02x08 - Omega Station

♪ the war was lost ♪
♪ the treaty signed ♪
♪ I was not caught ♪
♪ I crossed the line ♪
♪ I was not caught ♪
♪ though many tried ♪
♪ I live among you ♪
♪ well disguised ♪
♪ I had to leave ♪
♪ my life behind ♪
♪ I dug some graves ♪
♪ you'll never find ♪
♪ the story's told ♪
♪ with facts and lies ♪
♪ I have a name ♪
♪ but never mind ♪
♪ never mind ♪
♪ never mind ♪
♪ the war was lost, the treaty signed ♪
♪ there's truth that lives and truth that dies ♪
♪ I don't know which, so never mind ♪
♪ my woman's here ♪
♪ my children, too ♪
♪ their graves are safe from ghosts like you ♪
♪ in places deep with roots entwined ♪
♪ I live the life I left behind ♪
♪ the war was lost ♪
♪ the treaty signed ♪
♪ I was not caught ♪
♪ I crossed the line ♪
♪ I was not caught ♪
♪ though many tried ♪
♪ I live among you ♪
♪ well disguised ♪

( crickets chirping )


That little place in the rock in the trees.

A cave is how I remember it.

It's like a fairy tale.

Four days?

No, maybe he gave me something.

Maybe I blocked it out.

It's a black hole.

This empty space, those four days.

And what I remember when I got...

I got in the car.

He didn't force me.

He didn't even get near me.

He called me pretty.

I remember.

I remember it made me feel...

I liked...

I got in the van with a stranger.

Every time I remember that feeling, like pride, I get sick to my stomach.

I could lie to myself, but I felt proud.

I was proud that he thought I was pretty.

Makes me sick.

None of that was your fault.

Ray: I walk up behind him.

It's him. It's the guy.

I've been thinking about him.

I've been picturing him for months.

I'm not sleeping.

Passing strangers who was wondering.

He turned his head right as I was up on him.

I planned to say it... but I didn't say anything.

I got sick, and to keep from being sick, I raised up... right when he was turning.

And I...

It didn't make anything better.

It made it worse.

And I know now, you know, the act, it described a trajectory.

People... whole cultures wouldn't blame you.

I don't.

It wasn't him.

They got the real guy.

Something in Venice, you know?

Weeks ago.

Ani: Who was he?

I don't even know if it matters.

So I haven't been like this in a long time.


I could tell.


You seemed like you were making up for lost time.

( train whistle blows )

I'd do anything for 10 more years.

We should have met when we were young.

We said we wouldn't regret the past.

Anyway, who said we don't have 10 more years?

There's 100,000 there.

You're gonna go with Nails.

I'll meet you in two weeks or less.

Like hell. I'm not leaving you.

I know about the clubs. I saw Blake.

I'm not--

You don't have a choice.

I always have a choice.

And I'm not going anywhere.

It's not gonna work, the you and me thing.

The way I see it is you weren't up front with me.

If you can't have a kid, then what good is the design, see?

You had me on the fairy tale for a while, and it was good, but now it's time to go.

You can't act for sh1t.

Take it from me.

Where one goes, the other goes. That's what we said.

That's not acting. Now take your payout and get the f*ck on.

Your ring? What is that?

You think that I-- here.

You think I give a f*ck about rings?

That was a big diamond.

f*ck you.

I am not leaving you. I know what you're doing, Frank.

Stop reading into things. Listen to what I'm saying.

I am listening and you're not convincing.

So you listen to me.

Whatever they do to you, they do to me.

Do you understand? There's us.

There's us, and everything else is in the gray.

So f*ck your martyrdom.

I came in this with my eyes open, same as you.

You have to go.

I got us new cars. Nails is gonna watch out for you.


You come with me.

100,000 is more than enough.

To start over?

To hold on to what's ours.

I can't run.

They'll come for me and they'll keep coming.

I need to finish this.

You can't finish this.

They made sure of that before they threw the first punch.

I have a play. One thing they don't know.

It's not worth it.

I cannot run. It'll never stop.

If I do that and I come home and I find you, no.


I'm not-- I'm not leaving you.

Baby, you made it all mean something.

Everything before we met.

If they came to me through you, if they hurt you, I couldn't, I wouldn't deserve to live.

If you love me, I cannot do the things I have to do unless I know you're safe.

If I don't think you're safe, I'm lost.

They got me.

Nails has two tickets.

Venezuela out of Oregon.

Not unless you're with me.

Otherwise the last six years are nothing.

No, they weren't.

Never nothing.

I know.

I know. That was never our story.

I got my ticket out.

I'll meet you inside of two weeks, I promise.

Two weeks.

Or less.


You'll meet me in two weeks or less.

El Obelisco.

There's a park there.

Wear a white dress.

You wear a white suit with a red rose in your jacket.

I'll wear a red rose in my jacket.

I'll see you coming out of the crowd, a head higher than everybody else.

At first I'm worried.

I can't see you.

But then you do.

( chuckles )

I see the white dress.

You don't have to do that, Frank.

I mean the money.

Couldn't see.

Blood in my eyes.

Nail in my f*cking head.

I heard him saying leave me.

f*cking teamster. A nail gun.

Slung me over your shoulder. I don't forget that.

I know you don't.

Nobody's gonna get near her.

I promise.

We'll see you in two weeks.

Or less.

( mouths words ) _

( engine starts )

Man: The security camera right down the street.

Burris: Yeah, he, uh-- he worked under the prosecutor for the AG that got murdered.

( phone buzzing )

Excuse me.

Burris: Yeah?


He's no longer with us, I'm afraid.

Hello, Ray.

Ray: What happened?

Why don't you tell me, Ray?

Hmm? Davis, Woodrugh.

It's all you, right?

You know I know, right?

The robbery in '92.

Caspere kept some diamonds.

He was holding them over you, yeah?

We should meet. Let's talk this over.

You could come out of this good, Ray.

I can make it go away.

Put you right. Get you paid.


Yeah, I'll drop by PD later today.

Where are you?

Come on, Ray. You're one of us.

Why Woodrugh? There was no reason.

Why do you care? You know the guy was a fag, right?

Come on, you're a player, Ray.

Let's talk. We can work this out.

Yeah, sure thing, Lieutenant.

What was that?


He's dead.

( crying )


Why? What--

Jesus Christ. He was gonna have a f*cking kid.

It was Burris.

They're putting it on me.

First Davis, now-- f*ck!

I can't-- I can't--

Jesus, he was-- after everything else.

( groans ) f*ck.

He was better than us.

He saved our asses.


Three times.


He deserved better.

Who do we have now?

The girl Erica, she's in the wind.

There was two of them.

The kids-- boy, girl.


Field interviews, that movie set.

We had a crew list. There was a guy there. Set photographer.

She talked to him. The ages are right.

f*ck, they even kind of looked alike.

Set photographer. Lenny Tyler.

That's the brother. Laura and Leonard.

They might have the hard drive.

Caspere's hidden camera.

Caspere's murder, if it was them, it just opened up all this other stuff.

We were always set up.

So was Frank.

Your gangster buddy.

Yeah, he's actually not a bad guy, but, yeah, Caspere was playing him.

So we find Osterman. Tyler.

Says here Lenny's with the union.

They'd have some kind of address.

Unless you just want to take off.

I'm pretty sure I can get us out of the country.

If there's a chance to get them, I want to take it.

I was never big on running myself.

Woodrugh wasn't.

( whistles )


Veronica: Austin?


Where is he? Tony.

I don't know.

What-- what day is it?

There was yelling.

Yelling about what?

A Russian man. Tony's parties.

His new business or something.

Hard to remember.

How did you meet Austin the mayor?

Tony introduced us.

He say his father lonely since mother got sick.

But you were Tony's friend first?

( screams )

Shh, shh.


How did this--

I-- I don't-- he kill himself?

Where's the daughter Betty?

Betty? She was there, I think.

With the yelling.

They talk about me. I hear them.

She's sick like her mother.

I can't believe Austin would do this.

Are you f*cking dense?

This is your boy Tony.

Made it look like some half-ass suicide.

And my guess is you'll be taking the fall.

Where's Tony now? Think.

Where would he be?

I-- I don't know. He's cold to me now.

Is there a safe in the house?

Do you have access to bank accounts?

Austin handles those things.

I have allowance.

Then I hope you saved some of that Miss Ukraine money.

Erica: Len?



Erica: They split us up after.

I had a foster family, but Len went into a group home.

I ran away at 16.

Started working the streets.

How did you meet Caspere?

Through Tascha.

She introduced me to Tony.

Brought me into the parties.

Then she told me about his diamonds.

Then I met him... and I knew.

He used to visit my mother.

I remembered him.

And you got him to hire you?

I changed my name.

Dyed my hair red.

He didn't recognize me from the parties.

I started digging into all of his stuff.

And Len, your brother?

We found each other years back.

He'd been through a lot.

The places he grew up.

I got him a job on the movie set.

And what happened with Caspere exactly?

I went to his place.

His other place. I left the door unlocked.

Put a pill in his drink.

Len came in. He saw inside the house.

He knew what I'd been doing.

He went bad.

He was gonna use the acid to get Ben to talk, to tell us who else had robbed us, who had killed our parents, but he got carried away.

He was too angry.

He put him out there on the road.


I don't know.

I think... he thought it was funny.

Caspere was confessing everything.

Begging. ( sniffles )

He told him about the rail corridor.

He drove around with Ben's body through all those places.

Why'd he leave you like this?

Because I was trying to stop them.

From what?

He's gonna meet up with that chief, Holloway.

He's gonna trade him the hard drive from Ben's place for the diamonds.

What's on the hard drive?

Would have been footage of important men.

You said would have.

We didn't have the password.

And the hard drive erased itself.

Some kind of security feature.

It's blank.

He's going there to kill Holloway.

Where's he meeting Holloway?

How long ago did he leave?

A couple of hours. He wanted to get there early.


The train station here.

The big new one. He wanted a public place.

We got her testimony. You stay with her until we can walk her into a precinct.

Ray. Ray, wait.

Saw the mayor went for a swim. Thought I should say good-bye.

Osip: What are you doing, Frank? This was very unlike you.

Lashing out, childish. Now I have to answer.

Like I had to answer this, you patronizing old f*ck?

Are you still in LA, Frank?

Oh, I'm long gone, cue ball.

But we'll settle up later.

We certainly will.

Good luck with that, you KGB kike m*therf*cker.

I'll only need the one bullet.

Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but, Osip, when the lights go out, that's me.

( beeps )

( phone rings )

( beeps )

Who is this?



I was just thinking about you.

Where are you taking me?

Me? Nowhere.

This bus goes to Seattle.

Hits a couple stops in between.

You get out of here. Forget this.

Maybe it can blow over for you.

This is never gonna blow over.

My life ended that day.

Except it didn't.

You can lay it down. I'm giving you that.


Because... whatever debt there was, you're not the person who needs to be punished now.

What about Len?

Lay him to rest.

Sounds like you lost him years ago.

What am I supposed to do?

I don't know.

Nobody is here right now.

I just move a group through.

Anybody come around asking about me?


What are you doing, Frank?

Taking off soon.

And I'm signing the place over to you.

All the way.

It's yours.

Thank you.

I was always grateful for your help.

You heard about Ray?

It's a frame-up.

He'll be back here, everything goes all right.

They're gonna need transport to Mexico.


Him and a woman.

What is going on? I heard about the poker room.

Everything's ending.

Time to wake up.

( music playing )

♪ lately I'm not feeling like myself ♪

♪ when I look into the glass ♪
♪ I see someone else ♪
♪ I hardly recognize this face I wear ♪
♪ when I stare into her eyes, I see no one there ♪
♪ lately I'm not feeling like myself ♪
♪ lately I've been losing all my time ♪
♪ all that mattered to me ♪
♪ slips my mind ♪
♪ every time I hit another town ♪
♪ strangers appear to lock me down ♪
♪ and lately I've been losing all my time ♪

( chatter over PA )

Don't turn around or I'll cut you in half before the show even starts.

Just listen closely.

You're f*cking this up, kid.

Who are you?

The guy you blasted with a f*cking shotgun in your little bird mask.

That was Caspere's. Sick f*ck.

Could have killed you.

Well, you don't need to worry about that right now.

I know what they did.

Why you're here.

You know what they did?

To my father? To me and my sister?


Turned my sister into a whore.

I know everything.

I want them, too.

But suicide ain't gonna get that.

You want revenge?

Drag their sh1t out into the light.

They won't get punished.

I am the blade and the bullet.

Then listen carefully to me.

( whistles )

The hard drive is in this bag.

Lot of interesting things on there.

A man with this, buy himself a lot of juice.


What, a wire?

See, I don't need a wire, Chief.

I got plenty of insurance.

What I need is a payout.

The land documents.

They're in the bag, too.

The man who wanted to meet, he killed Caspere?


One of the Osterman kids.

All grown up.

Where is he now?

In a Vinci landfill.

I got copies of everything.

Something happens to me on the way out, that sh1t hits the cloud.

News agencies.

What do you want?

Any chance you brought the stones?

Plastic. Had I known you were coming, we could have made different arrangements.

I want out from under.

I want my name cleared.

For the hard drive and land documents?


And Bezzerides?

Where is she?

f*ck should I know?

She and that Woodrugh guy both thought I did Davis.

Think I've been working for you the whole time.

Too bad you weren't.

Honestly, Ray, nobody had an idea you were this competent.

You all bought your way into Vinci with the stones.

Caspere made a deal with Chessani.

Ben had a talent for dissembling.

And Dixon?

He wasted his part of the take, yeah?

He was looking to, what, blackmail you guys for a new piece?

Where is this going, Ray?

Amarilla. The shoot-out.

How did that happen?

He may have gotten a tip about the raid.

Closed everything out, didn't it?

Now you got a piece of that central corridor.

You know Chessani's dead, right?

Not the Chessani I work for.

Cut the sh1t, Ray.

Whatever happened in '92 isn't the issue.

You want clear, we put this on Bezzerides.

Geldof is already on board.

No sudden movements, son.

You're public enemy number one.

Don't even need a reason to vaporize you.

Couldn't you have just taken the stones?

Way back?

Did you have to kill those people?

The Osterman woman had been seeing Ben for years.

She was pregnant and she knew things.

When he tried to break it off, she threatened him.

Ben didn't even want the first kid, much less another one.

The first one?

The girl. The little one.

That was Ben's illegitimate daughter.

( shouts )

( screams )

( gunshot )

( people screaming )

( gunshot )

( grunting )

( gunshot )

( screaming )

Man: Downstairs!

Woman: Oh, my God! Go!


Move, move!

( shouts )

Officer: Out of the way!

( gunshots )

( crowd screaming )

♪ the mystery ♪
♪ that no one knows ♪
♪ where does love go ♪
♪ when it goes? ♪
♪ lately words are missing ♪
♪ from now on ♪
♪ vanished in the haze ♪
♪ of love gone wrong ♪
♪ there's no future ♪

♪ there's no past ♪
♪ in the present, nothing lasts ♪
♪ lately someone's missing from now on... ♪

We met?

You're a cop, right?

Lady cop.

What gave me away? The tits?

I meant you're a lady. You have dignity.

You like Ray?

I like Ray.

Sure that means a lot to him.

Relationships are important.

Maybe you disagree.

You take this Venezuela deal we're talking, you make it to Barquisimeto, there'll be this lady there in two weeks at this park.

El Obelisco.

Her name is Jordan.

If she's there and I'm not, maybe you can give her a message.

What's that?

Tell her I wanted to be there.

And that story we told, it's still true.

Talk to you a minute?

( faint music playing )

Venezuela works. sh1t extradition.

We could have good lives.

Well, I don't have much choice at this point.

Anaheim went to sh1t.

Yeah, but a heist?

You got money to run?

Can't even access a bank. No credit cards.

Even if retreat was my inclination, which it f*cking is not, you want to stay alive, you and yours, you need money.

You promised me the guy who set me up.

It was Blake.

The guy you clipped was some sh1t stain had it in for him.

Blake's gone.

He did not go nicely.

Maybe I spared you that one.

These f*cks will never see it coming, man.

Place is so far up the mountain, it'll be a day before anybody realizes what happened.

This is just information, right?

sh1t in the air.

That guy they're saying you killed, he was your buddy, right?

Actually, I don't think I knew him that well.

But... yeah, yeah, he was my friend.

Maybe that means something.

Call it what you want-- revenge, justice, a retirement package.

Men like this... they always skate.

Not with me they don't.

I did not live my life to go out like this.


( music playing faintly )

We use a short cruise, tourists to Ensenada.

From there, we go south to San Miguel.

My people are there. We find someone.

We get you all to Venezuela.

You've done this a lot?

Much easier to bring people in than out.

I've been trying to get Ray to see San Miguel.

How do you know them?

The man that hurt me years ago, Ray took care of him.

Put him in prison, I mean.

Disabled wing.

Frank gave me the money to buy this place.

Never asked for it back.

How do you know Ray?

Well, I guess we saved each other's lives.

Tony and Betty. Pitlor, I want him on the record.

His files. We can get confessions.

I've heard enough confessions today.


We got nothing to run on.

And I owe these filth.

I owe Woodrugh.

Would you run?


If I asked, would you?

I might.

I just might.

...a very strong foundation on which to build a future.

There's a point to the waltzing in.

I do not like beginning something unfinished.

Mr. Agronov, have you ever heard of moderation?

( speaks Russian )

( silenced gunshots )

( glass shatters )

( explosion )

( men shouting )

( men coughing )

( coughing continues )

( man coughing )

Guess I was wrong.

It was today.

Old times, Frank.

I saved you.

You're like my son.

( gunshot )

Stay down south.


You're going, right? We got to get out.

Yeah, that's the plan.

Thinking about your boy?

Now you can send him to Yale.


You taking the boat?

I made other arrangements.

But I'll be there.

All right.

They suicided Pitlor.

Loose ends.

No sign of Betty or Tony anywhere.

f*ck it. Later for them.

Maybe one day we get it to the press.

Maybe that "Times" guy who wrote about Vinci.

We got a hell of a retirement bonus.

I'm on my way now. You understand?


I understand.

Ray: All right. You packed?

Yeah, I'm all set.

Boat leaves at 3:00.

All right. I'm 40 miles out. Plenty of time.

Well, hurry anyway.

All right.

I, uh...

I'll see you in a bit.



He's okay. He's on his way.


They have a total valuation of $3.5 million.

I will stand by their grading anywhere in the world.

Meets your bio data.

You're even a premium club member in United and American.

That's your two plus five.

Frank, you're full of surprises.

The Russians?

I wonder when we will hear about what you've done.

Another 500 when I'm where I need to be.

Safe travels.

( engine starts )

( children playing )

Boy: So Chad crossed the bridge and lost Calvin's farm.

Boy: Under five, you're supposed to use the names.

17, that's within your maximum power threshold.

Under five, you need 18 or higher to use...

( continues indistinctly )

( exhales ) Yeah.

Yeah, all right.

( engine starts )

( tires squealing )


( phone ringing )

Hey, cutting it a little close.

I, uh-- I'm gonna be late.

Ani: The f*ck are you talking about?

Get on that boat.

Wh-- what?

You hear me? You get on that boat.

I'll catch up.

Wait. What-- what is--

No, just get here.

I just wanted--

I thought we had time.


I just wanted to see my boy again.


There's a transponder on my car.

Maybe they were watching from school.

I don't know.

Dump it.

Come on, get rid of it.

Put it on a truck headed north. Come on-- sh1t, Ray.

I can't.

They could have already been watching, see?

And if they got eyes on me, it won't matter what I do with the tracker.

I'd just lead them to you.

You understand?

So what-- what are--

You just get on the boat.

Just take the files, take the recordings and get on that boat.

Look, I'll ditch the car in a parking garage.

I'll jack another one.

I'll be right on your heels.

Then I'll wait.

You stick to the plan.


Please get onto the boat.

Trust me.

I can lose these assholes with a tricycle.



Listen, let me talk to Felicia.

Please. All right? Just for a second.

Ani: I'm gonna talk to you again, right?

We're gonna see each other again?

Are you kidding?

You're gonna need a restraining order.

No. No, I won't.



I'm not gonna make it.

Don't ask, just listen to me.

You owe me, right? You owe me.

I don't care if you have to tie her up, you make sure she gets out.

You get her out.


I promise.

What did he say?

To make sure you get on that boat.

You? What the f*ck is this?

A turn here, a turn there, and it goes on for years.

Becomes something else.

I'm sorry, you know, for the man I became... the father I was.

I hope you got the strength to learn from that.

And I hope you got no doubts how much I loved you, son.

And you're better than me.

If I had been stronger...

I would have been more like you.

Hell, son... if everyone was stronger, they'd be more like you.

Frank: You taking me out?

I was already gone.

What the f*ck did you come out to say?

You made a deal.

No clubs, no locations for us.

The clubs burned down. What was I supposed to do?

Armenians, Russians, this is their thing.

Where do the Armenians get their supply, what they gave to you?

You want to get square?

There's a flat million in the suitcase.

That's my trade.

( engine roaring )

( breathing heavily )

God damn it.

( cars approaching )

( chatter )

We're square, then, our business?

That'll buy you something.

A million dollars doesn't buy me a ride back to town?

( in Spanish ) Take his suit.

He wants your suit.

Give it to him.

You want my suit?

( in Spanish ) Hurry. Come on.

All right.

I didn't even wear a suit till I was 38.

( grunts )

( in Spanish ) Stop, stop, stop!

( in Spanish ) - We kill him?

What for?


( engine starts )

We made a nice bed for you.

Lie down, Frank.

( engines start )

( groaning )

Oh, f*ck.

( labored breathing )


It's okay. It's okay.

( panting )

( panting )

( seagulls screeching )

( groaning )

( cries out )

Man: I don't know, boy.

I don't think them other kids like you.

I don't think anybody does.

Who the f*ck wants some lanky loudmouth pissing in their ear, huh?

Your mother sure didn't.

It's what made her sick.

Your f*cking whining, that's why she's gone.

Shut up. Shut the f*ck up.


Scared of the dark.

Yeah, I never loved you.

I never asked you to.

Shut up.

Shut the f*ck up.

( groaning )

Still got time, Ray.

Where's the papers?

Where's the woman?

( gunfire )

( panting )

( labored breathing )

Man: Yes, yes, gawky m*therf*cker.

I told you not to come around here.

You f*cking retarded or something?

Told you what would happen to you.

f*ck your sh1t up, Larry Bird.

Stop and lie down, you dumb m*therf*cker.

f*ck you.

Never lie down.

Last time, Ray.

Let me help you.

( panting )


Where is she?

In a better place.

( gunfire )

( groaning )

Please, Frank. They don't have to do this.

Tell them. Tell them I'll make it up.

I got stupid.


Frank, you could let me go.

They'll never know.

It's not me. I didn't put you here.

But you could get me out.

Please, Frank. I got a family.

It isn't me.

( vultures screeching )

Jordan: Hi there, handsome.

You made it.

You okay?

I did.

I'm fine.

I'm safe.

I'm coming.

Hold on.

( grunting )

What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?

( breathing heavily )

Just making my way, baby.

I told you I'd make it.

You did.

You made it.

You can rest now.

No rest.

Never stop moving.


Oh, babe.

You stopped moving way back there.

( wind blowing )

Reporter on TV: The former sheriff's deputy and City of Vinci detective was the chief suspect in the murder of a state attorney and a state police investigator.

He was employed as a security consultant at a Vinci casino, which recently burned down.

After a lengthy pursuit, the fugitive engaged a tactical squad of state and city police in a firefight which resulted in his death.

( shaky breath )

( crying )

Ani: A lot of the rest was in the papers over the next year... if you know where to look.

These facts were paid for in blood... so honor that.

I don't know if it'll make any difference, but it should because we deserve a better world.

( band playing )

( fireworks whistling )

( crowd cheering )

Ani: And I owe him that.

I owe his sons that.

( sniffles )

Anyways... this is evidence.

Most of it's here, some of it's not.

The truth... is naked larceny, open murder, and cascading betrayals.

( sniffles )

Come with me.


I can bring this to the "Times."

It's your story now.

I told it.

But wait, there's--

Stay here.

Don't leave this room until I've been gone for an hour.


( mouths word )

( burbling )



( fussing )


I know.

It's okay.

( door opens )

( baby babbling )


He's restless.

Long trip ahead.

Ready? Okay.

( baby coos )

Mm-hmm, here we go.

( baby fussing )

( baby babbling )

You okay?

( music playing )

♪ lately words are missing from now on ♪
♪ vanished in the haze of love gone wrong ♪
♪ there's no future, there's no past ♪
♪ in the present nothing lasts ♪
♪ lately someone's missing from now on ♪
♪ lately I'm not feeling like myself ♪
♪ when I look into the glass ♪
♪ I see someone else ♪
♪ I hardly recognize this face I wear ♪
♪ when I stare into her eyes, I see no one there ♪
♪ lately I'm not feeling like myself ♪

( music playing )

♪ the mystery that no one knows ♪
♪ where does love go when it goes? ♪
♪ the mystery that no one knows ♪
♪ where does love go when it goes? ♪