06x07 - Nevermind

Previously on "The 100"...

RUSSELL: No more fighting, Clarke.

Be at peace, a better place, just like you said you wanted.

JOSEPHINE: Now, this I can work with.

Who are you?

Josephine Lightbourne. Nice to meet you.

You're not Clarke.

ABBY: That woman's a monster.

What's the matter, Lee-Lee?

You don't recognize your best friend?

- Josephine?
- Surprise.

Yours was the last face I saw before I fell.

Now we're even.

ECHO: Bellamy, what's going on?

Clarke's dead.



I blame you because my father's dead, and it's my mother's fault.

- Who else?
- Welcome back.

I don't have to pretend anymore.

The truth hurts.

This is the energy.

I'm a Commander.

How many have to die?


I'm sorry, Lexa.

If I was with Bellamy, I never would have met you.


MAN: Prisoner , face the wall.


You wanted to hurt me.

They're all taking them.




Hello, sweetheart.

How is this possible? How are we here?

What's the last thing you remember?

I died.

Come here a second. Come on.

Now you rest.

It's over.

I've been fighting for so long.

I know you have.

I never thought I'd see you again.

I didn't get to say good-bye to Madi, to Mom.


What the hell?


It started when I got upset.

Clarke, listen. What do you hear?

- Rain?
- Ha! I'm serious.

Focus. Between the raindrops, what else do you hear?


A heartbeat.

I'm still alive.


No. I saw it. He killed me.


You're just in my head.

I loved being here with Madi, and I love you, so here you are.

Oh, sweetheart...

I don't understand. Am I dreaming?

This place is reacting to you, so we're just in your subconscious somehow, but beyond that, there are no answers for you here, Clarke, so go on.

Go figure this out.

I'll be here if you need me.


I love you, Dad.


Go on.



Sanctum is mine!

What the hell is going on?


It is reacting to me.


Hello, Clarke.


I pulled the kill switch. I destroyed you.

And I saved you.

Why do you think you're still here?

I may be gone, but this precious depository of your memories is here because of me.

You're welcome.

The neural mesh is still in my head.

It must have interfered with the drug they used to wipe my mind.

Correct, and so, you see, you exist because of me, but you won't if they figure out how you freed Raven.

We EMP'd the chip but only in Raven and Mom, not me.

If I were you... and, in a way, I am...

I'd keep this memory safe.

Thank you, but for the record, you tried to steal all those memories you're now saving.

I tried to spare you the pain and horror of your existence.

There is not joy without pain.

I never did understand humans.

Those painful memories aren't even here.

They're cast away deep in your mind, where you don't have to face them, and yet...you can't let them go.

Wait. You said this is a repository

- of my memories...
- Yes.

But there's something there I've never seen.

- Sanctum is mine!
- Proximity alert.




Clarke Griffin. It's nice to meet you.

I've heard so many things, most of them murdery, but, you know, no judgment.

- Josephine?
- In the flesh, but you shouldn't have opened that door.

This body is not big enough for both of us.

Russell really did it. He stole my body.

And clearly made a mess of it.

It's been hundreds of years since a mind wipe failed, but I got to say, this isn't bad, not as organized as my mindspace, of course, but mildly impressive.


The brain creates these constructs when two minds share a body, like lucid dreaming only not as fun.

It's a self-preservation thing, trying to keep the minds separate so the body doesn't die.

You kind of messed that up when you opened the door, so, you know, thanks for the accelerated brain deterioration.

Wait. You've been through this before?

Never anything as advanced as this, but, yeah, back in the day before Gabriel perfected the mind wipe, there were a few mishaps.

I got jacked into some people's minds while the lights were still on.

- They were so average.
- What happened?

The first was a -month-old.

Her mind was unformed, full of chaos, shapes and sounds.

Then there was Savannah.

I swear I was not that obnoxious at .

And then they died.

Brain hemorrhaging leads to stroke, and we all fall down.

It's messy and hurts like a mother, would not recommend it.

Two minds, one brain never ends well, so this, it's a problem.

How did you even survive?

You just want to know so you can figure out how to get rid of me.

Ok. Weren't you listening?

If we don't do something, this body dies.

- That what you want?
- Of course not.

Why can't you just find a new body and give mine back?

I could, I suppose, but it's risky.

The last Primes who went on ice died forever.

I'm not really into that.

Besides, possession is / of the law, and, just between us girls,

I kind of like your body.

You're a sociopath.

Judgy. Besides, like you're one to talk, Wanheda.

The way I see it, you have two options... tell me how you survived so I can fix it, and I'll make sure your people live happily ever after or don't, and eventually, we'll both die, anyway.

The difference is, I'll be reborn in someone else, tell my father what happened, and he'll kick your people out to die in the woods.

Go float yourself.

I have no idea what that means.

It means that I'm not telling you anything, and I don't go down easy.

Wow. You're selfish, not to mention dumb.

Your mindspace contains all your memories, so try not to think of where you keep them.



You control your mindspace, Clarke.

Too bad you can't control your thoughts.


I rescind my compliments. This is a disaster.

Didn't anyone ever teach you about organizational structure?

Get out of my head.

Now, now, Clarke. Sharing is caring.


MADI'S VOICE: Clarke! Watch out!

CLARKE'S VOICE: I will not let you die in this war.

Child abuse dressed up as protection. Cool.

- Clarke, wait.
- Really?

Are you hiding a memory from me, Clarke?

- Rude.
- You'll never find it.

You know, I study all life, but insects always fascinated me most.

They're merciless, ruthless.

I respect that.

People are so messy, so emotional.

Because of that, they give themselves away.

I could always figure people out, even as a kid.

I could tell when they were nervous.

Their pulses would beat faster.

Eyes would dart. Breath would quicken.

It's physiological.

You know what my spidey senses are telling me about you right now?

That I'll never help you wipe my mind?

You think you're a badass, but your bravado covers self-doubt.

You had to physicalize your secret so you could keep it close, where you have control.

I bet you have it on you right now.

Now let me have it.


Oh, sh...




VOICE: Warning. Collision alert.

JOSEPHINE: We're back, bitches.

- How?
- Come on.

You're smarter than that.

How do you think we're resurrected?

My mind drive backs up my consciousness.

I can't die in the mindspace, but you can unless whatever fluke kept you here can bring you back.

You, my friend, are playing for keeps.

I took a sedative about an hour ago, so that gives me all night to kill you in here or find the memory of how I can kill you out there.

Got a preference?

Easy or hard way, Clarke, either way, you die.


What are you doing here?

I just have to stay ahead of her.

- If I can hide...
- You're good at that, aren't you, hiding while other people fight.


You did that during the Conclave.

While I was up there fighting for everyone's lives, you were down here stealing what I bled for.

Whatever. Fine. You wrote me off, the Conclave at Tondc... I get it... but the thing is, I really thought you cared about Bellamy.

I care about both of you.

But you left him in the pits to die, anyway.

I had to, and he understands.

He... he forgave me.

Did he?

Then why isn't he here in this memory?

I'll tell you why.

Because you're too afraid to face him because you know he thinks you're a monster who will abandon anyone.

That is not who I am.

I don't know why you're arguing with me, Clarke.

After all, I'm just a subconscious projection of you.

VOICE: Warning. Collision alert.



- Help me.
- That'll happen.

You look fun.

Have at her.

Even your projections hate you, Clarke.



Hi, Clarke.

No. I don't want this.
I don't want any of this.

That's the thing, Clarke.

Some part of you does want this, or I wouldn't be here.

I have a question of you.

Why are you fighting so hard to stay alive?

- I have to...
- Save your people. Yes. I know.

Too bad I wasn't in that group, huh?

I never meant to hurt you, Maya.

I'm sorry.

You keep saying that.

Tell me, are you sorry about Jasper, too?

After all, killing me is what sent him off the deep end.

- Jasper made his choice.
- Wrong.

His death is on you, too.

You do things, but other people pay the price.

Ok. That's enough.

You've killed more people than you've saved.

Do you realize that?

If you actually cared about saving people's lives, you'd walk away.

You know what I think?

You like being the savior.

You like playing god.

You're not so different from the Primes, you know.

VOICE: Radiation alert.

She's coming.

Why don't you just give in to her?

Just give up control for once.



I'm in control.

I have an idea.



You... you have a little something...


She hid it in the cave.

Are you kidding me?

I mean, your projections are the best.

- Care to take us?
- Mm-hmm.

JOSEPHINE: Thank you, melty girl.

Nice parking spot.



You have no control here. This is my mindspace.

Turns out, I can create whatever I want, including her.


I wouldn't bother.

The collar is geotagged to the cave.

Ok. What's your plan here, stall until I wake up?

I'll just try again night after night, and the more time I spend here, the faster you die, and let me tell you, that death ain't fun or pretty.

You can't win, so why bother?

To make sure you lose.

Me, I'll find a way to survive.

I always do.

You got spunk. I'll give you that.

Things were different, we could have been friends, but I'm bored now.


Hey, Clarke, I may not be able to create anything in your mindspace, but I can sure bring something in.

Let's split up and stop playing games.

You're not a cat toying with a mouse.

She's dangerous. Kill her.

RUSSELL: Ever take Zoology , Clarke... hunting tactics of predator species?

No? How about a quick lesson, then?

- The most common...
- Pursuit predators expend energy running down slower prey, or they pace themselves and let their prey tire out.

I'm proposing a third option... just show me where you hid it so we can both kick back and rest.

All this running is plain undignified.

Why did you avoid this?

"Go float yourself."

A-plus Zoology , Clarke.

That was very effective distraction display, but I know better.


Let me guess.

CLARKE: Get away from that.

You're gonna be ok.

Oh, hey, Clarke.

This is the place you were avoiding?

It's not even that scary.

Huh. It's a little ominous.

You shouldn't be here.

It was clever hiding it here, the place you wouldn't go so the place I wouldn't look.

Memory is funny, you know?

The formative stuff... the traumas, the things we can't move past... they live deep in the brain stem.

These are the wounds we pay shrinks not to fix.

These places control us, make us who we are.

It's actually connected to the lower brain function... breathing, reflexes.

It's why you cry when you think of Lexa.

Shut up.

All of this is guilt for the deaths you've caused, but I don't get it.

Why are you so torn up?

Everything you did was to save your people.

- I'd do the same thing.
- A ringing endorsement.

The thing I don't get is why you don't care about saving your people now.


Let's say you could somehow fight me off and get your body back.

What would that do to your friends and family?

Do you think my father would just let me go?

What you're doing right now leads to the genocide of your people, which, I guess, is par for the course with you.

- I just want to live.
- Do you, though?

Because your mind sure doesn't seem to.

Have you ever even once considered that the solution is to sacrifice yourself?

Your people are safe. Bellamy made sure of it.

I mean, he took your death hard, sure, but he knew the only thing a leader could do was to strike a deal for peace.

Now it's time for you to step up.

Bow out gracefully, and your people get to live happily ever after.

You're lying.

Bellamy would never make a deal like that.

The lack of trust hurts me, Clarke, so that's why I brought this.

You have drawings. I have books. Don't judge.

Here. Take it.

It's not a trick. I don't play that way.

I can guarantee safety for the rest of your people.

We'll share everything we've learned about surviving on this moon.

I'll take your deal because it's the smart play and it's the move she would have made.

It's time for you to sacrifice for your people, Clarke.

Don't start another war they'll have to fight.

I need them to be ok.

By my word, your people will be safe.

Bellamy is meeting with my father first thing in the morning to discuss building them a compound.

They'll have a new home, a new life.

Madi can go to school just like any other kid.

Your friends can settle down.

Everyone can stop fighting, including you.

Tell Madi I love her...

And tell all of them.


You forgot Bellamy and Raven.

JAKE: Senior environmental engineer, deputy resource officer.

That means I'm in charge of the machines that keep our water safe to drink and our food safe to eat.



It'll be over soon...

I promise.









Oh, Monty...

You call this doing better?

Giving up isn't better.

That's not what I'm...

I'm doing this for the others.

- They'll live.
- "It's all for my people"?

Look. I've heard that before, Clarke.

It's just an excuse.

You're the one who told me I'm not god, that I don't get to decide who lives or dies.

Well, you got your wish.

I'm not deciding for anyone else...

Just for me.


I get it. It's been endless.

Bearing it so we don't have to, anyone would be tired...

But are you really gonna leave her?

She's better off without me.

I don't think that's true.

My mom will take care of her, and Bellamy already made a deal that keeps them all safe.

This is about being the good guys.

Yeah. That deal means our side gets to live, but at what cost?

You're giving in to people who murder human beings to live forever.

That's easy to say, but in the real world, we have to do what's best for our people.

Doing the wrong thing is never what's best.

The ends don't justify the means. You know that.

What do you want from me, Monty?

It's too late.

Josephine already has the memory.

As soon as she wakes up, she'll know how to get me out of my head.

It's over.

We'll see about that.


CLARKE: This is Josephine's mindspace.

She controls it.

What she gonna do, kill you?




years of memories.



Good news is, we can affect her body in here.

Bad news is, Josephine seems to sense it.

Come on. Let's find something we can use.


CLARKE: They're all in chronological order.

I like your drawings better.


This must be where she keeps her primal wounds.

She said they create a physical response.


We could control my body from there.

On it. This'll take a minute.

Find out who she is while I get this open.

RUSSELL'S VOICE: One more time.


KAYLEE: You can admit it, Josephine.

You have a fixation.


It's called appreciation.


Don't you miss your first body?

I'm all about living in the now, focusing on the people that are here, not those faded into dust.

Maybe it's time for you to refocus on your own kind.

Some of these people aren't worth your attention, Lee-Lee.

Well, what can I say? I am open-minded.

This Jo juice is really getting me tonight.

Is it? Hmm.


This isn't just j-juice.

Shuimian jiangguo?

I thought it was fitting, given you cataloged them, though I still think that you could've beat

"sleeping berries."

- Hmm.
- Tell me why.

You have to understand, Lee-Lee, Isaac was a threat.

He'd never hurt anyone, and he was mine.

What, you couldn't stand to see me happy?

He defied the will of the Primes.

He defied oblation.

That's not the will of the Primes.

That's just you.

Only two hosts have been born in the past years.

The nulls are muddying the bloodline.

Without oblation, we go extinct.

Hell, you helped me spread the word before you decided to hop in the sack with Isaac.

Now you're sounding like Riker.

People are more than their blood.

I'm talking about the bigger picture here.

Your answer is murder?

Did you think I wouldn't notice?

I don't know what happened to you, but this is not who you are.

I'm getting bored. Why the hell did you drug me?

So they believe this was an accident.

Let go of me.



JOSEPHINE: You must think very little of me, Isaac.

Did you think I wouldn't notice my offering was going missing?

The forest doesn't feed that quickly.

Are you giving them to Gabriel?

ISAAC: Josephine, I can explain.

Oh, I get it.

You think because you're Kaylee's pet, you're more than what you are.

I am. We all are.

Just because we can't bear a host doesn't mean we're worthless.

I agree.


Worthless implies a sort of neutrality, something with no positive value, but nulls, you are less than useless.

You dilute the bloodline.

You make it less likely that anyone would bear a host.

I can't let that happen.

I have to think of my people.

ISAAC: We are your people.

We could be so much more.

We could do so much more, if only we were allowed to truly live, if you would let us be more than just your janitors or guards.

That argument would carry a lot more weight if you weren't delivering soldiers to our enemies.

Tell me, how is Gabriel?

His latest host must be by now.

I'm just trying to keep our people alive.

Oblation is wrong.

Why should this child be sacrificed?

He's done noth...



Don't worry, Isaac.

Your spirit shall live eternal.

You were right. We can't let her win.

Almost got it.




WOMAN: ♪ God rest ye, merry gentlemen ♪

♪ Let nothing you dismay ♪

♪ Remember, Christ our savior... ♪

CLARKE: Earth before the bombs.

Hey, check it out.


Nice place.

Why would she keep this memory locked away?

More importantly, how do we get control from here?


Come on.

JOSEPHINE: Ugh, I swear, I'm taking Hanlen next semester.

I can't deal with Silvestri anymore.

WOMAN: Does that mean you're not going on your little, secret family project?

I told them no.

Well, if your signing up for Hanlen, pull out your miniskirts.

He gives a half-grade bump to girls he likes to look at.





I was looking for you at the water rationing protest, thought you posted something about going.

Too many people, you know.

And it's really dusty outside.

Yeah. Sure.

Uh, I asked, and there's plenty of room at the comparative linguistics thing if you want to go.

I don't know. I'm not really feeling that social lately.

You still think you're too good for me, huh?

- That's not what I...
- Don't lie.

Just admit it.

Stop toying with me and just admit what you are.

I... I don't...

I mean, I tried... calls, texts, you know, being thoughtful.

What do I get?



What are you doing?

Thinking you should shut the hell up.

Message received, you stuck-up bitch.

You don't want to see me.

You can see this.



MAN: Let's get out of here!

This is the thing she couldn't face.

No wonder she changed her mind about leaving.

We need to use it to control your body.

I have an idea.


WOMAN ON P.A.: Alert.
Incoming bombshells.

Take cover immediately.

Quick, hide.

You never should have come here!

Get out!


I gave you the chance to go quietly.

I said I'd help your people.

Deal's off.



She's awake.


I win.

BELLAMY: All right.

In exchange for ignoring that you murdered Clarke...


You build us a compound.

What about the mother and child? Will they agree?

I'll handle our people.

How long will it take to build?


Just a moment, sweetheart.

With all of our people helping you, it will go much faster.

Talk to Riker about a work schedule, and you'll need a detail of about of your own people.

You'll build a wall that...

RUSSELL: Bellamy.

Bellamy, are we agreed?


We're good for now.

I'll order construction to begin.

Let's go.


Josie... did something go wrong with the transfer?

You could say that.

She's still in my head, but don't worry.

I know how to kill her once and for all.

Hey, remember when Pike taught us Morse code?

I slept through most of Earth skills, so...

OK. Josephine was tapping out Morse code on her arm.


What does it mean?

It means Clarke's alive, and we're gonna get her back.