting!

Jaha: Diana, please! You don't want to be remembered like this!

Diana: I won't be because you brought this on yourself, Jaha. You promised the people truth, and all you gave them were lies!

Jaha: You had me shot! You detonated a bomb in a public meeting, killing six innocent people, and now you want to kill everyone on this space station to satisfy your ego?

Diana: He is still lying to your face. There aren't enough dropships to get everyone to the ground.

Sinclair: What is she talking about?

Jaha: Trust me, we will figure this out. We will survive, we always do! Go! Come on!

Sydney: You can't trust him. More than one thousand people, most of them workers like you, are gonna be left behind to die. You can still save yourself.

Sinclair: I don't trust either of you. We've lost the main power generator.

Diana: But I'm going to the ground!

Jaha: No!

Diana: Launch!

Sinclair: Sirs, we have to go right now! Everybody out! Get back behind the containment doors. Go, go, go! Please, sir.

( Clarke, Finn, Octavia, Bellamy, Jasper and Raven sprint back to camp )

Clarke: You got anything to say?

Finn: Yeah. I told you no guns!

Clarke: I told you we couldn't trust the Grounders. I was right.

Raven: Why didn't you tell me what you were up to?

Finn: I tried, but you were too busy making bullets for your gun.

Bellamy: You're lucky she brought that! They came there to kill you, Finn.

Finn: You don't know that!

Clarke: Jasper fired the first shot! You ruined everything.

Jasper: I saved you! You're welcome.

Clarke: Well, if we weren't at war already, we sure as hell are now.

Bellamy: You didn't have to trust the Grounders. You just had to trust me. Like I said, best Unity Day ever. ( an explosion sounds through the air, which is revealed to be the Exodus ship ) The Exodus ship? Your mom's early.

Clarke: Wait. Too fast. No parachute? Something's wrong.

( Exodus ship impacts heavily with the ground, creating a mushroom cloud. Clarke sinks to her knees, believing her mother to be dead )