04x23 - Schism

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Arrow". Aired October 2012 - January 2020

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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed d*ad when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.
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04x23 - Schism

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Oliver: This season on "Arrow"...

Oliver: The only way I know how to fight the darkness is to be darkness, and I don't want to be that type of person anymore.

I'm running for mayor.

And I promise you that I will never stop fighting to save this city.

Darhk: You're all fretting about this city dying.

I'm here on behalf of an organization that wants you to let it die.

I'm Damien Darhk.

Oliver: The type of magic he's using, I've seen it take good people and turn them dark.

Taiana: If I don't make it off this island, you will go to Russia and find my parents.

Felicity: If Darhk wins, Laurel died for nothing.

If you can channel light and hope, you will be able to repel Darhk's magic.

Do you remember what I promised you?

A new beginning.

Darhk plans to burn the world in a nuclear f*re.

I'm assuming you know what Rubicon is.

And I'm assuming it's under Mr. Darhk's control.

Every NATO Ally--

Rubicon has control over all their nuclear systems.

John: You mean HIVE does.

Oliver: If even one of those nukes hits...

He will be unstoppable.

I think it worked.

It worked.

Rubicon's offline.

Ha ha ha!

Do you need a moment?

No? Good.

Because I need you to do me a favor.

Go to hell.

Why bother?

I'm going to bring it to us.

Donna: Get the hell out of here.

Mom, stop.

Oh, my God!

Mom, get back!

This is your mother?

Oh, goodie.

Persuading you to help me is going to be easier than I thought.

Felicity: Helping you do what?

Your underground city's already been destroyed.

I'm still going forward.

So, what, you k*ll my mother if I don't help you destroy the world?

Newsflash--my mother lives in the world.

Dying instantaneously in nuclear f*re, rather painless, and then there's having your life force slowly sucked out like this.


What's it going to be, miss Smoak?

Look. I know you don't live here anymore, but those were nice windows.

So unoriginal.

I am now powered by the deaths of tens of thousands of souls.

There is nothing you can do to stop me...

Or should I say, "us."


Thea: Stop!

You let them go, or I k*ll your daughter.

Do you think I'm bluffing?

Let my daughter go.

It's ok, sweetheart.

Everything's going to be all right.

Are you ok?

When did this become your life?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, it's gone.

He took it. It's gone.

What's gone?

The laptop with the anti-Rubicon program.

If Darhk has that...

He can launch all of the world's nuclear m*ssile.

♪ Arrow 4x23 ♪
Original Air Date on May 25, 2016

Looks like internal bleeding.

Possibly broken ribs.


We have to relieve the pressure. Thea.

Felicity, we need you at your station.

We have to stop Rubicon.

Is he going to be ok?

Put the g*n down, Reiter.



You think you can k*ll me, miss Venediktov?

I am going to k*ll you.

You'll only k*ll yourself in the attempt.


Without these runes, the idol's power would overwhelm my mind.

I don't care.

It's worth it to stop you.

See that, Reiter?

That plane filled with all those people you were keeping prisoner?

They're getting away.

This is over!

That's not all of them, Mr. Queen.

The plane's too small.

And it's not over.

Taiana: Ohh!

All those deaths, they give me power, and her...Only madness.


How is he?

Well, he's s*ab.

John said the next 30 minutes should tell us...

Whether or not he'll make it?


Hey, can I ask you something?

I know it might not be the best time.

Back at our place-- my place-- the--the place-- the loft...


Darhk's magic, it worked on you.

I thought-- you thought I found a way to stop it.

That was before he grew so powerful.

It was the-- the hope you had in me was able to counteract his magic.

And now my hope's not enough.

So where are we?

Um, good news, bad news time.

Good news is is that Darhk hasn't launched the nukes yet.

I think his hacker's still trying to break our failsafes.

Ok, and the bad news?

Well, the bad news is that with Rubicon offline, there is nothing for me to hack into.

Right, but your laptop has to have a GPS-- yeah.

I'm sure that you've already started to try and do it.


I thought you'd shut Rubicon down.

Felicity is working on locating the laptop.

Where's Sara?

She's fine.

She's in an Argus bunker in Coast City.

With Darhk's anti-nuke bunker destroyed, why is he moving forward with Genesis?

Machin k*lled his wife.

Well, his daughter still lives in this world.

He must know that.

He knows, he just-- he doesn't care.

He's lost all hope.

Yeah, just like all of us.

Wait. I thought he was the cynic.

It's not like John doesn't have a point, Thea.

We are not finished yet.

Felicity: The key word being "yet."

I got a 20 on the laptop.

Downtown, abandoned office building.

Let's move.

Overwatch, there's no one here.

That's impossible.

You're right on top of the GPS signal.


She's right.

Oh, my God.

Oliver: Overwatch.

I see it.

Just over 15,000 ballistic m*ssile, and they all just launched.

How much time do we have?

Two hours.

Maybe less.

Confirmed. 15,434 birds in the air.

We need to set defense condition one and get the president down to the PEOC.


He's got me completely locked out.

Thea: Ok, how many m*ssile are there?

DOD's working on it, but the targets are worldwide.

You said that we have two hours.

The world has two hours, but I'm tracking a Minuteman ICBM heading straight for Star City.

It just launched out of Warren Air Force Base in Colorado.

Ok, well, that's close.

Which means we only have 45 minutes.

[Both grunting]


I'm ok.

I think...I'm ok.


All right, where's the f*re?

What's this?

The safest place within 100 miles to survive a nuclear att*ck.

Based on wind patterns--

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.

What are you talking about?

The world is going to end in two hours.

I need you to take my mother there.

Can you do that?

Yeah, I will.

Sara, on phone: Bye, daddy. Bye, mama.

We'll see you soon, sweetie.

I love you, baby girl.

Argus has a chopper waiting to take us to Coast City, so at least we'll all be together.

If we can't stop the...

The end of the world.

In these situations, you're usually the one offering hope.

I'm fresh out, Lyla.

Because of what happened with Andy?

It was self-defense, John.

It was a clean k*ll.

Oliver: Lyla.

Are you having Argus move on city hall?

John told me the source of Darhk's power is there, that he might be looking to harness the deaths from the nuclear att*cks.

No, he's already done that with the first att*ck.

He will decimate your team.

You should pull them back.

And what if his hacker's down there with him?

Cooper Seldon is not going to be anywhere that we think to look.

He'll be in a secure location.

If your team goes down there, they will all die.

It's not your call, Oliver.

It's mine.

I don't like this place.

It's scary.


It's just a little bit longer, sweetheart.

I miss mommy.

I do, too.

But we're going to see her soon.

Man on radio: as*ault team sledgehammer has engaged target.

Switching you to their feed now.

[Static, g*n]

[Men screaming]


Turn it off.

Those m*ssile hit, and he's going to become even stronger, isn't he?

He already is with the souls of all of those Argus agents that he just k*lled.

Felicity: Wait.

I'm in. I'm through Cooper's firewalls.

Well, shut it down.

That's what I'm trying to--


Look at me. Listen to me.

Don't let it control your mind.


You are a m*rder.

You k*lled my brother.

You are darkness.

Yes...I am...

But you--you don't have to be.

[Both gasping]

I'm sorry.

It's ok.

I can feel it burning my mind.

Taiana, we will find a way to work around this.

There is only one way.

You have to k*ll me, Oliver.

Bethany Snow: With Mayor Adams missing and presumed d*ad, Deputy Mayor Remz called for calm in the wake of unconfirmed reports that a nuclear att*ck on our city is imminent.

Newly assigned police captain Frank Pike asks...

Just when things couldn't get any worse.

Is everyone all right?

Felicity: I think "all right" is a relative term.

How much time do we have?

I think 27 minutes.

It's kind of hard to tell now.

I wonder what Laurel would have thought of all this.

Well, she probably would have said something about finding a solution no matter what.

Yeah. She's always stubborn like that.

Too bad she would have been wrong this time.

Hey, come on.

We can't just lose all hope here.

You have.

I can see it in your eyes.

I just can't believe that I thought that I'd be the one to unite this city while Damien Darhk was trying to k*ll it.

That was arrogant.

It was the same arrogance that made me feel like I could be the Green Arrow without descending into darkness.

Bottom line, it was foolish.

You don't believe that.

I didn't believe that...

Until Laurel died.

I thought you weren't blaming yourself for her death anymore.

We made a decision to come back here.

I tried to do things differently, and for a time, I did.

And now I am left here to wonder if I hadn't, would Laurel still be alive?


You shouldn't be up.

Tell me about it.

Someone's got to provide a little optimism.

Doesn't seem like anyone around here is in the head-space to do it.

Then you know we've lost the city.


I know that you're running out of time to get it back.


Living in Star City requires a special kind of tenacity.

A sane person wouldn't live here.

It's a fact that Paul likes to remind me of weekly.

We were this close to leaving Star City last October.

After 3 t*rror1st att*cks, we were done, but then the night before we were going to start packing, the Green Arrow popped up on our TV, and he reminded me that this city is worth saving, that my home-- that my home was worth fighting for.

That guy gave me inspiration.

He gave me hope.

And if he could give me hope then, why can't he give it to others now?

[Crowd yelling, horns honking]

Hey, stop!



I know what you're feeling right now.

I'm feeling it, too, the sense of-- of helplessness, of hopelessness.

I don't know how we even begin to process what might happen to us right now, but there are a few things that I do know.

I know that this city has been through tough times before, and we have pulled through.

We survived the Undertaking.

We survived the Siege.

We survived the Outbreak, and somehow, someway, we will survive this.

A friend of mine told me that living in Star City, it takes a special kind of tenacity, but we do live here, because this is our home.

This is our home!

It is our friend, our family, our lives, and we will not-- we will not throw those precious gifts away by descending into chaos.

We will look to each other for hope.

We will cling to each other for strength, and if we do that, no matter what happens, then we can all stand here united.

Oh, my God. It's here.

Curtis: That's terrifying...

And also kind of great.

I think you got hit on the head harder than you realize.

No, no, he's right. I can't hack this system.

But if the nuke gets close enough, which it is...

We could use the line-of-sight att*ck on the m*ssile itself and disarm it.

Still not getting a signal.

Are you sure you're pointing that thing at the nuke?

It's pretty hard to miss, Felicity.

Ok, ok, ok. I'm just going--oh!

Whatever you changed, don't change it again.

It's working. I got a signal.

I didn't change anything!

Nukes are designed to detonate 100 feet above their actual target.

I'm uploading a GPS spoof to disable it.


But, um, it's still heading straight for us.

Just keep pointing the IR receiver at the thingy.

You know, I have perfect confidence in your abilities.

Thank you.

But just in case, working with you and the rest of the team has been the highlight of my professional career and my entire life, and--and I can't think of any better way for it to end than--

Curtis, as sweet as this is, the talking's really not helping.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, it worked! Ohh!

[Crowd gasps]

[Cheering and applause]

Whatever you guys just did was incredible.

We only took down one nuke.

We still have 15,433 to go, give or take.

The code to the line-of-sight hack, can you distro it to everybody?

I'm on it.

All right, that's one.

1 nuke in 15,000.

The chances of us getting them all is--

1 in 375 million.

Well, we need to find Darhk's hacker and shut down Rubicon at the source.

When we disarmed the nuke, we gained access to its onboard computer and cloned its hard drive remotely.

Then we ran a back trace to determine the source of the initial launch signal.

He's holed up in a warehouse on the corner of Cheswold and Crombie.

Let's get after him.

That was quite a speech, Oliver.

It made me long for a voting booth.

You and Thea need to back up Curtis and Felicity while they deal with Seldon.

Hey, what are you going to do?

I'm going to city hall.

Oliver, you yourself said going after Darhk is a su1c1de mission.

Well, John, I'm not going to die tonight.

Well, let me go with you, back you up.

If things go bad, I need you to back the city up.

Oliver, things aren't going to go bad.

Your speech...

Inspired all of us, too.

Let's move.

Do it, Oliver.

Please, do it quickly.


I'm not going to k*ll you--

Then I will k*ll you.

Don't you understand?


Before I k*ll whoever is left on this island, before I become worse than Reiter, please.

Please don't ask me to do this.

If you ever cared for me, then you would do this.

Don't forget your promise.

I won't.

Taiana, I'm sorry.

[Neck snaps]

It's ok, it's ok.

You k*lled her!

I thought you were staying behind.

Yeah, it doesn't mean I shouldn't be prepared.

I'm not going to ask if you're all right.

I think I know the answer.

Lyla, this isn't the right time for this conversation.

When the Ghosts attacked, you froze.

I've never seen you do that before.

Lyla, I can't talk about this.

Was it Andy?

He was a Ghost.


If the world's going to end, then let's at least go out being honest with each other.

Yes, it was Andy.

But not like I said and not like you think.

Earlier you said it was a good k*ll.

It wasn't, Lyla.

I said it was self-defense.

It wasn't.

You must think I'm a monster.

Fog of w*r, Johnny.

You did what you had to do.

It's that simple.

Lyla, there's nothing simple about this.


What does a guy have to do to end the world in peace?

Why is he here, Daddy?

Oh, he came here to die, sweetheart.


Ha ha ha!

15 minutes till the end of the world, and you want to spend them with me.

I am touched.

Yeah, it looks like the hacker's here.

Thanks, unless you were aiming at me.

At this point, I honestly can't tell.

Even if you stop me, even if you could, those m*ssile are finding their targets.

This is a mercy k*lling on a global scale.

I'm sparing my daughter the pain of growing up without her mother.

Or Mr. Lance living without Laurel.

And don't get me started on your pain.

Man: Let him go!

Get out.

For real?

Get out of here.

Get out!

Man: Get out of our town!

We don't want you here!

Get out of this town!

"Get out." Heh heh heh.

This heartwarming display would mean a whole lot more had I not just seen you all tearing yourselves and your city apart.


That is why I did this.

Humanity is feckless, and I wanted to cleanse it of a millennia worth of rot it has been infected by, and I will do it!

No, you won't.

Ok, just for fun, how are you going to stop me?

Because it won't just be me who's going to stop you.

It's not so easy without the magic, is it?

Oh, I don't need magic.

I'm a former member of the League of Assassins, or have you forgotten that?

Remind me.

[Crowd yelling]

Oh, my God.


Hey, Felicity.

How you doing?

Who sh*t you?


He's moving the b*llet closer and closer to my spine.

I said it hurt so bad, I'd do anything to make him stop.

Like blow up the planet?

Sorry, I'm a selfish bastard, but she knew that already.

I need a moment alone with him.

Felicity, I don't think right--


I'm sorry, Felicity.

I know I should be strong enough to pull myself away from this keyboard, but I think we both know that I'm not.

You are.

He's powerful.

He's so powerful, and if I stop Rubicon, he'll know, and he'll k*ll me in the most painful way possible.

You're better than this, Cooper.

You're stronger than this.

You can still do the right thing.

You can still be the man that I loved.

I haven't been that guy in a long time.

Remember what we wanted to do 7 years ago in that cockroach-infested dorm room?

Save the world.

Now's your chance.

Mr. Seldon, you weak-willed dust mite.


I'm sorry, Cooper.


You brought friends.

That's ok.

So did I.

[Crowd yelling]

What the hell happened?


We have 3 minutes to take down 15,000 nukes.

Why isn't this a simple matter of flicking off a switch?

Rubicon has safeguards for their safeguards.

I can't disarm a warhead.

Then don't.

I don't think you understand how this works.

It's not the warheads. It's just the m*ssile.

If we invert their horizons...

They'll explode in space.


Now you know how it feels.

Wait. I thought you and Donna--

Don't worry, she's safe, but I had to come back to stand with my city, because this Oliver Queen guy gives a hell of a speech.

You two were supposed to stay as backup.

I already lost one brother.

You two put down the Ghosts.

You keep people safe.

What about Darhk?

Darhk's mine.

What are you going to do now, Oliver?

Stop the posturing.

We both know that you can't do it.

You spared the life of the man who k*lled your mother.

And you k*lled a friend of mine.

You k*lled tens of thousands of innocent people.

With Slade Wilson, I had a choice.

This time, I don't.

It's going to take forever to clean this place up.

Well, I wish you guys the best of luck with that.

You going home to my mama?

Uh, yeah, to pack.

We're leaving town for a while.

Wait, why?

IAB reached out.

My suspension is no longer a suspension, but, uh, it's funny, you know, because, you know, being a cop's all I ever wanted, but when I got that call, I didn't feel a thing.

All I could think about was Laurel, you know?

But then you got her justice, Oliver, and you got me some closure, and I am never going to forget that.

Well, this is going to make me feel like I'm piling on...

What do you mean?

Well, I...

I jumped straight out of the Lazarus Pit right into this, into--to Speedy, but, um, I've just been wondering if this is even who I really am, and then I thr*at to k*ll a little girl, and I--I realized I'm my father's daughter, so I--I thought about Laurel and--and what she'd say to me if she were here.

I think she'd tell me to get out...

Before I lost too much of myself.

I'm sorry, Ollie.

Hey. Come here.

You don't have to apologize to me, ever.

Well, it looks like it's just the 3 of us.

Team Arrow, the original gangstas.

Up top.

You ok?

Not really.

I told Lyla the truth about Andy.

What'd she say?

She's a soldier.

She understood.

But I don't, and I don't think I ever will.

What are you going to do?

Take some time away from this team, away from the city...

To figure out where I went off track and how to get back on.

John, I have never done this without you.

You're the one who keeps me in line.

Oliver, I don't know if you've been watching lately, but it's been the other way around, man.

She begged me to do it.


Listen, I know that this is not going to make a ton of sense, but all of this has to do with that.

It is darkness.


She was coming to that darkness.

They destroyed the plane.

That was Reiter.

But there's another way off the island.

Waller: And here I thought you'd never use the comm gear I gave you to radio for a trip home.

Well, I lost it for a while, and the job wasn't done.

And now it is.

I sent you here to break up Reiter's operation and free his prisoners.

You did both.

You saved a lot of lives.

I took some, too.

Do you remember what I told you?

That the only way out is through?

Well, I am not out, Amanda.

I'm still filled with darkness.

This was never about expunging your darkness, Mr. Queen.

That darkness will always be part of you.

Then what was the point?

To show you that sometimes k*lling is the only path to justice.

Director Waller, what do you want to do with the artifact?

Have it transported to the SLAB.

Yes, ma'am.

So that's it.

Just going to bag and tag everything and pretend like nothing ever happened?

You've seen what that idol can do, how large the world truly is.

Speaking of...

What am I going to do with this?

Our business here is concluded, Mr. Queen.

Unless it's not.

As I said, justice requires k*lling.

A man of your talents could be useful in hot spots across the globe, or you could just go back to playing vigilante.


I have a promise to keep.

I know you wouldn't approve of what I did.

I mean, I know that it's not what...

You would have wanted, me k*lling Darhk, but you were always better than me, Laurel.

That is what I loved most about you.

You ok?



It's Thea and John.

Them leaving has to be a blow.

And they're leaving because of their own personal darkness.

I just can't help but think that maybe they were infected by mine.


Like you said, maybe you can't become a hero without succumbing to the darkness even a little bit, but you were able to defeat Darhk by giving the city its hope back.

You're saying it's not black and white?

I'm saying that there is a man who k*lled Darhk in cold blood, and that same man stood on top of a car and gave the city its hope back.

What you're feeling isn't darkness.

It's a schism.

You're at w*r with two sides of yourself.

[Cell phone vibrates]


Mr. Queen, this is Thomas Kemp.

I chair the city council.

Yes, of course, councilman.

What can I help you with?

That impromptu speech you gave during the city's latest crisis got a lot of people's attention, and there's something I'd like to talk to you about.

It's only an interim appointment.

A proper election will be held in August, but given that you got 48% of the vote before as a write-in candidate, well, I think that's just a formality.

I appreciate the optimism.

Are you sure about this?

You look, well, conflicted.

Well, someone very close to me recently told me that I am...

But I am ready for this.


Shall we?

[Cameras clicking, chatter]

Put your left hand on the Bible.

Raise your right hand and recite the oath.

I, Oliver Queen, do solemnly swear to support the charter and laws of Star City and to faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of mayor according to the law and to the very best of my ability.



I didn't know you'd be here.

You thought I was leaving, too?

Not a chance.
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