04x22 - Lost in the Flood

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Arrow". Aired October 2012 - January 2020

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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
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04x22 - Lost in the Flood

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My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in Hell, I returned home with only one goal, to save my city, but my old approach wasn't enough.

I had to become someone else.

I had to become something else.

I had to become the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow..."

Who's Lonnie Machin?

He's kind of an ex-boyfriend of Thea's.

Tell me where I can find Damien Darhk.

You don't need another man clouding your mind.

Alex, run!


It's gone.

Darhk took it.

Lyla, you need to tell us what Rubicon is.

Every NATO Ally--

Rubicon has control over all their nuclear systems.

We have 12 hours to stop it.

Darhk is powered by death, so if even one of those nukes hits...

He will be unstoppable.

We lost one. It's in the air.

Direct hit on Havenrock.

How many causalities?

Tens of thousands.

[Voice distorted] Hello, Oliver.

Nice timing.

I think you're going to need much bigger arrows.

[Normal voice] Cool.

You know, I didn't even mean to do that.

I turn steel arrows into dust, and you thought lead would do the trick?

He's not human anymore.

Oh, I'm still human.

Just better.

Doesn't give you the right to remake the world.

Why not? It's been done before.

Noah and the flood.

People even worship the responsible party.

This might smart a little.

I'm pulling the oxygen out of your bodies, molecule by molecule, but here's the good news.

I'm not going to k*ll you.

Well, not right now, at least.

Instead, I'm going to regain control of Rubicon.

That way, when the whole world goes all "Dr. Strangelove," you can feel your skin melt from Armageddon.

Oliver, let's go!

Come on! We got to go now!

♪ Arrow 4x22 ♪
Lost in the Flood
Original Air Date on May 18, 2016

Come on.

What happened here?

Too bad.

I liked him for you.

Where's Machin?

I-I don't know.

He--he disappeared, ok?

I wasn't paying attention.

Why do I have trouble believing you?

Let go of me!

Not to sound too much like your father, but I really think you need a timeout.

Government officials couldn't confirm the death toll.

However, various reports place the number in the tens of thousands.

Evacuation efforts of the surrounding areas continue as--

[TV clicks off]

What are you doing?

We can't afford to get caught up in grief right now.

Now, I've bought us 24 hours by sending Rubicon's launch algorithms into an infinite loop, but if we can't find a more permanent--

God, what am I doing?

It's ok, sweetheart.

Don't "sweetheart" me.

You don't get to do that, but you're right.

I can't get wrapped up in this.


Have you been watching the news?

I can't stop.

Ironically, last week my mom was giving me a hard time about living in Star City.

Between the earthquakes, the viral attacks, the homicidal super soldiers, why would anyone want to live here?

It turns out we live in only the second worst place in America.


Oh. I'm sorry.

I didn't realize you had company.

This is my father-- Noah Kuttler.

Noah Kuttler, huh?


You know, it's funny because there's this super hacker who's wanted by the FBI whose name is also Noah Kuttler.

He's kind of a big deal on the Dark Web.

Honestly, I thought they could have used a more flattering photo for the wanted poster.

Wait, you--you're the Noah Kuttler?

And if you're Felicity's dad, you were married to Donna, and you make so much more sense now.


This is-- it was a big mystery.

I was trying to figure out, like, how Felic--



Ok. We have work to do.

HIVE was behind the Havenrock expl*si*n.

They stole a cyber w*apon called Rubicon and now are using it to commandeer the world's nukes, so we have less than 24 hours to stop it, or the world is going to experience the sequel to "Wargames."

Actually, there was a direct-to-DVD sequel in 2008, but it was a b*mb, too, so that reference still holds.

[Cell phone vibrates]

I have to go.

Don't worry.

Me and your fugitive dad have got this.

He says, just realizing he said that out loud.

Today was supposed to be Christmas, and I woke up to a lump of coal.

Is it because I've been naughty this year?

It's because Kuttler and his daughter are wrestling us for Rubicon.

Which is why I felt the need to up our game.

Mr. Seldon, pleasure to see you.

Do you know what the best part about leading a prison break is?

A long list of criminals that owe you.

Amar, Brickwell, and now Mr. Seldon.

It's like one-stop shopping for thugs.

I'm a hacker, not a thug.

Oh, turns out he and miss Smoak have a history.

Just your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy goes to jail for girl...

Boy tries to k*ll girl for money.

Speaking of thugs, we have a new problem at Tevat Noah.

Not this guy again.

Don't worry, darling.

I'm dealing with him.

Give Mr. Machin my love, my love.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

A long-range ballistic KN-08 m*ssile was responsible for the nuclear blast at Havenrock.

The Pentagon has not further commented.

FEMA and city emergency services personnel continue their quarantine...

What's going on?

What the hell happened in Havenrock?

Darhk happened.

This city is starting to panic.

Are they right to?

Felicity's got it under control, but my wife and her top secret government agency's looking for a more permanent solution.

I cannot get in touch with Thea!

It's ok. She got a hold of me.

Thanks for not being dead.

Um, aren't we all going to be if you're away from your computer?

Curtis and Kuttler are dealing with Rubicon.

What did Thea say?

Do you know where she is?

It's not good news. HIVE has her.

Do you have a location?

I'm tracing a signal.

I should have taken more processors from Palmer Tech on my way out.

They made a mistake letting you go.

They'll see it.

And if they don't, I'm taking revenge plan suggestions.

Got it.

Thea's message came from the intersection of Berkeley and Childress, right in the heart of the Glades.

I thought you said Thea and her boyfriend went out of town.

I thought they did.

Let's go.

I-I'm coming with you.

I want you to stay here. If this gets worse, the city is going to need someone to listen to that they can trust.

What is it?

Say something.

Your eyes were glowing.

Like Reiter?

My God.

Oliver, what's happening to me?

It--it--it doesn't matter.

We will figure it out, but for now we have to keep moving.

All right? Come on.






It's incredible.

I know now why Reiter sought this power.

When you furrow your brow like that, you look just like Moira.

Don't you dare talk about my mother.

Fine. Let's talk about the future instead.

Genesis is coming.

With Machin running around, we can't have another X-factor on the loose.


Not the HIVE overlords?

Point being, I need your word that you won't cause any trouble.

Or what?

Or I will have to do something to assure your compliance that I really don't want to do.

Well, when there's something I don't want to do, I just get it over with.

This will make everything better.

Overwatch, are you sure this is the spot?

There's nothing here.

That's impossible.

Ok, not impossible, but my back trace on Thea's message has a 99.9999% accuracy rate, so unless this is part of the .0001 percentile...

It's just an empty street.

Just look for anything out of place, all right?

Whatever HIVE has built is probably recent, you know, new.

Is there supposed to be sewer access on the street?

Not according to city plans.

Stand by.

Help me with something, Malcolm.

How is it again that this juvenile annoyance Lonnie Machin is still a problem for us?

Machin is exactly what we--

Actually, I've changed my mind.

I'm not interested in excuses, just results.

[Radio beeps]


Two hostiles have breached the southeast entrance.

One in green, the other in black.

[Sighs] Send a squad and secure the entrance.

Green and black.

Oliver's come for his baby sister, most likely.

And since she's only here because of you, I believe that makes Mr. Queen your problem.

You have a lot on your plate, Malcolm.

I suggest you get started.

Come on, sweetie.

How did HIVE build all this without anyone knowing?

Well, doesn't hurt having someone controlling the city's infrastructure.

Can't find any public blueprints on file for an underground lair with a creepy sewer entrance.

Believe me...

There are no public blueprints for this.


Just like Mount Weather.

Continuity of government facility built by FEMA during the cold w*r, in case of a nuclear attack.

I think that we found the ark that HIVE's been building.


I lost their signal.

Well, get it back.

[Cell phone vibrates]

I have to get back to Curtis and Kuttler.

All right. I'll cover comms.

I hear anything, I'll patch you in.

What's the emergency?

Is Rubicon still s*ab?

Where is Kuttler? Did he do something?

Did he--are you drinking a beer?

I knew that being a child of divorce was hard, but what I did not have any idea about was all the yelling, the name-calling, the loudness.

You poor thing, poor thing.

Oh, oh.

What are you talking about?

Oh, God, do you even listen?

So I'm here to take her away from you?

Get out--get out of my brain.

Can we not with her here?

She's here. Just calm down.

This really is the end of the world.

When you tell someone to calm down...

It actually does the opposite.

Baby, I've been so worried about you.

Oh, my God.

Do you know I have called?

I have called you a million times, baby.

I have been calling and calling.

Are you ok?

I am. I'm fine.

Just been a little distracted.

With your father?

Thanks for telling me.

I don't know.

Everything just happened so fast.

What has?

Sit down.

What? What?

I have to tell you something.


I'm going to be a grandma!

I'm going to be a grandma!

Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, no. No, you're not.

I knew you had more than a bad burrito the other day.

I knew it was more than that.

Ok. No.

Baby! Baby!

I am not pregnant.

Is that the only news that a woman can have?

The world is under attack, and I need my fa--I need Noah to help me stop it.

Honey, what happened in Havenrock is horrible, but that doesn't mean the world is going to end.

She's telling the truth.

You know, I know-- which she clearly gets from my side of the family, thank you.

You know, I know when my daughter is lying, ok?

There were plenty of times when she was a teenager, not that you would know.

Here we go.

For once, this isn't about you, Dee.

Oh, you're calling me "Dee"?

There are nuclear m*ssile...

Are you calling me "Dee"?

Targeted all across the globe.

Somebody stick something sharp in my eye.

What happened in Havenrock is going to happen to the entire world.

Unless we stop it, which we will.

Sweetie, why do you even think this is something that you can-- because I work with the Green Arrow, Mom.

For how long?

3 years.

And you've been keeping this from me?


Wow, I guess you and your father are more alike than I thought.


We can talk about it later, hon, after you...

Save the world.



The world's two best hackers side by side.

This is history.

I mean, it's-- it's no biggie.

It's crazy.

Take away the psychos in the smocks...

And it might as well be Ivy Town.

Everyone looks so happy.

Happy's easy when you're mindless on some little yellow pill.

Let's just assume we weren't invited over for casserole.

What's our play?

We split up and find Thea.

Scope the houses on the north.

I'll head south.

Good afternoon.

Today is a brisk and sunny 85 degrees.

It is a lovely day to be outside.

As we all enjoy Tevat Noah, I want to take this moment to express my gratitude.

I want to thank each and every one...

I've got eyes on Thea.

Fourth house down.

There are two hostiles with her.

Speedy, let's get you out of here.

Are you all right?

I have the intruder.

Move, and I will k*ll you.


Don't move.

Listen to me.

You're not thinking clearly.

In her defense, she's a little drugged at the moment.

I should have taken your head.

That's always been your problem...

An inability to do what is necessary.

Laurel is dead because of you.

What are you going to do?

We've already established you're not going to k*ll me.


What the hell?

It's the yellow pills.

Son of a bitch.

They're there! On the porch!

We got to go. Let's move!


[People screaming]


Not that it's not scintillating to watch you type, but when exactly will I have Rubicon back?

Hacking isn't as easy as waving your hand.

Oh, point taken.

So you and Felicity Smoak.

I just don't see it.

She used to be a lot different.

All clear.

Looks like we bought ourselves a few minutes.

John, this place is enormous.

I don't know how we're going to find Thea.

Just have to make sure that the Ghosts don't find us.

So much for "clear."

We're not going to hurt you.

Then what are the w*apon for?

There's a woman being held against her will.

We're just here to bring her home.

Citizens of Tevat Noah, I have disturbing news.

We are under attack from a man in a green hood and another in a black helmet.

Do not let them disrupt Genesis.

These individuals are not an affront to our home but to our future and the futures of our children.

Find them and k*ll them.

Oh, no.

It's ok, Oliver.

I know what to do now.

I finally understand what Reiter was after.

Taiana, Reiter was insane.


He said after his village was destroyed, he would never be powerless again.

I have a village, too, Krasnoyarsk, run by a government strongman named Kovar.


Now I know why fate has led me to this place-- to give me the strength to free my home.

Ok. All right.

You'll go back to Russia, and--and you can take on this Kovar, but right now there are people here that need our help.

What would Vlad want you to do?

What would your brother expect you to do?

Find these hostiles at once.

Nothing can be permitted to stand in the way of Genesis.

Thank you.

I'm not sure m*rder vigilantes is what your loyal supporters signed up for.

Well, you better hope that they don't find Mr. Queen and Mr. Diggle before you do, Malcolm, or I'll be forced to seriously question what your purpose here is.

Every time I knock down a firewall, 5 more pop back up.

It would seem that Mr. Darhk has a counter-hacker in his employ.

And he's good.



I might have something.

Now, until the FBI gets their way, smartphones are protected by encryption.

If you don't enter your passcode after enough times, then the device bricks itself, right?

Curtis, I don't even have the time to tell you that I don't have the time.

You just did.

But here's the point.

Instead of trying to break Rubicon's encryption...

We make it stop working in the first place.

You're suggesting as it is with a smartphone...

We overload Rubicon with too many access requests.

And it shuts itself down.

Unfortunately, I doubt very much that Argus would leave Rubicon so vulnerable to such a brute force attack.

Let them try.

You're always such a stick in the mud.


Let's all take hacking advice from a woman whose only use for her smartphone is as a mirror.

Ho ho! Ha! So funny. Ha ha!


Felicity may have gotten her brains from you, but she got her creativity from moi.

Matching lipstick to lip liner isn't creativity, and while I may not be father of the year...

Oh, try the past two decades.

I recently took a b*llet for our daughter.

Not metaphorically, either.

By the way, a metaphor, it's a--it's a--it's a--

Oh, I know what a metaphor means, just like I know what abandoning your family looks like.


Because I remember not having much of a choice in the matter.
Uh, Felicity?

Hello, Felicity.

Remember me?


Your system is now under my control, just like Rubicon will be in the next 5 minutes.

Once again, you lose.



Who is this guy, again?

Cooper Seldon, her ex-boyfriend.

How could I forget?

I thought he was dead, and just came back evil.

Oliver, Dr. Palmer, this guy.

You really have a complicated romantic history.

Not the best time, Curtis.

Be honest, Felicity, hacker to hacker.

You prefer it this way, don't you?

As it was meant to be?

Once more unto breach...

Is he seriously going full "Star Trek VI" on you?

He shut our system down with a virus.

It's an x-axis binumeric algorithm.

I know. I created it in college.

Wait. How did you know?

Just because I wasn't in your life doesn't mean I wasn't keeping tabs on my daughter.

He's sending electrical surges to all our previous IPs...


Whatever it is, it's working.

It is, but it's pinging back to his location.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

We hitch our own code on to the back trace.

Curtis, your Rubicon lockout idea.

How long till you can get me an executable?

Uh...20 seconds.


If this works, it will send the latest surge back to its point of origin, triggering Rubicon to lock itself out.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Just get the son of a bitch.

Locked and...


Got you.

Oh, no.

What is it?

To be, or not to be...

[Alarm blaring]

Did it work?

I think it worked.

It worked.

Well, the power's still on.

That's--that's good, right?

Rubicon's offline.

Ha ha ha!

He's going to need more than some third-rate hacker to get it back up again, all because of you, sweetheart.

Thanks, Dad.


Streets are filled.

Ruvé's mobilized the entire ark looking for us.

They're in here!



You can't win.

You can't stop Genesis.

Well, what are you going to do when you're not here to enjoy your brave new world?



He almost got us k*ll.

They're like Thea.

They're not in their right minds.

You mean the pills?

We haven't taken any.

Not even one.

None of us have.

We're here because we believe, because we know the world is evil and darkness.

It's beyond saving.

How can you believe that?

Because we've lived it.

Every day.

So many promises were made to save the city, but it all just fell apart, and we were the ones left in the rubble.

Damien Darhk has given us hope.

Can you with your masks and your g*n actually say the same?



There's a plane due east.

Stay here. We'll hold off Reiter's men.

Taiana, help me with this guy.

He's alive.

Hey. He's alive.

Help me with him.

He's too bad.

He'll only slow us, keep us from helping the others.

We're not just going to leave him here.

You're right.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing?

His death is inevitable.

Why waste his life when it can make me stronger?

What are you doing with my clothes?

When I get stressed, I--I like to fold.

Yeah. I know.

When you two were married, it was like living at the Gap.

Hey, what did Noah mean when he said that he didn't have much choice in the matter when he left?

I always just assumed he disappeared.

He didn't disappear, hon.

I did.

We did.

I had a 7-year-old daughter, and I know all about gambling, and I wasn't willing to take the bet that your father could possibly change.

He let me believe that he abandoned us.

Well, I don't...

I don't know what to say about that, hon.

I mean, I think...

I think he just didn't want you to lose your mom, too.

Hey, look at me.

I didn't lose you.

Did I?


I'm sorry.

Do you ever think that maybe Darhk has a point?

No, Darhk is psychotic.

Everyone down here is.

Are they?

He's not wrong.

The world is coming apart just like Star City.

I mean, it is worse than it has ever been.

That's because Darhk's been spending the past year trying to k*ll it.

Then why is he giving these people more hope than we ever could?


Go! Go in the bedroom!

Take cover!

Go! Move, move, move!

I'll hold them off.

Go find Thea.

Go, now!



[Both grunting]

This isn't you, Thea.

They are trying to control you, but you are stronger than that.

You can f*ght through it.

I can't.

Yes, you can.

Every day we stand side by side to protect this city, and no matter how dark or how hopeless, you always keep fighting.

You never give up!

I refuse to believe that you're going to give up now.

So f*ght!


Drug me again, and I will k*ll you, you son of a bitch.

[TV static]

Hi, everyone.

Uncle Lonnie here.

See, I just absolutely adore your little community.

It's so welcoming to outsiders, but it's so...structured.

Going to have to fix that.

Mr. Darhk, remember me?

The loyal servant you rejected, betrayed?

In 20 minutes, I'm going to k*ll someone.

It can be your wife...

Oh, but, Damien, you're my first choice.

Ball's in your court, buddy.

Oh, and be quick about it, because in 21 minutes, I'm going to blow your little underground world into next week.


So Machin is down here?

An ongoing pest we've yet to exterminate.

He k*ll Alex, who brought me here because Ruvé drugged him just like you did to me.

We can discuss my parenting philosophy later.

Mr. Machin is the immediate thr*at.

To Darhk and his wife, and I still don't understand why we should care.

Because he has already tried once to k*ll everyone down here.

Malcolm's right.

We're not letting anyone else die.

This place isn't safe.

I need you to get your family out of here in order to protect them.


Now, you know the way out, so if we can't stop Machin, then you are going to lead the evacuation.

I don't recall volunteering.

And even if I did, where exactly would I evacuate them to?

Everything above our heads is going to be under a mushroom cloud.

I refuse to believe that.

Because you're a fool.

Because I have hope.

Let's go.

Taiana, I am not just going to let you k*ll this man.

I'm the only one who can stop Reiter.

This is how.

I need that man's power.

Listen to yourself!

This isn't you.

Whatever that idol is doing, it is warping your mind.


I've never been clearer.

Now get out of my way!

No, don't!


Deja vu all over again.

You as the bait, me waiting to k*ll your husband.

You know, I really hope I get it right this time.

You have no idea the power that you're up against.

Look at you.

No longer the whimpering victim.

Mommy's so strong and impressive.

Isn't she?

You do realize that you're planning to destroy the last safe place left on the entire planet, right?

I'm sorry.

Did I leave you with the impression that I was a rational guy?


That's my mommy.

Isn't she pretty?

Oh, and she brought her friends.

This is over.

More like under.

I tinkered with the engineering here.

This whole place is powered by a dwarf star alloy.

Very powerful but a little touchy, so you might want to be careful where you aim because a stray sh*t could blow this whole place.

We're not letting you out of here.


Well, in that case...



Unless you want to die, let's go!

Bye, mommy.

There's no time.

Save my daughter.


Promise me.

I promise.

We need to get out of here, like, right now.

Finally, electric boogaloo awakes.

Sir, there's something happening at Tevat Noah.



Well, it looks like the real estate value of the Glades just went up.

It's called gallows humor.

What about everybody else?


I saw Merlyn leading some evacuations.

There must be other access points.

Or Malcolm's underneath all that.

What about her?

Is anyone there?

Green Arrow, Spartan, Speedy?

Hell, I'd take Malcolm Merlyn at this point.

We're all safe.

Where are you with Rubicon?

HIVE's locked out. We're good.

The city's safe...

You sound like there's a "but" to that sentence.

People still need saving.

They still need hope.

Give it back!

Taiana, if you want it back, you're going to have to k*ll me, and I'm betting you won't.

What about me, Mr. Queen?

And after k*ll you...

I'll k*ll her.

Tell me.

It was Machin. He's--


I'm sorry.

My daughter?

We're still getting reports of survivors.

We're locked out of Rubicon.


I know someone who can get us back online.


Tevat Noah is gone.

It's buried under miles of ash.

Even if you could regain control of Rubicon, there'd be no place on earth that is safe.

If there's no place left on earth that's safe...

Let it all burn.

All right, I'm listening.

Though, if you could keep the lecture short, I'd appreciate it.

No lecture.

Just a request.



Leave, and this time...

Don't come back.


You helped Felicity tonight.

Maybe it was because you'd be nuked, too.

Maybe it was a broken clock being right for once.

Either way, we both know it wasn't you.


You know who you are.

Are you really going to stand here--

Heh--and tell me that you've changed?

You're every bit as dangerous to our daughter as the day I took her from you.

If you care about her, you will walk away.

After everything that's happened, she'll be crushed.

She'll survive.

She's strong.

She's my daughter.

You can lie to her, but can you lie to yourself?

Can you really believe that leaving isn't the best thing for her?

What do you think your parents are talking about?

I'm trying not to think about it.

Maybe they're discussing that thing that Noah said before about not having much of a choice.

That's exactly what I'm trying not to think about.



I helped you save the world.

The least you can do is give me a little gossip.

Ok, fine.

So apparently my dad didn't leave.

My mom kicked him out.

Did she tell you why?

I think she didn't want to risk him hurting me.

I mean, he could promise whatever he wanted, but he was a criminal-- is a criminal.

So he inevitably would have gone back to his old habits.


What does that mean?

It just sounds familiar, that's all.

The criminal who you don't think can change, the slightly overactive but understandable breakup.

Just saying, you and Oliver, Donna and Noah.

[Door opens]

Where's Noah?

He's going away for a little while.

That's what you told me when I was 7.

Boo hoo.

Are you getting all weepy?

Do you need a moment?

No? Good.

Because I need you to do me a favor.

Go to hell.

Why bother?

I'm going to bring it to us.
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