01x08 - Shrink Wrap

Previously on "Dexter"...

Open up, Perry, it's the police. Open up.

Hey, Angel, I got him!

They really found the ice-truck killer?

I saw him, Dex. I chased him.

The fun part was hanging them like cattle right before I cut their throats.

Son of a bitch.

I have so many questions for him.

What was his message to me?

Now I need to know him.


The f*ck are you?

Paul Bennett. Father on parole.

Dexter Morgan.

I can't think of anything clever to say.

Divorce papers -- Sign them now, and I'll agree to supervised visits twice a week.

You think you can really make me back down?

Are you f*cking my wife?

I just wish he'd go away.

I mean, why can't he just go away and disappear forever?

All along, I thought this was a game my alter ego and I were playing.

But relationships change, evolve, and this one's getting deep.

I realize now my days are numbered.

So I'd better make the most of them.

Your instincts were dead-on.

They're always dead-on when it comes to killers. Why is that?

I'm watchin' you.

What are we looking at here?

I'm thinking two circus clowns dancing.


No, it looks like a lobster. See the claws?

Why do bloodstains always look like crustaceans to you?

I like seafood.

Rorschach would say you have a hard time relating to others.

Not as hard as her.

Damn power outages.

I don't know, Angel.

Most firearm suicides are committed by men.

Women tend to slash their wrists, take pills, something more ladylike.

Not in Miami.

We closed a couple of suicide cases just like this last year, remember?

Look at this mess.

That's a fancy bathtub. Rich husband?

House husband. And aspiring artist.


So, she supported him?

It looks like that.

She was some kind of big-time prosecutor.

Those other suicides we closed -- those were high-powered women too, right?

I don't know. I think so.

Note to self.

I don't care what it looks like. Somebody killed her.

We're checking out all the possibilities, Mr. Gayle.

Was your wife dealing with any emotional problem?

You know, job stress, the usual, but she was working through it in therapy.

She have any other problems that you're aware of? Threats?

Are you listening to me? Vanessa didn't kill herself.

Criminals stage suicides all the time.

You don't even know the guys she put away.

We'll check into it.

We need to collect your clothes for evidence --

Standard procedure.

Come on. I got to go. There's a dead body in that house.

There's a hot body in here.

I so want to maul you right now.

I so want you too.

Call me when you're done, okay?

Yeah. I'll bring handcuffs.

Morgan, what took you so long?

Playing "hide the salami" with Mr. Prosthetics?

I don't f*ck and tell.

Since when?

Can we go inside? I'm kind of wet.


No, I need you to care of the neighbourhood.

See what you can find out about the victim's relationship with her husband.

It's always the husband, right?

Looks like a suicide, but you never know --

Younger guy, unemployed.

Maybe he was a boy toy and killed her for her money.

I'm on it.

Doakes is sending you away from a crime scene in a pouring rain and you're not putting up a fight?

I'm a team player.

You are?

f*ck you!

Hey, Dex, come on in.

Where's Rita?

She's stuck in traffic.

Power's out in half the city.

Of course, I love the extra kid time, but... court supervisor -- not so much.

Hey, you know, I feel really bad about the last time I was here.

I didn't mean to get all alpha male on you. It's just...

What are you supposed to say to the guy who's f'ing your wife while you're in jail?

Sorry. Sorry I'm late.

Thanks for holding down the fort.

Do you mind if I get going?

I got kids of my own at home to look after.

No, no, no. It's okay.

Dexter and I are here now.

Great. Thank you.

Bye, kids.

Mom, Dexter, the lights are out.

They are? Hey, I brought hot chocolate.

Dad already made us some.

With extra marshmallows!

Tag -- You're it!

I'd love some hot chocolate.

Take two. Looks like he's got extra.

Come here, buddy.

Mom, can dad stay and put us to bed, please?

I think that's why Dexter's here, sweetie.

Dexter doesn't mind.

Only a song, no story --

It's way past your bedtime.

All right, bedbugs.

Let's leave these two alone.

It's not like they need a chaperone.

Meghan Dowd, Carolyn Jillian, and now Vanessa Gayle --

All three powerful women, all three shot themselves in the past two years.

They've got to have more in common than career ambition and a fondness of firearms.

Why the sudden interest in suicides?

Morbid curiosity.

What can I do for you?

So many things...

I need the blood-spatter report on Vanessa Gayle.

Blood spatter's inconclusive. All I can tell is she was shot at close range. I wish I had more for you.

Me too.


The D.A. needs the work sheet for the ice-truck-killer case.

I'm working on it.

When'd you talk to the D.A.?

We had dinner last night.

Mayor Allen took us out to celebrate Neil Perry's arrest --

Hell of a good time.

Hiro de puta.

I'm the one who gets Perry to confess and he's got the mayor kissing his ass.

I wouldn't be too upset.

Matthews will be the one with the egg on his face soon enough.

You still believe we got the wrong guy?

Perry's the pretender to the throne.

The real king is still out there, and he'll kill again.

It's just a matter of time.

Or the ice-truck killer will use Perry as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

You really think that might happen?

If Perry's the wrong guy and I let him take the fall?


Thanks, Dexter.

What if Laguerta's right?

What if the ice-truck killer does disappear?


He's got unfinished business with me.

Still, I can't just sit on my hands waiting for something to happen.

I need a distraction.

Nothing like some Little Debbies and a worthy new adversary to clear my head.

Talk to me, ladies.

What do you have in common?

Same sorority?

Pilates instructor?

Dr. Emmett Meridian.

The three suicide sisters shared the same therapist --

Dr. Emmett Meridian.

He must be terrible at his job.

So far, he comes up squeaky clean --

No malpractice suit, no disgruntled patients.

And I thought I was a master at damage control.

Perhaps I should schedule a session with the good doctor and try out a little reverse psychology.

Come on in, Sean. Have a seat.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

Hey, I expect the police to show up when I call, right?

The least I can do is clear my lunch hour for a cop in need.


What brought you here?

A friend of mine died.

She killed herself.

I need to understand why.

How come?

She had everything going for her. It doesn't make sense.

To some people, death makes perfect sense.

Life -- That's the puzzle, like you, Sean.

What really brought you here?

I just told you I came --

To talk about your friend's suicide, I know.

I think you're using this suicide deal as an excuse to come see me.

You're absolutely right.

How could you tell?

I'm sensing you do it a lot to keep the world at arm's length.

And what are my real intentions?

As soon as I pay for my lunch, you're gonna tell me that.

Excuse me a second.

Judging from what I've seen so far, I probably will.

This guy's good.

So why do his patients keep dying?

Vanessa's estimated time of death was Monday at 7:00 p.m.

Meridian was in session with Scott Solomon.

I wonder if Mr. Solomon kept his appointment that night.

So, we got... almond chicken, pork fried rice.

So, Sean, let's start with the basics. You married?




s*x life?

It's personal.

And this is therapy, where we share personal things.

You know, it might help me open up if you shared something about yourself. Why did you become a psychiatrist?

See what you just did?

Trying to take control like that?

You probably get away with it most of the time, too, right?

That's a way of preventing other people from getting close to you.

Let me ask you something, Sean.

Have you ever been close to anybody?

My foster father.

He's the only one who ever really knew me.

You're adopted?

Harry took me in when I was 3.

So tell me about Harry.

What kind of stuff did you guys do together?

You know, normal father-son stuff.

All right. Stop. Enough.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nice ambush.

That was the perfect point of attack.

I can't believe I finally got you.

I won.

This isn't a game, Dexter.

No, I know.

It's not supposed to be fun.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's just --

You think I want to teach you these things?

This is the only way I know how to keep you out of an electric chair!

This is about survival, Dex.

Nothing else.

Got it?

You've got a visitor, Perry.

You miss me?

Don't flatter yourself.

I have to comb through your case before the trial, make sure I have my facts straight on the notorious ice-truck killer.

I confessed. What more do you need?

The evidence to line up.

We haven't been able to match your prints against the partial on the lozenge wrapper we found at the abandoned hospital.

Liquid nitrogen -- I use it to freeze the body parts.

It's extremely effective, but it burns like a bitch.

Or you knew your prints wouldn't match, so you purposely burned your fingertips to hide it.

Are you suggesting that I'm a liar?

Just covering my bases, Neil.

We both want the same thing.

10 minutes alone with Angelina?

To see you convicted.

What's in it for me if I help you do your job?

How about immortality?

We found your mother's body under your house.

Now, you can go down as a pathetic loser who killed mom or... the most heinous killer in Florida's history --

Your choice.

If I'm going to become a legend, I need to be memorialized.

I want a reporter here to interview me -- Front page.

You're not allowed to talk to the press before the trial.

If you want me to cooperate, I'm sure you'll find a way.

Meridian had one thing right.

I do crave control.

The longer the ice-truck killer maintains radio silence, the less control I have.

Craigslist -- It's desperate, I know, but apropos.

Personal ads are filled with desperation. "Tyler from Key West," "speedos tanning on the beach," "touched your tits on Friday night" --

At least these folks aren't just standing by waiting for something to happen, and neither am I. "Dear Ken," "I'm in pieces." "Why the cold shoulder?" "Love, Barbie."

Hey, I got it.


Hey, I know you --

Monday night at Meridian's.

You're always leaving your 7:00

when I'm arriving for my 8:00.

You missed last week, right?

No, I was there.

I don't remember ever seeing you, though.

How do you like him?


Best thing that's ever happened to me...

So far.

How about you? You finding him helpful?

I'm a sociopath.

There's not much he can do for me.

Cute and funny.

Let me guess

-- Taken.


Lucky girl.

Well, thanks for the help, but I can handle it from here.

All right.

So Meridian has an alibi for the time of death.

My sexual hang-ups and control issues aside, I need a follow-up appointment -- to dig a little deeper.

Isn't that what therapy's all about?

Oh, my god.

I love your body.

I love your legs.

I love your arms.

I couldn't have made them better myself.

Are you crying?

I'm fine.

Then what?

I don't know.

I'm sure this is really hot, crying after s*x.

Everything about you is hot.

Tell me what you're feeling.


It's just...

Every time I've ever been naked with someone...

...we just f*ck.

But not this time?

This is different.

It feels like...

I hate saying this. It sounds so f*cking cheesy.

It feels like making love.



But, ew, promise me you'll never say that again.

What if I do?

Are you gonna cry about it?

You're so f*cked up.

What's up, rock star?

Look at you.

What you doing?

Where's the supervisor?

Oh, she called on my cell and canceled.

Who wants to play monster tag?

I do!


I'm coming after you.

You better run.

Paul, you know you're not allowed unsupervised visits.

I know. Big bad Paul needs a babysitter.

It's your day off, right?

Now, would it really be so terrible if we spent time with our kids together?

I have a lunch date with Dexter.

Come on. It'll be fun.

Mom, dad, come on!

I guess I could call Dexter.

It's official --

I'm nominating you for "mom of the year".

Here comes the monster.

Here comes the monster!

Contrary to what Dr. Meridian thinks, I don't always keep others at a distance.

Things are looking up already. "Hey Barbie. How would you like to suck my cock?"

Or not.

Clearly nobody here is my missing partner in crime.

Hey, what's up? You were looking for me?

What did forensics come back with on Vanessa Gayle?

Gunpowder on her hand, none on her husband's, high-angle trajectory, no drugs in the tox screen.

It all points to suicide.

No chance it was murder?

Too bad, huh?

I had the husband pegged, too.

Was hoping he could help me score my own Sugar Mama.

Try Craigslist.

I already did --

Nothing but cat ladies and saggy tits.

Miami Metro can close this case as a suicide, but I'm still not convinced.

Maybe my new therapist can shed some light on my doubts.

You seem on edge today.

I'm not getting what I came here for.

What'd you come here for?

We established in our last visit that it wasn't to talk about suicide.

Or feelings.

Heaven forbid.

So, what do you want to talk about?

Fakes --

People who pass themselves off as something they're not.

Like a pre-owned-car salesman?

A brave politician.

A Jew for Jesus.

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Is that how you feel, Sean?

Like you're hiding a dark secret?

No, I wasn't talking about me.

Who you're talking about?


That's a common first-time reaction to therapy.

You think I can't care about you, that I'm only pretending to care because I have another motive.


You got me.

I do have another motive.

It's called a paycheck.

But that doesn't mean that I can't care for my patients or enjoy my job.

How are things at your job?

Frustrating, to tell you the truth.

What kind of forensics do you do?

Blood spatter.

Most people can't stand blood.

I hate it.

Categorizing and analyzing must be very soothing for you.

Yeah, it is, actually.

So, okay, how are things with your girlfriend?

She canceled lunch with me to be with her ex-husband.

Sounds like a lot things are out of your control right now.

No wonder you cut yourself off from your emotions.

That way you never have to feel powerless.

So, then, what should I do?

Accept that certain things are out of your hands.

Let go.

Hey, Morgan --

I can't believe, out of two million sperm, you were the fastest swimmer.

What are you gonna do about it?

I wanted to kill him, dad.

It must have been tough for you to walk away, son.

I'm proud that you did that.

Don't be, because I still want to kill him.

When's that gonna go away?

I think I have everything I need, Mr. Perry.

When's the story gonna run?

Well, they're saving space for tomorrow, front page.

I just got to get back and write.

Thanks so much for your time.

How was your interview?

It was fine.

You ready to talk about the case?


As soon as I get to talk to a reporter.

You just did.

Oh, give me a break.

That poser was one of your cop buddies, But nice try.

In case you forgot, Neil, you're the one in jail. I call the shots.

Wrong. I could invoke my Miranda rights at any time and lawyer up.

It's that too wrong beacause if you wanted a lawyer, you'd have one by now.

I know your game, lieutenant.

You think I'm a fraud and you're trying to prove it, but the truth is you're the fraud.

You know what, Neil?

I'm really not in the mood for your sh1t today.

I found out how you got promoted.

Back when you and sergeant Doakes were still partners, Doakes got the drop on a major coke dealer, brought you along for the ride.

How did you get...?

When the perp bailed from a Third-Story apartment, Doakes took the fire escape, sent you to cover the stairs.

Just in case.


You got lucky, and you made the headline grab, and so the legend began.

I wonder if Doakes would have made a good lieutenant.

I deserved that promotion.

I'm sure you did.

It was a big bust.

Not as big as catching me, of course, but, uh, let's be honest.

You didn't catch me.

Your captain did.

At least that's what they're saying on the news.

My therapist wants me to accept the things that are out of my hands.

Tragically for him, he's not out of my hands, Not if I can find proof that the death of at least three women under his care was not a coincidence.

Breaking and entering.

I hope he got my good side.

Now, what's he recording for posterity's sake?

Goodbye, Dexter.

Hello, ladies.

I need another prescription.

I'm sorry, Vanessa. I can't do that.

Just one more, please.

We talked about this.

The antidepressants were a temporary crutch so that you could start taking steps on your own.

But you don't understand. I can't do this on my own.

I can't even get out of f*cking bed.

I just -- I want to die.

Look at me.

I understand the appeal of death, okay?

No more pain.

All the career pressure, the hopelessness, gone.

In many cultures, there's no stigma attached to taking one's life.

Suicide's respected, even revered as a matter of personal conscience.

How do most people do it?

Well, painkillers are the most common.

But they're entirely unreliable.

The truly courageous of heart... use guns.

You took women who trusted you at their weakest possible moment, and rather than help them, you suggested they end it all.

God, you even gave them permission to use a gun.

You're a mean one, Mr. Shrink.

Create their drug addiction, pull them off, then fill their addled heads with noble thoughts of suicide.

I think I've had a breakthrough in therapy.

Hey, I got your texts. Is everything...


It is now.

Okay, just, I wanted to see you.

I felt bad about missing lunch to be with Paul and the kids.

I hope you didn't get the wrong idea.

No, of course not.

How'd it go?

Really good and incredibly scary.

For the first time in a long while, I... saw how easy it would be for me to fall back into my old life.

Why is that scary?


I like my new life.

And I finally feel like I'm in control.

I never felt that way with Paul.

I do with you.

This is a disaster.

I chose Rita because she was damaged.

If she gets better, I'll lose her for sure.

I'm ready, Dexter.

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

You're the perfect boyfriend.

I want you to spend the night, for real.

I'm so sorry.

I came over here because I thought something was wrong.

But tonight's really not a good night.

I'm right in the middle of a case. I'm way too distracted.

Now? It's so late.

That's all the more reason to get back to work.

The clock's ticking. Here.

But I'll call you tomorrow. Okay?



I can't have s*x with Rita.

Every time I sleep with a woman, she sees me for what I really am --

Empty --

And then she's gone.

But I don't want Rita to go, which means I have to deal with this.

I can't kill Meridian yet. I need another therapy session.

Stay where you are. I'm armed.

With bad puns?

You said you needed a favor. What's up?

Take off your pants.

Oh, I should have known it was that kind of favor.

You never ask me to come by before work.

No, but I like the way you think.

I have a patient who lost both her legs in a car accident, really brutal.

Like your mom?

Which is why I want to do something special for her.

I want to give her a new smokin' pair of legs --



Let me just take a cast.

No way, no.

It'll take 20 minutes, tops.

I don't --

Come on, please?

Stop being such a chick. Sit down.

Feels good.

Can I make one of your cock?

That'd be a hell of a story to tell the bullpen, huh?

Not likely.

I haven't told anyone about us.

Embarrassed about banging Captain Hook?

Not even a little.

Then why?

I guess this matters to me.

So if I talk about it and it goes away, I'm actually losing something.

That retarded?


But I got to tell you, I'm not going anywhere.


And neither are you, 'cause I got your leg.

Where the hell you been?

With my boyfriend.



We just f*cked in his office.

And we're having dinner tomorrow night.

You looking for me?


Shut the door.

Did you tell anyone about our bust, the one that got me promoted?


Nobody in the press?

Maria, we talked about this when it happened.

It would f*ck up your rep and make me look like a whiny bitch.

It's bad for both of us.

So then the only way to access that information would be to read to police report, right?

I guess.

We have to have our firewall checked.

She was sitting on top of me, basically naked...

...asking me to spend the night, and I didn't know what to do.

It's okay, Sean.

Don't beat yourself up.

Your girlfriend really means something to you. I know that.

If she means something, why do I run away from her?

To the same reason you work so hard to shut everybody else out.

Cause you're afraid they won't like what they see.

Yeah, I think you're right.

How can I change that?

Well, for starters, you accept the fact that we all have a big, bad wolf hiding inside of us, a darkness we don't want anyone else to see.

Do you?

Of course I do.


And how do you deal with your wolf?

Well, first of all, I accepted that it was there.

I made friends with it.

And now I just let it out for a big meal once in a while.

At least three times that we know about.

Can we get back to the s*x thing?

This is all about s*x.

The reason you avoid sexual intimacy is because you don't want to surrender control.

No, I've surrendered control. It's not like my... girlfriend hasn't been, you know, south of the border.

That's not what I'm talking about.

Intimacy --

Really letting go face-to-face --

There's nothing more difficult than that.

The minute you start to accept who you are, you just might feel free enough to share that intimacy together.

What are you doing?

I'd like to talk you through a deep-relaxation technique.

It might bring some things to the surface.

What kinds of things?

There must have been a time in your life when you felt powerless, right?

Foster child, no control over your destiny.

If we can bring some of those memories to the surface, we might find the root of your control issues.

First, I want you to close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

I want you to count each breath, okay?

In, 1, and out, 2. Just give it a try.

This is ridiculous. I could be killing him right now.

Now I want you to think of a time when you felt completely and totally powerless.

Hey, Morgan. You still f*cking your sister?

Leave me alone, Josh.

I told you to walk away!

God damn it, Dexter.

There are consequences to everything you do in life.

Lose control, become powerless, and it's over.

I found the grave, son.

I'll be like this forever?


I have to get out of here.

Sean, come here.

Sean, Sean. Sean!

Oh, my god.

Are you okay?


Stay with me.

You're sweet.

I am?

Next time, we'll figure out what to tell the kids so you don't have to sneak out like this.

You want there to be a next time?

And a time after that.

Don't you?

No. I mean, yeah.

I just...

I didn't freak you out?

Why would you think that?

Dexter, there's nothing you could ever do that would scare me away.

I really hope you came to apologize.

Nope. I came for a consult.

And you brought beverages?

I got this on loan from the morgue.

Now, I could use an expert opinion, specifically your expert opinion.

See, we can't figure out exactly how the killer cut off this head.

Can you?



I think you can.

I mean, you chop people up, don't you?

Maybe you need a closer look.

No! Keep it away.

I talked to the medical examiner.

He couldn't confirm how your mom died.

Said it might have been a heart attack.

I killed her.

You don't have the balls.

I mean, you had to wait till she died to chop her up.

And even then you were too squeamish to cut off her head.

Not exactly the same as stuffing roadkill, is it?

Oh, f*ck you!

Serial killers get all the glory, don't they, Neil?

Especially the ice-truck killer. You know, you're not the first groupie to take credit for someone else's work.

Oh, bullshit!

I know details about the case, things that weren't published in the newspapers.

That's because you hacked into our computer system.

That's why I had the I.T. guys check our firewall.

The DMZ was breached. You read all our police reports.

You even got yourself a nice paneled car last month.

Nice touch, by the way.

Why are you doing this?

Because you're not a killer.

You're a coward and a fake, aren't you?

Maybe you need another look.

No, take it away.

All right, I lied, okay?

Just, I need you to take it away from me...


So, what's on your mind, lieutenant?

We got a lot to get done before Perry's trial.

Yeah, about that trial --

I've got some bad news.

Perry recanted his confession this morning.

What are you talking about?

I was going over some details with him at county, and he admitted that he gave us a false confession.

He's a wannabe, Tom.

Just wanted his 15 minutes, that's all.

How do you know which time he was lying?

All due respect, Maria, if we dropped charges every time someone recanted his confession, our jails would be empty.

We're going to trial.

All due respect, Captain, that's really not up to you.

It's up to the D.A.

I understand your frustration, Maria, but I reviewed the D.A. work sheets.

The evidence is compelling.

We'll move forward with the trial as planned.

Fair enough.

If that's what you two want, I'm fully behind it.

I was really worried about you. You sure you're all right?

I kept calling your house, but I think the number you gave me didn't work.

You wouldn't have reached me anyway, 'cause I was at my girlfriend's.

I spent the night.



That's very good.

It's all good, doctor.

I even stopped worrying about that friend of mine who's been out of touch.

You can't control other people, you know?

This is a real breakthrough. You should be proud of yourself.

I am proud.

Truth be told, I never expected to... make progress in therapy.

That's not true.

If that were true, you never would have come in here in the first place.

What do you want to focus on today?

Glad you asked that.

I'm gonna tell you something that I've never told anyone before.


I'm a serial killer.

Oh, god!

Oh, that feels so -- so amazing to say out loud!

Well, you must be letting go, because I've never heard you make a joke before.

I'm not joking. I kill people.

There it is again.

You should try it.

I know.

Your big, bad wolf has racked up a tidy little death toll.

I'm just kidding.

I disabled the cameras, and I copied the files.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Then focus on your breathing, maybe you'll remember --

Meghan, Carolyn, Vanessa.

Those sessions are confidential!

I'm a control freak, I know.

But I watched your home movies. It's amazing stuff --

Drugs, guns, and a crazy psychiatrist.

No wonder you're so well versed in control issues.

You got quite the God complex.

This session's over.

Not so fast, doc.

You're awake.

Shall we analyze your dreams?

No. That's right.

You've already told me everything I need to know, except... why powerful women?

You took powerful women and made them powerless.

They left behind families, children.

I have to confess, I'm a little conflicted.

You've helped me make a major self-discovery.

The fact that I'm a killer...

...that's something I can't control.

You helped me to accept what I really am.

I'm grateful for that.


I was raised with a certain set of principles.

I'm sorry, doc.

Actions have consequences, and this is yours.

I'm gonna have to let you go.

♪ My darling ♪
♪ Turn the radio up for that sweet sound ♪
♪ Hold me close, never let me go ♪
♪ Keep this feelin' alive, make me lose control ♪


Is that Eric Carmen?

No. What's up?

I'm running late. I'm in the middle of some housework.

If I don't get it done before we see, it's gonna drive me crazy.

I never knew you were so a**l.

And I'm a neat freak.

You're just full of surprises, huh?

Oh, you have no idea.

I'll be there as soon as I can, okay?


Barbie, be patient.

One day we'll share a cold one.